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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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he took drugs from the judge said, "i don't believe he gives a damn about people." it is the largest settlement in the history of the city. aurora will pay $2.6 million to the family of an unarmed black man shot and killed by a police officer last year. march last year nislalis pezant was on parole and cut off his ankle monitor. officer paul jeroth was part of a special unit. van zandt was accused of assaulting the mother of year-old child. the grand jury report said jeroth believed he was armed, shot him once in the chest and then discovered van zandt was not carrying a weapon. the settlement also included planned changes for the aurora police department. >> the two major changes are the development of a tier system for reporting officer- involved use of force and the creation of a force review board. the force review board is impaneled to review uses of
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procedures and training. >> a grand jury declined to indict the officer. they found he acted reasonably when he shot van zandt. aurora police say $500,000 of the settlement will come from city funds. the rest is being paid by the insurance carrier. denver police hope someone knows this man who is accused of using his cell phone to take pictures up the skirt of a woman at a broncos chargers game last sunday october 30th at th suspect who ran away. the suspect has a blade type prosthetic leg. anyone with information is asked to contact metro denver crime stoppers at 720, 913- stop. you can remain anonymous and may be eligible for cash reward. northbound i-25 and arapahoe road back open after a crash late this morning. a semi truck tipped over and spilled about 50 gallons of fuel on the road. traffic has been backed up much of the day.
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cdot camera at i-25 and arapahoe. you can see how bad it is. everything is back open, but there are still backups as traffic gets moving again, no word yet on injuries. in castle rock a brushfire near meadows parkway and u.s. 85 is out, but look at, that some good flames there. it burned close to 6 acres close solve roads in that area and viewer lori sutley sent area and viewer lori sutley sent us that photo. it is dry today not helping that dry grass and the brushfires. meteorologist belen deleon is in the 9news backyard. you're saying it could warm up even more this week. >> it will. we've already been above normal for the past several days and our forecast is trending towards a warmer drier weather pattern. let's look at where we are right now. our 24 hour temperature difference map puts us about 4 degrees cooler than this time
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swept through the state and dropped our temperatures just a tad. right now we're getting really close to that sunset and the temperatures are starting to feel cool around town. we've got 60s in denver, fort collins, boulder and greeley. the rest of the front range looks like this. we've got some cooler temperatures up in higher elevations, 50s and 40s closer to the foothills. outside our studios here on peer and logan, blue skies with a little bit -- speer and logan, blue skies with a le 20 miles per hour in spots. the view of doppler 9 is quiet across the state. i think mother nature knows what's up. she knows election is coming up and she wants to keep the weather quiet for us to focus on that. the forecast now is quiet across the state. by the time you clock out from work or any other errands you run tonight, temperatures will be in the 50s under clear skies. temperatures overnight will be chilly, though.
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come close to that freezing mark, it trends into a frosty night. keep that in mind for tonight. the temperatures across the front range tonight will drop to the 20s in some spots in northern colorado, then close to the foothill temperatures in the 30s. speaking of those temperatures that have been above normal, look at where they've been in the past six days in comparison to our normal high for this time of year. 70s and 60s normal highs should be in the upper 50s. our temperatures will get into the 70s sometime this week. i'll let you know when coming up in a few. >> someday it's going to feel like fall and winter around here. >> it will eventually happen. this time tomorrow the pops will be a few hours from -- the polls will be a few hours from closing and today it's the all out full push from the presidential candidates as they
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nbc's steve handelsman is on the campaign trail in philadelphia today. >> reporter: hillary clinton began her last day push in pennsylvania. >> i want to be the president for all americans, not just some. >> reporter: she leads by 4% nationally in our new poll and will not be prosecuted for her e-mails, no change after the fbi preassessment. donald trump raged. >> hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. county outside philadelphia. >> i think i'll probably end up voting for hillary just because i feel like she's the lesser of two evils. >> reporter: this voter is staying with trump. >> both of them are very flawed, but to me she is way more flawed than he is. >> reporter: between events in pennsylvania today clinton goes to michigan, a state trump
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florida where he started today. >> i'm not a politician. my only special interest is you. >> reporter: president obama went to ann arbor to prevent a surprise. >> good every the good news, michigan, is you are uniquely qualified to make sure he does not get the job. >> reporter: more republicans early voted in georgia and arizona. more democrats in critical florida and nevada, but in pennsylvania wh ready for clinton's rally tonight there's -- crews got ready for clinton's rally tonight there's almost no early voting. stocks surged on wall street today breaking a nine day losing streak. analysts say the change is fueled from the announcement that the fbi didn't find anything in those new lip discovered clinton e-mails. the dow jumped 371 points. the s&p gained 46. the nasdaq jumped 119. the colorado campaign stops aren't over yet.
