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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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two deaths in the montbello neighborhood in less than a day. police are on scene of what they call a two deaths in the montbello neighborhood in less than a day. police are on scene of what they call a possible suspicious death just two miles away from where another body was found monday night. she was in charge of the department that created more than 2 million bank and permission. this morning she's leaving wells fargo with a major pay day. should diet soda be allowed in colorado high school today the state board of education decides but before that we want to know what you think should it be banned? head to now to let your voice be heard. >> we'll be taking that poll in just a few minutes good morning everyone. things quite a bit cooler in the metro area tuesday. boy i'll tell you what we are freezing at our house yesterday. >> it was a cold one.
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about turning on the heat. marty joins us now for the 9 news backyard. are we going to see a warm up today? >> it is going to be slightly warmer today clouds not as thick, mist and drizzle. not as thick around here in fact we see a you few breaks in the overcast in the pre-dawn sky. that's true around here. visibility is okay around here and look at this foggy again near fort collins and loveland. can't get out of the it down in the valley there, i'll watch that carefully and also have limited visibility monument hill near colorado springs and up highway 24 into the lyme on area. clouds hanging around with a few breaks in the overcast here or there, temperatures in the 50s and low 60s we have had some thunderstorms in southern colorado this morning and they would be going for the last three to four hours down toward ratone pass and also seen thunderstorms in northwestern colorado. todays rain forecast puts the heaviest rain in the south especially from the central san
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san lewis valley and then here on the front range mountain and foothills areas kt august up into northern colorado late in the day. we do have a marginal risk for severe weather with storms this afternoon. we'll have a brief round of storms around lunch time and moderate storms in the afternoon. not everyone will see storms but hail is possible and the storms up and down along and east of i25 during the afternoon today. for us clouds hang we have an opportunity for storms around lunch time. a brief mid afternoon break and then more storms roll in later this afternoon. i hope everybody gets the rain they want. if you don't our chances start to decrease as we head into the weekend i'll talk about that in our planning forecast. as we take a look out to the west side we've got one accident to report a new one out to the west. right now sky 9 is over i25 and 6 where we are seeing one
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are getting closer to i70 but two this accident at sixth and sheridan let's head streetside, take a look at our cdot cameras. barely in the distance flashing lights. that is due to an accident at sixth and sheridan that is blocking the right lane. it is going to be in the eastbound direction so for folks headed towards the city again blocking the right lane is that accident that's on the right hand si right now and neither is that construction they're doing bridge repairs the closer you get to sixth avenue out towards i70 an eight to nine minute drive between i25 and golden with speeds on sixth avenue averaging between 50-60 miles per hour. headed to the other side of town 225 is still looking very good with speeds averaging 66 miles per hour, both ways that's a ten minute drive between i70 and i25 this morning. >> you're lucky things are
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wood. >> thank you. one person was badly injured after a truck slammed into a pillar under an i70 overpass and it happened tuesday night. you could see the front end of the truck smashed into the pillar of peoria and the truck appeared to be hauling some sort of equipment and we're working to get an update on how the victim is doing this morning. well two are now home one is still in the hospital. legacy high school football coach wayne voorhees and kyle rider have been released from the hospital. they are at home recovering. they were released after spending two days there recovering from that terrible school bus crash at dia. that crash killed the driver and injured more than a dozen students and coaches. a third coach on board the bus is still in the hospital being treated. yesterday, the school announced that it willfully its homecoming football game on friday night. the teams defensive coordinator will be the interim head coach. edward snowden will appear at a press conference in new
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video feed. the former nsa contractor is still in russia who fled thereafter leaking classified information about the u.s. government. today a campaign is being launched that urges president obama to pardon snowden. those supporting his pardon include amnesty international and human rights watch. simone biles, serena williams play different sports but they have in common russian hackers stole their confidential medical records. a russian gr olympic athletes things like what banned substances the athletes are being allowed to use because they have a verified medical need. the ioc says none of the athletes have violated anti- doping rules and the hack is meant to tarnish the reputation of clean athletes. denver investigators are looking into a suspicious death in the montbello neighborhood. it's the second time is someone
