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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 14, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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the exit door ? ? somebody needs a little more everyday somebody needs a little give ? ? i'm gonna line it up get on the way and take it there again ? ?
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the legal fight between a theater chain and the victims of the aurora theater shooting appears to be over. >> repairing crash will close a major highway intersection for two days. >> donald trump heads back to the same city where he had issues with the elevator and fire department. >> an idea for break through business happening in denver. >> two high school coaches from a deadly crash leave the hospital. the head coach has a message. >> cu uses social media to
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michigan. 9news starts now. for the second night in a row homicide investigators are working a case in denver's montbello neighborhood. detectives are at a home on east andrews drive not far from montbello's central park. they're looking into a suspicious death. officers have been at that scene several hours and have not given any details. the street has been closed off. the house is about a mile away from another homicide investigation last night. denver police have not details about a suspect or victim in either homicide. legacy high school's head football coach is out of the hospital tonight after the team's bus crashed sunday killing the bus driver. coach voorhees tweeted tonight thanks to all the well wishes, had a rough few days in the hospital, but i'm home now, need some rest before i get back out there. coach kyle rider also got out
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game against prairie view on friday. cinemark, the owners of the aurora theater where 12 people were killed in 2012, made a move today to end the legal fight with the victims and their families. in may a jury ruled in favor of cinemark in a case in which the victims said the theater chain did not do enough to prevent the shootings. under colorado law cinemark could have its legal fees paid by the people who sued them. the cost of earlier this month cinemark -- $700,000. earlier this month cinemark reached an agreement with four of the claimants and the last have filed an agreement not to appeal and cinemark has filed paperwork to end the fight over legal fees. donald trump will be in colorado springs saturday night set to speak at an event center near the airport. you can sign up for tickets on trump's campaign website. if you get a ticket, getting there early is a good idea.
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campaign has been known to overbook these venues. last time he was late to an event because he got stuck in an elevator at the mining exchange hotel. firefighters rescued him and then trump criticized the fire marshal for capping attend answer at the rally. the el paso county republican chairman asked to describe the venue for saturday's event said it was in a word intimate. employees at the denver company that supplied i.t. services in connection with hillary clinton's e-mail server declined to testify before congress today. two technicians at denver's platte river networks cited their fifth amendment rights and refused to answer questions today. they were excused. platte networks said it cooperated earlier with the fbi and other agencies. if your travels take you near u.s. 6 at i-70 and golden over the next couple days, be aware of emergency road repairs. crews had to finish work on the eastbound side of the i-70
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westbound highway 6 will close from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. the next two days at i-70. cdot says safety and when materials can be delivered are factors in why the highway will close during those hours. right at the bend in the highway in bailey there at the bottom of the hill sits a winery or at least it did. an out of control semi slammed into it overnight, destroyed aspen peak cellars built by a wife and husband. >> it's our going to do? lost our first property due to a barn fire in conifer, had to move, came down here and now this. a few years later and just try to make a living with a dream of a business that really is fantastic, but it can also end like this. we get knocked down and we get back up again, doesn't matter how often we get knocked down. it's how fast we get back up
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taken to the hospital. police aren't sure why the drive veered off the road. there are $25,000 inside the winery, noel iting how many are still intact -- no telling how many are still intact. firefighters in grand county are working to contain a wildfire southwest of kremmling. it's burned about 5 acres in the gore woods subdivisions. residents of about a dozen homes have evacuated. the fire is not threatening kremmling proper. emergency agencies want people in a 3-mile to be ready to leave in case evacuation orders expand. cool weather and clouds call for sweaters and jackets today along the front range. one more chilly night and we'll start climbing back up to where we should be this time of year. however,' weren't done with showers yet. early -- we aren't done with showers yet. earlier today precipitation came in the form of snow. by afternoon the skies of the summit cleared and sunshine melted the snow.
