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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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>> the endorsement some figured wasn't going to happen as ted cruz throws his support behind trump. >> what we hear from contractors is we can't hire enough people. >> and one problem you may not have realized is contributing to the housing problems here. 9news starts now. we developing story now out of washington state. four people have been killed inside a mall 65 miles north of seattle, very few details released about what has taken place inside the cascade mall in burlington. a member of the state patrol says the gunman is on the loose and the mall is currently being cleared. we don't know where this took place in the mall and if anyone else was injured inside or what may have been the motivation. the changing weather conditions this evening have rescuers concerned about a lost
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more than 40 people from several agencies have arrived to search for that woman. it seems search teams are having trouble narrowing down the location due to the lack of cell service in the area. k-9 units are heading out to help. when we learn any other details, we'll pass them along. a winter weather advisory out for parts of the mountains tonight. the season is certainly showing changes in the high country and some big change happening along the front range as well. before the sun went down you could see sn higher elevations near the johnson eisenhower tunnels along i70. there was more than a coating as well at some of the ski areas from loveland to a-basin and vail to copper. the la platte county sheriff's office office sent out pictures. in deb changes blew through this evening -- in denver changes blew through this
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it's turned noticeably cooler this evening. today's weather also created high fire danger across the front range and the plains. strong winds spread a small brushfire this afternoon in strasburg. south metro fire and rescue said it burned between 5 to 10 acres. the cause is under investigation. two very seer accidents shut down i-25 -- serious accidents shut down i-25 and down during the evening rush hour. around 3:00 this afternoon a man died in the northbound lane of i-25 and northglenn when he tried to run across the lanes of traffic. he was hit in the h.o.v. lanes by several vehicles. traffic was backed up all the way to denver. then around 5:30 a loaded truck rolled over in the northbound lanes of i-25 in douglas county near greenland. the driver was seriously hurt
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backups extended beyond monument hill. crews got one lane open after 90 minutes. state troopers released a photo of an suv whose occupants could have information about a deadly hit and run involving a bicyclist. jason holden was struck and killed tuesday riding along larimer county road 8e. the occupants of this suv are considered possible witnesses to the crash. it has a roof or ski in the area around the time of the incident. holden lost control after he was hit by a vehicle trying to pass him. he hit control and went into crossing traffic where he was hit by a truck. five inmates in the downtown denver jail went to the hospital yesterday because they overdosed on drugs. medics came to the jail and took the inmates to denver health. they were taken because they
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department are investing and say this is a rare occurrence. -- investigating and say this is a rare occurrence. >> having five people go through a drug overdose at once is something we certainly don't see very often and are very disappointed and concerned about. that's why there is an investigation and why these people were taken to the hospital. thankfully there were no fatalities. those people are recovering. one is back at the jail. we need to look into this. >> a drug detection k-9 searched the area wh were found. the sheriff's office says random cell searches are conducted regularly at both denver jails. tonight there have been more protests in charlotte, north carolina. those protests remained peaceful, although a curfew remains in effect. both hillary clinton and donald trump talked about wanting to visit charlotte, but the mayors asked them to wait until the city returns to normal. clinton says she will postpone
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will be released of the incident leading to the protests. today a video of the moments before and after the police shooting of keith scott was released, cell phone video from his wife not only shows the scene, his wife can be heard pleading for officers not to shoot him. at the same time, 12 times, in fact, officers yelled to scott to drop the gun. scott's wife says he did not have a gun. protesters are demanding to see video from two police cameras of what happened. tonight the north carolina bu the charlotte police have the authority to release this video. there's been no indication from the city if and when that will happen. instead of backing the republican nominee, texas senator ted cruz told republicans to vote their conscious earlier this summer. now he says he's voting for donald trump. on facebook today he gave two reasons for the change, first his promise to support the republican nominee and second, his belief that democrat hillary clinton is wholly
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the woman living there was armed and not afraid to defend her home. one of the suspects was shot and killed. two others are on the run and surveillance video from inside the house is being released in hopes of catching the two suspects. you do not see the suspect get killed on camera. this video inside the home clearly shows the suspects running for cover as the homeowner charges at them. she continues to shoot out her front door as the suspects run from the home. there is no indication why this specific house was targeted or if it ha the stacked boxes inside. they're called virtual kidnappings, someone calls saying someone you know is taken hostage and won't be returned unless you pay up. now one woman in aurora says she was a victim of one of the scams. she spoke with 9news reporter nick mcgill and this is a far different scam than we warned about before. >> yeah, it is. let's keep in mind mary lou hendricks heard about these
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one until this morning. >> you get e-mails that say your relative is in a prison in mexico. wire money but not something your kid's been in a car accident. and now been abducted by a gang member. >> reporter: it sounds crazy, but that's the exact call mary lou hendricks got today. the nurse practitioner said she was seeing a patient when that her son had been in a car accident. >> they said do you have a son? i said yes. i've got two sons zachary and cody and he said cody, yes. he said his name is cody. >> reporter: the caller said the person her son hit is wanted by police and couldn't be taken to a hospital. so to pay for a private doctor, they needed money and were taking her son hostage until she could get them that money. >> and if i don't follow his instructions, they'll never find my son.