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night after a woman was found dead. one neighbor says the womans husband is a fellow pastor. denver police have not released details about a suspect at this time. it is six minutes after 6:00 right now. it's a top priority and a hot topic in the city of denver. affordable housing now mayor michael hancock is asking for $5 million to address the rising cost of living in our city. one affordable housing complex opened three months ago in the lincoln the apartment complex sits in a cluster of relatively new residential buildings which are considered as affordable housing. the cities goal is to build or to observe some 6,000 more places that people can afford to rent or buy over the next 10 years. >> once they qualify, they know they will be able to afford their rent and they won't be paying an excess amount of their paycheck every month to
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their money on. >> the mayor's plan costs about $150 million that would be paid for through a tax hike and developer's fees. there has been some opposition from developers about the cost but the city says other builders are now beginning to construct more affordable housing. the city is considering the mayor's budget request for affordable housing may make a decision by november. more people than ever are enrolling at colorado state university. csu set a new record for enrollment this ll more than 33,000 students. the school also had a record setting fall for freshmen enrollment with mower than 5,000 students up nearly 6% from the class size one year ago. by the way cu boulder also set a new record for freshman enrollment this year too more than 6400 freshmen on campus that's about 3% more than last year. season changing is showing up very clearly here in
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theory from could. colors are reaching up to about 70% of peak. we should hit our peak some time next week. this weekend will be a good weekend to look. we would like to see how things look where you are or where you've been. post them to my facebook page or twitter and of course always upload imagery and video to your take at 9 showers middle of the day around lunch time and then again this afternoon and evening. we could see a few thunderstorms over the area. for du there's two periods of storms that looks to me the second one might be slightly heavier and as always is the case. the storms are relatively small so not all of us will get rain. >> wait a few minutes and it will move. marty thank you. she's lived there for nearly a quarter century but a florida woman is being told to fix her house up or get out. her house is in a tree by the way. >> oh, a tree house. so diet soda could soon be
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think it should still be banned. get out your phones, your tablets computers and get ready
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we do have a bit of fog around fort collins and
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north of monument hill visibility is way better than yesterday. we had had showers overnight thunderstorms continue this morning in southern colorado and in parts of northwest earn colorado out toward utah as well, we seen pretty good thunderstorms go through that part of the region this morning. the clouds break up during the morning and they aren't going to stick around or be as thick as they were yesterday but by lunch time, there is a chance for a few showers moving through the area and then we get a midday break so the middle of late this after anyone and this evening another shot at some showers there will be pockets of moderate to heavy rain and a few hail shafts during the afternoon today so that means you could get marbel sized hail in a couple storms today. temperatures in the 70s for us 60s in the mountains and foothills storms down south will move out on to the plains we get a few here in the front range and they stretch from
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afternoon which is an area we could see decent rain as well as here in the front range and in southern colorado some pockets of moderate to heavy rain. 80s for the east and west, 60s in the mountains and it will be warmer today because we get a bit more sun, 76 today and breaks in the overcast in between rounds of showers that wrap up this evening and we are clear overnight. tomorrow is a good looking day 74 degrees and a small chance for a light rain shower late in the afternoon isolated storm possible coming up friday afternoon and then things start drying out progressively more and more dry from saturday through monday of next week. >> marty sky 9 is up over i70 and sixth avenue you where you can actually see some of the lane closures that are in place. this is going to be in place through most of the day due to bridge work going on they're doing bridge repairs after an accident happened over the weekend. everybody is pushed off to that
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expecting some pretty big delays because of this and if you you want to take an alternate route and avoid any kind of delays coal fax will be an option and so is i70 itself. let's take another look also at what else we've got going on today. we've got delays through rtd lanes h, f, and e. they were doing emergency repairs along the h line between yale and colorado. those repairs are finished but rtd is expecting delays for at least the next half also u.s. 6th and sheridan that on ramp eastbound sixth avenue right at sheridan we've got an accident off to the right hand side and might be causing some minor delays but a lot of green on this map through the area so i don't think the delays are building up too much just yet. another update is coming up. >> sounds good becky thank you. should colorado high schoolers be able to buy diet soda at school? it's a question that gets a lot of debate and we want to hear
