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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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temperatures there around 20 degrees. clouds have been the order of the day for the most part in the metro area of we've seen a drop -- area. we've seen a drop to 30 degrees since sunday. kathy joins us with a little rain. >> i'm at the ready with my red umbrella in case it does rain out here. calm winds and we definitely have cloud cover intact, some areas of fog. the sun made it out for a short time. we warmed into the dia, 56 idaho springs of wind have been gusty over some of the hier passes and east of denver. higher hidity has meant some of you have seen drizzle off and on along with patchy dense fog. showers are rolling off the foothills west towards the east, southeast, a pocket of heavier rain outside castle rock with the thunder and lightning threat increasing. those headed south out of the denver metro area will run into scattered showers during the start of the evening drive.
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with the storms over the southern mountains. more moisture feeding in from the southwest, area of low pressure is on the move. we do expect scattered showers during the overnight period. even though tomorrow will be warmer and drier, rain is back in the forecast on wednesday as well. so do be prepared for thunder, lightning and rain for the drive tonight. coming up in our main weather segment we'll talk about this cool unsettled weather pattern and it won't last. a return to summer. we'll look at the extended forecast and fall foliage outlook. the leaves are changing in high country. >> see you in a bit. even after losing endorsements for kneeling during the national anthem broncos linebacker brandon marshall keeps bringing awareness to what he calls social injustice. today he met with denver's police chief at dpd headquarters. 9news investigator whitney wild has more about that meeting. >> reporter: brandon marshall
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with denver's police chief. >> it gave me an opportunity to listen to somebody else who has a voice and that can perhaps impact other individuals. >> reporter: white says marshall asked about police accountability, not just here but nationwide. >> those that are really questioning what we do, many of them are asking just because our actions are legal, are they really necessary? then i went on to explain to him that our police department is working to address that. >> reporter: 9wants to know lookedou citation records in denver. from 2011 through 2015 26% of arrests and citations were of people who are black even though black people account for only 11% of the population. ra'shon bliss of the denver justice project. >> we are seeing the sort of stereotypes and narratives expressed through the police department. >> reporter: white says it's a
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>> from a police perspective we allocate resources where the issues and challenges are. >> reporter: he notes high crime areas are also high victim areas and says dpd will eventually collect data about all stops. >> why are we making stops here, what's driving those stops? >> but why are they stopped? >> reporter: both bliss and white agree crime and race pose a challenge not just for police, but for the community as a whole. >> denver's police chief said he in no way endorses marshall's decision to kneel but supports his right to free speech. although it is a bit cliche, the park county sheriff says it was a miracle no one was hurt after a semi crashed into a winery in bailey. 9news reporter nick mcgill spent the day in bailey and has the story. >> reporter: from it's a
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>> lost our first property due to a barn fire in conifer. had to move, came down here and now this. >> reporter: just after midnight a semi truck traveling down highway 285 lost control and crashed into marcel's winery. the results were catastrophic. >> just guessing guessing there may be just 50 cases that could be saved. >> reporter: the truck appears to have crashed near full speed going into the metal building causing the entire structur torn apart. >> it's quite a loss for them. >> reporter: the park county sheriff says it's unclear what caused the driver to veer off the road. he's in the hospital expected to be okay. what is clear is that had this accident happened on a different day, the results could have been far more devastating. >> it could have been very hazardous had it not been at the time it was. >> there could have been 50 people here. none of us would have walked out of this. >> reporter: as for marcel,
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he's not sure what he'll be able to save or if he'll be able to rebuild, but because he's had this feeling before he says he won't give in. this business is his dream and you don't just quit on your dreams. >> you get knocked down and you get back up again, doesn't matter how often we get knocked down. it's how fast we get back up and that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: in bailey nick mcgill, 9news. >> the sheriff's office says this is the the first time a crash like this has here. neighbors are planning a fundraiser to help marcel get back into business. the game will go on despite the legacy high school football team being involved in a deadly bus crash earlier this week. adams 12 school district announced today the legacy high school varsity football team will play their homecoming game friday against prairie view of 28 players were affected in the crash when a bus driver veered off the road from dia and crashed into a pillar sunday
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driver was killed. wayne voorhees, matt kroupa and kyle rider, the three coaches, were all hospitalized. the team's defensive coordinator will act as head coach for that game. a custodian of two jefferson county schools is accused of sexting two students. 21-year-old jacob deal was arrested yesterday. he appeared in court this morning. deal is a custodian at dutch creek elementary and ken caryl he's on leave pending investigation. sheriffs say deal began writing handwritten letters to two 6th grade girls late spring complimenting their looks. a text conversation began between deal and one of the girls. deal sent the 6th grader nude photos of himself and she reported it to school officials. he was arrested on sexual exploitation of a child.
