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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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. we have to look at everything he has said and done in his career and in this
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. . good morning everyone. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning or friday eve as corey likes to say. we're going to have more on that historic night of baseball coming up. that was something else. another major campaign visit tomorrow. we'll talk a >> marty is in the 9 news backyard. another beautiful day on tap for the metro area. >> dry across the state now. we're tracking showers in new mexico, arizona. especially texas where they've
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through the day today, colorado stays dry. we'll see showers south western colorado during the afternoon and evening into saturday morning. >> we managed to jump to upper 60s yet again today. that's going to be true most of us up and down the front range. maybe one or two that will be the exception more than the rule. foothills areas, a very light wind for you today. highs in the 60s. headed into the weekend. we'll track the storm moving to southwest part of the state. we'll see how that affects the next few day. >> independence is just about a couple hundred feet south of
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sky 9 flying over a crash. northbound lanes tied up as well. use indiana. both directions tangled up here for a while. this is happening a bit west of the u.s. 36 corridor. here in denver metro drive, otherwise, we have been quiet. there's road work at convention center. huge delays form during the morning and good alternates sixth or lincoln avenue >> thank you very much. as the polls narrow in the presidential race, so does the margin of error for both candidates. we're five days from election day. the latest battleground map
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it isn't good news for hillary clinton. >> this is all going to go down to the wire on wednesday. he visited another key state that is key to him for making a victory. that's florida he made three stops there. polls show he's slightly behind hillary clinton in florida. the candidates have spent a combined $125 million in ads florida. >> the campaign visits to our state are going to continue today. donald trump jr. will be here for another event this time in fort collins. last time he was here was last month in centennial. he also stopped in boulder. >> vita joins us from there this morning. campaigning in our state will continue to intensify up until tuesday. >> we're really seeing both sides bringing out the big guns in the last few days before the official election date.
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youth outdoors in fort collins. this is a non profit organization which encourages kids and teaches them activities like fly fishing and things like that. it creates a tighter connection with their families. donald trump jr. will be here this morning at 10:30. he's going to be speaking inside this room. this comes at a critical time for both presidential candidates in colorado. the new poll out the university of denver cross lake center for public opinion and political analysts showing in the pool he edges out 22 to 41%. that would be a two way tie. it's virtually tied at 39% when you add in libertarian and green party candidates. this poll has a margin of error plus or minus 4%. this means it's anybody's guess
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votes on tuesday. gary, as we've been seeing candidates bringing out supporters both presidential candidates. we talked about vice president candidate mike pence that held a rally yesterday in loveland. chelsea clinton here for two days. she finished up in boulder yesterday as well. this morning, donald trump jr. will be here at the colorado youth outdoors at 10:30. he starts speaking. if you want information about tickets donald trump jr. people can apply for tickets. >> thank you for that. it's six minutes after 6:00. form her president bill clinton will make stops in colorado tomorrow. he's going to host events in pueblo, fort collins, denver. denver's will be the expo event center. the doors open at 11:30. we'll have information on that
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coming up. two members members members in afghanistan have died. service members are there helping afghan forces fight the taliban that came under fire from the training mission. >> it's 6:07 now. brexit is on hold for now. prime minister teresa may cannot start the uk exit from the european union until parliament gives the the parole. will looicly appeal that -- will likely appeal that ruling. the prime minister promised to exit negotiations by july 31st. this ongoing parliament battle could stand in the way. european voters chose to leave in union in a historic vote in june. the man from denver that went on youtube and offered to buy guns for felons will learn how much that video will cost
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a jury found him guilty on charges after he post aid rant online offering to buy anyone a gun for a $50 fee as long as they had a state i.d. he could get 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine. . the biggest party on the planet was right here all night. wrigleyville in chicago saw schools of cub fans celebrating their first world series win in 108 years. this is a live you can see people still outside. it's slowed down over the last few hours. they were partying all night long celebrating a huge historic win. everyone was just on fire about it last night. cubs fans ecstatic this morning. not only did their team break the curse that's haunting them more than a century, they got to witness one of the greatest baseball games ever. >> that's for sure.