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colorado high schoolers be able to sell diet soda to students or at all and so we're taking that debate right now. >> i'm interested to see how this comes out. the state board of education trying to answer that question today. the board is going to vote on this issue i think this morning? >> yeah, this morning they absolutely will. it a vote that could change the options at your child's school for better or worse depending on who you ask. the group live well colorado completely against soda ban. they say diet soda has now place in schools but the colorado school nutrition association is not completely against the vote. neither is the colorado association of school boards in fact they say the state board needs to vote because it would help clarify the regulations. right now school boards have to comply with both state and federal rules and those regulations are different. colorado began its ban on diet soda in high schools nine years ago before the federal government did. the colorado school nutrition
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lifting the ban will cause an overload of diet soda at high schools but reps with live well say bringing diet soda back to high school can lead to poor nutrition choices and more. >> if we allow our schools to sell diet soda, it opens up the opportunity for marketing in our schools of these unhealthy products. >> every district is required to have a wellness policy and in that wellness policy they can make that decision still to not sell diet soda in their school. >> so the colorado board of education will take up morning we do expect to see a final vote in the meantime we're seeing a vote on our screens. >> we have seeing a vote that looks like there are a lot of diet soda fans out there. >> but if you look at it 50% say yes allow it but 50% say keep the ban or don't have any soda at all. >> and ban all soda which we see that in different schools as we see the numbers continue to move for some parents the issue is about letting them be the ones to teach their kids
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everything that's unhealthy how will they know how to choose between healthy and unhealthy if you don't have to make that choice. other parents say i don't give my kids soda at home you shouldn't at school so it's a big deal. >> it is and you know it's about time if you look at all that added together. >> banning all soda and allowing the choice. so definite opinions. >> like everything else in our country kind of split down the middle. no longer able to teach after a very long battle with cancer, t
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a terrible crime caught on camera at a phoenix gas station before we show you this video we want to warn you it is graphic but everyone did survive. security cameras were rolling as the driver plowed into a trio of police officers outside the gas station and he hit two officers one of them was sent flying several feet in the air. the receipt the victim who now faces attempted murder charges and police believe le was targeting the police. both officers were badly hurt but will survive. a pennsylvania teacher was arrested and lost her job for what she left in the bath rom at her school because she left a fully loaded pistol on the toilet tank. a student found it and instead of grabbing it they told someone. the teacher faces a number of charges including wreckless endangerment. a woman in florida is in a
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lived in for decades. her home is a tree house by the way. miami-dade county says its gotten complaints from the neighbors who say she's running a commune out of the tree house she lived in for a quarter of a century. at least eight people live in the house featuring its own fountain and a pool and the county says it all needs to come down. >> they have come in and want to pretty much take down whole place. >> yeah everything is up to code but she has been cited for multiple permit violations like substandard construction and improper electricity and plumbing. she has about 110 days left to bring the house up to code or she's out of there. no more tree house. although if it comes to that she plans to chain herself to the tree house and we'll see how that works out. 6:21 right now you don't often expect to be taught a
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some high schoolers in tennessee did for their teacher could teach us all a thing or two the story behind the viral sensation but first let's check win marty and becky. >> thunderstorms have been out west and down south today up near utah and in southern colorado. during the morning we'll get clearing and it comes earlier than it did yesterday and storms reform in the southwest corner of the state through the valley up through central colorado, we'll get a midday shower and more storms come in late evening. several areas over the front range and through the central mountains we'll be seeing rain during the day today. tomorrow, rain chances go down, we'll amp them up slightly on friday and then saturday we begin to dry things out so that by sunday, broncos just must be living well because the weather couldn't be more cooperative temperatures in the low 80s at mile high stadium on sunday as the colts come to town: marty
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avenue in that west side sky 9 up over i70 and sixth avenue westbound basically closed off to all but one lane, again one lynn that far right shoulder is getting bias crews do repair work on that bridge. this is going to be the case throughout the day and we are expecting major delays because of it. if you want to take an alternate route and avoid all of that, you could take coalfax or take i70. those will be your best two options. let's ta avenue still watching an accident in the eat bound lanes as that camera shuffles around a bit at sixth and sheridan and that's as everybody is getting on to eastbound 6 so that
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get to watch it again... and again.. okay, ba bill murray comedy groundhog day will get to watch it again and again and again. that's because it's coming to broadway. the musical based on the movie about a jaded weather man forced to live the same day over and over is going to make a leap from london and open this spring at the august wilson theatre. the musical script was written by danny ruben, who co-wrote the film. the cast hasn't been announced yet i'm guessing the music includes "i've got you babe."