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received texts but are investigating. a mom with a ld put rtd on the spot with its position on baby strollers. the mother said she literally had her hands full trying to collapse her stroller with one and holding her other daughter with the other. the mom says rtd buses should accommodate people with disabilities and children in strollers. rtd says noncollapse strollers can cause problems. >> for a while there was a sometimes using this space if they weren't disabled or didn't have a chair or were blocking the aisles particularly with strollers became an issue. so there was a lawsuit involved where rtd agreed to make sure that this area was reserved for the disabled. >> rtd says bus operators do have some flexibility. still all strollers must be collapsed before boarding. hillary clinton said it and then took it back.
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the democratic nominee called half of donald trump supporters a basket of deplorables last friday. in iowa where trump is polling first he defended his supporters. president obama defended clinton's toughness. >> while my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard working american patriots. >> she does not quit. she doesn't quit. she doesn't quit. >> according to an nbc news survey clinton. the poll was taken before clinton failed to disclose her pneumonia. her campaign is expected to release medical records this week. trump's campaign said he will soon reveal the results of a new physical. colorado voters will soon see the two candidates for u.s. senate face off soon in a debate. there will be a one hour debate on that tuesday at 7 p.m. on channel 20 and
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political reporter brandon rittiman and broadcast live without commercial interruptions from the history colorado center at 12th and broadway here in denver. care bears, rock em sock em robots and transformers are among the 12 finalists competing for a place in the national toy hall of fame in rochester, new york. the list also includes nerf, the board game clue, card name uo, pinball, the swing, er books and bubble wrap. the hall of fame recognizes toys that have lasted several generations, inspire learning, creativity and discovery through play. the inductees will be announced november 10th. that's hard to choose because they're all kind of these iconic -- >> i was a bubble wrap kid. i loved sitting there squeezing it. his name is brent.
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the popular vendor is now in a fight for his life. >> i knew something was going on. it was kind of worrying me. >> a local brewery won't have replacement batches in more than a month. >> cool now, but kathy is tracking a warm-up.
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chases not unusual in california. they can last a few minutes. some last a long time. we're reporting this particular one because it involved that, a stolen big rig. california highway patrol officers chased the truck for hours, clearly a slow speed
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around 10:30 this morning. chp couldn't use spike strips because of the size of the struck. it was stolen from a hotel parking lot around 6 a.m. this morning. it ended well. the driver finally parked the truck and surrendered around 1:40 this afternoon. the thief disabled the gps tracking device. the company was able to find the truck through a second tracking device. it was hauling nonhazardous materials to nevada. shelve can go 230 -- car that can go 230 miles and would beat tesla's model 3 on range that can go about 215 miles per charge. the volt is a five passenger hatchback priced around 37000 five hundred which is close to the -- 37,500 which is close to the price point of the model 3. the le hand brewery is recalling the nitro milk stout
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the bottles is causing some to overflow and other bottles just don't come out right. left hand won't be able to sell the beer again for at least six weeks. it takes this long to clean the facility and make new batches. apple released ios10 today. some features include replacing texts with emojis and has the ability to erase your iphone to wake it up. the update works apple says, however, before downloading seriously be sure to back up your device. if you'd rather to get a new phone, preorders for the iphone 7 are breaking records. all four major carriers offered a few iphone 7 to customers who traded in an earlier model anded a on for two years. t-mobile says preorders are nearly four times greater than
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events all along the front range for decades has not been seeing him around the past two weeks. fans know him as earth man. the beer vendor with the big personality has spent half his life passing out brews, peanuts and cracker jacks. a couple weeks ago doctors diagnosed the 60-year-old with an inoperable brain tumor. >> it was really hard to have to keep telling him that he can't go to work. >> really i'm missing it terribly right now. i'm so bored. >> earth man always got a front row seat to famous bands and ballplayer but says he went to work every day for the fans. he starts chemotherapy on friday. >> victoria said he loved to go to these events anyway and figured why don't i just get paid to do it. >> we wish him well. >> absolutely. cooler today and possible rain tonight, a big change from the 90 degrees we saw sunday.
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90s any time again soon.
