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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  October 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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the broncos said he underwent several precautionary tests. three years ago he collapsed on the field at halftime. he was head coach of the texans. doctors said he had a mini stroke. kubiak blamed that episode on running himself into the ground. he was in the midst of an 11 game losing streak back then. john elway was asked today about kubiak and if he tried to coach this week. he said, "we didn't give him a chance." >> he this thought the prognosis for him was very, very good and think going to have this week off. he's going to be back monday, but he's going to take this week and take care of some of those issues and find out if there's some different triggers or whatnot. >> special teams coordinator joe decamillas will serve as interim head coach. elway passed up wade phillips
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will be the coordinated play caller on offense and of wade phillips on defense. the broncos play again thursday. have you been outside today? it's gorgeous in the metro area starting the week off in the 70s. belen deleon is in the 9news backyard. you got to pinch me and remind me it's fall still. >> it is. yes, it's beautiful outside right now, but we do have some concerns in your forecast. as you guys mentioned earlier in the newscast, we were talking about that brushfire in elbert county and the month it has been a really dry one across the state. let's look at that drought monitor. our northern mountains into el paso and elbert county is where we currently have abnormally dry conditions and in some patches moderate drought conditions. so we certainly do need that rainfall. those winds have been gusty at times up to about 20 miles per hour around the front range, also in the foothills near the divide and the mountains and
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be in effect just a little longer until 6 p.m. because the gusts out there have been ranging up to 45 miles per hour. now temperature-wise our normal high for this time of year is 68 degrees, but our temps today are running about 10 or so degrees above that. 70s around town right now, 80s for our friends in greeley and higher elevations temperatures currently in the 50s and 60s. so a nice fall day. you look outside. you've got blue in the sky and you're saying man, i love these some isolated showers and thunderstorms pop up and it's there where this afternoon and in the overnight hours we can see additional showers and some of those showers mix in with some snow in higher elevations. the forecast for us here, although it does call for increasing clouds still going to remain dry. in the 70s a little while longer, then 60s around 8 p.m. as the clouds thicken. that's going to be the mostly cloudy conditions that will
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metro area. around this time of year our temperatures should be colder and we'll have an overnight low of 49 degrees in the metro area. so we'll hold off on the really cold temperatures, 50s closer to the foothills and up and over the divide 40s and 30s in store for them. coming up in the forecast we'll talk about another warm and breezy day, our chances for rain increasing and then we have a lump day cooldown, how low will we go? i'll have the answer coming up. >> okay. we got a couple of e. >> unless you throw in snow or anything like that. >> we'll keep that toward off just for now. >> sure thing. plan. people in haiti are trying to figure out what is left after hurricane matthew. more than 1,000 people are dead. haiti's government said more than 1.5 million people were affected by the storm and 350,000 need immediate help.
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contaminated water and has a short incubation period which leads to rapid outbreaks. symptoms often lead to dehydration which can be deadly. in the u.s. over 20 deaths are blamed on the storm, nearly half in north carolina. the storm surge swamped oceanside communities in florida, but rain over the weekend forced rivers to swell all over the south. around 1 million people are still without power, many are still under a mandatory evacuation order. hundreds of families in southern georgia are getting their first ok from matthew, but those on st. simon's island are still in the dark. the county is not letting nonessential workers into the area yet because of downed power lines and trees. 9news reporter dan grossman is in georgia. >> reporter: here in glenn county, georgia, high winds have toppled trees and power lines and caused hazards for people who live over on st. simon's island. they aren't allowed home until at least tomorrow. >> everyone is in a wait and see environment. >> reporter: with little more
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>> i'm going to be sleeping in the car tonight. >> reporter: doug horne seemed to sense what was in store for he and his wife. no hotel. >> hanging out at the winn- dixie parking lot. >> reporter: little patience and a lot of questions about what happened to his home on the other side of the torres causeway. >> we just wanton what happened and that's -- want to know what happened and that's the problem we have. >>or them they wouldn't be let onto the island till sometime tuesday. >> you're being very selective about who is getting on the island. >> reporter: the tension became palpable. >> you know, it's getting old. we've run out of food and water, but now at least the stores are on and the power is on in brunswick. >> reporter: business owners came into the day expecting access, but downed trees and no drinking water kept most of them in brunswick. >> it's frustrating and everyone is getting a
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tuesday brings better luck and better access. >> it's life. it happens, right? >> reporter: as a result, make it better for those on the mainland. >> you got to suck it up and hopefully they'll get us onto the island soon. >> reporter: a lack of clean drinking water and power caused the glenn county school district to close school the remainder of the week. many homes in the area hope to have their power on by tomorrow. in georgia dan grossman, 9news. a missing 4-year-old girl in florida has been found. she was taken from her home by a long time family friend. the sheriff said rebecca lewis was taken saturday by a 31-year- old man who legally changed his name to west wild hogs. the sheriff said hogs is a friend of rebecca's family but had been asked to leave the family's home over two years ago after pulling a gun on them.
