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missing man.. 69 year old perry ya-ma-shi-ta was visiting family near west 104th and huron streets he wandered off. yamashita is from las vegas, has dementia, and is most likely confused. he's five foot nine and weighs about 160 pounds...last seen wearing a blue shirt and white sweater- with blue jeans and tennis shoes. anyone who spots him should call northglenn police. hello everyone, thanks for joinging us on this cool fall wednesday morning... gary, corey, cheryl
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first and only chance to see the vice presidential nominees debating on the same stage. mike pence and tim kaine - went back and forth for 90 minutes...often speaking over each other. both accused the other side of running campaigns fueled by scandals and harsh words.. in between talking about the economy, russia, immigration,
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police shootings and abortion.... both candidates repeatedly turned to tax returns, emails and insults.. today - both of the v-p picks are heading to pennsylvania to continue campaigning. both men also talked about health care and foreign policy... our team put their claims to the te.. some issues - that need a little more explaining. yes, there are. let's start with the healthcare... more specifically, the "affordable care act"... and mike pence's claim that former bill clinton called "obamacare"-- quote-- "crazy." this is true--but needs context. bill clinton called obama care "a crazy
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who earn too much to qualify for subsidies---but are too poor to afford their premiums. while talking about foreign affairs, tim kaine suggested donald trump supports nuclear proliferation. this is true--but also needs context. donald trump has twice said on television-- he thinks japan "could benefit from developing nuclear weapons." there are plenty of other statements to fact-check from last night's debate. you can find more on our website-- "9news dot com." the twitter-verse was busy during the debate... donald trump live- tweeted along...often retweeting
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the winner. celebrities had a little more fun... watching from the oval office - or one on the set of a tv show...and didn't hesitate to let everyone know when they were bored. and this sunday - donald trump and hillary clinton will face off again - in the second presidential debate. you can watch it on channel 20. sunday night football is scheduled to air on channel 9 at that time. 9news will be hosting a debate between colorado's senate candidates. democratic bennet and republican challenger darryl glenn - will debate live on 9news on october 11th. political reporter brandon rittiman and kyle clark will moderate. it starts and 7 - it will be on channel 20 and on 9news dot com. hurricane matthew has a lot of people - in a lot of places - concerned this morning.. this is video of the category four storm hammering the dominican republic - at least four people were killed. and here in the states...
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carolinas - are getting ready.. they have been boarding up windows, waiting in line for gas and stocking up on emergency food and supplies. south carolina's governor is one of 4 declaring a states of emergency this morning. governor nikki haley says they are getting ready to evacuate coastal towns... hurricane matthew is expected there sometime this weekend - and it's not getting any weaker. at least a million people are expected to start evacuating this morning.. they'll head about 100 miles inland. in the carribean..early reports say at least 11 people are dead... but with communications down and roads impassable - officials can't say for sure. the united nations says - matthew is the worst crisis to hit haiti - the poorest country in the americas - since a devastating earthquake in 2010.
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headquaters for an update. the president will spend time at the federal emergency management agency today - tracking the storm and meeting with leaders. he was supposed to campaign for hillary clinton in florida today... but matthew - the strongest atlantic storm since 2007 - changed his plans. in new jersey - investigators were able to get inside a section of the train that crashed last week. parts of the train have been hard to get to...because the crash made several areas unstable. the video and event recorders from the front of the lead car. one woman was killed and dozens injured when the commuter train slammed into the train station in hoboken - last thursday. in boulder today...put away the car keys...and take the bus... the city is hosting its first ever "bus to work day"... officials picked the theme "ride, relax, repeat." bus stops and stations acorss boulder will have prizes, food and special
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massages...discoun ts at local businesses - all that and you don't have to sit in traffic! sounds like a pretty good commute. it might not be the old "two miles uphill in the snow"... but today - encourage the kids to walk to class. it's international walk to school day. this is the 20th year schools in the u-s, canada and great britain are participating. more than 44 hundred schools nationwide have registered online...including 177 here. "walk to school day" focuses on safety, physical activity and the environment. thousands of people spent the night in shelters as a fire southwest of pueblo continues to grow... so far - the beulah hill fire has destroyed eight homes - and 16 outbuildings. more than five- thousand acres have burned. about two thousand people have been evacuated from the area. more than 400 firefighters are helping fight this fire there's no
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has been confirmed as to how the fire started. rocky flats - used to be synonymous with many things: the cold war, radioactive weapons, fbi raids - and a superfund site. these days - it's newest moniker is "wildlife refuge." 25 years and seven billion dollars later... this land - northwest of denver is now the rocky flats national wildlife refuge u-s fish and wildlife has been protecting it since 2005. much of the land and wildlife hasn't been disturbed in refuge plans to open up to hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders. before that happens, u-s fish and wildlife will host four public sharing sessions. they know they may hear from those opposed to opening up the site for recreation. groups like rocky flats downwinders argue it's still not safe. rocky flats downwinders is
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university on a health survey - to understand how living in the region has affected people's health. they hope to have results published in mid-november. the snowmakers are up and running at two colorado ski areas this week... loveland ski area and copper mountain resort have been busy making snow since monday night... you can see a little bit of last year's progress here... loveland hopes to few weeks awak.. and copper mountain says you can hit their slopes - starting november 11th.
