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tv   Today  NBC  September 6, 2016 7:00am-9:59am MDT

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20. if you're staying with the today's show have a great day. otherwise come on good morning. homestretch. clinton and trump kick their campaigns into high gear. >> hillary clinton would be a disaster. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> clinton up six points overall in our new poll but the electoral map shows an even tougher mountain for trump to climb. with just 63 days to go can he turn things around? not over yet. hermine churning up more high winds and dangerous whip rip currents. warnings still in effect. beaches in new york closed for a third day. glitch in the system. overnight a major airline's glitch in the check-in system. what is being done to get things
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destroyed. an iconic landmark tipped over. the incident caught on tape and the search is on to track down those vandals, "today," september 6th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on this it's september 6th. it's after labor day. i want to tell myself there's another side to that story with those people knocking over that ancient rock sculpture. >> if our show can accomplish one thing today maybe that tape will help authorities figure out who those people are. we'll tell you more about that coming up in just a while. hard to fathom. our top story, crunch time in
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just 63 days to go now. hillary clinton and donald trump locking into a fierce battle to the finish beginning the post-labor day push by barnstorming key battleground states. we have it all covered. let's start with national correspondent peter alexander. good morning. >> good morning to you. here we finally are post-labor day. alas the start of the homestretch. this is where things stand this morning. our brand new nbc news survey monkey poll shows this race is effectively holding steady. clinton maintaining a six-point lead over trump. 48-42 as you see. furiously fight for every last vote. just 63 days to go for hillary clinton and donald trump. no time for a holiday. new this morning, the latest nbc news battleground map shows despite narrowing poll numbers, clinton retains a significant electoral advantage over trump. monday the two converging on the key state of ohio. the planes sitting just yards apart. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me.
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questions, for the first time she invited the press on her newly decorated plane. expressing serious concern that russia is tampering with the u.s. election to help elect trump. >> we never had a foreign adversarial power be already involved in our electoral process. we've never had a nominee of one of our major parties urging the >> trump also briefly allowing reporters onboard his jet adding uncertainty to his immigration plan, refusing to rule out granting legal status for undocumented immigrants. >> we'll make that decision into the future. >> kicking off a fierce final two months of campaigning for team clinton, it's all hands on deck. joe biden and tim kaine together in pennsylvania. former rival bernie sanders in new hampshire.
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clinton on the trail in detroit, michigan. after a few weeks of fund-raising, hillary clinton is back to courting voters. joking about a coughing fit. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> trump's campaign manager pouncing on twitter. must be allergic to media. and now to the media and just as pam bondi was investigating trump university for fraud. >> she's a fine person. never spoke to her. never. >> bondi ultimately chose not to investigate. the trump campaign says the money was a clerical error. trump and his allies are making pay to play allegations against clinton arguing there was an improper relationship between her state department and clinton foundation. clinton again this weekend
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the candidates face their first true face-off. the first of the three presidential debates s now less than three weeks away. trump will be there. matt and savannah. >> thank you very much. let's dive further into what clinton and trump are planning for the final stretch. nicolle wallace and mark halperin join us. well rested. looking good. let me start with you, mark. if you talk about donald trump over the next 63 days. what does he need to avoid? >> focus on making the election about change and the economy. have a great first debate and start running tv ads in some of these states. he needs to avoid having focus on him over the flaps and controversy he creates on a regular basis. >> how would you answer the same question, nicole? >> he needs to be more normal. he's been a weird political figure. he's incapable of getting on
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the campaign spends more days on offense which is attacking the other side which means that campaign almost always wins. he has an opportunity to be on offense because there are -- the electorate has questions about hillary clinton's judgment. and there is the fbi in the news about dumping the investigation of the server. he instead got himself embroiled in a fight with jeff flake. hillary clinton and her campaign. what must she focus on and what must she avoid? >> she has to undermine any sense that people have that donald trump is a safe choice. people want change. what they don't want is risky change. she needs to relentlessly point out to this guy that he's not prepared. she also has to sell herself and what kind of president she will be. she needs to avoid errors that highlight people's lack of faith in her that she would change
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>> i'm drafting behind matt's question. >> that's obvious today. >> i have a mananiacal job. i have an obsession with the first debate. she's done a really good job painting him as a little bit of a lunatic. and if he seems milder than what she's told people he would be like, he could succeed simply by reading the phone book in a mellow voice. she needs to be careful not to he takes the stage with her and looks, you know, normal. >> do you look at these debates as a huge inflection point? the media always hypes the debates. this time it's true? >> these will be worldwide events. this campaign is the o.j. simpson trial of political campaigns. the first debate will be the kaelin testimony. i think these debates will be the moment where the public reexamines their own gut on both these candidates.
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>> he does. the clinton campaign is concerned about this. they are worried if he shows up and doesn't drool on himself, it will be a huge win. he needs to come to the first debate and reassure people that he's a plausible person the american people can be proud of. that's what he's trying to do. a look at his whole life. >> i don't know why i always love the swallows returning to capastrano, but i do. congress back in session after a long recession. one of the topics we're going to hear about in the coming months or weeks is the possible shutdown of the government again. how might that play into the campaign, the race, nicolle? >> i think this whole republican side of the race at least was about outsiders. i think to the degree that the men and women in washington look like typical gridlock insiders, i think that could serve trump's interest. >> the only reason he has a
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they don't like the way washington works. if washington looks dysfunctional and he says i can fix it and she can't because she's part of the problem, that would be an advantage for him for sure. >> nicolle, mark, thank you. a reminder tomorrow night both clinton and trump will take part in our special live prime time forum from nbc news and iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. the focus, issues that would confront them as commander in chief. you can see it at 8:00 eastern here on nbc and msnbc. >> from hermine is far from over. the storm that caused trouble over the holiday weekend is lingering over the east coast and another day of rough surf is on tap. let's go to al. he's got the latest. good morning to you. >> this video you're looking at is from a beach house that caught fire and the winds there along the rhode island beach so difficult for the firefighters to fight. you can see the trees blowing. this house a total loss. thankfully nobody was at home. we'll deal with winds like that again. this is the guest that will not
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or at least starting as invest 99l for 20 days. for 20 days. ku see just barely by thursday morning starts to clear south of montauk island. we right now have tropical storm warnings in effect from fire island to province town. we're going to see strong winds today. right now winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. that will continue day today, growing and drifting. we're also talking about the possibility of coastal flooding from north up to ocean city. then as you move to the north, long island, on into provincetown, minor to moderate, high tide. this system will continue to cause problems, guys. we're also talking about a hurricane down in the eastern pacific that may cause flooding in your hometown, savannah, in tucson. >> we don't get a lot of hurricanes in tucson.
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next half hour. >> thank you very much. overnight president obama kicked off an historic visit to laos, becoming the first u.s. president ever to visit that country. nbc's ron allen covering the president. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. president obama said the united states has a moral obligation to help the people of laos recover from horrible legacy of the vietnam war. millions of unexpled litter the countryside killing and maiming nearly half a century later. ab historic morning in laos as president obama becomes first of u.s. president to visit this tiny landlocked nation of 6 million people that america bombed so heavily during the vietnam war. >> whatever the cost, whatever our intentions, war inflicts a terrible toll, especially on innocent men, women, children.
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three years to help clear millions of bombs that did not explode. the president here as well hosts a summit of southeast asian nations where mr. obama bankruptly canceled a meeting with president rodrigo duterte when he thought obama criticized him. today duterte apologized. >> we also regret it came across as a personal attack on e president. >> reporter: that after more diplomatic drama for the president in china. meeting with vladimir putin, intense face-to-face over syria, perhaps their last while obama in office. the two unable to agree to a cease-fire. here in laos, attending this summit president obama will visit a relief agency that helps victims of bombing. the government in laos says it will step up efforts to help find remains of u.s. troops. matt, savannah.
