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tv   9 News at 5PM  NBC  September 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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>> this is 9news. >> there is a man hunt in washington tonight for a gunman who shot and killed five people at a mall last night just outside of seattle an burlington. a fifth male victim died in the hospital early this morning. four female victims di police have not released exact ages. just that they range from teens to seniors. the gunman first entered the mall unarmed and returned 10 minutes later with a rifle. two hundred officers responded to the scene. >> and, they did a fantastic job securing that scene. getting people out that were in danger. and, i know that now, our
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law to bring the son of the [bleep] justice who did this to our community. >> they recovered a hunting type rifle from the scene. they have not identified the shooter. police are not sure of the gunman's motives. they say there is no indication it was an act of terror. temperatures dropped 20 degrees compared to yesterday. while the leaves are turning in most areas, some of high danielle grant is tracking cooler weather conditions. >> it is pleasant. we have had plenty of sunshine. a couple of dark clouds are starting to push along the city sideline. that will only cool us off. i don't anticipate any wet weather. mid 60s at the airport. a little warmer along the eastern plains in the low to mid 70s . 38 in leadville. 49 meeker and upper 50s in
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out into parts of the dakotas with the strong cold front barreling through the midwest. back behind it, we might find a couple of isolated shower ins the high country and the winds unfortunately will be kicking up quite a bit for us later this evening. you can see some spots between 20 and 30 miles an hour. so, once again, it will be a very chilly night. a lot of folks woke up to low 30s , early 40s . tomorrow is the race for look at that. we will be cranking up the heat for the upcoming week. i'll let you know how warm i anticipate it to be. now, even with the cooler weather we have had lately, there have been wild fires breaking out across the front range and the eastern plains this month. as 9news reporter maya rodriguez tells us, firefighters say a chance for seeing wild fires spreading is still high as we head toward fall. >> all right, are we ready? >> reporter: it is a sunny saturday at west metro fire
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>> cool, are you going to climb or lift? >> reporter: and for families it's a good time. >> this is our wild fire truck. what kind of fires does it put out? >> the ones in the mountains. >> that's right. wild fires. good call. >> reporter: their firefighter muster reminds people and their parents the best ways to stay fire safe. >> that's the first thing. making sure you and your family are safe. >> that means being fire aware both at home, and outside. this month, colorado firefighters have dealt wi fires. some just a few acres, others larger. >> you expect things to slow down. >> reporter: but wild fires are still breaking out. overnight, a several acre fire broke down in evergreen. firefighters quickly put it out, but they say it is just one example of a wild fire season that may not be a season at all. >> in colorado, the wild fire danger period is almost the
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dry. there are always places not covered in snow. so, there can be wild land fires in december as well as in july. >> reporter: for those living in a wild land urban interface area where development meets colorado's wilderness, firefighters say letting down your wild fire guard is not an option. >> wild fires are inevitable. it is a natural thing and it will happen. but, houses and buildings getting destroyed is not inevitable. there are things we can all do to prevent that. >> reporter: some include making sure you have around 30 feet of defensible space around your home in case trees or bushes on your property catch fire. if you start a campfire, make sure it is completely out before you leigh it. about a third of the state is abnormally dry or in a drought so it doesn't take much for a fire to spread fast. >> all right, thank you so much maya. speaking of fires, an unattended campfire caused real
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embers created a column of smoke leading to a number of 911 calls. evergreen fire quickly found the source of the fire and was able to put it out. well, good news from west metro fire about a five-year- old girl saved from a burning home a few weeks ago. she gives the thumbs up with the caption she is getting better and feeling stronger every day. >> firefighters found her hideing in a closet upstairs when the home caught fire in it is an important reminder why parents should do fire drills at home. a search is underway for a climber missing in aspen near the maroon bells area. the picken county sheriff's office says friends reported david cooke missing tuesday. he is a marine and an expert pioneer. he planned to climb pyramid peek alone.
