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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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at such high speeds, that individual really is exhibiting extreme indifference to the value of human life. >> white is being held without bond. the results of his blood tests are pending. we now know the names of the two teens facing charges for the death of a local chef. >> 16-year-old rahim benson and 16-year-old lewis lara macias 28th. both were in custody on unrelated charges. each faces counts of first degree murder among other charges. nicholas lewis was a chef at blackburg public house. he was shot several times october 1st near cornell avenue. denver police say they haven't made any arrests yet after someone vandalized donald trump's campaign office overnight.
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campaign office in colorado devoted exclusively to the republican presidential nominee. the office is at east 18th avenue and north clarkson in the north cap hill neighborhood. the trump campaign says volunteers found graffiti on the side of the building at 6:30 this morning when they arrived. >> i got here, looked at it, said this is a shame. this is a historical building, the ruby building on 18th and clarkson here and there's actually people who live up above, but the main graffiti is on their side of e on the residential building. i don't think that's fair to anybody to have your first amendment rights taken away by vandalism. >> the campaign says it's going to file a police report. both presidential candidates republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton have supporters helping them campaign in colorado today. bill clinton started in pueblo and moved to an event in denver
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collins. on the republican side dr. ben carson is south of the metro area today. he had a rally in colorado springs, then in castle rock. later tonight he'll be in aurora. trump spent his day campaigning in new hampshire. >> somebody asks you what you got to lose, you say free tuition at community colleges, free tuition for people with family incomes of $125,000 or less, debt free college for everybody. >> to all americans i say time for new leadership. [ cheering and applause ] >> we need change. we need change. the last thing we need is four more years of obama. >> donald trump himself will be coming to denver tomorrow. he's got a rally late night at the national western complex. it's going to be at 9:30 in the evening. mayor guiliani will campaign for trump at the denver campaign office earlier in the day. senator bernie sanders will also be in colorado tomorrow.
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clinton in colorado springs mid- afternoon. >> need a scorecard to keep track of all that. we know the highs will be in the 60s across the metro area. no matter, what the weather is great today. meteorologist belen deleon is in the backyard. we're expecting more of the same in the days ahead. >> exactly. over the weekend our temperatures will be in the 60s. today we were able to get into the 70s here in the metro area, just a really nice way to beautiful outside of our studios, just a little breezy but blue over the mile high right now. the temperatures are sitting in the 70s in broomfield, denver at dia in northern colorado and on the northeast close to the foothills temperatures are in the 60s and 50s. if you're going to cheer on your favorite high school football team, the forecast looks cool and dry, temperatures by the end of the evening in the upper 40s. now our futurecast through the rest of tonight is showing just
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foothills, but it's going to be a generally dry forecast tonight and even through tomorrow morning. the temperatures for tonight will drop to around 41 degrees with a few high clouds, but all in all it will be mild for this time of year and those winds will be calm. overnight lows will drop into the 30s into northern colorado and here in the city not quite freezing, close to the foothills temperatures in the 40s and 30s tonight. now i want to focus on what's happening south of us because it's there is a chance for some severe storms into parts of southern zone and southern new mexico. it's that same storm system that's bringing in moisture, not only to the four corners, but also here into colorado, a wider look at what's happening across the state. dry for most of the centennial state, but we zoom into southwestern colorado where we currently have rain and even some snow bands that are moving in. where we will have heavier snow
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through tomorrow. that's why a winter weather advisory will be posted from midnight through noon tomorrow. accumulations above 8,000 feet could be from 2 to 4 inches and above 11,000 feet from 4 to 8 inches. if you live in the san juans near pagosa springs, lake city, low visibility, icy and snowpacked roads and those mountain passes will be tricky. coming up we'll talk about that mountain snow, the mild weekend in store and hey, cher has a song about it and now you can turn daylight saving time ends this weekend, so lots to discuss later in the show. >> now you're singing the song. >> it's an instant ear worm. >> that's for that. we'll be dealing with that all day now. >> everyone at home is doing the same thing. it's okay. two soldiers who died in afghanistan today were from fort carson. they died during nato airstrikes. 26 civilians, three afghanistan troops were also killed.
