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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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this is 9news. >> one suspect is dead after a robbery at a westminster home and did in a violent confrontation with police. we are following the latest in the search for three more suspects this morning. i was shaken just thinking, is it real. is that the same guy i am watching on the news? >> he spotted the suspect and called police who found the terror suspect in new jersey tells us what he first thought when he found the man sleeping on his doorstep. >> where did this happen? >> a woman called 911 to report a hit-and-run but the only problem was the operator who answered was 3000 miles and an entire ocean away. >> not sure how that happens. good morning everyone, right now three people are hiding from police after a violent
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officers shot and killed one of the suspects after one of the men walked in on the defense started taking all of the stuff there. 9news reporter christine noel joins us live from was mr. where the homeowner did get a pretty good look at the suspects . >> reporter: yes good morning gary it's been more than 12 hours since then robbery occurred at a home in westminster and early this morning officers are still searching for three of the four suspects involved, one being a woman with distinct bright pink hair that officers are looking for. this all began around 3:30 yesterday afternoon as officers responded to a call of a robbery in the home of the 12,000 block -- block of bannock street. they found four people, three men and a woman with that pink hair stealing items from inside his garage. when he confronted them, things turned violent as one of the suspects to punch the homeowner in the face -- punched the homeowner in the face.
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the intersection of 120th and huron. they say the suspect pulled out a gun and that's when two officers shot the man then he was killed. no officers were injured in this but meanwhile three other suspects fled in a chevy malibu and this morning police are still searching for the suspects. we're waiting to hear more on the getaway vehicle but all we know is a -- it's a silver chevy malibu. two men and one woman with that break -- bright pink hair, those are the three suspects. we are still waiting on the official coroner's report. good morning everyone, happy wednesday. we are shaving off a few degrees, still warm but not as hot as yesterday. >> meteorologist marty coniglio is in the back and we will see a cooldown by the weekend. >> yes especially by friday afternoon and saturday, that will be the dramatic change. no
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snow in the foothills coming up early saturday morning. that's a story for another day. let's talk about showers we have in southern colorado right now. they are small, weak it, moving through the lemar area between them rn springfield and we also have a few showers moving into southwestern colorado that will continue off and on throughout the day. because it's going to be consistent, around silver city, lake city, telluride, those of the areas where we will have today and a few of those will make their way up to the front range. not much farther to the north and east of metro denver, though. looks like the northeastern corner of the state will remain dry. severe weather is not an issue for colorado anywhere today and temperatures once again warm, running about 8 to 10 degrees above average with low to middle 80s. coming up in the planning forecast we have a pretty good change coming in friday into saturday.
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nine helicopter. right now they are over i-25 and thornton parkway and i do believe this is the south side of the highway stretch where we have a left lane and left shoulder crash with lots of flashing lights and the backups will build very quickly. we will get you those travel times coming up in just a few minutes. we also have problems here as we look down to the south. we've seen our camera here really clog up here briefly. there is a bumper that has been dropped or some sort around on the roads. we've seen multiple people hit this piece of material so until it gets off to the shoulder i would say use caution if that is your northbound stretch of i- 25. out on the maps, quiet on 225. commerce city looks good. here's the newest issue around thornton parkway and we also have a crash on for 70 westbound near 285. but cheryl, laclede speeds are picking up because it's back to the shoulder. speeds -- speeds are getting
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. people in charlotte say they hardly recognize their city this morning after the riots, protests and looting took a toll overnight in reaction to a fatal shooting of a black man. some people started the fires on 85 shutting down traffic. police in riot gear made a line between protesters and some eyes that were forced to stop. protesters threw rocks and bottles at police and police try to break everything up. we've been watching video feeds from charlotte and at this point it is looking pretty calm . 43-year-old keith scott was shot and killed at an apartment, looks on tuesday. police were looking for somebody else when they spotted scott in his car. police say he had a gun and he was considered a threat but our sister station in charlotte says there are big discrepancies in the story already. neighbors say he was reading a book, not holding a weapon.
