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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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this is 9 news. so two trumps and a pence come to colorado. not a joke. it's actually what's happening in our state now as the trump campaign stumps hard in colorado. it's five years behind and millions and millions overbudget, we'll show you why it was all about looks when designers were delaying the new v.a. hospital. >> i don't know, they j for the second night in a row, violence in charlotte, north carolina. we're going to show you the most memorable scenes of anger and fear in that city from overnight after another questionable police shooting. good morning, meteorologist marty coniglio starts us off, getting a little cooler, which is appropriate for the first day of all. >> you better believe it. fall coming up here in just under 3 hours now at 8:21, the fall equinox and this morning, a
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in the day. beautiful conditions around here. but it is foggy in northeastern colorado. see all of the haze in the highway lamps up at i-76 at julesburg, great visible here nor the immediate front range area, but more moist air has moved into colorado, hazy, foggy condition, going to take several hours to get rid of that. so it's going to be a cooler day today. over northeastern colorado. we will see the clouds hanging in over t morning, slowly clearing after lunchtime today. just in time for thunderstorms to start to develop in the west, especially the arkansas valley and along the utah border, and we may see a brief, and i mean brief thundershower here after 5:00 p.m. today. as far as severe weather goes, it's really going to be concentrated in western colorado. we have a cold front moving through utah today, and that's going to kick off big storms in that neighboring state and some
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slope. at 5:31, we'll help you plan out your day as marty's forecast factors into the drive today, keep in mind as you leave the house, you'll see that very light chance of sprinkles around 5:00 p.m., if you're going to wash the day, it will be a good day to do it. dry through the afternoon and we're going to really see that improve our roads. we're going to have good conditions here in the green with great speeds across the commerce city corridor, the upper 50s and mid 60s, a lowdown starting to develop around i-76 and 270, but overall, not much to worry about and here, pretty dark out across the c-470 drive across highlands ranch, cheryl, into fall, this morning, we're going to see the roads change so enjoy the dry rides while we are them. thank sos much, amelia. it's 5:32. fires, smashed windows and people running in fear and anger, a second night of violence in downtown charlotte
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gathering and quickly became chaotic. our news parters in charlotte saw people running through the streets overnight. police say it was not an office shot the man, police are blocking a highway, they set fires overnight, one police officer was attacked. he told our crew at the hospital, that he can't see out of one eye because of his injury. north carolina's governor has declared a state of emergency so the way. a closer look at the most striking scenes out of charlotte overnight. this one was pretty unexpected. some protesters got on their motorcycle s, atv's, and cars, and they did wheelies and raced down the street, right in front of a line of officers in tactical gear. >> and this one shows the bigger picture, the violent clashes between the police and the protesters, police used tear gas to try to get the people to move
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four officers were injured in these protest, but they all have non-life-threatening injuries, luckily. the violence started after a police officer shot and killed a black man on tuesday night. the police say that he was armed and he ignored the officer's commands. keith lamont scott's family says it was not a gun, it was a book that was in his hand. the bank of america, which is headquartered in the heart of downtown charlotte, is telling its employeeso stay home today because it's just the city's mayor is urging everyone to stay off the streets. ivanka trump is in denver, donald trump, jr., visiting grand junction and vice presidential candidate mike pence makes a stop in colorado springs, donald trump's team is crisscrossing colorado today, hoping to swing our state back to purple as polls show it's leaning more light blue. 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas is live at the sheridan in denver. tarhonda, this punctuates the notion that colorado is a key
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state. >>reporter: absolutely, it's a swing state. and you know what? even better than turning it purple again, trump campaign wants to turn colorado red so, that's why they are really focussing on this state today and we can definitely expect to see them before election day does hit us. but we're here downtown, at the sheridan on court place x this is where ivanka trump will be at 7:30 this morning, speaking to the colorado women's alliance and her campaign managers and team tell us that she is going to be answeng so we know there will be quite a few women there, probably a lot of people who want to talk about her relationship with her father, in this campaign and women's issues, that's been ivanka trump's role in this campaign, getting out the millennial vote, this could be something that helps push that for the trump campaign. once she leaves denver, she's going to head up i-25 to fort collins, going to be speaking at a charter school called lib rty common school, and the principal
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house of representatives member, bob shaffer, he's the principal and to have a conservative principal there, you can see the relationship between that and ivanka trump visiting the chatter school. her brother is going to be in grand junction, going to focus on another issue that is pretty important in that campaign which is wildlife conservation and management. in other words, plain english, hunting, those types of issues surrounding and it preserving the rights, where a lot of people in grand concerned about that. mike pence, who is the vice presidential candidate will be in colorado springs down south, he is going to be speaking in colorado springs, like we mentioned and that event is going to happen at 2:00 at the hillside community center down there. he will have a town hall type meeting where he will be taking questions from the community members, much like ivanka trump will be doing here today. we will go inside shortly and give you a better look at the