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stubborn above colorado springs. kathy is watching a few showers move through tonight and has a look at what else to expect the rest of the week in a few minutes. break out the cider, sweater and pumpkin spice. fall is here. this weekend will mark the opening of several fall farm attractions. 9news reporter dan grossman explains how they're beginning to look beyond the corn maze and pumpkin patch. >> reporter: if necessity is the mother of invention, then consider boredom the innovation. >> we add one to two to three new things every year. it is quite a challenge to come up with new ideas that we think people are going to enjoy. >> reporter: it's led him to peer beyond the means. >> the public will say wow, that was really fun. >> reporter: and into the type of things you just wouldn't expect to see on a farm. >> we cannot wait till saturday. >> reporter: this year the farm is boasting seven
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then a lumberjack show where they're bringing in professional lumberjacks from canada to have a competition. finally they will top it off with a stunt dog show, but it's not like this is just happening here. the iyott orchard in longmont's apple picking has already sold out and the season. what even started. happen over to erie. >> like this year we have a that we're going to have over the top entertainment to maybe break even. >> reporter: wither it's pillow jumping, pig racing, pumpkin canons or paintball, know these out of the box ideas aren't just for your entertainment. they're to overcome losses and keep these farmers afloat. >> we've got the hail and everything this year. so we're just wanting to get opened up so we can forget about some of the bad things that happened to us this summer.
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>> that's what dan grossman would look like as a lumberjack. the fritzlers lost 50% of their summer growing income from hailstorms this year. denver is considered one of the best places for business, one of the best cities for entrepreneurs and one of the best places to launch a startup. we'll go now to denver startup week. >> i come to startup week every year. >> it's an incredible spot. >> union station has always been really emblematic of denver. >> it's a fantastic location for everyone to collaborate and meet each other and mingle. >> there are literally hundreds of companies all around, long lines, people trying to make friends, resources and find other people that may be partners as they take this idea and try to make it a reality. >> the team has been awesome
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inside and also outside on the beer garden. >> now there's literally thousands of people here. >> i love networking. you meet so many new people. >> great ideas, a ton of energy coming together. >> a little bit like speed dating sort of in the digital world. >> we're definitely hoping to meet people we can work with in the future. >> you're definitely trying to find that perfect match. >> hopefully a lot of great relationships come out of there. >> we need to codify ever recruits. >> like continuing education. >> exactly. >> denver has always been a great town for startups, so we saw an opportunity let's bring these people together they get to know each other. so when you run into each other on the street and say hello, incredible things come from that. >> you can meet a lot of cool professional people and contacts, but i've actually come out of this with a lot friends, too. >> this is not denver's greatest chapter yet.
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of technology and innovation and entrepreneurship and startup and all this that kind of embodies here to this building, i think it really says that denver is not only a great place to move and live, but it's now a throbbing heartbeat of really this innovation culture. >> we have several stories about denver startup week on each has a link to a schedule of events and how to register of the. denver broncos linebacker brandon marshall took his new public concerns about justice to denver's police chief today. that was chief robert white for 45 minutes, brought a list of questions about police policies. chief white said marshall asked about the use of force, officer accountability and how law enforcement operates. chief white says he respects marshall's white to kneel in protest during the national anthem but doesn't endorse the protest. >> i'm sure that he has an agenda why he wanted to do it, but let me tell you why i
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listen -- wanted to do it. it gave me an opportunity to listen to somebody else who has a voice, but equally important it gave me an opportunity to talk to him about the good work that the men and women are doing in our police department and that police officers are doing across this country. >> chief white says he offered marshall some suggestions on how a prominent football player might help the community work better with police. affordable housing in denver has been pretty much nonexistent here of la million in the next budgets to address the rising cost of -- budget to address the rising cost of living. 9news reporter vicente arenas went to see one of the new neighborhoods and how they're helping. >> reporter: in the lincoln park neighborhood sits a cluster of relatively new apartment buildings considered
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she now calls home. >> when i first moved there, i had been living in a little dark studio in capitol hill, so when i found this unit, it was twice as big. >> reporter: thompson qualified for an income restricted unit. denver's mayor is pushing to either sprue evan or build 6,000 more footballable -- better to preserve or build 6,000 more affordable apartments. >> they won't be paying an excess of thyc money. >> reporter: it would help people like thompson live close to their work. >> i think it's great with the economy booming like it is now. the cost of living has gone up so much that we're poor. >> reporter: the mayor's plan would cost $150 million and would be paid for by a tax hike and feels. >> if i didn't have it, we'd be probably in a shelter. >> reporter: there's been some
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developers are now beginning -- city says other developers are now beginning to build mored forrable housing. a spot in lincoln park was not long ago filled with dilapidated buildings where developers are beginning to build more affordable housing. certainly the mayor is arguing that a lot more spaces needed. >> are these in one general area? >> they're spread out through town. he wants to make sure workers can live in different parts of town because if you live on the north side, you want to live close to there and not have to drive so far. typhoons with wind gusts 230 miles per hour. denver drops to the 40s tonight, a warm-up coming for the weekend. >> he's bare chested banging his chest.