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it already has blowing reviews. so you know you've done something big when you've caught the attention of country singer tim mcgraw, right? and when you do something as awesome as students at nashville's crist presbyterian academy did you are bound to turn a few hats. 400 students gathered outside the home of a teacher whose battling an aggressive form of cancer. he can't teach or come to school so they decided to come to him to lift his spirit ups. ever since mcgraw posted this video its been viewed more than 26 million types. he going through chemotherapy so they wanted to come to hem and he is singing in it and
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teenagers high schoolers to think of that. it's pretty incredible. >> absolutely. >> i've shared that on my page too. it's 6:28 lots more coming up in the next half hour.
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good morning. denver police are investigating a death in one montbello neighborhood. i'm going to tell you what
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this case. her husband was shot and killed by his fellow officer in the loin of duty and you now the widow of officer james davies reached a huge settlement with the city of lakewood. they are our every day heros who impact our lives more than most. today we'll celebrate teachers who teach and inspire all of us. almost half way you through the week and things should start to warm just a little bit. warm up into maybe the 70s marty is in the backyard we'll see 80s again before too long. >> by earl up quite a bit and the reason we'll be warmer today is we have more and more breaks in the overcast in fact you could see a lot more sun this morning than you saw yesterday morning. here locally we have breaks in the overcast it's still hazy and foggy in and around fort collins and loveland. the mist stayed there for quite a while. it is a mile and a half visibility on the south side of fort collins into northern loveland we do anticipate that to improve rapidly not of the rest of us have better
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you are traveling right now and going down over monument hill for at least the next hour to hour and a half you could have limited visibility. showers are at the northwest corner of colorado and also in southern colorado we've had had several areas of showers during the morning where we could see heavier rain during the day today in san juans and we'll also get pockets of heavy rain here in the front range. we have a marginal risk a small risk for i25 corridor pushing out under the plains. i would say hail would be our biggest risk and storms late in the afternoon. clouds break up a bit during the morning with 50s and 60s and if you are working outside it's a fairly comfortable day to do that. we do pop into the low 70s but there are a few areas of showers possible around lunch time and more in our traditional time of day late in the afternoon so that's something you'll want to be
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with interactive radar. something we're tracking in the traffic world is this lane closure. this is going to be on sixth avenue west headed just before you get to i70 they're doing bridge work from an accident that happened on sunday and everything but the shoulder is basically shutdown at the tail end of sixth avenue so they are expecting this to cause pretty big delays. if you alternate route coalfax or i70 is a good alternate. let's take a look at streetside, i25 at the thornton parkway starting to see pretty big slowdowns as everybody is headed south into the city. we also have some accidents along 270 and there is a look at speeds 13 minute drive on northbound i25 from i70 to e470 takes you 16 minutes to travel the other way and the accidents
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avenue and that's in the westbound direction and a little bit further north on u.s. 85 we've got an accident at i76. so two pretty big delay on that north east side of town. becky thank you much. $3.5 million is how much the city of lakewood is paying to settle a lawsuit brought by the widow after her police officer husband was killed by friendly fire. 9 news reporter joins us once again this november will mark four years death. >> reporter: yes it will and the circumstances of his death are tragic. it was november 9, 2012 officer james davies was responding to a call of shots fired in lakewood. a number of officers responded as they were looking for the suspect he was behind a fence and a fell le officer mistook him for the suspect and shot and he was killed and the of ther who shot him was not charged. two years later his widow filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging the shooting could
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well now she has agreed to drop that federal suit. in exchange the city of lakewood will pay her $3.5 million. lakewood police admit a number of mistakes lead up to that shooting. thank you. two deaths 24 hours apart in one neighborhood denver police have been called out to the montbello neighborhood each of the last two nights to investigate a dead body. the latest was that of a pastor's wife. 9 news joins us live saying her death could possibly be suspicious? >> reporter: you know at this time they are conducting it as a homicide investigation, corey. we are out in this neighborhood east andrews road. now i want to give you an idea where that's at just off of chambers and i70 so that should give you some clue as to where this neighborhood is and this is the street where it happened there's the home. you know there aren't any police on scene this morning from what i can see very calm
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that investigation and police got out here but a very different scene this morning, detectives say they searched a home on east andrews drive tuesday night after a woman was found dead. you know though one neighbor a family friend tells us this woman is the wife of a pastor in this area. he tells us this is now testing his faith. >> my faith is checking. we all need to stay strong but this is a very big test fate. i know we will get through it. >> denver police tell us they really haven't released any information about a suspect at this time. again, detectives were out here yesterday evening and this is still an active investigation and they are considering it a homicide investigation at this time. gary really difficult for these neighbors not to have many answers at this time. of course once denver police releases any of that we will share it with you but this morning as you can see a very calm scene very different than what was out here yesterday evening.