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net,s of 9 news. >> thank you much. and donald trump tripling down on colorado but hillary clinton is still leading in polls here in colorado. and across the country. according to the latest nbc wall street journal poll, clinton has a 6-point lead in a 4-way race nationally and a 7-point lead if you leave out the third party candidates, today, mrs. clinton is taking a day off from campaigning, she will be preparing for monday night's debate. her campaign did r trump for not releasing his tacks and possibly misusing charity money. >> there's nothing like doing things with other people's money. >> the at the request of house republicans t irs is looking into the clinton foundation, demeanors want the agency to investigate donald trump's foundation as well. neither third party candidate has enough support to make it into the first
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commentator and anchor lester holt will monitor the debate, you can watch it on 9 news monday night at 7:00. it's 5:38 right now t. fancy new v.a. hospital along i-225 is five years behind schedule l and triple the original budget. picking apart the 1.6 billion dollar project, federal investigators called it quote, gross mismanagement and outlined how hundreds of changes and too much focus on making the buildings look good cost the investigation goes back to the original concept from 2000, and listed some key factors for the costly delays. at the top of the list, changes in the plans, then there's the complexity of the design and cost from custom glass, wood, walls and floors. we took a closer look at those extra extravagant project, one of them, the decision to go with more smaller billings instead of a few tall one, some of those smaller buildings have kufshd
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that costs even more. another costly decision involves parking, the facility has 3 parking structures, two above ground, one below ground. the original estimate for all three in 2011 was 66 million dollars. now, it's 180 million. the underground parking just preserved the mountain views for the rest of the structure. two members of congress say now there should be a perjury investigation over the failure to report rising costs in april, a renegotiated contract calls 2018. mind, body and financial wellness, will be available to all cu denver students under one roof. today, work begins on a wellness center at cu denver, the 92,000 square foot facility is set to open in 2018. student fees paid for the new wellness center will include student lounges, study space, a small health clinic, there will also be a student kitchen. all right. marty, i don't know about those
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>> ramen noodles. that counts. >> that's what i told myself for four years. >> boiling water counts, i don't care what anybody else says. >> we can are dinner. >> all right. around here today, we have windy conditions already developing in western colorado. we had a few showers in the southeast late last night but most of the storms today are going to be nibbling more in the south-central and western parts of the state, it has been raining in utah all night. they had flash floods going there for the central part of utah and the high wind warnings at:0 today through 5:00 tomorrow morning from avon and eagle tall way west through the western valleys, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour in the west. a cool start to the day for you, if you're outside, you will be in the low 80s late this afternoon. as far as any showers go, they will be brief, light, and probably wait until after 5:00. thanks. even little voices can have a big impact. we'll let the littlest reporter prove that, while talking to the woman who changed the face of
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the only job for the state patrol. we'll tell you why colorado
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the first woman african-american ballerina and s strong. she faces her toughest reporter yet. misty copeland's biggest little fan and she sat down with the dancer to ask her about balancely. >> hi, my name is ruby dee, i'm about to interview misty copeland can i like her because she's a good ballerina. wale have to go to the -- we'll have to go to a press conference about that. come on, let's go. hi. >> hi. what's your name? >>reporter: ruby. >> ruby. nice to meet you, you look so beautiful. >>reporter: thank you, how is it being a brown ballerina?
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another brown ballerina. because there aren't have more of us and there need to be more. it's amazing to have this incredible opportunity to share the beauty of ballet. and to show the world that it doesn't matter what color you are, it doesn't matter how tall you are, it doesn't matter where you come from, that anything is possible. >>reporter: how did you feel when you were poor? >> when ias my life was very normal. i thought because it's all that i knew. so looking back now, i understand how much -- how many opportunities and the beauty that ballet brought me. and it's the reason that i get to live this incredible life and i get to travel the world and i get to perform on incredible stages, so it makes me so grateful that i grew up the way that i did because i feel like i
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everything i have. >>reporter: do you have your own dolls? >> i don't know, do i? what's that you're holding. >> a misty copeland doll. >> yeah, that's a barbie doll that i helped to make to look like me, to look like a ballerina that has muscles, can you see her calf muscles and her thigh muscles? because when you're a ballerina, you have to have muscles, right? it's hard, and you have to be able to hold yourself up so it's really cool to have a ballerina barbie that is truly like a real ballerina. >>reporter: can you make my ballerina dance like yours? >> i can try. i can put her in -- arabesque. there she is. can you do arabesque?
