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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  October 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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than you think. fundraising slowing down now as candidates ramp up for the final stretch of their campaign. what donald trump is turning his focus on while clinton eye acetate that could prove vital to the election. even a grammy-winning pop star is not above the law, popping a selfie at the voting booth. september is less than a week away. >> we have another warm day today and unlike yesterday we will be clear. not much to do with rain from northern california through oregon and washington. they will get several inches of
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19 year we have not had snow. since 17 years, we have had a trace so 26% of all octobers have a trace or no snow at all so this is not really all that unusual. one out of four years we do that and we will not have snow this month. low 70s during the day with sunshine and also as far as warmth goes, we're right now in the tie for fourth place with 1947 for the warmest october so pretty toasty from time to time. >> it has. thank you, marty. sky9 is cruising around 25 and 10th, nothing to complain about here and north end is beast picture perfect. whether you're east or west of
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well and a great start to the south around c-470 and e-470. the a line will take you 37 minutes and the train is running on time and not too much to look out for here, great speeds and all of this green, hopefully, can stick around until 6:30. >> we hope so. amelia, thank you. republican presidential candidate donald trump spending more time in the nation's capitol, regardless of what happens, while mike pence stop in colorado. he is cutting tribe bonn on his washington, d.c., hotel before heading to north carolina and is taking a break from campaigning and must win florida, where he has been talking about raising obamacare premiums. >> she wants to double-down on obamacare and make it more expensive and worse.
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premiums are problem and so are her e-mails. the latest release suggests president obama knew about her private e-mail sooner than he admitted publicly. clinton will be in florida once again today, up for about four points on trump there. tuesday night, she held the final fundraiser where she encourag ed people to vote. >> it's going to be a closer election. pay no attention to the don't get complacent. >> the university of boulder held an event with third-party candidates, the free and equal debate and was held in 2008 and 2012. most likely to make an impact was mccullen, running neck-and-
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first third-party candidate to win a state since 1968. >> if we're able to win a seat or just perform very well in a number or states or some states or region it sends the message to washington and the republican party that there are people who will still stand on principle and we will not go along with the republicans if they will white supremacist party. >> you can find the full interview on the facebook page. while the law against take selfies with your ballot has the federal court in colorado, justin timberlake learns you can't do that in his home state of tennessee. he took a selfie at this polling place in memphis and posted on instagram. he encouraged young people to vote early. "i took a flight from l.a.
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but ballot selfies are illegal in misdemeanor in tennessee it include 30 days in jail and fine but the d.a. will not investigate. in colorado, law that makes ballot selfies illegal dates back to 1891, prohibit ballot- sharing. owen hill and 18-year-old b.u. student filed a federal lawsuit says thing outdated and violation of free speech. we should find out what happened when a popular ch two 16-year-olds shot 33-year- old nicholas lewis several times on october 1. he was the chef at the blackbird public house off downing and alameda and details have been scarce. we hope to learn more in a news conference. you could be key to
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super bowl ring. police said two guys broke into demarcus ware's house in cherry creek. they didn't know there were hidden cameras in the house. these were as clear as day and police will only say they stole valuables. one of the things taken was the championship ring and anyone with information is asked to call the number on the screen for a reward and you to give your name. it's pretty scary what is in halloween makeup. andrew sorenson has been looking at this and lead was found in a lot of makeup. >> reporter: yes, it was. they sampled kits around the country including colorado. the study is done by the breast cancer fund, testing makeup marketed at kids for a bunch of
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according to environmental groups. >> when with it comes to halloween or novelty makeup, tests show heavy metals. >> reporter: heavy metals are potentially toxic metals like chromium, cadmium and lead, said this woman with the oregon environmental council. they could end up in kids' mouths and the group didn't say where they found tainted makeup kits they tested. >> even the smallest amount of exposure can have neurological effects, especially in the youngest of our children. >> breast cancer fund has done this before back in 2009. the fda has been looking inside but don't have authority to test products before they go to shelves. >> that is very frightening.