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a georgia gas station saturday. a ranger reported seeing them in tennessee last night. lewis and hogs were located in memphis, no word yet on charges. hillary clinton's lead is growing. the latest nbc news wall street journal poll was taken after that video was released friday about trump making derogatory comments about women but before the debate last night. the poll has trump 11 points among likely voters up from clinton's six point lead last month. libertarian gary johnson is polling at 9%. green party candidate jill stein is polling at two. there are still a lot of questions today about last night's debate, everything from word choice to body language under scrutiny and some saying it was really the ugliest presidential debate ever. the debate brought up everything from the 11-year-old tape of donald trump describing his actions with women to
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infidelity. the trump campaign brought three women who had made sexual accusations against bill clinton to the debate. so what does all this look like to our children or really anyone who wants to watch the political process? we turned to family therapist dr. sheryl zigler for her take. >> all that looked intimidating and kind of looked like bullying. so i think it would be very confusing to a middle school or younger child to understand why that's even happening on a debate stage. i think it's a parent to both talk about the real political issues that are happening in our country and around the world, but also character. what do you do in the face of adversity when someone is not treating you kindly? what do you do when you oppose somebody? how do you do that in a respectful way but are able to communicate your point? >> zigler says young children can gain a ton from the debate if their parents lead them in
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presidential candidate tim kaine campaigned in denver today at the national western complex in a rally with dave matthews. it's a push to get voters registered. kaine highlighted clinton's economic plans and attacked trump over his unreleased tax returns. >> we made some promises to some veterans that we have to keep. [ cheering and applause ] >> there stupid. he thinks we're stupid and i can think of a lot of word to describe him as he brags about not paying taxes and i won't say any of them, but i will say this. smart is not one of those words. >> trump says that he does pay many taxes and that he's always followed the tax laws. hillary clinton today said she will campaign during a public voter registration event in pueblo wednesday.
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colorado since august 3rd no, word yet on time or location. meanwhile wikileaks published more than 2,000 e-mails they say belong to clinton's campaign chairman saying they discuss how to handle her running for president. last week wikileaks released e- mails she said to wall street executives. clinton addressed that last night saying she was alluding to abraham lincoln's slavery. there's been a lot of back and forth today between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. ryan told lawmakers on a conference call he won't defend trump and will instead spend the next month defending his party's house majority. trump responded this afternoon in a tweet saying ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time fighting the republican nominee. the associated press are saying house republicans have
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he and other party leaders are being too negative about trump. donald trump's son eric campaigned in greenwood village today and tomorrow he'll be in greeley at a campaign office opening. if you've ever been frustrated with a contractor for not calling you back, consider this. the story of the people who maintain the columbine memorial, a popular place people come every day to reflect, think, visit and remember. the concrete leading up to the memorial itself is cracked and needs to be replaced. the foundation board is a really hard time getting people to even give them a quote just to remove the concrete. they've been working on this for months. it's not a large job, but it is an important one. >> this memorial is a place for reflection. it represents a time to remember and a time for hope and every time i walk through here i get different emotions and i think this is something that's going to be here a lot
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mean so much to me and this place is special and we just want to make sure that we do everything to have it prepared properly and maintain it properly. that's what we're trying to do right now. >> the columbine memorial foundation needs a contractor to help them remove the concrete. they want to put in the same stones that line the rest of the walkway in its place. all this has to be done, of course, before the weather gets too cold for them to do this work. even more problems for samsung this week, it's now suspending production of the galaxy note 7 after battery fires. 2million phones have been recalled over the last month. there have also been reports the replacement was faulty, too. one man said his phone started smoking. at&t opted to stop giving the replacement to customers. sprint and t-mobile are allowing customers to switch the phone with another device.