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very mysterous circumstances thank you much about that. about a dozen homes in grand county are under evacuation orders this morning because of a small wildfire. firefighters think they have the five acre fire under control but it could threaten the town still. the fire is burning in the gorewood subdivision. emergency agencies want people in a three mile radius to be ready to leave just in case. the legal battle between cinemark and families of aurora theatre shooting is coming to an end. the family sued cinemark saying the theatre chain did not do enough to prevent the attack in may. in may, a jury ruled in favor of cinemark. the shooting was in 2012. under colorado law they could have legal fees paid for by the people who sued them and the theatre chain offered up a deal to the family saying if they did not appeal they wouldn't have to pay the 700,000 dollars
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filed paperwork to end this fight. today a fallen jefferson county deputy will be immortalized at the spot where he lost his life. sargent shawn renfroe was hit and killed by a car after helping a family after they crashed on highway 285 in january in 2015. today a sign will go up along the seven mile stretch of the road. a is statue in new york city honoring the soldiers who went to war after 9/11 dedicated on tuesday. the americas response monument in liberty park shows a soldier, on a horse riding into battle. the park overlooks one world trade center. it is 6:38 right now hillary clinton says that she is strong enough to get back to campaigning tomorrow. this after sitting out a couple of days after being diagnosed with pneumonia. her husband former president bill clinton says his wife has been feeling great. he was in los angeles on
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campaign event in las vegas today. meanwhile president obama filled in for her in philadelphia to campaign event on tuesday. republican presidential candidate donald trump is expected to release his health records today. he will reveal the results of his latest physical and he's going to do that on the dr. os show. he has also promised to reveal his economic plan after announcing yesterday that he's going to nd for child care. around here today looking for showers to go right around noon and 4 it's interesting when i show you this graphic i just had somebody tweet me looking at this graphic asking what time the storms might pop. and i always like to show this graphic to show kind of what time the storms will pop so i'll deal with that here in a moment. >> [laughter] >> looking very nice around
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we should be hitting that some time next week and we generally get that peak third, fourth week in the northern and central mountains of colorado and later as you move down to the south again i've got a great shot of st. elmo from over the weekend tweeted to me. hit me on facebook and share your location with me as well. so we can all see the beauty of colorado. >> not at peak yet but very very nice. >> it's gorgeous. 6:40 right now. music can levy lasting impact for yearsnd years this week is heros week on 9 news and the teacher today her boss says that everybody should get to know how she's making a lasting impression on her kids in the classroom. the key to saving the ocean could be miles away from any
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more than 40,000 households without power in southern taiwan right now. the super typhoon is toppling signs, culting power lines. forecasters in taiwan reported wind speeds in the storm of more than 130 miles an hour with gusts up to 160 miles an hour. tropical storm julia is slamming florida's east coast this morning. the storm formed off the coast
6:44 am
caused serious damage. now the storm is threatening homes along east florida and southern georgia. much of the area is under a tropical storm warning. marty this will bring a lot of rain to an area hard hit by storms. >> it continues to migrate up to the north and now moved up north of jacksonville into southeast earn sections of georgia and it's going to waffle around the next two to three days th from georgia through the carolinas rain amounts pushing is six to nine inches possible with this storm so it's pretty clear winds not the big issue, flooding will be. as we go through the day today a few isolated storms possible right through the lunch hour and then we get a breakerly in the afternoon and late afternoon again, a possibility for some storms moving into the area, not everyone will get
6:45 am
the problems we've got going on this is a new one at i70 and 225 folks headed in the wet bound direction you can see emergency flashing lights right there on the left-hand side of the road our latest accident not causing too many delays but perhaps minor ones in the westbound direction at i70 right at 225. elsewhere we also have an accident on westbound 76 right at 74 and further to the north th we've got another accident that is causing some minor delays so quite a few problems popping up early this morning. >> becky thank you. police use the fourth officer accountability and how law enforcement agencies operate those were the topics of conversation tuesday between denver police chief robert white and broncos linebacker brandon marshall who met with chief white for 45 minutes bringing a list of questions on police policies. marshall did not talk about the
6:46 am