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label. clear conditions, certainly not cold. by middle morning, we'll pop up above 60 degrees, into the 70s by lunchtime, i think, it will be a beautiful day to be out and about at lunch and warm during the afternoon and dry. that's the way we have been over the course of the month. the average precipitation -- and when i say that i mean rain and melted snow together -- is over .75 inches. this month we have had a for the month is 4 and we're not going to get any this month at all. >> goose egg. >> goose egg for you. nothing for you. >> nothing -- no soup for you. thanks, marty. thieves in florida robbed family under their nose. security video friend side the home shows them creeping around with kids sleeping just inches away. >> it was one of the more exciting and boring things i've ever done. and this road test performed in colorado could
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yesterday we had small hope for some rain around here and
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been pouring in the northwest. the california coast will get heavy rain over the weekend. for us today, we have dry conditions anticipated throughout the day today to leave with us sunshine. we won't even have clouds to look at. 60s in the foothills, low 70s for us here and temperatures will not much different than yesterday. the difference will be we have less wind and more sunshine and will feel warmer for you very little in the way of clouds across the state, few up over the northern mountains during the morning. those go away during the afternoon and any kind of rain or snow will be over in the high mountain of utah. southeastern colorado, close to 80 with 50s in the northern mountain valleys, 60s
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degrees and will top 70 easily with sunshine, low 40s, clear conditions. then we start chasing or breaking records. tomorrow, 80 degrees. clouds roll in here. saturday is then we will see light rain on the western slope with clouds out of it and that will cool us down to keep us out of record territory but we sunday with sunday's record high of 90. i-70, 36, 25 and now they're back towards 25 and u.s. 30 corridor, where things look smooth. between bowledder and denver expect less than a 20 minute ride. we have had such a nice, easy start across all areas of town and our cdot cameras will show you a good example of that.
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the through lanes of traffic are where they should be towards 6:30. we have lots of green across town. there's an earlier stall, half of which cleared out, eastbound i-70 around u.s. 40. now, a quick reminder here. we're doing the countdown towards new year's day because that's the day the hov lanes go from two or more in the car to three or more in the car to be legal. we've now got 66 days left so enjoy it while you can but friend to take in those express lanes. >> thank you, amelia. 7:14 now chipotle sales fell for a fourth straight quarter. the denver-based company continues to struggle to win back customers after an e. coli scare last year. the mexican food chain said sales fell 22% last quarter, 4% more than analysts predicted. stock is down 40% in the last year.
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a semi, no driver, it sounds downright crazy, but that's what happened on i-25. with the help of a driverless tech company, budweiser was able to deliver 50,000 can of beer from fort collins to colorado spring, the first driverless freight pull in history. the technology uses gps, a system that monitors changing road conditions, and third system that combines the two to make the semi drive. if technology people in the common on the roadways, they believe it will prevent 35,000 car deaths. >> we will be able to move freight and people more efficiently and better. >> this technology was a one- time test so don't expect to see more driverless trucks any time soon, just maybe someday down the road. >> wouldn't you do a triple take? >> isn't that wild? well, there was somebody in there but they were in the back.
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>> isn't that wild? if you're just joining us, that was predicted by "the simpsons" in 1999 in an episode. >> simpsons knows all. >> navitron driver system. my son reminded me of the episode. >> good memories. many prefer toddlers don't get nationwide attention but
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>> welcome back. in australia, two young kids are lucky to be alive. this were on a theme park ride when something went wrong. the thunder river rapid ride at dream works whisks people around in a raft along a fast- moving artificial river with a conveyor belt but on tuesday two rafts slam into people onto the conveyor belt. four people were killed. a 10-year-old boy and 12-year- old girl managed to escape. the park is expected to stay closed for the next few days. the battle to reclaim an i.s.i.s.-held city in iraq is intensifying today. more than 1,000 people from villages near mosul have been evacuated and taken to camps. the first international aid convoy arrived tuesday to bring blankets, food, clothing and other supplies.
