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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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here with gary and marty... marty - we turn the dial up a little today.
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million dollars.. that's how much the city of lakewood is paying to settle a lawsuit brought by a widow -- after her police officer husband was killed by friendly fire. tarhonda thomas has the latest... tarhonda -- this november will mark four years since
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yes. and the circumstances are tragic. it was november 9th 20-12. officer james davies was responding to a call of "shots fired" in lakewood. a number of officers responded. as they were looking for the suspect-- davies was behind a fence. a fellow officer mistook him for the suspect-- and shot. davies was killed.... ...the officer who acidentally shot him-- was not charged. two years later, his widow filed a lawsuit in federal court-- alleging that the shooting could have been prevented. her lawyer cited "police incompetence" in the lawsuit. now-- she has agreed to drop that federal suit. in exchange, the city of lakewood will pay her "three-point-five million dollars." lakewood police admit... a number of mistakes-- lead up to the shooting. police are investigating another death - in denver's montbello neighborhood. it's the second one this week. last night -- detectives were investigating after a woman was found dead on east andrews drive.
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pastor. and on monday night -- d-p-d investigators were looking into a death on xanadu street near maxwell.. the scenes are about a mile apart... police haven't released details about a suspect in either case. . two legacy high school coaches are home this morning...but one is still in the hospital. wayne voorhees and kyle rider were released after sunday's terrible school bus crash at d-i-a.... a third coach--matt kroupa--is still in the hospital. twiiter -- thanking everyone for their support...and saying he still needed time to rest and recover. the school has announced that it will still play its homecoming football game this friday night. the team's defensive coordinator will serve as interim coach. the i-70 at peoria is back open this morning -- after a truck hit a pole at an underpass. the front end of the truck crashed a support pillar. that truck appeared to be carrying some type of equipment.. one person was seriosly injured.
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your morning commute.. if you depend on the u-s six at i-70 should probably find a different way to work. in just about 30 minutes-- it will be shutdown until 9 p-m-- today and tomorrow. crews are working on the side of the i-70 bridge - after a crane crashed into it this weekend. c-dot says safety and material delivery - are the main reasons for the long closure. the survivors and families in the aurora theater shooting -- will not have to pay the theater's parent company after losing a recent lawsuit. cinemark's favor in a case that alleged the theater didn't do enough to prevent the 20-12 shooting. that ruling - meant the victim's familiies and survivors were stuck for 700 thousand dollars in legal fees. but since the plaintiffs agreed not to appeal -- cinemark let them off the hook. denver police need help finding the person who killed 38-year-old gerald hammons. he was shot and killed around five sunday morning.
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was outside his car - and had just left a club near 29th and welton. they have not identified any suspects.. anyone with information is asked to call denver police - or leave an anonymous tip with crime stoppers. broncos linebacker brandon marshall took his concerns about social injustice straight to the top tuesday... marshall met with denver police chief robert white for 45 minutes -- and brought along a list of questions on police policies. afterward - marshall didn't talk about the meeting -- but white says the two of them discussed the accountability, and the ins and outs of law enforcement. white says - the meeting was a good chance for two people to offer their own unique perspectives.. as for kneeling
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he doesn't support the protest itself -- but he does support a person's individual rights. today will be another day of rest for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton... she was diagnosed with peumonia last week. but she went to the 9-11 memorial anyway, got sick, and stubled leaving the event early. she's expected to be back on the campaign trail tomorrow....when she'll address the congressional hispanic caucus... and on friday -- she's due a show". today - former president bill clinton will be in las vegas -- campaigning in her place. and today -- donald trump is sitting down with "doctor oz" -- to answer questions about his medical history. but - his campaign manager says - there's really no need for such extensive medical history - and there should be a right to privacy. also today -- trump is set to announce his economic plan.. this comes after the gop nominee said he plans to expand tax deductions for child care and guaranteed paid
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colorado this weekend. he'll be in colorado springs on saturday night - hosting an event near the airport there. you can sign up for tickets on trump's campaign website - but it's expected to be a small venue. you may remember the last time trump was in the springs -- back in july. he got stuck in a hotel elevator - and firefighters rescued him. later - the nominee criticized the fire marshal for capping attendance at his rally... put down the selfie stick... this november - you'll have to settle for the "i voted" stickers -- because in most states - polling booth photos are not allowed. a new hampshire legislator got in trouble for his own ballot picture recently.. the state is defending the photo ban in federal court - saying it helps prevent voter fraud -- by making it harder for people to trade their
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only 9 states appear to allow voting booth selfies. colorado is not one of them. at the white house today - president obama will meet with the leader of burma. the two leaders are expected to talk about greater commecial ties between the u-s and burma -- which is also known as myanmar. there will also be a meeting with secretary of state john kerry. edward snowden, who famously leaked classified government information - will appear in new york today -- via video conference. he's still in russ, granted asylum... snowden is part of campaign urging president obama to pardon him.. the movement is supported by the a-c-l-u, amnesty international, and human rights watch - among others.
