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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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facility. and medical records become the topic of conversation for both campaigns. even vp candidates come under scrutiny. brave or foolhardy? what happened when someone dared to venture out in a super typhoon? and meet denver's pedestrian planner and why he needs your help. 9news starts now. >> police were looking for meth. they broke out the door and found a family. kids. no suspects. the suspects hads moved out. >> it was scary. terrifying. i can hear the sound of the glass breaking and the kids crying and the ladies screaming. >> it is our job as law enforcement leaders in this community to go back and look
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making the mistakes that we made. >> police say that it was a bad tip that led them to that old address. they have apologized and they will pay for the damage they caused. police in cheyenne wyoming are investigating a shooting at a senior living center. a 77-year-old man shot three people there this morning. one of them died. then he shot himself. around 11:00 this morning, larry rosenburg shot someone in the billing. two others were shot in the officers chased him until he shot himself. no information on the victims is expected until tomorrow morning. the local families of two men killed in syria who twenty to fight isis will finally get to bury their loved ones. the bodies of levi shirley of arvada and jordan mactaggart of castle rock will be returning. they went to syria to help
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union station friday morning. there are strong to severe storming popping up from boulder across the northern denver suburbs and the eastern plains. storms have been forming closer to arvada and westminster in the past hour. we have seen impressive lightning strikes in northern colorado. danielle grant will be along shortly to update us on storm action tonight and tomorrow. this week, the presidential campaign is focused on the health of the candidates. hillary clinton is 68, donald trump is 70. the lack of medical information they have released. it has only intensified until clinton's pneumonia diagnosis. her doctor said she is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. it goes onto say she remains healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. it also contained details of her latest physical saying everything was normal and she is in excellent mental condition. clinton plans to resume
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the scrutiny has spread to the presidential candidates. tim kaine released new med real records. a note from his doctor says he is in good health with generally good cholesterol and blood pressure levels. the doctor recommended he start taking a vitamin d supplement. donald trump's health is going to be the focus of tomorrow's dr. oz show. the republican candidate seemed ready for a show business style reveal complete with the audience prompt and ri as it seems, why not share your medical records? why not? >> i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. i mean, should i do it? i don't care. >> inside the letter, details about a recent checkup and the fact that mr. trump takes cholesterol medication. medical experts will point out trump has only shared a snapshot of his health and less than what past nominees would share. if elected he would be the
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office. colorado likes to think of itself as a swing state. some changes in the political landscape especially in a few key suburban counties. is this state looking a bit more blue? here is dan grossman. >> reporter: we are still a state that can swing back and forth. the thing about pendulums is, they will always have an equal and opposite reaction. >> denver over the last decade has shifted a bit to the left. for the last eight years it standarded to favor one side. >> there was the national convention of the democrats here in 08. and that sort of kick started what became a very democratic era. >> reporter: it comes down to two counties. jefferson and arapahoe. together, they account for 22% of colorado's vote. >> so they are absolutely key counties. >> reporter: when looking at
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republicans in 2011. today, they favor democrats by 5,000. similar story in jeffco where republicans still have a majority, but the gap has closed from 15,000 to 5,000. >> i frankly no longer consider jefferson county very republican and historically, it was a strong republican county. >> reporter: it is three factors. younger voters, more ethnically divee educated voters. groups that tend to lean left. >> sort of a theme developed, a theory, that, the state had become less of a swing state and more of a light blue. >> reporter: but with hillary clinton losing ground in recent colorado polls. >> frankly, i don't think anybody could safely predict who will win this race. >> reporter: it looks like colorado will swing whichever way the wind blows come november.
