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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  October 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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it is described as being three hacking on four years old with a broken passenger-side window. part of the side door were removed from the body at the hospital. anyone with information is asked to call northern illinois crime stoppers. you may be eligible for a cash reward. a legal battle between the divorced parents of 13-year-old dylan red wine is over. a state court dismissed the second of two lawsuits against each other. dylan disappeared in november of some of his remains were found in 2013. the cause of death remains a mystery. his mother alleged that his dad was responsible for the boy's death. it was dismissed because it was filed too late. the father's lawsuit accused hall of intentionally inflicting distress on him among other things. both lawsuits are over. new numbers are turning out to be positive news about the fire burning in southern colorado. crews have spent the day mapping the
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acres have burned. -- 17,000 acres have burned. it is down from 18,000. the fire is 70% contained. crews had planned to do a prescribed burn. the prescribed burn is on the north side of the fire. he said they believe this will keep the fire from spreading anymore or reigniting. >> that will be so crucial state. danielle grant is in the backyard. it is expected to get even warmer. warming up from here. today was beautiful. tomorrow and into friday, we are watching temperatures get into the low 80s potentially. we have nothing but sunshine right now. this is the view overlooking downtown denver. plenty of blue in the sky. some clouds in the far-off distance. right now temperatures at 75.
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where we should be for this time of year. warm across the eastern plains. fiftys and 60s in the mountains. extremely mild for this time of year. the wind has been picking up from time to time. nothing we cannot handle. anywhere from 10-20 miles per hour at the foothills. on the doppler, it is bone dry across the state. i will zoom out so you can see what is going on across the country. storm system pushing into the pacific northwest bringing them light rain as well as snow across t barreling through parts of chicago and making its way into cleveland later tonight. the rest of the evening -- if you're heading out the door from work, roll the windows down. soak in the sunshine. we stay in the 70s for the next couple of hours. mostly clear and comfortable temperatures after 7:00 p.m. overall, a nice night on our hands. we will be talking about record
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i think we will get close, if not, breaking records the next couple of days. of course i will have a look at the trick-or-treating forecast to see if the trick-or-treaters will need to be in the full- blown -- winter coats. >> the long underwear and the whole bit. >> the way we are going, we will have baywatch costumes out there and it won't matter. >> exactly. soaking up the sunshine. >> that will be good. >> thank you. e most unpopular candidates ever into the white house. that and some other races with key republicans and democrats -- spending time in colorado. >> senator ted cruz has been campaigning for darryl glenn in loveland and denver today for tonight republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is holding a rally at the colorado springs event center. donald trump is making stops in washington dc today.
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campaigning for hillary clinton . clinton spent her day in florida urging voters to pay attention to the polls. especially in the swing states. >> this map is giving us a look at the states that could go red or blue on election day. so far, colorado, just about number hundred 16,000 ballots have been returned. the top five counties are arapahoe, boulder and more. monday, to register online or by mail. to be safe, your registration should be mailed in and received by the 31st. you can register in person on election day day. >> if you are still undecided, this is a widely respected fact checking team. they research statements from both candidates and rated them from true, to pants on fire fall. of the 312 claims made by donald trump, we found more than one third of them were lies. 19% were mostly false. another 18% were found to be plainly made up. the sound 29% of trump's claims
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clinton, they found that she was overwhelmingly truthful. another 14% were mostly false. the fact checkers found 2% -- seven of clinton's claims to be blatantly made up. defense secretary ash carter has ordered the pentagon to stop asking california national guard members to get lastly, nearly 10,000 soldiers were told to repay bonuses given out a decade ago after signing up to serve in iraq and afghanistan. the pentagon amended the money back after audits revealed overpayments by the colorado national guard, which was under fire to fill ranks and hit enlistment goals. >> today, i ordered a series of steps to ensure fair treatment for the california national guard soldiers that may have received in sentiment