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streets with their hands up. the same gesture terrance crusher made before being killed by a police officer. video from police helicopter showed crutcher with his hands up when he was shot in the middle-of-the-road last week. he did not have a gun. the white police officer who shot him says crutcher didn't listen to his commands and acted like a person on drugs. they found pcp in his car and it will be a few weeks before any toxicology tests come back. his family says the discovery of drugs and the conversation about it is the way police are trying to describe people from questions about the use of deadly force. a brutal assault against a woman who was just trying to be nice. older county deputies are now looking for a teenage boy that they say seriously injured a 71- year-old woman who picked him up while he was hitchhiking and let him stay at her home. police found her monday night at her house in jamestown and they say she had significant
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nicu at a hospital in boulder. investigators determined that a 16-year-old boy at her with a blunt object. she had picked up the teenager and two others and offered them a place to spend the night. the two other teenagers reported the assault to a neighbor and stayed behind to wait for police to show up. the suspect got away by hitching a ride with another driver. >> terrible story. officer will likely spend a dozen years in prison when sentenced later this year. he pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder for shooting an officer during a traffic stop. the officer policy -- officer's ballistic vest saved his life. as part of a plea agreement moya places -- spaces between 20 and 30 years in prison when sentenced in november. the driver who hit a cyclist in denver may not be even in colorado or the united states anymore. denver police think this hit and run suspect
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hit and killed the suspect near north gilpin street. nobody has seen him since. anybody who has seen olaciregui can leave an anonymous tip with metro denver crime has -- crime stoppers. a colorado veteran waiting for mental health help from the da didn't get it in time and now senator cory gardner is one of two investigation into va clinics in colorado. a whistleblower went to congress with information about waitlist at the denver, colorado springs and golden va centers. a 26 rolled army ranger took his own life while waiting for mental health care in the springs. that was a player -- whistleblower says they may also have falsified his records after he died. gardner and senator ron johnson now want a full investigation. >> the last thing we want to do is repeat what this what -- what this nation went through
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headlines around the nation. we want to make sure we are getting on top of this before it becomes an issue. >> then spokesman says the department will work with the inspector general and the senators to find out what happened. clouds will be thin here through the end of the rush hour this morning but it is very warm out there with temperatures in the 60s and 70s here in this early part of the day. we end up in the lower to middle 80s with a few light showers later in the day. not everybody will get a shower and even if you do, it will be modest at best. two colorado companies are sure to have their eyes on southern california this week. >> they are the -- they are very worried about a big fire burning out there, a wildfire near santa barbara. we will tell you why they are so worried. i am not a hero. the police are the heroes.
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federal court papers are getting a chilling glimpse into what investigators say motivated the man accused of
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york city and new jersey. they also show that the fbi had investigated ahmad rahami before . this all comes as we are hearing this morning from the man who discovered ahmad rahami sleeping in the doorway of a new jersey bar . he says he's not a bit -- not a hero. >> colleen ferreira is joining us now and the fbi says they found the suspect's journal and it may point to his motivation. to guess they found the journal on him when captured by jihadist type writings and the also say the writings praised the american al qaeda current -- it says it's just a hodgepodge series of references to past events, specifically mentioning the 2009 mass shooting at fort hood. so the notebook gives investigators some clues into a possible motive for the bottlings -- for the bombings but there's still no indication
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realized the man sleeping in front of his bar was the man he had just seen in the news because police were looking for him. >> i realized the suspect was sleeping in a doorway across the street. i did when any american would do. i called the police. i am not a hero. the police are the heroes. the emts are the heroes. everybody was working to bring new york and new jersey together today. they are >> so rahami was shot 10 times in the shootout with police. federal agents have tried to question him but they say he is not cooperating. one of the newest charges we know about, the fbi has charged him with using weapons of mass distraction and is also charged with terror counts by federal prosecutors in new jersey. high clouds around the area, warm overnight, showers down to the south in both
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where that came from out of arizona and new mexico so that means southwestern colorado will get the best of the rain. what there is to be had today. clouds break up ever so -- so slightly by lunchtime today to be replaced by clouds later in the afternoon. light showers, and because they are coming in from the four corners, mountain and foothills areas and down toward castle rock, they will be favored as the be the rest of us will be pretty dry. between 8590 degrees in the planes. we stay in the low 80s here and you can thank the clouds for that with 60s and 70s in the mountains. i mentioned the showers from central colorado especially the leadville area to the south and west. several areas of rain of course above 11,500 feet to 12,000 feet
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we will see some thunderstorms developing lab -- in southeastern colorado late in the day. nothing will last very long on the planes and the showers will be much more consistent especially aspen, leadville to the south and west. temperatures there, 50s, 60s and 70s to the west and 80s to about 90 in western colorado. 12 spangles late in the day today and we keep clouds with us tonight but it's dry overnight. still in the 50s for us tomorrow morning with a day in the 80s of course with fall officially beginnat at 8:21 tomorrow morning. we get early-morning rain saturday, midday clearing and then a shower later in the day on saturday. sky 9 has just arrived over a crash at santa fe and evans where we are hearing word that a car and a bicycle collided. right now the yet -- the ram from evans to santa fe is blocked off by emergency vehicles and you can see the emergency vehicles.