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we have the dark skies and look at that rainbow right over the city. maybe there's a pot of gold out there somewhere for somebody, pretty shot there. up in the high country it's a beautiful day at the loveland ski area. temperatures today a far cry from the average of 80, mid-60s and hey, it's still summer. as a matter of fact, we could see record highs in the mid-90s this time of year. we have nothing like that in our short term or extended forecast. wind increasing out of the north. you'll feel that when you outside. now we've got sunshine in the backyard, but it's a little brisk with 58 degrees in the city. tracking these showers coming in from the southwest where we anticipate the heaviest rain to fall tonight, jefferson and douglas county, a batch of heavy showers moving through overnight. we're seeing some of those show up around parker and down toward monument hill area on i- 25. those headed south of the city will run into rain first. showers are tracking west to east and kind of a southwest
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rain snow mix over some of the higher peaks as well. little waves are moisture are coming our way and we've got one more day of this cool unsettled pattern. you'll have showers tonight, clouds and fog jdtin the mornin and temperatures rebounding slightly. we have a chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. one more day and then things start to shift. heaviest rain across the western slope. we're seeing the showers progress toward the east along the on towards the northeast later tonight accident pocket of heavier rain -- tonight, pockets of heavier rain. notice the wave that comes through between 3:00 and 5:00 tomorrow. an active weather pattern with some of the heaviest showers through evergreen, parker and limon between now and 9:00. fog and drizzle overnight and the start of your drive tomorrow. it will be chilly with 30s for the mountains, 40s on the
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average of 80 in denver at least one more day. things start to improve toward the end of the week and toward the weekend. in the metro area sunshine and showers, 46 overnight with areas of fog, very little clearing overnight. morning clouds, midday sun, afternoon showers. you know the drill by now with temperatures about 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. temperatures will trend in the 70s heading into the weekend where i have highs close to 80 saturday and sunday and the seco period is really the payoff, some beautiful weather conditions coming up as we move into next week. this is the week to head to the northern mountains, steamboat showing spectacular clear now. if you're trying to figure out when and where to go, everything you need to know is on there is our average date of there is our average date of aspen peak colors and your fall
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. crude oil prices an international energy agency pulled stocks down triple digits on the dow. index lost 258 points on the day. s&p 500 was down 32.
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from colorado's sports leader here's aaron matas. >> good evening. aaron luck is coming to town and the colts quarterback has been a big problem. in fact, the broncos have as much as indianapolis. luck has had some monster games. the broncos will have to find a way to bring him to the turf. >> big physical guy, hard to get down in the pocket if you don't tackle him well when you get there, he's going to extend plays, those type of things. what did he throw for, 400 yards? he's exceptional. so we got our work cut out from
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really difficult. so obviously they got it down against us last year. let's hope last night's 49ers and rams game was the worst nfl game of the year. it was so boring and san francisco won it 28-0. this game was bad, so you can't help but love the radio play-by-play announcer's call of the fan who decided to spice things up by running on the field. this is kevin harlan at his best. >> hey, somebody has run out on the field, some goofball in a hat he's running down the middle by the 50. he's at the 30. he's bare chested and banging his chest. he runs the opposite way. he runs to the 50. he runs to the 40. the guy is drunk but there he goes, the 20. they're chasing him. they're not going to get him waving his arms bare chested. somebody stop that man! >> watch out. here comes the bluecoats. >> oh, they tackle him at the 40-yard line. >> that was the most exciting thing to happen tonight.
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encourage that behavior. this week's prep rally honor roll ends with a five finger snap. 9news prep reporter taylor temby takes the time to list them just in case you missed them. >> we got the fever, we hot, we can't be stopped! no. 5 in our honor roll is a pick 6, the throw is read perfectly. he'll take back 63 yards the other direct. mavericks win it 61-34. no. 4 is pitch perfect, no run, no hits, no walks and no errors. mountain vista's pedro mcguire threw a perfect game in her team's 10-0 shutout of heritage. we'll go goal line to goal line for no. 3, lakewood's brock miller back for the kickoff return. once he makes it to the outside, he's gone, 100 yards the other way. miller would lead the tigers to
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the spartans bring trickery for no. 2. daunte wiggins takes the pitch and tosses it deep to justin who is alone for the easy score. the no. 1 play goes to a one-handed catch. dillon holt somehow makes the incredible one-handed grab in the end zone. in fact, it was so easy he had another one just like it. we've ranked them. now it's your turn. go your favorite play. hey, you like the orange crush days of the broncos, you'll like their uniforms one month from today. broncos unveiled their alternative color rush uniform they'll way october 13 against -- wear october 13th against san diego. it has a variation between all the jerseys they wore between 1968 and '96. san diego will go with an all blue look. proceeds of the jersey sales
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wellness programs across the country, orange shoes, socks, pants, coordinated. >> will you be wearing that as well? >> it's my favorite color, so typically i always have orange on. >> i thought it was red and white for some reason. >> a buddy of mine does. grab the red umbrella if you're headed out. spink ling out there and -- sprinkling out there and the sun's out.
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tonight, trump takedown. with hillary clinton sidelined, a fiery president obama unloads on trump as our new poll shows the race is tightening. and the health history of both candidates now under scrutiny. olympic stars hacked. an alarming breach. private information about simone biles and venus and serena williams exposed by russian cyber spies. athletes now explaining why they were allowed to take banned drugs. no more reading glasses, the medical breakthrough, a procedure done in just minutes. and suddenly that fine print becomes clear. doctors call it life-changing. and voting booth selfies. did you know taking photos with that smartphone could cost you money. an election day fight for the digital age, push to overturn the ban. "nightly news" begins


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