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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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of hillary -- talking about leadership, what leadership? >> he says he knows how to shake things up. >> the only thing left to do is vote. >> the race for the white house is down to its final four days. four days for candidates and star supporters to make a mark on who people are voting for. >> two people who know what it's like to campaign are here in colorado campaigning presidential candidates. good morning everyone. happy friday morning. gary, corey, cheryl with you. marty joins us. another lovely start in the 9 news backyard. >> it's cool as it has been the last couple mornings. quite pleasant out here. we'll end with another warm day around here. excited about a storm system in south western colorado. looks like it's on track. dry and clear over over the front range now for the commute.
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time we're wrapping things up. then we'll jump to 60s and 70s going to be late this afternoon. we'll barely hit 70 in a few spots around town. over the course of a weekend, may see light showers tomorrow afternoon in the foothills. i don't think they can make it down the hill here. it will be very -- another cold front, we'll have light showers moving in on monday. for the broncos this week, of course they're they're on 9 news sunday night. temperatures in the 50s for that ball game coming up in a couple seconds we're going to south western colorado and check out some snow. >> that sounds like a good plan marty. thank you. it's 5:31, bad news to report on our morning drive. we're just learning about a minute ago about a roll over crash on c470 happening around the morrison exit in the westbound direction. as you make your way westbound,
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carol. we'll look at this crash as you head toward lake view. westbound c470 there's a roll over crash near the morrison exit. downtown toward south side, still a 14 minute stretch. here's a look further south toward castle pine, castle rock and springs. it's an hour and five minutes with a great start along the routes. >> thank you so it's 5:32. florida is a key state for donald trump in this election. other battleground states are must-wins for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> both candidates are in pennsylvania this morning which is proving to be a hurdle for trump. >> latest polls shows clinton leads him there by four points. >> showing the softer side of the trump campaign, melania trump campaigned for him for the first time in philadelphia. she was trying to convince women
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deserves their vote. as for her own duties, she says she's focused on cyber bullying. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. we have to find a better way to talk to each other to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> her message did raise eyebrows though. even with good intentions, her words are a contrast to her husband's who many argue has built his campaign around cyber twitter. hillary clinton will also campaign in pennsylvania today trying to keep her lead there she spent thursday in north carolina where she got support from sing her ferrell williams and vermont senator bernie sanders. sanders took the stage to dress the crowd of 4,000 supporters in raleigh. he made a fiery pitch for a clinton presidency. >> this campaign is not a personality contest.
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powerful leader in the entire world. >> hillary clinton has spent the week trying to get vote per minds off her e-mails the senior law enforcement official says it looks like the case hasn't moved an inch in months >> candidates are campaigning around the east coast battleground states, they're not forgetting about us in colorado. bill clinton will campaign for his wife. 9 news reporter is live in denver where the his visit comes after a new poll shows clinton is leading here in colorado. >> you know what they hope to hold onto that momentum. they've been hitting the state hard. we got a one day break from the clinton campaign yesterday. chelsea clinton was here tuesday and wednesday. now her father is back in colorado. bill clinton will make three stops today. he'll begin his morning in pueblo at the union depot
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once he's done with, that his motor cade will come up northbound to denver and stop here at event center. we're at 35th and walnut. this event starts at 1:15. we've been looking on the campaign website and seeing that it looks like registration is available for people that want to come. those are free. once he leaves defer, he's going to go north on i-25 toward fort collins. he'll be at the afternoon. he's hitting several corners from colorado going south working up his way north trying to hit points. message is the same trying to get people to turn in their ballots. we heard chelsea clinton say when she was here earlier this week. clinton campaign hitting colorado hard definitely hoping to win over the battleground state. >> thank you. as for ben carson, he'll make several stops for donald trump today. oklahoma governor will join him
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classical academy at 1:30 and the plum creek golf course in castle rock at 3:15. later they'll head to the scepter september conscious -- the center for active adults. the judge overseeing a federal case in colorado expected to make a decision today whether or not to temporarily stop the ballot selfie ban for this election. right now s allow people to post pictures with their ballots or even take pictures with ballots. several have sued saying that violates free speech. today a judge will sentence the man that killed a state patrol cadet and injured a trooper in a car crash. it will be a lifetime in prison. the boulder county jury found him guilty of murder for the crash that killed tyler in may 2015. first degree murder charge comes