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right shoulder leading to northbound santa fe so you will see some caution lights in the area. just take it slow through there. you will need to detour to access the northbound stretch of santa fe. the rest of our drive is also very busy out here, looking at a southbound delay on i-25 around 104th avenue. comes right down to thornton and the reason is, we have a crash still blocking the far left lane of our drive. that is from e-470 to i-70 leading down from the north and so today is one of those days where washington in huron can really help you out and as we look on tour sidestreets here's where the crash is involving the car and the bike. with that northbound ramp shutdown it will cause slowdowns very quickly. >> all right amelia, thank you very much. she was trying to describe the location of a hit and run but he was trying to understand just what in the world she was talking about.
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with a crime more than 3000 miles away. >> i asked to a very simple question. you know how much the value of your stock went up while this scam was going on?
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attention of businesses here in colorado but two local companies have their eyes on santa barbara this week. the canyon fire is burning near vandenberg air force base and has already covered 10,000 acres at less than 20 person contained. it is uncomfortably close to launch pads used by spacex. and atlas five rocket that got -- belongs to you la is perched on one of those pads with the satellite for locally-based digital globe. it was set to lift off on will go now. federal investigators are looking into recent clashes between people protesting the dakota axis pipeline and private security guards. it happened back on september 3 actually and about 30 protesters were reportedly pepper sprayed. summer bitten by dogs at a construction site. near the standing rock indian reservation. the dogs belonged to the officers. protesters were concerned about
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reservation. last week the federal government temporarily blocked construction of that pipeline. -- 36 years alone with the light always on, that's what one prisoner had gone through and they said it needs to stop. arthur johnson was convicted of murder in the 70s and was caught trying to escape three different times and now a judge says that was more than two decades ago and he has endured cruel and during his solitary confinement. he's now ordering the prison to transfer him to a different facility within 90 days. it's 6:22 right now. woman dials 911 to report a 911 and trying to tell police where she sat proved excruciating. but first let's check weather and traffic. of course we are approaching that time in colorado's mountains -- we've
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from this past weekend. we got this in from bill via email but you can share photos with us on facebook, twitter and of course the your take section at this weekend we have big events coming up, the komen race for the cure cool but try for that. temperature start in the 40s and finish in the mid 50s and speaking of sunshine we will have that in cincinnati this weekend. it's an early start for the broncos at least early by mountain time. temperatures in cincinnati this weekend, low 80s with sunshine. we have a huge delay form -- that has formed along i-25 so heading in from fort collins, take note. this is the video of southbound 25 coming in at 104th avenue because we have a major crash right at fort parkway. 30 minutes is the drivetime from c-470 -- e-470 to i-70 and here's a closer look at the delays. ford 5 miles an hour as you
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911 operators are trained to handle just about every type of call but rarely are they prepared for calls from across the pond. >> so you've called the barnstable police department in massachusetts?
