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tv   9 News at 5am  KUSA  November 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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world series to end baseball's longest championship drought. the curse is lifted -- and now it's time for celebration... five days left and seven battleground states to win over. hillary clinton and donaldtrump both turn to north carolina. while their teams head to another swing state -- colorado... you've seen it at the olympics and now people are using it more often. cupping is our latest alternative pain therapy. how the olympic
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better... good morning. happy friday eve! corey, gary, and cheryl with you. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us.
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it was a wild game -- going into ten innings. and the winner of it all -- the chicago cubs -- ending their world series drought. the cubs had a six- three lead but the cleveland indians tied it up in the eighth. no runs in the ninth so on to the tenth inning it went. the cubs scored two points in the run in the bottom. two outs later though -- indians michael martinez hit a slow roller out to third -- cubs' kris bryant makes the play to anthony rizzo -- and that's the game!... their first world series win since 1908. the final score...
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now to the political playing field. hillary clinton and donald trump are both batting in north carolina today. but sending their teams to the rocky mountains. bill clinton will campaign in colorado on friday -- and donald trump fort collins. that's where 9news reporter vida urbonas is this morning. vida, this isn't trump junior's first stop in colorado... we are live inside of the room where donald trump junior will be speaking all morning. trump junior is getting ready for a rally later this morning.. here in ft collins. colorado youth outdoors is hosting the event .. trump junior will be speaking to trump supporters. this comes at a critical time for both presidential candidates in colorado a new poll just out wednesday by the university of denver's crossley center for public opinion and conducted by 9news political analyst and local pollster floyd ciruli. in the poll .. clinton edges out trump 42 to 41
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green party candidates. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent .. this means it's anybody's guess who will take colorado and its nine electoral votes on tuesday. this is a a substantial drop for clinton in colorado. today's rally comes after republican presidential nominee donald trump stopped by northern colorado twice this past month .. clinton also taking colorado seriously .. her husband former president bill clinton will be in colorado campaigning for his wife in colorado tomorrow .. the donald junior event starts at 10:30 this morning here in ft collins. as for former president bill clinton's visit this week -- he'll campaign in pueblo friday morning, and her husband former president bill clinton will be in colorado campaigning for his wife in coloradow .. the donald juat 10:30 this mornas for former president bill
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campaign in pueblo friday morning, and in denver and fort collins later that afternoon. the clinton campaign hasn't said where he'll rally or given any ticket details. they have said though the events will focus on hillary clinton's vision of quote 'an america that is stronger together.' his visit comes a day after their daughter cls clinton campaigned here. republican v-p candidate mike pence was also in colorado yesterday. new wikileak emails show the clinton team may have had a heads up about a house hearing where officials would ask questions about her email use as secretary of state last year. the emails from assistant attorney general peter kadzik -- to clinton's campaign manager john podesta in may last year appear to alert podesta of a house judiciary committee hearing later that day. the justice department's civil division chief was
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the emails also show podesta forwarded the info to various clinton staffers stating quote 'additional chances for mischief.' donald trump's team is condemning the people who burned and vandalized a historic black church in western mississippi. the words 'vote trump' were spray painted on the outside tuesday night. no one was hurt -- but there is a lot of damage. police are now investigating it as a hate crime. clinton also responded to it -- tweeting 'this kind of hate has no place in america.' a dog owner is mourning the loss of his pet this morning -- but also has questions about how the pup died. ryan fontentot of aurora's summer valley ranch neighborhood -- thinks his dog roxy blue was poisoned. he says his dog started have uncontrollable seizures -- and the vet thought it was marijuana digestion. but about two months ago fontentot's neighbors say someone sent a letter out to them about two months ago -- complaining
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and saying the different ways you could poison them. fontentot didn't get the letter -- but did find something else. his dog roxy blue is sorrowly missed. and now -- city officials are investigating her death. a man will spend more than 20 years in prison for human trafficking and prostitution. po women and a teen in the statewide prostitution ring. the coloradoan reports a judge sentenced brian williams to 24 years of prison time after he was found guilty. court documents show the 33-year- old arranged for the women to meet men at hotels across colorado. in fort collins, greeley, denver, and colorado springs. the five points community will be honoring 'big al' richardson today -- to remember his life and all that he accomplished in that neighborhood. he's the man who founded the 'juneteenth'
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that's the celebration marking the official end of slavery in the u-s -- when union troops arrived in texas with the news the slaves were free. big al also served five times as the president of the five points business association. a procession for him will go through five points today -- with a service at eleven a-m at the odom memorial church of god in christ. the relations between some police and their
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increasingly complicated and in some cases tense in our country. one colorado department is starting a program to connect teens with officers the aurora police department has created the empowering guide -- along with teens in the area. it teaches young adults about police policies, laws, and how to best interact with officers in their community. the department is unveiling the new guide at rangeview high school this afternoon. it was country's biggest night -- the c-m-a awards. and it w celebrating 50 years of country. presenting one of the awards -- our own peyton manning. so who is his favorite country singer is? plus... you've seen the spots on michael phelps. it's all because of cupping -- the alternative pain therapy we're telling you about today. how it can help you
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followers encouraging them to keep up the fight in mosul. the iraqi troops -- backed by a u-s coalition -- is now in the outskirts of the isis held city. the isis leader sent out that message as an audio recording wednesday. he also said his carry out attacks in saudi arabia and turkey. russia's foreign minister says his country will not follow orders from the next u-s administration. he said that while visiting greece wednesday. he also argued it's the united states fault there isn't peace in syria. he said the u-s's influence in peace talks 'sabotaged' any peace. former charleston police officer michael slager will be in court today -- as opening arguments begin in his trial.