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improperly as a result of errors and in some cases, criminal behavior by other members of the california guard. >> and 2011, an investigation determined that those bonuses were illegal and several recruiters pled guilty to fraud. there are also concerns that these problems actually go beyond california. that is still being investigated. new developments in the fight against the islamic state today. the offense of to oust isis from its capital in syria will get underway within weeks. this as u.s. personnel are supporting the massive military campaign in iraq to retake the city of moses. mosul is by far the largest city under islamic state power. there is also a focus on the city of raqqa. that could be the next challenge. some consider it to be the last stand in the middle east. the tenth mountain division is returning to colorado for a new training program with the colorado
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during world war ii. but has not had a real presence in colorado since the net -- since the late 1940s. the tenth and the guard will have a special ceremony this sunday. >> they will, ryan. that will link the tenth mountain division of the colorado national guard's first battalion 157th infantry division. the tenth mountain division is based in new york. and have not trained on a regular basis and colorado for about 70 years. this sunday, that will all change at camp hail, where they use to train. at least one of the original members of the tenth mountain division lives right on the road and plans on being there. >> at a mountain home in golden
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with the pages of his life. >> as a young man, coming to camp hail and taking part in a radical idea. >> going to a special unit in the west. >> training soldiers to ski, climb mountains and fight. >> we had just started some rock climbing training. we were able to ski. >> skills that caught the nazis offguard in world war ii and are still taught today. guard troops. >> we are training at camp ailes. >> the tenth mountain division is based in new york. they have not trained at camp -- camp hail since the 1940s. that sunday, back at the historic site, will be a patch linking ceremony. >> it is a patching ceremony. from now on, the colorado national guard will be wearing the tenth mountain patch. >> and will realign the
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he plans to be there. already given an official invitation and in charge of the colors. >> happy to see that after all these decades and all of this history, that the legacy of mountain training and colorado will continue. >> that is it. the legacy. >> now, with a new generation of soldiers facing tough training and some pretty big skis to fill. >> the skis that we had were six. the wooden skis that we were on -- they are a thing of the past. >> unless you are a ski jumper , that is how long those skis are. the tenth mountain division -- so much history and colorado. some of the original members of the tenth mountain division went on to found this industry and colorado. $5 billion a year industry in
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and afghanistan. if you are interested in going to the ceremony, it will be at 1:00 this sunday at camp hail. it should be pretty special. >> how cool is that. such an important piece of history up there in our mountains. >> it really is. you look at the ski areas that have been founded by some of those original members. you look at how big it has grown. you look at being in you look at how combat in the mountains has changed over the years. and where it started in world war ii. a lot of the history can be found at the colorado ski museum. they have a huge exhibit. check it out next time you are there. it is pretty cool. >> a good thing to check out. some of the seven-foot skis too. thank you so much. seven people and colorado have already been hospitalized this season for the flu. the number is expected to grow into the thousands i may. just in our state alone.
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shot. you don't want to wait too long. it takes two weeks for the vaccine to fully work. you can get the vaccine for free. we have a list of many places on and victoria sanchez found out how this season is different. every season has its own flu imprints. we will find out more on 9news news -- at 5:00. the number of children with peanut allergies has tripled in recent years. the kids with the most severe reactions may benefit from wearing a peanut patch. a new study is outlawed by researchers that found half of children and young adults that were the patch were able to consume small amounts of peanuts safely. doctor john tourists joins us live from nbc in new york.
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system? >> that is exactly how it works. it puts the peanut protein into their system. it gets absorbed through the skin. when that happens, they end up having allergic reactions if it is a big. but they have looked into this patch giving them small doses. this is the part they are allergic to. in some cases, it can kill them because they have such severe allergies. but regulated on a daily basis, they increase the amount over time. they found out that over one year's time, the patients were able to tolerate more peanuts to the point were able to tolerate ten times the amount of peanuts that they could not tolerate when they first started the study. this is a two and a half year study. they went into find in the results -- find out the results. i think it surprised them how successful it was. half the people were able to tolerate more peanut proteins that got the patch. the ones that were treated the most that had the most success were 4-11 -year-olds.