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ron reporting from laos as they say there, no s. >> breaking overnight, a nightmare for thousands of british airways passengers. a computer failure led to long lines and hours long delays at airports around the world. employees had to manually check in passengers at airports from seattle to chicago. it delayed dozens of london bound flights. passengers view social media to complain and reach out for answers. also airport this morning. encorneling customers to check in online before they leave for the airport. >> as we mentioned lawmakers go back to work on capitol hill returning from seven-week recess, and they have a long to do list. again, one thing congress has to do in the coming months, pass legislation that will prevent a government shutdown. both chambers will have fewer than 20 days to complete the work before taking off for their month long election recess.
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agenda, combating zika virus and moving forward with antiterrorism package. outspoken conservative activist phyllis schlafly died. she rose to prominence in the '60s for her focus on family values. equal rights amendment, equal forum political group. her son said she died of cancer at her home in st. louis. phyllis we're seeing brock turner back home in ohio. his sexual assault conviction and sentencing sparked national outrage and is now leading to new protests. the latest on that. >> reporter: expected to report to the sheriff's department where he will have to register as a sex offender.
7:15 am
offender is moving in nearby. but most people in the small community knows he's here. this is one of the first images of brock turner taken sklufrl by daily showing him back at his parents house in suburban ohio, days after sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on stanford campus after a fraternity party. the picture taken amid unwelcome home coming. a demonstrating the same day brock turner was released. >> i think he should not be hiding in his parents house. he should be in prison for what he did. >> his father seen in daily mowing the lawn outside the house. turner made headlines after urging the judge for leniency saying jail time for brock would be, quote, a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action.
7:16 am
for good behavior seemed too lenient to millions. the judge himself a stanford alum. battling a recall to remove him from the bench. while turner will have to regularly report to local sheriff and probation officers. >> he will be assigned a probation officer and parole board. they will put restrictions on what he can and can't do the realm of registering as sex offender. he must stay away from alcohol, as a sex offender cannot live within 1,000 feet of a school. >> there's schools everywhere. it's a problem. it makes us uncomfortable being so close to someone who literally ruined this girl's life. >> turner, once a promising swimmer has been banned from swimming competitively and banned from stanford campus. whether he may try to enroll in a college back home here in
7:17 am
>> thank you very much. al is back with the forecast. is this where we hear about the hurricane in tucson. >> no. much to talk about around the rest of the country. weather weather in the northwest heating up in atlantic states, ohio river valley and gulf coast. looking at heavier showers and thunderstorms in the upper mississippi river valley and talking about that flood threat for southwest coming up in just a little bit. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next
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>> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. coming up, vandals topple a popular landmark. how police are now trying to track that group down. the start of a special rossen report series to help you beat the morning traffic rush. okay. which gps systems and apps will actually get you to your destination the fastest?
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good morning, i'm corey rose. here's what's happening on channel 20 for 9:00 a.m. 7 -- some artwork is priceless, but that doesn't mean you don't have to pay for it. . a tattoo shop is looking for a customer who
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it's a race against the clock for candidates to lock down the vote. why isn't clinton running ad in colorado. tarhonda thomas will explain. there's a rough drive this morning, amelia. >> let's get to the cdot cameras because there's a lot of details to go over. northbound 25 is shut down at 104th avenue due to a fatal crash. 1 person has died. that's the upper left corner of your screen. the reason southbound is there's another crash, southbound at 136th and one lane of traffic is getting by. upper right hand side of your screen, excuse me there, that's the northbound 25 delay as you come towards the closure at 104th. bottom corner on the left, there's a slowdown southbound and northbound 25 between arapahoe and hampden due to multiple other crashes there. a lot to go over northbound i-25, but here's the take away. closures are heron and
7:28 am
had a cold front come through earlier, and it will fuel thunderstorms much later. after 4:00, we'll begin to get thunderstorms going. not so much a stormy afternoon, but a stormy evening here for the front range and eastern colorado. pockets of heavy rain possible from the denver area to the east. 70s and 80s around here.
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we're back now. 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 6th day of september, 2016. giving our crowd some well deserved facetime. we'll get out and say hello in a little while. >> has that first day of school good to have you along. the post-labor day push begins and hillary clinton's national lead over donald trump remains steady. according to the nbc news survey monkey weekly election tracking poll out this morning, clinton remains up 48% to 42%. new york beaches closed again today because of hermine. the storm is producing dangerous rip currents along the northeast coastline as it continues to spin offshore.
7:31 am
quarterfinals of the u.s. open and made history in the process. 308th victory in grand slam matches so she's now surpassed roger federer for the most of all-time. here's the story we told but at the top of the show. police are on the hunt for a group of vandals caught on camera destroying a popular rock formation at a state park along the oregon coast. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has that story. >> reporter: the short video clip shows the rockma and what sounds like the words "got it." this is what oregon's state police and parks department are reviewing this morning. what appears to be an apparent act of vandalism at a famous sandstone that until now have stood for generations. a popular fenced off
7:32 am
is cape kiwanda stood on a landscape more than 18 million years old. a picture perfect spot for newlyweds or to watch the sunset into the sea. the parks department thought the seven-foot tall ten-foot wide rock formation known as the duck bill collapsed naturally. that is until david kalas posted this video. >> i confronted one of them. the first thing that came out of the person's mouth that i talke one of their buddies apparently broke their leg on top of the rock. >> reporter: it's hardly the first time we've seen nature's beauty toppled. two years ago two boy scout leaders were given a year probation and fined after they shoved over a 170 million year old rock formation.
7:33 am
restitution after posting a photo of her name carved into a red rock wall in sedona, arizona. this morning in arkansas, it's unclear if anyone will face charges or a fine. a spectacular sandstone that stood the test of time until it was toppled in seconds. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> imagine everything it withstood for 18 million years and then that. >> sometimes stories lead you speechless which is probably a television. >> how about that weather. >> how about that weather. we are talking about a hurricane making its way in through the eastern pacific just about ready to make landfall in cabo san lucas. you can see it will bring moisture up into the southwest from texas all of the way into arizona. a flood threat for the southwest.
7:34 am
flood watches through tomorrow for arizona, new mexico, and texas. some places picking up three to five inches of rain. if this makes it up as a tropical system, it will be only the fourth time that a tropical or depression has made it into the tucson area. the last one, 1992. tropical storm lester. you can see there's the flood threat. risk of strong storms later today in upper mississippi riv valley. next half hour we'll talk about the heat that's going to be coming into the east. we are also watching again hermine trying to get the heck
7:35 am
>> don't forget, get that weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. >> thank you for the forecast for my mommy. appreciate it. just ahead on trending, what men spend three weeks of their lives waiting on their better halves to do. >> another thing we can't t first, a special rossen report to help you beat the rush. >> we're going back to work and school and we're hitting the roads and traffic is terrible again. are you taking the fastest route? my producer and i that was invigorating! you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger.
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helping you beat the traffic rush. >> jeff ranieri is here helping us cut down the time and aggravation in the car. >> they won't let me inside. summer is over. we're back to school. back to work. the roads, they are getting ugly. here on 49th street outside of our studio. are you taking the fastest route to work or spending too much time caught in traffic. this morning, we'll save you time on your morning commute. we're trying out navigation apps on our way into work. we'll see what will get us here the fastest. it's a traffic nightmare. bumper to bumper. with no relief for miles but can your gps or smartphone really get you out of this? okay. we're setting up a driving challenge of our own to see if those apps will save us time on our morning commute. right now we're on long island.
7:41 am
york city. here with my producers lindsey and josh, josh is going to use the regular in car gps. lindsey is going to be using apple minneapolis. the icon on your iphone. and i'm going to use the waze app. we'll see who gets there first. everyone get in your cars. right away waze is diverting me on the look at this. i'm flying by all this traffic. look at highway traffic. look at me. love it. but josh's car gps just programmed for the shortest route steers him straight onto the highway. >> we are crawling in right now. i still have 39 miles to go on this highway. >> over in lindsey's car, she programs apple maps for shortest time but for some reason it
7:42 am
highway too. >> it's like a parking lot out here. >> smooth sailing with waze. love it if it works. taking me down back roads and onto another highway. josh, he's not moving much at all. >> more brake lights. >> take a look at lindsey now. suddenly apple minneapaps is gu her on clear roads and apple smooth sailing through the tunnel. let's see what happens when we get out. >> lindsey is back in the game. waze is taking me another way. miles away from lindsey's tunnel. >> i haven't been stuck in traffic at all. a lot of twist and turns but i always kept moving which feels better. sitting in traffic is the worst. now it's a race to the finish line. >> just a few more blocks to go.
