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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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this is 9news. release the video. release the video. >> a night of peaceful protests defy the charlotte curfew and police. we're live in charlotte this morning with the issue protesters talked about most. >> i think it's definitely going to make me think twice about leaving my kids at home >> yeah, string of crimes ran through a quiet neighborhood yards yesterday. we're going to have the latest on the criminals who made it through four cities just to get stuck in a wal-mart parking lot. >> and arrive at d.i.a. three hours early. if you're planning to fly frontier, we'll tell you why passengers could have trouble getting tickets this morning. not what you want to hear if you're headed out for a weekend trip. marty joining us now. marty, it will feel like fall
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>> it does, it's moving into western colorado now, sharon, with a lot of wind. we have gusty winds, even thunderstorms in western colorado this morning. a line of storms move through the western mountains. we aren't seeing them very well on radar today. the grand junction radar, we use a mosaic of radars, grand junction is down for maintenance. we see the lightning moving through cortez and durango. there are thunderstorms in the area and we're getting some returns out of the farmington site. them. we do know that there are other storms and very strong winds between 40 and 50 miles per hour. we anticipate those winds to shift over the eastern plains this afternoon. which means those of us up and down i-25 to the east are going to see some extraordinarily strong winds today. that's going to result in extreme fire danger from the denver area to the south. red flag warning from noon to 8:00 today.
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winds. we could also see a few isolated severe storms to the east of metro denver out toward fort morgan, sterling, and burlingtom. that all because of the very strong winds that a few isolated storms could kick out. it's a windy, warm day today. a much cooler weekend is ahead. we'll be talking about that in a couple minutes. >> and at 5:32, a look first down to the south side. 25 near c470 looking nice. if you are extend your drive should take an hour and five minutes north or southbound this morning, which is a great way to kick things off. i-70 between 25 and 6th avenue to the west, checking clear, 11 or 12 minutes if you're headed out to the west. check out the fall colors heading into an early friday start, you have a great commute up into the upper elevations. 36 still a dark drive as we head north of boulder. conditions are clear.
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looking great. 285 connecting to santa fe. coming up, we'll talk more about race for the cure details to help you get down to pepsi center on sunday. >> we're looking forward to that. thank you. it's 5:33 now. a long day for police in north metro started with reports of a stolen car and shot out windows and ended with a chase, a police car rammed repeatedly and three people arrested. three suspects are in custody after a string of crimes into la fayette. no officers were hurt. this started about 1:15 thursday afternoon when police say car windows were shattered, then they found a stolen car from erie abandoned in a ravine. finally, police found a second stolen car, alts from erie at a local wal-mart. got in the car, rammed two police cars while they were trying to get away. all thee were arrested after
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anyone flying frontier airlines this morning should get to the airport three hours early. that's a warning from the airline, which it says is in the middle of a system upgrade. this is a live look at d.i.a. where the lines at the counters are not too bad. things are moving so well it seems. passengers can't use frontier's website, only the mobile app or the airport kiosk or they can go to the ticket counter to make changes are tickets, that sort of thing. a ton of customer complaints over airport delays. that was because the airline switch to new company for its ground operations services at its gates. half the ground crew were veterans. the other half had to do some on the job training. plus, frontier's corporate employees had to fill in to fill the gaps. frontier is asking customers, please, be patient.
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it could be a little while before the highway is back to normal. a semi carrying ice cream caught fire near georgetown thursday evening. the race over heated and started a fire. the truck and its delicious contents were destroyed. firefighters blocked both directions of traffic on the interstate for awhile. the eastbound lanes were closed for more than one hour. drivers even got out of the cars to stretch their legs at one point. traffic even eventually got back to normal. the damage to the pavement because of that fire. >> my goodness, around here today, clouds are moving off to the east, that leaves us with a good looking morning, as we anticipated the southerly winds. starting in the upper 50s, going into the upper 60s by the end of the rush hour. we're going to do 80 or better with strong wind this afternoon coming out of the south. this weekend, things cool down.
