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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  November 6, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MST

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for sure, by a mile than she's gotten from me or from any of us. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: guided by friends, supported by them -- >> whoa! yeah!!! >> reporter: -- consumed by the music. >> you feel it! it's like -- [ slapping hands ] >> -- umph, umph. and you get in the music and you start acted like .... really hot chic! [ laughter ] >> oh! >> reporter: -- acting like her own self again. anastasiya bolton and with photojournalist ann hurst, 9news. >> her friends are trying to get her to become a fitness instructor. >> we'll follow up on how she does. and following the loss of the raiders tonight. let's listen. >> not really to be honest with you.
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coverages. but pretty consistent with what we thought they'd do. certainly maintain balance. kind of -- if you don't have that balance, they're able to do a little more to you. but nothing we didn't expect. [ sigh ] >> i think our biggest thing is when you go 3 and out, doesn't really matter what they're doing to you. they'll give us different looks. each team is different how they're playing, how you're playing that week. i think the biggest thing is staying on the field, converting those 3rd downs early [ indiscernible question ] >> stepping up and -- i don't even know who it was.
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can't turn it over there, especially when we have a chance, you know, -- felt like i could come back there [ indiscernible question ] >> trying to get that running game going -- >> you got to -- yeah. early on especially. and part of that is on me. i feel part of those 3rd downs -- you know, you can't run the ball if you're not on the field. so, you know, converting those 3rd downs and staying on the field and getting in a rhythm. not just receivers but the offensive line, everybody. it's something we'll work on. we'll get it fixed. [ indiscernible question ] >> you know, hats off to oakland. i thought they did a heck of a job. we know they had a bunch of great players across the board. i thought they did a great job, played really well. they definitely made more plays than us. >> seemed like they had a lot of energy. this was their biggest game
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time. >> i think there was great energy. obviously the crowd got up for this one. we knew going in they would be excited. that's something you have to deal with on the road. i'm sure we'll have a few more games like that. >> anything else? okay. thank you for the comments! >> yeah, i hope we don't have a few more games like this! [ laughter ] >> i'm sure it wasn't enjoyable for him to be out there playing. >> no! >> it wasn't enjoyae to watch! >> no. he looked very uncomfortable! i still think they'll be a playoff team. may still win a division again. still a great team. but they're not immune to these performances obviously.
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hello! welcome back. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9 backyard where it's cool, quiet, and dry!
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treating you? it's come to an end! and this is the beautiful sunrise from today. sun setting now before 5:00. so it'll take some getting used to as we move through the week. and we're 10 degrees warmer than average. this is a trend we'll see for the majority of the week. overnight low, 45 and 43 degrees. we've already dropped at 48 at dia this hour. winds light out of around the area, it's calm and quiet. you won't know. i'm track a dry, cool front coming across the state from the northwest. it'll be more of a wind shift than anything. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 40s between 6:00 and 9:00. and then temperatures will start to warm. there have been some showers reported across the southeastern plains. all this tracking around an area of low pressure near oklahoma city. a second system in the pacific
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but after the arrival of this overnight front that moves through, we have high pressure set up again. a blocking ridge that will keep that track to the north. the front coming through will help with the moisture through oklahoma and texas. so a good chance of showers. but outside our state's border. dallas and houston could see too much of a good thing tomorrow. the showers extending through wichita and omaha and could impact travel on a busy monday. cool air retreating to the north. while we'll be a few degrees cooler tomorrow, these numbers arab a trend that continues. wednesday looks to be the warmest of the week. we'll see highs in the 70s. this will be a fog bank that sets up overnight. it pushes in, pushes back out. doesn't make it into denver. once months out tomorrow morning by about 5:00 a.m., we're looking at clear skies, light winds, and a beautiful day which is good for those who have to travel across the city or state! who in the high country? 32, steamboat. 38 in greeley and pueblo. highs tomorrow, you know what?
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this trend continues into next weekend. foothills, 53 in blackhawk. and 52 in grand lake on a beautiful monday. sun's up at 6:34 tomorrow. it'll be a quick warmup. but then the warm winds will cut temperatures a bit. low 60s tomorrow. and then we'll watch the numbers climb. wednesday, the warmest day of the week. thursday, not bad. next system coming in may break the ridge a little bit. the high country. tuesday, election day. friday, veteran's day. and 9 shares will be out collecting nonperishable food items for our food banks. this cloud shot is just beautiful! >> i like that blue shade
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from colorado's sports leader, here's drew soicher. >> the broncos aren't the only one that is went into the black hole tonight in colorado. the rockies did, too. and this was a former skipper named manager of the year in 2010. he first has a pitching background. rotation for the 1985 world champion kansas city royals. the open raiders are planning a move to las vegas. and the broncos helped them roll a few 7's tonight. runners running back latavius murray, in fact, putting up crafts all night long. one yard. and the broncos were like that old man who feeds thousands of quarters into a slot machine and finally gets a few bucks back at the very end of the evening. 30-20.
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the first time in five years. back to the locker room. >> all those guys are great run stoppers. we have to get back in the lab and see what was the cause for them to run for 200 yards. i could have done a better job. i don't think i had any losses or anything like that. i could have done better with that and give me teammate ace better start from there. >> i don't know if this team needed more motivation, but from talking to you guys it seems like you have it right now. >> you don't have a heart if you lose and way. we take these situations seriously. that's why we're always able to bounce back. and we have great courage. we have great leadership here with the denver broncos. and i have full confidence in my guys they'll be able to right the ship and get the job done. >> reporter: nuggets guard
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he didn't make a single basket last night but sank 9 of his first 10 and scored 24 points, including 15 straight before the 1st period ended! he finished with a career high 30. nuggets win 123-107. whoo! >> avalanche had a terrible start. not much better after that. colorado left two goals in the first three minutes to play. and th four-minute span in the 2nd period. avs lose 5-1. sad news, marek svatos died today action native of lone treat, at just 34. cause of death is still unknown. rapids advance to the conference finals of the soccer conference today.