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the state trooper was also hurt in that crash. the sentencing is 8:30 this morning. the teenager who is police say are connected to officers finding explosive chemicals in the home are facing charges. one of the 16-year-olds is charged with possession of explosive or device. the other 16-year-old charges. we can't express charges. he's arrested for sexual exploitation of a child. that house is now sealed off until it's cleared out. around here, we have dry conditions right now across colorado. we're watching the storm system down south. arizona and new mexico getting moderate to heavy rain. we continue to have flash flooding east of silver city new mexico this morning with heavier storms. this storm will track up through new mexico during the day today
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through south eastern colorado. that's why i think we'll see from the central mountains to south eastern plains the best chance for showers and i think they're going to horseshoe around and ignore us for the denver area to the north. moderate to heavy rain in south western colorado upwards to half an inch to inch or more with heavy snow in mountain areas. two to four inches above 8,000 feet. you get above 10 to 11,000 feet, 7 to 8 inches of new would be nice if this would become a nice, regular pattern for us. >> depth to that snowfall, i love it. thank you. 5:38 now. the peaceful beauty of camping in the wilderness is no longer a secret. it's spectacular. we understand why people want to go. >> before it becomes more crowded, the forest service wants to make a couple changes. overnight, camping on those trails has machine than doubled
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nothere are plans to define camping zones. if levels are exceeded of visitors, there may be mandatory overnight permits. the forest service is looking for comments and thoughts about this they want to hear from people. they're inviting them to a meeting later this month. >> it makes me want to go visit. >> i've been. it's incredible. >> it's 5:39 right now. it doesn't look like ski season in the mountains in many places because of mild w ski season will be in full swing today. we'll tell you what to expect from the ski and snow board expo coming up. . >> i wouldn't put them in elite category. >> broncos are talking about facing the phase united states raiders on -- phasing the
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. the city of chicagoil the parade for the chicago cubs is today. they've won their first world series title since 1908. the parade is 11:00 local time followed by a party at grant park at noon. tens of thousands of fans will be there to celebrate the win. >> or more. >> the broncos are back at mile high today. wade phillips back coaching.
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sideline collision against the chargers last week. he may not be standing on the sideline this is week. he figures it might be wise tore communicate with players from a seat in the press box while he's recovering. >> if i'm going to go out, i'd like to go out on an interception for a touchdown. that was my last play. >> he's something. getting a second opinion on a lower back injury that second doctor did not recommend surgery we don't know if he's going to play sunday or not without talib. playing against oakland could be trickier. receivers are stronger than the chargers receivers. coverage of sunday's game starts at 5:00 on 20. kickoff here on 9 news at 6:30. we'll be live from the locker rooms first in after the game.
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for the bus last night. hosting ucla in boulder. cu quarterback threw his first interception of the season. then another one. he would have had a third if it weren't for a ref ruling and a fumble. it was nerve racking for fans. he had a lead in the fourth quarter. oliver takes a punt return back for a score. the bucs won it 20-10. a good win. coach mcentire the game. >> they need to understand if we want to be pac 12 champions, we can't do that we can't be selfish. we won't again. we have too much at stake. you don't want to screw it up because you have unfew -- have a
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this noon at the colorado convention center, it goes through the weekend. people can find good deals on ski gear, snow boot, apparel as well. university of denver has been running since 1864. ever since that time, long time ago, the naked -- the neighborhood around it has continued to grow. let's head to marty for the neighborhood. not a lot of wind around here. it's calm down low. we have light gusts even over the mountains and foothills. that's the case through the day today working outside, cool start, sunny warm finish pushing into the upper 60s to near 70 degrees late this afternoon. drought conditions have changed so dramatically here. the first of all, -- of august, few spots abnormally dry
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abnormally dry conditions over much of the state. moderate droughts over the plains which is why we're excited about the storm system moving through. we're part of the much of the country which is now experiencing either abnorm toll extreme drought across a good third of the country now. >> it's 5:46. we need to talk about c470 camera focused on a roll over crash right at camera, you'll see not only was a car involved but a fifth wheel trailer or trailer towed behind another vehicle. the trailer up right the car may be the portion that has rolled. we look at delays to the west side. we need to focus on the fact c470 could get backed up to areas like santa fe. the crash sits on the approach to bowles avenue. another crash west side of town, mississippi and pierce.