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>> both arapahoe and jefferson counties went for president obama in 2008 and 2012. to saint louis area, police officers badly hurt in the line of duty are recovering here in colorado. greg tutor's ambulance was escorted to the airport. he will join another officer michael flamien who was shot in july during a traffic stop and paralyzed. he is being treated at the same hospital e which medical facility. but it is one that specializes in spinal cord injuries. a construction worker had a close call when he fell into a trench in colorado springs. firefighters say the 30-year- old was working on a water line near the broadmore when the trench collapsed around him. he was partially buried two hours. rescuers were able to stabilize the walls of the trench and pull him out. he was conscious the whole time and taken to the hospital to get checked out. city dot is going to go to
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at i-70 in golden. they will close an hour earlier, 4:00 a.m. they hope to open everything by 7:00 p.m. they are advising stay clear. plan an alternate route. there will be delays. changing are coming for what most people this is miserable intersection. glen club and quincy in aurora. there's a meeting tonight to talk about the improves. the intersection gets an f for performance in rush turns so the intersection will be converted to a continuous flow intersection hoping to solve that problem. >> they come up to the intersection, they want to make a left. the left arrow is only so long, so what happens is traffic backs up quite a bit to the south. and so, this solution here is going to separate the left turn and the through traffic so they can make the maneuvers through the intersection at the same time. >> it is actually more exciting
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next summer. take about a year to complete. there are plans in the works to eventually widen quincy and gun club. the city of denver has a new employee whose job it is to make more people want to walk to where they are going and make that walk more pleasant. the chief pedestrian planner is asking for suggestions. 9news reporter vicente arenas talked to him about his goals for a city that is already considered one of the most walkable in the country. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: even with soothing sounds, sidewalk especially for guillermo. >> yes, very crowded. they have a bit narrow for this area. >> reporter: he walks several blocks along broadway from the light rail to his apartment every day. he hadn't heard about denver's new pedestrian planner and neither had ezra. >> i'm happy about it but i'm skeptical how much they could really do. >> reporter: a lot can be done. >> we are doing work right now to make the streets better. >> reporter: at least that is
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i want to know about those issues so we can fix them. >> reporter: pulcifer is the new pedestrian planner. how can he help people like ruby who has problems with cyclists? >> i enjoylying to music while i walk and if a biker is coming behind me, sometimes i'm unaware of it and they will sneak up on me. >> reporter: on facebook, michael medina asked if these weeds could get cleaned out. and glen had this vi pedestrians. >> reporter: the planner believes he can help. >> you plant trees, make the sidewalks bigger, you make crossings times longers to give people more time to cross. >> reporter: he says the city could also look into creating more medians where walkers can rest while crossing. more clearly marked crosswalks, and, sidewalks that are separated from the street by landscaping. and maybe, a little more room
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have a pedestrian planner in denver and he said that it is important for the city to get input from the public and come up with what he calls a master plan that will be needed as the city becomes more dense and just keeps growing. he will be making $83,000 a year to head up this office. >> thanks so much vicente arenas. tropical storm julia has taken its time moving up the east coast. it gathered along the coast of florida. dumped heavy rain. and is bringing more heavy rain to florida, georgia, south carolina. it is going to sit stationary off the coast of charleston. typhoon meranti. this guy gets up and is able to run away to shelter. lucky man. the winds threw around stacked
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boxes. taiwan says meranti is the strongest typhoon to make last there in 20 years. it is heading into china tonight. one of colorado's biggest oil companies could be ramping up operations here today. enadarco will free up money for more work and colorado's denver jewelsburg basin. more rigs will be added here. colorado has lost thousands of oil and gas jobs since oil prices took a steep uber experiments with a self-driving car. not everything goes as planned when a reporter gets behind the wheel. >> an item never designed to be a toy competes with 11 other items that were. what goes into the toy hall of fame? >> the struggle is real for what is internet has ruled the cutest baby animal in some time. >> and back into the 80s in denver, danielle grant looks ahead at our weekend forecast. >> and hold on tight.