7:43 am
who's is going to be? at the nbc studios and take a look. no sign of josh or lindsey. i'm the first one here. waze wins. now i wait and wait. come on already, i could have had two coffees by now. here comes lindsey. nine minutes after us. i bet she thinks she won. we beat you by nine minutes. >> wow. >> but where's josh? >> come , go. >> he's already pushing 20 minutes past me already. >> remember, his car gps is taking him on the shortest route, not necessarily the fastest. >> he finally decided to make it. he is here 30 minutes on the nose past me. a full half hour. >> are you kidding? that seemed to take forever. i'm so glad to be here. >> it really pays off. that's a lot of time in the
7:44 am
coffee doing a lot of things. >> sleeping. >> nice job, guys. thanks for roughing it. >> in our experiment both apple maps and waze saved us time. the cool thing the traffic information is crowd sourced so it's fellow drivers performing realtime data. here's another quick tip. no matter what gps you use or app go, into the settings. make sure it's on the shortest time instead of the shortest isn't necessarily the shortest. for goodness sake, how are you? thank you for coming by. can i come in already? i get to work and i can't come in. they tell me to come back outside. >> you just stay where you are. what do you have coming up tomorrow? >> does that hurt by the way? turning that way. >> i'm good. it just looks that way. >> tomorrow morning, the great escape continues after dealing with that traffic, you'll need a vacation. we got you covered. we'll show you where you can get the biggest deals right now
7:45 am
where i can go on the water slides and you can do whatever you want. we're talking about locations, luxury resorts, airlines where you can travel like a rock star on a budget. we're naming names. that's tomorrow right here on "today." >> all right. >> see you in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. coming up, what oprah is saying about new rumors that she's getting married. and carson shows us what one woman did for her son that just earned her the nickname supermom right after this. everyone knows someone who's lost weight on weight watchers. my mom does it, my sister does it. so what do they do? they go and change everything. are they crazy?! but guess what? it worked! it. worked. weight watchers members have lost 15% more weight in the first two months on the beyond the scale program than on our previous program. i am the better version of myself. this isn't a diet; this is a lifestyle change that works. join for free and get a free starter kit. hurry, offer ends september 19th. ?
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and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. 7:49. let's check in with carson in the orange room. >> good morning. great one for you. kids are heading back to school. parents are sharing a ton of photos on social media. one post from a mom in texas has caught the attention of thousands of people online. a single mother. when she was dropping her son
7:50 am
cars in the parking lot. she went back home and soon enough she an and her son were best dad disguise. she was met with cheers from parents and teachers. enjoying a doughnut at the event and helped put on that mustache. i know seeing other dads with their kids isn't easy for mine but it's life. at least i can do whatever it takes to put a face. #no excuses. no information about where the father is but the post went viral. i don't know you but what i do know is your son's face tells it all. he might not have it all but he has everything in you. feel-good story in texas. wouldn't be surprised if this ends up in your inbox today. >> i like that one. that's great.
7:51 am
hoda made this woman's bucket list dream come true and later on. to joey with love, rory feek opening up about losing his wife to cancer and caring for their young daughter. we'll catch up with him right after your loc i'll call you back. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong.
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7:56 am
hi, everyone. i'm gary sha pair shapiro -- i'm gary shapiro. >> you can see the backups as folks exit i-25 leading up to the scene. crash. this is a fatal wreck, 1 person has been killed and the highway has been shut down for hours. it does have the potential to stay
7:57 am
washington and keron to get around the delays. e-470 is a potential option and other option i-70 to the east near airport boulevard across northbound 25 near hampden. gary. >> thank you much. coming up on channel 20, november is going to be here before we know it. we're going to have the latest for the race for the white house. it's a tough job but somebody needs to do it. there's a shortage of referees for soccer game and it's tak and a wild fire burning in larimer county. but firefighters say they have a handle on it and mother nature could help out more or make it worse depending on what happens up there this afternoon. marty has more on that. not specifically, but we're going to see thunderstorms around the area coming up late in the day today. moderate to heavy rain possible here for the front range and eastern plains. looking ahead through the
7:58 am
then a few moderate storms here for the metro area getting progressively stronger and stronger going to the north and east. we could see a severe storm or two around here. you get a higher and higher probability the further north and east you go with 70s and 80s around here, 80s and 90s down south. 81 today. a late day storm storm is possie y -- storm possible. it's a foggy start and afternoon before a really fine looking day on thursday for the
7:59 am
8:00 am
? it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, faith, love, and loss. ? opening the window ? >> we go inside the motional journey of country stars joey and laurie joey's life and death struggle with cancer and the birth of their daughter as lori joins us live in studio 1-a to share their story with the world. ? plus, grandma's wish granted. hoda helps one deserving woman check off her bucket list. >> all right, mark.
8:01 am
>> with a surprise spin in a monster truck taking her on a ride she'll never forget. and roasting rob lowe. >> you tried to take the air out of my retirement announcement so fast you can probably get a job as tom brady's ball boy. the best moments from the hilarious event and wlat actor is now saying about being the butt of all those jokes. today, tuesday, september 6th, 2016. ? >> hello from minnesota! >> we're from alabama slam go eagles! >> good morning, texas! hook'em horns! >> i'm feeling 22!
8:02 am
? >> good to have you here. >> you have a great story this morning. >> so all this weee' something off their bucket list. so we're surprising people. we had this mom today. you're going to love her story. we'll talk to her in just a second. the reaction is awesome. i can't wait to see. this. >> also, day two of breaking to day. and with help from our friends at begin he is world records this guy is about to attempt the fastest escape from a straitjacket in suspension with chains.
8:03 am
laying around just in case. >> we always have one. >> it comes in handy. >> all right. we'll watch that happen live. first on this tuesday morning, it's time forpt news at 8:00. >> we begin with the race for the white house. hillary clinton heads to battleground florida later today. our latest nbc news survey shows clinton holding on this her lead. she's up six points nationally over trump. she is still facing tough questions about her e-mails and thent all of that giving trump an ong to pounce. >> hillary clinton trying to turn the page on the issues still dogging her campaign. barnstorming in ohio and illinois monday. >> we're going to run a campaign of issues not insults. >> and eanswering tough questios on her new press plane. andrea mitchell asking why she told the fbi she couldn't remember details about how information is classified.