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galaxy in leg two of their playoff series. stelvi -- shkelzen gashi here! perfectly placed in the net! and the steal of the night comes from fort worth, texas, where dale earnhart, jr., was pulled over for speeding on his way to the racetrack. he's unable to race due to a concussion but still ? [ music ] ? >> dale's fiance was trying not to life and leaning back with her phone, you know? doing one of these numbers? >> that's true love! >> she snapped that and put it on twitter.
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?[ music ] ? this is 9news!
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>> how about this start!!! >> it is caught for the touchdown! [cheers and applause] >> he lost the ball! >> it has one of those nights. >> hi, everybody! and welcome back to "broncos tonight." here in the denver studios. 9news insider mike cliss is in oakland following a 20. 30 loss to the raiders. i am stunned! i thought the raiders were overrated and the broncos would walk all over them. how about you? >> i was not surprised at all. >> really? >> a game that's typical for rillo. derrick carr was passing the
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got beat in all three phases. but i was not surprised with what the raiders were able to do tonight. >> mike? >> yeah, i was surprised by how decisive the butt kicking was by the raiders. [ chuckle ] >> when you can't run the ball and they run all over you, you just got outmanned. and i was surprised by that. now, afterwards you heard gary kubiak and a lot of players say, look, the broncos didn't lose the championship here. d championship with this victory tonight. but it did have the sense that these were two teams passing each other in the bay area night. the raiders are ascending. the broncos without aqib talib. and that was a concern come into this game. they're not the same defense without talib. and if they're not the same defense, they're not the same team. >> we all know that statistics don't always tell the story.
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trevor siemian threw for 200 more yards than carr did. >> oh, no. if you look at the stat, i think you could be fooled easily because derrick carr was clearly the best quarterback on the field tonight. >> there's a glaring there and they'll have to meet in a few weeks, mike? >> i thin their four corners because all they had to do was run the ball. they didn't need much from derrick carr later on. he was big in the first few drives when they were 13- nothing. then it was all running game. i thought trevor siemian was the best offensive player tonight. at the end of the game, interception, 4th down. but i thought siemian needed a lot more help.
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on with the running game. i mean, cj anderson is a big loss. but the raiders were 28 against the run. the broncos had just 33 yards rushing. >> on a positive note, chad, the broncos showed mental toughness tonight staying in a game that could've gotten lop- sided early. >> they're probably the most resilient team in the nfl the last two seasons. that's why they won a super bowl last year. their mental toughness helped them tonight when the other them. but -- outperforming them. but you have to play with passion, emotion. that didn't happen all night long. >> one of the guy that is did play with serious passion, tj ward. thought he had an interception. but it was overturned by instant replay. even so the cameras found him again in the locker room after the game with rod mackey. we saw by the way you were
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you always play with passion -- you seemed to take it up another level tonight. we saw how bad you wanted this game but it didn't happen in the end sadly. >> it was a bad one. we spent all that motion and energy for winning and then it's messed up. but on to the next one. >> reporter: i know there's a lot of places to point the finger, but probably for one, their offense. >> no, we if we don't play good as a team, we take hits. >> reporter: you have shown character to bounce back from slow starts. but those slow starts put you in holes. >> uhhh -- you could say it put us in a hole or you could say that, you know, we fight better towards the end. but whatever it is, man, we seem to come back sometimes. and then othertimes, we can't. so maybe i just need to start making it up this year.
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we're going to come back! >> well, we come back and get a penalty. they throw one on us. we give them a penalty. it's frustrating, man, when you have to go against two teams. [ sigh ] >> reporter: all right. how fast can you turn the page? because obviously this was a big game. but you have another one against the saints this week! on the road! >> yeah, we have a good one! great offense, great defense. this so looking towards to next week in new orleans. ward did some leaning of the -- the raiders set a record last week for penalties if the game. >> you would like to think the raiders would fix that. and they did. so they had eight penalties tonight. the broncos had 12. penalties lose games. and the penalties were a
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well, you tend to hold a little bit more. as defensive back, you tend to grab a little more. we saw that late in the ball game. when you're not a player who normally starts aqib talib being out, they were able to focus on broncos backs not as experienced as aqib talib. and they were grabbing and tugging all night long. >> nobody wants to wine about the reps, -- wh reps, but, mike, did any have a point? >> reporter: a few did look like pass interference. but it looked like broncos had bad technique on all of them. they didn't do do the tricks of the trade not to get the flags. it was a week in secondary. even without aqib talib, they were way down on the depth
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there's definitely a dropoff for aqib talib in so many ways. his play at corner back, just the type of demeanor he brings to that defense. they missed him tremendously. i don't look for him to play next week against drew brees on the superbomb either. so i think this team is -- super dome either. so i think this team is in trouble! i don't see how this team beat it is saints in new orleans next week, to be honest. you may have to say, what kind of team do denver broncos? >> sitting in the coaching box, does that make a difference to the players? >> i don't think it could have mattered where he was. whether here in the field or box, doesn't make a difference. he couldn't slow down that release which was an issue as the denver players were getting flagged out there. you would think with the better per executive, he would have more -- perspective, he
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else besides me likes the dancing punter! and we'll find out after a
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