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hendricks needed to act now, leave the building and go to the nearest bank. not knowing what to think she believed them. >> that they've got cody and they're going to hurt him if i don't do what they tell me. >> reporter: hendricks started following the call ir's instructions, went -- caller's instructions, went to her car and started to go to the bank. the patient she was with who happened to be a family friend came with her quietly calling 911. >> i just have to because they'll know what to do even though he told me not to call. >> reporter: police told hendricks' patient she might be getting scammed. while she waited for the cops the patient tried to call hendricks' soon. >> but she called my son -- hendricks' son. >> but she called my son and came to my car and it was i've got cody on the phone. already hendricks' son was fine at home in bed --
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was fine. she hung up the phone. >> i fell apart. i was so happy to hear he was okay. >> looking back she says the caller went to great lengths to try to keep her on the phone so she couldn't contact anybody else. in fact, hendricks said the caller didn't know anything about her son. he only echoed things she told him. the fbi has warned about these types of scams. we'll have that information up >> thank you. nick mcgill reporting. the douglas county detective critically injured when shot in the line of duty earlier this month is doing better. the sheriff's office says detective dan brite is alert and communicating with family. support from the community has poured in since he was shot. today dozens of people donated blood in his honor. to date more than 175 donations have been made to bonfils blood center on his behalf. we've heard of all kinds of reasons for the shortage of new
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workers like electricians is adding to the problem and now some companies are paying for workers to get their licenses. apprentices like the ones you're about to meet are jumping at the opportunity. >> the time to beat, guys, is 47.86. >> i'm ready to compete. >> reporter: if you ever have an electrical socket go bad or a light switch that doesn't work, you'll probably need the help of a licensed electrician which john hayneer and alan boone hope to be someday. they're students at the independent electrical contractors rocky mountain training facility in northglenn. on this date the a premises are competing -- the apprentices are competing to see who is fastest. enrollment in the program is up 50% in the last six years and here's why. >> what we hear from contractors is we can't hire enough people. we've got so much work. we've got a backlog of work. >> reporter: metro study says
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takes to build a home in the denver metro area from four months to as long as nine months. commercial builders are also having a hard time finding enough construction workers to meet the demand. to help fill the gap electrical contractors are paying for her a premise -- for apprentices to become licensed. licensed journeyman electricians are required to have 8,000 hours of on the job training and another 288 hours in the classroom like this one where this contest is designed to sharpen their skills. >> it instills confidence in our apprentices. >> i practiced a couple times, got it down. >> reporter: when they graduate, they expect to earn over $50,000 a year and have
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the cost to get a journeyman's license can cost anywhere between 7 and $9,000 for a four year degree, but because many companies need these types of workers, they're willing to pay for much of that cost. those workers in turn usually commit to work for those companies for a period of time. if you ever wanted to be king of your very on castle, soon you could own a 42 room mansion in the mountains. >> the race for the cure is sunday in denver. we'll show drastically different than years past. >> snow in the mountains and cooler weather along the front range, danielle will show you
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castle will soon be going up for auction. redstone castle serves as a private residence and b and b now. october 7th it goes to the highest bidder. two presidents have stayed there. tours currently take visitors through the gold leafed ceilings, tiger striped floors and furniture dating back to the early 1900s. there are 14 fireplaces to help heat the 42 rooms. the bidding will start at a cool $2 million. >> that looks like a fun place. tomorrow there will be another reason yo leaves for people to get out and visit rocky mountain national park. fees are waived to celebrate national public lands day. if you go, keep in mind that tomorrow is expected to be the busiest day of the year at the rocky mountain park. 13,000 carloads of visitors are expected. attendance this year is up about 9% so far this year over last year's records. if you want to enjoy one of colorado's other national parks tomorrow instead, go ahead. all of them will be free for
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the cure, an event similar to one held in many cities across the country. the 1 here used to be among the biggest. things have changed, though. in 2008 64,000 people took part. there year there will be 15,000, a 76% decline. the crew on next will gather more information on komen and posted online at while the event will not have crowds of those passionate about the cause when it kicks off sunday morning at pepsi center. we spoke with a board member of komen colorado who has also been diagnosed with breast cancer. she says coming to the event means more than you know for those fighting the disease. >> i might urge anyone who knows someone who is going through breast cancer to reach out and come down and join us in race for the cure in their honor. it really does mean so much to
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because it can be frightening. it can be sad. it can be devastating. i think you go through the seven fields of emotion, anger, but in the end triumph is what we're after. >> you can register on race day. it begins at 6 a.m. the 5k race kicks off at 8 a.m. >> love to see that sea of pink. i think you'll want to find that pink sweatshirt. temperatures will be on the overnight lows and daytime highs 60s at best. yes, it will finally start to feel like fall. [ audio difficulties ] >> these gorgeous shots of all the snowfall coming in and look at this snapped at the telluride ski resort, mother nature fickle, a little fall out there with gorgeous colors as well as the snowfall there,
