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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 23, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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days away from the first debate, experts look at how both candidates are getting
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heartbreaks make a mess of a truckload of ice cream. i-70 is also a victim. 9 news starts now. a teenager wanted for brutally beating a 71-year-old woman is in custody. police arrested jeffrey collins with the help of the us marshals service. the 16-year-old was booked on a warrant for attempted murder and first-degree assault. bond is deputies say collins was hitchhiking on monday and attacked the woman who offered him a ride and a place to stay. he was with two friends who reported the attack and ultimately helped investigators. there are new arrests as police look for the suspects were shooting of the windows of stolen vehicles tonight. this story has gone from area to longmont lafayette. 9 news reporter dan grossman joins us with an update.
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note that they were shooting that out but with a bb gun. police were saying that while these men were on the loose, there was no threat to public safety. we are standing by where some of them were shooting out some of the windows here in hearing. it to police officers from denver to lafayette and now here in erie. it was a long day for police officers and folks who live around here. >> we have never had any issues. all the neighbors like each other. >> reporter: why does it seem like this always happens?>> is a quiet neighborhood neighborhoods. >> is scary. >> reporter: mike stanback never expected to see four men with a baseball bat walking across his neighbors yard to steal his band. when they did, he thought what most people in a quiet neighborhood would. the four men in their 20s were coming from long-term where they had just shot out six car windows in a stolen blue sedan.>> it creates a hazard for everybody. >> reporter: that is one commander joel post a began.
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picture. they had stolen it from denver before heading to longmont to shoot the windows and then erie to snag mike's neighbors car. >> three of the guys were standing watch, looking around. the next thing i knew, those guys started running across the lawn full speed and the van came tearing out of the garage in reverse.>> reporter: without regard for neighbors, the med sped to a ravine and piled into a van they are still driving. your personal space. >> reporter: neighbors are angry, startled and worried. >> it will make me think twice about meeting my kids at home without adult supervision. >> reporter: after all, things like this aren't supposed to happen in quite neighborhoods like there's. >> it is surreal. you don't expect that to happen here. >> reporter: when we spoke to police, they said some of the four suspects were caught. we are still working to confirm
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traffic is moving on i-70 which has been a mess since this evening. a semi carrying ice cream caught fire near georgetown. firefighters earlier today had to walk directions of the interstate. the brakes overheated on the truck but started the fire which ultimately destroy the truck. eventually, the westbound lanes reopened. eastbound to go longer. for more than an hour, traffic was totally blocked. the frontage was closed. drivers finally just got out of their cars to stretch their legs while waiting. when it finally reopened, son lanes stayed close because the damage the fire did to the highway. frontier is warning passengers to get the airport three hours ahead of the fight. the airline is doing a system upgrade which means that passengers won't be able to use the website. they won't be able to find the app. airport kiosks will be off-
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make changes at the airport ticket counter. the system upgrade comes a few days after frontier dealt with a slew of customer complaints about delays at dia. that was money. their airlines is a change the company used for ground operations and it will take a while to get everyone up to speed. a curfew was going into effect right now for the entire city of charlotte. it begins at midnight eastern and remains in effect until 6 am. unlike last night at this time, the city says there have been no officer or civilian injuries. national guard is patrolling one after a person died. 44 people were arrested in business and venues in the heart of charlotte were damaged and looted. protests are in response to a deadly police shooting on tuesday. police say keith scott had a gun and refused to drop it. witnesses say he had a book not a weapon. family members somebody of the encounter today.>> he never appears to be aggressive. it seems like he is a tad confused. i don't know if he is getting yelled out from too many directions.
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th object in his hand but you can't make out what it is. at the moment he is shot, he is stepping backwards. >> even though it does not show what is in scott's hands in a particular video, some family members wanted to be released to the public work emily members are also calling on people to protest peacefully. betty shelby, the tolls officer who shot and killed terrence crutcher has been charged with first-degree manslaughter. crutcher was killed last friday. dashcam and aerial footage showed him walking away from officer shall be with his arms t reacted unreasonably and she unnecessarily escalated the situation. a warrant was issued for her arrest. police are working to arrange her surrender.>> nothing will bring him back. in response to your question about officer shall be feeling remorseful, that is a good thing. it is a good thing. that is good.