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mines left behind by i.s.i.s. in order to deliver items to the people who need it most. a long-standing sheriff in arizona accused of racial profiling could spend time behind bars. sheriff joe arpaio is facing contempt of court charge. he is accused of targeting latinos during sweeps. he defied orders to stop immigration patrol and could spend up to six month in jail if convicted. a well known actor is getting involved in the north dakota pipeline protest. he traveled to support the standing rock sioux tribe and plans to deliver solar trailers to deliver protest camp. the tribe and others believe the pipeline would contaminate water. the pipeline would span four states. thieves came close to children speaking when they broke into a florida home. they're caught creeping around the house with three children
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one thief took a cell phone that was sitting inches from a child's face. the other man was holding a gun. thankfully nobody was hurt. >> scary. >> that's when they look over the tape and can't believe what they have seen. the rock and roll capital of the world is becoming champ championship capital of the world. why last night is called the greatest night of sports in cleveland history. fi sunshine, clear conditions throughout the day and towards the junkins fire area, we have good news with wind in the single digit range during the afternoon and as far as temperatures go yes, they will be above average and will be close to 60 during the fire area. this sunday, chargers are in town, broncos back to work with
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the chargers because it will be so warm and try around here. >> thank you, marty. 6:22. our drive over 25 and colorado is awfulfully nice no, slowdowns whatsoever. that's a 15-minute ride this morning. further south across your 25 commute around founders, looks great, cars just zipping through in the northbound direction and across our maps, while the highways are mostly clear, there's one issue to north with delays westbound
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>> 6:25. an historic night in cleveland. first on the hardwood, opening night of cleveland cavaliers celebrated last season nba championship. players got their championship ring and were there to see the banner get lifted into the rafters of quicken loans arena and lebron was really emotional about it. this was the first championship for the city of cleveland in 52 years. the cavs won their game against the knicks 117-88. 40 feet away, the indians hosted game 1 of the world
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first world series title since 1948. the cubs haven't won since 1908. >> it was all indians last night. the game was about the pitching, ace kluber got eight strikeout in the first three inning, something never done in a world series game before. in the bottom of the, the indians were up 3-0 when perez, who had an awesome night, sent this into the left field stands in the 8th, his second home field they move the start of game 2 to 5:00 tonight our time because of the chance of rain in cleveland. >> he was clutch. what a great game for him. a major campaign visit for the republicans to colorado today. a staffer from george w. push
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colorado is still clearly a focus as the clock ticks towards election day. we'll talk about the messages that mike pence and ted cruz are expected to make during visits to our state today. he served under the last republican president but this
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he's supporting a democrat this election season. good morning. the city of boulder has given a green light on a major development project on university hill. i'll tell you how this area could look different two years from now. >> good morning, everyone. you're not imagining it. it is hot in denver this week, so hot we may break a couple of records before the week is up. marty? >> reporter: that is absolutely true, especially tomorrow and friday. today not so much, and unlike yesterday with wake up with sunshine, phenomenal sunrise. it looks like a work of art which is really beautiful here and we will have clear conditions through the day, low 70s today, similar to where we ended up yesterday but because it's sunny, it will feel warmer earlier for you. i think we can break the records. the next two days, what i have
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the next two days, our records are at 80. we'll have some clouds knock us back down on saturday. for halloween, a lot of folks concerned about that and i wouldn't be and there is a weak cold front for trick-or-treat time. it will slide to the low 50s by late monday evening. >> thank you, marty. 6:31. still very calm and very quiet and beautiful. we see more headlight and brake lights but everyone is behaving as they should be. typically we see problems on 25 and 84th. today we are cruising on by. across our map, there is one accident i want to warn you about to the north right around your drive in thornton and northland -- oh, but first, i added one more map, southbound 225 sluggish past the reservoir
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we're dropping to the 20s. here it is, westbound 120th, a crash held did drive and westbound backup goes to i-25. >> thank you. colorado is hosting two campaign visit from the republican party today. vice presidential candidate mike pence will make his third stop in colorado springs. ted cruz is here campaigning for darryl glenn, who is running against michael bennet for the hillary clinton is making her way through a key state the election and secured a huge endorsement from a former cabinet member of president george w. bush. tarhonda thomas is here to tell us more. a lot happening for both campaigns. >> reporter: absolutely. we're only 13 days from election day and they're making their pushes for sure and colorado is key. governor mike pence will be in our state today, speaking at a