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drumstick ice cream cones for possible listeria contamination, the 16 count variety back and 24 count vanilla pack manufactured in bakersfield, california. the company received a positive result for listeria from the equipment at the location they were made. no one has gotten sick so far. if you have them, throw them out or return them for a refund. now the second debate is over, the campaigns are moving ea go before the election. >> next our political experts will join us for what the next 28 days of highs and lows are going to look like. first we'll take a check on the
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wz z5yz
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there was a whole lot of back and forth today after a heated and charged and at times concerning presidential debate last night. >> certainly. plenty to talk about, no doubt. we're joined by republican
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democratic strategist. -- maher and our democratic strategist. what are your overall opinions? >> i think donald trump did better than the first debate. i think that's pretty indisputable. however, there were concerning things that happened. in terms of actual policy one of the most concerning things i think that was said that wasn't getting much play because there are so many things getting play from yesterday is the fact that hillary clinton is talking about changing the baof that straight to camera and very honestly, what she was doing was really getting republican voters kind of energized, which is really bad frankly for her. >> yeah. it certainly will get them energized when you drop the supreme court in any debate. ted, do you think that was a good move by hillary clinton to talk to the supreme court? >> absolutely. first that plays to her base and the second thing about donald trump, of course, he's
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first debate. the bar was set so low it was like on the floor. all he was doing was answering her. what i found different was hillary addressed the people directly and went to them and used their name. meanwhile donald stood there and held the microphone. i think it was a really bad night for donald. >> a lot of people say the needle damaging wind move one way or i guess -- the needle didn't move one way or the other. i guess it's seeing how the party reacts. paul ryan saying i'm not going here. let's get behind our other candidates and not talk about the other thing. it's very strange, never seen anything like that. >> i think you'll see more of a split. i think the numbers for her will bump up a bit. some of those senators who flipped their support, for
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republican base, the same thing with joe heck, republican running in nevada. this may in some ways play to the democrats favor. >> ryan wants to support those in congress and win reelection bids. do you think that will hurt him pulling away from trump like that? >> maybe not personally, but he said he wants every individual member to do what they need to do for their district and conscious. 1 here that is probably most looked at will be the mike coffman seat. he came out very early saying he didn't like donald trump and was one of the first people to demand that trump step aside when his recent comments came out and quite frankly, we have a record of mike coffman standing up to the leaders of both political parties and kind of being more of an independent political voice. >> for mike coffman's opponent
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lifelong time of standing up to people for her part and she's definitely a formidable opponent for mike. >> that will be one of the top three races in colorado. >> the debate will be here on 9news next week. >> do you think we can move past any of this discussion about what people have said privately, personally, what they've done and it really feels uncomfortable and dirty? >> it should feel uncomfortable. the fact that he's trying to normalize sexual assa calling it locker room banter is ridiculous. i was a president of a fraternity in college in the '80s and we never said something like this. it's appropriate for republicans to be standing up and saying i'm no longer supporting him if this is what we're going to represent if that's who he is. >> do we still need to talk about the clintons, though, and what's happened in their marriage? is that necessary to still be talking about dredging these things up? >> which trump brought up multiple times last night.