8:04 am
certain meetings, whether or not they had occurred doesn't in any way affect the commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified material. >> reporter: clinton's health also making headlines. after this coughing fit monday which she made light of. >> every time i think about trump, git allergic. >> reporter: clinton telling reporters it is just seasonal conspiracy theories about her health. >> i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theories. there are so many of them i lost track of them. so i pay no attention to them. >> reporter: a sign of the escalating race clinton's plane and donald trump's on a cleveland tarmac at the same time monday. although trump isn't traveling with his reporters permanently onboard, he did answer some questions trying to clarify his immigration policy. >> to become a citizen, you're going to have to go out and come
8:05 am
clinton of not looking presidential. >> she looks presidential. >> reporter: clinton's running mate attacked. >> here's my prediction. tend of the second term of hillary clinton, donald trump will still be saying that very same thing as he's hawking bottled water somewhere. >> reporter: clinton yesterday also accused russia of meddling in the u.s. election and today she is hitting trump on foreign policy. her campaign new ad highlighting some of the trorvegstial comments that donald trump has made about veterans. trump answering announcing will 88 retired generals and admirals are now support him. this ahead of the nbc news commander in chief meeting later tonight. >> all right. thank you very much. president obama pledged $90 million to help clear away
8:06 am
unexploded bombs in laos. they dumped two million bombs on laos in vietnam. they still kill or maim people every year. the president didn't apologize but the u.s. has a moral obligation to help heal lasting wounds of that war. he's in laos to strengthen u.s. diplomatic ties. >> the president appeared to drop a proposal this would have ruled out any first strikes about it united states. according to the "new york times," this question of option came up repeatedly this summer. the president does want to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in the u.s. strategy. but defense and state department officials argue that such a move could signal a lack of resolve by the u.s. at a time when russia and china are more greasive. >> i want to tell you about a bizarre story in california where a former san francisco 49ers player was arrest ford attacking two men at a hotel after he apparently entered the wrong room. surveillance cameras captured
8:07 am
you can see bruce miller stumbling down a walk way with a bloodied face. police say miller tried to enter the wrong room at a marriott hotel and got into an altercation with a 70-year-old man and his son. both of those men were taken to a local hospital with officials saying the elder man suffered broken bones. police say miller then ran off to a motel across the street. miller faces several fell on i didn't remember charges and was released by the 49ers on monday. up ball boy can be a difficult and painful job. >> i wonder thu one ends. >> plus, a grand encore. how barbara streisand added more history to that legendary career. >> of course she did. and their wish is my command. how we're turning bucket list dreams into reality for some
8:08 am
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8:11 am
we're back. it's 8:11. "trending" time people. nothing like "trending" party. what is one of the most irritating things about shopping? i know you like to shop. >> waiting around. if you're sitting there forever. >> when someone else is >> nothing to do. >> a new study that shows that men spend on average per year the equivalent of three weeks of their lives waiting for their wives or girlfriends to shop. sorry. my facts were wrong. three weeks of their lives waiting. >> i was going to say a year. >> three weeks of their lives
8:12 am
waiting 20 minutes. 40 minutes a month. >> they spent two weeks answering the question does this make my butt look bad. >> i don't mind shopping with someone if they don't mind i can go outside when i'm bored. i'll be right here. >> they could put a small bar kiosk. >> i don't like to shop with anyone. definitely not my husband. >> worst part of shopping for me is we would drive into the parking lot and our parents would see a spot and they would make us stand there with three kids holding the spot. >> when i got my driver's license, my dad said you're taking your mother shopping. you want the car. here you go. you take her shopping. >> it all makes sense now. >> it's been a tough couple days for ball boys in professional sports. let's start with the u.s. open. sometimes on "trending" the video really needs no explanation. just watch. firing off a serve where no
8:13 am
the ball speed 123 miles per hour. insert joke here, matt lauer. >> need this job. >> knock the wind out of you moment. things weren't better for the oakland a's ball boy. the team relies on him to catch foul balls because there's no wall to protect players in the great dive. hits the wall and then ricocheting off the back of pitcher chris smith's head. he did not look happy. threw the towel down. >> you have to make that play, kid. come on. >> a for effort. >> get a better jump on the ball. >> what park still has pitcher sitting out there? >> a lot of them do.
8:14 am
start." >> is oprah ready to marry her partner of 30 years? they say oprah is in the middle of planning a dream wedding complete with a vera wang dress and a $4 million honeymoon. someone forgot to share those details with oprah. six people who know we well have called today congratulating me or surprised they weren't it's not true. the great barbra streisand, just scored her 11th number one album. it's called "encore." singing with celebrities like jamie fox and melissa mccarthy. she's tied for third for the artist with the number one albums. pretty amazing. and rob lowe, probably waking up
8:15 am
last night he became the next celebrity to be roasted. these are only two we can show you on morning tv. >> it's not easy being rob. he said being so handsome made it difficult for him to find meaningful roles. i wanted to ask brad pitt about that but he was so busy acting in meaningful roles. >> the only thing you're i is surprising because you've never mastered one character let alone 140. >> "snl" released a compilation of best sketches. the pope insists on always being in a soundproof glass box. >> there you go. that's your "pop start."
8:16 am
facebook page. you see outside the window folks with umbrellas and actually some remnants, some rain, from hermine, making its way. you can see it spinning around. hermine will not get out of here. been talking about it for 20 days. 65-mile-per-hour winds. it eventual ly heads out to sea but not before causing problems in beach erosion. we also have strong storms great lakes. we've got a risk of strong storms from green bay to des moines with a risk of isolated tornado and heavy rain from missouri all of the way stretching up into parts of wisconsin and also minnesota as
8:17 am
>> heading out the door, check us out on "today" show radio. as we all know, people. >> loves to do this. we saw her skills on full display last fall as part of make your "today" story. we commissioned her to give us another series. this week she's bringing us hoda's bucket list granted. what is this about? >> love this one. everyone has things they're dying to do in their lives and for most people those dreams would be impossible to achieve so we thought why not pull some "today" show strings and help a
8:18 am
all were nominated by their loved ones and none had a clue it was coming. >> she's going to see hoda first and then us? >> sisters, erin, kelly and meredith, hatched an elaborate skin involving shards of broken glass to witness mom do this. >> my god. first, a little back >> my mom just gives and gives and gives and asking for nothing in return. >> she has an amazing heart. she loves people. she loves to help. >> it would be so nice for her to have something just for her. >> my mom is this funny, proper grandmother but yet she has this thing with monster trucks. even when she sees someone with a jacked up truck on the road, that would be so fun to drive. >> only thing she's done close
8:19 am
and pushed dirt around but she loved it. >> to grant this bucket list wish and get grandma behind the wheel, we enlist mark hall, driver of the 5 ton boeheimith. >> go ahead. this is your spot. i'm going to be over here. so you'll be able to see me. your mom is g to process. when she sees a monster truck and realizes that hoda is there for her, she's going to freak out. >> you are very, very handsome. >> cheryl thinks she's coming to the fairgrounds to visit the horses. after a few moments, they notice our set. cheryl doesn't want to interrupt
8:20 am
cheryl. how are you? >> fine. >> hi, mommy. >> you're here. >> all of your girls got together and they told us what an amazing person you are. so we have a plan for you today. >> i will ask questions later. >> we do have surprises in store. >> en route, i chat with cheryl about her amazing family >> she has no idea they are all waiting steps away. >> why are you crying, nana? >> because you cry when you're happy. >> remember cheryl is oblivious to what's coming next. >> you have a lot of things on
8:21 am
>> oh my god. >> that is your monster truck. >> i love them. i think it's the noise. i think it's just that they are so huge and ridiculous looking. my favorites right now are the raminator. >> should we go for a spin? >> we ou >> this is your bucket list. there's your ride. >> park. you have reverse. neutral. >> how do you start it? >> what is happening?
8:22 am
>> nice job. >> do you want me to do some wheelies? >> how did that feel? >> wow. >> are you ready for more? >> she's ready for more. >> this is your test drive. here we go. go slow and crunch those cars. yes. yes. >> you knocked them around. >> where is all your family? where did they go? >> it is your next target. you are going to ride over and demolish those cars. >> my god. >> don't worry, cheryl is riding shotgun on this one. >> start your engines. >> here we go.
