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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm MDT

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she is waiting to be reunited with them. as i mentioned this is an active scene and we are waiting to hear from police about what exactly is going on. we hope to bring you those reports later this evening. >> nick mcgill reporting in parker. thank you. there is a small chance for rain tonight, nothing severe. meteorologist balin is trackingal forecast. >> we are in the eastern plains we have been telling you about the threat of severe thunderstorms and that's what we are seeing right now. here is a view from the web cab. we have heavy rain and it seems like the storms are pushing away and a rainbow in the distance. beautiful shot out there. but it is a very dangerous scene with a few of the storms that continue to push towards the east and severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for places like washington county and also yuma county
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some of the storms containing nickel sized hail and frequent lightning and rain. here is another thunderstorm warning in effect for kit carson county until 4:30 this afternoon. most of the stormy weather is there and most of the severe storms are expected to develop this afternoon and evening. a different view over the mile high where we have skies that are blue and that weather is clearing up despite the cloudy skies that we woke up to and the showers. and you know rocky mountain show down is happening this afternoon and the forecast is looking really nice as we have dryer air working its way through. temperatures in the 70s and by the end of the game temperatures in the 60s. the current temperatures in the 70s and tonight we will drop to 56 degrees with a few of the storms out east. coming up in the forecast, this weekend we are warming up.
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i got the answers. brian, one for three. good hol. 27-yarder. it is no good. >> one of the oldest rivalries in our state. >> gonzalez 32-yarder. boots it through. and colorado wins the 2015 edition of the rocky mountain show down. >> co state. >> here is the count to mcgoogle. football to mascots to academics and research, everyone picks a side. >> tonight in a tradition dating back to 1893. the 88th meeting. >> of the two schools. >> after going back and forth the last four years, tonight will decide. >> tonight we will decide who
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the next 12 years. csu fans we are excited. and you know a lot of the fans are outside and the teams are here and the players on the field. out loud and enthusiastic group. we have our unit here. the student led section at the basketball and football games and we will meet them later as we meet the c u cheerleaders. i'm telling you, critical to the student sections and so are you. they are excited. everyone is. a great day to feel a lot of pride in the university. we decided, both universities
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stadium. they are excited. and cu just finished the champion center. we decided to drive up to fort collins and to boulder to check and tell you a little bit more. >> what was and what is expected again. soon. championships. make no mistake cu is investing in winning. 1991 seems a long time ago. the pack 12 is where the wins need to come which means players need to come. >> it brings you a sense of pride that they are a championship program and the second part of it is in recruiting when they see everything, the beauty of the campus and then they see the nicest football program. >> coach mcentire has a room with a view. the recruiting lounge is
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where the bucks have played 92 seasons at the stadium once called the hilltop. >> we play under the best back drop with the flat irons overlooking the stadium. it is a great place to come to and recruit. >> nature's gifts have been here. what is below is what is new and enticing. >> want to see new uniforms an good about and i think we have them and that was important when we did this facility. >> a locker room to store and restore, the cleat store is ventilated and players come here to lift, rest and study, relax. >> it is the super walmart, one- stop shopping. all of our team meeting rooms and the player lounges, i go down there at 9:30 and kick
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stay all day and go to class and come back. >> the training facilities. the in door field serves all athletes as well as the community. they want the athletes to choose to be here. >> more student athletes stay on campus and maybe seeing the sports dietician and those kind of things. it has helped the capture and excited about and what they have done. >> plush and lavish and stunning. all of the above and the message is clear. be a champion. >> the pack 12 is a tough place to be and it is for all of our sports. our goal is to compete for championships and we want to do it at the highest level. >> the expectation is to find a
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and jolt -- outdoor and i think csu has the same thing in store. alumni like to return. focusing on the stadium and it is important to know that there is a lot of new building and new construction at csu and exciting things going on. >> a time where the road ahead is high expectation. along the way there is social engagement and detours and instructions. >> the students are the first to see the benefit and to rationalize the noise. >> and the dust. >> where students used to cross a road at colorado state university, there is a walkway to the future. a new home for upper classmen