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carolina and 34-year-old sergeant first class brian glover from greenville, pennsylvania. the department of defense said they died from injuries fighting enemy forces. both men were assigned to company b 2nd battalion. also today the pentagon says three u.s. military members were killed in a shooting outs southern jordan. the three were on a trining mission and came under fire driving -- training mission and came under fire driving into the base. jordan is a key u.s. ally. the u.s. and jordan are part of a military coalition fighting the islamic state group. no additional information has been released about the military members yet. guilty of defamation, today a federal jury ruled against rolling stone magazine and its
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in november of 2014 you may recall the magazine published the story called a rape on campus. in that article a uva student referred to as jackie described being gang raped in a fraternity house. key details in that article did not hold up under scrutiny. an investigation by charlottesville police found no evidence to back up claims in the article. rolling stone's attorney said there was no evidence the reporter knew what she was writing was false or had serious doubts about whether it was true. today two of new jersey governor chris christie's former key alleys were found guilt -- allies were found guilty for their roams in closing lanes on the george washington bridge. the scheme was a way to punish democratic fort lee mayor for not endorsing christie's reelection bid. christie's ex-deputy chief of staff bridget ann kelly and top
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of conspiracy and fraud. christy claims he had -- christie claims he had no knowledge of the lane closures. the other two face a possibility of 86 years. 5 million people came out for the cubs world series victory parade today. the last time the cubs won the world series, as you know, 1908. they dilesed dyed the river -- the dyed the river blue. >> been around baseball for a bit, never experienced anything like wrigley field on a nightly basis. never have i experienced anything like the conversation among all of you when i run into you on the street. it's different. it's spectacular. it's comfortable, warm and the way it should be.
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for being so patient. >> patience. patience is the key. the cubs defeated the indians 8- 7 in a very late 10 inning game wednesday night. it. the longest championship drought by any major american sports team. so about time. they does everybody it. >> more than a century, no one wants that for their team. key stone was supposed to open today. loveland should have been open by now, too but warm weather makes it pretty tough gh for the ski areas trying to get the season up and going. that leaves just a-basin open for business. they've got skiers, ski clubs and racers heading to the basin for some turns. that is where we'll find 9news mountain newsroom matt renoux. the basin is a pretty busy place without competition. >> reporter: you bet it's busy. they have the market corner with their one open run, about
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anybody else managed to get open thanks to the warm temperatures in october and november. even loveland is still closed and they're getting ready to pass the latest opening day they've ever had in their history. at arapahoe basin tony olin and dean afton have come from minnesota so they can gear up and get in some early season training. >> early season training. >> reporter: at about the actually get open. >> normally by this time of year there's two, they've, four ski areas open. >> reporter: because -- three, four ski areas open. >> reporter: because after opening to riders on october 21st a-basin is still the only ticket to ride with its one run being used by ski teams -- >> from alberta and minnesota, wisconsin, new york, california. >> reporter: -- and thousands of other skiers in bear hats
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packing the ski area's main parking lot by 10 a.m. >> we're doing really well. >> reporter: after the basin got the jump on other ski areas and got open despite one of the warmest octobers around here on record. >> we were able to pounce on those first waves of cold weather. >> reporter: keystone was supposed to open today but had delay and loveland which is normally open by now will likely stay closed till after november 6th, which is the latest they've ever opened. >> i look forward to our friends getting open at other areas, but right now we're the place. >> reporter: just one reason tony and his ski team don't mind sharing that one open run. >> coming out here and skiing on this one slope is like three times as big as at home. >> reporter: knowing that it might be warm enough to wear t- shirts in november, but at least they can still make a few training turns. >> free skiing is all we really need to be doing right now. >> reporter: that's really all
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copper and loveland are open to ski teams and clubs, but they have to spend a lot of money to train on the closed courses. so a lot of teams just pay the lift ticket price, come to a- basin and try to get in some turns and training with the rest of the public. loveland hopes to open sometime next week. they're pretty confident. we'll see some of the snow making they get accomplished over the weekend, but it's pretty warm. the 11th next week will be a big day. key stone, copper, eldora all hope to open on the 11th. >> is everybody sweating bullets or what? what's the mood about this delay? >> reporter: i don't think anyone is really pulling the panic trigger yet. i think that we've had some seasons in the past similar to this, slow starts that have turned out pretty good, but i think it's one of the slower starts in the last 18, 19
