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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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we start with more revalations from newly-leaked emails involving former secretary of state colin thank you for joining us 49 news at noon.
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>> he says those emails are real and they include scaling -- scathing words about donald trump ricky wrote these comments in june. he says this -- donald trump. he wrote these comments in june. he says this is all true emails. he says donald trump is in the process of destroying himself. ther destroy him. he insinuated that though she said that the movement that obama may not be born in the united states was racist prick he said the clinton neese does -- clinton followers have been
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months. your forecast is sunny right now. a beautiful view. dickey ditch field has more. >> we have sun humidity to work with and a couple of clouds popping up in denver. showers and thunderstorms are part of the forecast but they likely will move in late this afternoon and into this evening. north and west of us right now. we do have a severe thunderstorm warning for northwest colorado. there could even be some severe weather in the western part of our state today. hail and wind will be the biggest threats for the storms. near walsenburg, showers are possible there as well. this is where we will see the stronger storms. this covers all of i 25 and pushes out east to about fort morgan and limon.
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be possibilities. this is mostly moving in after 4:00 today. we are right now at 74 degrees, 71 dia, 63 fort collins, a mixture of 50s, 60s and 70s in the mountains. we will be in the upper 70s by 3:00 and staying there for the afternoon high's. at 4:00 we will start to see the temperatures drop back into the mid-70s. we are waiting on a cold front which will push all of the showers and thunderstorms out of western colorado and into the front range. it is still going to take a couple of hours to get here. we will have the details coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you becky. something as we are following today, the atlantic conference is removing all the athletic championships from north carolina. >> at issue is a state law that some say could lead to discrimination against the lgbt
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on monday the ncaa said they were relocating seven championships including men's basketball, first and second round matchup scheduled for greensboro, north carolina. that is a huge deal that they are pulling out of north carolina because of that law. to it was yesterday when we first told you about it -- >> it was yesterday when we first told you about it many games are played in north carolina. the championship season has many games in that area. some big hits are costing a few broncos players big bucks. brandon marshall was fined $24,309 and darian stewart was hit with an $18,231 fine. the reason was hits on camp miller
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quarterback. brandon marshall has lost two endorsements that has gained two new ones. marshall put up a post on instagram saying when one door closes, another door opens. simmons says i am glad for his and other athlete's courage in standing up against injustice prick he also said he likes how marshall rallied find new regulations against police ims -- air academy credit union has dropped marshall as a spokesperson following his protest last week. wells fargo ceo is taking the blame for a shady crutches -- shady practice that left many customers having fraudulent accounts open. he says he takes responsibility. the employees were opening fake
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wells fargo now has to pay $185 million in fines. it has also lost its premium title of the world's largest and most valuable bank. the shares dropped on tuesday making j.p. morgan chase the new most valuable bank. 25 times flour was delivered to the reagans today. there was a real sound there was a real sound of peace and quiet today. we have that story now. >> reporter: the syrian observatory for humanitarian rights says there hasn't been any action since the cease- fire. they said calm had prevailed. that is a surprise considering the pessimism last week. at sunset tonight the 2 site
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as it has so far, russia and america will extend the cease- fire for another 48 hours. there is one crucial element that is still missing. the syrian government has been blocking aid convoys from reaching help to eastern aleppo which still holds thousands of people. most of those convoy trucks have not far. there are still 20 idling on the syrian border waiting to go through customs. regarding humanitarian assistance, there is still homework to be done. still, optimism among diplomats appears to have spiked. it was said last night that if the truce holds 20 leaders of countries mainly at the human next week to try to hash out a broader resolution to this five year long civil war that has killed nearly 500,000 people.