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buildings and soon a new health and medical building. one that will replace 3 buildings. first built a half century ago. >> who gets to build a building in their career? it is a gift beyond measure. >> ann hutch kins came in 1984 and never left. >> we have reputation about caring for our students. there is a feel to it that is more like a small school than a big school with all of the resources of a big school. >> we being transformed by the day as is the community and that kind of growth and change is not easy. >> as the campus planner, fred sees the potential of ever work in progress. >> buildings are a shell of what is going on inside. >> he sees where lives are transformed and the needs to keep them fresh with a place on campus where alumni return. >> the college campus is a
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is where i met my wife. this is where i had that great class. this is where i decided i was going to be a doctor. >> fred believes the new stadium will reignite all of the memories and allow others to see the change. to learn about the new health and medical building where students and staff will have their needs met. along with members of the community involved in the center for healthy aging. >> change is good. i know a lot of people ar that is come of the growth and change in the campus. >> change may be best understood through the game of football. >> a stadium on campus is a catalyst to get people back because there is an event that brings them in. >> takes them back to the road replaced by a walkway, to a
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to new beginnings. >> so a lot of people have talk about the campus on csu and there is much more parking and, of course, the goal is to get people there on campus and do things as the fans linger on the stadium campus. cu already has that, right, ladies? i am now surrounded by the c u cheerleaders.
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this hour coming up. >> talking about rivalry on the field between c u and c su is not only fun but tradition. reality both schools have a major impa colorado. nelson garcia gives us a look that alumni are shaping the economy and infrastructure. >> two different men on two different paths. >> doug wilson is a project feel manager for the icon venue group. >> i make sure we maintain
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colorado's state university, his alma mater. >> companies know when they hire a csu graduate, they are not only getting a quality employee but they are gaining leader too. >> we are looking to this as a replay solution. >> peter evans is a sales engineer at send griff, a platform. >> it makes sense for your volume and business. >> and graduated from the university of colorado in de me discipline and working in a team environment. >> two men. >> you got your waterproofing here that cu has on the infrastructure colorado. >> we graduate in the students. mary says right now more
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and work in key issues. >> it is it and other programs. i hope we are producing graduates to be good citizens. >> cu has that culture. >> and attracts a lot of students from out of state that stay here. >> it is an economic drive. >> a lot of testosterone. >> wilson like most csu students is from colorado. >> it is our mission it out to the people. >> vice chancellor says that most students have a job lined up. >> another way that colorado university contributes is that we are a large employer running 30 alumni participating on the project. >> we are a driving force when other companies are looking where to start the company or where to move their headquarters. >> though they are all
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support. >> buffs and rams still butt heads. >> something happens at the beginning where there is a pause. >> one day out of the year that we don't get alone. >> how do i proceed? how do they field. >> i am married to a cu buff. >> but despite the two worlds, the two schools actually make the most impact on the state working together on major research projects. a billion dollars a year according to parsons. >> the economic impact to colorado is incredible and is a critical component of the economy of the state of colorado. >> it has an impact on the people that live here and people that are employed here. >> two men ... >> you are making it easy. >> from two different schools that are actually not too different. >> have a good day. >> in boulder and fort collins, nelson garcia 9 news. he was in two places at once. a few years ago economists released a report that shows cu
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right back. okay. we would never want to say that one school is better than the other. they actually are different. when you put them up against academic institutions both are great. us news and reports base cu boulder is 89 among national universe and 37th for schools and 36 for engineering programs and something that school is well-known for 10th for aerospace engineer. colorado state rates 127th among national universities and 61st among top public schools and 9 3rd for best business programs and 7th for best
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values ranks colorado state 26th for agricultural colleges. both schools came ahead of lsu and hofstra and the university of wyoming. few schools have gone through as many as transformations was found in the 1870s when the rams were known as the aggies. but it has grown into new ones and getting recognized for it. >> it has been great working here. >> perhaps it is happenstance than in one of csu's dimly lit rooms. >> i think it would be the best alternative for that. reporter: its brightest minds. >> right here we are looking at realtime pcr data. >> yes. >> pcmp. >> smart.