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former rocky dexter hit the home run to lead off the game. first ever in the world series game seven. this game went back and forth all night long. seemed like the cubs had things wrapped up. in the bottom of the eighth, cubs closer chapman gave up three runs including a game tying two run home run by davis of the indians. the game was about to head to extra innings, then the forever. chicago came back out swinging in the 10th. zobrist scored one. they tack on another run after that cleveland scored one more in the bottom of the 10 t. when it seemed like they might tie it up again, this happened. >> this is going to be a tough
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brian makes the play. it's over. the cubs have finally won it all. >> oh that moment just like that. 108 years of just agony wash add -- wash add way. 8-7 the final. the cubs faithful celebrated in the streets of chicago, ones that were . >> tens of thousands pour into the streets outside of wrigley field. fans were peaceful for the most part waving flags and beers. some climbed on fop of cars and television -- on top of cars and television trucks. lots of chicago people will be skipping out on work today. i have a feeling that's true. the team is holding a victory parade tomorrow.
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holiday. >> phenomenal. around here, dry start to the day. not much wind. good travel conditions as you're out and ability. we'll warm up to almost 70 degrees range. upper 60s for you. sunshine through the day today. we're talking about the storm down south. it will begin to bring rain and snow to southern colorado tomorrow night, saturday morning. then it spreads far north a snow in south western colorado especially san juans up to elk mountains. late saturday night, one to four inch snow. that's good news. >> all right. thanks marty. it was supposed to be the height of luxury, a high-rise with million dollar condos. the san francisco sky scraper is leaving people with kind of a sinking feeling. good morning guys. another story we're following this morning. when teens come in contact with
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anxious not knowing how to handle the situation.
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. dry around here. showers down south. that's what we're seeing today.
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texas through the night and early this morning. we'll begin to see some of that rain move up to western colorado tomorrow afternoon not really today. sunshine for us throughout the day today once it finally comes up. we'll be in the 60s to near 70 degrees. 50s and 60s in the foothills. statewide, it is going to get cloudy in southern colorado late in the afternoon. i don't think we can ring moisture out of it during the day today. 60s, 70s here throughout the east with 50s and mountain areas. for southern colorado, tomorrow we'll begin to see rain. we'll be in the pass area, down toward lamar if we're lucky. we'll definitely see showers from the higher rain west of the san louise valley over into the san juans and rain showers pretty generous by the time we get to saturday morning. for us today, sunshine, upper 60s for our daytime highs. back to 30s tonight.
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to stay dry. on saturday, we'll get showers sneaking up to foothills from this arizona storm. thank you marty. checking in with sky 9. they're over southbound wads worth, south of 100th near ranch. this is a roll over crash. looks like an suv. they uprouted it back on its wheels. they're going to put it on a tow truck. until they do that, the mapped off. let's talk about alternates. watts worth parkway -- wads worth parkway. you've got the option of side streets to indiana. it parallels wads worth and will remain open. 36 wide open with great speeds. i would up the highway drive rather than stick out the side streets. not typical at all.
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our wads worth issue is the only crash this morning. >> that's good news. thank you. what are you supposed to do if pulled over by a police officer and have no idea why? many teens probably get anxious. aurora police teamed up with students to come up with a way to handle these situations. nine news reporter is joining us. it's all about making a smart decision. when facing one of those sticky situations, that can be hard to do. police and students devel sticky situation. it gives idea of how police officers work and what to expect when you come into contact with one. it guides adults on each situation that called come their way. this is very thorough. it covers what to do when there's a threat at the school, dating advice, social media dangers. it encourages students to learn their rights here in colorado.
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police officers. it will be available online. we'll put a link on >> thanks. we appreciate that. the leaning tower isn't pizza anymore. it's san francisco. the owners of the million dollars condos inside are not happy about that. >> she'sjust one minute older. >> i'm just one minute old her. >> >> youtube video and the girl's
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. 621 now the jury in a trial of a former south carolina police officer accused of killing an unarmed black man is nearly all while. today opening arguments are set to begin. video shows that michael slager, a him in the back as he ran away. slager faces 30 years in prison. pipeline protests are escalating after relatively calm days. the sheriff shows people waiting in the water with deputies in riot gear stands on the shore. protestors built a wood opinion bridge to access grounds. deputies started shooting rubber bullets at protestors.