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it is something that they are discussing as they celebrate their 50 year anniversary. here is jessica oh. >> reporter: it is amazing. a denver neighborhood's 50th birthday is always cause for celebration. the purpose of this event goes beyond the neighborhood block party. residents in montbello want you to know they have much more to offer than you may think. >> the definition is beautiful mountain. >> repo aspect of the community can be seen in the faces living here. it has been ranked as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in denver for decades. >> i'm extremely crowd. >> reporter: chris martinez has called montbello home for 40 years. he feels like this neighborhood is fighting an image problem. a concern echoed by many
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neighborhood. >> the demographic is a larger minority demographic. >> reporter: teresa cole has seen all the stories highlighting the crime and violence. a complete misrepresentation of the montbello she knows. >> you have teem who are the backbone of the denver metro area. >> reporter: she says people in montbello care and strive to make the neighborhood better. >> this is a special event, but they are herer day. >> this is a proud, strong, community. >> repor long way to go, for now, residents are celebrating how far they have come. and what makes their community unique and beautiful. >> the beauty is a diversity we have in our community. >> if you don't know about it, drive through, come see us. >> reporter: in montbello, jessica oh, 9news. and there is still plenty of time to join in on the celebrations in montbello tonight. denver's first lady is among a list of performers. food, music, dancings, all the fun stuff for the entire family.
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posted online at well, hey, some ski areas are getting an early taste of winter. we have a look at the stunning sights tomorrowed by an early snowstorm. >> plus, most men with rock a mustache, but fewer can grow a masterpiece. denver is attracting the best
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>> volunteers made final preps at the pepsi center for tomorrow's susan g. komen race for cure. tomorrow's event includes a 5k and family fun walk. you can sign up day of starting at 6:00 in the morning at the it begins at 8:00. it takes runners from auroria parkway and seven street south of colfax. runners will run up federal to 20th avenue. drivers expect delays, enclosures in the area. watch out for all the pedestrians out there. so, to mountain ski season is already here. well, sort of. the ski patrol is good test conditions on the upper mountain. now, the base is still building
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some places. the silverton ski area is looking at a december opening now. well, two official days of autumn and it is already looking like winter in the high country. snow started rolling into colorado last night. today, another round of cool temperatures and snow. >> oh yeah. so nice up there. our man in the mountains matt renoux joins us from summit county. matt, the combination of the fall colors and snow has made a beautiful area even more beautiful if we >> reporter: you got that absolutely right. this snowstorm coming at the perfect time. the leaves around here were just starting to peak. as we climb over the top of the mountain, you see the snowstorm putting a little snow on the top of the peaks. it is a magical backdrop, unbelievable. and amazing. and if it is not a sure sign winter is coming, skiers in loveland are training for a ski season that is only weeks away. at the base of the loveland ski
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snow on the ground for for this morning. >> reporter: members of the ski patrol here have picked a snowy september saturday. >> brings us back to winter quickly. >> reporter: to start dropping into some chair lift evacuation training. >> we do this every year with all the volunteer staff and our paid staff early season like this. >> reporter: good timing with snow on the ground. >> about four inches of snow today. up in loveland. >> and the ski season. something skiers like steve rogers are well aware of. >> changeover seasons right now. about to be winter. >> reporter: today, hidden in the highways. trails, and filling the scenic overlooks around summit county to see the best of the fall season in colorado. chris yang and his family. >> my girlfriend is in the car, her family is over there. >> reporter: are headed to
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at the same time as snow. falls in the mountains. >> you know, the leaves are freezing, you can see all the white. now, you can see all the leaves are changing. >> reporter: giving photographers that picture perfect blend of bright yellow and reds set in front of freshly powdered peaks. >> fantastic. fall is beautiful. beautiful colors this year. >> reporter: mountains the ski patrol is training on. >> getting new training in with snow onhe snow, they will soon be skiing on it. >> it won't be long until we have the guns fired up and we are making snow and we are skiing. >> reporter: so, loveland and arapahoe basin both typically try to open around mid october. so, until then, just take a deep breath and enjoy the view. because, it is just spectacular. the trees and the peaks, a lot of this might melt away today.