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tuberculosis research. >> it is interesting. >> students are the gears. >> it is cool to know that you are doing something that is really never been done before. >> the united states has nearly 2500 four year universities. >> it is a core part of our mission. >> in 2011, colorado state ranks 67th in research expenditure. >> i think it is part of the culture of asking the question what if and allowing ourselves to take chances in as well that came in 13 spots higher but you are not csu or you do have one more thing. >> let's do it. >> and for that, we need to go to a brighter lab. >> i have been at csu since 2001. 15 years, oh, my gosh. how did that happen? >> with an equally bright
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scott and kelly. >> i feel extremely fortunate to have been given a responsibility. >> if those names sound familiar it is because one just came back from the longest space history in human history. >> down here, this is where we store all of our samples not only from the twin study but also unrelated astronauts and age match controls. >> csu is one of ten universities tasked with studying its purpose. >> it would be an understatement to say it these individuals. >> just a lot of excitement and it is generated and good for the research program. >> really good. >> we have put our mark on the world. >> perhaps it was just happenstance that a journey to discover one thing has led this university to discover something entirely different. >> it is a key part of who we are both in the teaching mission and in the execution of
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man, 9 news. so csu has pioneered equestrian research. it created a prosthetic hoofs
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hi everyone. welcome back. wow, it's just beautiful over the backyard right now. blue skies and sunshine. the temperatures are actually really comfortable. and now we are getting ready for the weekend which to be a nice one here on the front range with warmer temperatures. sunny skies in the front range and in the eastern plains it is different story. tornado warnings in effect. the threat for those storms will be on the eastern plains through early this evening and the thunderstorms that continue to push towards the northeast contain frequent lightning and heavy rain and reports of hail and report of a tornado near
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you will see on kit carson county are moving towards the northeast as well. there we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:30. right now tornado warning in effect for parts of yuma county and it looks like it is mainly moving over rural areas but we will keep an eye on that and see how it develops. at least over the metro area. things are much calmer. a wider view of what is happening across colorado. more scattered storms in the mountains pushing from the southwest to the northeast with frequent lightning in parts of northwest colorado and also to the south near the san luiz valley and seeing lightning on the new mexico border. the area is in green in risk for a storm so not out of the woods from seeing that stormy weather for our friends on the plains. the highs today despite the clouds this morning, those moved out of the way and we got in the low 80s. where we should be this time of year and the normal high is 84
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back in 1983. nowhere close to that here in the backyard. we are at 82 degrees. so it feels comfortable out here. and the temperatures out at dia, those temperatures are currently coming in at 83 degrees and humidity at 26%, looking better than what it was earlier when it was just very sticky. the temperatures are currently in the 80s in northern colorado out in the eastern plains 70s and in the mountains 60s and 70s and the western slope 83 degrees. for the rest and this evening, partly cloudy skies and maybe a stray shower to the foothills and it looks like the stormy weather in the eastern plains so it is there where they will keep an eye to the sky. if you are going to the rockies game first pitch at 6:40 and the forecast is looking nice through the end of the game. we are expecting for skies to clear and take a light jacket, that may be all that you will
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tonight temperatures to 56- degree and clearing overnight and wind in the city closer to the foothills. talking about tropical storm hermine that has been downgraded but causing lots of rain since it made land fall, we have seen an amazing amount of flooding over florida. can you imagine in florida they haven't had a hurricane making land fall in ten years so they brought that drought with see that huge cloud, shield of clouds and also that rain. so hermine will track its rain along the mid-atlantic coast and hugging really the northeast part of the country until finally it make its way united form of a tropical depression out towards northeast part of the country. not until the atlantic. currently it is packing a punch. winds up to 15 miles per hour. there is a little update on what is happening with hermine.