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million dollars living in san francisco comes at a bigger price for people living in centennial luxury towers. the towers is sinking and leaning. it sunk 16-inches and drifted seven inches since hit went up in 2009. people that live millions to live there are paying. the settlement is expected for buildings of this size, but that's more than it should have sunk in the entire lifetime there it's >> this 17-inches ? >> and leaning 17 inches. >> you're not on the first floor, you're on the half floor. that's disconcerning. nearly two months removed from rio we kept up with missy franklin for what she calls heartbreaking olympics. around here today, we have dry conditions anticipated for the metro area.
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not even really all that breezy on the top of the continental divide. clear conditions throughout the state today. mid and upper 60s lower terrain. 50s and 60s mountains and foothills. planning your weekend, look for few showers nibbling west side. mostly foothills saturday. breezy sunday. both running above average. >> it's 6:23. our drive around town is getting busy we've seen 270 loading up around vasquez and york street. so far no problems on the highways. we go up north and west. we have crash along southbound wads worth near independence. south of 100th near church ranch. it is closed and looks like it
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. 60 seconds, it's a big deal especially when you're a twin. >> she's just one minute older. >> i'm just one minute older. >> such a bum tore hear that isn't it? the parents of this 3-year-old ava and alexis posted this video
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to be a twin. they were delighted to learn being identical means they look alike. she wasn't thrilled to learn ava was a minute older than her she started crying. ava tries to console her. tails turned when she realized alexis is taller than her. >> then she starts crying and says i want to grow. >> this is so funny and so typical. >> yeah, rht right? 6:27 now after a 108 year drought. cubs are champions after beating the indians in the world series.
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. both candidates for president taking our state as a battleground state very seriously. this morning, donald trump jr. will be here for a rally collins. i'm vita. we'll have that story coming up. >> thanks. donald trump, hillary clinton both had sites set on same state this morning. colorado is getting more attention too as a new poll shows they are neck and neck here. >> trying to get back in the water, loving it, enjoying it. making sure i'm doing it for all the right reasons. >> focusing on life balance and
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for her business card. >> good morning everyone. november stays nice around the metro today. meteorologist marty in the 9 news backyard. some areas of the stated will see rain today. >> not today. it's tomorrow. >> it's actually tomorrow we're anticipating rain in southern colorado. today clear conditions around here. upper 30s to start. it's chilly out here now. with sun and very little winds, it's comfortable to be outside in the day with 60s. for next three days, we stay warm and dry locally. however on saturday, we'll begin to see light rain, even snow about 8-9,000 feet. if you can make it down the hill into our area, saturday night into sunday. we return to standard time. you turn your clocks back one
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that's when it's really going to start to feel like the season is changing. speaking of changing, this is fantastic. rain down in the san juans yesterday after if fresh snow. things looking fantastic in that part of the state. around here, light wind over the area. that should help the sunshine and temperatures in the 650s feel pretty great today -- 60s feel pretty great today. hitting the roads, through castle rock is clear. should take you an hour and 10 to progress between denver and springs. a new crash to report on the north side between 85-76 slit and i-25. this sits along colorado boulevard and thornton parkway. fairly residential area. could see delays in all four directions. southbound wads worth reopened completely at independence
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of 100th avenue. sending folks to indiana as annal -- as an alternate route. no backups as well. the race is getting closer with five days to go today trump is hopping around to states including north carolina. during his 16 th visit to florida in three months, trump reiterated the early message to voted for hillary clinton to go back, change their vote for him. >> you know it's going to happen. in all fairness, we went through it with the husband when he was impeached. >> trump continued his tack on the media calling it dishonest. he centered out a nbc reporter in miami saying she's not reporting on big crowds he draws. >> hillary clinton is also look -- laserring in on north carolina today after making a