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passing through, so if you want to come up and see the peaks that are looking so magnificent, you still have time, probably tomorrow morning, before a lot of it melts away. another good trip if you don't want to go to summit county, bass up by copper mountain. right there. around, head on up to ... leadville. [ laughter ] i forgot where i was for a moment. and then, people are saying the leaves are absolutely spectacular up there. the higher elevation, so the a little bit longer. >> i can breathe up there. >> i don't think it matters where you are. everywhere you go, it is beautiful. it is beautiful. i love all the pictures we have been seeing. people are really taking advantage. for. >> reporter: it really is just pretty spectacular time. and the timing just couldn't be better because the peak and then the snow coming in, it is just amazing. we were up on ute pass earlier. that is where a lot of this video came from. and summit county. if you are wondering where to
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maybe you want to head to leadville. >> it looks like a movie. just unreal. >> everything is picturesque colorado. matt renoux thank you! >> it is fun to watch his reports out there. well, we have been talking about how it feels like fall around here, don't get used to it. danielle says we have summer like conditions coming our way. >> and a pretty hairy competition takes over down down denver.
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>> remnants of tropical storm julia sent buffalo roaming into a town of north carolina in windsor. zoo staff released them on purpose for their own safety because of flooding. we want to switch gears. check in with meteorologist danielle grant. you are outside, the sun is still shining. cooler in the high country. >> t how do we get matt renoux's job? >> i know. i know. >> that has been my ongoing question for owes. just stunning with the fall colors. the snowfall, down here in the metro, we have had some sunshine. temperatures though, significantly cooler than yesterday. upper 60s low 07s . feeling a little more like fall though. you can see up in the high country, things are at its peak. and man, is it stunning. this one with keystone.
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again, mother nature trying to figure out which season she wants to bring our way. certainly looking gorgeous and downtown denver and beyond blue skies. low 70s at the airport. a little warmer at the eastern plains but everyone is significantly cooler than yesterday. about 41 for the high in leadville. 47 in gunson with mid 40s in telluride. at the airport, we are at 66 hanging onto a few more clouds. the winds coming out of the west sustained at 18 miles an hour. we do have a bit of a breeze going here in the just enough to maybe have to get that jacket later on this evening. we are sitting at about 65 here in downtown denver. right now, our storm system, it finally is starting to move out affecting parts not only of the dakotas but the strong cold front, now moving into the midwest. you can see strong to severe storms in omaha, wichita, stretching throughout the texas panhandle too, on the backside of that storm, just a couple of isolated little showers up in the mountains. that will be about it throughout the rest of the
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to time out of the north, 5 to 15 miles an hour. temperatures are cooling off to 40 degrees this evening. 40ed some spots. 50s in the northeast plains. 20s and low 30s . so, prepare for a little bit of frost in some of those spots. the rest of this evening looking pretty good in eastern colorado. overnight, we really start to clear things out across north western colorado. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., we wake up, the entire state is dry. that is how we get our day started and get it there. it is a spectacular looking sunday. but once again, it will be a little cooler. are you headed out there for race for the cure? if you are, sweatshirt kind of weather. 44 degrees. the sun will be out and we will warm up. by 10:15, it will be in the low 50s with plenty of sunshine out there, by the afternoon, upper 60s . pretty similar to today. should be pretty pleasant. low 70s in wray, lamar,
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go check out the fall colors, now is the time. 58 degrees in nederland with low 60s in black hawk. idaho springs warms up to the low 70s . forecast looks like this. the rest of the weekend pleasant and sunny. then high pressure kicks into high gear around here. that will allow our temperatures to absolutely soar. 70s and 80s for the week to come. on weak cool front. we may find a couple of showers. and so far, models in the low 80s . plenty of sunshine. we are hanging onto this summer heat. what about our boys? tomorrow morning, 11:00 a.m., the broncos taking on cincinnati, they will be out there and temperatures could not be better for them, mid 70s to low to mid 80s by the time the game is winding down.