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>> yes, massachusetts. >> i'm sorry, there's no way you can help me, is there? >> where exactly are you calling from? >> england. >> yes the woman in england was trying to call her local police department to report a hit-and- run. she ended up calling a massachusetts police department. that is more than 3000 miles away, by the way. the woman tells the bbc she used it digital assistant similar to iphone's siri and that's probably what -- the mixup. >> siri gets a lot of things wrong. >> women blame theory. [laughter] >> i hope somebody eventually showed up at the accident. 6:27 and right now the women's foundation of colorado
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this is 9news. >> the search is on for three robbery suspects in westminster. i'm christine noel and will have a live report coming up. the attack on a humanitarian convoy in syria, the u.s. russian and syrian governments all pointing fingers at each other this morning. >> you squeezed her employees to the breaking point so that they would cheat customers and you could drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of
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pocket. >> wells fargo's ceo got hit with the wrath of massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, others. -- among others. we will tell you what a man walks into his garage and fines for people stealing from him and he's then punched in the face and threatened with a gun. this morning one of the suspects is dead and police are looking for the three others. christine noel is in westminster this morning with the latest on the search and the invest -- in the investigation. yes it's been more than 12 hours since a violent home robbery at a home in westminster. this sort -- this morning officers are still searching for three of four suspects one including a woman with distinct bright pink hair. this all happened around 3:30 yesterday morning. this happened when they responded to a robbery call on the -- on bannock street. they found four people, three
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stealing things from the garage. when he confronted them, things turned violent. he was punched in the face and threatened with a gun. that's when he took off and ended up crashing his bike near the intersection of 120th and huron. when officers tried to make an arrest they say he pulled out a gun and that's when two officers shot the man then he was killed. >> it's pretty crazy because this is a wonderful neighborhood and we very very rarely have any kind of or anything happen in this neighborhood at all. >> no officers were injured in that incident. we are learning that meanwhile three other suspects fled in a silver chevy malibu with no license plates. that's all we know about that vehicle and officers again are looking for two men and a woman with bright distinct pink hair and again this morning police are still
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autopsy report on the deceased suspect from the coroner's office. >> thanks for the update, christine. we are halfway through the weekend it's another beautiful day in store for the front range but it's not going to last this time of year. marty coniglio is in the backyard with the cooldown just in time for the weekend. >> yes we will be cooling it down as you said just about by friday afternoon so when people are ready to ramp up for the weekend it will actually start feeling like fall. we start with overcast conditions. it is dry worry about fog or anything like that. these things are way up there so we have no conditions over the entire -- no issues over the entire southeastern corner of the state. clouds are small and weakening as we speak. it is a bit more consistent in the southwest, so nice rain and even a thunderstorm moving to
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starting to transition up into the san juan mountains and san luis valley during the course of the morning. areas of central and western colorado have the best chance of getting rain. we get a thinning of the overcast air making it back to the 80s today and then out -- and then late in the afternoon if you very light showers. foothills locations and monument hill, just high terrain with a better chance of showers. tomorrow we dry it out and bring in the front friday afternoon with a fuchsia thundershowers and then rain for saturday morning, and when i mean morning i mean midnight to 6 am. clearing a bit in the middle of the day, and then a few light showers later on with highs in the 60s. fall begins tomorrow and this weekend will feel like it. we have a major delay building across i-70 in the westbound direction making your way west of havana because of a brand-new accident. four cars are built -- i wouldn't be surprised if once fire crews arrived they protect that far left shoulder by
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backups will grow quickly. we also have a huge slowdown on the i-25 corridor. i have four cameras pulled up, the first the scene of the wreck, southbound 25 near thornton parkway. the left lane is blocked and we have two lanes getting through. here's the immediate backup making your approach to the crash. a little bit further towards 10 fourth, extended delays and this one is all the way -- 104th , extended delays and this one is all the way to 36. because of all of this are travel times now are gary, this is typically a 15 to 20 minute drive so alternates are definitely necessary. washington and huron both run southbound, e-470 also an option to the east. >> looks like a mess to me. all right, thank you. opening statements are expected today in the trial of christopher devers, the man accused of hindering -- hitting and killing a patrol cadet and injuring a trooper in 2015.