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crime. >> officer shall be would face a minimum of four years in prison if convicted. justice department has launched an investigation to see if officers on scene violated pitchers civil rights. it is tied in colorado. 46 days out and hillary clinton and donald trump are locked up. they are within the margin of error. clinton is at 44%. trump at 42%. libertarian gary johnson is at 10%. if the third part to choose a favor, trump accept a bit more support. get ready to see a lot of some familiar faces. today, mike pence visited with pastors in colorado springs. the protests in charlotte were brought up and mike pence said the country should focus on what unites us.>> donald trump and i believe that there has been far too much of this talk
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within law enforcement. police officers are human beings and in difficult and life- threatening situations, mistakes are made. people have to be held to strict account. >> donald trump's kids also crisscrossed the state today campaigning for their father. ivanka trump spent the morning in denver and then went to fort collins. her brother donald junior went to the mesa county fairgrounds this eve>> presidential debate is going to be delicious. rip roaring family fun. clinton versus trump. nine news reporter noel brennan tapped into colorado's best political minds to get advice from the candidates.>> reporter: as the stage is set, this is going to be a very fascinating debate. hillary clinton and donald trump are prepping her monday night. the first of three presidential debates. >> i think it will be an exciting debate.
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>> reporter: if you ask insularity, expectations for clinton are so high that she might need to borrow this guy's cherry picker. >> hillary clinton has to effectively turn water into wine . the bar for hillary clinton is about as high as it is low for donald trump. >> reporter: if you buy them, trumpet have an advantage. >> effect i goes on stage and doesn't just offend an entire swath of the human population, he will have been considered to have won the debate. problems when it comes to likability and people feeling like she is personable.>> reporter: kelly maher says that is one problem donald trump does not have. >> the one thing we have consistently seen is that he is able to connect with the american people in a way that others have not been able to. we are really offering people what their policy positions are
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both campaigns. >> if this is a showcase of ideas, then the american people will learn a thing or two. i think they will be able to make an informed decision. >> reporter: the stage will be set on monday night. we will see who did their prep work. >> i asked our political experts about the importance of the very first debate and both pointed to 2012 were most believe that mitt romney was better than obama in the first debate. romney went on to lose the election. mondays the first of debates. you can watch it on 9news at 7 pm. >> popcorn in hand. i just feel like i couldn't say my mom's life. >> the pain of a daughter who also lost her father at the same time. jessica velasquez lost both parents because her dad killed vermont three years ago. she and her sister talked with anastasia bolton about domestic
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>> i remember seeing my mom happy. >> reporter: it sure is a lot of strength to share someone you love with strangers. someone gets a cut and alexa miss all the time. >> that is jessica's father three years ago. he walked into the greeley police department and told police that he hurt her mom. her father struggled with drug addiction for years. >> he was two different fathers. when >> reporter: her mom try to leave. >> she did not leave him because she didn't want her kids to grow up without a father.>> reporter: their parents fought a lot. right before the murder, their 19-year-old brother kicked the data out but he came back. >> my dad never hit my mom. ever. is so we're that he just did
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>> i just felt like the drugs to control of him. what he did to my mom, he hit rock-bottom. >> me talking now and telling my story, maybe it could save life. >> reporter: it takes a lot of courage to speak up and speak out. >> we need to stand up for ourselves as women. if we don't, more will happen. po take that. there is already too much hurt, too much pain and too much loss. >> do it for yourself but if you have kids, do it for them. >> reporter: they have an older sister and a middle brother. she has forgiven her dad but says she is not quite ready to visit him in prison. maybe someday she can ask him why. the two women monster speaking to community groups and anyone
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difference. we have domestic violence resources on >> the final chapter of a bittersweet love story that people called the real-life version of the fault in our stars. from science fiction to retail fact, nike sets the date that shoes will go back to the future. nasa drops a bombshell. what you think it is. fall is here and daniel has the forecast. what is the greatest play you have ever seen made against
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the story of love has touched the lives of people around the world. kden dalton praeger met on facebook when they were 18. they immediately bonded by their shared bottles with
