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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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no students hurt. the deputy is in critical condition at a nearby hospital. jessica joins us. it began with reports of a suicidal man with a rifle. >> that's right. adele, police got this, parker police got this call after 3:00 this afternoon. and has resulted in not one but two crime scenes with the latest one being right outside parker add ven tis hospital. right around 3:00 when police say they got a call he was walking around in the neighborhood of dixon and pine. by the time officers got there, this man fired shots at officers and it is again for that one parker police officer did sustain his critical injuries. this man we're told then took off in some kind of camper and it was a chase that came to a crashing stop outside the hospital where there were more shots fired and the suspect was shot and killed. the sheriffs office says there is a lot that needs to be
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says right now it's all about thoughts and prayers for the parker police or excuse me for the douglas county deputy who was shot and remains in critical condition as he undergoes surgeon right now. >> it is unfortunate circumstance. right now the biggest concern is one of my deputies, we want to make sure that this deputy comes out of this surgery okay. i know he is in really good hands and so i asked community to stop and say a prayer for him if you would be so kind. >> and just to clarify this was a call initially responded to by parker police but douglas county also responded to this once they found out about the severity of the situation. adele, big community response here as well. not only were there several schools that were recommended for lock down. we know sierra middle school was definitely put on a lock- down and so was the hospital as
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as well. the deputy is not being named because the family has not been notified at this point. >> that's right. the sheriff was saying that at this point it is way too early still. there have been family members who are not notified of what happened here this afternoon so they are not releasing his or her name. >> all right. thanks a lot jessica. >> after a soggy start this morning. sunny skies return in the afternoon. although there will be a few chances for rain of labor day week. however conditions are more concerning on the northeast plains. meteorologist kathy sabin joins us. we have a tornado effect in northeast colorado. >> that's right. a live look at radar here downtown. things are calm and quiet but a line of storms producing one inch diameter hail is producing
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east of that town the cell continues to produce one inch diameter hail and the warning remains until 5:15. cell moving east and dollar size hail over rural areas of northwest yuma county and due to the two or three inches of rain a flash flood warning is posted. as for flagler and burlington. a second cell producing damaging winds and large hail and showing signs of ta at this point things are calm and quiet in denver. we certainly do hope that bodes well for all of you that have evening plans. temperatures in the low 80s between now and 6:00 and coming up in our main weather segment, another look at the severe weather on the plains and severe weather outlook for the weekend. a busy week in the mountains. traffic headed west on i-70
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making sure that police and firefighters are working together to clean up accidents and keep the traffic moving. we have more from i-70. matt, one car broken down and a crash can back up traffic for miles. reporter: adele that is what c dot is working to try to fix. if there is high volume, there will be congestion and if people are going slow but if there is a traffic accident and a car breaks down, the idea long backups and get people moving faster. at the wheel driving i-70 in the mountains ... >> itless busy. >> mark is part of a new colorado department of transportation incident management team. >> there is two of them in the high country. >> preparing for the busy week and winter season by taking on a big job.
