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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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wife. the coaches were the ones most badly hurt on the legacy high school football team, what we've been able to learn today. >> also a 100 7-year-old be in denver gets -- 100 7-year-old building in denver gets a facelift and a piece of history was found. >> if you thought it felt cooler outside today, just wait until this time tomorrow next on 9news. >> this is 9news. three legacy high school coaches are in the hospital tonight. they were injured when the bus they were riding near denver international airport sunday afternoon. the crash killed 43-year-old keri chopper when her bus went off the road and crashed into a pillar. she had worked with the adams 12 school district for four years of tonight police and her husband are looking for answers. >> i want to know what happened. it's hard for me to not know. >> more than a dozen legacy high school football players and coaches went to the hospital. we have team coverage on this
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anastasiya bolton talked to the bus driver's husband, but first we start with 9wants to know reporter whitney wild at legacy high school. >> reporter: all the students who went to the hospital have now gone home. adams 12 identified the coaches as matt kroupa, wayne viewer voorhees and kyle rider. there is still a long questions to answer. a crash at denver international airport killed an adams bus driver. only a few details are emerging. >> it seemed to be a normal trip up until they started to feel the bumps of going off road and shortly thereafter they felt the impact. >> reporter: sunday while leaving the bus mistakenly drove back to the terminal. the driver then slammed into a concrete pillar.
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straight line movement to that pillar. >> reporter: denver police say witnesses told them the driver was going between 30 and 40 miles per hour, too fast for the area. >> is 30 to 40 miles an hour appropriate for that section? no. >> reporter: denver police say no one saw anything that would have distracted her at the wheel. investigators routinely do toxicology reports in case like this, but those results won't come back for at least six weeks. now denver police are working with the school district and family to find out suffered any medical issue. the big problem in this investigation is that the key witness, the driver, died on scene. interviews with others on board haven't yielded much information. >> there are big mystery we are frankly in the process of attempting to answer and we may are not get all the answers we're looking for there. >> reporter: a physical and
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every other year. last note, she passed her most recent physical examination may 10th. denver police are looking into whether or not that bus had a mechanical malfunction. >> while police try to work to find out why this happened, joshua chopper, her husband, has the same question. >> joshua chopper said his wife was fit as a fiddle, issues, no medication. the man who just lost his wife said he wishes he was there at the hospital now with the coaches holding their hand telling them it will be okay. joshua chopper told me his wife has been driving for adams 12 four years and she just
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did pass her physical in may. chopper said his wife lived for her family and her four kids. >> mill worst fears and my worst everything -- my worst fears and my worst everything came true last night when i lost not only my partner, my best friend, my everything, my world. we lost a beautiful soul yesterday. i am very anxious to know what happened. i haven't slept yet. i keep going over every see what happened with my wife and i don't know and i want to know. >> reporter: 9wants to know examined five years of school bus crash data in colorado and pulled records for drivers at fault in injury,s. we found no records that chopper had been involved in any injury crash. we've requested additional records from the district and
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them. warm across colorado today with mostly clear skies. this time tomorrow, you might need to pull out that jacket. be consider -- considerably cooler tomorrow. >> it will be. temperatures this hour holding in the upper 60s and lower 70s. we'll be hard pressed to see these numbers for high temperatures tomorrow. the 24 hour temperature difference about 18 degrees. it was 18 degree have been a factor as well. there's a front dropping in, high-based gusty storm in the southern mountains, nothing severe as he was yet. there's still the chance for showers. in denver the sun coming out from behind the clouds and we do see showers maybe between now and 11:00.
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little bog overnight. coming up in our main weather segment we are going to talk about the rain threat in the next 24 hours and then the fall foliage influence, where and when to go as well. pickups seem to be the choice of vehicles for thieves. less than four hours after a man got tramping trip. assure -- camping trip. a surveillance camera on the side of the house recorded the crime. >> i locked it up and keys were in my pocket. there's no evidence of grown
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away. in a news conference the mayor talked about safety being a top priority. he hopes to spend $60 million to hire 48 new police officers. that would allow 16 of them to be assigned specifically to the 16th street mall and surrounding streets. the mayor's office $5 million will be allocated to affordable housing. he hopes the city council will consider his would budget in $10 million next year for affordable housing. hillary clinton was told to stay home today, prescribed antibiotics and ordered to rest by her doctors. she was diagnosed with that -- pneumonia, but did not make it public until afterwards.
