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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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things. pray for my officer. >> twins born three months early. one of them facing an immediate emergency. >> you could see the baby was really struggling. >> it was scary. >> the rare procedure that saved a tiny life. millions of smartphones recalled over batteries. and bans on chemicals. and taking you closer to jupiter than we have ever seen before. and a rocky mountain show down csc would rather forget. 9news starts now. >> the picket fence at a home in parker left shattered. the tire tracks that run across a field. signs of a chase that ended in a crash. a confrontation, a driver dead,
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nick mcgill joins us with the latest. >> reporter: that's right adele. at last check, dan brite was still in critical condition at last check. the sheriff will update us on any changes in the social media changes. meanwhile, investigators still trying to piece things together. multiple csi crews here where the suspect was shot and down the road where detective brite was shot. why this happened in the first place. as tony spurlock addressed the media, his mind was in one place. >> the most important thing is dan and that he is okay. >> reporter: friday afternoon, detective brite was shot in what is described as a shoot- out with a suicidal suspect. >> the power of prayer is important and it can help him. >> reporter: the man was seen
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the man fired his weapon hitting detective bryant. then there was a chase in his rv before he crashed at parker hospital. that is where he was shot by a plain clothes officer. >> someone is outside. >> reporter: outside the hospital, parents said they waited in fear as their children were locked down in a nearby school. eric jenson's daughter emma sent him these text messages detailing tow she ha under her desk. >> until you experience this yourself with your own child, it doesn't resonate. >> reporter: about an hour later, the side soft a school bus and jenson was reunited with his daughter. >> are you okay? >> i was really scared. >> it's okay. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: a moment of relief
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>> reporter: now, part of eric jenson's frustration is he didn't hear from the douglas county school district until an hour-and-a-half until the first text messages from his daughter. he says that is too long to hear from the school district about this type of situation. as for detective brite, we are told his wife who is a sergeant with the douglas county sheriff's office is by his side. >> all right, we will update thanks so much. there are new developments in the case of the boyfriend of a woman who vanished in july. prosecutors dropped sexual assault charges in a separate case but both cases could be connected. jeffrey bayer was arrested for sexual assault four days after his girlfriend was reported missing boy her family. he has not been named as a suspect in boyd's disappearance.
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the sexual assault case saying it has been factually intertwined with a missing person's investigation. we have have much more on a radar screen at this hour. after severe storms produced at on eastern plains earlier this evening. yuma and washington counties were under tornado warnings after a funnel was spotted. we have not heard of any damage reports from the areas. in denver, it's a night. temperatures could get close to 90 during the day in the city. we will have the forecast in a few minutes. colorado state fans, students, alumni, an apology. you won't like this story. it wasn't much of a showdown. cu led 21-0 at the end of the first quarter. csu got on the board with a fourth quarter touchdown.
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more from sports authorities a little later. it is is a party at civic center park and it lasts all weekend. taste of colorado kicked off with plenty of music and fun. the gates will reopen at 10:30 the next three mornings. the 9news facebook page, we have a guide to help you plan for everything happening over the next week. it includes times for each of the main stage concerts during the taste of colorado and next comes the kickoff for the the park will host a concert next thursday night. all the information is also on then, there is riot fest this weekend. that's on the north side of town. that started today and runs through sunday at the national western complex. dozens of acts will be on several stages. individual day passes are sold out. however, there are still some two-day passes available for saturday and sunday. lots of people wanted to get a jump start on the long labor day weekend.
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all afternoon and evening on i- 70. the latest between idaho springs and the johnson tunnels are 45 minutes to an hour. the delays lasted until a short time ago. as we get close tore fall and ski season, we will see more backups on i-70 and the months ahead. cdot will try a new approach to keep traffic flowing when there is an accident. there is a new incident management team in the high country working to make sure tow truck drivers, police, and firefighters are working together. when ever there is a crash four minutes of backups. >> when we started getting the backups, we have these cues, drivers that are unaware with drive right baa into the back of the cues and we have more problems. >> each of the command team vehicles has a bumper guard to push the damaged vehicles to the side of the road as soon as possible. hurricane hermine is now a tropical storm. hermine after making landfall last night in florida, the
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carolinas. in the past 24 hours, hermine has dumped nearly two feet of rain across the florida panhandle and parts of the southeast u.s. tropical storm warnings are still in effect from the carolinas. north into new jersey. new york and long island are under a tropical storm watch. the concerns are that it could turn into a dangerous nor'easter the next few days. in an unusual step, the fbi today released its notes from hillary clinton's recent interview with agents about as secretary of state. the notes reveal clinton told the fbi she relied on her staff to not send e-mails with classified information and that she could not being recalled on being trained how to handle it. she told the fbi she never asked her mission to use a private server. donald trump pounced on the revelation. >> because that's a lie. unless she is not an intelligent person, she has put you and me and everybody else in this country in great danger. >> the fbi cleared clinton of