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event center at 7:00 tonight and as his running mate, donald trump, continues to push against hillary clinton, saying she wants to double down on the affordable care act is what trump is say. trump is getting criticism for saying his own employees saw their health care costs rise because of so-called obamacare. most of his workers are not on obamacare. he hopes to win key battleground states. republicans are putting $25 million in u.s. senate race, a big race is the senate seat in colorado. darryl glenn is getting big named help and cruz will campaign with next at the embassy suites in loveland at 11:00 and park hill golf course in denver at 3:15. glenn is seen trailing michael bennet by 15 minutes. hillary clinton is getting
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served under george w. bush's cabinet. powell said he will vote for clintt according to cnn and "the new york types." a high-level executive confirm that today. clinton is still facing scrutiny over her e-mails. the latest release shows president obama knew about the e-mails sooner than admitting publicly. nationally, an nbc poll by four points. both sides have slowed down on attending those fundraising events and said they're really focused on hitting those events on the campaign trail, knowing some people are casting their ballots already. >> that tarhonda, thanks. some you can see a neighbor in nothing but his underwear
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after a while, two people walked up to the man instead of calling police and fist bumped him. the homeowner called police and quickly they got a confession from the suspect. >> all we have is a little sign and if they're phonedded by it, they should have left that one there because every time they take it down, it's coming up bigger and better and the next one will be a billboard. [ laughing ] >> okay. the case is in the hand of the district attorney who is weighing whether or not to underwear. donald trump is winning at the halloween shop. his masks are outselling hillary clinton masks, 55% to 45%. in the past, it has correctly forecast the outcome of the presidential election -- every one since 1996. > [ indistinct ]
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that's not stopping adele from weighing in on the presidential election here in the u.s. she told the crowd that her sold- out show in miami not to vote for donald trump. she said she's 100% for hillary clinton. clinton was in the audience last night. it's not clear if adele knew she was there before announcing her support. >> 6:36 now. with less than two weeks before election day, less than 10% of the 3.5 million registered voters in colorado have taken adag more than 117,000 ballots have come back from democratic voters. republican have sent in more than 94,000. 70,000 are from those who are considered unaffiliate. this is not an indication of who is leading in the races but how many ballots have been returned so far. research shows a lot of americans are angry and that anger is playing a part in this election cycle. a c.u. boulder professor coauthored an
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anger forces us to see politics through the lens of combat than cooperation. the piece went on to say when candidates encourage anger, it intensifies already-polar identities attitudes. a psychologist expert calls anger a surface emotion, easy to access but terrible for judgment. >> psychologists call anger an innate emotion. it's physiological and hits us quic skyrockets, heart rare, our brain shuts off. >> a gallup poll shows less than a third of americans are satisfied with the way things are going in our country and less than 10% of republicans are satisfied. fewer than half of democrats are. an air force staff sergeant accusedded in a series of assaults has a hearing.
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assault in colorado spring and one in aurora. he has been stationed at peterson air force base since 2013. driver in georgetown need to watch out for stray cattle after a crash. a cattle truck rolled on i-70 tuesday. the driver wasn't hurt. the cows that survived ran off. 50 have been rounded up but there could be some roaming around. let state patrol know if you see in. dry here now and through the day today. that's going to be true across colora northwest to see some rain. they have seen tremendous rain over the last several weeks and they're getting more over the next few days. we'll get rain from central california into oregon and washington. i do think we will see light showers in western colorado coming up saturday. that will bring a few clouds around here but i don't think we'll see any of that rain make it to the east side of the continental divide. by the way, so far this year, denver running more than 2-
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precip. seattle, 8 inches above so even in wet seattle it's kind of crazy. they have had over 32 inches of rain so far this year. >> man, oh, man. >> almost 32.5. >> not make it down here, that's for sure. so the hill area near c.u. boulder is about to look different. in 2018, developers hope to break ground on a 150 room hotel, project that would demolish an entire shopping center on the hill. colleen ferrera is morning and the city said there needs new life but there's pushback. >> reporter: sol local and student do not support the projects but said it's a done deal. it would between university and pleasant across from c.u. boulder and some will be forced