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wednesday. he's accused of shooting and killing walter scott -- who was unarmed when slager pulled him over. cell phone video captured the shooting. but slager's attorneys say there's more than what's shown in the cell phone video. they want the judge to block the jury from seeing it. more clashes between protesters and police in north dakota -- at the site of the planned dakota access pipeline. the sheriff's department says protesters were trying to build a bridge across a river to get onto private property owned by the pipeline developer gear used pepper spray and tear gas as the protesters wading across the river. medics helped some of the protesters who were suffering from hypothermia or the effects of the pepper spray. some country music singers are waking up this morning with a new award to put on their shelf. last night was the 50th anniversary of the country music awards. brad paisley and carrie underwood
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get to win any awards but carrie did. she won female vocalist. male vocalist went to chris stapleton. and for the biggest award -- entertainer of the year -- the winner was garth brooks. peyton manning was one of the presenters. he sang his nationwide insurance theme song with carrie and brad -- revealing his favorite country singer. not brad or carrie -- but kenny chesney. you're kid can think about eating this week following halloween... but it's not the sugary stuff researchers say kids are getting too much of. what they are eating too much of, coming up. but first let's check in with
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today we continue our series on alternative pain relief.... this next one has been around for thousands of years but only recently got a boost of interest in the u-s after the olypmics. michael phelps was one of the most predominant names in rio... not only for what he did in the pool... but outside of it... everyone wondered- what are those large perfectly round purplish circles all over his back? and soon everyone knew what cupping
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it's great for athletes because of how quickly it works... but it can be benefical to a lot people with a variety anything from deep muscle knots to common colds, fever and respiratory issues... we'll go into exactly how it works, where it came from and how much it typically cost for a treatment coming up on 9news 6am. doctors have found a disturbing downside to some powerful new drugs that harness the immune system to fight cancer. some may pose heart risks. the drugs are called checkpoint inhibitors -- and help the immune system attack tumors.
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seems to attack not only the tumor -- but also the heart and other muscles. this only happens in less than one percent of patients though -- so doctors say it doesn't negate the effectiveness of the drug. rather than hiding the candy this week maybe you should hide the salt. a new government study shows children eat too much of it. they studied the diets of more than two-thousand six to 18 year-olds. they averaged about 32-hundred milligrams of sodium each day -- far more than the recommened 19 to 23-hundred. aboulf children's sodium came from just ten foods -- including breads, cold cuts,
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let's check in with marty.
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identical twins went from happy -- to sad pretty quickly when the younger one found out she was born a minute later. the adorable three-year-old's reactions, next. video of a pair of
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jersey has gone viral -- all because they learned on of them is a minute older. the parents of three-year-old ava and alexis told them what it means to be a twin. the loved that it means they get to look alike -- but alexis wasn't pleased to find out her sister is one minute older. but her one minute older sister ava -- tried her best to make it right. but making her feel
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measured them after. looks like the younger sister alexis is taller than her sister ava -- by about half an inch. five days left and not slowing down... the presidential candidates are in north carolina today but sending their team to another battleground state. right here in colorado. the campaign visit happening today,
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chicago is celebrating while cleveland is crying hi mom.
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coming out of her mouths at that moment, right? oh my goodness. chicago celebrating while cleveland is crying this morning. cubs ended the 108 year drought in a game that got pushed to 10 innings. >> it was a late one. it was an exciting one. just crazy game. all right. good morning everyone. we'll talk about it coming up. gary, corey, cheryl with you and marty with us too. temperatures back in the 70s marty. >> yeah for a going to see warm readings today. combine with sun and little wind. going to be nice to be outside during the day today. calm, dry, mild. not going to have showers as we did yesterday at this time. you're going to cruise through the morning with dry conditions. watch out for sun glares after 7:30 this morning. then into the upper 60s for our daytime highs today we're dry around here. in fact the entire state is dry


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