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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  November 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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opened the same day cara was shot and killed by her husband. >> the center is it trying to make easier access to resources and services for domestic violence victims. >> since opening the center has served hundreds of women and children, work that seemingly will never end. of the 51 homicides in denver this year 10 were because of domestic violence. last year there was only one domestic violence murder in denver. >> unfortunately i don't have a good answer to that. >> explaining the spike is of an abuse -- difficult as understanding the mind of an abuser. abrams says public awareness will be key to addressing the problems. >> we're also hearing from a number of family members or friends or co-workers who are worried about someone that they care about. >> abuse is a ticking time bomb which is why she and the denver police department in the wake of these too many deaths are asking if you see something, say something.
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legislation that allows prosecutors to charge people with felonies when they try to strangle a partner. she says strangulation, the ultimate form of control, is something she's seen regularly in the many years she's been doing this kind of work. berthoud high school has canceled classes both today and tomorrow after the discovery of a teen's body inside the school this morning. the larimer county so sheriff's office says deputies first -- sheriff's office says deputies first received a report of a mi his parents. the parents told investigators he had gone to the school. when deputies arrived, a school door was open. not long after they found the body inside. there is no threat to the school, students or staff police say. the larimer county sheriff's department is in a day three search of a landfill near ault, colorado, searching for the body of a missing toddler. they were in the area of the landfill where cheyenne's
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found old mail with addresses. 13-month-old silas ojedo was last seen october 22nd. his mother's boyfriend was charged in the death. rogers told investigators silas died after falling from a counter at home and he put the boy's body in a dumpster. a shift in just a day's time in the polls for colorado. yesterday the presidential race looked to be a tie. a new poll today find hillary clinton winning the state with trump. the survey is from a republican polling operation that she's clinton leading 40 -- that shows clinton leading 44-38%. voters were also given the name of the green party and libertarian candidates. the survey size is similar to the university of denver poll wednesday released showing a 39- 39% tie between trump and clinton in a four-way race. melania trump said she would focus on fighting online
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an advocate for women and children if she becomes first lady. she said our culture has gotten too mean, too rough for children and teenagers and said it is absolutely unacceptable when children are mocked or bullied online sometimes anonymously. >> it is never okay when a 12- year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. it is terrible when that happens on the playground and it is absolutely unacceptable when no name hiding on the internet. [ applause ] >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> to some melania trump's goals may seem at odds with her husband who has a long history of using twitter to insult people. this was melania trump's first public speech since the republican national convention
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president obama campaigned for hillary clinton in florida today, a major battleground state now. the president rallied the crowd at florida international university in miami shortly before noon today. speaking in front of a backdrop with giant white letters that spelled i'm with her the president said you are who you are. the oval office doesn't change that. >> if you disrespected women before you were in office, you will disrespect women as president. [ ri >> if you accept the support of klan sympathizers before you are president, you will accept their support after you are president. >> clinton and trump are virtually tied in the polls in florida. the fbi is warning the public about a new twist on an old scam. victims are either cold called or targeted through personal information found online.
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terrifying ordeal. >> reporter: good afternoon. chances are you've gotten one of those e-mails allegedly from a friend or relative saying they're stuck overseas, lost their wallet, please send money. now there's a new twist to that scam called virtual kidnapping. a con artist identifies victims through online information, then telephones them and says they've taken a loved one hostage and the only way to see them alive is to wire money to a foreign bank account. it happened to a woman in virginia. she was convinced she had heard her college daught $10,000 to the self-proclaimed kidnappers in mexico before she realized she'd been scammed. >> this man came on and said we have your daughter. we snatched her off the street. if you do everything we say, you'll see her again. >> reporter: you thought this really was your daughter. >> i really, really thought it was my daughter. it sounded just like her. >> reporter: when you hear her
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to judge. the fbi, in fact, says it's a growing problem, more than 50 cases since the summer of 2015 and it has suggestions how to avoid being a victim like don't reveal too much about yourself online. meet the woman who was sure her daughter had been kidnapped and we'll hear from the fbi coming up on nbc nightly news. in the next 10 years there could be 1 million talking cars along i-70 in the mountains. cdot is starting the first of its kind program to get cars each other to try to reduce accidents and congestion along i-70. 9news mountain newsroom matt renoux joins us. cdot calls this program road x. >> reporter: they are. it will be the first of its kind in the country using censors and cell phone 10. the idea? get cars talking to other cars on the road sending traffic, crash and weather information
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safety and congestion by combining the information superhighway with the real highway. when it comes to the road of the future. >> every car will talk to each other. >> reporter: -- peter kazinsky with cdot said the future will be less about building roads and more about making them smarter. >> the future is in the technology. >> reporter: take i70. >> you make it work here in the i-70 mountain corridor, it will work any pla country to have cars talking to each other. >> we'll see dramatic increases in efficiency. >> reporter: using connected transportation technology called road x. >> welcome to road x. >> reporter: the ideas uses sensors both in the road and in car to let vehicles -- cars to let vehicles talk to each other with one car giving another car information about accidents or bad weather. >> that information can be shared with everybody. >> reporter: potentially