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out there. plenty of sunshine around here. so, no real complaints. >> it will be a great day. >> it doesn't matter where you go in the state. you go in the high country. yeah. [ talking over one another ] >> it is all beautiful. >> mother nature is bringing us a taste. >> we win. >> love colorado. >> danielle, thank you. hey, this competition cracks me up. people from all over the country are putting beards forward in denver all weekend long. the boulder facial hair club is hosting the american beard and mustache championship on blake street. today was picture dad. you can compete in a number of different categories and synthetic beards are welcome here. >> and what i like the most about it is that ... you don't have to do a surgeon thing. you can do your own thing. and, everyone respects that. so, you know, maybe you don't have a full beard, but you have
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everyone likes that. everybody is treated really well in this community. >> do your thing. rock it out. whatever you got. organizers spend four years putting this event together. you can see the beards in all of their glory for yourself. general admissions 15 bucks. some of the proceeds will be going to charity. literally, i think this is fascinating. >> it doesn't even look real in some cases. >> some of them aren't real. the synthetic ones. but, the technique, and what product do you use, man? >> and how they n make the little end of their mustaches so pointy? fun to watch, uber has a new way to keep track of the drivers with selfies. >> sure are, how some companies are trying to save themselves from so-called boomer brain
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>> uber is requiring drivers to take a selfie before they begin each shift. uber says it works both ways giving riders assurances the right driver is behind the wheel. they are a generation known for redefining life at every turn, now, baby boomers are reshaping retirement. they are known for being active and interested in working in some capacity as they age. more than 45 million americans are 65 about 10,000 baby boomers lead the work force every day. it can lead to what is known as the boomer brain drain when companies big and small lose their more experienced workers all at once. >> there will be a need for workers to hang onto the older employers because they don't want the brain drain. as you look down the road, there are not as many younger workers coming along. >> one manufacturing company began what it calls a flex retirement program.
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60 and older can slowly transition into retirement. during that time, they will help train someone to take their place. four years in, and so far, the program is a big success. a competition in russia shows the beauty knows no age. organizerrings held a beauty con zest for senior women. 14 women competed. intelligence, creativity and dance. the goal is to help them field the winner says she never thought of herself as a beauty queen. >> they are beautiful aren't they? just showing off, having fun. a museum more than a century in the decade opens its
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>> charlotte's police chief released dash cam footage of the fatal shooting of an african-american man. for the fifth straight day, protesters gathered to demand
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while a criminal investigation was ongoing in the fatal shooting of keith scott. today, he defended the officers who shot scott. he said officers saw marijuana in his car prompting them to act. that escalated when they saw a weapon in his car. >> there is no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand. you can see something in the hand. and that he pointed it at an officer. that i did not visually see in compelling evidence that when you put all the pieces together, support that. >> yesterday, scott's wife released cell phone footage taken during the deadly encounter. she is heard telling police he had a traumatic brain injury and that he is unarmed. people can now visit the nation's first museum devoted to the history and culture of african-americans. this morning, president obama and the 99-year-old daughter of
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national museum of culture and history. >> this is a place to understand that protests and love of country don't merely coexist, but, inform each other. how men can proudly win the gold for their country, but still insist on raising a fist. >> reporter: it came about more than a century go in 1915 veterans wanted a way to commemorate the black experience. tickets to get inside are booked up for weeks. the water will not stop rising in iowa along the cedar river. officials are pleading with volunteers to fill handbags ahead of sandbags flooded tonight. torrential rain has forced evacuations in several communities. upstream, storms have been blamed for two deaths.