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yeah. thank you so much, ruby. >> you're welcome. >> that was really beautiful. and thank you for your words and for your interview. give me a hug. yeah. [ laughter ] thank you so much. i don't know how you did that. i don't even think i could interview someone. >> that's so awesome. >> so sweet. >> >> i bet you that may be misty's all-time favorite interview. so misty copeland was in denver to share the message for the women and girls for the women's foundation annual convention. >> she is the unlikely ballerina, they lived in a motel. she found peace in ballet. >> what an inspiration. >> yeah. >> you know. >> i know that ruby dee was so
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copeland. oh, my goodness. are you nervous? she says, no, i have performed in front of hundreds before. [ laughter ] . >> and she crushed it. >> yes, she did. >> yes, she did. >> marty, tough to beat that one. >> that is tough to beat that. around here today, we have wind kicking up in the western slope, cold air that's poised to move into colorado, it's now in northwestern utah. and that cooler air will be shifting into the west, during the day today. transition through eastern colorado coming up tomorrow, really going to feel it around here. so temperatures today, 70s and low 80s, it will be a little cooler tomorrow, much more so coming up on saturday. we've been getting some phenomenal imagery in from the users and viewers, jennifer white sent this into the your take site on, a great way to share pictures with us. you can also share with me on
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at 5:47. we got a note from cdot, they wrapped it up a little bit late this morning, we've got a lane color she has, the backups that have developed leading up to the scene where one lane is currently shut down. with this in mind, this is all expected to wrap up by 6:00 this morning. but do tack on an traeks 5-10, if you plan on using the west side of town, near highway 285 and c-470, this road work is on 47 minutes is a pretty easy start across commerce city has begun and across the maps, we are green, the one exception is to
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with a snap, they hope to change habits, a new strategy to cut down on bringing and driving at broncos games a a bus tang services for services in colorado spring, the buses will take people to m games for the october 9th game against the falcons and the october 30th game against the chargers. but the buses are going to drop off fans 90 minutes before kickoff, but the ticks will cost $30, now, if the service is successful, cdot plans to offer it for the rest of the 2016 season. i just can't imagine marty that, that is not going to be popular
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>> what a relaxing way to get to and from the game, a really good service. for us today, here in the weather sejt e wre watching some showers that moved through southeastern colorado last night, the focus now, shifts more into the west, with a cold front that's just clipping the northwest corner of utah, we're anticipating several areas of thunderstorms on the utah-colorado border. for us, dry day most of the day. after 5:00, one or two super, super brief showers possible. it's not going to change your day in any sig believe me, a lot of this rain is going to have a struggle getting down to the ground. sit going to be cooler in northeastern colorado. we have the clouds and fog there now, it burns off later on, 70s, 80s up that way, we'll be in the lower 80s around here. statewide, the thundershowers, the arkansas valley, san loose valley lois area. they are worried about flash flooding in utah today.
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cooler northeast and front range, will be a degree or two cooler here. scorches in the southeast, but we'll get cooler there by the weekend. during the evening tonight, we clear out and it stays windy out of the south, that keeps temperatures in the upper 50, we'll go 80, 81 tomorrow, a sprinkle, the big thing about tomorrow is going to be the wind. lit be windy out of the west-southwest all day, cooler some showers of rain and snow possible in the foothills, not a significant accumulation at all. and then the light sprinkle sunday evening after a cool, dry day on sunday. just like all of us, crust construction crews can run late sometimes and we are seeing a delay, because of that, this is our c-470 view, moving through in the westbound direction, coming up towards our exit at highway 285. or hampton. the westbound lanes of c-470 are down to a single lane of traffic
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backup, that's forming behind it. cdot just sent us a note and saying it's wrapping up late, they expect to have it all fixed up by about 6:00 a.m. this morning. as we take a close look here, across the maps, you'll see that the average speed up to the delay is 13 miles per hour, and that construction sits to the north of the 285 interchange. drive times across the southern and eastern portion of c-470, we'll call it heading over towards park meadows no issues towards highlands ranch. we'll continue to track the road
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colorado state troopers do more than stop cars, they also herd cattle. look at this video, these pictures on wednesday, five cows busted through a gate, in a field near colorado springs. the cows almost made it to i-25. it could have been really bad. >> that would have been bad. >> so the tros treerps say it took a bit of yee-hawing. >> oh, man, good for them. it's time to lace up the tennis shoes for a good cause. the race for the cure is this sunday. >> an important day when the city will be flooded in beautiful pink, tens of thousands of walkers and runners all coming together for a common goal to raise awareness and money, for breast cancer
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this is 9 news. the national guard arrived in charlotte after another night of this. violent protests after the police shot and killed keith scott. the bystanders and media. fires were set and property has been destroyed. wednesday's protests started as a prayer vigil. a group split off and then marched through downtown. that's when that march turned violent. a protester was shot by another person and was critically injured. they say he was shot by somebody in the crowd. the police say they did not fire that shot. protesters eventually moved to a highway late wednesday night, bringing traffic there to a halt. keith scott was killed tuesday afternoon, charlotte


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