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>> this is very encouraging. so many people have this problem. if we get to a point where this patch is available for the people with the most severe allergies does with this be the most geared towards -- would this be the most geared towards? >> children can have serious life-threatening reactions when they are allergic to peanuts. the reactions can come on quickly. these children, the people around them give them peanuts. the problem is, sometimes there are peanut products they don't know about that they accidentally eat. or something was made in a pan that was not wash that well. a second thing was made that doesn't have peanuts but gets peanuts from the first times things were cooked there. so this can be life- threatening. something that have a hard time avoiding. so for those in particular, that is who the patch is geared for. the researchers here say it was
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and worked best for those that were 4-11 years old. so we need larger studies before it is ready for prime time. this is giving a lot of hope to researchers, families and to particular people with food allergies. >> it is very exciting. that age is a difficult age. it sort of sounds a little bit like the allergy shot -- where you get these allergy shots on a regular basis to everything you are allergic to. and eventually, your immunity kicks in and you are not allergic >> that is exactly what it is like. the allergy shot -- getting the allergy drops under the tongue -- it is exactly like that. the difference is that this is very convenient and it gives a very regulated. what they have done is taken the patch and made the peanut protein in the patch so it gets absorbed into the skin on a regulated basis. that gets increased over time. it is one of those things they will be able to do at home. they can put the patch on every
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and increase their tolerance. it will not cure them from peanut allergies. but it will allow them to get more peanuts in their body on an accidental basis without having that life-threatening reaction. it can save lives very quickly. >> heaven forbid, if you don't have an epipen close. >> thank you so much. always good to hear from you. the broncos running back cj anderson is getting a second medical opinion on a right knee injury. our broncos insider found out that anderson suffered the injury during the game monday night against the texans. they were hoping the injury is minor. but it is possible he could miss an extended period. either way, the broncos may be without the starting running back against the chargers. the cleveland indians are hoping to keep the winning coming in game two of the world series.
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butter the cubs six like a zero last night. the starting time of the game moved up by a couple of hours in hopes of beating the rain in cleveland. because it could be a really long game if that happens. >> i was watching the game last night. it is amazing how much more energy the fans have during the fall classic. they are pumped up the whole time. i don't think the rain would bother them that much. if it does start raining, they will have to pause things. >> no good. then everybody calls into sick the next day because they can't get out of bed. it has been three since colorado's first sale of recreation marijuana. a lot of questions remain about the effects of the drug. and one town in colorado knows the messy halloween pranks are coming. lets check on stocks
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volunteers are here this afternoon from the denver bar association to answer your general legal questions. the number to call is the same as always. the lines are open until 5:30 p.m. it has been almost three years since colorado's first sale of recreational marijuana.
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about the thc. we have been looking into this. and in a premiere of the new show," inside," he found out what you don't know could be harmful. >> we have been looking into high potency marijuana products that contain a huge amount of thc. it is an healing hundreds of grams of concentrated far higher doses than have ever been studied. >> the credible research that exists was all done on thc potency, that is very low, compared to what we see being made available through products today. >> we see studies with chronic users that lead to depression. we see chronic users that think it treats depression. both studies exist. so how are we, as a society, to
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happening? . >> you don't know what the long-term impact or long-term effects are. >> tomorrow night at 7:00, on rocky mount pbs, marijuana in colorado. families that have lost children in marijuana related incidents. they are asking why more studies were not completed before legalizing recreational pot. >> tomorrow night at 7:00. colorado families that have lost children in marijuana related incidents. they are asking why. why more studies have not been done. marijuana in colorado, the state of pot. google is freezing plans to expand the company's heise fiber-optic internet supers goober -- service. google fiber is being rolled out in large metro areas. google says it is pausing the
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strategy. the ceo announced today that he will be stepping down. employees are also expected to be laid off. no word on how many. millennials are taking a different approach to dieting. a food institute analysis of usda data found out they like eating out way more than their parents. the number shows that millennials spent 44% of their food dollars eating out. that is almost $3000 a year. it is also up 10 the food budget on restaurants. >> we will see how all of the menus change and everything else . >> the other thing now, is food delivery services. there are so many of those. especially in denver. >> interesting. >> i'm not cooking. order out. it is easier. >> have it delivered. >> and eating out and spending more money.
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coming up, one type of surface could help keep you from getting sick. the denver art museum is
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anyone can be a hero. next tuesday, you have the chance to help at the blood drive happening at sports authority field at mile high. the oo the only thing that matters is that you give. >> you never know who will be in the hospital. it could be you one day. but donating now is the best way to take care of the future. >> in 2014, he developed an autoimmune disease that affected his nervous system. he woke up one morning completely numb from head to toe.