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evening is looking dryer for the metro area and front range and the storms continue to track in the plains through 7:00. mostly over parts of nebraska and kansas. here in the city around that time we are looking at dry weather for the rocky mountain show down and it looks like it will be a great event for the football players and spectators through this evening. maybe an increase in clouds in the city. at times a few scattered showers in the mountains and areas of fog developing along i- 70 and i-76. now, are you ready for the weekend? yeah. you 88 the high for tomorrow. we are really going to warm up. skies will be partly cloudy and then in the afternoon another opportunity to see maybe an isolated storm and there is so much happening in colorado. there's the brews and view beer festival and riot festival and labor day liftoff and the taste of colorado. you can get more on these events on where we have the information. again taste of colorado is
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sunday and the health and wellness expo. 91 degrees labor day so far is looking dry and warm with the high of 87. i'm sure the caffeine helps but most people come back for the mission. a coffee shop is bringing a lot of good things to the denver area because of a coach's desire to help people world wide. >> safe to say that most folks that stroll inside the old in for the coffee. >> enjoy. >> it is not until you look closer. >> not only is it fun and creative outlet ... >> that you start to realize. >> i'm doing something that is just not for myself. >> there is something behind the name global goods and coffee. >> global refuge is a dream of my father, brian. >> global refuge operating the coffee shop and brian mcnealy started in 2001 when he was in charge of recruiting at cu.
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he loved the players. i mean there's not really a more beautiful place in the nation to play. >> while he was coaching brian took his son, jayden and other students to the thailand border. >> i say there's stuff going across the border that we never knew was happening and we should do something about it and brian said absolutely. >> global refuge built clinics around the world. >> we would videos and talk about burrma. >> shauna says her father's life came about sustaining refugees. >> there was two coffee shops in the area and my dad did not drink coffee maybe twice in his life. >> the employees are all volunteers so that most of the money goes towards the mission. >> i was like for real? because how would you run a coffee shop with volunteers but everyone is passionate about what they are doing and that's how it works.
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of cancer. >> dad was 57. very young and full of life. >> i genuinely believe that he didn't think he was going to be here a long time and he worked that way tirelessly. >> to help people around the world from his coffee shop in colorado. a place he felt at home. >> my dad was very joyful, passionate man that had a really big heart. >> we want to go back to our top stor we have just learned that a douglas county deputy was shot and is in critical condition. the suspect in this case was shot and killed. let's listen in. >> we can give you folks additional information. >> i want to respect the privacy of the deputy but can you tell us how long he has been with the department and what he is dealing with right now? >> this deputy has been with us for some time. that's all i'm going to say. there are still members of his
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able to notify so other than that, we are still scrambling to try to get information to critical members of his family. >> is the suspect, did he shoot at civilians as well? >> that, i don't have any information. i know that he engaged officers at two different locations. one is sierra vista and the other one just right behind us. and i don't know if he civilian shot a suspect. can you confirm that? >> i can't confirm that information. >> any other injuries to anyone else, the law enforcement or the public? >> no one el was injured. other than my deputy and then the suspect is deceased and so as far as i know no one else has reported injuries and we have no information or anyone else from the hospital. >> was the deputy by himself when the shooting occurred or
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contain this individual and the officer was not by himself at the time of the shooting. >> we have a question back here. >> i know days like today are tough so thank you and your entire department. can you give us a timeline, who fired the first shot and how did you guys know this man was clearly dangerous? >> well, the only thing i can tell you right now he fired the first shot and those shots, officers. the second shooting he fired shots at my deputies and he is deceased at this point. other than that, the particulars i don't have the details, i haven't been able to talk to all of the officers. we have an investigation going on with the district attorney's office. >> i apologize being late.
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report that you had. >> sure, have around 3:30 we got a report of a domestic suicidal subject. officers arrived at that residence and made contact within individual. there that individual engaged in to a shoot out if you will with my officers. one of my officers was shot and hit. that officer is in critical condition at suspect fled and engaged officers again and he is now deceased. there is an ongoing investigation to get further or more particulars involved at this point. i don't have those. >> can you explain what we are seeing at this scene? >> that's the location that the suspect engaged our officers and that's the location where he is at right now and he is
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information. the type of weapon right now i don't have. >> sergeant costalando will get with you for another briefing. we hope we have good news from the hospital that we'll be able to share with you and then we'll know more information in regards to the ongoing investigation at these two locations. i can tell you that we have taken the elementary school off of lock down. >> the sheriff is holding a news conference at this time. we want to recap what they are telling us. douglas county sheriff saying one of the deputies was shot in a shoot out with a man that was reported as suicidal person. he is in critical condition at this time in a hospital in the parker area. the suspect was shot and killed. we have not id-ed the identity of the suspect or the deputy.
