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dot is working extra early in golden.. the u-s 6 at i-70 is closed - except for a small area on the shoulder of the road. it shut down about half an hour ago to repair the i-70 bridge. a crane crashed into it sunday. c-dot hopes to have the road completely open by because there will be delays. good morning! thanks for joining us here at 4-30.. cheryl, corey and ryan here with you this thursday.. marty -- what can
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travelers on their way to sunny san diego - had to make an unexpected stop in denver last night... united flight 12-43 landed at d-i-a because of a possible security concern. the flight - which was coming from newark, new jersey, made it to denver at about 9-30 last night.. here you can see
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investigate... passengers were evacuated and bussed to the terminal. the f-b-i says -- someone reported a suspicious item on board -- but nothing was found. that flight did finally make it san diego...once all passengers were re-screened and let back on the plane. a family in clifton got quite the wake-up from a swat team on wednesday morning. grand junction police and the mesa county sheriff's office were looking for meth. instead -- the found an innocent family. oops. the suspects they were looking for - had already moved out. police say it was a bad tip that led them to the old address. and say they will pay for the damage. two men from colorado were serving in syria - fighting isis - when they were killed tomorrow -- their families will finally be able to plan a proper burial. the bodies of levi shirley -- from arvada -- and jordan mactaggart -- from castle rock -- will return to colorado on friday. both were flown from syria to chicago wednesday... shirley died in july. mactaggart in august. both went to syria on their own - looking to help kurdish forces.
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station tomorrow morning. an intersetion in aurora -- is way overdue for a makeover. arapahoe county planners say - gun club and quincy - is a nightmare - especially during rush hour. wednesday - they held a public meeting -- to talk about planned improvements. drivers making left turns on the two lane roads cause a lot of backups. planners say - they will make a separate lane for left turns...and eventually hope to widen both streets. construction starts next summer - and will take about a year t both candidates revealed detailed medical information yesterday.. nbc news medical contributor - doctor john - weighed in on hillary clinton.. the democratic nominee's doctor noted her low cholesterol and blood clot medication -- and said - she's "fit to serve" today -- clinton is
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she has an event in north carolina this afternoon - the first since sunday - when she left a 9-11 memorial event and appeared to stumble outside. donald trump sat down with t-v host "doctor oz" -- and both said the results - were postive. trump's doctor noted that the gop nominee was a bit overweight - and taking cholesterol meds -- but generally healthy. today -- trump is in new york - where he and running mate mike pence are expected to give a speech detaili plan. pence says - they plan to cut taxes for working families, small business, and family farms.. vice president joe biden returns to colorado today. he'll be speaking at the annual korbel dinner at the university of denver. the event starts at five at the ritchie center. carrie and john morgridge of the morgridge family foundation and kent thirty of davita will also be honored at the event. we have a link to get tickets in this story on 9news- dot-com. the head of the i-
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conservatives kept him from getting impeached. instead -- as part of the deal with conservative leaders - commissioner john koskinen will testify before congress. those conservatives originally wanted to impeach koskinen - saying the i-r-s targeted tea party groups seeking tax exemptions. but -- the reported targeting happened under a different commissioner... koskinen's clean up efforts were marred by missing emails and records. colorado has cemented a reputation as a swing state in the 21st century. but -- changes in the political landscape - pe surburban counties - helps reveal why the centennial state is showing more shades of blue. here's 9news reporter dan grossman. nats of kids playing nats of creek the thing about pendulums is nats of swing creek they'll always have an equal and opposite reaction unless that pendulum is in colorado where for the last eight years it's started to favor one side it comes down to two counties-- jefferson and arapahoe. nats of lots of kids on swings together they account for 22- percent of colorado's vote bring in graphic of arapahoe when looking at active voters - in 2011 arapahoe county had 70- thousand democrats to 81- thousand republicans bring in second part of same graph today - the gap favors democrats by 5 thousand. nats and quick shot of swing base tilting similar story in jeffco where republicans still have a majority among active voters - but the gap has closed by 10-thousand voters nats of kids playing and shot of young
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diverse voters, and more educated voters; groups that tend to lean left nats of swing creeking but with hillary losing ground in recent colorado polls- nats of wind it looks like colorado will swing whichever way the wind blows come november nats of kids playing dan grossman 9news both arapahoe and jefferson counties went for president obama in 2008 and 2012 - assuring his
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went for president obama in 2008 and 2012 - assuring his wins in colorado. we have met some
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today - we're continuing 9 new heroes' week.. we're taking a look at the medical field - and the people who make our well-being their passion. doctors, nurses, technicians... you name it.
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and if there's someone you want to honor.... a nurse in the family, a favorite doctor or inspirational medical story -- let us know. use the hashtag "be on 9" can also share on facebook. and crisp mornings have skiers dreaming of the slopes. we're still hitting 80 degrees-- but
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welcome...if it was even welcome at all. tropical storm julia took its sweet time moving through florida this week. julia started in eastern florida - and spent tuesday night and most of wednesday dumping up to six inches of rain in the area. now - the storm moves on to georgia and south carolina... julia is expected to sit off the coast of charleston through the weekend. can you believe we're talking about snow? a few ski area across the state have received some flurries recently. in a couple of weeks the snow will start sticking and i-70 will be packed with weekend warriors. dust the skis off. a couple of resorts will fire up the snow machines soon. loveland skie area tweeted it's 15 days away from snow making. but they haven't said exactly when they will open for the season.. keystone - is 49 days away from november.. other areas will open shortly after that - as long as the snow and cold arrives on schedule.