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completely different story in eastern colorado where we had extremely strong winds that warmed up our temperatures dramatically, low 90s in fort collins, greeley, sterling, ray, 92 lamar. in the west they've watched a cold front push through, 50s and 60s, gunnison, salida low 70s. in denver the front is starting to push through knocking down our temperatures quite a bit, 62 at the airport, mostly cloudy skies. the winds are kicking up out of the southwest sustained at 20 miles per ho. feels comfortable with a nice light breeze, temperatures currently in the upper here downtown. on hd doppler 9 we're still watching some moisture begin to push in. the center of low pressure is out toward wyoming, still kicking up some snowfall in parts of utah where they have a winter weather advisory in place and a similar setup for our mountains. you can see in the eastern plains it's picking up on this strong line of thunderstorms
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past half hour or so. that snowfall is really coming down at estes park, picking up on a little bit and the rain snow line is about 8,000 feet turning to rain, a couple light rain showers in fort collins. the big story tomorrow morning, it's a winter wonderland in the northern mountains, rabbiters pass, elk head mountains and flattops, areas above 9,000 feet seeing 2 to 6 and a little light cu it's cooling off in downtown denver tonight, 44, winds gusty at times. we'll watch for one or two light showers. 40s and 50s for eastern colorado, 20s and 30s to the west. so cold down across the san luis valley we have freeze warnings tomorrow morning. wrap around moisture is starting to fill into the northern mountains. everything tomorrow stays just
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throughout the day in the high country, around eastern colorado not as bad. overall a decent day but cooler for a lot of us. the chance for severe weather is across our eastern plains tomorrow afternoon. 68 degrees, about 20 degrees cooler than today. find the sweaters and bundle up. we'll watch for a couple showers in the foothills and mountains, but otherwise staying dry across eastern colorado and a warm one, too, 70s and 80 out to the west, a chilly one, 59 idaho springs and bailey. we could see a couple spots like platteville, fort lupton and longmont touching 70 degrees. mid-60s on sunday and look at the warm-up in time for next week. it's going to feel more like
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from colorado's sports leader here's rod mackey. >> the broncos will not be close to a full strength for that first road game. virgil green the latest to be knocked out. gary kubiak making it official today announcing that the tight end won't make the trip to cincinnati. so jon phillips and jeff hireman are the next men up. if they go down, why not von? miller thinks he can do it all. >> i got one dream that i thought about the other day. what if quarterback and rush the passer? just haven't seen that and i come out to practice every day and i throw 100 passes and i try to be clean with my footwork. i talked to the coach and asked him, you know, do you think maybe do i have a shot any time? he just quickly disappointingly said no. >> siemian is doing just fine.
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lupow can play tomorrow. >> they've been one of the perennial powers in our league. they've still got plenty of speed and they're a very good football team. so it's going to be an extremely tough contest for us, but it's always fun starting your pac-12 games. csu was great last week against unc. now i love the bears, but they're no minnesota's level. >> they'll be big contention for the big 10, a bowl team in my opinion. they're a good football team. it's going to be a big challenge for us. >> they play tonight at eastern michigan. cowboys led most of the game, just not when it mattered most, at the end. ian erickson up the gut for the game winner. wyoming loses 27-24. the 5a state championship rematch was every bit as exciting as the title game was.
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information center with the prep pigskin pictures. >> last time pomona and valor met was in that 5a state title game. pomona led the first three quarters before valor came back in the 4th. tonight would be the same story, just opposite teams. we'll head out to a windy night in highlands ranch. valor holds the lead till the 4th quarter and the panthers have to fight back. less than a minute left. cameron gonzalez would find the end zone for the go ahead score. it was a defensive slugfest between mountain vista and arapahoe that turned into a hootout. colton whiteside was one of the many golden eagles who found the end zone in the 2nd half. mountain vista wins 41-24. rod will have much more on these games and others around the state bright and early tomorrow morning on the 9news prep rally. >> thank you, taylor. to baseball, the rockies dodgers game overshadow offed
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-- overshadowed by festivities before the game. vince scully calling it a career after this year. the 88-year-old has been the voice of the dodgers for 67 years and so far so good for his team. l.a. leading right now 2 -0. to hockey first time on the nhl ice for jared bednar officially filling the skates training camp. >> there's a certain level of excitement that comes with every training camp, right? because there's -- you know, everyone is starting fresh and especially with the new coach. it's no different from me. it's exciting to get to know some new players and now i met with all of them and talked with them. they've been working on their game plan the last few weeks. now it's time to get on the ice. this is the fun part.
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the 9news sports department just grew by one. welcome to the world, canyon jeremy. aaron's wife and new son are doing great, as is aaron as you can tell from that smile there. congratulations. they said they're going to call him yogi. >> after a house full of girls it's like a bouncing me. >> drew has two boys. i have three boys. now aaron feels more part of that. >> congratulations. >> can't wait to meet him.
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the search still going on at a mall north of seattle, washington, tonight for a gunman suspected of killing four people this evening. we don't know if others are injured inside the mall. the washington state patrol has not commented on what the motivation may have been.
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surveillance image of the gunman who can be seen holding a weapon while walking through a store. we'll continue to follow the latest developments overnight. >> that's all the time that we have for tonight.
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