did though saying he respects marshals right to neealmost and protest during the national anthem but he doesn't agree with the protest. >> let me tell you why i want to do this. he gave me an opportunity to listen to somebody else who has a voice and they can perhaps impact other individuals as it relates to what their concerns are but equally as important it gave me an opportunity to talk to him about the good work the men and women are doing in our police department and police officers country. >> chief white says he offered marshall some suggestions on how a football star might help the community work better with police. think about a teacher that made a lasting difference in your life, in our lives. they are heros. one teacher in jefferson county is proving it is much more than just a job. it is a passion and its made a difference for thousands of
6:47 am
mogan's class. >> reporter: music connects us. it is time less. sue mogan is dedicating her life to make sure it doesn't fade for generations to come. >> i'm blessed with the best students and the best parent support. >> she's been passing the passionate hackberry elementary for generations already. >> i've been teng years. >> sue is incredible. she is complete ball of energy. >> she is a hero to the kids here. the heart beat of the school says the print pal. >> she was the one that everybody said you need to know about sue and see what she's doing and she's the driving force in this school. >> a school but really a family. she is a mother of this music movement and these are her kids she says.
6:48 am
before the first student arrives she makes an hour long drive to teach a special class before school, on her own time. >> you don't see too many teachers willing to give up their planning period, lunch period and any time before and after school to devote craft. >> she started a strings program every student kindergarten through sixth can be a part of and 150 are already in orchestra and 150 more in choir. >> just want them to walk out of this room having experienced passion for music. >> sue is inspiring a next generation of heros who will pass on that passion. >> she's just terrific.
6:49 am
every day and we had to talk her into taking a 10 minute break so we could do that interview. she's so busy. she also has a summer program. she invites everyone up to her home for a concert in the mountains in the summer. >> wonderful teacher. the 2016 coleman colorado race for the cure is in less than two weeks and we're sure you have a lot of questions about it like how to register where to park. volunteers from coleman colorado are here to answer your questions. th 8:00 this morning, give them a call 303-698-0999 decked out in pink can't believe it's coming up in two weeks. >> lots of people are out there and a beautiful day wonderful day it always is. >> i love seeing that pink ribbon from all of the people. >> coalfax had overpass. could 3d printers be the key to saving our oceans? scientists and ocean explorers seem to think so. >> we'll talk about that.
6:50 am
fabian is going to use 3d printers to design structures similar to coral reefs. the plan is to teat out the fake coral to see if it can help preserve vital marine habitats around the world much like real coral does. the reefs serve as a feeding ground for lots of ocean animals and they're testing it right now near the caribbean island and one of the healthiest best protected reefs in the world. they hope the fake foster natural growth of the reefs faster than other methods do. worth a try. >> it's just a start for 3d printers they cost very very little to make that stuff. >> and they can do so much. as we near the half way point of the work week we know a lot of you are looking ahead
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light rain over the area lit last night and it continued until early this morning farther in southern colorado those storms are beginning to weaken and they will reform later in the day and its been raining and snowing in northeastern utah for a good bit of the morning. clouds this morning not as thick and not as much moisture in the eras yesterday so we will break them up sooner we could also see a sooner arrival of some showers around bunch time today and then again during the afternoon and evening. it looks like the second batch of storms might have a little more energy than the first because we'll be heating things up in between those two rounds of storms. small pockets of moderate to heavy rain possible in the quarter to almost three quarters of an inch range
6:54 am
atmosphere today it is possible to have some hail in those storms today remember on our 9 news app you have your interactive radar you could track where the storms are through out the afternoon. temperatures today in the 70s here at lower elevations we'll be in the 70s in the mountains and the front range isn't the only place getting storms and we'll see them through southern colorado where we already have in small areas on the northeastern plains spreading more through central and western colorado in the grand county back through the fire areas in the flag tops dropping down into the san juan snow level running 11, 500 to 12,000 feet. some of the better rain for the front range northern colorado but especially down along the new mexico border where we could see moderate to heavy storms through the afternoon and evening. 70s to near 80 in the eat and west with 60s and 70s in the mountains get a brief midday shower, a bit of clearing that
6:55 am
late afternoon and some evening storms around here are on an isolated basis. yes they will pack a punch just not that many. we clear overnight and hit upper 40s and tomorrow it's a smaller chance for rain over the area and a couple degrees cooler. we have a better chance for storms friday and then the dryer warmer air really takes hold by sunday and monday. thanks so much marty let's go up to sky 9. sky 9 right i70 backed up due to an accident you can actually see the ambulance there on scene. it's not causing too many huge delays but it is slowing folks down again right at westbound i70 at 225 here is a look at what it looks like streetside. you can actually see some of the slowdowns a little bit more extensive as everybody is trying to check out what is going on.