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federal boulevard is shutting down overnight between 67th and 70th. closures last from 7:00 to 9:00 tomorrow morning. cdot crews are installing new girders over the train tracks there. federal will close again tomorrow night, so they can finish that job. well, with the regular baseball season winding down, the rockies have had a lackluster season. >> and this week's sports a to z, sam and ron look at what the team need to do to make the playoffs next season. >> sam, the colorado rockies season is winding down next week. they are going to win somewhere between 76 and 78 games i think. i ask you ... is the needle pointing up for the rockies? is it pointing down? or is it pointed dead across even? >> i think it is pointing up for the rockies. and, there have been a couple of days ago, i told people in and they laughed. they expect the rockies to be a 90 loss team or worse, but i think with the pitching staff
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chatwood, and bettis and john gray, that is a good start. they need a couple of veteran guys. somebody at first base. they need to spend some money. >> okay, that is number one. i'm going to agree with you. and i have not said this in eight or nine year. i think the arrow is pointing up. and id hope that this is not the light at the end of the tunnel. not another smashing train. >> the silver bullet you mean? >> i think it is pointing up. when you have john gray as the potential ace, haven't had that in maybe ever. when you have four starters, 26 or under, that gives us room for optimism. but to your point, they have to fix the bullpen. you look at all the teams in the playoffs, they all have one thing in common. they are all different teams. the rockies haven't had a good pull pen in ages. you want to fix the bullpen, you are right. spend some money.
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that are the available if you want to spend. that is the key. >> i will say something that i never thought i would say. the pitching coach, steve foster. i know his name now. he seem to have a good one. they pitch better than i have seen rockies pitchers at coors field. >> they are better at coors field. >> they have young arms, maybe they can develop in a long time. should walt weiss come back? >> no. just from what i have heard about the clubhouse, doesn't sound like he is the guy to get them to the next level. >> i disagree. i think he should come back. the reason being, it is unfair to fire someone when you have given him a sub standard rosier, especially on the pitching staff for the last three years. let's give him one year when he has these four starters, when he has a decent bullpen.
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bullpen, people don't like how he does it, fine, but he has not had a roster to work with since he has been the man. >> if you are going to bring him back, i want you to bring him back along with a couple of players, veteran players, a mitch moorland type. veteran guy who has been in some playoff battles. they have got a great nucleus. d.j., arenado, cargo. >> it is the tunnel. get ready for 2017. the rockies just might be the con dennedders. i'm a. >> i'm z. >> let's go rockies. look at this guy, big tex is back. that is a 55-foot tall cowboy mascot of the texas state fair in dallas. a crane helped get big tex back on his feet yesterday.
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honor the police officers killed this summer. he has greeted the state fair goers since 1952. today a family in pueblo has a long lost member back. >> we are happy to report this news. a woman who found their lost dog missy drove her dog home. she was taken five-and-a-half years ago. she was a companion dog for the special needs daughter. she turned up in a shelter in missouri. she had outdated so happy to see they are back together. >> yeah, imagine how she comes back after all these years. okay, i remember this place. >> getting a new microchip. well, your window to take in all the beautiful fall colors is coming fast. >> and one of the metro's most
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>> we talked about the lack of political yard signs this season. a door sign caught our attention in jefferson county. it doesn't endorse a candidate. it's a warning to campaigns. all of them. here is 9news reporter steve staeger. >> reporter: anna left her job
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radio a few years ago, but that is not so say her plate isn't still full. any stay sat home mom has a full plate. they could tell you how important nap time is. >> those things are beasts. and if you wake them up before they are ready to wake up or they don't get naps? they will devour you. >> reporter: so you understand her frustration from the other day. >> i had someone from amendment 71 ring the doorbell two ys half hour. >> reporter: it made anna realize something. >> it is getting to the season where they are going to start knocking on my door more often than not. and, i do not want that child to wake up. >> she is, after all, an unaffiliated married female voter in what tends to be a swing county. pretty soon, her doorbell is going to mimic is sound of a salvation army kettle so she did something. >> please don't ring bell. childnapping with a little asterisk. arrested toddler is more
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what wins this election. >> reporter: she made her own brand of political sign. >> i won't tell you how i will vote. if you wake up the napping toddler,ly vote against your campaign. >> reporter: she is not trying to scare away the campaigns. just make them think twice. >> i like talking to the people who come to my door because i like politics and if you are a stay at home mom and you are not really conversing with adults most of the day, someone coming to your door asking your opinion on things is actually >> that was steve staeger reporting. like you said, she used to be an afternoon anchor on cpr. she is a reporter and says that is another reason she likes political visits. back when she was a reporter shad had trouble getting the campaigns to talk. now they come to her. that story aired firths on next. our new show airing weekdays on 6:00 p.m. at 9news. you can see reporting an analysis on the next with kyle clark facebook page.