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argue that state patrol did not follow its own policies during a high-speed chase near longmont. they will argue that csp had no reason to pull devers over in the first place. he is charged with first-degree murder an attempted murder. -- and attempted murder. he served his country and then could not get the help he needed in time to save his life . a whistleblower says a veteran in colorado took his own life as he kept getting pushed down the list for mental health care through the va senator cory gardner is one of two u.s. lawmakers now calling for an investigation and 9news reporter colleen ferreira joins us. colleen, the whistleblower also makes another harsh accusation. >> is this one says the clinic altered his records after he died. senator gardner wouldn't say that -- what the date -- duck imitation was -- but he said the va employee provided enough information for the inspector general's office to now
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was after the man was taken into questioning for some sort of disciplinary action. he said it's -- the da spokesman says the department will work with the inspector general and senators to really determine what happened here. differently not the last we have heard of this. >> all right, colleen. thank you. hitting a medical center near aleppo -- aid workers were killed. the attack town hit one day after the convoy was hit nearby and there's plenty of talk going on about the attack this morning when more than one -- more than 20 people were killed when the convoy was hit on monday. the u.s. said -- blames russia saying it was their job to prevent syrian air forces to strike humanitarians working to deliver aid. the russians blame rebel fire.
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rahami is seen on surveillance video and his fingerprints are all over one of the devices that didn't explode . he was taken into custody monday after a shootout with police. a bar owner in linden, new jersey found rahami on a doorstep . >> when i heard about the attacks and i realized the suspect was sleeping in a doorway across the street, i did what any american would do. i called the police. >> we're learning that the fa two years ago that his son was a terrorist. police did find a notebook on rahami which they say contained anti-american writings and references to past attacks . the house homeland security committee will meet today to discuss how to stop potential future attacks. the new york police deputy commissioner for intelligence will provide testimony at the hearing.
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presbyterian medical center, don't worry, it's only a drill. they are practicing for real- life mass casualty incidents. they want to make sure they are ready in case one day they have to deal with -- including being exposed to some kind of radiation. they say this whole exercise should be wrapped up by noon. new government filings show what both hillary clinton and donald trump have raised so far but most people aren't talking about the campaign spending but instead the focus is on how trump spend money from his charity. new fec filings show both clinton and trump had their best fun money -- fundraising month yet in august as clinton raised nearly $60 million and outspread trump -- outspent trump nearly 6 to 1 on ads. trump raised nearly 40,000,000, half of which he raised himself
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thousands in donation so that he could avoid playing legal finds. -- paying legal finds. the trump campaign will be oliver colorado tomorrow as vice presidential candidate mike pence will hold a town hall thursday afternoon in colorado springs. it is pence's second trip for the campaign. thursday night donald trump jr will be speaking at the mesa county fairgrounds. >> we're just in that magical season. still very warm and dry and summer-like but you get the benefit of fall color. i like this take on things, a single coloul leaf. thank you to steve bowen for tweeting that to me and as we go through the day today we have a few clouds with showers really concentrating in southwestern colorado and then moving up to the central part of the state. thundershowers will be light and modest in nature but they
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leadville down to buena vista, slide and into the san luis valley. the farther north and east you go, the more stable things are, so we are seeing fewer and fewer clouds and warmer temperatures in the 80s and low 90s. for us a couple sprinkles, light isolated showers early in the rush-hour and otherwise temperatures stay in the 70s with a few clouds and a nice cool breeze in the evening. >> all right, marty. th this weekend thousands of survivors will be gathering in downtown denver will be gathering to raise awareness -- breast cancer affects so many and hit northern colorado especially hard. >> we have a slightly higher incidence in colorado than around the rest of the nation. it's about one in eight nationally. in colorado it's about one in seven probably because we just have patience here that just --
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risk factors. >> one of the most important things people can do to prevent breast cancer is just to be aware. find the full minute -- the full interview on the komen race for the cure is this sunday . >> come on out and say hi, we will raise a lot of money and it's such a wonderful event. it is such a mix of emotion and happiness in thankfulness and giving. yep. >> and last year $1 million from that one day was infused into the efforts locally to find a cure and help those battling the disease so come be a part of it. do you know how much money, how much value your stock holdings in wells fargo gained while this scam was underway? >> massachusetts senator