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>> upwards of 94% of the accidents out there are a result of human error. >> reporter: mix that technology with self-driving cars and cdot says by taking away human error -- >> one person taps their brake, the person behind them taps the brake, that type of thing leads to bad congestion. >> reporter: they can add a lane of traffic without adding a lane to the interstate. >> double, almost triple the capacity of our existing roadways. >> reporter: and it's technology a lot closer than appears. >> cars already have the sensors in them now. a lot of cars already have that built-in navigation system. >> reporter: which is already changing how we drive and down the road could change the roads we're driving on. >> it's going to be the stepping stone to the future. >> reporter: to get this infrastructure all built up to get it started will be about $8 million, but that's a lot cheaper when you consider what it would cost to add a line to
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70 or build a new road. this technology works, cdot plans to install it around the state. by 2025 they expect to have 1.2 million connected cars and self- driving cars on the roads in colorado. >> what will they think of next? thank you, matt. >> that's pretty cool. a rare weekday primetime gameat wilson field. >> and the historic win for the
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many of us live in neighborhoods that have a homeowners association, but often we don't know where to turn for help with problems. today on hoa line 9 you can talk with a volunteer from the community of associations of colorado about your hoa concerns. their advice is free, 303-698- 0999. you have another 20 minutes or so. fans will line the streets of chicago tomorrow to chicago cubs, what a game it was. a spokesman for mayor rahm emanuel announced plans for the parade which comes two days after the cubs broke a 108 year championship drought, they won the seventh game last night in 10 innings after a rain delay and all, nbc's bob costas shared his thoughts on cubs fans and wrigley field even though last night's game was in cleveland. >> reporter: just like fenway
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the history, all of it resides at wrigley field. had they moved to a new ballpark in the interim even had it been 108 years, i don't think it would have quite the texture or drama. wrigley field still stands. people gathered at wrigley field even though the game was played in cleveland to experience it communally. >> hundreds of thousands of cubs fans had a largely peaceful celebration after the team's win. there were 14 for disorderly and reckless conduct, as you can imagine. for many homeless people in denver finding the simple necessities to survive every day can be a challenge. many of them had a chance to locate the services and resources they need all in one place. denver's road home, a city program to help fight homelessness, brought together more than 100 service providers to provide free services to folks today. that included food, clothing, medical attention, employment
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this is a strong reminder of the struggles the homeless face just getting the basics. >> it's difficult sometime navigating the systems that provide services to our vulnerable residents and with this we see this as an opportunity to provide those services, but also to give them information about where other services might be that they can access. >> there were also an estimated 800 to 900 volunteers helping people navigate the services today at convention center. good for them. unusually warm temperatures and very little moisture, that will be the pattern for a few more days now. >> our next best chance for rain, even a dribble, anything along the front range next in
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kind of beautiful out there today. >> you walked out there and
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>> you're telling me, kim, 10 degrees above average for this time of year, plenty of blue sky, sunshine and that is really the trend yet again for the next couple days. you can see right now outside beautiful, bright blue skies. it's nice at least getting around town not having to deal with any major rainstorms or snowstorms, but man, we could use some moisture around here. you can see the worst of the drought conditions extend through parts of california into the southeast, but in colorado just really about 3/4 of the state looking at abnormally dry conditions and from larimer county through denver into the southeastern section of the state moderate drought conditions as yet again we're waiting on some rain, some snow around here and i don't anticipate a lot of it any time soon. upper 60s, low 70s the name of the game in afternoon, hit about 77 degrees in ray, mid- 60s in salida and gunnison. at the airport now nothing but sunshine. the winds are northeast about
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mid-60s tonight. downtown denver we're sitting at about 67. on hd doppler 9 not a lot going on, but we have a storm system just to our south and west extended into parts of arizona and new mexico, a couple light rain showers. this storm system will take its time, but it actually will move into parts of colorado. in fact, i anticipate it arriving friday night into saturday lingering into sunday. this will produce areas and a little snowfall for the san juans, so much so we have a winter weather advisory out. this kicks in at midnight friday lasting till about lunchtime saturday. right now it looks like it's going to be a warm storm. so areas above 10,000 feet have the best bet at releasing some accumulating snow and at that only about 3 to 6 inches, but hey, we'll take whatever we can get. tonight in town we'll go with clear skies down to about 39,
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extending across the far eastern plains and still looking mild. telluride and carbondale 30s late tonight. by 11:00 we go with clear skies statewide. 8 a.m. grab the shades. you'll notice changes pushing into southwestern colorado by tomorrow afternoon. 4:00, 5:00 the clouds start streaming in, a little rain, stoplight snowfall with the heaviest moisture -- some light snowfall with the heaviest moisture moving in saturday evening into central mountains or northern mountains. if anything, we'll just watch a few more clouds saturday and slightly cooler temperatures. tomorrow pretty much a carbon copy of today, plenty of sunshine early, a couple afternoon clouds cruising through, upper 60s across i-25, warmer across the north eastern plains, 75 in sterling and ray tomorrow, in the 50s towards the san juans where this next storm system is moving in. about 57 in nederland.
