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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm MDT

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happened. i wanted to know what happened. it's hard for me to not know. i've always been right by her side. every step of our life we've been next to each other. and i don't know what happened. and that's the hard thing. >> joshua chopper says his wife kari didn't have any known medical issues, wasn't eventually have is why her bus turned back toward the airport after picking up the football team yesterday. the person who knew the most is gone. and the passengers in the best position to see what was happening on the bus, the coaches, they're all still in the hospital. legacy is scheduled to play its homecoming football game on friday. a decision on whether to cancel the game will be made tomorrow
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we're talking about. athletes whose health is closely scrutinized. they're all being evaluated for concussions. each as crime rates continue to go down around the country, jails continue to fill up. if you could look inside all the cells, you would notice more and more of them are filled with women. it's a national trend. we set out to find out if it's the case in colorado. >> reporter: christa where she's turning things around. now after 20 years in and out of colorado jails from charges ranging from drugs to prostitution. >> i've got depression. that's why i was out there running around. >> reporter: it was a mental health issue, which experts say may be one of the main reasons our prisons across the country
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gave us data dating back to 9383. 117 women were in prison there, compared to the more than 1800 today. >> the path ways to jail for women are different than men. women typically come to jail for non-violent crimes. many times, they're trauma related. they've seen some type of trauma within their life, as well as mental illness and drugs. >> reporter: chief connie coil helps run denver county's jail. >> we haven' increase in the population as far as the number of women booked into the facility. >> reporter: but she says 4 years ago, women represented 12% of the jail's population. now that number is near 14%. a bigger population of inmates with different needs than their male counterparts including a different style of jail management. >> there really isn't enough programs, though. >> reporter: christa found a program that is working and now
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>> no, i'm not going back. >> reporter: for next time, steve staeger. >> denver county got an approval for an $8 million expansion of the women's jail. budget stories make my face numb. denver's expecting more revenue next year for sales tax, fees and such. the mayor said -- city council has to give the okay. nerd alert: if you want to dig into the details, we have 671 pages worth on our website. it was jamie johnson who sang the high cost of living ain't nothing like the cost of living high. jamie johnson should take notice that the cost of getting high is now lower. >> if i'm thinking of a real winner here, it's probably going to be the marijuana consumers. >> reporter: buying primo pot
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medicine man in denver. >> i would say our wholesale price for bud has dropped about a thousand dollars a pound. >> reporter: president of medicine man says she could sell a pound for about 2500 bucks last year. right now, it's $1,500. >> we grow about 7,000 pounds a year. >> reporter: it's clear prices are dropping across the board. >> i attribute that to nearly 600 cultivation licenses here >> legalization created more supply than ever and the green stuff literally grows on trees. >> i think what we're seeing is the marijuana industry just like every other industry is responding to supply and demand but this is unchartered territory. >> reporter: paul is a professor at the university of denver. the effect on business is more clear than the effect on the state. >> it could go either way. if the demand for marijuana spikes as the price drops, we
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revenue from greater volume going through the system. >> reporter: if not, the system could see higher marijuana taxes. if the price continues to drop, it will be the small retailers who won't be able to keep up. >> what i anticipate to happen is the larger companies will survive because they'll be able to make it through this lull period. >> reporter: for next, i'm ryan -- >> the state tracks the average market rate for a pound of pot. it's justin morneau than $1,800 at this point. make recommendation. this. is where we point you toward something that is not ours, but is a really good read. check out the fort collins -- admits he was high on marijuana for all but one game he played for the rams.
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football team. he is now 23. he grows marijuana. the coloradan piece -- the link to the story is on the next facebook page. hillary clinton may or may not have a health issue. the campaign says it's pneumonia. she certainly has a secrecy issue. even immediately after she appeared to collapse at a into a van. politics is about give and take which is why we asked our political experts if they would trade hillary clinton's medical records for donald trump's tax returns. call it a grand transparency bargain. >> yes, i think that if given the choice, i would absolutely trade hillary clinton's medical records for donald trump's tax records because more information is better for the
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what happened with hillary clinton this weekend. i think we need to know. the voters deserve to know what kind of health issues she has and particularly when we're talking about pneumonia and viruses, if there's any chronic illnesses underlying that. >> i would absolutely trade donald trump's tax return ares for hillary clinton's medical records as she's offered to. at this moment, we don't know what's in donald trump's tax middle eastern or russian [ indiscernible ] it could be that he's not a billionaire. if given the opportunity, i would trade. >> i think we just made a deal. the town of silver ton, which is about 6 and a half hours southwest of denver is working on getting back up to speed. none of the people had high speed internet until recently. it's been 15 year in the
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spring. everyone in silver ton should have high speed by the end of october. about 10,000 entrepreneurs are in colorado for now for denver's start up week. denver would love for some of them to stay here. 165 tech start ups were founded in the city last year and more than 4500 people work fo start ups in denver. next, a lively conversation with the lively republican running for u.s. senate. >> i will debate michael bennett anywhere, anytime. i described the denver post -- >> reporter: you said the media. >> the media is. i have not declined any other media interviews. >> reporter: sweet revenge for
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>> and the kid who happened to dig up a dinosaur on his vacation in colorado.