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today. he's in boulder right now. then he'll head to jefferson county to the lakewood cultural center theater at 7:00 for a rally. donald trump came to colorado saturday night. former new york mayor rudy guiliani also campaigned here over the weekend for trump. nearly 2 million people have already turned in their ballots in colorado and republicans are catching up to democrats. as of today, more than 652,000 registered republicans have turned in their mail-in compared to just over 645,000 registered democrats. more than 527,000 unaffiliated voter have done the same. democrats led last week, but republicans are catching up. that doesn't mean more republican votes have been turned in, just that more registered republicans have submitted their ballots. you need to take your ballot to a drop box. you cannot mail it now. it won't make it in time. if you plan to vote tomorrow, the secretary of state office
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your designated polling place may have changed. we have all this information and resources about each issue and candidate in the voter guide on i janet reno do solemnly swear. >> the first woman to serve as attorney general of the united states died after a long battle with parkinson's disease. janet reno was 78 years old. she was a former miami prosecutor who served nearly eight years as attorney general she faced criticism for the raid of the branch davidian compound . she left washington in 2001 saying she wanted to tour the country in a brand-new pickup truck. social media is helping people protesting construction of the dakota access pipeline get their message to people
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video recordings of police and protesters have been viewed millions of times, many of the interactions happening this past weekend. groups of protesters spent time yesterday at a bismarck cemetery. they say the pipeline will go through what's considered their ancestors' burial grounds. the state historical society said there are no burial grounds in the pipeline's route. last week it was announced that documents showing american indian artifacts found along the route of the dakota access oil pipe line last month were not reported to state regulators north dakota's chief archeologist said he was notified quickly but didn't report it to the commission because he thought the pipeline company would. it hasn't really felt much like winter or even fall, but loveland ski area says it's ready to open this week. lift 1 will open at 9 a.m. thursday. it will stay open until 4:00. the catwalk, mambo and home run runs will be open. arapahoe basin is the only other report that will be open.
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21st. keystone is aiming to open sometime near the end of the week, hopefully friday. the colorado rockies have a new manager who says he loves colorado. his daughter was married in keystone and he says he feels good about the players that he is getting. bud black was officially introduced today by the team. >> the rockies the second team in black's managerial career. the 59-year-old 2010 national league manager of the year was with the san diego 2007 to 2015. he never reached the postseason. black said today he's excited to work with guys like all-star third baseman nolan arenado and outfielders dahl, blackmon and gonzalez. >> i get the vibe that our players feel good about themselves and each other and the team and that's a great start. that's first and foremost.
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>> black is now the seventh manager in franchise history. the rockies announced early october walt weiss would not return as their manager. colorado was 75-85. weiss went 283-365 failing to finish higher than third place each season in the nl west. >> you know that i'm a san diego native, so i spent years watching bud black. >> yeah. >> he's a class act. maybe he didn't have the best record. they never went to the postseason, but he is a class addition to the rockies. >> the rockies, we love walt weiss and have so many great players. we've just got to find the right magic, something. it will happen. colorado could get some company tomorrow. five states could vote to legalize recreational marijuana. >> tech insiders are hoping this is the next big thing in
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it is not just about the candidates. tomorrow nine states are looking to approving legal marijuana. five of those st considering recreation pot, california, arizona, nevada, massachusetts and maine. there are fears it could spark more illegal use. >> reporter: at venice beach in california a doctor will prescribe you a medical marijuana card for 40 bucks, but people on the boardwalk will tell you pot is so easy to get some don't even bother with the prescription. >> people just come here, feels like amsterdam or something like that. >> reporter: on the ballot in california, arizona, nevada,
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to legalize. for most states that means six plants per personal use and allows people over 21 to buy up to an ounce. >> so this is what an ounce looks like. >> this is an ounce, 28 grams. >> reporter: while in maine voters will be asked to legalize up to 2.5 ounces. nationwide polls are showing support for pot is at an all time high. this election cycle 57% of americans are in favor of legalization. in colorado, the first state legalize recreational use, the governor once opposed to legalization is now optimistic. >> i step back now and look at it and say you know, it just might work. >> reporter: but in the colorado town of pueblo voters are asked if they want to repeal legalization while the district attorney from denver has written a letter to california saying they have seen an increase in crime, marijuana related traffic deaths and calls to poison control and in california those opposed to legalization are taking to the air waves with
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>> children could be exposed to ads promoting marijuana gummy candy and brownies, the same products blamed for a spike in emergency room visits in colorado. >> reporter: if the measure passes in california, the marijuana market would be bigger than the economies of some small countries. experts estimate it could bring in over $1 billion in tax revenue alone. >> if california votes yes, it's allege plately the -- legitimately the beginning of the end of the war on marijuana america. >> in 1912 california was the first state to ban marijuana, but now many think if california legalizes, it will turn the tide for the rest of the country, so kind of an interesting dichotomy. >> for those who like to track official and unofficial results, this is very unofficial, okay? this is data from hashtags for donald trump and hillary