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we've seen and talked to some
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teachers! later this morning - we'll introduce you to one of the heroes going above and beyond for her students.. if you have a favorite teacher or mentor in your life -- share with us. go to our facebook - or use the hashtag "be on 9" . it's been a soggy september for florida... we'll have a look at
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florida overnight... it formed off the east coast -- and made landfall in the jacksonville area. much of that area is under a tropical storm warning today. one gas station - lost a piece of awning.. heavy rain and 40 mile per hour winds are expected to move through north east florida and into southern georgia. firefighters are working in grand county -- southwest of the town of kremmling. as of tuesday night - a fire in the gorewood subdivision burned about 5 acres. about 12 homes have evacuated. thankfully - no damage or injuries have been reported. the fire is not threatening kremmling itself.. but emergency crews want people within a 3 miles radius- to be ready to leave just in case. according to a new census report - pay days for most americans -- are a little bit sweeter these days.. even so -- living is
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especially here in denver. the mayor has a plan... what he wants to do -- to create more affordable housing in the
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overall - working americans got a raise! new cenus data shows - the typical household is making about 5 percent more -- than just a few years ago. on average -- a typical household tops around 56- thousand dollars a year.. it's the fastest annual growth on
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living in poverty fell about one and a half percent...the biggest drop is decades. but -- we're still not at pre- recession numbers.. on average - americans still make about 1- thousand less than they did in 2007. affordable housing is one of denver's top priorities. now -- mayor michael hancock is asking for 5 million dollars in 20-17's budget to address the rising cost of living. over the next 10 years -- the city's goal is to build or preserve 6- thousand more affordable places to rent or buy. one such housing in the lincoln park neighborhood on osage street and 10th. the aerie apartment complex sits in a cluster of relatively new residential buildings...and both residents and officials love the affordable living concept.. the mayor is also hoping to create a
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million dollars and would be paid through a tax hike and developer's fees. there's been some opposition from developers about the costs. the city says other builders are now beginning to construct more affordable housing. the council is now considering the affordable housing funding. travel company "priceline" has killed its original product --- "name your own price" for airfares... and your smartphone is to blame. new studies show - the bidding process became too complicated for phones and the service was discontinued on september first. it had allowed travelers to submit a desired price for a flight -- then find out the name of the airline after a carrier accepted
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another perk for amazon prime users... amazon is adding free audiobooks and a digital audio service called "audible channels" for its prime users.. the audio service will feature a blend of original programs, comedy, lectures and audio editions of news stories and articles. and the audiobook selection will include a mix of best sellers, family favorites, and celebrity-narrated classics. amazon says members will have access to a rotating selection of over 50 audiobooks. it's almost time foral corey have you had a pumpkin spice latte yet? and this year - it's going to be really important for some colorado farmers - to have a lot of people come experience the season. coming up on 9 news 4-30 -- one weld county farmer is getting pretty creative...
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you from enjoying the season...several attractions open this weekend. and this year more than ever -- several farmers hope anticipation for autumn - translates into big profits.. a disappointing crop - hammered by hail - has this weld county farmer ready for fall. glen fritzler says -- he lost 50- percent of his typical summer
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farmers - but so is the need to keep up with what visitors want. so now -- he's getting creative - and looking beyond the traditional corn maze.. fritzler is organizing theme weekends -- including a beer garden and lumberjack show -- to keep the visitors coming. he's not the only one.. other farms are planning everything from pumpkin cannons to cider-making workshops -- even "zombie paintball" makes the list. fritzler's opens for the season on
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attendance record -- all thanks to some four legged friends. more than 11- hundred pups turned up for last week's "bark at the park" day.. the white sox were the first m-l-b team to start the event -- 20 years ago.. the guinnes book of world records record... and the furry fans even proved to be good luck -- the white sox beat the cleveland indians-- 8 to one. diet soda could be making a comeback... in colorado schools. in the next half hour- the decision today... bubbling into a pretty big debate. and later- free the
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planning a protest all over a pair of jeans... with parental approval.
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4:30... but we have a
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the job by one of his brothers in uniform... is ready to lay her case to rest. we'll talk about a multimillion dollar settlement. when the word diet in schools- raises questions about unhealthy options... the big debate fizzing in colorado schools today. and a major closure could block your morning drive... and your evening drive... and your mornign drive again tomorrow. crews had to close down part of u-s 6. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- some thunderstorms and severe weather could be on the radar later today. right now- u-s 6 at i-70 out toward


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