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11th and what these ski areas are able to accomplish in the next week. i think if we have troubles opening the 11th or week after that, things could start to look grim and we all know what early season buzz does for the ski industry and we're not getting any of that right now. >> not with you out there in short sleeves. >> i think he wears that all year round. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: i've got long sleeves on, but i'm not wearing any pants. >> matt. >> that seems like a good place >> reporter: shorts, shorts weather. >> it's not how you start. itself how you finish. come on, ski season, let's get it going. >> our man in the mountains, matt renoux. thanks. one thing that makes this election historic, it is the first time a woman has been a major nominee, but colorado has been ahead having woman in politics. >> 1 local program is working
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come election night it will be the first time a woman was one of the two women in politics. we passed the first state referendum allowing women to vote in 1893, though wyoming and utah allowed women to vote before us when they were territories. one of the women behind the colorado documentary strong sisters, colorado was the first state to elect a woman to the legislature in 1894. three women were elected to the colorado statehouse. >> this is definitely literature that points to the
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because we are open. we are merit based. there's an western ethos that welcomes the new that sort of has this all hands on deck attitude. >> colorado still never has had a female governor or u.s. senator and denver hasn't had a female mayor. drugs, alcohol can put all of our kids at risk and make any parent nervous. a local group created a network to to their kids about the risks. 9news journalist byron reed shows us how it works. >> reporter: at east simpson coffee company in downtown lafayette connecting with people happens almost every day. >> we bring communities together. we bring parents together. >> reporter: together making connections talking about what concerns them as parents and what's best for their kids. >> we're starting to get overloaded with information from everywhere. >> a lot of times you come up
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where to turn. >> reporter: so parents in the boulder valley school district started the parent engagement network or p.e.n. about 15 years ago in response to young people who needed help. >> drug and alcohol abuse, not doing well in school, pulling away from their families. >> it deals with things that concern all of us as parents. >> reporter: the group teaches parents a different approach when talking to their kids. >> if parents and kids can sit down together an then it provides an environment where there's more opportunity for more talking. >> reporter: learning skills like story telling here -- >> an old man with wisdom said to the others -- >> reporter: -- so families can make a connection. >> it gave me permission to be imperfect and to understand within that imperfection is how families grow and thrive. >> reporter: meaning better lives for kids at home and at school and even when it's their turn to be the parent.
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>> the parent engagement network operates only in the boulder valley school district for now. according to the centers for disease control, alcohol is the most commonly abused drug among youth in the united states. military veterans wanting to further their education in colorado might want to look into csu. it's just been ranked by our partner, the military times, as the sixth best college for military veterans in the united states. cu moved up rather csu moved up from 13 last year. it received high marks for extracurricular activities and financial and academic support. the university has a number of programs and scholarships that are geared towards veterans. it just launched a peer mentoring program where current student veterans help newly enrolled veterans and it's also home of salute, the only national student veteran honor society founded in 2011 at csu. we know it's not every day
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in mandarin. >> no, it isn't. >> but they can, many of them in denver. >> one area school is trying to
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it's spoken by nearly a billion people in the world, but for many it's a real head scratcher. we're talking about mandarin chinese and despite the fact that china is more than 6,000 miles from colorado, a growing number of students here are
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takes to us a school where it's mandarin first. >> reporter: inside the walls of the denver language school, this classroom sounds a lot like the streets of beijing. >> there are huge brain benefits. >> reporter: kathy benzil is principal of this dps charter school. from kindergarten through 8th grade students here are fully immersed in either spanish mandarin chinese. with the exception of english class it's the same common core curriculum taught in other schools only taught here in another language. >> so math and science and social studies as well as language arts is taught in that language. >> reporter: and out of the 715 students here 350 are learning mandarin chinese, a language stone by nearly 1 billion people around the world
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who is originally from shanghai. >> i feel like language learning is not very pop march or well known here -- popular or well known here as opposed to china, but this environment, this school, totally embraced the idea. >> reporter: mandarin chinese is spoken based on tone and includes a whopping 50,000 characters, though you only need to know about 8,000 to read a newspaper. >> mandarin is spoken and written and read by l students in 8th grade at very advanced levels of proficiency. >> reporter: one of those 8th graders is sidney beaufort. >> whenever you learn a new subject, you're learning a new word each and every day. probably the simplest thing i could remember was hello in mandarin. >> reporter: her mother enrolled her in the school early on and it's paid off. >> i think the thing that i find the most incredible is the reading and the writing.