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other you've heard before, the broncos combine a bit of retro for a bit of now in a game against one of their biggest rivals. >> reporter: the bucs are already beating michigan with
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the most powerful storm on earth so far this year is bearing down on taiwan. earlier today the country prepared as best it could for super typhoon maranti has sustained winds of 190 miles per hour with gusts up to 230. it's the strongest storm in the western pacific since hyann in 2013. it's only the second typhoon in 45 years to have winds this strong maintain for at least 18 hours. >> the winds in the 9news backyard are calm. we're wrapping up our coolest day of the week. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine.
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with for a large part of the day today, not only in denver and along the front range, but up in the higher terrain and foothills as well. the fog will be part of your morning forecast. up high in areas like breckenridge it was so cold last night some of the flowers had ice on them, a sure sign that the seasons are changing. along with that high of 68 we should be closer to 80 this time of year and a record would be 96. we will start to warm, but we will be out the rest of the season. calm winds in the backyard outside the studios, humidity about 83%. we'll have some fog forming once again. you know what? on radar these showers we're tracking will bring the heaviest rain overnight in central jefferson county and douglas county, south of castle rock through bailey and evergreen moving from the southwest toward the northeast. there's pockets of lightning.
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rain/snow mix over some of the higher peaks. these thunderstorms embedded in this flow are pretty weak. we have a large area of low pressure spinning over the great basin. stationary front along the front range separating a cool air mass north and east of us from a warm one to the south. that's creating this cool unsettled weather pattern coupled with the tropical flow from the southwest, certainly an active week of weather. a little unusual for september. te degrees warmer but still below average, warming again across the southwest and southeast, but the northern tier definitely looks like a sign that the seasons are changing and fall maybe be on the way soon. we see the loud cloud deck firmly in place along the eastern plains. the areas in yellow, pockets of heavier rain tonight. by 10:00 we do see some clearing again. it's just going to being an
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of the south, should be a little warmer. 4:30 we start off mostly cloudy, a little drizzle. notice how we get sunshine mid- morning. clouds will build back in in the afternoon and a line of storms between 3:00 and 5:00. 57 grand junction, 53 pueblo, highs tomorrow cooler out west, warmer for the front range and eastern plains. these numbers are still below average for this time of ye and evergreen, a little less fog for those traveling high tomorrow in elevation. cloudy and cool and a chance of a few sprinkles. that fog sticks with you. we'll see a temperature jump, but it won't be an entirely calm or dry day. we become a little warmer and dryer around the region thursday, get you to 80 saturday and sunday. the weekend looks great.