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she'll share additional medical information later this week. >> we're going to be releasing that to hurt put to rest any lingering concerns about what yeah saw yesterday. i can attest that it really -- to put to rest any lingering concerns about what they saw yesterday. i today glenn sat down with next anchor kyle clark for a wide ranging interview on foreign policy, immigration and education. glenn wants to shift control and funding away from the federal government. >> my goal is to be able to free up that money that's being held at the federal level and get it down to the states where it's more properly managed. if this ends up eliminating the
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we want to keep all the funding that's currently allocated and get it down to the states. >> coming up glenn explains his faith. colorado springs is being transformed into a movie set our souls at night starting jane fonda and robert redford, began filming today. a historic district in colorado springs the crew will be shooting for about a week and a half and return in october. the movie will premier in netflix sometime in 2017. bad news, people are afraid
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if you have a samsung galaxy note 7 phone, samsung wants you to stop using it. more reports of fire have been coming in. turn it off and do not charge or use during flights. the product safety commission says owners should turn the device off and leave it off. sales stopped last month and customers were told to return them for a different device. after a year of renovations the mcnichol building in
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civic center park near colfax and bannock. the building belongs to the city. since it was built in the early 1900s it has served as a library, water department and treasury department. it's now home to the den arts and venue -- denver arts and venues which is in charge of the denver performing arts complex and red rocks. $5million cleared the way for renovations which started last will be more available to the disabled and new bathrooms and new event space and new freight elevators. the front entrance was restored which was the main entrance to the building at one time. crews discovered decorative ironworks during the construction process on a set
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visible. the building reopens september 15th and is available for public events. it is time to start thinking about those flu shots, but if you or your kids are like me, you don't like needles, this year won't be fun. doctors are urging flu shots for kids instead of the nasal mist this year. studies show mist it protected against the flu virus for three years now. >> as a doctor, my biggest concern is that kids don't get the shot because the parents want them to get the mist. children are one of the more vulnerable groups and they can have issues from the flu including all the way up to death of. so they're ones that need to be -- death. so they're the ones that need to be protected. >> doctors recommend the flu
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suicide prevention month. we have volunteers from rocky mountain national crisis have to answer your questions. the number to call 303-698- 0999. the lines are open until 5:30 tonight. to the first time in 26 seasons the colorado symphony will start its season with a budget surplus, $1.7 million casual in the bank. last year the symphony had 7,000 in cash. k about to go under. new management, a new board, new orchestra members get credit for the turnaround in addition to some budget helping changes including an expanded schedule and new venues for the orchestra including perform answers at red rocks. the season kicks off at september 16th. >> good for them. they put on quite the show. >> i have tickets for something next year even. it will be cold and rainy
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>> kathy is tracking a 40- degree drop in temperatures over the next couple days.
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. gusty and cool, but awfully nice for a monday. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the backyard where the sun is coming out from behind the clouds. we do have a partly sunny afternoon, still the chance of
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out. 74 degrees in denver today, 90s in southeastern colorado as a cool front marches in from the north. the average is 80. we'll be nowhere near that number tomorrow, temperatures tomorrow cooler than today. comfortable at the airport, wind northeast at 13 gusting pretty good around the area. that's what we have in the 9news backyard as well. 72 degrees downtown on the radar. we're tracking some fast moving thundershowers that are racing from the southern mountains where the beautil panorama and the cloud cover -- panorama and the cloud cover makes for a beautiful scene here. we have had snow as early asseptember 3rd and late as november 21st. these fast moving thundershowers are nonsevere moving southwest to the northeast, a trend continuing into the overnight hours. there's a better chance of rain tomorrow.