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complicated things like learning about american history in mandarin. >> she writes about those individuals in mandarin. it's hard to impress me, but that's impressive. >> reporter: it's like you're writing about alexander hamilton but in mandarin. >> exactly. >> reporter: in the end the school hopes by focusing on these second languages they'll better prepare these students for a more global future. >> understanding our cultures and being able to collaborate with people who may not see in do is a huge benefit for students. >> reporter: and that might be the big he is point of all. the school is providing -- biggest point of all. the school is providing these students to learn the language of a country rapidly gaining power and influence in the world. just how much influence? tonight at 10:00 on 9news we'll take you inside a place in denver few have heard of. it's a center that's been around for decades sought off by governments and organizations around the world because what they do is
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center for international futures at du and show you what they do and what they have to say about china as a global superpower. again that's tonight at 10:00 on 9news and over the coming weeks we'll tell you more about what else the center is forecasting for the future including colorado's role in the electoral college in the future and where artificial intelligence is heading. robots and all, very fascinating. >> we're just going to go global from this story, then. >> absolutely. >> i'm you're saying i mean we've always heard kids learn languages at an early age so much easier and they do, what spanish and chinese in this school? >> correct. in kindergarten they start with either chinese or spanish. you choose. by 8th grade they will switch the students. in other word, in addition to learning whatever language they've been learning the last few years, they'll start learning the other language. so if you studied chinese all these years, you start learning
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you start learning chinese. >> i would imagine there are some parents out there who are really interested in this idea but are a little hesitant or nervous oh, i'm going to sign my kid up. what if they don't take to this language? >> we asked the people at the school what happens if you're struggling in math and chinese? they say there's extra tutoring, extra help involved if it's needed, but because these students have studied the language for so long, it's really more ab language proficiency involved in learning the material. >> wow. once again another way for those students to communicate on their own with mom and dad having no idea what they're saying. >> we asked mom about that and she said you know, i expected in to happen and it does. >> i have no doubt it does. thanks so much. >> they're getting so much. it's good stuff. i'm very interested in these stories you've got coming up for us.
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weather this weekend.
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it's just flat out nice. we've been waiting for fall. >> it's like what we've dreamed for in april and may and we ease into summer, only this year it's october, november. >> the good news is if you like it to be nice outside, you might be in for a good weekend again. meteorologist belen deleon is in the 9news backyard. things looking like they're staying warm at least a little while? >> warmer than we should be, right. so the temperatures for today, let's take a look at them, a nice way to finish off your workweek for sure. the high has gotten to 71 degrees. we're only 5 degrees shy from that record high that was set
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degrees this time of year. if you're trying to catch that sunset tonight, it's going to happen around 5:52. the highs across the state look like this. we got into the 70s for several spots on the eastern plains, in the high country temperatures in the 60s and 50s. the temperatures are currently at 71 degrees out at dia, winds just a little breezy at 16 miles per hour, but if you have any date plans, you want to get out to the high school football me really nice. humidity pretty low in check at 18%. out here in the backyard our temperatures are coming in at 70 degrees. let's check the weather with the west of the state because we are seeing some darker clouds in the mountains and even a little bit of rain and snow, especially out towards the san juans. elsewhere across the high country the temperatures are in the 60s and 50s. 70s to the south and out towards the east and then closer to the front range those temperatures are currently sitting in the low 70s, so just
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afternoon. tonight our temperatures will drop to around 41 degrees. we'll have a few high clouds, but all in all it's going to be a calm evening with winds 5 to 10 miles per hour and mild overnight lows, considering that our temperatures around this time of year should be much colder. 30s will be your lows in northern colorado and on the eastern plains the temperatures in the mountains 30s and 20s. here's what's happening. we have a storm system headed into the four corners bringing all these clouds into country. ridgeway has this view now, cloudy, gloomy, ominous. in some spots we're starting to see the rain mix in with some snow. the center of the storm is in southern arizona, but with this counterclockwise motion it's bringing in this moisture into arizona, into new mexico where they have the possibility of seeing some severe weather. no severe weather in colorado, but we are expecting some icy and snowpacked roads in some parts of the san juans where you already see that moisture pushing in from the southeast