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if you're in the market for health insurance you might want to be prepared to shell out
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next year prices for individual plans they say are going to increase about 20%. the increase will affect about 450,000 people in colorado who do not have insurance covered by an employer or who don't qualify for medicaid or medicare . if you are already covered be sure to double check policies also. the united -- united healthcare and humana will no longer offer individual plans and rocky mountain health plans will only offer them in mesa county. the federal reserve is expected to make a decision on interest rates this afternoon and a lot of economists expect the rates to remain unchanged as they have been since last december's rate hike. about 88% of respondents in the latest cnbc survey say that the price hike is likely to come probably in december. economists say this election may play a role in the federal desert -- federal reserve's decision. two big companies are defending their decision to
6:47 am
they are planning a $66 billion merger. it's not the only company planning on merging. it has people worried that the agriculture businesses on the road to a monopoly. the head of the irs is apologizing after his agency lost information and made inaccurate statements during and it -- a congressional investigation. john mckinnon will testify before the house judiciary committee today and by doing so he could face impeachment irs was accused of discriminating against the tea party and other conservative groups. he was not in charge at the time of discrimination, he stepped in afterward that his cleanup efforts are still under intense scrutiny. he met the wrath of massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who critical -- criticized him after -- of profits -- profiting -- >> you squeezed your employees
6:48 am
you could drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket. and when it all blew up, you kept your job, you kept your multimode -- multimillion dollar bonuses and you went on television to blame thousands of $12 an hour employees who were just trying to make cross- sell quotas that made you rich. >> earlier this month the bank agreed to pay $185 million in fis they have fired over 5300 employees over the past five years because of it. around here today we have clouds up and down the front range including fort collins. no break from the weeds. pollen levels are still high for weeds and grasses are running low for this time of year. you can always share this with
6:49 am
we're getting into that peak week in northern and central colorado. clouds break up and we make it into the low 80s and then late this afternoon, a few very light showers. the closer you are to the foothills, the better chance you have of getting a little of -- a little bit of oyster today. and we need to focus on 225 and i-25. this is the latest, 225 northbound with a crash blocking the right shoulder and right lane all between colfax and smith road just south of i- 70. backups go past alameda and check this out, i cannot stress this enough, 57 minutes is the drivetime along south on i-25. the reason is we have a major accident still in place here. it just cleared off the roads a few seconds ago at 104th and thornton parkway. 36 is the best alternate. we are looking at southbound
6:50 am
will be thousands of people stuck in this delay. >> that is a line. thank you for that, i think. [laughter] the denver broncos hope somebody will buy the naming rights to the stadium by the end of the year. sports authority's name will stay on it until then. maybe bob's used-car stadium? >> i think 9news stadium has a nice ring to it. they report the team has no intention of owning the naming rights term and they want to secure a new name as long as -- as soon as possible. for now they will make the quarterly payments. in august the team offered to take over the stadium naming rights contract after sports authority filed for bankruptcy in the spring. the principal ballerina for the american ballet theater is a big part of the history of the valley now. misty copeland is the first african-american principal ballerina for the ballet, and she's in denver today as a
6:51 am
luncheon, showcasing icons and ideas to help women and girls reach economic self- sufficiency. the ballet company has been around for 75 years but never with an african-american principal dancer. i have seen video of her dancing. she's incredible. i hope one day i can see her in person. >> she is terrific. >> she's also performing on broadway by the way in the show on the town and will also star in a documentary called a ballerina's trip -- tail. -- >> i have a feeling we will feature her on the show tomorrow morning. >> yes a little birdie -- knows about that. [laughter] it's been a beautiful work week so far this week but too bad most of us have been stuck
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we've got to start by talking about this massive delay along southbound i-25 out of thornton and northglenn. and now beyond, talking about fort collins drivers being impacted by this. coming in from the north and is now an 80 minute drive. 80 minutes for a couple of miles. southbound leading in from your drive from i-70 -- the reason is the earlier crash southbound i-25 near thornton parkway. luckily the crash has cleared from the commute. previously it was just sitting in the left lane and here's a look at some of the backups starting to break loose on that southern stretch leading up towards 104th but check out the views at 104th leading up to the exit and then 120th.