8:23 am
i can't look. i think i would like to do 10 or 12 more cars. >> i just want her to know that we remember everything she says and everything she does for us. >> and how loved she is by every single person in this family. >> i hope that this makes her day or week or year. >> grandma crushed it >> like an astronaut coming home from the moon. >> what i learned from cheryl is that it's not just about crossing something off a list. it's about who's there beside you when you do it. >> love that family so much. you guys, you don't want to miss tomorrow. we catch up with a team and cast of hundreds and give one viewer
8:24 am
>> can we go back to the raminator for a second. were those her family cars? >> they were junkers. >> her grandsons little cars she ran over? >> we brought those with us. >> let's just crush some cars. >> go big, baby. >> thank you. coming up, blink and you're going to miss this. this guy is going to try to break his own record for the fastest straitjacket escape while suspended in chains.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, i'm cheryl and here's what's happening on 9news 8 tl a.m. 60 something days left for the presidential campaign. clinton has a lead in the swing
8:27 am
close that gap with $400,000 spent in campaign ads. a former sheriff in court for charges. prosecutors said he committed them while serving the county. he's not the only one facing a judge. two of his former colleagues are expected in court as well. we'll follow this for you through the day. white water rapid season isn't until may when the snow melts, but a company is working on the park. two cities would are against the new parks. let's check that weather and traffic now with amelia and marty. good morning. >> good morning. >> good mornig , cheryl. i-25 closed down at 104th. a fatal crash occurred. the backups are intense. crews on scene and while we look at the delays here in the immediate area, we're seeing additional problems as well. we have a northbound problem -- a crash on the shoulder at hampden. 32 minutes
8:28 am
the alternates to get around this investigation are running very tight. here out of washington are backed up leading into the north denver communities. i would say e-470, highway 85 or 76 or 36, but if you look to the left of your screen, 36 is backed up as folks try to find a way around it. marty. >> there's a lot of traffic to move. clouds mid-day clearing, thunderstorms this afternoon. really more into the evening. after 4:00, we'll have thunderstorms over the area, stretching out to the eastern plains. moderate rain to heavy rain the front range getting progressively more consist at that point and stronger over the eastern plains. so it's going to be a bumpy afternoon for a lot of us today. 70s and 80s around here. hotter down south with a risk for severe storms. wind and hail possible in some of our storms late in the day. clouds hanging in tonight. clear tomorrow afternoon.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now 8:30 on this tuesday morning. it's the 6th day of september. i'll hold that for you. you shouldn't have to hold that. carson, sneak in here. al, you're out of extending holiday weekend. >> i would imagine. >> nice to have you with us. >> one of the nice folks asked me how old charlie was. i don't exactly know. he's ten weeks old for those who might be curious. >> gained seven pounds since he joined us. >> don't try this at home. illusionist lucas wilson will attempt to break his own
8:31 am
escaping from a straitjacket while dangling from chains. >> our pal elizabeth is in the kitchen with a one skillet dinner that will become your family favorite. >> that's cornbread crust. that looks really good. >> i saw sausage. we look forward to that. just ahead, a story that has touched so many people. we'll talk to country singer rory feek about how he's honho honoring his wife joey six months after he lost her to from this guy right here. >> let's show you what we've got going on. so we're talking about hermine. starts off day one august 1st faced dry air. didn't think it would do much. we'll take a look by day seven interacting with the leeward islands. hanging tough. we move to august 28th, day 11. becomes tropical depression number 9. it keeps going into the gulf and begins hermine on day 14 and
8:32 am
florida on day 16. september 2nd. and here we go. making its way out into the atlantic and now it's september 6th, day 20, and we can't get rid of this thing. that's why it's windy and wet here in the northeast. real brisk breeze blowing. that's what's going on around >> will this wind be a problem
8:33 am
difficult. >> good luck. guys, back to you. >> al, thank you so much. back in march 40-year-old country singer joey feek lost her long battle with cancer. her husband, rory, chronicled their emotional journey and he's sharing it with the world. we'll talk to him in just a moment. first, how his wife's story captured the hearts of millions. >> i'm sure mighty excited about everything. >> yes, i am too. >> grammy nominated country rory and joey feek were at peak of their career in 2014 when they decided to take a break. they were expecting their first child and wanted to live a simpler life on their tennessee farm. soon their daughter, indiana, was born. but just a few months later the couple learned joey had cancer and that their newborn baby girl had down syndrome.
8:34 am
the baby that he wanted us to have. >> rory documented their journey on film and through his heartfelt blog, this life i live. >> i got my pumpkin carved. >> he initially thought their story would be about life in the country or maybe about raising their daughter or even miss hispaniola wife's cancer. but as their lives unfolded over a two-year span, it would soon turn into a story of their love, faith and hope. joey feek passed away from cervical cancer on march 4th but rory is committed to having her spirit live on in his new documentary, to joey with love. >> so good to see you. >> good morning, savannah. thank you for having me. >> it hasn't been that long. i don't know how you did this. >> six months and two days. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well.
8:35 am
person. as we've tried to document, you know, in some ways she's still here. >> it's such a love story. i mean, i think there's love in every single frame. was it hard to go through this process of looking through that video or did you find kind of walking through those memories to be ket march, we came home to the farm and i couldn't remember my wife healthy until i started going through the footage and then i saw her come back to life, and i was able in making the film to watch her life happen in realtime again. it was amazing. >> it's a story of hope and above all things a story of love and faith. i know there are people who will hear this for the first time and
8:36 am
that faith? how do you do it? how did you hold on? how do you still have your faith? >> joey and i had a childlike faith. we don't even really understand how it works. we just put our faith in god and somehow he makes it okay even when it's not okay. >> tell me about indiana. you call her indy, right? a little cutie. just turned two. >> 2 1/2. she's doing amazing. she's in a school back in just learning more and more every day. she's so happy. she's a blessing also. not only for joey while joey was here but also for me now that joey is not. >> she's got that sparkle just like her mom. when i look at this footage, what's also so beautiful is that place. that farm. just you can see why you fell in love with it and why you guys wanted to make this happy home there. what's it like being there now? is that something where you feel
8:37 am
it a comfort? >> it's mostly a comfort. we have a cemetery about a hundred yards behind the farm where the people who built our farmhouse in the 1870s are buried and where we laid my wife to rest. we can look out the back porch and feel her there and she's not far away to watch life happen. it's pretty special to be there. >> i know all of the stories we've covered on the "today" show, this one with people. especially our online viewers. just really connected and followed your story and blog and care so much about you. have you thought about why is that? why people are responding to this story? >> i don't really know. i think that maybe like me, they rarely get to see a beautiful love story. even if it's tragic.
8:38 am
tragedy. they get to see it because we've shared it. i'm in awe of it. i can see why it would matter to them. >> it's an extraordinary documentary. you're very generous to open your heart and lives to everybody. you have a book coming out based on the blog next spring. >> valentine's day called "this life i live." >> thank you so much. give a big for us. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. we should mention to joey with love opens in select cities on september 20th. we're back in a moment.
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> all it's day two of break it to day. we're teaming up with guinness
8:41 am
to mark the release of the guinness world records book. we saw gymnast raymond butler reclaim his title for the fartherest back flip into a pair of pants. today, it's a guy bound and determined to break his own record. take a look. ? meet the escape artist. illusionist lucas situation. he holds three world records titles for the fastest escape from a straitjacket. he's done it mid air hanging upside down while wrapped in chains. and most recently even freed himself while submerged under water. today lucas will try to outdo himself beating his own record for the fastest escape from a straitjacket in suspension and chains. his time to beat, 10.6 seconds.
8:42 am
savannah let lucas borrow her straitjacket. he is already rigged up in the jacket. and he's getting ready to get started under the watchful eye of the official beguinness worl record officially. how you are doing? >> i'm doing fine. >> you started magic at a young age. how did it end up here? >> we stand on the shoulders of the giants before us. houdini was known for getting it hanging upside down in a straitjacket and chains. i decided to break a guinness world record at the same time. >> it is difficult? it is dangerous? it is both? >> it's a little bit of everything. it's very, very difficult. over a year and a half of rehearsing to be able to break the record for the very first time. and it's dangerous. you have chains wrapped around you. injure upside down and all tied up. >> you ever hurt yourself doing this? dislocated stuff? >> actually, i'm just recovering from a black eye earlier last
8:43 am
flew and hit me in the eye and had bate of a black eye for the week. >> getting out of there just standing there would impress us y do it upside down? >> the exciting part. it's that iconic image of houdini hanging upside down. you have to do it like. that. >> you are nervous? >> i'm feeling good. >> you look g let's mention, rob is trying to break his own record. >> that's correct clchlt is what? >> 10.6 seconds. >> 10.6 seconds he has to break. completely out of the chains and jacket. that's where kelly comes into the picture. this is going to take just a few seconds. rob, come on over here. we also want to mention that even if he does not make it today because it drizzled a little bit that, makes it harder, he still holds the record. >> he is the current record holder of this title. >> all right, guys. >> competing with himself. this will be available for you matt afterwards if you want to hang out upside down after the show. >> look at the flags. they're blowing pretty good.