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the northwest, telluride, lake city seeing some of that snowy weather now. in the next 24 hours that's where we'll keep most of the moisture while the rest of the state stays dry. through this afternoon notice how that rain and snow continues to push into that area. high clouds cream into parts of i-70 -- creep into parts of i- 70 into the northern mountains tonight. here in the city as well and the eastern plains stay dry. tomorrow morning when you wake up, we'll have sunny skies as develop in the san juans and southern colorado. tomorrow afternoon there is a potential to see some very small showers near the foothills, but at least here in the metro area our forecast is still expected to stay dry. also a possibility in some of those showers working into i- 70. so keep that in mind if you are making some plans to go skiing or snowboarding at a-basin. now it looks like the most difficult travel conditions over the weekend will be in the san juans. a winter weather advisory goes
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through tomorrow afternoon at noon. so this is good news for these ski resorts at purgatory, telluride getting in on some of this snowy action, also wolf creek that has delayed opening of their ski resort because of the lack of snowfall. there's a possibility of 4 to 8 inches above 11,000 feet and then closer to purgatory, telluride and durango we could see 2 to 4 inches above 8,000 feet. the weekend is looking nice and dry if you like that dry weather. degrees, but all in all it will be really nice to do those outdoor activities. sunday just a little warmer, 69 degrees with high clouds in the forecast. if you're getting away to summit county, for tomorrow the chance for some scattered showers, 55 degrees and then 50s again for sunday at a-basin with a chance for some isolated showers. now we will be turning back time this weekend. a good idea to maybe set back the clocks an hour saturday night into sunday, but look at the difference from sunrise and
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sunday. tomorrow our sunrise is 7:34. on sunday it will be at 6:35 after you set that clock back an hour and sunset on sunday will be at 4:52. here is your planning forecast. again the weekend is looking mainly dry. on monday we have another cooldown, tuesday 63 degrees and wednesday 68 degrees. i'm still counting down the days to thanksgiving, 20 more days until we carve that turkey. guys. >> the grc and the weather just don't match right. >> they don't. >> it's november. it's a good time to eat turkey all through the month. >> okay. >> i'm still excited for it. don't get me wrong. >> don't get us wrong. we're very excited otherwise. thank you. may not feel like winter yet, but if you use a little imagination, you can fake it. >> the ski and snowboard expo is in town. they'll let you do whatever you want next in our nine things to
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brandon rittiman with kim christiansen and i've got bad news for you. the election is actually an hour longer than you thought it was. daylight saving time is about to end this weekend. the good news is you get an extra hour over the weekend. you should be good and rested for our nine things to do which you can feigned -- find on the 9news and on >> denver arts week starts today and runs the next eight days. there will be special exhibits and events at various museums,
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the metro area between 5:00 and 10:00. you don't have to pay admissions to some of them and free shuttles will take you to them. >> many people love bacon and beer and if you're like me you fall into the diagram where the two circles overlap. at the glitter dome in denver tomorrow afternoon 2:00 to 5:30, general admiss bucks, but the event benefits metro caring and project angel heart, two nonprofits fighting hunger in colorado. >> bacon tastes better with almost everything. >> you can feel good about it. >> it is november and ski season is underway in just one location right now, but more are coming. this weekend, though, is the time you can check out the big ski and snowboard expo happening at the convention center downtown. it started today at noon.
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these are the deals that are offered on a lot of the winter ski season gear. it will be here before you know it. >> we're seeing the guests now saying those of us that got the stuff early are set and ready to go. the other people might be waiting till the snow falls a bit in the mountains, but the desire is there to be able to go ahead and gear up for winter. >> the expo runs until 10:00 tonight and tomorrow it is from 10:00 until 8 p.m. and sunday the last day is open ticket information and all that is on our website. >> it's not bad to get ready. the snow will come. we're pretty sure. >> who wants to buy the gear when you're wishing you were up there that day. aqib talib won't be playing sunday night. >> the team announced today he was ruled out. he flew to california this week to go the a second medical opinion on his lower back. 9news broncos insider mike klis reports he is dealing with a disc issue.