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have been talking ability the high country areas. how mother nature has brought them a little snowfall. a taste of the winter season. and a little bit of fall too with the gorgeous colors that are already starting to peek out there. larry pierce capturing this great shot of the snowfall coming down in steamboat. this is what they woke up to at the ski resort. just stunning. you can see this is kind of a great vantage point. still some of the trees have some gorgeous color on them. meanwhile, others, with the wind that pushed through, it just al to fly right on off. so, again, it is kind of going to be hit or miss depending on where you end up. right now, everything is looking fantastic in summit county. the further south you go, i think you still have some time. especially toward telluride, lake city, the san juans, durango. still a next couple of weeks it should be looking nice further to the south start to pop. around the metro area this afternoon, this evening, it has been just stunning.
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and the winds have been picking up from time to time. but, that will be about it. no real wet weather to speak of. overnight, nor tomorrow, too. so, a nice weekend, finally feeling a little bit more like fall around here. we will go with mostly sunny skies by tomorrow afternoon. should be a dry one. pretty much statewide. and a pleasant afternoon with the high temperatures similar to this afternoon. upper 60s , low 70s . we hit about 60 degrees in frisco. the warmup will certainly be ?? felt up in the mountains tomorrow afternoon. after today's temperatures. 68 in salida. grand junction, more 70s along the far eastern plains. tomorrow, too. so, you can see the storm system packing its bags, starting to move out. making way for a huge ridge of high pressure that is going to start to amplify across the entire west. this means we are in kind of this blocking pattern. that is going to allow our temperatures to only warm up an temperatures to be pretty dry around here. as maya touched on, we could be looking at high fire danger
5:45 pm
anticipating. again tomorrow, still feeling pretty good but the mid 70s , the low 08s return. if you are a fan of the summer heat, it will make a comeback certainly tuesday and wednesday. low to mid 80s . a lot of sunshine. and you can see the nine day forecast indicating a few showers on thursday. maybe, again, by next monday, but, you guys, next weekend, already looks fantastic. if the forecast holds. which it look like it should. >> absolutely. a lot of people still want to >> with the snow it is so beautiful. >> it is too pretty. too pretty. >> grab the cameras. snap away. >> #9wx. >> thank you daniel. cu's opponent is making funny uniforms but the buffs are not distracted. >> and a colorado quarterback observes one of the hardest hits you have seen.
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leader, here is drew soicher. >> the colorado buffaloes are finding out the ducks might not be all they are quacked up to be. oregon is wearing uniforms that make them look like actual ducks complete with orange legs and feet. but cu is playing duck, duck loose in their opener. steven montez has one. the buffs lead 33-17 now in the third quarter. colorado state's quarterback was nearly decapitated today. rams were beaten minnesota golden gophers. csu freshman colin hill must be the toughest dude on the planet because after getting hit so hard, his helmet landed ten yards away. most of us would crawl into bed with our mothers after that. hill remained in the game. and threw a touchdown pass giving colorado state a chance to get an upset. rams lose. but learn hill is the kind of kid you want on your team.