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be after midnight tonight. you might get a sprinkle. most of us will be asleep when that happens. clears out a bit. partly cloudy with a few light showers in the foothills or monument hill. clears out on sunday and by monday, we're already warming back up. >> marty, thank you much. 5:36 right now. charlotte, north carolina, spent the night under curfew, but that did not keep people off the streets. the biggest difference between last night and the night before was how the protesters made for the most part, the protests stayed peaceful overnight. community leaders stepped in to help stop the violence. nbc's sarah rosario is in charlotte. there is one key issue these protesters seem to care about the most. >> yeah, that's right, it was a night of peaceful protests. the key issue that people are caring the most about is they want the police chief to release the video of keith
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going to be releasing that video while this case is still under investigation. >> a third night of people taking to the streets with police in riot gear, but thursday night, a message rings clear. protesters appealing four videos showing the shooting death of 43-year-old, keith scott. dying at the hands of police tuesday. their hope, to resolve different accounts of what happened. >> what i see in that video is an individual who is sitting in a peaceful manner. >> the police chief agreeing to show the video to keith scott's family. their lawyer and the state bureau of investigations. >> i'm going to be very intentional about protecting the integrity of the investigation. i'm not going to release the video. >> police say scott ignored multiple warnings to drop his weapon. the chief admits he didn't see him point the gun at officers. but scott's family says he wasn't holding a gun, but instead, a book while waiting
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bus. their lawyer says the video doesn't show a weapon. >> i did not see a firearm on the ground. i do not see a firearm at any point during those videos. it leaves more questions than answers. >> despite the disperties, the black man following a series of similar cases across the nation. the governor saying this is in no way a definition of who north carolinaens are. >> we're not going to let a few hours give a a great city. >> while protesters remained relatively calm thursday, tensions are high with concerned citizens and demonstrators hoping for justice. and we now know that the person who was shot and seriously wounded in wednesday night's protest has died from his injuries. the police chief says that he was shot by a civilian and not an officer. he says they are now investigating that case as a
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you. >> thank you for that, we appreciate the update. 5:38, if you know anybody in charlotte, you may have gotten an alert like this on facebook recently. social media site started using the safe check in feature for the protest. in the past, it has been used for things like terrorist attacks or emergencies. it lets people know that their friends and family in that area are safe. it also lets you ask people that you know in charlotte check in. >> one protester in charlotte made a statement with an act of love creating moments that show the good in humanity. he went up to officers and their riot gear offering hugs and he did the same to other protesters through the night. >> it's 5:39 now. get a taste of college life this week. we're taking nine neighborhoods to boulder coming up next. >> all right, plus in the fast lane for learning. we'll talk about the special program helping put engineers
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cabinets, but don't want to pay the high cost to install new ones? coming up, our team turns to the experts to show you how to install your own cabinets. it's the beginning of our series on how to renovate your
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welcome back. 5:42 right now. we are giving a little taste of college life, taking you back to the especially sharyl, used to live there. it is the area directly west of the university of colorado in boulder. short for university hill. it has a mix of residents and businesses. 75 businesses in all call the small stretch of the city their home. there are tons of restaurants, bars, cafes, bookstores, tattoo parlors, smoke shops, fitness studios, bicycle shops, art supply store. and it goes on and on.
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students. >> this is just where everybody is. it's always fun. >> food, that's all centrally located. all your friends live within five square blocks of each other. >> it is home, the history on the corner. >> yeah. the hill might be undergoing some new developments soon. that's causing a lot of controversy. not everybody likes it. there are plans to develop a hotel in that area and people think that in the scheme of things. we'll see where that goes. anyway, some of these local places have been there for 40 plus years. they would be torn down and replaced by the hotel and conference center. >> the hotel would revitalize the area and bring new business to the shops nearby. there's so much history, so we can understand why people might have a different view of it. but i have to tell you, living on the hill taught me one thing, how to parallel park in
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always really busy. >> okay. >> it's like playing bumper cars. sorry. >> i do understand that. >> it's a cool place, amelia, always fun to visit. >> thank you so much, 5:44. we want to help you get down to the race for the cure, which is why we'll give you tips throughout the morning starting out with our parking tips. yo u you can park on the garage starting at 5:30 a.m. it's the lot across from peps at diamond hill, city parking is free on sunday. it's going to be harder to find according to the folks at the race for the cure komen website. the absolute best option here is going to be to use public transportation. so light rail, bus service, or a bike or cab. thanks, we have clearing conditions now. if we can keep the wind in check and this is going to be tough, very windy today and a lot of those leaves will be
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everything left will be spectacular. dillon area yesterday, again, we just have tremendous color going on right now. but the wind is really going to be hard on these leaves here. especially up north. spectacular as well. if you are headed up to steam boat this weekend, might see a couple light showers saturday and perhaps a sprinkle on sunday. i think it's mainly going to be sunny on sunday with temperatures in the 50s. lows will be slightly below freezing and amelia, that's going to be true throughout the mountain valleys this weekend. >> thanks for that. marty, well, this week's edition takes us to the track where local engineering students are preparing themselves for fast pace careers. >> going around the corner at close to g-level is indescribable. it's something most people don't experience.