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in that all important battleground state and states of nevada and arizona. arizona hasn't gone to democratic president since bill clinton won in 1996. her message is imagine a trump presidency. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, af shows clinton's path to victory is narrowing by the day. while in north carolina today, she will push for african-americans to get out and vote. voter turnout there is down from where it was back in 2012. with just five days until election day, push is on to woo voters in colorado a day after mike pence and chelsea clinton
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trump jr. will make a rally this this. >> we're off i-25 here n. four hours from now, donald trump jr. will be speaking here inside this room at a rally. now this comes at a crucial time. you were talking about polls nationwide super tight. we're dealing with polls that are tight here in colorado as well. a new poll just out wednesday by the university of conducted by political analysts in this poll it shows it is tied at 39% between both presidential candidates. when you add in the libertarian and green party candidates. this poll has a margin of error plus or minus 4%. we're seeing a substantial drop for clinton in colorado. hillary clinton also taking colorado seriously. her husband, former president bill clinton will be in colorado
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tomorrow. it will be a get out the vote rally at the new belgium brewery 4:00 to 6:00. find information about that event on hillary this event will be held here today at colorado youth outdoors. he will start speaking at 10:30 this morning. find information about that and tickets at donald the ballot over today. the case ended up today after several people sued over the right to pose with their completed ballot. right now that is illegal in colorado because it falls under a law dating back to 1890s. people that filed filed the suit say it's a violation of first amendment. lawyers say that law is constitutional. >> the district attorneys and attorney general on the other side are contending this law is
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coercion. the only problem is there's no evidence of coercion or vote buying in colorado in any recent history. >> the judge expects to make a ruling tomorrow whether or not to block the ban temporarily before this election. frontier airlines flight attendants are protesting at three airports including dia today. they're frustrated contract negotiations began more than a year ago. those protesting today argue even as been plagued since they began outsourcing jobs m. from test is at 1:00 this afternoon. rtd gets a break and avoids tomorrow's shutdown of the a line. it does have work to do in the next few months to get back on track. rtd reached a deal with federal regulators to get the three month extension. they've been working to fix problems with crossing gates singles a line launched in april. people have to stand at all
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technically glitches. feds gave them until early next year to fix it. it is 6:38 now. it's been eight weeks since rio and it's offered time to decompress for franklin. he says that's been good emotionally after what she calls heartbreaking olympics. she's been busy with all kinds of exciting business ventures. this week she's brand new speedo swimsuit line. >> olympian, fashion designedder. >> was it amazing -- designer. >> was eight -- was it amazing to see it? >> it's truly like my baby. she's adding detail to each that reads with strength and dignity. she's helping those kids that can't afford swim lessons be safe.
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coach at berkeley. she wants to come back stronger than ever for the next olympics in tokyo. >> there's still so much ahead. >> i keep reminding myself of that i'm 21 years old. there's so much i want to do with my life in and out of the pool. just really trying to keep things in perspective and learn as much as i can from the speed bumps and disappointments. i'm looking forward to the future. >> she's working to find joy in swimming again and determined to keep the balance in she says losing that balance was the reason rio was difficult. fun to see what's next for her. >> it sure will be. what's next around here isn't much rain. showing you average to date, we did i add if total and decide by 30 we haven't had anything. average snow for month is
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we haven't had any yet. the latest november 21st. we may be pushing that record here this month. it's dry across the state right now. we have showers to the south of the border in new mexico and texas. those showers will be moving into south western colorado tomorrow afternoon. that's good news. >> that's good news. >> good to see you say showers of any kind. thanks marty. a lot has changed since the chicago cubs last won a series. >> you think? >> just a few things. >> what did it look like in denver in 1908 last time the cubs won? the team takes us back in time coming up. this guy is waking up proud of himself this morning. his prediction from two years
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. this has been around a thousand years but recently got a boost after the olympics. check it out. >> michael phelps was one of the most predominant names in the rio olympics not only what he did outside the pool but inside of it.