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but i think the thing that's been interesting about the clintons over the last week and a half is that bill clinton has come out and said obamacare is crazy and that it actually hurt the middle class americans who it was supposed to help the most and the fact that he said that and that it's essentially been buried the same way that hillary clinton has said that she wants to change the balance of the supreme court tells you just how bizarre and frankly sad this election is because that's something that has the spouse of a candidate come primary entire legislative agenda crazy, that would have been the front page of every newspaper across the country. >> but to be fair the president did go back and correct it and also said it was in context in terms of how it was affecting small business and that the law has to be amended in order to fix that. you contrast that with donald trump and how he tries to talk about healthcare. what the debate showed last
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insurance. >> are you hoping he gets a little more specific on those points, kelly, because he has been pretty broad? >> i think it's imperative that donald trump make some really clear con concise -- concise plan rather than pay thing things with a broad brush. we're hearing more will be coming. it's the beginning of october and it will apparently be all of the october surprises. so if more things he needs to work on his apologies. >> the longest plan donald trump can do is 141 characters. >> there you go. he is a twitter machine. both of you know that. with every turn of this election it's something new. this is not over yet. >> you would hope we could get past all the stuff. it's sad by human nature we're drawn to some of the stuff and we should be listening and
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>> it sounded like there was a little more substance from both sides as opposed to the first debate where you saw personal attacks on both sides. are you both hopeful in the third debate? they both laugh. i don't see it. before. >> we can hope, -- we can hope, right? that could be the big october surprise. >> this race will actually be about substance? >> yes. and then they'll talk about important issues. >> that wo surprise ever. >> we thank you. >> a reminder you can catch the colorado senate candidates' debate live tomorrow. democratic incumbent michael bennet and republican challenger darryl glenn will debate live on 9news. brandon rittiman and kyle clark will moderate at 7 p.m. on channel 20 and online at school's in session, so you
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school. we have some better treatment options. don't cringe. >> too late.
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warning as ryan did and he started to itch. we talked about this. this is important information. we are talking about head lice. getting rid of them can be a challenge before. you led to the pharmacy you should know about some -- head to the pharmacy you should know
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alternatives that are safe and effective. here's tarhonda thomas. >> some classes inevitably get that note saying a kid in the class has lice. if it's your kid, consumer reports said you may want to think twice before spending your money on certain products. it's been months since her daughter came home from school with head lice, but christine rodriguez still checks to make sure her daughter's head is lice free. >> i went to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what was the best treatmento at the time they mentioned nix. >> reporter: christine used nix, one of the insecticides recommended by doctors and american academy of pediatrics, but the journal of medical entomology published research on the subject. it found more than 98% of lice in the u.s. are resistant to the insecticide and popular over the counter treatment like nix and rid. >> lice have built up resistance to the main ingredients in these products due to genetic mutations.
4:28 pm
lice is tricky. you not only have to remove the live bugs, but also kill the eggs and nits, something products don't always do. >> the chemicals on the markets don't always kill 100% of the eggs and they shows some health risks. >> reporter: nix said its active ingredient is still recommended by the american academy of pediatrics. rid did not respond when we reached out. what is the best way to get rid of these pests? consumer reports says the best the lice and their eggs with a lubricant such as hair conditioner or olive oil and use a fine tooth metal comb through the entire head. >> the space has to be small enough for a single hair to go through but not an egg. >> reporter: part the hair in very small sections and use a paper tall to wipe the small cone between passings. then wash and dry the hair. repeat this every day until no
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sure you check everyone in the house for lice. take all of your combs and put them in hot, hot water, soak them about five to 10 minutes and wash clothes and bedlinens in temperatures higher than 130 degrees to kill those lice and nits that might be stray in those covers and seal anything that is not washable in a plastic bag. keep it sealed for two weeks. that's long enough to kill the lice. on the consumer beat tarhonda thomas, 9news. >> do we still have our viewers? are they still with us? >> yes. a big win for a family fighting to get a so-called kid friendly strain of marijuana into clinics. the noneuphoric strain called charlotte's web is believed to be a break-through treatment for a young girl's serious medical condition that made her have relentless seizures. charlotte's mother said her daughter had hundreds of uncontrollable seizures a week and traditional treatments
4:30 pm
last resort. >> her seizures were instantly abated. her 300 weekly seizures were down to zero that first week after the first dose. >> the noneuphoric strain of marijuana is only available at a tampa clinic in capsule or extract form. it's illegal to smoke medical marijuana even for medical purposes in that area. colorado runners are gearing up for the rock and roll denver ra one of the most important items, of course, the right shoes. >> that's kind of a big deal. your feet absorb four times your weight when running, so it's important to have the right footwear to prevent injury. how do you pick the right shoes? that depends on your foot. brand, color and comfort should not be all you look at. if you need arch support, your shoes should have this. >> if you look in the mid-foot area, you'll see it's a wider fit here. so it supports that part of the
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>> go to the pros. there are footwear specialists at many athletic stores that can help you find the right fit for your feet. good shoes are an investment. they can cost around 100 bucks or more, but they should last you about 400 miles depending how often you run. an average of 350 miles is a good rule of thumb meaning about every year get a new pair which means you're running about a mile a day, which is not me, oops. >> that's good to know if you're a runner like how often i do get them replaced? you having blisters i can't imagine if you're running for something. >> if you're on the blister stage, you need a new pair. >> running that long period you got to have the right socks, right shoes, right gear. >> hopefully for the marathon this weekend, too. and the right weather. we're looking at highs in the 70s to continue this week, most of it. >> gorgeous day outside. one day might be slightly cooler this week. we'll check in with belen.