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family has not been notified. douglas county sheriff says the subject fired the first shots and the initial report came in at 3:30 that there was a suicidal person and that person then begin firing and began in a shoot out with officers.
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we'll be right back. >> welcome back to the rocky mountain show down. we have everything fixed. we talk about st section at cu and we got to be fair. we got the ram rockets. they are a little bit loud. and your mother, how did they deal with you guys? good grief. and wait, good energy, we wish you good luck. you think you are louder than
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i have to bring in my girl. i am so excited. katlin. we are finally bringing thrilly. >> to see you after 20 years. >> you're from california. a freshman. i have been talking about twirling. people don't get it. you have been practicing doing this since you were five years old. how many hours a day. >> two hours during the weekdays and god know how many hours during the week. a a blessing to bring twirling back to cu. it has been too long. >> and you do 2 or 3 batons and juggle them like the good old days. >> i do 1-2-3 baton showcased during pregame and half time. tune in. >> i will ask her to do a roll because we don't want her to throw too high because eric won't be able to do this. give us a demo.
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the twirling is back at cu. and she is awesome. so she is adjusting to the altitude and the heat in colorado. >> oh, my gosh, you can't beat the heat but it is amazing out here. i love it. you can't beat colorado. >> i will tell you first time in the chute waiting for ralphie to run out you will get goosebumps. >> i can't wait for that to happen. >> thank you. so excited to meet you. us twirlers we will talk a little sports in a minute. i scared him. he doesn't know how to twirl.
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now it is time to talk about the game. i think it starts soon, aaron. >> it is coming off. kickoff in an hour. we finally get to play and
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months and months. >> a lot at stake for both programs. >> absolutely and there always is. first game of the year. colorado state trying to keep the bold stake alike. they had an easier time in the mountain west than the buffs do in the pack 12. with that in mind you could argue that cu has to get the wins early and the pack 12 schedule is full. >> on the road. >> at stanford and oregon. >> don't bring that up. >> it is going >> we are strong and more experience. >> this is a big year. the senior quarterback, four year starter. four year captain. >> and he is healthy. >> yes. >> and c su waiting to see the quarterback. mike bobo playing mind games hoping he could get the colorado staff researching multiple different quarterbacks even though he admitted this week it probable won't get him
4:49 pm
other name. >> yes, a strong name. >> but nevertheless we waited until game three and this year we will do it opening week, the perfect way to start the 2016 season. >> after months of buildup this is exactly how you should kick it off. >> one of the funnest games of the year. you get to play in front of 60 or 70,000 people. it is the a lot of guys on both teams know each other. i like playing cu first. a lot better. >> a year ago the two teams waited until week three for this game. last year didn't hear the teams talked about as much. i think it is great for the state. great for football for the state. >> the buffs are trying to make
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>> we want to win game by game and hopefully the fans don talk about it too much if we win but if we do, so be it. >> i have heard that they didn't care about playing us too much. they acted when they won. we are excited and fan base is there and student body is there. and it is a lot of exnt rights. >> the fact that we are in the same state is like -- if i ever go down there i want to hold my head up high and look everybody in the eyes and give a smirk. >> the bragging rights can last awhile. >> it lasts 365 days a year. >> a long time to listen to the other guys talking. >> you hear the players down
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sefla lufa turned his twitter off. he says i haven't heard the buzz because i haven't paid attention but the coaches have no problems building it up. i know at 9 news, people like you, rod, some of the csu graduates, the winner gets to talk for a long time. >> a long, long time. and here is the thing, there never is this game but one of the thing we talked about, friday night may be good for some folk and tough for the colleges to get the high school players here and they would love to have some of these all-star recruits stay in colorado. >> it is an impossible situation because the programs want the national spotlight and the way to get it is to play friday night. >> here come my buffs. >> here they come. but when that happens, then you
4:52 pm
from the friday, this is opening night and week one for the high school as well. it is impossible and i know that it frustrates people but the national spotlight is the national spotlight. >> let's be honest. both programs doing a lot to recruit well now. they have got facilities that are hoping to entice some of the kids to consider playing here and hopefully the great kids in colorado to stay in colorado. >> cu's new facility are impressive, if you haven't had a chance to see it. csu ... >> is going to be fabulous. >> the brand new football stadium. of course they want to recruit colorado, california, texas and a good way to do that is to play on national television. >> i don't care what anybody says, colorado is a remarkable place to live. both cities have the great view of the mountains. i don't know why they would choose anywhere else. >> why would you? >> why would they. >> we are in your shoes
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it is college day so he wore green to be balanced.