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they were called the real-life version of the fault in our stars which chronicles a love story of two people with cancer. kden dalton married in 2011 and lived together before health problems forced them to live in separate states to be cared for by family. dalton passed away last weekend. five days later, katie day. for more on their story, visit now we know the date when nike will go back to the future. remember the sneakers marty mcfly work? they hit stores two months from november 28. >> the shoes will only be available at select nike retail locations. shoppers need to have an appointment and they will cost all of the dollars. more than 40% of human resource managers say they look at a resume for less than a minute. enough time to catch big mistakes. they shared some of them with our partners at career builder. when applicant said he worked
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was a prisoner at the facility. another look at taking long walks is a skill. one called smoking a hobby. the force was strong with applicant to use direct quotes from star wars in the resume. if you give points for honesty, there was one who said i did not build the south, someone did it for me. hr manager said people who customize the resumes to the job posting and send a personalized cover letter were the ones who scored highest marks. nasa's response do astronomy not astrology. the agency is getting all kinds of flak that say there are 13 zodiac signs, not 12. nasa says blame the babylonians who fudged things a little bit to make things work with their calendar 3000 years ago. sss virgo encompasses 45 days. scorpio now only seven. it also points out that the earth's axis has shifted in the last 3000 years so the nice guy is not the same. to see if you are still under
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listed on sit back and enjoy a tour of anchorage, alaska courtesy of a bear and the police officers i had to follow the be around the city. the bear walked around town in the middle of the day and did not seem concerned about traffic or people. he was very curious about the restaurants of anchorage. police kept a close eye on the bear and eventually stagnate and released into the wild -- snagged it and released it into the wild. fall this morning. the autumnal equinox said farewell to the summer season. we are looking like all in the upper country. we have 50 shades of orange going in the high country. all those golden hues are popping in the rocky mountain national park just stunning. the one caveat will be storms that push in and potentially start blowing off all of the gorgeous leads. we had to deal with fog early
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in the early 70s. it was a hot one out to the west at 90 degrees in grand junction. tonight we call things off just a bit. 62 out at the airport. the wind will slowly start to pick up out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour are quiet and calm in the nine backyard just the way we like it. temperatures are sitting in the low 60s. we have a storm system that is moving slow and gaining momentum pushing into parts of utah as it is dragging this cold front along with it. that will barrel into our state tomorrow evening. you can see in front of at some gusty winds. on the backside we will be watching for cooler temperatures. we will feel that this weekend. the numbers will drop into the 60s. we will be watching showers and thunderstorms speeding in from the south primarily affecting south-central colorado, the four eastern plains. a line of strong storms in the denver metro area.
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for us. out to the west we go and it is a different story. we have aerial flood warnings still in place for much of utah. salt lake city especially as you can still see some very strong to severe thunderstorms pushing him. in fact, in weaver county, we had damage of tornado. severe thunderstorms pushing through the area. you can see it just knocked down dozens of homes. also, some trees were down and power lines down. it is now affecting 35,000 people. it ha lot of folks in their backyards . the good news is as it moves into colorado, it won't really be ringing us the severe storm but it certainly will be kicking up our winds i'm a potentially doing damage on the fall foliage that is just peeking in the high country. we do have the high wind warning tonight. those will be the areas we see in purple. the peach shaded color is the advisories. these will continue until 6 am
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i would not be surprised if we start to see the advisories shift across the front range and the eastern plains tomorrow as our winds start to kick up as this cold front starts approaching our backyard. 57 overnight. the winds will steadily increase. with the cloud deck overhead, it will be a very comfortable night in eastern colorado and out to the west we will only see temperatures falling into the 40s. we are looking good with some sunshine to kick off the morning in denver across the eastern plains. you can see the front already starting to move in. this starts to bring us some rainfall, possibly some snowfall . we will have a better shot friday night into saturday with cooler temperatures. these showers and thunderstorms will potentially be moving into the metro area after about 4 pm. it will be pretty brief but by the evening we might find a line of strong to severe thunderstorms across the far eastern plains. this will be the area for trouble we're watching tomorrow. kansas, nebraska, south dakota and our eastern plains all included. you can see the rainfall