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gusty and cooler today with that mid-morning cold front. i'm kathy sabine. still plenty of sunshine and still beautiful in the colorado high country today where most
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along the front range, a mix of clouds and sunshine. our high today in the mid-70s. the temperature trend, we are 20 degrees cooler this hour than 24 hours ago and we'll go cooler tomorrow. tracking weak showers coming in from the southwest. wind and lightning, not a lot of rain. that will change tomorrow with a second surge of cool air from the north. how cool? that's a winter weather advisory posted south of billings. ll there will be fog around the area and a better chance of showers tomorrow. some of those showers could turn avenue by this time tomorrow night. as we look at the rest of this evening, there is a chance for rain, gusty and cool evening with temperatures in the mid- 40s. temperatures will warm close to 60s in the afternoon and maybe 66 by 3:00. good chance of showers tomorrow. slightly drier on wednesday.
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through the second half of this week. darryl glenn is down 15 points in the polls and he isn't worried. some fellow republicans are. they're concerned his campaign hasn't taken off since his primary win. >> i don't look at polls. it's about results. and every single time people have had an opportunity to vote for me, we've been on top. >> reporter: the polls would suggest the result is you're going to so my question is for concerned republicans who are watching, independents that are trying to figure things out whack is the message that says i'm resonating? >> all you have to do is look at the -- do you think the affordable care act was a good vote? he's willing to double down to those issues. these are things that are critical to coloradans. if anybody's going to get
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michael bennett. >> reporter: michael bennett has a reputation for someone who's willing to work across the aisle. >> that's not reaching across the aisle. that's working against the interests of colorado. when you're sitting down across negotiating with somebody and they tell you they want to kill you, why would you enter into agreement with that. >> reporter: yo to our enemies? >> you're talking about giving them leverage. if somebody across from you says they want to kill you or one of your allies -- that should have been a deal breaker from day 1. >> reporter: you told a crowd that you would as a christian serve the lord and in doing so would serve them as citizens. what happens when god's will
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two different directions? >> they coexist. people aren't treating each other with grace, mercy and respect. that it is the one founding principle when you speak about what motivates me through faith is it allows me to learn from someone when the issues are, but i can still treat them with respect. >> so that's how you discern the will of the voter. how do you discern the will of god? >> you have converti god. you pray regularly. it's the foundation of who i am. it's the foundation of this campaign and i'm proud of that. to me, you're always growing and trying to improve yourself. it's a humbling experience because you don't put yourself up on a pedestal. you realize you serve a higher purpose. >> reporter: thank you for your time. appreciate it very much. >> our extended interview discussed immigration policy. education policy.
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means eliminating the department of education. and we talked media bias. you can see our full interview on the next facebook page. there's an invitation for senator bennet to come on anytime. we love q and a around here. if we had to choose, there's only one letter no one can stop seeing. and the quest to ski colorado
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this next story is shamelessly stolen from reddit. and why not. the squiggly line that shows up in the center of some colorado license plates. the dmv tells us that's a security thread. it's not unlike the security threads that are laced into
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years ago. you'll find it running vertically through most license plates in the last few years. also runs horizontally through european license plates. wheny pointed out that colorado has been churning out license plates using the letter q. we can blame steve staeger for that. he is the one that did the outset. i knew this was going to happen. i knew when i first asked the dmv about q's in the new license plate, i would be due for one. the nice woman at the dmv counter says a lot of women are talking about q's these days. i guess i owe them and all of you an apology.
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but it's not. you can ski year-round in colorado if you're really willing to work for it. up on st. mary's glacier where the temperatures were near the 70s last weekend. there was still snow on parts of the mountain. enough snow for joe and his friends. joe's on a personal question to go skiing every month this year. >> this is going to be my 12th colorado. starting in october, tell be my 13th, 14th and so on. we all love skiing. it's simple. every month is good. it's nice when you can wear shorts. >> joe and his friends plan to get out of a basin next. what's up with all the tiny white moths in northern
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foco -- his words, not mine. it's a type w2 an entomology at csu says they start out at -- the vagabonds don't pose much of a damage issue now that they're moths. they should go away in the next few weeks once they lay
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an 8 year old kid already has an excellent start on a college admission essay, provided he wants to go on to study dinosaurs. he dug up a dinosaur skull on a dineo dig was he was with his grandmother when he found the dinosaur. crews from the museum of the heavy lifting. the skull is quite rare. researchers in the museum think there's only three other rare complete skulls like that in the world. >> we just laid it to the side. once they saw it, they figured out that we found an apatosaurus bone and they really got our attention. yes, i love dinosaurs.
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i grow up so i can bring dinosaurs back to life. >> he was on vacation when he found the dinosaur. u.s. news and world report says best for genetics and molecular biology, harvard, mit and university of california, san
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a breakdown on live tv. >> i woke up in the hospital. and i knew went into hiding. >> how scary was it for you? >> then, what it really takes to pull off a "dancing with the stars" premiere. >> i can't believe you're doing this. >> backstage surprises, last-minute nerves. no cameras have been allowed to go this behind the scenes until now. plus, we're first on the set of john travolta hitting the dance floor with his wife, kelly
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we met on screen. >> right? >> why is paula abdul working as a waitress? >> order's up! >> now, for september 12th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> news from sharon osbourne. she dropped a bombshell secret today that she suffered an emotional breakdown. >> then in 2015, sharon took time off from the talk. we were told it was for pneumonia. but today sharon told me the >> i had a complete and utter breakdown. >> how scary was it for you when you really understood what was going on? >> it was really, really terrifying. >> sharon told me she was hospitalized after taking on way too much. trying to be a kind of super when she broke down last may. >> i couldn't cope, just with everyday life. i just couldn't cope. >> what happened? >> i obviously don't know, kevin.


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