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it's a thing... and you can give it a try
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we want to
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you think we'll see snow sticking to the ground around here? place your bets...let us know if you agree with marty or not... use the hashtag "snow on 9" the great american beer festival - doesn't officially start until tomorrow... but the festivities are already underway... the museum of nature and science just hosted "beers made by walking." about 30 brewers from around the country brought beers inspired by ingredients that could be found on such as apples, peaches, and plums. others added a local flair - using sumac, juniper berries, lavender, and even pine needles. the party ..starts tomorrow... 60-thousand tickets quickly sold out. and a unique g-a-b-f feature... screenings for prostate cancer. the brewers health initiative is using beer - to convince
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several locations for prostate screenings wednesday through saturday. all it is - is a simple blood test. and this ben stiller revealed his own battle with the disease. stiller says he was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2014. he had surgery - and was cancer free three months after that... the comedian says - he was surprised and scared by the diagnosis - but credits testing and early den we still have of the dead...and thanksgiving ahead of us... but a new study shows...shoppers are already prepared to spend a lot of money on holiday shopping. colorado's mountain is the perfect backdrop for a lot of movies.. but a smaller budget than some other states -
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at ikea, we believe that everything - from your lamp to your couch - should work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep.
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make the dream yours with ikea. overachievers - are already done with their holiday shopping. but for everyone else - a new study found that when they get to it, they're probably going to spend a lot of money this year.. households with an income less than 50-thousand dollars... could spend an
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holiday season. it's a pretty big increase...up 25 percent from last year. households earning a bit more are staying close to last year's spending habits... they're expected to dish out about 14- hundred dollars. colorado is running out of its tax incentives for movie companies who want to film in our state... only three months into the 20-16 fiscal year - and we've already lost the chance to host steven soderbergh's newest movie - which he decided to film in park city, utah. basically a quid- pro-quo agreement between movie companies and the state.. but every year - the amount of money colorado has to offer - changes depending on the state budget. in 2012 - it was 5 million. now - it's 3 million. that's a big difference compared to utah - which offers just under seven million... and even more dramatic compared to new mexico.. they have 50 million available - but are looking at eventually cutting that in half.
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television and media - is lobbying for more money - hoping to keep filmmakers interested in our beautiful state. quentin terrantino's hateful eight was filmed in telluride 2 and brought in about 9-million dollars for colorado's economy. but some legislators say the money for the incentive - would be better spent on education or transportation. if you read online reviews with a skeptical eye... amazon just took a step toward being a little more transparent. the online retailer is now banning "incentivized reviews" - where someone gets free merchandise in exchange for reviewing a product. new guidelines on the site say - free or discounted products are a form of compensation...and
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whether you're ready or not... snow is here... it's not on its way- it's here with snow falling at the tunnel tuesday. now is the time to double check you have everything you need for winter... and maybe give some new coloradans advice - on how to deal
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those colorado newbies? we talked to some colorado rookies - and veterans - too see what all the fuss is about.. being prepared is key... so check your time for a shopping trip. but don't panic.. our meteorologists say - the winter wonderland is beautiful - but you won't be frozen forever. making sure you have the right outfit is a good start... but making sure your car is outfitted - is also important.
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sent in their advice as well.. they say - forget fashion - get good, warm boots. also - check on elderly neighbors - and if you're able - shovel snow for them.
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homecoming king has to be a boy? well... one school does. in the next half hour- the girl who wants the king's crown... and what her friends are doing about it. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover this morning.
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