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. >> a cat burglar is terrorizing a neighborhood in washington state. maybe not exactly terrorizing ce from houses. dory has become known as the bad kitty bandit. >> i don't know how she is getting in some of the neighbor's yards but she is figuring it out. and so, they probably should come check the bucket. >> it is where she keeps her bucket. neighbors know to come check the bucket when something goes missing. because that is where she puts it. a video of a very tiny panda has become the latest
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internet. the six week old cub doesn't have a name yet. maybe jacin would work. it is chinese for determination. it is not quite strong enough yet to roll over. the cub is one of a pair born last night in a chinese preserve and the bigger of two cubs so far. uber users in pittsburgh can opt for a ride in a self- driving vehicle. the company launched a fleet of ford fusions. 20 cameras help the cars na there is a driver ready to take the wheel if something goes on. there is an engineer from uber monitoring everything on the laptop. the technology is not perfect. it stopped today during a reporter's test drive. >> we have a long way to go. it can't be the wild west out there when people's lives are in the hands of car that's are run by computers. >> and at that point, there is not much oversight. the national transportation safety administration says it
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on driverless vehicles. let the campaigning begin. for which of the 12 toy finalists should go into the hall of fame. one of them is not really a toy. it is bubble wrap. nerf has a shot at one of the three spots. transformers, the pinball machine, care bears, coloring books and rock em sock em robots. the announcements will be in november. there have been flurries in the air at ski resorts. more natural flakes will be falling ne then the snow machines will fire up the get the runs ready for the new season. loveland is 16 days away from starting to make snow at the divide. no estimate on when they will open. keystone says it is 50 days from opening. many areas will open shortly after that in november as long as the snow and the cold arrive on schedule. man, fall is going the fly by. it will be winter before we know it. have to get the skis and boards
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we have had a couple of strong thunderstorms crossing the i-25 corridor in northern colorado where they have put on a spectacular light show. this is the vantage point from fort collins looking off to the east. it was a wild show. lots of cloud to cloud lightning out there. just spectacular. here in denver, we missed out. didn't really see too much rain. nor the thunderstorms and tonight, we are looking at partly cloudy skies sitting over the city skyline. it was a warm one at 84 out at dia. a little cooler across the eastern plain ins the in eagle and low 80s out to the western slope right now out of the airport. 60 degrees. we are hanging onto a few clouds. the winds have quieted down a bit. now calm. here in the 9 backyard, similar setup. our temperatures a little cooler at 5 57 but the showers and the thunderstorms are rocking and rolling at this 10:00 hour. we are watching them move from the southwest to the north and east. speaking of snowfall, it is
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counties. a little light snowfall. these are the thunderstorms that created the incredible light show. now in parts of well county an pushing up into the nebraska panhandle too. we will zoom out, go across the eastern seaboard. if have plans to travel to south carolina, georgia, or florida, we are keeping a close eye on tropical storm julia. very interesting setup as this tropical storm isn't going to be going anywhere any time soon. it is just meandering right across the coastline for the next couple of days. producing potentially across south carolina, georgia, and eastern parts of florida picking up easily three to five inches within the next couple of the days. now, tonight here this denver, our storms are starting to fizzle out. especially northern colorado. we will go with partly cloudy skies. a chilly bun. 49, upper 40s , a brisk begining to the thursday morning. mild, in eastern colorado. and frosty up there in the high country with the lows dipping close to the freezing mark. the rest of tonight, we are watching the showers and the
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8:00, you will wake up to a bit of fog along i-76, i-80. meanwhile, to the west, fantastic. plenty of sunshine. but, that all changes by the afternoon as the cold front sweeps into the region. this one once again will produce some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the front range, the eastern plains, bring back a chance of a few clouds in the late afternoon. some cooler temperatures. and then it is out of here. these storms are not going to linger quite like this evening's did. you can see the it just sweeps across the state. by tomorrow afternoon, we are left with a cooler day. and a couple of cool days ahead before that warmup this weekend. tomorrow, we are down to about 76. so about 8 degrees cooler than today. partly sunny skies. watching the thunderstorms push in along the front, after about 3:00, 4:00. across the state, still going to be a warmup in southeast colorado. as that front will take its time getting into your backyard. we will go with 50s and low 60s none the mountains and it
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the western slope. mid 70s in arvada. brighton, boulder. looks good early in the morning but then the clouds push in, in the early afternoon. a rumble of thunder, lightning, the storms will be scooting off. by friday, we once again will watch for another round pushing in, in the afternoon. by saturday, it looks like a drier air mass pushes into the state. this means the storms stay up in the mountains an the foothills. not too many firing up across the eastern plains. by sunday, the broncos looks fantastic. we return to the 80s with the start of next week. a little dip by the end of next week, but man, is it a beauty. up in the high country, larry pierce capturing this awesome shot of those colors just beginning to pop up out there in steamboat. and of course, the classic maroon bell shot. trevor hughes capturing that one. you can see a little light snowfall out there as well. >> that is gorgeous. >> stack people up five deep to take that picture. that is is a postcard.