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. 5:49 now. taking you to the denver university neighborhood known as du neighborhood. it's bordered by south downing street to the west, i-25 to the north, south university to the west, east amherst and darkness avenues to the south. colleen gives us a taste of the
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university of denver's 125-acre campus. the university was founded in 1864. it began as the colorado seminary founded by john evans, a close friend of abraham lincoln. he's the name sake for mount evans in illinois. the school closed for a short time after the denver gold rush and reopened in 1880 as the university of denver. first graduate got a 1884. it was built on land doned by rue fuss potato clark. he was a reformed alcoholic and potato farmer. >> as parts of his gift t university was obligated to plant 1,000 trees. we've been working on that quite some time. we pass had the threshold maybe 100 years ago. >> clark demanded no alcohol be made or sold in this area.
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south denver with old covenants against producing or selling alcohol. notable du grads include sin bad, figure. skater quan. dry across the state. rain south across the border. it's moving steadily toward colorado especially southwest corner of afternoon today. for the front range, clear condition this is morning. few fair weather clouds during the afternoon. it is going to be another warm day with 60s to near 70. 50s and 60s in the mountains and foothills. down south where the action is going to be. shortly after lunch, we see showers move n. they'll continue to develop and redevelop through the day. especially tonight after sunset. they'll pick up in intensity. by late this afternoon, few
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inch of rain. when you total it all up tonight and tomorrow, those will be areas in south western colorado getting more than an inch of liquid. that's fantastic. it will be snow at higher terrain. up to eight inches at 11,000 feet. moderate showers in south eastern colorado during the night tonight and the morning tomorrow. for us today, dry in the east, showers picked up in the west. it's warmer on this side of the state than in south western colorado. then tomorrow we begin to showers transition to the south and up to the front range foothills. i don't think they get in closer than that. partly cloudy today. 69 degrees, near 40 tonight we'll stay in the mid to upper 60s over the weekend with a few showers in the foothills on saturday. then another chance for really light rain coming up around here on monday late in the afternoon. . >> we're getting another view of this accident across our c470
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left lane is blocked it's called a roll over. what we haven't seen is the car that rolled yet. we see this fifth wheel trailer up right and on the wheels in the median of the highway. as for delays, they're going to build up quickly. you can see the flashing lights and slow downs people are force into. drivers are only in the right lane of the westbound stretch leading up towards bowles avenue that's where the crash sits. backups will grow quickly. i anticipate them growing back to santa fe by said and done we'll keep a close eye on this. take it slow this morning. other accident out to the west at mississippi and pierce. we'll track your friday drive and hopefully clear up and get more. >> we hope so. thank you. there are books, movies, theme parks, plays. people can't get enough of ways
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. it hits theaters in two weeks. going sierra leone announcing ways to make the wizard world come to life with a smart phone and virtual reality headset called daydream the game is based on google added harry spotter spells to phones. you'll be able to turn on your phone's flashlight, turn it off, motivate the silent media i really wanted to dry it. i already can't get it out of the hands of my 8-year-old. >> it's only for androids. >> i don't have an android. i was like i want to do hit. >> they did a deal. >> man. he and his dad had a pack.
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died, the cubs fan kept his promise
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. good morning everyone. >> finally friday. >> hello. >> it's friday. >> just checking the phone. >> i was googling what weather was going to be like this weekend. >> because marty won't tell us. >> i was thinking saving time. usually we're going back. this time of year for that time it's usually cold. it's not this year. >> it's warm. >> it's not. big day ahead, politics to talk about. we're 100 hours away now or so before a final decision between hillary clinton and donald trump. we'll have more about t big name visitors here. let's talk about the weather. marty is in the 9 news backyard. friday, the weekend, shaping up


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