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okay. what two universities have real live mascots but cu and csu and we have the cu handlers, ralphie handlers and cam handlers here. it takes five by the way to run ralphie. he's bigger and cam is lo >> he is ready to go. >> and ralphie has had a good brush today, too. >> he has his game face on. is that his game face? >> yes. we have been warming him up. >> we have ross brewer with us, a ralphie handler. this is the first official run of the year coming up. we gets to do it at sports authority field and i have witnessed the run and you guys enjoy it as much as the fans. >> it is awesome venue,
4:57 pm
right. >> do you like to do it at the home of the broncos. >> we love what we do and the best place to do it. >> i think you guys are in for a great treat and have to be excited. >> we have been preparing so long and cam is getting bigger and we are excited. >> ralphie and cam. they are the coolest. >> hard to beat live mascots and the question is who will get to celebrate more in the game? >> ralphie celebrates. does ralphie know? yes. he will be going crazy and will have a good time. i will put my buffalo up against anybody. >> kim said earlier, she says i will keep it partial. >> i knew it would only be a matter of time. >> i know. >> before the true colors come out. >> great to see college kids involved. how exciting. these are the greatest days. i hope they appreciate it.
4:58 pm
>> it wouldn't be bad, with it? a few years past that unfortunately. what do you guys think about being here on the big stage for game one? >> a big deal and we are excited to be here. once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> tell me agent bit about what goes into making sure that this guy is ready for game day? >> you got to be ready you are looking good. getting him prepped and he is always ready to go. >> and where is ralphie by the secret. >> is she nibbling on anything? >> a little bit of hay. >> a little bit of hay. ralphie is good. ralphie is happy. now we know where everybody is. present and accounted for. all we can hope for is a great game. >> see if we get overtime again. >> that wears us out but that's all right. >> rocky mountain show down, we hope everybody supports the great universities and we thank all of you guys. have a good time tonight and enjoy yourself. have a good time.
4:59 pm
9 news at five is next. next at five. a new strategy to get traffic moving faster through colorado's high country. also ahead. what is happening in florida after hurricane hermine comes re look at this stuff. >> whoa!. unbelievable power guys. >> and the fda orders companies to remove antibacterials from soap. next on 9 news. this is 9 news. >> a douglas county sheriff deputy shot and a suspect
5:00 pm
no students hurt. the deputy is in critical condition at a nearby hospital. jessica joins us. it began with reports of a suicidal man with a rifle. >> that's right. adele, police got this, parker police got this call after 3:00 this afternoon. and has resulted in not one but two crime scenes with the latest one being right outside parker add ven tis hospital. right around 3:00 when police say they got a call he was walking around in the neighborhood of dixon and pine. by the time officers got there, this man fired shots at officers and it is again for that one parker police officer did sustain his critical injuries. this man we're told then took off in some kind of camper and it was a chase that came to a crashing stop outside the hospital where there were more shots fired and the suspect was shot and killed. the sheriffs office says there is a lot that needs to be


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