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careless. her campaign says they are happy the notes are public and she admits using the private server was a mistake. the debates have been announced. lester holt will moderate the first debate on the 26th this month in new york. there will be six sections lasting 16 minutes each on topics chosen by holt. a second debate next month in saint louis will be martha rad den jdatz and chris cooper. samsung is recalling phones because of a potentially dangerous problem. there are reports that the galaxy 6 batteries get too hot. they are lithium ion. samsung is stopping the sales of the galaxy note 7. if you have one, it will work with
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antibacterial soaps have become a staple in millions of homes. that will be changing because the food and drug administration says the main ingredients in more than 40% of them do not work. there is lilt evidence that the 19 chemical ingredients found in them work any better than plain soap and water. more concerning, researchers believe two of those chemicals could lead to drug resistant bacteria. and also interfere with levels. >> these chemicals can be endocrine disrupters causing thyroid problems. >> it is not suggested to throw out the soaps, but not to buy them anymore. in most cases, hand washing for just 20 seconds with plain soap and water will get rid of most germs. for an idea of how long that
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a memorial sign for a teenager hit and killed by a drunk driver at yale and madison. the 14-year-old cole sucal was hit and killed. his school is close by. they called cole a positive person, a light in the community. >> hard reality. one of your classmates is no longer with you. and it has been tough, especially on some of the kids but they are really coming together. they have encouraged one another and provided t forward in a positive way. >> the 81-year-old woman who hit cole died days after the crash. tests confirmed she was driving drunk. this week, a couple from brighton welcomed identical twin girls into the world. they came three months early. both under two-and-a-half pounds. 9news reporter christine noelle met with the family. >> reporter: she was one of the
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to receive a rare heart procedure. i sat down with the parents after the operation. if one little life is a miracle. >> so tiny. >> reporter: two truly a blessing beyond words for laura climber and her long time boyfriend travis. >> it is just so hard to walk away. >> reporter: on sunday, august 28, at just 28 weeks along, identical twin girls jocelyn and jacqueline were brought into early. they had twin to twin transfusion syndrome. they shared blood vessels in the placenta. doctors noticed one baby, jacqueline, wasn't moving formally. >> that raised some alarms. >> reporter: the babies were delivered quickly via c- section. >> jacqueline was one pound 13 pounces. >> her sister jocelyn was two
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>> reporter: inside her body, a tiny heart with a serious defect. a narrow aorta valve was stopping enough blood from going through the body. doctors at rocky mountain hospital for children knew they couldn't wait. >> emergency. it was scary. >> reporter: jocelyn was too small for normal heart surgery, so dr. dave miller and steve leonard used a rare hybrid approach. >> that is to do a little cut down on the ck artery and that then gave dr. miller great access to be able to pass the catheters down to the heart and do the dilation of the valve. >> she's been through a lot. >> reporter: after an intense two-hour procedure. >> the heart function returned to normal almost immediately. >> reporter: success. followed by relief. >> i was rateful for what they had done. now our baby can live a healthy life and catch up to her sister and hopefully, they can cause
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ruckus in the weeks and years to come, mom is looking forward to a big first. >> i just want to be able to pick them up and snuggle them. >> reporter: can you blame her? both babies are doing well. jocelyn was by far the smallest baby to have that type of heart surgery at rocky mountain hospital for children. while jocelyn may need more heart procedures in the future, they are confident she will be able to be just like a normal kid. >> so jacqueline was one? >> reporter: yeah. jacqueline was the smaller one, but other than be a preemie, is doing fine. >> they are so tiny. it is hard to imagine until you see full sized hand and this tiny, tiny little person. >> reporter: when they put the foot in his hand, it is really amazing and helps you respect the doctors more. >> thanks a lot. >> yep. well, a spacecraft built right here in colorado is
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>> a lot of people headed out to enjoy the holiday weekend. kathy sabine will show you what the weather will be like. >> nascar's biggest star is done for the year. the biggest health problems for dale earnhardt jr. and the rocky mountain show downturns into the rocky mountain beat
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>> adele, this is awesome. we are getting our closest look ever at the planet jupiter. juno made its second close fly by. all of the cameras are ready to capture the images of the
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been photographed since it is difficult to see that from planet earth. it will be making 35 more passes of jupiter in the months ahead. >> pretty cool. nascar's most popular driver will miss the rest of the season. dale earnhardt jr. has sat out several races because of a concussion he suffered earlier this year: earnhardt says this is the right thing to do for his long term health and his career. his doctors are seeing good progress and he is feeling betterys daytona next february. jeff gordon and alex bowman will drive his car for the remaining 12 races this season. >> adele, great driving weather across colorado. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine in the backyard enjoying a beautiful september evening. those traveling off to the east, the eastern seaboard will have trouble. but out on the eastern plains of colorado is where we saw the