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style race car. >> right now, we're in the process of building a scale down model. the car for next year, and we'll put it in the wind tunnel we have on campus. and do a lot of flow simulations to figure out how much down force we're going to be generating from our pieces. >> this senior project has led to some exciting careers. >> coming up on 9 news at 8:00 a.m., i'll share the story of
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breaking news to share with you now, deputies are searching for whoever stole a ford truck and led deputies on a chase. deputies found that truck, but the thieves got away. neighbors say they heard some gun shots. deputies were not the ones that. we wilbring you any updates as soon as we get them. they are looking for people, possibly armed if neighbors did indeed hear gun a group of national park employees say they have been the victims of sexual harassment, bullying, and other misconduct. the complaint went all the way to a congressional committee. reports of harassment include iconic sites like yosemite, yellow stone, and the grand canyon. at least 18 employees have come forward already. yellow stone says it is investigating complaints of sexual exploitation, intimidation, and retaliation. the deputy director of operations for the national park service acknowledged
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agencies 413 parks. colorado's highways are not looking great. our news partners at the denver business journal say that colorado ranks 35th in the nation when it comes to highways. the annual rankings from the reason foundation rate overall highway performance and cost effectiveness. the report looks at pavement conditions, traffic congestion, deficient bridges, traffic fatalities and spending per mile. last year, colorado was 33rd, so we have moved down. the state with the best highways by the way, south carolina, at the very bottom, hawaii, rhode island, and massachusetts. all right, let's check in with marty. a crisp morning out there. >> it is. and quite a bit of a breeze going to with thunderstorms in western colorado this morning. we have some strong winds going along with some lightning throughout the west. this is what i would call a squall line of thunderstorms ahead of the cold front, which is now in utah.
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showers along the front. those will be moving into the mountains and foothills this afternoon. more wind than rain with these. you'll get light rain there and as it comes down slow, we'll evaporate a lot of that moisture. so what we get out of it is a tremendous amount of wind. better in the foothills. better to our north and east. the wind will be strong today, 35 to 40 miles per hour at times during the afternoon. dying down later tonight. so a upper 70s and low 80s. there's the line of storms in the mountains. it stretches through western colorado. comes to the front range during the early part of the evening and then really takes off in the plains after 5:00, 6:00 tonight, we might see some severe storms on the plains, mainly in the form of strong wind yet again. as far as rain goes, best rain will be from the glenn wood canyon area to the south and west. still warm here in the east,
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west in those windy conditions. 81 partly cloudy, windy, if you do get a shower here in the metro area to fort collins, it's going to be a couple rain drops. no more than that, light showers after midnight as the cool air begins to settle in, and then tomorrow, really a pretty good looking day. less wind, upper 60s with clear skies on sunday, we warm back up by the middle of next week. so this doesn't stick around long. >> this is the weekend every year where the turns punk. we have race for the cure coming up on sunday and with that in mind, we have some traffic tips for you and of course, there are lots of options to get you downtown. the best of the best will be light rail, bus service as well? as bike options. now parking is very limited. there's one lot right next to the pepsi center across the street. you also have options at local churches and city parking, which is free. they will be hard to come by. public transportation is the
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sculpture along i-25 near bellevue, it turns pink. i don't think i'm making that one up. i saw it a moment ago. keep your eye out for that, really great conditions to kick things off.
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welcome back. sea of pink and sparkles and emotion. that's what the area around the
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these pictures from last year, it's all to support the fighting of breast cancer and honor those who beat it. the race for the cure is sunday in downtown denver. we talked to a board member with the susan g. komen colorado organization who says that the race is an experience like no other. >> the race for the cure is such a great celebration. if you've never attended one, just really have to see it to believe it boas and sparklers and glitter and it is really a day of celebration for survivors like me and also to remember some of those who we lost to breast cancer. >> absolutely. one in seven women in colorado will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. the komen foundation helps fund breast cancer studies. also helps people through
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you can register on the day of the race starting at 6:00 a.m. the 5k starts at 8:00. it starts right by the pepsi center there. it's just a walk. it's a run, whatever you want to make it. you can bring the family. then at 10:15, we'll honor the survivors who are participating. it's a great morning and we hope to see you there. we are very, very proud sponsor of the race for the cure. >> absolutely. you need to see how many people make it a yearly tradition and it gets passed down from generation moms and grandmas and dads and grandpas. >> we are starting the movement. we want to celebrate your heros this morning. we would love if you would share a story about a breast cancer survivor in your life, a loved ones or a friend. >> post on our facebook page, use the hashtag on twitter, be on 9. we would love to hear your stories and see your pictures of those that you love, that have dealt with this disease and we will share
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the world's attention, including six-year-old, alex in
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this is 9news. good morning, everyone, we start with breaking news, deputies are searching for whoever stole a ford truck and led deputies on a chase. they found the truck near west 96th and croak drive. that is in thornton. the thieves got away. neighbors said they heard gun shots in the area. but ti fire their weapons. we'll have a crew there and update you on the situation as soon as it becomes available. it's still confusing what's going on. >> overnight, things were much calmer on the streets of charlotte following two nights of violence and unrest. the city imposed a curfew on thursday after rioters set fires and smashed windows of downtown buildings. one person was shot in the head by another protester. he has since died. the charlotte community wants to see the video from the


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