8:44 am
good 10, 15 mile per hour breeze going. >> all right. >> thankfully it stopped raining. >> lucas, you feeling all right? >> i feel great. >> you tell whuus when we can p you up. all right. let's take him up. here we go. i thought that was going to let go. >> i did, too. >> this is when the blood begins to rush to his head. has to make it more difficult. >> wow. >> rob, are you going to clock and countdown? how do you want to do this? three seconds? >> lucas, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> three, two, one. go. >> oh, my gosh. >> he has the strap. there what he is doing? oh -- >> wow. >> so the record to beat was 10.6. >> yeah?
8:45 am
>> lucas, a half second. a half second. can we let lucas down? >> he is still the world record holder. >> there is other news. lucas also submit aid claim to have the most straitjacket escapes in a one hour period. rob, how did that work? did he that a little earlier. >> he did. he submitted that to us back in guinness world records. the record to beat was 54 and today i can confirm that he completed 98 escapes from a straitjacket in one hour. so that is a new guinness world record title. >> lucas, congratulations. >> thank you very much. well done. >> thank you. really well done. thank you. thank you. >> how you feeling? >> unbelievable. unbelievable. so happy.
8:46 am
lucas, well done. >> thank you so much. >> rob, thanks very much. what is the crane guy's name? charlie. >> charlie! >> way to go, charlie! >> what is the crane's name? all right. up next, a recipe for a one skillet dish that won't need a lot of your time to prepare.
8:47 am
8:48 am
this morning on "today food," your new family favorite with summer over and busy summer schedules, you need to get dinner on the table fast. elizabeth is here with a creative and simple solution you might want to try this one tonight. elizabeth, good to see you. >> you're going to try it today. >> i can hear parents at home applauding this. one skillet. start to finish not very long.
8:49 am
activities after school. >> it really has everything. it has vegetables. it has protein. we're doing it with sausage. you can pick any sausage you like. i like a mixture of hot and spicy. spicy and sweet. >> let's look at the ingredient table. we have cheese over there. >> parmesan because everything tastes better with parmesan. a cornbread topping that's the basics of the top and i put kale in it. i don't think your kids are going to -- >> you can use different kind of sausage? >> you can use turkey. you can use chicken. you can probably even use tofu. we are using pork sausage today. you put a little bit of olive oil in a skillet. you're just going to brown the sausage. you want to cook them through because there's not that much time in the oven. you take them out and all you have to do is slice them. everything is bite size.
8:50 am
fork. you should have no other utensil needed. once you take all of the sausages out and slice them, why don't you add the onion and garlic so it's onion and garlic and saute those. you just want them to be sauced. not brown. for kale i'll derib the kale. you take out the rib because it really is the stalky portion and you don't want it. and then you just chop that up. no real again, this is just meant to be very basic and easy. you then once the onions are softened, you'll add the kale. that just takes about two minutes or something not even. you'll move that around. then you'll season it with a bit of salt. >> let me interrupt. we have people downstairs. they are now doing the taste test. >> unbelievable. >> there are no words. >> i love you. >> everything you need.
8:51 am
>> you said there are no words. she took it as a compliment. >> we understand each other. she knows. >> it has all of the good foods in it. i add sausages back in. heat that up. we'll cut that because we'll go through magic of television. we'll make cornbread top. you take milk. put it into an eg you can add that parmesan
8:52 am
put it on there. >> that's mixed. it's fine. we're good. we'll put that on top. you're just going to spread it over. again, don't -- this isn't fussy food. just get it done. >> anything better than cornbread taste right next to sausage. >> i think a beer would be good with this. >> cornbread meal in a bread bowl. >> beyond >> home run. >> i've been on the show so many many times and i don't know if you're going to like it. >> savannah just beat the world record for eating the fastest meal on a show. >> let's wish elizabeth a happy birthday. >> for this recipe and more head to we're back in a moment.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> that was so good. >> that is stick to your ribs. >> it really is. love it. >> should we do birthdays? >> you betcha. put smucker's jam on that. that would be fantastic. first up, a happy 102nd birthday to anthony. this world traveler from north
8:55 am
longevity is a glass of redin every night. and mr. j.p. garcia of albuquerque, new mexico, is 101 years old. we thank him for his service. world war ii vet. he takes pride in his country and his family. happy 101st birthday to sarah from boston, massachusetts. she loves to bake. we would love to try them. and 100 years i love this. goldy. goldie celebrating 100 years old. a first and second grade teacher until she was 85. happy 100th birthday to marshall brooks.
8:56 am
let us know what makes them great. be sure to include a picture of you and your teacher together if you have one. mrs. fryer and sister emmanuel were mine.
8:57 am
good morning, i'm corey rose. a former sheriff is expected to return to court. former -- terry maketa is charged with crimes. the prosecutors said he was -- that includes extortion and misconduct and kidnapping. he and two of his former colleagues will face a judge before we get to marty, 104th opened up. a terrible accident that has been closed and it has opened up. we wanted to pass that along. >> a couple of lanes. people will be able to scoot by there around here - around that accident. for us, cloudy skies.
8:58 am
and to the east of us with severe weather, a possibility for all of us today. 70s and 80s here. ch warmer down south. the front has stalled hill. for us, late day storms and more than the evening. early in the afternoon, we hit 81 degrees. tomorrow morning, foggy start and it will look like today, but it ends up clearing up and being a gorgeous day with temperatures in the upper broncos home opener, nfl season opener, thursday night, kickoff temperature about 77, 78 degrees. warm day there. cooler on friday. and then a really nice weekend coming up here. it's going to be an active afternoon. kathy will check those storms through the day. >> marty, thank you.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's bash." bee'cirda th qenurns 35 aut who's who list of a-list friends and i'll look at what happens below deck on one of the hottest shows and curtis stone with a all that and more coming up now. >>nnouncer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, september 6th, 2016. t tamron and i are here as we were sterday. al enjoying the day off as you should, sir. >> very nice. with the family.
9:01 am
>> we had friends and family up and about ten people and you spend a lot of time cooking but it's fun. my daughter courtney w?u?m helping. she whipped up some -- >> not really a labor day for her. she's home with the family. >> she was labor. >> look at what al cooked. >> for breakfast we had cinnamon rolls and bacon and chicken apple sausage and for sda sausage and scrambled eggs and did some berries and then for dinner we did grilled corn. courtney made potato salad and chicken. i made butterfly grilled leg of lamb. >> where would you go in first? >> bacon. >> can we put it back up, please. we want to map out. i would go -- that corn? butterfly lamb.
9:02 am
toast sandwich. >> we both had a reaction when he said chicken apple sausage. >> it's a snack. >> i can taste it almost. >> this is the way al loves. >> it's what we do. >> deborah in the beginning -- >> that's how i keep my children. >> who does dishes now? my wife kicked me off the grill. she won't even let me go out. i i do dishes. >> everybody else does the dishes. i do some cleaning as i go. >> you clean as you go? >> yeah. >> that's professional. >> so you and people we said before, you go home most days and you prepare a meal for your family. >> yep. >> that's impressive. >> that's the way he loves. we all love differently. >> i go through sports and activities and we're going to hike and sweat together.
9:03 am
i have a teenage boy. he's a machine. he's a machine. >> he ate how many roker burgers that day? >> he ate two. we were out on our friend's boat. >> on a pontoon boat. >> it's a living room on a float. it's fantastic. it's the best. >> you can't really water ski. >> some of the new ones you can water ski. people are tubing on we missed you yesterday. >> you know who would love being on a party boat like that, beyonce. that's how she should have celebrated. >> with you and nick. >> i can see jay-z driving that boat. yeah. >> they are more yacht people. >> jay-z hasn't lived until he got on a pontoon boat. >> if you are part of the bee hive or know anybody in the bee hive, gather around.