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utah, the western slope. not so impressive here in the denver metro area. i think everyone tomorrow and saturday will be feeling the gusty winds. a sunny start for us and we will be watching the storm pushing in with winds out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour dirk the gusts could be even higher. i think it takes a while for the cold front to make it into our backyard. it should be a warm one. northern colorado is looking pretty good in the upper 70s and low 80s. the cooler temperatures really start to settle in for the weekend. we will have a better chance of seeing the showers on sunday evening and a quick peek toward next week will look more like sunshine with those above average temperatures and the sunshine. i know yesterday you told me to go back to the drawing board on
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the rockies are both winning and winning tonight. the rockies pay tribute to retiring hall of aim broadcaster vin scully by gifting him the dodgers sign from the courts field out-of- town scoreboard. this is cool. la second baseman chase utley bobbles the baseball but still gets out with a backwards no
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utley makes the greatest recovery of all time. the broncos played bengals on sunday and linebacker von miller is ready to get his groove on. 9news broncos insider shakes his thing on the pages of his notebook. >> it has to be all that dancing. von miller already has four sacks this year. he has never had that many through two games. once in 2012 he had three was the same year that he had a career-high 18 1/2. bonded and practice with the broncos during the off-season. all he did was dance. now, he is off to the best start of his career. it can't be a coincidence. >> von miller with the sack. >> i've never put six hours into one thing every single day. not 8-man football. we practice for it two hours. six hours every day -- it made
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it made me have to come to work every day and be consistent and work on something that it wasn't good at. when i come out here play football, this is what i do. i am a professional football player. it is easier for me to do this. i think having to struggle with that is helping me here. >> whenever a star player gets off to a fast start, he smells a once-in-a-lifetime season. peyton manning had seven touchdown passes in his first game of 2013. he went on to throw a record 55. miller has a chance for his first 20 sack season. he could get his first defensive player of the year award. wade phillips even brought up mvp. there is no question all that dancing has helped von miller the pass rusher. at the very least, his sack dances are much more suitable for family viewing. >> former broncos quarterback brock osweiler lost for the
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jacoby percent scored his first career touchdown and instead of keeping the football as a souvenir, he gave it to head coach bill belichick. thanks for believing in me. the still of the night comes from baltimore where the orioles presented red sox slugger david ortiz with a retirement gift. the visitors dugout telephone he smashed with a bat during a tirade in the still of the night. >> ever since ortiz did that, the visitors manager has had to shout to the bullpen.
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if you can handle gusty winds tomorrow, it won't be too shabby. we will be watching the clouds coming by the afternoon and possibly a couple of storms. the weekend will be much cooler.
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investigated for child abuse. brad pitt investigated for child abuse? >> and angelina filing for
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child services probing brad pitt. the explosive new report. an intoxicated pitt got verbally and physically abusive with one of the kids on a private jet. today brad fires back. plus jennifer aniston's best friend chelsea handler unleashes on angelina. that's why. >> and where we've seen the man who ambushed hadid. >> the front page story here in new york. anthony weiner's new sexting with a 15-year-old. >> and -- breaking news about her husband joe's life behind bars. >> i think he looks just like you now.
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>> we're behind the scenes with ashley graham and kate hudson and ryan gosling dare to take on mean tweets. >> always look like your trying the squeeze a farth out. >> from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital l.a. hey everyone. i'm mario lopez. what he says really happened on face is here. what we've never talked about publicly before. but first brad and angelina's divorce reportedly taking a stunning turn today. brad reported by. >> under investigation for child abuse. tmz first with this stunning report. brad a angelina and the children were on a private jet to the
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screaming and got physical with his kids. the incident with the charissa. >> the kids. yeah mean everything. >> and reportedly the final straw for jolie. angelina listed the date of separation as the very next day is asking for sole physical custody. brad's sources insisting he did not commit any abuse. the lapd tells "extra" it is not investigating but the site sates the fbi i international flight. if $555 million split, people's new cover story. inside the magazine reporting angelina told brad she wanted to end the marriage over the weekend. pitt, whom the magazine says had been in counseling urged her to hold off but she refused. >> horrible when you go through something like that.


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