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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  October 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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the vice presidential candidate outlined some economic plans on his trip today to denver. >> how about this? you think women should get equal pay for equal work? so do we and the other guys don't. should we raise the minimum wage? we think so and the other guys don't. >> hillary clinton is scheduled to stop in pueblo wednesday. her campaign says it will be a voter registration event open to the afternoon eric trump campaigning for his father, he took part in a small business roundtable event today in greenwood village scheduled to visit his father's new campaign office in weld county tomorrow morning. both the trump and clinton campaigns are coming off a wild within in the race for the white house which included that tense debate last night between the two candidate of trump apologized after -- two
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video video came up with him talking about women. >> it takes a big man to know when he's wrong and to admit it and to have the humility to apologize and be transparent and be vulnerable with people. and donald trump last night showed that he's a big man. >> pence went on to speak about he said that we all fall short and that we need grace. a new nbc news wall street journal poll shows donald trump lagging behind hillary clinton double digits among likely voters. the poll conducted saturday and sunday before the second presidential debate shows clinton with 52% support in a head to head match-up compared to trump who received 38%.
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last month. this is clinton's largest advantage since the poll began last november. nbc news lester holt will analyze these numbers and have voter questions that were included in that poll. 9news will host a debate tomorrow between colorado's u.s. senate candidates. democratic incumbent michael bennet and republican challenger darryl glenn will debate live on 9news. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman and kyle clark will moderate. the debates starts at 7:00 tomorrow evening airing on channel 20 and a brushfire spread quickly this afternoon out on colorado's eastern plains, still smoldering a bit. the bradbury fire broke out on deer trail in northeast elbert county. it ripped through 309 acres of mostly grassland. preevacuation notices were issued and canceled for the chaparral subdivision. at least one structure was threatened before the fire was contained. several agencies along the i-75
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high country is now 100% contained. crews were able to build a perimeter around the gulch fire last night. the fire was first reported saturday afternoon near a shooting range that burned 22 acres by the summit county landfill. someone at the shooting range took responsibility for the fire. that person has been cited and released. matthew continues to move out to sea just off the canadian maritimes. however, the storm's impact is still being assessed. matthew is 20 deaths in the u.s. several people are still missing. in north carolina flooded cities are trying to dry out and those downstream are keeping watch on rivers that haven't yet crested. the flooding potential days after the storm has passed is moving downstream. more than a foot of rain fell in some places. it has not receded either. thousands of people became trapped in homes and cars during the torrential rains. rescuers and coastguard helicopters had to pluck people
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>> we have not hit the most serious point of flood in new york yet and we predicted three days ago when -- in north carolina yet and we predicted three days ago when it was downgraded, no problem. no, that one, rain kills. >> this storm killed more than 500 people in haiti before hitting the u.s. as the flood threat intensifies for cities and towns across parts of the southeast, in colorado we face high fire danger in places and in the week. let's check in with meteorologist kathy sabine tracking it all, a lot to look at later on in the week. >> absolutely. first we're going back to matthew, flood advisories continue for the carolinas on radar and satellite. we're tracking the potential for more rain in that area north of the carolinas as the post tropical form of matthew moved off to sea. we have about five major rain guages across north carolina reporting record rainfall in the area, all that water coming
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rivers, tributaries in the area even without a lot of additional rainfall across the carolinas, that continues to pose a substantial flood threat through the area, matthew off the coast of halifax tonight north of new york and some forecast models have it continuing out to sea and maintaining its strength a while longer. behind that is a tropical storm named nicole that now hurricane matthew kind of setting the pace there in north carolina in terms of the flood threat, 10 deaths reported across that state rescues, 1,500 trapped by flooding in the lumberton area, several thousand people under mandatory evacuations this hour, levee breach fears across the large majority of carolina tonight. here we are sitting pretty in colorado with high clouds, beautiful day, temperatures near 80 in october. hard to complain about that. the wind has been picking up in southeastern wyoming with a red flag warning out for high fire
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and sunset, beautiful evening. coming up in our main weather segment we brace for a cool front. that midweek cooldown, the coolest day of the week wednesday, showers back in the forecast and something we desperately need. it's been tinder dry around here. we showed you the fire in elbert "and precipitation running below average for the month. >> we'll check an alert hospital worker in tennessee recognized a kidnapped girl from florida and helped in the search for the girl that spanned several days across several states. someone at baptist memorial recognized the kidnapper and notified police who got her from the car and took her into a building. the suspect is 31-year-old west wild hogs of seal, alabama, originally known as matthew clark but changed his name.