9:04 am
she had to postpone tomorrow's concert in new jersey at metlife stadium. that's now pushed a month to october 7th. it didn't stop last night. bee celebrating the 35th birthday with a soul train party. do you have to cancel the birthday party? >> no. >> at the risk of upsetting the hive it's a question and not an opinion. those that paid dearly. >> this is jay-z as jimi hendrix. that's beyonce. that's the soul train line at their birthday party. alicia keys was there. her husband. chance, the rapper. puffy was there. look at puffy. >> that's randy watson.
9:05 am
look at the feathers. >> that's usher in the background with jay-z. >> you know what? this is too big. a hashtag begins, how to confuse a millennial. >> it's trending. >> it's ugly. the older generation gets it started. millennials got a few shots in as well. the oldies come out w pay them cash instead of exposure #how to confuse a millennial. >> oldies kept piling on.
9:06 am
show them a first place trophy. >> newbies come back here. down but not out. come help me get set up on this thing so i can post about how bad your generation is. how to confuse -- >> that's a little weak. i think it's weak. we're already on. we're already slamming you. so we don't really need your help. >> we're generation >> he's the sensible of the three of us. millennials brought the real heat. how to confuse a millennial, destroy the environment, destroy the economy, destroy the housing market and then call millennials lazy. >> i'll give you two points for. >> all right. chase crawford who tweeted, i'm already confused. i didn't know this many old
9:07 am
so the round goes to the newbies. >> they win it. >> they grew up with this. it's really -- it's not that big of a deal. >> 2008 is when twitter really took off. that's the big year. we were all -- >> i just think it's fantastic that everybody got restless over the weekend and we had generational wars. >> mel gibson is not on twitter and he shouldn't be. coming up, can we call it a the newest project from mel. a standing ovation at the venice film festival. is
9:08 am
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9:11 am
>> back now with more of "today's take." is mel gibson out of the penalty box after a ten-year stint? his new film "hack saw ridge" debuted in venice over the weekend. critics loved it. interesting. we go back to 2006. he was arrested for drunk driving on the pacific coast highway which launched him into an anti-semitic tirade to the that was very bad. and but now it seems that maybe he's out. ten-minute standing ovation for mel. does talent always -- >> the question is though can you separate the art from the director? nate parker is going through this with "birth of a nation" and it's controversy. it may not be that people are ready to let him out of the penalty box. >> we don't know if he did or didn't. with mel we know. >> he was acquitted and it's
9:12 am
the way he handled it after the fact. >> gabrielle union wrote -- she's a victim of rape. >> whether it's woody allen, the list goes on and on, can you separate the artistry from the artist? that may be what people are saying with mel gibson. i don't know. what do you think? >> look, i think we don't know what's in his heart. only he does. >> we heard it on the tape. that's to say people can't change? i think people can. people can ask for forgiveness and try to make themselves
9:13 am
anti-semitic tirade was so bad. i think also it's speculated -- i don't know if it's confirmed, that mel suffered from bipolar and mental illness. was he in his right mind when he was doing this? i don't know. i think that's -- because we take into account in so many other areas where people have offended. >> did he ever say that was the reason that he went on the tirade? did he did he -- i'll be honest with you, i remember following the story. i remember hearing the tape, the reaction. people shutting down on him. i don't know. paula deen. she came on the show and she begged for forgiveness. i remember that. her career suffered greatly. not as long but -- i think it also boils down to and maybe all
9:14 am
it's how you go back out publicly and ask your fans and those to forgive you. paula deen tried it. she goes on cruises. did michael do that? >> i think he's so broken and gone. i asked jerry about it a couple times. i said is it okay? is the landscape okay? is it right for him to come back yet. he said i think so. i don't think he wants to. >> the movie is reviews. i read a critic who said he's hearing concerning reports that it's very good. >> he's concerned oh no. >> i have to say the film is good. it is mel gibson. someone better than good is great. serena williams making history. she won her match at the u.s. open last night.
9:15 am
it gives her 308 match win in grand slam events surpassing roger federer. i saw a billboard in new york, we were trying to grab a picture. it said greatest female athlete and then it crossed out female and says greatest athlete. it gave me a goosebump moment there. >> she's definitely in the conversation. >> what's going on with hermine? is it going to leave at some point? >> eventually. by thursday it will be gone. talking about this -- >> it's confused. >> we've been talking about this for 20 days. there's no steering currents. we've had showers in new york city. breezy. 65-mile-per-hour winds. you can see that it hooks a little u-turn and thursday it is still there. we have minor coastal flooding at high tides from norfolk to
9:16 am
minor to moderate flooding for high tides and we've got newton. hurricane newton. >> that's my mom and dad's last name. >> 90-mile-per-hour winds moving north-northwest at 17. here's the interesting thing. it's going to bring moisture up into the southwest bringing a flooding threat. it may actually hold together as a tropical system. it would be only the fourth time a tropical system has been within 50 miles of last one was tropical storm lester in 1992. we've got flash flood watches for arizona, new mexico, on into texas for three to five inches of rain in some areas. >> take a left and go to southern california. >> it's not going to happen.
9:17 am
>> that is your latest weather. >> i'm hungry. curtis stone is here. you can smell the fo >> that's curtis. >> you have that reaction with curtis. smells like that. fantastic. labor day is behind us. are you ready to fall forward? we'll get you ready for the new season with some festive food and decor hacks after these messages. sara, could you come in here. yep, coming. oh wow, what kind of underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. [gasp] what are those? guys... they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom.
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9:22 am
cute little toilet paper pumpkins. start off with a piece of toilet paper. on a dinner napkin. tuck it right in. super simple. >> where do i display this in my home? >> you can probably put if in the bathroom maybe or guest room. you can use it afterwards. a cute way to hide it. >> this is where you put your spare rolls. >> now it makes sense. i did not know where i w going to put the toiletap put it in your bathroom. you put the roll under and people can't find it. >> it's done and done. >> okay. i love fresh pine cones. >> gather them in your backyard. spray paint them. use rose gold which is on trend. a little pop and glitter. put them in a big bowl. use a nice hurricane and candle.
9:23 am
safe. >> that's good. >> for your party. you're not a veggie person. you always have to have a veggie plate at the party. hollow out the squash. put dip in there. go for it. >> and this is adorable. >> this is my favorite. these are kissing balls. >> they're what? >> called kissing balls. >> it's like a wedding tradition. you can use them all year you start off with a plain styrofoam ball. wrap string around it. stick the flowers in. >> do you put them over somebody's head? >> if you do a buffet party you can hang them over the table. originally like mistletoe, that was the original hanging kissing ball. >> okay. that's cute. >> i think you need silk flowers
9:24 am
strong. you can do this all year long. >> you can hang it over your front door. >> yes. >> cute. >> all right. learn something new every day on this show. kissing balls. never heard of that. coming up, billy goes below deck to get a peek at one of tv's hottest shows. it's not smooth sailing for the rich and famous high s adventure and billy coming up.
9:25 am
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9:30 am
imagine this. a stunning megayacht. five-star food. staff catering to your every need. >> he got a chance to taste the good life. >> trust this. bravo's hit reality service follows a young crew, millennials, working aboard a luxury yacht. it's not the actual boat used on "below deck." found out it's not always smooth sailing. the reality show that hits the high seas. it follows eight crew members working together aboard a luxury mega yacht.
9:31 am
for these yachties. there's boat loads of drama onboard so i suited up to work for the day with the sea captain at the helm. >> good to see you, sir. >> i might have come off a little strong with the captain. might i say one thing, you look very handsome today. very powerful. >> you're sucking up. billy needs to stop sucking up. you have a tremendous resemblance to kenny it's great. had a very awkward moment with emily who is very sweet. wow. >> we have towels here. we're doing swan fold. you're good at this. he was asking me a question. >> do you have any overserved guests? overserved. too much alcohol or something and they hit on you a little bit. what do you do about that?