4:45 pm
the good news is the second doctor did not recommend immediate surgery. we don't know, though, how long he'll be out. the broncos and raiders are tied atop the afc west. sunday is the first meeting of the year for the division rivals. the next one is not until week 17. we'll have coverage at 5 p.m. on channel 20. kickoff is 6:30. we'll be live in the locker room after the game on 9news. you can watch game day live at 9 a.m. on 9news sunday morning to get all ready >> yup. >> especially when both teams are doing really well. all those things under the nine things to do article on under that features tab and on the 9news mobile app. >> no excuse to have nothing on your agenda this weekend. this is a story that's tough toker that, but it's worth it because you -- tough to hear, but it's worth it
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a search for meaning leads one to find it. it's a story thousands have watched online this week. for one mom meaning for her comes from a tree. here is reporter boyd huppert in river falls. >> reporter: a search for meaning leads one to find it in a long after the others, a maple shining golden on the headstone of three angels. >> i have faith that they are at peace. >> reporter: jessica peterson's search for life started in suffocating darkness. >> we begin with a tragic story out of river falls, wisconsin, where this afternoon police found three children dead inside a home. >> reporter: who among us
4:50 pm
july day when a vengeful father took from his ex-wife 11-year- old amara, 5-year-old cecilia and 8-year-old sophie. >> trying to imagine living decades without them, it was too much. at first an hour or day, then a week, then a month breaking it down into small pieces that i could get through. >> reporter: getting through. jessica could get here. >> can you say mama? >> i knew i needed to have more children. i needed people to keep mothering so that i could keep that part of me alive. >> reporter: flint was born last year and the year before that trinity hope. >> i was hoping by giving her the name that it would kind of
4:51 pm
that she wasn't here because they died, but she's here because i lived. >> good work. >> reporter: matthew has been here, too. >> good job. >> reporter: his first date with jessica less than two weeks before she lost amara, cecilia and sophie. >> he's a man of faith, very deep faith and he felt called to be there for me and ride it also brought jessica two stepdaughters, but in truth her family now encompasses an entire community. >> go! we are off and running! >> reporter: in a series of fundraisers jessica's adopted community stepped up in ways the illinois transplant couldn't have imagined. >> we raised $550,000 in two
4:52 pm
the tri-angels playground. >> we come here a lot. >> reporter: where jessica spends time with all her children. >> this is amara's section, my scientist and my soccer players. this is sophie's section and she liked fashion things like fun shoes and cecilia loved bugs a lot. her section is for the littlest of us. >> reporter: the joy jessica finds here. the sadness fall's first school buses always bring. >> mara should have turned 16 last wednesday and all her friends are going to homecoming. >> reporter: not once has jessica returned to her old neighborhood where the credit union that held the mortgage respectfully razed her old house while jessica surrounded
4:53 pm
>> i just try to think about them and think about how i would have wanted them to live, how i would have wanted them to grieve if i was gone. i would have wanted them to find more love and make their way in the world and make the world a better place. >> you can do it. >> reporter: which brings her here. >> please welcome jessica peterson. [ applause ] >> if you walk away from my story good things can come from bad, bad things. >> reporter: public speaking is new for jessica. but it's time. >> i can't imagine and being able to come here and talk. >> somebody can hear my story and it helps them, it makes that load of grief a little easier to carry. every day i get a little
4:54 pm
the same time i think every day i get a little closer to being able to be with them again. >> reporter: until then jessica will go on finding meaning in a stubborn tree, in a playground and in her life. >> even after it happened there was that little glimmer of light ahead that would keep pulling me forward and i have to say that that light was most certainly those girls. >> reporter: boyd huppert, kare11 news, river falls. >> we all know people who have had so much struggle dealing with loss and finding that glimmer of light and the fact she's out there being able to share her experience and hopefully reach out to somebody, it's really amazing to see her get up in front of groups like that. >> she has an understanding that few others can understand. it reaches them on a different level. it's a blessing to them.
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somebody who hasn't been there
4:58 pm
if you drive by the sheraton downtown hotel in denver, try to take a second and enjoy the art. >> 50 patients and therapists at children's hospital colorado painted dresses on giant ballerinas outside the hotel. the sculptures are to celebrate denver arts week and wow, that's a new splash of art down there. >> take a walk.
4:59 pm
just get out and walk and enjoy the art. >> that's going to do it for us at 4:00. 9news at 5:00 is right around the corner, so don't go anywhere. next at 5:00, the atf and police detail dangers posed by recent thefts of firearms in metro denver. >> also ahead the denver d.a. decides to retry a man who has spent 28 years in prison for a rape he says he didn't commit. >> lessons from a brief look back at political advertising from the past next on 9news. this is 9news. it's been nearly a week and still no arrests in a gun theft that police call too easy. in a matter of seconds four large guns were stolen from a
5:00 pm
the atf says it's scary any time guns are taken from dealers. 9news reporter jessica oh says the department a. thinks it's a growing trend. >> reporter: smash and grab at pony express firearms is the latest example of what could be a growing and concerning trend. deadly weapons are being stolen left and right in colorado. >> there has been an uptick without a doubt. >> reporter: this retired special agent with the atf says criminals used to steal guns because they needed weapons, t anymore. >> a lot of individuals will steal guns not to commit crimes but solely for financial gain. >> reporter: it has become its own category of crime. one firearm can be worth hundreds on the streets. this gun shop is in the 18th judicial district where the d.a. says there has been a surge in gun thefts this year. in june three gun shops in littleton were burglarized, two of them back to back. >> we're seeing a lot of ffl thefts where there are elaborate teams involved that


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