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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  October 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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the focus turns to local politics tonight-- as two candidates vying for a u-s senate seat get ready for their own debate stage match-up. what each is saying about their party's controversial nominee ahead of tonight's debate. the presidential candidates are pushing ahead with one month to go before election day. we'll talk about where they stand after the donald trump scandal and the second debate. and a man's family pleads for help for their loved one from thousands of miles away in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. who heard thier call and how he was able to help-- without even leaving home. good morning.
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another warm
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tracking the change... good morning. tonight-- 9 news will host a
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two of the state's u-s senate candidates. democratic incumbent - senator michael bennet and republican challenger - darryl glenn -- will go head to head starting at 7. it's safe to say the presidential election will be a topic. darryl glenn is flip-flopping on donald trump... again -- now... glenn is praising him... despite calling on him to drop out... over the weekend. this all happened after the leak of that now infamous access hollywood tape in that tape, trump said inappropriate comments about women. in an interview with 9news before the weekend's
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bennet said he believes donald trump isn't qualified to serve as president. 9 news political reporter brandon rittiman and kyle clark will moderate tonight starting at 7 on channel 20. you can also watch live online at 9 news dot com. in the race to the white house - the latest poll shows hillary clinton has a significant lead over donald tump. he's trailing the democratic nominee by 11 percent this morning. that's not the only issue facing trump's campaign right now. with not even a fallout with republican leaders continues. jessica oh joins us in the newsroom. jessica - house speaker paul ryan says, he's not "wasting any more time" supporting trump. following the second debate, gop leaders had a conference call in the morning. paul ryan told them, he's done defending trump -- and won't campaign for him anymore. ryan says his focus now - is figuring out a way to maintain the house majority. but some feel he's sending mixed messages -- because
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trump was quick in firing back at a rally in pennsylvania yesterday, saying it's unfortunate ryan's trying so hard to bring him down when he should be focusing on policy. some republican leaders agree - saying ryan is not doing enough to support the nominee, which could be hurting the party. others, though, agree with ryan. listen to this bombshell from john mccain during a senate debate in arizona. today, both campaigns are in florida - where officials are looking to extend the voter registration deadline because of hurricane matthew. with 28 days until election day, you'll see bigger crowds, even more intense campaigns from
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sparked so much controversy. even trump has insinuated that there may be more videos like that out there. broncos head coach gary k after he was diagnosed with a severe type of migraine. doctors diagnosed kubiak with a complex migeraine after he was taken to the hospital from mile high stadium on sunday night. 9 news spoke with doctor randy james with the denver headache and spine center. he says the pain from this type of migraine can last anywhere from a few hours to days and can include weakness that mimics a stroke on one side of the body.
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football field back in 2013 while coaching the texans-- which is why the symptoms were taken so seriously. once he was taken to the hospital he did have an mri and ct scan. in a statement kubiak said he's feeling well and he will continue to take the advice from his doctors to make positive health choices. kubiak had a mini- stroke on the football field back in 2013 while coaching the texans-- which is why the symptoms were taken so seriously. once he was taken to the hospital he did have an mri and ct scan. in a statement kubiak said he's feeling well and he will continue to take the advice from his doctors to make positive health choices. special teams serve as interim head coach for thursday night's game against the chargers. although he's never been a head coach at any level-- he has worked in the nfl for nearly three decades. he's also a colorado native from arvada. decamillis led his first practice as interim coach for the first time monday.. a state of emergency is still in effect across the carolinas after hurricane matthew hit the states. thousands are
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is still rising.. more than 1500 hundred people have been pulled from rooftops.. and car tops.. water in rivers and creeks across the region have swelled past their banks. experts say many rivers won't crest until late this week.. dozens of roads and highways remain closed today-- at least 17 people have been killed in the us because of the storm. in georgia-- some people living on saint simons island will be allowed to return home today. police say they could be returning home to ransacked homes... they've seen burglaries spike from the usual 40 in a month-- to 35 in the last 4 days. police say they're asking for extra resources and ramping up their presence in some evacuated areas. we've seen the power of social media play out in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. one man from north carolina is alive this morning thanks to twitter and a drone . chris williams was stuck inside his home as the water rose. he says he called his brother who
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miles away in texas. with so many calls coming into 911-- william's brother turned to twitter and tweeted a out a picture showing chris's house almost entirely underwater. that's when another man-- hart saw it and recognized the house. he then used his drone to direct a fema crew toward it. they were able to get williams out. we now know what may have sparked the frey gulch fire that burned over the landfill. the sheriff's office says someone at a shooting range took responsibilty it started saturday -- and burned about 22 acres. crews got it fully contained sunday night. the person who came forward has been cited and released . a brush fire in the eastern plains is contained this morning. the bradberry fire broke out in deer trail -- northeast of elbert county -- and ripped through at least 309 acres. it was mostly grassland though -- only one structure was threatened before the fire was
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it's been nearly 15 years since the columbine shooting that took 13 lives-- but now a memorial meant to keep their memory alive is crumbling. why people charged with
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hard time getting it fixed still to come. and-- neighbors upset over a new proposed apartment complex-- what they say the issue is and when they'll have a chance to address
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across the country. if you want to see outage information for your specific area log on to comcast dot com with your account information.
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memorial... dedicated to the 13 people killed nearly 15 years ago... is crumbling. now, a group of people are trying to fix it up. the concrete leading up to the memorial itself is cracked and needs to be replaced by pavers.. the foundation board is having a hard time getting pe t to remove the concrete. they've been working on getting the small--but important job done for months.
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foundation needs a contractor to help remove the concrete. they want to put in the same stones that line the rest of the walk way in its place. all this has to be done before it gets too cold. happening today-- neighbors living near the site of a new proposed micro apartment site will take their concerns over parking to denver's city council. city council approved the permit for more than 100 micro apartments at the corner of 16th and humboldt. each apartment is about 350 square feet. monday - neighbors protested with black balloons -- they're upset the new building is taking away their parking spots. it can take up to half an hour to find
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says - they have stopped issuing permits for future residences without parking. neighbors are set to meet with city leaders this morning at 11. just ahead-- generic vs name brand-- is there really a difference between the two. what a new study reveals just ahead -- but first, lets check in with marty and amelia.
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there really is no difference between brand name medications - versus their generic cousins... that's not just for the generic antibiotic you occassionally get. doctors say this applies to everything from chemotherapy drugs - to medicine for a strep throat. generics are just as safe and effective...and put under the same extensive fda regulations - as their brand name counterparts. most patients should only see a difference - when it comes to the cost
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a patient with allergies or other medications - might have to stick with brand name drugs... but otherwise - generics are perfectly acceptable alternatives. let's check in with marty.
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is just over a week away-- but people are still talking about the last one this morning . that's partly because of this guy from the second debate-- more on the mystery man in the red sweater
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and this morning-- a stranger is taking the spotlight away from the candidates. you may remeber ken bone from sunday night's debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. he was the undecided voter in the bright red sweater who asked one of the final questions on energy policy. the power plant operator from illinois - has become an internet sensation. although he may be even more
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into the debate favoring trump, but was impressed with hillary clinton, especially her poise. he went from having seven twitter followers sunday to more than 34 thousand today. bone says: of those original 7, two - were his grandmothers. a florida girl found safe after being taken from home. who stepped in to
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