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consistent visitors. when you need a late-night snack or that energy drink to get you through class, he's alwayses there and has become a staple for student and looking around his store, you can see why. >> i built a very good name for myself andwork so hard to build up this business for them to say, hey, we'll build a hotel and move on, find another location which they think it's easy to do, t businesses in the area and a hookah bar. he would have no choice but to leave. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i'm losing two businesses, my livelihood. >> reporter: student and petitions have been trying to save this complex between university and pleasant, but the city has unanimously approved the area for a brand- new hotel. a handful of plans still need to be finalized, but it's a
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be gone by 2018. >> the hill has been in decline, there's tremendous turnover everywhere. a lot of buildings are dilapidated. there's a serious need for a project to regentrify, re- energize the entire area. >> reporter: he is the lead developer on the project and wants to lift the community not disrupt it. >> our goal is move forward to meet with tenants and help them stay open. >> reporter: there will be 20,000 to 30,000 square feet of space and wants to collaborate to find the best possible stores to benefit their needs but some say the best thing to do is leave the area alone. >> it's a little run down but people use this, like, the locals come here all the time. >> it will be sad toilets but i think positives can come it
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can be saved and others will hear his plea. >> nobody is thinking about the businesses. >> reporter: the city has given this list of commercial vacancies to all the tenants on the hill that could be displaced in case they want to relocate. what is interesting -- one tenant shared this little paragraph with me, a provision in her lease agreemen hill in boulder, and this essentially states that the landlord can ask them to leave, can ask the tenants to leave for the sale of the property or for development to come into this area. the only thing the landlord has to do is give 120 days' notice and they don't plan to break ground on this hotel until 2018. >> controversial for sure but, yeah, change always is.
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million and the city won't fund it. however, they plan to build a parking garage that will cost nearly $20 million and that money will come from the general fund, which is primarily funded through taxes. >> interesting. her classmates were staring, some whispering about her, but how a little girl reacted to the attention given to her birthmark has her mom beaming with pride and internet talk. and turning that trash into cash. how your unwanted stuff can turn into extra money for the
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>> welcome back. it's 6:46. make money and save money on facebook. in the "more money for me" segment, maureen kyle shows us how to use your trash and turn it into cash wi of effort. >> this is a separate costume from "rainbow bite." >> reporter: whether it's only worn for hours -- >> -- honestly within five minutes. >> reporter: or a major appliance, old adage another person's trash is someone else's treasure is the basis for private buy/sell/borrow facebook pages. >> this i sold for $40.
6:47 am
need, side tables that would have been pitched or collected dust. >> reporter: typically these sighs are limited to a certain community or suburb and are private. after an invitation to join the group, you can post an item you want to sell, list the price, and how a buyer can get in touch with you. before using these sites, definitely check out the rule and regulation page. there's usually one attached. this outlines what you can and cannot sell. that includes direct sales, knockoffs, or counterfeits, and usually no firearms or weapons of any kind. also check a return policy because there could be guidelines on how to return an item if it's not what you expected. take multiple pictures of the item. a lot of sites won't let you post an item for sale unless you have a picture but obviously the more pictures you have, the better it will sell.
6:48 am
buying baby gear, she thinks the savings is immeasurable. >> for example, swing you would spend $150 on at babies r us -- perfect condition, $5. >> reporter: there's a certain lingo you should know before you sell. ppu means "porch pickup." the seller will leave the item on the porch. "nil." "next in line." if someone pass, you would be next in line to buy i. "pump" stands for "bring up my post" to put the the feed to capture more attention. i'm maureen kyle. we will be a dozen degrees above average, into the low 70s during the afternoon today, dry conditions continue. we will be one of many octobers where we have no snow so i'm including this year at a 19- way tie for the least-snowy
6:49 am
in fact, 26% of all octobers on record have had no snow, a trains or less. it's pretties common, one in four. we have a huge problem many the middle of downtown, southbound 25 at park avenue. there's a center lane crash that's causing huge backups. police crew and an ambulance are on scene but with the center lane blocked, here's what the backup looks like. i cannot stress this enough. your southbound will be backed up towards 120th. take washington or huron. local streets can help you avoid delays. >> yikes. that does not look fun behind you. thank you. anyone can be a hero and tuesday is your chance to save someone's life. the drive for life is at mile high. the only thing that does matter is that you give. >> there are all different types of blood we need right
6:50 am
come in, makes that effect, to come in and save lives with us to take their time and certainly donate blood and saver lives. that's our type. >> make a difference. in 2014, trover developed an autoimmune service that affected his nervous system. he woke up numb from head to toe. thanks to blood donations, he was walking by the end of a three-day treatment. he encourages others to donate. you next tuesday, an awesome event. >> great event. >> pencil it in.