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flowing. by reducing the long lines of congestion, a crash car can cause. >> when we started to get the backups and we got these cues, the drivers that are unaware can drive right in the back of the cues and that's where we have more problems. >> estimated for every minute an i-70 lane is closed there is four minutes of backups. >> it is called the quick claren >> to clear accidents like this. >> stuck cars or people broken down as fast as possible. >> getting the traffic moving and keeping people safe. >> and using the bumper of his car. >> to push trucks and cars off of i-70. >> push them out of the way and not obstructing traffic and when we get the lanes opened quicker and we will bring the tow trucks in. >> work that mark said is starting to help. >> moving the damaged vehicles
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so we won't have huge backups. >> to get traffic moving. that's the important part of the program. >> mark, by the way has a lot of experience in the summit county and eagle and clear creek county area. dealing with closures and traffic. has been a cop for more than 20 years and recently retired and chief of and three incident commanders in the -- area. >> it sound like we are in good hands. the national hurricane center says everyone near the atlantic coast should pay attention to hurricane hermine. tropical storm watches from new jersey to connecticut. the storm weakening after
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regain strength over the ocean tomorrow. we continue to coordinate with our partners and if the storm doesn't hit us too bad we will be able to help if they need it. >> the governor of virginia has declared a state of emergency. sa surges to many areas including virginia beach. one of the points of donald trump's immigration plan announced this week is to test the loyalty of those that want to immigrate to the u.s. reporter: in his speech on wednesday donald trump connected immigration with national security. >> all energies of the federal government and the legislative
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immigration security. reporter: one of his proposals involves to test the motivation of foreigners looking to immigrate to the country. >> another reform is screening processes and it is important and we will get the right people. ideological certification to make sure that those admitted to the country love our people. >> democrats bounced idea. >> sure, we want to keep terrorists out of the country. i think everybody does but you don't do it with ideological certifications in the context and in the way he describes. >> but is the idea practical? robert is a political
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ideology is difficult. >> the people take oaths swearing allegiance to the u.s. but other loyalty oaths have run into problems. >> some have been questioned because of the constitutional basis. >> donald trump has not explained how his proposed ideological test would work but it is likely to be an issue during the rest of the presidential campaign. 9 news reached out to the trump campaign for clarification of the id not heard back. fear and not excitement is driving supporters of hillary clinton and donald trump. nationwide poll found eight percent zero percent of trump supporters and 63 are 62% of supporters say if the other candidate wins they would feel scared and they are stronger than a victory about their open candidate. we asked chuck todd about the high negatives in this race. >> right now it is definitely a
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look at a majority of people have unfavorable views of donald trump and of clinton. no doubt this is what kind of election this is and we have seen over the past few weeks as the polls have gotten tighter, it is not that donald trump is creeping up on hillary clinton. her support is eroding and moving to undecided or gary johnson and not going to trump. chuck todd will 9 news. brock turner left jail with a parting gift, a large packet of hate mail given to him by authorities in santa clara county. he was sentenced to 6 months behind bars for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. he was released after half of his term with good behavior. the outraging of a sentence
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california lawyers prompted them to pass a tougher law. there is call for the judge to resign and he removed himself from criminal to civil court. turner will live in ohio. samsung is suspending sales of smart phones after finding batteries exploded while they were charging. samsung says customers have bought note 7s and will swap them for new ones. the announcement comes two we the latest flagship phones. some exploded while charging and samsung confirmed 35 such cases caused by faulty batteries. samsung has sold over 7 million phones sits the launch. we could reach high temperatures in the 90s weekend. an order that certain chemicals be removed from antibacterial soaps. >> who is offering free hair
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back to school. the annual taste of colorado is officially under way in it includes boys to men and blues travelers. free to get in but the food requires travelers to buy tickets. expect to see roads closed off. it runs through monday. the federal government is banding more than a dozen chemicals used in antibacterial soaps saying the manufactures have fill the shelves. the food and drug administration says there is no scientific evidence that the products are better than plain old soap and water.
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some researchers suggest it could interfere with hormone levels. >> the companies have not shown it is effective. >> they have one year to take out the chemicals. but they say most companies have already done that. >> a chance to make a fresh start and kids will be getting free hair cuts. a services for a cutta thon on sunday. hair cuts free for kids up to age 12 and centennial lodge number 4 in aurora came up with the idea to have families one less thing to worry about at the beginning of the school year. >> a student to come in with a fresh new hair cut, they are not thinking about their looks. they know they look good and they are able to concentrate on school. they are able to concentrate on their learning rather than
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that day or how they look that day. >> the free cut a thon is sunday afternoon. two until 7:00 p.m. at centennial lodge number four. they are at 650 billings street in aurora. it will offer free health screenings for adults. >> it is a self-esteem thing. >> if you look good then you are good. >> it looks like temperatures will shoot back up.