6:55 am
7. alternate routes in the area will be southbound washington and huron, parallel to the highway drive. are other big concern is northbound to 25 with a wreck at colfax. backups here -- northbound 225 with a wreck at colfax where speeds will be low right around 30 miles an hour but the crash up to the north, warn your friends if you know someone driving in that area. >> yes, tell them now because it's going to be, once you get stuck you get stuck. r cloudy around the area on the divide. we see some clouds there with showers to follow later in the day today. coming out of the southwest. we've seen rain in southwestern and central colorado and more showers into mexico headed up our way during the course of the day especially into the southwest corner of the state. we get a bit of a break overcast around lunch time and that allows us to warm up and then a few showers develop during the afternoon. the heaviest stick into that
6:56 am
castle rock to the south. the rest of us could see one or two light showers this afternoon. they are not going to be very intense at all with temperatures in the low 80s today. 60s and 70s in mountain areas. as far as the best rain, the most consistent rain, central part of the state all the way from south park to the arkansas valley and into the art -- and into the southwest. later today it's the driest in northeastern colorado with 80s and 90s in and west. 85 degrees around here with clouds and one or two very light rain showers and a few spots late in the day. more consistent in the foothills. tonight clouds stick around and temps stay in the 50s. dry around here tomorrow with more storms in western colorado. fall begins tomorrow at 8:20 1 am and later tomorrow the weekend will actually feel like fall. >> all right it is 6:56 and here's a look at some of the top stories we're following. a homeland security committee
6:57 am
rahami was formally charged with using weapons of mass discussion -- destruction. he left behind a bomb -- string of bombs over the weekend and house committee members will look at how to stop potential future attacks after at least two incidents saturday, an explosion in new york that injured more than a dozen people and a bomb in a trashcan found in new jersey. fire set, traffic stop, protests were violent on overnight this happened hours following a police shooting death of a black man tuesday. protesters threw rocks and bottles at police and damage squad cars. 12 police officers were hurt. ?? earlier in the day police officers shot and killed -- keith scott. they were looking for something else when they spotted him in a car and said he had a gun and considered him dangerous.
6:58 am
he was holding a book, not a weapon. the family of a tulsa man shot by police want charges brought by -- against the police officers who shot terrence crutcher. the -- video shows he was shot with his hands up. shall be says he acted like he was on pcp and did not follow her commands and now too says -- they found drugs in his suv. it will be a while before toxicology reports come back. right now police in westminster are still searching for violent home robbery turned deadly. a fourth suspect was killed after police say he led them on a chase and threatened officers with a gun. police say the three missing suspects left in a silver chevy malibu. they say one of them, a woman, had pink hair. boulder county deputies are looking for a teenage boy they say seriously injured a 73-year-
6:59 am
while he was hitchhiking and even let her stay in his home. -- let him stay in her home. they say she was found with significant head injury, multiple -- multiple broken bones and cuts. investigators determined a 16- year-old boy at her with a blunt object. if you drive by present -- presbyterian st. luke's medical center today things might look a little chaotic but don't worry, they are just having a drill there. they will be preparing in case they have to deal with a massive influx of patients. the drill will get started at 9:00 and should wrap up ar around here today we talked about the small chance for a few light showers later in the day. more consistent and slightly heavier rain in mountain and foothills areas. we have a shot for a few thunderstorms here. friday afternoon, and then early saturday morning from midnight to 6 am, some rain. during a bit for most of the daylight hours and then a few showers later in the day so it will not be raining all day on saturday. we clear out and the komen race for the cure will be cool but
7:00 am
into some really mild conditions with two pictures moving into the mid-70s and low 80s. thanks marty, we a good morning. breaking news. violent protests erupt in charlotte overnight after another deadly police shooting. demonstrators vandalizing cars, trucks, and lighting fires closing down an interstate. at least 12 officers injured in clashes. we're there live. motivated by hate, first terror charges brought against bombing suspect ahmad rahami, writings from his personal journal including praise from osama bin laden and terrorists. in the hot seat, the ceo of


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