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a mama bear and two cubs in boulder clearly like the buffs even though things didn't turn out the way they wanted them to. jeff hanson took these pictures over the weekend during a cu watch party. he saw the mama bear in the yard. he yelled at her and she ran up the tree with her two cubs. he didn't call animalco mother bear tagged. their property is 16th and baseline at plum tree. it was a game time snack and hopefully they all got out of there okay. >> and the bears are full of plums, so it's fine and they were enjoying some beautiful weather, as are we. >> the buffs made it close. >> look at that shot out toward the skyline of denver right now. >> it's so pretty. i'm telling you. what the sunsets are so pretty, aren't they?
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the -- it's just a lovely, lovely time of the year. >> it totally is. a nice day to be outside. totally. it was very pleasant. we did have some gusty winds and that was a catch 22 because of that wildfire that started out in elbert county. wind gusty at time and in nebraska and wyoming a red flag warning in effect until 6 p.m. let's get you up to speed with what's happening with your forecast. first off it was weekend. we appreciate your pictures. i'm here on the weekend mornings, so whenever you want to share your pictures, please do so. find me on social media, facebook, twitter, instagram and the always fun but never really very informational snapchat. i'm sending everyone good vibes this monday and the rest of the week. the temperature got to 78 degrees today at dia, about 10 degrees above our normal high
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so a bit of interesting information. the other number i want you to see is that low, that average low, 39. keep that number in mind. i'll tell you why coming up. the current temperature is at 75 degrees out at dia. out here in the backyard it is so pleasant, those winds have calmed down. temperatures are at 75 degrees. let's check the weather with the rest of the state. the current temperatures in the high country are 7s on the western slope. -- 70s on the western slope. we do have some showers in the high country. on the eastern plains rays for days, sunshine beaming really bright where the temperature have hit the 80s. a closer look into the metro area and the rest of the front range our temperatures are ranging from the mid- to upper 70s and a few more clouds we have streaming through. that's the trend for the rest of the afternoon and this evening. we're going to be under mostly cloudy conditions. those clouds will thicken up and remember that number i told
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our overnight low tonight will be 49. so the clouds moving in will serve as a blanket for us and allow us not to get as chilly as to where we could be this time of year, but the weather all in all pretty calm, 50s for broomfield, arvada and closer to foothills temperatures in the 40s and 30s. i might not have to turn on the heater tonight, save some energy. tomorrow our rain chances increase a tad, especially in the mountains, but on the front range we have a chance of at about 20%, wednesday about a 10% chance of rain, so small chances for any kind of precipitation. then thursday and friday our weather starts to clear up. here's what we have currently. we have showers and thunderstorms, a bit of moisture streaming in from the west, high pressure bringing in moisture. that's why we're seeing it come in from that direction eastward. in the city the weather stays pretty dry. north of us is where the cooler air is hanging out. that's really going to affect
4:39 pm
cooldown by wednesday. it will bring a chance for showers tomorrow and that front currently causing winter weather advisories and also winter storm warnings for montana. the amount of snow that they've seen because of this, about 5 inches. we're talking about measurable accumulation for cut bank. in colorado a chance for rain and snow tomorrow and wednesday. let's go through the rest of the day. clouds increase in the city through tonight. kathy sabine will be in because it will be comfortable, but through tomorrow morning rain and showers increase in the high country mixing with snow in higher elevations. no travel advisories have been issued as of now through tomorrow morning. in the city partly cloudy skies, a break from the clouds in the afternoon and then some spotty showers are possible on the front range and the eastern plains for the rest of the day, but the continued chance for rain and snow is possible in the mountains, especially in the central and northern mountains. i wouldn't be surprised if some