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the three day treatment. now he encourages others to donate. you can donate next tuesday from 8:00 until 5:00 p.m. . forget your dream home. if you are a german folk, you might consider copper. a new clinical trial released a company in richmond, virginia used copper on all services at a nearby hospital. they found an 83% decrease in a type of bacteria that can cause infections. one doctor says that there was also a 78% decrease in drug- resistant infections. >> we saw a significant reduction comparing the part of the hospital where we installed the new products versus where we did not. >> this is the largest clinical trial in a hospital. >> there is promising news in
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autism spectrum disorder, there is a reduction in the symptoms. things like repetitive behaviors and challenges with social skills. doctors in the uk had parents watch videos of themselves interacting with their child and then gave them feedback. it helped with communication patterns. researchers said it did not affect language associated with autism. but the communication benefits lasted for six years after treatment. every year about this. something also that might help families -- the denver art museum is having a low sensory morning. >> they plan to open the doors before public hours and turn down the loud gallery sounds. it will be hands-on activities and art making project. it is geared toward individuals and families who prefer the quiet environment. the cost is included with the
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18. the star wars exhibit is also available. it is planned for saturday, november 19th. we have all the details on >> maybe i will join. >> i think some people would in general prefer that. >> good stuff. if you did not make it in time today, make a point to clear your schedule at some point this week. >> record-setting temperatures possible.
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it was so nice today, you might have wanted to take a nap outside. just like this bear in boulder. these pictures were taken at the university hill neighborhood. animal control officers were there just watching him. people in the area say that
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common. >> just let them be. >> let them hang out. >> not hurting anybody. >> i need a nap right now. >> it is wednesday. it is already good to go to talk about the weekend. we are there. because the record-setting temperatures and. >> look at that shot right there. nice and warm out there. the sun is shining bright and it will continue. >> lounging. who wants to hibernate right now. >> forget about it. >> not me at all. seventys today. 80s tomorrow. and even friday. we will be talking about is not only being close to the record but shattering records both tomorrow and friday. it kind of makes you think -- when will winter show up around here? not in the high country. mother nature is not helping us out.
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bright blue skies in a far-off distance. will we see snowfall in the month of october? we have not. in the past two years, we have had no snow in october. this is typically when we start to see the first snowfall. october 18th and 19th is usually when we see some around here. in denver, since we have been keeping records, 1882 until last year. we have had 18 octobers without snowfall. and this year will be number 19 i think. high-p the central portion of the country. keeping the temperatures extremely warm. keeping the storm track to the north. the storms are coming in. they are hitting the west coast. they are traveling well to the north. and not affecting colorado. we have had virtually no precipitation throughout the month of october. it doesn't look like we are going to have any coming anytime soon. in fact, we are all about the heat around here. i know we have a few more days
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there in fifth place. we are tied at 57 degrees so far here in denver. it has been a warm month. seventy-five at the airport. mid to upper 70s along the eastern plains. eagle, 66. low 70s and cortez. at the airport, holding on to sunny skies. the wind has calmed down. the humidity is 60%. it is dry. a light a nice afternoon. we could use a little bit of rain. maybe even snowfall around here. but that will not be in the cards. this has been the picture for the past week or so. not a lot of action going on across the state the storms, they are out there. out to the pacific northwest. rain showers starting to push and from portland up through seattle. some snowfall across the
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northeast. rain showers plowing through chicago. cleveland bracing for rain. we'll see what that does to game two of the world series tonight. you can see snowfall across michigan and into the great lakes. both of these storms moving out. the one to the west really will not make its way into colorado until about saturday. even then, it does not look that impressive. we will be watching high-level clouds around here. a brief cool off. at tonight, mostly clear skies. the sunrise, 7:22 a.m. tomorrow morning. the wind is quiet. thirtys and 40s for overnight temperatures. eastern colorado, a little cooler. but above freezing. steamboat springs, 34. twenty-four in the overnight. i will show you the futurecast. you won't see a ton of action. by 11:00 tonight, perhaps a few clouds to the west of the city. that is about it. again, we wake up with wall-to-