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circles all over his back. soon everyone knew what cupping was. >> how does it work? >> first cotton balls soaked in acetone but in glass cups to take out oxygen and put on the skin to suction. >> we use suction in a cup to full the system to create better blood flow. it's a reverse massage. it pulls out toxins or impurities that get stuck with the muscles so that your body can get rid of them instead of causing tight muscles. >> nice circles. >> circles, couple marks many think are bruising. >> it's old blood, toxins or impurities coming out through
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done. >> yes, many athletes use it. it can help different people for a variety of reasons. >> derrick nelson has a high stress job. massage wasn't cutting it. he turned to cupping. >> sometimes knots too deep or too tight to work out with her hands. we use the cupping to loosen those up. >> derrick gets a treatment once a month and says this lasts longer than deep tissue >> some spots she couldn't get it out in 09 90 minutes. it helped a lot. >> today it's used all over the world. it can alleviate deep muscle knots to common cold and fevers. >> most are prized with how pleasant it feels. >> you feel the toxins coming
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>> typical treatment cost $35 for 30 minute session. sometimes it can be covered with other treatments like acupuncture. it depends on the individual plan though. let's get a check on the forecast. to rain today, tomorrow. >> that's right. especially southern colorado. today for us, going to be warm and dry moving to 60s, almost 70 around here. then as we focus in southern colorado here, here we are tomorrow afternoon. starts to move to south western colorado and southeast too. we'll get showers there. saturday morning we continue to see rain and snow above 8,000 feet. move to central and southeast part of the state. going to be very nice. we could see showers in the foothills south and west of the metro saturday. i don't think it's going to rain around here.
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south and west, we could end up with good rain by the end of the day saturday. can6:46. plenty of cars out and about moving through smoothly. things are opening up. we've seen earlier crashes cleared from the morning drive. take a look at this, cdot camera 25 evans, further south southwest of colorado boulevard. we're seeing speeds track 35 to 45 miles per hour. no issues north or wreck on eastbound stretch around 270. gary, southbound wads worth is back open at independence. >> that's good news. thank you much. the party has not stopped in wrigleyville and chicago. cubs fans stayed out celebrating their team's first world series in 108 years. they're no longer the lovable losers. they are --
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it's something we felt we would never say. >> game seven made it well worth the wait. >> oh my gosh. ten innings, 15 run, 17 minute rain delay. it was one of the most memorable game 7s in the history of sports. things got started off with a bang. form her rocky, dexter fowler launches one over the center field wall. first ever leadoff home run in the seventh game of series. gives breathing room. that lead would not last long. clubs closer t chapman, givers up the game tying two run home run. this one is going to extra innings. not before a rain delay though. that lasted more than 15 minutes. here comes the tarp. out in the tenth on a mission, the cubs come.
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cubs tack on one more for good in your. they did thankfully and won it 8-7. >> absolutely. >> cubs return to chicago early this morning as heroes and chicago legends. big crowd on hand to welcome them back outside wrigley field. that was about an hour ago. ben zobrist was not only the most valuable player of the world series but second world series championship. he was with kansas city last year when they won it. >> that's wild. >> back t what did 1908 look like in denver? that's the last time cubs won the world series. colorado was opening a new many after muzement park and ride -- a new amusement park and ride called the tickler. >> cubs are champions of the world. 1908 when people talk like this. ball season is over but the post
6:50 am
cracking good sports page. 1908 in denver. year capitol got cold leaf. year the convention rose a western city. it would be over 100 years since they won that again. lake side just opened, visitors could ride tickler or shoots. it's the year the colorado governor's mansion was built as a private house. housed governors in 1960s. in denver, our city were beginning to take shape. 17thand arapahoe, wellton and 17. looking northeast where 86 years later, a new ball park would rise. if rockies marked the current feet of utility 107 years, we can get ready for a rockies world series in year 2100.
6:51 am
you never know. all right. jump ahead 1908 to 2014. we have one of the predictions up ever seen. twitter user sent out a tweet two years ago and did it almost to a tee. >> now he's a genius. it says 2016 world series cubs versus indians and then the world will end with in extra innings. >> he got everything right except the world ending part. >> too bad he didn't put money on it, right? >> crazy. quarterback trevor will be named for the broncos captain. it's a sign there's no more quarterback controversy in denver.