4:40 pm
tomorrow the high is 77, only a few degrees cooler than today, and then the cooldown really arrives wednesday. we'll see a front arrive tuesday into wednesday, bring us a small chance for showers wednesday morning, but 56 is your high wednesday, thursday 73 degrees, friday 76 and saturday 77 and i know broncos country, we got a loss yesterday. the sun came out today and we're looking up for that next game. our broncos take on the 6:25. as of now, the forecast is dry and cool. kickoff temperatures will be in the 60s. >> did you see the chargers game? the broncos should have no problem with that one. >> we should be fine. >> it's been a great weekend for football. >> it wasn't for a lot of folks. we often talk about high medical costs of treatments,
4:41 pm
it's important to remember the same is true for breast cancer patients. anderson cancer center looked at insurance claims for 14,000 breast cancer patients and found the average cost for chemo without herceptin, $2,700, with herceptin $4,700 and othe if you forgot to do your self-breast exam over the weekend for buddy check 9, how about the super bowl champions as a great reminder? they encourage everyone to fight like a bronco. >> at halftime during the broncos/officials game the survivors got to go out to the field. they do this every year in recognition of national breast cancer awareness month to celebrate the courage of all
4:42 pm
>> i didn't realize how many people have cancer till you go over to the hospital and actually get to see all the people going in and out of that building. it's pretty touching when you realize the numbers. >> just keep believing, spend time with your family and friends. make a lot of memories because they're your support group. those are the people that are going to help you through it. >> they don't look like sisters at all, right? the broncos say it's real cancers even through october which is dedicated to breast cancer, of course, but they do a great job and changed the color of the stadium different times of the year and recognize pediatric cancer and prostate cancer. >> got to love all the nfl getting involved, too. you see all these players wearing pink. it's that time of year and we love it. how about a story that will make you feel like you never studied enough in school?
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the person -- clair hollinworth was the first one to report 1,000 german tanks amassing at the polish border. her family joined her where she now lives in hong kong for her birthday celebration. her relatives say she rarely talks about her experience with war, but she's always been adventurous. >> she was always game for when i was i think about 25, i had a very small quite unreliable microlight aircraft two seat two stroke engine, very basic and i asked her one day would you like to come flying with me and she said oh, yeah, of course. so i sat her in the back seat of this little microlight. i sat in the front seat. there was no electric start, a pull starter, so got it started eventually and took her for a flight around and i think she
4:47 pm
at that time she was 80. i think the oldest lady i've ever taken or oldest person i've ever taken out flying. >> clair is a brave woman. >> she is. >> since she doesn't really talk that often about her experience with the war, her great nephew recently wrote a book that includes accounts of helping his aunt helping refugees escape poland during world war ii. >> she saw some thing, didn't she? >> yes, she did. a 14-year-old high school taking classes at harvard? do you feel terrible about your education already? he may even graduate from harvard before he graduates high school. >> it would be scary to be that smart, wouldn't it? braxton morrell got into harvard at 9 years old. he applied because he was bored. he was not challenged in 3rd grade. he said his harvard classmates don't judge him at all.