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matt bradley nbc news london. accurately west, the spot where lisa shot a boy to death will be dismantled today. this is the gazebo in cleveland. the officer thought the boy had a real gun when it was actually a pellet gun. the gazebo has become somewhat of an memorial -- a memorial for the boy. gazebo will be taken to a chicago museum for display. rices death -- rice's death was one of several shootings that sparked protests. 95,000 seasonal workers will be hired to meet demand for on-demand -- online shopping demand. retailers are looking ahead. target reports they plan to
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store workers which is about the same as last year. to so many places are hiring. -- and >> so many places are hiring. he has a ton of followers, now you can come and see him in person. actor in yuma nights activist george decay will speak at the university of colorado in boulder. he will be there october 26 that 7:30. tickets are two dollars per student and for us they cost $25. on i have a feeling he will have a big crowd. he has so many fans. scenic this is one of those events where people will be lining up the night before. >> some of them may be in their star trek uniforms. >> most likely yes. to if you are smart, you will where it. you could take a picture with him in the background and the stage. highway 290 -- highway 285
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renamed today to be named after an officer that die driving to
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we are waiting for showers to begin in the fort collins area. we already have them in the mountains. the clouds are building across the foothills. this is not translating into
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71 right now, cooler in fort collins at 57, greeley 66. we have a mixture of 50s, 60s and 70s for the eastern plains, the same in the mountains at the moment. this is with the radar looks like prick you can see showers pretty scoured -- scattered. we have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for central moffat county until 12:30. hail and wind are going to be the biggest threats with the storm as it pushes quickly toward the northeast. it is also producing lightening. the same thing for the showers and thunderstorms towards the south, more lightning and heavy rain and anything else. they are going to continue to push into the foothills and move into the denver metro area later today. they are coming just ahead of this cold front which will continue to keep the temperatures in the 70s by tomorrow. tomorrow promises to be a much calmer day than today. today's showers and storms that could be severe, we may see a
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front tomorrow. this is marginal. the storms that push across colorado today could produce large hail and damaging wind.'s strong storms not only in the mountains but also in the front range extending to the eastern plains. they get going here in denver shortly after 4:00 in the afternoon. they will become scattered at 7:00 at 7:00 pm lining i-25 and will push east and then they will start to lose steam after 9:30. il after that and we will have a little bit of humidity and a stray shower or 2 tomorrow. 76 today for the high today for denver, 70s and 80s for the eastern plains, 60s for the mountains and upper 70s out across the western slope. those winds are going to be out of the southeast fi to 50 miles an hour. late day storms could be strong
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5 to 15 miles an hour. late day storms could be strong in your area. another chance for storms on friday and drier and warmer for
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a brand-new medical procedure could do away with those pesky eyeglasses and improve the vision of 100 million americans. you may have -- be just a five- minute procedure away from much clearer vision. dr. john torres was with the first patient since this has received fda approval. >> reporter: the blurry world of farsightedness of aging americans and usually begins at about age 40. >> they are fuzzy, even looking pretty much anything close-up. everything looks a little fuzzy. >> reporter: it is why chari owns nine pairs of reading glasses. >> i usually have three upstairs and 3 downstairs. i have some in my purse. >> reporter: the blurry vision is caused by the eye losing flexibility. >> everyone gets this, whether you are nearsighted or farsighted or whether you've adlai sick or not. it's part of getting older --
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of getting older. sherry is about to become the first person in the nation to get this innovative device since it was recently approved by the fda which reshapes part of your eye. it is a tiny implant called the rain drop in mold -- made mostly with water. it improves your vision for the farsighted. the procedure takes less than 5 minutes. >> surgery which corrects -- lasik surgery which corrects the vision. this is not covered by insurance and costs about $3000. there is a slight risk of seeing a halo or glare with this procedure. >> nuc better than before? to [ laughter ] yes. i can see this line.
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>> [ laughter ] >> she doesn't need the reading glasses anymore. >> she doesn't and that smile says it all. i can see clearly now. [ laughter ] >> she doesn't need those nine pairs of reading glasses anymore. really? we thought the story was very important to share. a portion of highway 285 was renamed today in honor of a fallen jefferson county sergeant. this was at mile marker 245 on the southbound side of 285. that's 4 miles from where the accident happened. sergeant sean renfro was killed when the driver of a passing by lost control as he was helping a victim of a -- of another
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we are humbled by this honor intron would be handled as well. he died -- humbled as well. he died doing what he loved work this serves as a reminder -- loved. this serves as a reminder of his service to the community and most of all to everyone who sees it to drive safely. >> absolutely, the sign designates a 7 mile stretch of highway to a five as the sergeant sean renfro memorial >> it's a wonderful reminder of what those people do for us everyday. you can honor his life by driving safely. will kids be allied -- allowed to drink soda at high school?
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tonight is the season finale of america's got talent. you will see a familiar group. >> the silhouettes are going to be performing. they were just as two days ago. they made up an entire routine in 24 hours because they are that great. you may remember we recently did a story on them. they are based in arvida and dr. start in season six. you have to tune in tonight. >> it's going to be someone good if it's the >> they bring out the big names . >> -- we have a story to update you on. the state board of education says yes to diet soda. they allowed changes that will allow diet soda to come back into high schools, if the district decides to. colorado band high schools just a few years ago, from dieting -- from selling diet soda. it didn't really correlate with
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were some healthy beverage suggestions and guidelines. they will now be able to buy diet soda at lunch and after school if the 2 -- if the school district decides to do so. people were very vocal online. some didn't want any soda at all in the schools. that's a big one. >> that will be. will you need soda today or hot apple cider? in a little bit you will see
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we are still waiting on the showers and thunderstorms but they are coming and will likely be here after 4:00. severe weather is possible. hail, winds and heavy rain will be the biggest threats.
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until about 9:00 when it clears out. the overnight low will be 49 degrees and a light shower or too -- or 2. a little drive for the weekend, back up to the
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. ryan lochte attacked. derek hough on the attack. >> get out of here. >> giant security scare on dancing now on "extra." ? a man tackled to the ground. olympian and his dance partner shaken up. >> so many feelings going through my made right now. >> new details on the protesters. >> and our own tracie edmonds in the audience. >> we didn't know if it was real or not. >> bill o'reilly's first interview about fox news's channel's $20 million sexual harassment scandal. >> for once in my life i'm going


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