6:56 am
in fact down in some areas to about 33 miles per hour. other accidents that we have out on our roads along i76, 76 westbound at 74th we've got an accident that's slowing folks down as you are headed in towards denver we also have one a little bit further to the north and east of there at u.s. 85 and 76, also in the westbound direction. this is what sixth avenue locks like right now with delays eastbound where speeds are at 46 miles per hour that drive still looking good with drive times at about nine minutes this morning. becky thank you. it's 6:56 right now here is a look at the top stories we're following today. >> good morning for the second time in just two days denver homicide detectives are working a case in the montbello neighborhood. yesterday evening off east andrews drive a woman was found dead inside one of the homes over here. a neighbor a close family friend tell us this woman is
6:57 am
area. outside this morning not much activity but we know it was a real active scene yesterday evening as police try to find any clue as to what lead up to this death investigation now taking place. gary as of right now denver police say they have not released any information about suspects at this time if that changes we'll let you you know. >> colleen thank you much for that. the city of lakewood is paying $3.5 million to settle a federal lawsuit after one of their police officers was james davieshad was shot in november of 2012 standing behind a fence when a fellow officer mistook him for the suspect. that officer was not charged. his wife filed the lawsuit saying that it could have been prevented. lakewood police say a number of mistakes lead to the shooting. a five acre wildfire is burning southwest in the gorewood subdivision. 12 homes have been evacuated. the actual town is not threatened but emergency crews
6:58 am
they expand evacuation orders. no injuries have been reported. a truck crashed into an overpass support pillar near i70 in peoria tuesday night. that area is back open. one person was badly hurt the truck appeared to be hauling some sort of equipment we're working to get an update on the victim. two legacy high school football coaches are home this morning the third is still in the hospital. head coach wayne voorhees and another coach kyle rider were released on the school crashed at dia on sunday. the coach is still in the hospital. legacy announced they will play their homecoming game this friday. the teams defensive coordinator will serve as interim coach. >> that will be emotional. it is a sticky situation for colorado schools. high schools, diet soda on campus. its been banned for nine years now but this morning the state board of education will vote on the issue the colorado association of school board says no matter how the vote goes they want clarification.
6:59 am
with state and federal bands, both come with different rules. two periods of showers one possible right around lunch time for a few spots, a little better chance later in the afternoon and we decrease our rain chances tomorrow, pick them up ever so slightly friday, it gets progressively dryer into the early part of next week when we spike with warm temperatures around here and the dry weather does appear that it's going to last through a good bit of degrees on sunday that should happen right during the middle of that broncos colts game. >> going to be another warm one i guess marty thank you. the world's real-life super heros touching the lives of millions of children, teachers were taking the time to celebrate these ed you you indicators during heros week today meet three teachers from your school district nominated by the students there they inspire. that's coming up at 7:15 on channel 20. we are heading to channel 20 if you're stay withing the today show have a great day.
7:00 am
care, goodbye. ? good morning. breaking overnight. former secretary of state colin powell hacked. his e-mails revealed. calling donald trump a national disgrace. and accusing the clinton campaign of trying to drag him into her e-mail scandal. this morning, powell telling nbc targeted. chilling video showing the moment a driver plows into a group of police officers outside a phoenix gas station, throwing one of them into the air. >> this is a violent, cowardly act on our police officers. >> the suspect arrested after this violent struggle and facing attempted murder charges. southern soaker. overnight, tropical storm julia develops over florida.


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