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employee.. and his job -- is to make more people walk -- and make sure they enjoy the trip. the "chief pedestrian planner" -- david pulsipher -- is asking for suggestions on how denver can improve its "walkability". some say - crowded, narrow sidewalks - can make denver a challenge to navigate. enter "pulsipher the pedestrian planner"....he's ready to help. he also wants to create more medians where walkers can rest while crossing, and add more crosswalks. pulsipher will oversee a group called "denver moves: pedestrian and trails". we've provided a link to that group on our facebook page. getting a second opinion -- can save your life. why doctors say - you shouldn't worry - and they shouldn't be
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and if you're not a super talkative uber passenger...maybe self driving ubers are the thing for you.. it's a concept that's already rolling out to some mixed reactions.. one of colorado's
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increase production - and add more jobs in our state. "anadarko" just bought 2-billion dollars in offshore equipment and wells in the gulf of mexico. that move -- frees up money for more work in colorado's denver-julesberg
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add more rigs to operations there... colorado has lost thousands of oil and gas jobs since oil prices took a steep drop. more and more workers - are bringing their own lunch to the office. a new report shows - visits to a casual or "fast casual" place for lunch - have plummeted. experts say higher prices are to blame. the number of lunch visits dropped seven percent in the last six months alone. the report shows - an average lunch out costs eight dollars -- more than most consumers wa pay. uber is eliminating akward small talk by eliminating the driver. the ride-share company's testing out self driving cars. passengers in pittsburgh - can now choose to ride in a self-driving vehicle. uber introduced self-driving ford fusions yesterday. the program is
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and passengers can watch from the car's point of view -- from a video screen in the back seat. for now- there will stil be a driver ready to take the wheel just in case. and an uber engineer will sit in the passenger seat to monitor real- time data along the way.. people in pittsburgh had mixed reviews... soer much. uber wants to have a fleet ready for the day when self- driving cars are more mainstream. twelve toys have been selected -- but they won't all make the "hall of fame" final cut... a museum in new york inducts toys every year... this year - one of the finalists isn't even a "real" toy -- it's bubble wrap. nerf,
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and coloring books -- are also finalists. the new inductees will be announced in november. when it comes to seeing a doctor-- getting a second opinion -- could change your life... in fact - most doctors encourage it -- many saying they would never be offended if a patient explored multiple opinions.. robert sobieray says - he wishes he would have done up scamming him - with a fake cancer diagnosis. luckily - he was caught - and cases like that are extremely rare. doctors say - if you do go for a second opinion -- make sure to take all your records from the first visit -- so you can get a truly informed answer.
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second opinions. and in general - the more serious the diagnosis, the more likely insurance is to cover that second visit. and using the internet as your doctor - might not be the best idea... self-diagnosing with the help of google is not recommended -- there can be a lot of misinformation. but a hospital in north dakota says - there could be some benefits to online care. doctors at "sanford health" started a medical blog. it's called "sanford focus" - and provides information on everything from parenting. patients can leave comments and ask questions.. but doctors say - it's not a substitute for a real visit - especially in emergency situations. people with type two diabetes - have higher rates of depression. a new global study shows - about 10 percent of diabetics were diagnosed with major depressive disorder...but the results varied by country. in the u-s -- depression rates ranged from 11 to 35 percent among type two diabetics. and taking long
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have a link to diabetes. . japanese researchers found napping for an hour or more a day was associated with a 45-percent higher risk of type two diabetes. experts say the reasons for the link is unclear ... and say - it doesn't necessarily mean that napping directly causes the disease. in rio - the paralympics are in full swing -- and a lot of these athletes won't let anything get in their way - and are already looking ahead to 20-20. and yet another organization says they'll pass... this year - they won't be playing several games in
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a u-s archer - matt stutzman -- is already looking ahead to tokyo.. stutzman lost by one point in rio... he says his goal - is to compete in able bodied archery in 20-20. stutzman won't compete in paralympic qualifying events next year.. his event -- "recurve archery" isn't what he focuses on in rio - but he still says - he's confident in his skills. yesterday -- italian hand-cycling champion alex zanardi defended his gold medal... today -- marks 15 years since the car
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zanardi lost both legs in a racing crash in 2001. this is his third paralympic gold - and fourth overall. tomorrow - he will try to repeat his win - in the "road race" event. when it comes to college sports -- north carolina is about to become a ghost town. one day after the n-c-a-a said they were pulling all championship games from the state -- the atlantic coast conference - said they would do the same. the a-c-c was supposed to have 14 of its 21 championship games in north carolina.. "house bill 2" - a new law that some say discriminates against thte l-g-b-t community -- has caused several organizations to say no to north
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pets go to meetings -- and even have their own i-d badges.. they also - have their own form of a "break room" - there's a pet park out back if it's a "ruff" day at the office. the company also offers discount pet insurafo there's a new way to watch the n-f-l... in the next half hour... how you can catch tonight's game .. with the help of twitter. and- doctors and nurses save lives every day... and today we're thanking them.. as part of heroes week. we'll tel you the story of a teen... and his thank you message.
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to denver... the latest on a suspicious item scare on d-i-a's tarmac. fit to be president... or too weak to stand. clinton and trump release dueling medical reports... what we know now about each one's health. brandon marshall has lost a lot of money in the past week... now he's giving even more of it away. we'll tell you why his wallet is good morning. meteorologist


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