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daughter lydia. she has a port wine stain birthmark on her cheek and she dropped her daughter off. she said some were whispering and staring, looking at the mark, but little lydia pulled out an educational book on the birthmark and quietly handed it to the teacher so the teacher could educate her classmates. kelly said, "i cried nearly the entire way to works not because i worry how people will treat her but she will do big thing in her life because she didn't take that on." she just said,, as a 2-year- old, they just need towns it more. it was a teaching moment for the entire class. >> very cool. >> good story. i love that. this is a denver girl which is incredible when you hear this story has been shared and liked
6:52 am
>> good job, lydia. october is national bullying prevention month. this week, we're doing our part to raise awareness to stop bullying. here's a challenge for you your kids, for anyone, really. make a new friend. you know how it feels to be the new kid at school, work, or the new kid in town. well, today, meet someone new, take them to lunch, have coffee, or just say hi. the smallest thing huge difference. >> i know what it's like to be, like, treated unfairly and stuff and to have mean things said to you so i feel like, if you know what it feels like, you don't want other people to experience it as well. >> be part of the solution, 9news, working together to stop
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drying out today, we had rain. the west side of the continental divide the rain and we've clear conditions throughout the day today. wind not a big deal today and almost dead calm. it got gusty a while right after school. i don't think we will see a repeat of that.
6:56 am
we may see some stuff in the northern elk head and park mountains and done think much will materialize at all, 70s, 50s and 60s for most. 74. that's and even dozen and chasing records saturday and sundayics clouds will knock us back a bit. sky9 is over the mousetrap with a couple of problems, southbound 38, a crash and also on the overpass near the i- 70/25 interchange and is closer to 58th avenue. we'll take a closer look at what it says but you will see flashing light and this is
6:57 am
commute, just around i-25 and i- 70. let's go to our cdot cameras. this is the delay stacked behind the crash we showed you earlier, southbound 25 leading in towards park avenue, slowdowns, linking up with the north end delay and will take delays into single digits so brighton boulevard could help you to get into the city and overall, cheryl, that's the problem >> thank you. republican vice presidential candidate ted cruz will hold a rally this evening, campaigning with darryl glenn.
6:58 am
clinton urge people to focus on the polls and not to get complacent. we're expecting to learn more about what led to a murder of a popular chef in engelwood. two 16-year-olds shot nicholas lewis several times on october 1. he was a chef at the blackthird public house off downing and alameda, not much information was released. police are planning a news conference later this you put on your kids' faces this halloween. it could make your kids sick. several kits were tested. at least one toxic metal was found in nearly half of them. darker pigments have higher levels of led. to be say, use all natural makeup. it has been warm this month, warm enough to get us into the top 5 but not at the
6:59 am
right going into fourth place for warmest octobers so far this year. it's going to be plenty warm over the next few day and may climb up a couple of spot in the top five ranking. looking through the next several days, we have the front coming through on halloween. that will knock us back into what would be more reasonable range for the first part of november -- next week is november. >> 70 for november. thanes credible. >> it will be nice or-treaters. it's time to scare ourselves for the fun of it. there are plenty of happens across the state that will keep your nightmares fresh this halloween. we want to know where you think we should visit this week. tweet your haunt using #beon9. . >> there are plenty of happens. >> when i say "we" i don't mean, like, me. anyone else. >> she thinks there's nothing
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>> yeah. >> okay. mike could haveman and donald trump about how good morning. the battle for florida. trump and clinton making last-minute pleas i good morning. the battle for florida. trump and clint job making last mf minute pleas in the sunshine state where a new poll has trump up >> you put her in as president, you're crazy. >> donald trump is attacking everything that has set our country apart for 240 years. >> as those accusations of trump's inappropriate comments lead to this heated exchange. >> you know what, mr. speaker? i am not fascinated by sex, but i am fascinated by the protection are of women. >> this morning, trump's


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