9:32 am
i'm sorry. what were we talking about? emily, thank you for your help. that was very memorable. thank you very much. anything else? >> get the stainless out there. makes sure it's stain less. understood. >> what's up? what's up? >> sometimes you have to be on tpeople because if you don't they'll walk over us. >> i thought we would bro's. chest out with me. >> i'm senior deck hand. >> i think you made up that title. it's not really a title. you're splitting hairs. there's no such thing as a senior deck hand.
9:33 am
ben, i can be of help? >> how are you doing? >> anything you need. of course. we have guests arriving. >> is there a cocktail we can have. >> a bottle of wine in my bag. >> ben is a good time. >> it's unprofessional to be honest. >> cheers. >> it's for the guests but who cares. we're more important than them. we're doing a charlie brown. i don't know where billy acquired these knife skills. he must have worked in a what do we serve? cocktails for the ladies? >> that's massive drink. >> one very stiff cocktail. two very stiff cocktails. i think they'll be happy with that. the guests are lovely. ladies, enjoy. anything you need? >> i think maybe some plates and
9:34 am
where's the plate? cheese platter. >> what are these? >> the chef brought something that's been confused for boat fuel before. be careful. if i had to give myself a grade for opening day as deck hand, i would say a. >> billy's performance was adequate. i would give him a solid b. >> >> posted up on me. what's going on. you may have noticed cocktails we served guests were only filled halfway. it was revealed later when our producers went into the kitchen, look at this. we left the go pro running. there's the senior deck hand. >> those are drinks you actually
9:35 am
you've been on the show three weeks. once a week you have to show your chest. >> in popular demand. >> by who? who is asking? >> your twitter feed. >> not true. >> we thank b & b yacht charters. big shout out to captain brad. he's the real captain. he was working that afternoon. we came onboard and had fun. them drinking the drinks. >> by the way, you can catch the season premiere "below deck" at 9:00, 8:00 central at bravo. >> you're going to say bravo after you see what curtis stone whips up for us. if you have 20 minutes, we've got the meal for you on a busy school night right after these messages. before taking his team to state for the first time...
9:36 am
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9:39 am
through the un foundation. it's that easy to make a difference. ? walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. this morning on "today food," you give us 20 minutes, we'll give you the world. we're getting it together with curtis stone. his new restaurant opened this summer in l.a. so curtis, congratulations on >> thank you, mate. >> what are you making us? >> it's a pesto glazed chicken breast. i thought i would put you to work because i have old fashioned pesto here and then i'll race you. all you have to do is just crunch it up. you have garlic in there. we've got basil leaves of course. adding garlic. keep crushing away. pine nuts. a little chilly flake.
9:40 am
little salt. ?( put all that into your food processor. parmesan cheese. a good amount of extra virgin olive oil. you pour that in. come on now. work it. bump and grind. bend the knees a little. get into it. >> bump and grind, al. >> you don't want to see that. >> you can take the fast way or the slow way. i'm adding olive oil through the top of my it's a little messy. good thing about cooking that way is it gives you a workout which i like. once you made your pesto -- >> more rustic looking. >> no problem with chunks you have left in there. once you made your pesto and if you want to use store bought, you can. i have salt and pepper. good man. you want to hear it sizzle when you put this into your hot pan.
9:41 am
so we get a nice sear on our chicken breast. it will look like this in a couple minutes. >> could you use a boneless chicken thigh. >> delicious. make sure it's skinless. you're going to add pesto which gives you richness. you go ahead and cover that. it's so simple. you throw it in the oven. just cook chicken breast 375 for about maybe 15 minutes. and then we get to the spaghetti. i have spaghetti. olive oil in here. pine nuts. pasta water is good. dump that in, al. beautiful. so spaghetti goes in. and if you need to loose it up like i said, just a little more of that pasta water.
9:42 am
parsley. parmesan cheese is nice. and then you just sort of toss that together and you get this beautiful sort of consistency. it's really simple. >> kind of makes its own sauce in a way. >> it really does. if you want to roast cherry tomatoes, that would be nice. a little trick from a chef. you get a roasting fork and twist it like that. and then when you pick it twists and then you bring it over to your plate and you push it down. >> spaghetti mountain. >> you get a spaghetti twist. >> that's how you serve yourself. >> very good. that's it. >> looks terrific. >> thank you so much, my friend. always good to see you. for the recipe, head to
9:43 am
all right. let's see we've been cooking up a storm here. let's see what we're cooking up as far as your weather is concerned. it will heat up in the eastern half of the u.s. for today. look for strong storms up in the northern mississippi river valley. we've got a flood threat in the southwest. wet weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow that heat continues in the east. hot and humid through the gulf coast. we've got tropical rain through the southwest. some sprinkles in the pacific northwest. always good on ice cream. not so good if you're looking at strong storms through the upper midwest.
9:44 am
>> that is your latest weather. coming up next, golden globe nominated director teaming up with oprah. one of the most talked about new series "queen sugar" right after these messages. ? i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you. u can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet?
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it gets it all clean. they give me a very happy feeling bum. cleanripple texture is designed to clean better.
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she's been called a pioneer in film and champion for women in the entertainment industry. ava duvernay, best known for directing the powerful film "selma" picture academy award in 2015 and won for best original song. >> eva also produced a feature "middle of nowhere" at the sundance film festival. >> back with one of the most highly anticipated projects yet of the new drama, "queen sugar." take a look. >> how long have you been gone? you haven't been gone that long.
9:49 am
i've been trying to help. for some reason you've been blocking me at every turn. >> we don't honor our family by setting friends and family outside at fancy tables. we don't honor our father by having strangers serve those grieving. we serve comfort food to those who need comfort and we do it with our own hands. that's how a family does it. >> eva, i saw the screening last week. i told you it's one of the mo movie. film. tv. i don't care what category. you use the word luxurious. tell us why you put that word on this project. >> it takes a moment to kind of sink into the story. you have to allow yourself to do that. it requires a certain amount of patience to kind of sit there this day and age when everything is plot driven to actually say i'm going to relax into the
9:50 am
as it unfolds. that was really our intention to try to create television that allows to you slow down for a moment. >> when you have the support and you have had such great relationship with oprah and you have the support that you know you need, how is that for you as a director? >> i'm more confident. i have that safety net. i can try things on other networks i can't try. it's a network owned by an artist. an actress and stle she says tell the story you want to tell and let's present that. >> do you feel like you had expectations? you have family. you have family dealing with loss. and then you have socially conscious issues that you're bringing in there. handling all kinds of things at one time. was there a pressure to that or was there total free raeign? >> it felt like joy. every day i get to do this.
9:51 am
costumes, the music, we all got together with that cast and we just did it from a place of joy. it was fun. >> you talk about the cast, hottest cast on television. >> good looking cast. >> they are gorgeous. >> not tough to look at. you know, the actors and happen to be stunning. it worked out. >> amazing. >> people go through loss too. >> and it doesn't make them any less attractive. >> that's true. absolutely. >> you also directed an episode of "scandal." i guess powerful and great attract each other. >> that's kind.
9:52 am
now i want to story tell in that format. i directed an episode of "scandal." that was a couple years ago. this is a whole lot of fun. tv. >> we have to have those. >> you know what, how could i forget -- do we have the video of when i was your intern? are you ready to grade me my final grade. >> let's d that's me. i was directing. i know it doesn't look like that. >> looks like you're one step above getting coffee right now. >> i was intern on the set of "queen sugar" in new orleans. i worked hard. >> a little bossy. a little pushy. >> welcome to our world. >> something to work on.
9:53 am
>> by the way, you get a barbie. >> it's sold out. >> we love you. the project is tremendous. queen sugar tonight on own. >> only time you'll see it without commercials. >> i'll be live tweeting this. we're back in a moment.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> what's coming up? >> it's tradition. >> we have soul song united singing for us and bucket list grandma and curtis is here.
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