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and then tennessee. memphis police stopped hogs car this afternoon. >> i just want to get my daughter and bring her home to her brothers and sisters. >> thank you for everybody who helped along the way, media, facebook, the fbi, everybody. we're just glad she's safe. >> we were working with security. they were able through security cameras see the individual inside and watch him as he left. so working together with them we were able to get the information and be able to locate them. >> investigators say there's no indication e hurt. they don't know why he stopped at that hospital in memphis. electricity bills this year are on track to actually drop for the first time in 14 years, but they're expected to go right back up next year based on a natural gas increase. all that is an excellent reason to create a more energy efficient home. a denver nonprofit made it possible for those who could really use the help. for those already in affordable housing every penny still counts. >> it's a lot.
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they gave us 24 hour notice saying they're doing a lot of changes on the property. >> reporter: which is why luis dejesus is looking forward to his next bill. >> we do insulation of roofs, windows and doors and we do furnaces, water heaters. >> reporter: john eliot works for i-cast, a nonprofit who helps low make changes to save money. the organization received a $1 million grant from the department of energy to make these diamond of changes. >> we're hoping to -- these kind of changes. >> we're hoping to save them 20 to 30% on their utility bills. >> reporter: when you consider luis' bill -- >> it could be 2 to $300 a month. >> reporter: the upgrades will make a big difference.
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affordable housing units. ice cream recalled because of possible listeria contamination. >> replacement smartphones recalled after the initial
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kraft heinz recalled lunchables due to misbranding undeclared allergens. ham and american cracker stackers contain wheat and soy. the products were incorrectly
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the products were produced september 21st and shipped to stores in utah and california. nestle usa is recalling packages of nestle drumstick ice cream treats due to possible listeria contamination involving drumstick club 16 count variety pack and 24 count vanilla pack. the cones inside the packages were manufactured in bakersfield, california. the company received positive test results for listeria from a location on the production line. so far no illnesses have been reported. consumers can return the product to the store or call nestle consumer services for a replacement. samsung is trying to figure out if the company has a problem with the replacement guaimax note 7. the originals were -- galaxy note 7. the originals were replaced last month when they caught fire. some of the replacement phones have the same problem.
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samsung is halting sales of the smartphone. a mother bear and two cubs clearly thought they were invited to a buffs watch party at a house party last weekend. the homeowner spotted the mama bear doing what bears normally do in the woods in his yard. he yelled at the bear and she shimmied up the tree with two cubs. he didn't want the mother dnr. the house is near 16th and baseline. the yard is full of plum trees. mild conditions typical for this time of year should return for at least one more day. >> big changes coming up next in kathy's forecast. >> ahead tonight new poll numbers point to how badly donald trump has been hurt by those hot mic comments about women. >> north carolina struggling under the massive deadly
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>> and samsung reassessing
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you're one ahead. >> i'm thinking wednesday it's supposed to be cold. this is comfortable. >> if you're fine. >> i don't know, kathy. i'm never really hot anymore. this time of year it's chilly. >> no matter what you do, adele, you are so fashion forward. we all aspire to be you, right, ryan? >> you are so right, kathy. i'm going to wear this tomorrow. >> i've got a lovely scarf. i'm inspired now or save it till wednesday. it's actually really nice in the backyard. in spite of the high cloud deck temperatures today way above average, close to 80 in the
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there's enough cloud cover we should have a really nice sunset. if that happens, send in your pictures and watch for them later tonight on 9news. we're awaiting the first official snowfall in denver. the earliest day was september 3rd, the latest late november. the average is october 19th, so we're right in there in that office snow pool, but i'm telling you the next nine days i'm not sure we see snow in denver yet. way up high a different story and what a southern colorado where there were 60s in ridgeway and telluride, 85 in lamar and springfield today. the average is 68. we're doing pretty good. you'll notice the chill wednesday with the weak front coming in that may just bring beneficial rain. right now the northwest winds coming in at the airport have not translated to downtown denver. it's spectacular in the backyard outside the studios,
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beautiful weather conditions. we're sandwiched between two weathermakers, one in omaha and the other very unorganized salt lake city up to billings and rapid city kind of coming our way. several pieces of kind of cool front activity coming our way from the northwest. we have a warm front to the north, a cool front to the west and a separate system in the midwest. now we're under the influence of high pressure, the mild dry stable layer of air across our state meaning another warm today, above average, mid-70s here, mid-90s in phoenix. you see this cool, if not cold air lurking north, this is the high in billings tomorrow and bismarck. that air is gradually making its way into the front range. that will be tuesday night into wednesday. ahead of it temperatures warming across tulsa, oklahoma city and dallas. around here we've just got high clouds streaming in from time to time. we put isolated showers in tomorrow into tomorrow evening
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this front coming in, there will be one surge of cool air and a second stronger surge that comes in wednesday, but it's just not super organized. so travel on the i-25 corridor tonight and tomorrow will be fine, i-70, overnight lows 40 in steamboat, 35 leadville, almost 50 in denver with 40s on the far eastern plains. tomorrow highs will be coolest across the western half of the state, close to 90 in southeastern colorado. watching the wind coming ahead of this tuesday concern. 75 in arvada, 77 in brighton tomorrow, mid-50s in the foothills and a nice day ahead of a rather weak cool front. you will notice a temperature change midweek. let's go back to tonight's forecast, partly cloudy with light winds, a high evening. the winds will shift a bit overnight out of the southwest, bottom out around 49 degrees which is where we start tomorrow morning. mid-60s by lunchtime, isolated showers in the afternoon and
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sunshine numbers run above average. wednesday will be the coolest day of the week, 20% chance of showers tuesday night, 10% chance of showers wednesday and the numbers spike a70s thursday, 80 friday, comfortable through the weekend and above average readings continuing through the middle part of next week, so really a beautiful fall forecast and it is indeed still fall in areas like steamboat, jeff with that great shot there. what a great way to see colorado by train. have either of you guys done that yet? >> no. not that time of year. it's beautiful. >> anne herbst has a beautiful story she just about at 4:00. >> the scarf is going away at least until wednesday. >> i love the scarf.