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coming in. a winter weather advisory west of rapid city and just to the south of the bismarck area, secondary surge of cool air moving in tomorrow. you'll wake up to cloud cover. we go partly sunny in the afternoon, scattered afternoon showers could turn heavier tomorrow night and tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. no, we won't be in the 50s, but we will be in the 60s here tomorrow, the heat pushing south beginning to build from the southwest, but we will stay cooler than average for the rest of this week. scattered light showers still a potentia between now and 9:00, a rumble of thunder in there, cloud deck firmly in place, even areas of patchy fog overnight. tomorrow we go partly sunny in the afternoon, but another wave coming through and that means some of those showers ll wi linger into the evening and could turn heavy tuesday night into wednesday morning. tonight lows in the 30s for the mountains, lows on the plains, a cool night coming up, highs tomorrow well below average for
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leadville with mid-50s in areas like nederland tomorrow, mid- 60s in grand lake. in the denver metro area tonight i know the sun is out, but there's still a chance for rain tonight. the wind will hang in there. we're partly sunny, cool at lunchtime, cloudy and rainy tomorrow afternoon, high 66. the numbers rebound, but we aren't entirely dry wednesday, cooler than average temperatures heading into the close to 80 degrees both saturday and sunday, beautiful week of weather coming up next week. so for now focus on the scenery which is just spectacular.
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stocks close solidly higher as traders hope the fed will hold off raising interest next week. gains come after a fed reserve official said she's not so eager to raise rates too soon, the dow up nearly 240 points on
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. now that he's had a few days to think about it broncos linebacker brandon marshall is confident he did the right thing. marshall made a peaceful protest of racial inequity and police brutality while the national anthem was played with the carolina panthers. since then he's been vilified by many americans and lost a couple endorsement deals but doesn't feel any sense of regret or any desire to lash back at his critics. >> i'm not here to spread hate or respond to the hate, you know. i'm here to spread love and positivity. i'm a likeable guy. you know, i was at once a fan favorite for a reason. know what i'm saying?
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cae me or say they wish i would break my neck all they want. there is no backlash for me. hate can't drive out hate. only love can drive out hate. >> marshall says he plans to take another knee before this sunday's game with the indianapolis colts and we're live. 9news broncos insider mike klis is at team headquarters. let's play klis and tell. the two men who run the team, mike, john elway and joe ellis, are both known to be >> i don't think too much. you have to be careful not to censor in something like this. even the league says it maybe encourages but it does not demand that people stand at attention, their players stand at attention during the national anthem. patrick smythe who is the broncos vice president of public relations has been
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about this. he's still going to kneel sunday. however, he is going to meet with the chief of denver police sometime this week. that's in the works. maybe something will come soon, but right now brandon marshall is going to kneel on sunday and joe ellis and john elway, even though they may not like it, they aren't going to get in the way. >> just one week into the season and the broncos defense is already being accused of playing dirty. is that fair? >> reporter: i i mean it was a hard hitting game on thursday, no doubt about it. i thought what made it look like it was especially hard hitting was that cam newton is a physical quarterback. i mean you have to up unload -- unload to bring that guy down. he did get hit in the helmet four times. i thought three were speed of the game. the one i thought really looked bad was brandon marshall looked
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penalized for that. i think that's going to perhaps draw the stiffest fine. >> klis and tell, thanks, mike. pop quiz, time for tonight's drew or false question. drew or false, indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck who is celebrating his 27th birthday has more passing yards at this age than any nfl quarterback in history. drew or false, luck who travels to denver this weekend is the most productive qb -- >> false >> by age 27 ever. >> it's got to be false. the correct answer is -- >> peyton manning have more than he does? >> -- false. luck already has 15,223 yards passing in his nfl career which is 5,395 fewer than peyton manning had by his 27th birthday. >> i know it! >> you got that one right. >> you taught me that. >> i'm sure when he got his
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saw denver this week and thought oh, happy birthday to me. >> he'll celebrate later maybe. >> all right. bundle up. it's going to get cold over the next couple days, right? >> cooler, not colder, you guys. 60s is not cold. >> it's been 90 degrees. >> people, we're coloradans. get it together. 66 is not a cold snap. >> suck it up.
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scare fall-out. after that jarring video of hillary clinton becoming ill, tonight her campaign under fire. why did it take two days to disclose she had pneumonia? aides now admitting mistake, promising more medical records are coming. is it a turning point after years of bloodshed in syria? stops the bombing. can it last? caught on camera, an arsonist torches a florida mosque. a congregation shaken in a hunt for who set the fire. fatal crash involving a high school football team, a frightening accident once again raising questions about seat belts. and the price you pay. imagine instead of


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