5:49 pm
shot. he jumped up. got his helmet. >> the ball is loose! >> he is a tough kid. an athletic kid for a taller guy. this will be a great, great teaching tool for him. an everybody. you know. a lot of times you look at the quarterback. but we have to do a better job of understanding what we are doing. >> wow, broncos traveled to cincinnati this morning to play the bengals tomorrow. rod mackey and mike klis are making presences. >> reporter: drew, thank you, we are standing here in front of the wkrp. mike is looking for loni anderson. hasn't found her. >> reporter: as god as my witness, i didn't know turkeys could fly. >> reporter: as long as we are talking cincinnati, let's talk about the bengals. the broncos are not going to go 16-0. when you look at the vid kill, this is one of the tough
5:50 pm
underdog. this is a first one on the road. the first time for trevor siemian to get the hostile crowd. >> i was going to pick the bengals until vontez was suspended. he was the one plainer the game who could play on the denver defense. he is a hard hitter, a play maker. he has a little bit of dirtiness in his play. i hope the denver defense is not too offended by that. but he is a heck of a player. about him. i think they have a chance to run the ball. the bengals are 32 in the league in defending the run. i think the broncos got a chance. >> reporter: what you just said about him is really kind of the same case for our guy who is not going to play. that being demarcus ware. this gives cincinnati more time to basically key on von miller. >> yeah, demarcus ware was only
5:51 pm
down. he had become a luxury. but he was an effective one. he had two sack ins the two games. you're right. he puts a lot of pressure on the opposite side of von miller. andy dalton leads the league in passing yardage, but he is also tied for the lead in getting sacked with eight with jay cutler. >> reporter: it is an early kickoff and we will be there. even earlier for game day live. drew. >> thanks guys. the broncos are 7-7 all time on the north bank of the ohio river. including brandon, stokeley's miracle deflection in the 2009 season opener. his 87-yard touchdown with 11 seconds remaining is still the longest game winning play in scrimmage in the final courter in nfl history. rockies are in los angeles where the dodgers can clinch their fourth straight national
5:52 pm
it is vin scully weekend. he is retiring after a remarkable 67 years with the same team. tonight is commemorative coin night. first 50,000 fans receive a special collectible featuring his face on the head side. and the dodgers logo on the tail. this whole thing reminds me of the mark cobrich farewell tour. right guys? it is the same thing. except for years with the dodgers. somebody get that guy a chiropractor. >> it is too bad the rams lost. but if i'm a rams fan, i'm excited just from that one play that he could take a hit like that. get off the turf. grab his helmet. noted even miss a play. >> no kidding. >> just popped right back up. >> unbelievable. wow. thank you drew. >> you got it.
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>> we are get ago live look near the eisenhower johnsons tunnel. there are flurries falling. >> isn't that neat? fall colors? it is just beautiful. i want to go. >> i know, absolutely. we want to bring in danielle grant. the sun is still shining here. >> and our temperatures are in the 60s . up in the mountains it has been picturesque no matter how you slice it and dice it is stunning. plenty of snow, nice to see. also out there at the rocky mountain national park. snowfall, darker clouds. we really haven't seen all that much in the way of these showers. the storm system really wining down. and no moisture here in the denver metro area. just to get you caught up as far as the month of september goes. usually it isn't a soaker for us, but we are definitely below our average. the re of tonight stays nice and dry. we go with mostly clear skies by 11:00 tonight.
5:56 pm
our temperatures start to plummet. upper 30s , low 40s for overnight lows. that is how we wake up tomorrow morning. if you are headed out for race for the cure. it will be chilly. but the sunshine will feel good by the afternoon as the numbers warm up to the upper 60s . then it is on. 70s , 80s , summer sunshine returns to us. we could look at a couple of light showers on thursday. then looking ahead toward next weekend, you guys, stunning. the 80s return. yet again. >> not koebrich, winner, winner, chicken dinner is appropriate. >> yeah. he says it best. >> we will take it. >> uh-huh. >> all right, danielle, thank you. and thank you very much for watching. we are back at 9:00 and 10:00. have a wonderful dinner, a wonderful evening and we will see you then. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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