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good, autumnal equinox thursday, the 22nd, the beginning of the new season is in full swing in the high country, yellow, orange, green, you'll definitely want to plan that fall foliage outing. we're starting to see the leaves peaking through meek are and steamboat and craig. i'm starting to get -- meeker and steamb about the colors. >> it seems like sometimes they change overnight. >> if you wait too long, it's like oh, i missed it. last night's 28-0 win by the 49ers over the rams didn't have a lot of excitement until the 4th quarter. >> some goofball in a hat and redshirt, now he takes off the shirt. he's running down the middle at
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banging his chest and runs the opposite way. he runs to the 50. he runs to the 40. the guy is drunk but there he goes. the 20. they're chasing him, but they aren't going to get him. waving his arms bare chested. somebody stop that man. oh, they tackle him at the 40- yard line. oh, that was the most exciting thing to happen tonight. >> kevin harland is a national know my dad said something great on monday night football radio when my twitter blows up. dad, you're in mid-season form. the orange crush returns to the broncos one year today wearing color rush uniforms in the matchup with addie san diego -- with san diego. proceeds from the sales of the
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wellness programs across the
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from colorado's sports leader here's aaron matas. >> good evening. todd davis was everywhere in the broncos week one win over
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the team in tackles and was named defensive player of the week. he needs a repeat performance because andrew luck and the colts are coming to town and they've had denver's number. luck is 3-1 in his career against the broncos. so davis and brandon marshall need another big game. >> we nicknamed ourself lightning and thunder. he's lightning, i'm thunder. >> reporter: how did you end up being thunder? >> i don't know. i think i like to play in th that's how i got it. >> thunder and lightning. i do the little overhappenning, the lightning -- overlapping, the lightning plays, splash plays. i told todd we'll be thunder and lightning. football versus football, the broncos kicked off a month's worth of celebration for hispanic heritage month by hosting a couple of rapids players at team headquarters today and it didn't look like anybody should be quitting
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?[ music ] ? >> it's a unique experience for me because i grew up playing soccer. ?[ music ] ? >> i hope that we have this on the videos because you need to send to the coach because i think i have good moves, man. >> one of the toughest things in the sport of football is playing defense, a lot of trying to cover routes. i think he struggled out there a little bit today covering some of the guys. >> a nice celebration and it's easy to love the game. the rockies put up three runs the top of the 1st inning against arizona tonight. it was a great start. then jorge de la rosa gave them
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jean segura with a run. they lead 11 to 4 in the 6th. bo-bo has used three different guys in two games, but it's more than a qb competition in fort collin of coach isn't happy with anyone. >> the one on this football team has arrived like this guy is the man. he's the starter. i haven't seen it. we got to get there. competition to see who wants to play and compete for colorado state. the 2-0 buffs travel to michigan to take on the wolverines start. michigan does not release its depth chart, so cu decided not to announce their projected starters either, instead this, a fake depth chart with all sorts of pop culture references, if you can read the
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happy gilmore, bernie sanders, eric cartman all making the roster. i tweeted this entire thing out, but it didn't matter. dave platte won today with that fake depth chart. they're trolling michigan leading up to the game wearing the same uniform combination they wore back in 1994, the win. now at this. don't poke that bear too much. >> we cannot see that list.
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tonight show coming up. jimmy has carol burnett and the music of jimmy aldean.
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. ryan lochte attacked. derek hough on the attack. >> get out of here. >> giant security scare on dancing now on "extra."
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a man tackled to the ground. olympian and his dance partner shaken up. >> so many feelings going through my made right now. >> new details on the protesters. >> and our own tracie edmonds in the audience. >> we didn't know if it was real or not. >> bill o'reilly's first interview about fox news's channel's $20 million sexual harassment scandal. >> for once in my life i'm going to keep my big mouth shut. >> what he will say about the ouster of his boss, roger ailes. >> and lady gaga opens up about her split from taylor kenny. did she just pull a taylor swift with a tell all break up song. >> breaking baby news. >> it's a boy for the baldwins. we've got the first photo. >> men and o magazine and extra's adam glassman.
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must have for every woman. plus that time when our renee met this renee. >> i'm also renee. >> now on extra from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. ? >> hey everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up new video of george clooney what he's saying about hillary clinton's health scare. >> and you are new interview with jon bon jovi revealing the person story behind his music. breech on dancing. tracey and i were both there as ryan lochte was almost pummeled. >> the show stopper no one saw coming. >> what's happening. >> excuse me. >> -- >> ryan lochte targeted. ambushed on stage, slammed into during the dramatic takedown. as the protesters storm the ballroom. >> so many feelings are going
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season 23 premiere. >> we were sitting in our seats and walked out and said he's a liar. >> turned and saw some people coming towards us. >> the moment playing out off camera last night. >> take a deep breathe. we'll be right back. before we even had time do anything, our own security team literally leapt into action. >> our cameras rolling. >> as two stage crashers interrupt the embattled olympic swimmers redemption tour. one of them swarm aed and thrown really frightening moment very well as did cheryl. >> i feel like my heart was just ripped apart. >> and our tracey in the audience to support her ex baby face, stunned by the security scare. >> all of a sudden we heard protesters coming out of nowhere. >> excuse me. >> the men wearing anti-lochte shirts at had tickets tot the taping. >> i don't know if they wore something else and then pulled -- they had tee shirts


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