6:52 am
his first year of playing. i think it just tells him that they want him to lead them. you know, regardless of what year he's in. continue to do that, push forward. we've got to help him. >> tj ward and dakota watson also added as captains. >> take down the raiders here on channel 9. sunday night kickoff is 6:30. we need the win. best of luck to broncos. our string of beautiful weather has uson feel like fall around here again.
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. drier today. we'll see few hints of change down south. the reason for that is storm we've been talking about in arizona, new mexico, texas. going to push clouds along the southern border with arizona and new mexico during the afternoon today. for us, clear blue skies. pretty much all day. mid to upper 60s for most of us. one or two spots might touch around 70 degrees. not much wind at all. comfre check down south, clouds drift in late in the afternoon. central and south western colorado. still going to be warm. 60s and in the valleys, 60s and 70s for the east. 50s and 650s in the mountains -- 50s in the mountains. that's warm for this time of year. tomorrow, clouds pick up and thicken up in the morning. rain in south eastern colorado. rain and snow in the southwest
6:56 am
night into saturday and spread all the way up into park county by late in the day. we're going to have nice, generous moisture when all said and done. today sunshine near 70. tonight mid-30s we go with generally clear conditions. tomorrow through the weekend, it stays dry here. however on saturday, because of that arizona storm, we'll have a few showers sneaking right up close to foothills. over our commerce city corridor. looking at 270 and i-235. a south and eastbound crash slowed us to a crawl past the 25 interchange. this could leak on to 36 and 76. let'scheck our cdot cam. take southbound 25 and link up with eastbound i-70 to get around backups. travel times load up quickly.
6:57 am
year down to vasquez. heavy past the crash. got a wreck bit north and east at colorado boulevard and thornton parkway. i'll end with good news here. earlier closure of southbound wads worth, near 100th leered out. all -- 100th cleared out. all lanes now getting through. thanks. it's 6:57. gap is narrowing in the race for the white house. with election day five days away, donald t a black vote in north carolina. african-american turnout in that state is down from previous years during early voting. clinton who is voting on african-american support to win the election is working hard in that state. >> donald trump has the same ideas.
6:58 am
campaigning in colorado today. that starts at 10:30 this morning in fort collins. a new poll shows a nearly dead heat in colorado. the poll from university and denver and 9 news political analysts shows clinton and trump neck to neck in colorado. clinton edges out trump in a two way race. it's tied up at 39% when you add in libertarian and green party candidates. >> tomorrow a jud selfies with your ballot filled out is legal. the case made its way to federal court after several sued saying colorado's law dating back to 1890s is well out of date. might be. i don't think they had selfies in 18 90s. guy from denver that went on youtube and offered to buy guns for felons will learn how much that video will cost him. a jury found him guilty of multiple federal charges after
6:59 am
to buy online anyone a gun for $50 as long as they had a state i.d. he could get time in prison and $250,000 fine. warm here, warm through the weekend. not only today but into the weekend we're going to have dry conditions continuing. we'll see the weak front on monday. not doing much for us around here. then we stay relatively mild. bear in mind the average highs are slipping intohe 50s. so we continue with a warm, dry november. >> by the way, i don't think that's indicative of the entire winter. >> a lot of people say it's warm and dry now. if you go back to climate, warm and dry one month doesn't mean it is the next month. >> it will get here eventually. not so much the brexit ballot is putting a hold on the separation from the european union
7:00 am
issues over the alphabet. we'll tell you what that means on channel 20 we'll see you down to the wi. new polls showing hillary he wi. clinton and donald trump locked in a dead heatcubs win! the chicago cubs are world series champions, beating the cleveland indians in a thrilling extra-inning game seven to end their 108-year-long drought. >> and the cubs have finally won it all! >> cubs fans erupting in the stadium, and back home. the party still raging this morning. down to the wire. new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump locked in a dead heat in at least three swing states. the candidates making their final pushes, trump with a message to trump. >> stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> this, my friends, is not a


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