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gary kubiak is released from the hospital with some special doctor's orders. >> the choices for interim head coach catches a lot of broncos fans by surprise. drew is next. stocks finished higher across the board. energy companies led the
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. gary kubiak is home from the hospital tonight feeling better but won't coach thursday in san diego. kubiak was released this afternoon following an overnight hospital stay undergoing a series of precautionary tests after being rushed by ambulance to the hospital shortly after the conclusion of yesterday's
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complex migraine condition that caused extreme fatigue. he gets a week off to rest which play or may not include a little consult -- may or may not include a little consulting with his coaching staff. >> we're really kind of leaving that up to the doctors and so the process for gary is to worry about gary this week and so he's got some different appointments set up that we want to make sure gary takes care of himself. >> elway's choice for an shocker. special teams coordinator joe decamillis was chosen. arvada native decamillis is the first colorado born head coach in broncos history. >> kub set a tempo for us. it's seamless because he's not a micromanager. he does so many good things for us. he lets a lot of our guys do their job to the utmost anyway. we don't see a big change this
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try to keep whatever we can to do to win the game is the main thing. i think with our staff that will be a seamless transition. >> 9news broncos insider mike klis broke the story last night and we're live. mike is at team headquarters. let's play klis and tell. i think we all would have needed 10 tries to guess decamillis as interim head coach, mike, but it really does make sense. >> yeah. it was a mild surprise, but a pleasant one i think, drew, coached 28 years in the nfl as an assistant coach. give him one game out of 28 years. i think he deserves it. as you said, he comes from arvada. his dad sells sausages behind the south stand at mile high on game days. >> yes. >> this is a wonderful story. too bad it's only lasting one week, but it does make sense because elway wants rick dennison to worry about calling plays on the offense and they need to fix things on offense
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the defense. they're not coming off their best game. a short week, first divisional game. i think this is the way it all sets up, plus i didn't realize this. decamillis is the guy on the sideline who kind of handles the timeouts, go for it on 4th and 1s, when to run the play clock, when to spike the ball. he handles all that anyway. so he'll be free to do that, yell at the refs and let the other coaches take care of the pl kubiak plight have been sent right back to work, but this is more about his health history, right? >> reporter: yeah of 2013 he collapsed on the sideline at halftime while coaching the houston texans. that was a very scary moment. they called that a transient ischemic, it means a many
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may not be related, but the fact he's had two or three episodes it is something where thank goodness the doctors said take this week off. get away from coaching. rest up and see if they can really find out what triggers this. >> agreed. klis and tell, thanks, mike. strange but drew, immediately after decamillis began as interim head coach, he hoped to begin with a few pleasantries, but joe quickly ne point. >> now are you doing? >> awesome. great job. >> enough with the small talk. who is going to play quarterback? paxton lynch. never did get an answer. >> nbc nightly news is next. after that you'll see next with kyle clark at 6:00. have a good evening!
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developing news this evening, shock waves from that explosive confrontation. >> because you'd be in jail. >> secretary clinton -- >> donald trump, wounded by the bombshell tape revelation, brings bill clinton's accusers to the debate. tonight a civil war has ignited in the gop. surging to a double-digit lead. also, in his own words, what we found in the archives, what trump has said about himself and women. did he predict the trouble to come? drowning in a deluge. frantic high water rescues as houses become swallowed in the hurricane's deadly aftermath. a race to save so many trapped with no way out.


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