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next in kathy's forecast. hello and welcome back. a beautiful september day in the downtown denver area. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine. >> temperatures are great and no record high temperatures expected in the next couplof that would mean highs in mid- 90s and while we may touched 90s on sunday we are not in record territory for the next week. winds are calm and falling air pressure. currently 82 at the airport and sunshine over the 9 news. around the area we have been talking about the slow steering winds with the storms that have come in. out at dia and the official rain gauge the average is two inches for the month and this
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record for denver but not indicative of the entire front range as many areas have reported up to 3-inches of rain for the month of august as compared to the official observation site out at dia. we are tracking severe storms that are moving through northeast colorado. one cell already producing a tornado near the town of otis. that cell shows signs of rotation. tornado warning out for yuma near the town of eckley. that's the area the area in yellow is severe thunderstorm warning northwest of ray and the magenta. we have had 1 to 3-inches of rain, flash-flood warnings for these areas and areas east of akron and lyman bracing for more rain and hail. in the meantime quieter weather and we are tracking hermine and it is a tropical storm moving
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will impact a lot of holiday travelers and vacation plans even though it is considered to be weakening over the next 24 to 36 hours. moisture plume trying to head back into colorado and we are kicking off a drying trend that will allow for warmer weather and sunshine. but enough moisture available tomorrow that with heating may see stronger storms fire to rapid city and to the west of omaha. temperatures tomorrow, close to 90 and seasonal or slightly above. cool air in the northwest the heat is on in the desert southwest. all of the weather east of lyman and storms track to go to east producing hail and signs of rotation and heavy rain and skies clear overnight and mostly sunny day tomorrow. some convection in the high country and one or two of the storms roll over denver at 3:00. tonight lows in the 40s for the mountains. 50s on the plains and high temperatures warmer than today.
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ranges. in denver a chance of a shower and the severe weather threat east of downtown. mid-50s tonight and mid-70s by lunchtime and mid-80s by tomorrow afternoon. 20% chance of rain from storms and then a dry forecast for sunday and for the holiday on monday. only isolated storms expected as we move through the first full week of september. here comes the holiday d radar tonight. take the rain gear and be careful. coming up next. tough couple of days for the broncos and they get the roster finalized and the cuts started. >> and sports authority field at mile high where the rocky
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a couple of hours. >> stocks ended investigators are hoping that
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the interest rates longer. >> here is aaron mathis. colorado's sports leader. >> good evening and welcome to sports authority field. we are live and getting ready rocky mountain show down. this is the way it should be done. first game out of the gates and the centennial cup is up for grabs. the buffs last year and they will try to make it two in a row over colorado state. >> i heard that they didn't care about playing us too much. they really acted like think cared when they won the game. i think that's a rivalry game and we are excited. >> it is a game that lasts 365 days a year.
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it is not talked about as much. and so i think the excitement of that and being an instate rivalry game makes it very exciting and it is something that is talked about all of the time. >> tough day for the broncos. cuts have started. and john tidwell. rod mackey was in arizona for the final auditions. reporter: the battle of backups goes to the cardinals but that's not what really matters to the broncos. they wanted to get a good look at their new quarterback that they did. paxton lynch with three touchdowns. two to the broncos and one to the cardinals. >> this is arizona score. >> i'm just going to enjoy the memories that i have with these guys. some of these guys may not play again. so to know that i shared this
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feeling. >> jordan taylor makes a good catch and pulls away. >> i knew i was going to make a big impact and i'm confident in what i did and obviously it left plays and we would like to get the win and we will see the results come tomorrow. >> taylor has the catch, touchdown denver. >> now the worst part for the broncos. something that gary kubiak called miserable. he has to team of 75 and cut it down to 53 players. >> you have to focus on what everybody gave their heart and at the end of the day what i learned from isaac newton that they will put the ball down and somebody has to play. >> tough time for the next 24 hours. 22 guys aren't going to be here saturday. >> it is always hard around this time but i feel like they had a great opportunity. and a lot of organizations don't get players the chances that they have got here to show
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good chance and the coach is doing his best job putting the best 53 players together. >> in arizona. rod mackey 9 news. cu fan taking the field that means one thing, kickoff is fast approaching. we'll have react from this one tonight at ten as well as action from high school football in the area. it is of course friday night but that will do it for now
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breaking news tonight. monster holiday storms, states of emergenc h?zermi batters the southeast. torrenal rain, oong, rful winds, 30 million on alert, all the way up cnecticut and just in time for labor day. soap crackdown, a bombshell from the fda, why it's banning anti-bacterial soap used by millions. >> clinton's fbi files. inside him clinton's fbi interview. what she didn't understand about handling classified material and how a concussion impacted her answers. and donald trump on the attack. outrage over a former stanford university swimmer now free after serving just three months for sexual assault. and exploding batteries. the dangerous flaw triggering an unprecedented recall


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