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if you high-level clouds passing and with the westerly flow tomorrow. by about 10:00, 11:00, a few more clouds. thanks up against the foothills. that will be about it. tomorrow is a hot one. we are looking at possibly taking the record. the current record is 80 degrees, set back in 1966. tomorrow's high 81. across the state, we are watching the numbers in the mid- 80s tomorrow afternoon along the eastern plains over to lemar. springfield, 81. keeping it in the upper 70s and low 80s across the front r. looking at a little bit of rain and possibly snowfall coming in. that is usually what it is. that is not the case. above average temperatures no matter where you are in colorado. tomorrow afternoon, 69 in black hawk. mid-70s in evergreen. about 78 in wellington. the heat is on for the next couple
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as i said. the big dome of high pressure is not going anywhere. we finally get that weak little storm system push and saturday, cooling us off to the mid-70s. bringing in a few clouds. that is about it. we will warm up sunday. the broncos chargers game -- if you are tailgating, it should be a warm one. monday, looking at halloween. it looks fantastic. a little cooler. with fewer -- with the trick-or-treaters. next week, into the 60s with some sunshine out there. still no rain or snow inside. i wanted to halloween's. back from 2011 until last year. look at this. we have had some pretty decent weather. none of the years, have we had rain or snow. it has been dry. temperatures have been very comfortable. this year, it is going to be no exception. we are looking wonderful yet again. i don't know. mother nature has been really good to us. it has to come full circle at some point.
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good. >> nice to have colleen -- nice halloween weather for the kids. >> thank you. speaking of halloween, some towns are saying they are sick of all of the pranks and stuff that goes on. one town in massachusetts has had enough police in the town of abington say they are going to redistrict the sale of eggs, toilet paper and common items used for vandalism >> a letter from the local police department contains a suggested, no cell list for local business owners. officers say they are hoping that starting friday, businesses will refrain from selling spray paint, eggs, skin cream, toilet paper or soap to teenagers. all that stuff does plenty of damage on october 31st. this will end on november 1st. they say it is up to businesses to decide if they want to enforce the ban.
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far. >> it is halloween. it is the right of passage. i have to do something. if they cannot do it when they are young and stupid, they will be worse when they are older. >> the businesses that decide to enforce this last for identification for the items on the list. they do stands out when you see a bunch of teenagers at the grocery store. they loaded the carts with toiletpaper. >> never has a 15-year-old bought a whole roll of toilet paper until that night. not this time. >> by now, your kids have probably already picked out what they want to be for halloween. and we would like to see that. >> we want to see your great costume ideas. this was on the today show today. could not believe how brilliant it was. perfect for little kids that don't want scratchy costumes on. you can upload halloween
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the 9news app. send us the best photographs. >> the hot air balloon -- that is smart. >> creative, cute, funny outfits. you can post them on social media using the hashtag alloween on nine. >> let's look at the great photographs we have seen so far. once you have uploaded the photograph, you can vote for thri on tv and on our photo gallery on our website. >> look at that -- inside of the boiling pot. >> oh my gosh. that is cute. >> kids love it. they pick the costumes out months ahead of time. >> the best time of year. candy and dressing up like your favorite character. good stuff. >> very cute. i love that idea. >> and renaissance girl. superhero party.
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>> all the moms and dads getting in on it. >> good stuff. >> keep voting. we want to see who takes the top spot. >> there are different ways that one might go about wanting to win a reelection campaign. one woman in texas has a plea for voters. get my husband out of the house. >> please, help me. vote for him.
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y25kky yvpy
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this may be the best campaign ad ever. the wife of a texas county commissioner is taking a different approach to gettin she is pleading with them just so he will get out of the house. >> rolling her eyes at the camera and trying to get relief from gerald, as he talks about tax rates, light rail and other issues while doing household chores. she said her husband does not have any hobbies and he just wants to fix things. >> we have room for 2700 people in the jail. >> gerald really does not have
4:46 pm
>> we could take the tax rate down. >> was the always like that? >> yes. all the time. >> most people leave it at the office. >> you are talking about 300 people affected. >> there are a million people in this >> all he wants to do is six things. >> i have this 18 wheeler in the neighborhood spewing fumes all over the place but it is not a code violation quite frankly. >> please reelect gerald. please. >> [ laughter ] please take him off of my hands. >> so funny. you know you know a guy like
4:47 pm
the travis county commissioner. his wife just wants him out. >> funny stuff. i think people want to laugh at this point. >> something funny. there are some pharmaceutical adds this time of year. >> we want to hear something funny. >> that is one of my favorite commercials. i'm voting speaking of funny, -- we want to talk about death. >> what's talk about something else. >> this company will take your loved ones ashes and turn them into a cup. >> i know it sounds weird.
