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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 6, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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never to early to get the vaccine -- but make sure you're getting the right one this year... good morning. it's tuesday but likely feeling like monday for many after the holiday. i'm corey rose with gary shapiro and cheryl preheim. meteorologist marty coniglio
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extortion, false
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misconduct, and kidnapping -- all crimes former el paso county sheriff terry maketa is being charged with today. maketa and two employees, former undersheriff paula presley and former sheriff's commander juan san agustin, will be in court today. some of the things they are accuesed of: threatening to terminate a contract with a company if they company didn't fire an employee... and - coercing a woman who was involved in a domestic dispute to take back her story. all three will be in court this afternoon. we'll keep you posted on how it
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police are looking into two different death investigations they say happened just a mile away from each other. denver police say one is around 30th and champa -- the other is at 22nd and north washington in the five points neighborhood. police haven't said much of anything about these cases. we'll update you when we know more. westminster police say a dangerous man is still on the run this morning -- 31-year-old jarred strenge. he's wanted for second degree murder over the weekend. police found a woman shot to death off 70th place and raleigh street. strenge has several warrants out for his arrest - and police consider him dangerous. anyone with information is asked to call westminster police. you can also leave an anonymous tip with crime stoppers. the family of the man who deputies say shot an officer in doughlas county is reaching out to that injured officer. randall rodick's family released a statement saying in part quote "the rodick family
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to detective dan brite - and his family - and to all who have experienced pain and suffering caused by the events in parker on friday." douglas county detective dan brite is still in the hospital - listed in critical condition. officers say rodick shot brite friday while he was responding to a call about a man who was suicidal and had a gun at a home in parker. deputies fatally shot rodick. if you'd like to help support the detective who is recovering and his family - go to 9news-dot-com. labor day was a holiday for many people, but not the presidential nominees. both democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump spent labor day campaigning. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas joins us with more on this final stretch of the presidential campaign. tarhonda, both candidates were in the battleground state ohio. yes, they were. proving that ohio "really is" a battleground.. and the latest polls show clinton and trump in a "dead heat" for that state.. with the race so tight, there, you
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candidates were in ohio, yesterday. donald trump trump and his running mate - governor mike pence-- met with union representatives at an american legion hall in ohio, yesterday. he "fired off" on hillary clinton... and promised to bring jobs to that area-- and the country. on his plane-- he explained why he's not doing a lot of prep for the presidential debate: no cramming, no moc-debates for trump. clinton, spent part of her day in ohio-- taking aim at trump's stance on immigration. she also talked about his recent trip to mexio. she called it a quote -- "embarassing international incident."
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two. but at least they're not in the same state, anymore. donald trump is headed to virginia and north carolina today. hillary clinton will be in florida. gary? with summer now winding down -- congress is returning from its seven-week recess. lawmakers have a long to-do list when they do get back. items on the agenda include funding for the government, funding to fight the zika virus, and confirming a new supreme court justice. it's not clear any of that will happen
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a bill to fulfill a 70-year-old government promise to retired miners is dividing republicans. the bill would ensure that the miners get hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits -- now at risk because of the industry's decline. the united mine workers of america say without congressional intervention -- some funds could run out by next year. supporters of the bill are facing restistance from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell -- who blocked the pension measure last year. he says he's not going to fast-track a plan that some warn amounts to a affect tens of thousands of people in multiple states. starting today -- you'll only be able to visit the waterton canyon on weekends the canyon will be closed mondays through fridays while crews complete repairs to the high line canal in the south platte river. officials say the work is being done now through november -- because it's one of the only times the water will be low enough for them to make repairs. high waters is why they had to stop construction back in february.