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down near wray earlier this evening and the confirmed tornado near the clarkville area. yuma, washington county active with hail, heavy wind and rain. a lot of marvelous color in the sunset. 84 degrees in denver. that's the average. 90 in lamar. if you are out early. sunshine, 60s for you between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. not a bad looking morning. dia, 66 degrees. winds are southeast at the studios almost 70 degrees still at this late hour. and you know what? we have been talking so much about rain with the light steering winds aloft. thunderstorms have been producing heavy rain, but not in our official rain gauge at dia. for the month of august, we are running below average. that makes august one of the driest on record. with almost threisms of rain in douglas county and jefferson county, the official rain gauge
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nobody complaining about that. on the eastern plains we continue with the heavy rain, and the flash flood threat tonight. around the burlington area. reports of over five inches of rainfall. and, we do continue with flash flood advisories. we have had the two tornadoes again. outside of the clarkville area this afternoon. no damage or injuries. but, as these storms race to the east, they are capable of producing one inch diameter hail. 60 miles an hour winds. and that heavy rain threat continues around burlington tonight. purple is where we have seen the heaviest rain. limon, sterling. pretty quiet elsewhere with the exception of a little thunder and lightning over the southern mountains. the lightning and the thunder and the rain too much? that would be a hermine. it is now a storm cruising inland. it will weaken somewhat, but affect a large portion of the eastern say board in the
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north of hawaii and is still a category 2 hurricane. a little moisture coming up from the south. we will see about a 20% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. severe weather threat stays north and east of us. rapids city, bismarck, and the north platte area. garden variety storms and a warmer day. less cloud cover. the heat building to the south. highs a little above average. these heavy rainers out on the eastern plains will continue into nebraska and move out. low level fog may be an issue for travelers on i-76 and i-70. afternoon convex on i-70. only a 20% chance of rain. 40s in the mountain to night. 50s on the plains. good looking saturday coming up. we have upper 80s in denver. fort collins, greeley. we will get you into the 90s by sunday and maybe if you are lucky, the holiday monday if you are looking for summer warmth. sun up tomorrow at 6:30.
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cover, warmer day to boot. keep an eye on the sky in denver after two. i do have you dry for sunday and monday. highs near 09 both days. nice warm weather trend for the first full week of september. comfortable temperatures. beautiful forecast coming up. speak of beautiful, good drivingwet severe the high country. a little light snow was recorded in the higher peaks. if you are sneezing it is the darn weeds. that has to be the reason. sports is next.
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is aaron matas. >> reporter: good evening. it is a rivalry that has been very close. but the 2016 edition of the rocky mountain show down was more of a rocky mountain beat town. all colorado, all of the time. already 7-0 when sefo liufau
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18-yard touchdown. it was 14-0, buffs in the first. and really just getting started. colorado state had nothing on offense. nick stevens started the game and couldn't move the ball at all. sacked by jimmy gilbert. kenneth recovered the fumble leading to a field goal made it 24-0. second quarter now. sefo liufau, deep to bryce bobo who makes a terrific one handed grab at the one yard line. an incredible it in from there. he had two touchdowns on the game. 31-0 at halftime. the final score was cu-44, csu, 7. it is the worst beat down of csu since the 1950s for the university of colorado. joining me now is derek mccartny. i'm going to assume that felt pretty good to start the season. >> we worked really hard this off season. we were really excited to get going this year.
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always exciting. we are really encouraged. we still have a lot to work on. we are headed in the right direction. >> reporter: so much buildup for this game. and we did it the first week as opposed to the third week. everybody is talking about cu, colorado state. and to put a performance like that on the field here at sports authority field, i assume that is everything you guys had hoped for. maybe a shut-out. >> yeah. defense, we were upset when they scored. it is we don't want anyone to score ever. that is not a standard we have for ourselves. >> reporter: what does this do for you guys? you have a game up in boulder. but a win like this, now you can take it from here. >> yeah, honestly, we learn a lot from this game. and, we learn a lot of the things we have to work on. even take it to another level. so, that is exactly what we are going to do. learn from mistakes and get better. >> reporter: derek, great performance. congratulations.
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there was also some prep rivalrys as well. let's go to taylor. >> reporter: yeah, for most high school football teams tonight was the first game of the season. regis versus cherry creek. and after two straight losses, regis got its revenge. d.j. jackson, his first of two touchdowns on the night. and it will go for 50 yards to the end 19-7 the final. scott yates was looking for his 306th win against eagle valley an he got it when quarterback joey lynch had a comeback. sun devils win this one. finally, shaprel scored first. then the wolves came back. gentry. grand view shut out the wolverines the rest of the
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we will have much more from these games and other sports. we encourage you to join us tomorrow morning on the 9news front rally at 6:45. aaron, i know you will be sleeping then. but dvr it for us. [ laughter ] >> reporter: taylor, i'm always up early. thank you so much. hey, looked like a blowout down the street at coors feel as well. but the rockies scored six times in the 5th inning to make it a game with arizona. and, that was kind of just the preview. because in the 8th inning, at this. nick hundley. first career grand slam. part of a seven-run 8th inning for the rockies and they went onto win by a score of 14-7. they will have much more from the rocky mountain beat down tomorrow morning on the 9news morning show. what a start for cu. 44-7 the final over colorado
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three-day holiday weekend. that music was zesty. >> it confused me for a minute. >> i was going to say. it confused me too. [ laughter ]
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