4:48 pm
he said you need to have a cup or a saucer. >> you can have the people's ashes. >> are you guys in on this? >> we don't know what to say to you right now. it is kind of like fine china. one of those things that you just don't drink out of. you leave it way up there on the shelf so the kids can't get to it. >> yes. >> i'm sorry. that is just -- people might have different ways of remembering. >> prime rib served on grandpa. >> grandpa is a tumbler or a teacup now. >> i won't invest in the company. >> please don't. >> know. we are good.
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>> what is next tomorrow? i don't want to know. the broncos have a short week after monday night football. rob mackey is at the bronco's huddle with how the team is getting ready for the chargers on sunday. and game two of the world series.
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we all love a second chance. the broncos fans get a second chance is weekend. >> yes they do. we get the chargers at home. >> that is right. a new week. we are going to talk about that tonight on the denver huddle with emmanuel sanders. >> do you want to see what trevor sees? be sure to watch the broncos huddle tonight as sanders and
4:53 pm
guys that can do that better then me. both of those guys had a big game monday night. they both said the key to the game is how the broncos bounced back. >> just getting back on the game. we lost by seven. we should have lost by more than what we did. we want to get the contract to playing broncos football and win. >> he throws the . thomas beats jackson. >> we have seen big games from you, emmanuel and trevor. the running game -- how about that? >> we have been preaching about that. hitting everything that is open. we started to do that. i should have made another one.
4:54 pm
week? >> the broncos running game took a hit against houston. cj anderson went down. and it turns out, he is at. so the rookie booker will start sunday. more coming up on 9news at 5:00. and then also more with sanders and dt. see you at 6:30 p.m. >> not bad at all. >> and the competition is good. that is what do. >> don't forget the show at 630 tonight -- 6:30 p.m. tonight on 9news. and she has been a cubs fan longer than most of us have been alive. she is hoping to get tickets to the world series. 101-year-old catherine child went to her first cubs game in 1985 pick she gave birth to her first son during the 1945 world series.
4:55 pm
she was understandably emotional when they finally made it back to the fall classic. >> i'm sitting here and watching it happen. and i'm crying. tears are coming down. i can't describe it. i have been waiting for this for so long. ho >> and holding out hope for a ticket. the high cost is something that will probably keep her watching from home. >> just the smile that is so contagious. somebody better find her a ticket. i hope she can go.
4:58 pm
i think we have gone through a lot. >> are you done with me? >> she wants to spend time with you. she is laughing in a nice
4:59 pm
9news at 5:00 is next. that should be fun. next at 5:00, the small handful is the tip of the iceberg. >> flu season has arrived. doctors warn you could spread it before you know you have it. also deputies pose as homeless people in an effort to catch distracted working out like a bronco. the new program being offered for free next on 9news. it is flu season. so far this month, the virus has sent seven people to the hospital. the number is expected to grow into the thousands by may. victoria sanchez tells us why this season is a little bit different.
5:00 pm
later. still, about half the people that could get vaccinated do not. >> the flu is highly contagious . it could spread before you even know you have it. >> you might be one of those people that really doesn't like shots. but this year, it is the only way to protect against the flu. the cdc says the flumist or the nasal spray will not work this season. >> by the end of the flu season, we will see summer between 153500 people -- 3500 people end up being hospitalized. >> so far this month, seven people ended up in the hospital with symptoms of the virus like fever, chills, muscle aches, cough and fatigue. >> people that go to the hospital are really the tip of the iceberg. when we see people hospitalized, we know there are probably a lot of other people that might be sick enough to go to the doctor but not sick enough to go to the hospital. or they are sick and staying


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