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closer to building three whitewater parks on the colorado river. the aspen daily news says glenwood springs has made an agreement with denver water -- but aurora and colorado springs are against the plan. those cities co-own a reservoir on homestake creek in the upper eagle river basin -- that holds more than 43-thousand acre- feet of water. they argue glenwood springs is claiming more water than it needs - to run the water
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seasons we have another season approaching-- flu season.. doctors recommendations are the same this year as the last -- but there is one thing that's different about the vaccines. but first... two of the worlds most powerful men meet for what could be the last time. hear what our president thought of his meeting with
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today - he could find out what date his case will go to trial. his lawyers are fighting to keep out key evidence -- including nearly one-thousand pages of testimony he gave in an accuser's lawsuit in 2005. they argue cosby was promised he would never be charged -- so he felt free to testify then. but a judge found he was never granted immunity. cosby is 79. he's charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman who he mentored at temple university in 2004. everyone is safe after a bus carrying a group of marines caught n look so good. the bus was carrying about 40 marines when it overheated and caught fire on i-24 in south tennessee. the marines were traveling from camp lejeune in jacksonville, north carolina -- to nashville for marine week. president obama is now the first sitting u-s president to step foot in laos. he arrived in the southeast asian nation monday-- and will be there for three days. he met with the
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presidential palace. just before that -- president obama was in china for the g-20 summit -- where he spoke with russian president vladimir putin about ending the civil war in syria. no agreements have been made. they talked for nearly 90 minutes -- in what may be the last meeting of the two men while mr. obama is in office putin says the countries could reach an agreement in the next few days -- but u-s officials say there's not a date set for talks to continue. president obama also confronted cyberhacking u-s websites -- and called for clear rules all nations should follow when it comes to that. so with labor day,
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countries do people labor the most? or the least? and where does the united states falls on that list? we'll look into that coming up. but first, lets
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parents to know all the correct advice when caring for a child with a concussion. a new survey from u-c-l-a shows most parents rely on outdated and incorrect advice. researchers say 3 of every 4 of parents would wake their injured child up during the night to check on them - in the past, that was thought to be important. but, not any more - now doctors say disrupting sleep may stop the brain from healing faster. and 84-percent of parents say they would make their kids sit out from all phal concussion. but new medical research shows that light exercise could help boost a child's spirits and is safe -- no contact sports though. the end of the summer season also means the beginning of flu season. as always -- pediatricians recommend the flu vaccine for children over six months old. but many doctors will not offer the nasal spray this year -- after studies showed it does not protect against some strains of the
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encouraged to begin offering the flue shot no later than october. general motors has settled two cases of defective ignition switches. both parties testified with the goal of resolution rather than a trial. both lawsuits claimed injuries linked to faulty ignition switches that could slip from the 'on' to 'off' position. they settled both cases for undisclosed amounts. clock in and clock out -- you may think people in the united states work workers in 14 countries work longer hours.. a new survey shows the average employee in the u-s works 1,790 hours a year. workers in mexico are ranked first for working the most hours -- at 2,246 each year - that would be 43 hours a week without a single week of vacation. the country that works the least ... germany with 13 hundred 71 hours a
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dairy queen is kicking off the unofficial start to fall with a free sweet treat. at participating locations -- you can get a small ultimate oreo frappe. the frappe is a combination of coffee, ice, and oreo cookie pieces -- blended with vanilla soft serve and finished with whipped cream. the offer though is only available from two until five p-m. let's check in with
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tractor cruise this annual cruise around one town isn't just for fun though. the disease these tractor riders are
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine.
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for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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middle of kansas. people there participated in a tractor cruise. dozens of tractors took off for the ninth annual tractor cruise in everest, kansas. they're doing it for a good cause though -- all funds are going to the angelman syndrome foundation. that's a rare neuro-genetic disease that occurs in about one in 15-thousand births. participants say it's fun -- but really it's all about the charity. last year, organizers say the cruise raised more than two-thousand dollars. cruise raised more than two-thousand dollars. did you know there's actually a japanese word for letting books pile up but not reading them?
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difficult to pronounce but today's the day to end it -- national read a book day. we have some studies of the benefits of book reading, coming up. back in the
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former sheriff -- but rather than defending the law he's being this is 9 news. >> back in the courtroom for a former sheriff rather than defending a law he's being prosecuted by it. years of controversy all coming down to this. >> he's exercising his
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statement. >> talking about president obama defending colin kaepernick's refusing to stand for the national anthem. >> and fighting for your child to get playing time might be a lost cause. some say coaches, parents, and fans could be the underlying problem. >> could be. 5:30 now the start of the workweek for meteorologist marty coniglio joining us now. >> yeah, and back on the referee thing i spent ten years in youth soccer. that's not a could be. the coaches and parents. >> i saw it on the sidelines. >> for us today we're looking at cloudy conditions around here. cold front is through. humidity levels are up for us today. we have cloudy conditions right now over the front range and northeastern colorado.


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