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> hi everybody, the broncos are going to unveil three banners on sunday honoring the jerseys retired and then compete against somebody who may remind you of old number 7, andrew luck is is a six foot four 230-pound and has a rocket arm and a great set of legs. broncos head coach gary kubiak thinks john elway is in luck also. >> yeah. i mean, he is a lot like him. you know, you are right. john probably ran around a little bit more than he did. but, the thing is, he is just so tough. you know, when guys are that strong in the pocket even when you get people around them, you still have to finish plays, you have to tackle them. it is not just like pushing a puck and the guy goes down.
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preach today. the defense, this kid will be there for 60 minutes throwing it and everywhere he can and make him play. so like we said, just about respect and us getting ready to play. >> expensive day for the defense. 9news broncos insider mike klis picks up the tab on the pages of his notebook. >> reporter: after the broncos blasted cam newton in the helmet four times last week, the nfl blasted back at the broncos today, hitting them er wallet. i thought the nfl got it exactly right. first of all, they didn't find von miller or shaq. their hits to the head were deemed accidental. the biggest fine went to brandon marshall who got docked 24 grand. >> i was expecting stew to get more than me. but, i guess his was more justified. i don't know.
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what you mean? that is some people's salaries after taxes man. that's crazy. >> reporter: safety darian stewart was fined a little more than 18,000. marshall and stewart may think the fines are hefty, but the truth is they got the minimum for first time offenders. marshall will pay a steeper penalty because he got launching and illegal use of the helmet. marshall has been giving away money left and right. he lo he got fined, now he set up a charitable fund where he is going to give away $300 for every tackle he makes to social issue groups. some hits to the wallet are less painful than others. mike klis, 9news. >> the rockies and diamondbacks broke a major league record tonight for most combined runs in a season series. it is 259 now. that must mean either lots of
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rocks slugger charlie blackmon led off with a home run. then in the bottom of the 1st inning, gene segura with a pitch over the fence. then in the middle of a pennant race, kevin gausman has emerged as one of the best in baseball. he pitched eight innings and beat the red sox for his fifth straight victory. >>l from phoenix where former america's got talent acrobat christian stoiniev and his chihuahua scobby threw out the ceremonial first pitch in the still of the night. >> there was no first pitch? >> he has a hand acrobat. he did a spin on that stick.
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its back. see it is on the mound. >> that's what i'm looking at. >> i thought that was kind of weak. i thought he was going to do it all in one motion like gymnasts do from the olympics. yeah. they couple and did those. >> he shot put and gymnast. >> but it is just a funny picture. you don't have to ask so many questions and make this so difficult. it is just a very funny picture of the dog on christian's back. >> come on adele.
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>> tomorrow will be just a bit cooler than today. we will stay in the mid 70s and watching for a couple of afternoon and evening storms out there. friday, similar setup. and then hey, the weekend, it is almost here. sunday looks fantastic in the low 80s . plenty of sunshine. and that's how we kick off next week. any complaints? >> monday, get after me. >> uh-huh. it will be here soon. >> tonight show is next.
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