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longmont, platteville, brighton, aurora, denver just flirting with it like today about 68 degrees in lyons, upper 60s in wellington . maybe in the foothills you might find a couple showers. i don't think they'll sneak down to the plains. monday we cool thing off slightly, but yet again we're above average each and every day in this five-day forecast. can't shake the pattern, just can't do it. >> it. >> snow will fall eventually. >> it's good football weather. >> absolutely is. cu buffs are favored and for good reason. they're ranked highly, too, this week. >> they're out there ready.
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the dow slipped 29 points
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. the colorado buffaloes can clinch their first winning season in more than a decade tonight hosting ucla in boulder, fabulous opportunity for no. 15 cu to snap a five game losing streak with the bruins and climb national rankings and we're live. 9news sports reporter aaron matas is at folsom field. >> reporter: with four games remaining in the regular season the buffs control their destiny in terms of reaching the pac-12 championship game about a month from now. three of those final four games are right here in boulder. cu is 3-0 at folsom field this year and they are heavy favorites to beat ucla under the lights this evening.
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we are seeing the buffs play significant football games in november. >> we're in the heavyweight battles is what we wanted to be in. so we're there now. so now we have got to go perform in the heavyweight fights and so the kids are excited about it. i'm excited about it. so now we just got to go do it. >> the opportunity is before us. i think i was talking to kenneth and a couple other guys in stretch lines a couple playing for pride. now we've got something to play for. it's a great feeling. it just adds a lot more intensity to practice, a lot more focus and just the need to succeed and show up every week. >> reporter: to put this turnaround in perspective, a victory tonight would give the buffs five conference wins this year and that would match their
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combined. broncos defensive coordinator wade phillips might be using the elevator sunday at the game with the raiders. phillips is recovering from a broken rib suffered in a sideline collision against the chargers and figures it might be wiser to communicate with his players from a much safer seat in the press box for a while. >> i said if i'm going out, i'd like to go out on an interception for a touchdown. if that was my last play, that would be, you know, would still have been all right. >> can't believe people i've heard today saying they've never seen anything like that world series game between the cubs and indian last night. hey -- indians last night. hey, if you live in colorado, you most certainly have. >> the cubs won the world series! >> oh, wouldn't it be great if the rockies could be involved in a baseball game like that with all the drama and suspense and momentum swings and extra
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a thrilling finish. yeah, it was great, all right, because we had one just like it, maybe better here in denver nearly a decade ago, october 1st, 2007. rockies beat the san diego padres in the national league wildcard tiebreaker. in game was so similar to the 2016 world series finale that the scores were identical, both knotted 6-6 at nine innings. padres scored twice to take the lead in the top of bottom half. light hitting jamey carroll knocked in matt holliday with the winning run, still hasn't touched home plate. biggest difference is that victory sent the rockies to the playoffs while the cubs clinched a world championship. you know, the more i think about it, perhaps we haven't seen anything like it. that and tomorrow the cubbies have a parade through town ,
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rocktober back in 2007. that game was the best i've ever seen, even better than last night's. the stakes weren't as high, but they were still high and that game was even better, more back and forth. when the padres got two in the top of the 13, you knew it was over and the rox put up three in the bottom half, that was the best. >> it's going to happen again someday.
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tonight, nbc news exclusive, inside the government's massive operation to protect election day from a cyber attack. what we've learned about the threat, the risk, and the response, and those trying to sew confusion and chaos. rare appearance. five days to go, melania trump hits the trail for her husband, pushing his softer and what she said about her role as first lady is raising eyebrows tonight. virtual kidnapping, a terrifying new trift twist on an old scam -- tricking people into thinking their loved ones have been kidnapped. demanding ransom to get them back. and curse reversed. tonight the crowd goes wild in chicago after a heart-stopping win for the ages. "nightly news" begins


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