4:48 pm
>> everyone wants their niche and so i figured harvard would be a stepping stone, hopefully not a stumbling block. >> most 14-year-olds when they're bored, they play x-box. he applied for harvard. if he stays on track, he'll graduate from college a week before graduating high school at age 17 and plans to go into politics. he'll be eligible for president in 2040, just saying. >> holy cow, that's pretty good. >> smart kid. >> if move on up. >> sure. if you're that smart, apply for harvard. >> our kids tell us class is boring when you know they should be learning and they said it was boring. >> are a bored kid? apply to harvard. get off the video games. taking a train through the mountains almost makes you feel like you're traveling through the past. >> next one unique way to see
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4:50 pm
4:51 pm
we are almost at the end of the fall color season in colorado, so we thought we'd share one last look at the aspens. >> the city starting to gold up right now. 9news photojournalist anne herbst takes us for a ride on the silverton railroad where
4:52 pm
[ train whistle ] >> reporter: to tell the colorful story of colorado you've first got to find the perfect character. is it the vasco, the air force retiree, or brian who loves what he sees. >> spectacular. i want to get it with these colors right here. >> reporter: he as a hard time finding the appropriate words to describe it or could the character be this guy who just makes me feel old but not quite as old here as an expert on the movement west. >> they were key to the west. >> reporter: the one born in new york in 1923. >> drinks a lot of water and eats a lot of cold, that's for sure. >> reporter: -- coal that's for sure. >> nashville, tennessee. >> california.
4:53 pm
haul freight back in the day. >> i'm telling you these things are awesome. >> reporter: now it carries tourists through the twists and turns of the san juan mountains as part of a durango and silverton narrow gauge railroad fall photography tour. >> unbelievable. i've only seen them in pictures. now they'll be my pictures. >> reporter: it's where sheer power and delicate nature make for the best snapshot of colorado. where photography and train geeks unite. >> i'm a railroad version. >> reporter: all levels of geek welcome. >> i'm a railroad virgin. i've been riding the subway from new york. >> reporter: the massive huffing and puffing piece of machinery helps tell the story of the west. >> yeah. without trains who knows? >> reporter: a character that continues to bring people from all over the country together.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: anne herbst, 9news. >> we could look at that all day long. the durango and silverton narrow gauge runs trains all year and has halloween and winter events, too. >> we thank anne for taking us along. >> tough day at work for anne. >> for more on those rides just head over to the environment. >> apparently they're good for
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4:57 pm
sometimes you need to put a wish out there in order for it to come true. some people in seattle tagged a tree for wishes with their loved one who passed away. >> the tree is covered now with wishes from i wish for a seahawks win to i wish for peace in syria.
4:58 pm
tested the tree. a crew waited a couple of hours and no one showed up. they wished for an interview and sure enough about 15 minutes later two students showed up. >> it's a super cute idea. >> it's a really nice gesture. we go to the university about a block that way and it's really awesome for students to come down here because school gets so stressful and to have something to brighten your day i think is really awesome. >> if a wi with a yes on the back of the wish. there are tags and a pen attached to the trunk of the tree. >> how cool is that? they got the perfect interview. a couple of kids nearby who enjoy it, good stuff. it offers them comfort. take a home, read a wish, remember what it was like to blow out the candles on the cake and say what's going to
4:59 pm
9news at 5:00 is next. simple -- next at 5:00 the diagnosis for head coach of the broncos gary kubiak after being taken away in an ambulance after sunday's loss to the falcons. >> also the poll numbers for the race to the white house following a wild politics. >> and how a hospital worker helped end a massive search for a 4-year-old girl kidnapped from florida. 9news at 5:00 is next. >> this is 9news. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine made a stop this afternoon at denver's complex for a campaign rally with dave
5:00 pm
the vice presidential candidate outlined some economic plans on his trip today to denver. >> how about this? you think women should get equal pay for equal work? so do we and the other guys don't. should we raise the minimum wage? we think so and the other guys don't. >> hillary clinton is scheduled to stop in pueblo wednesday. her campaign says it will be a voter registration event open to the afternoon eric trump campaigning for his father, he took part in a small business roundtable event today in greenwood village scheduled to visit his father's new campaign office in weld county tomorrow morning. both the trump and clinton campaigns are coming off a wild within in the race for the white house which included that tense debate last night between the two candidate of trump apologized after -- two


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