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we'll be keeping an eye on the social media traffic surrounding each candidate and issues and tomorrow this is just one way we'll be doing it. >> you can legally vote more than once in this one. >> yeah, that hashtag thing, yeah. 9wants to know also wants to help you tomorrow. we have a team checking on voter intimidation, access problems and putting voters in touch with legal experts if something doesn't go smoothly on election day. >> you can use to report issues or trouble spots. >> also don't forget to head to the voter guide on if you haven't voted yet. we have resources, information about all of the candidates, all the issues. you can find your polling places and ballot dropoff information. if you need a break from the election, we have slide show ofs of pretty pictures, downloadable games and coloring
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we know by now there can be hidden medical costs, but it can go beyond what may or may not be on hospital bills. >> and are you blaming sleeping problems on the time change or is there something more serious
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if you have health insurance and have to go to an emergency room, you figure the procedure is covered, right? think again. more people are getting
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room bills even though they have insurance. 9news consumer reporter tarhonda thomas tells us why it's happening and what to do if it happens to you. >> reporter: john elfrank tenaw had to have two emergency brain surgeries after he hit his head and suffered a brain bleed. he thought his insurance could cover the cost. instead he was hit with more than $90,000 in bills. what john didn't know is about 2/3 of emergency room doctors are independent contractors. they may not be plan. doctors with bill you for what your insurance doesn't cover. do your research before an emergency happens. contact your area hospitals and ask if they take your insurance. then ask your hospital of choice whether the e.r. doctors there will take your insurance, too. ambulances, lab services and special equipment can all fall into the out of network category. that could cost patients thousands of dollars. consumer reports says if you
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eob or explanation of benefits from your insurer. compare that with the bills and double check with your insurer to make sure the providers are not in your plan. then ask your provider if they'll settle for what the insurance company's already paid. be persistent. you'll be surprised. some doctors will negotiate with you. you can also appeal to the agency in your state that regulates insurance carriers like john did. it's taken him a year, but john has finally seen a reduction in >> you have to do your research. you have to really be a smart consumer. >> reporter: several states have laws on the books to prevent people from being charged out of network fees for emergency room doctors. so consumer reports says don't pay a surprisingly high e.r. bill without first checking with your provider and with the insurance company. on the consumer beat tarhonda thomas, 9news.
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9news reporter chris vanderveen loves it. he's always looking into hidden costs. send an e-mail to showusyour if you have a bill you'd like him to look at. >> he likes to look at them. so send your bills. scientists say they are a step closer to identifying a potential treatment for the zika virus. this would be different than a vaccine. so far the potential treatment has been only tested in mice. vanned bu vanderbilt researchers say they've identified an antibody that appears to protect mouse fetuses from becoming infected. the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases has become the first of several clinical trials of a potential zika vaccine. if you're struggling after this time change and many of us are, this is a good time to address sleeping issues. doctors warn about connections between sleep apnea and other health issues. the sleep foundation says
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cause problems like extreme fatigue, stroke, heart disease and lead to other problems like hypertension. another concern is atrial fibrillation where a patient has an irregular heartbeat. patients who suffer from afib are three times to suffer from sleep apnea. a long term possible solution for patients untreated with sleep apnea is a heart attack. >> if you measure markers such as your good cholesterol which is protective, with sleep apnea. hoeho -- homo sistine levels are decreased. >> take care of it. doctors say if patients stick with the treatment, they will be less fatigued which will increase their energy to decrease heart related problems. the most common way to assess sleep issues is with one of those sleep tests. >> got to know.
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facility where they monitor you and determine what's going on. it is going to feel a little bit warmer in the next few days. >> yeah. it keeps going back up. somehow the dial got stuck on warm, warm. >> can't fix it. we called the guy.
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doesn't seem any time soon in the metro area, but we have winter coming to skyline park in denver which that should be a nice change of pace, if you will. southwest airlines brought in the flying zamboni to mark the start of construction of the southwest rink at skyline park today. this is the seventh year the downtown denver partnership created the ice rink downtown. it will be ready to open december 22nd despite our unusually warm weather we've
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mother nature, we might struggle a bit this year and skating is free which is one of the best parts of the southwest rink. you can rent a pair for $2 if you don't have ice skates. >> i do. this i go. it's fun. >> the downtown denver partnership said in the last six years that 270,000 people have enjoyed the southwest rink at skyline park. it does make you feel in the spirit. >> it does because you don't realize there's a whole downtown surrounded by you until you look up and see skyscrapers. it's fun. it's a good time down there. >> and hope nobody upstairs is watching your skating skills. this saturday is a big day you can help people in need in your neighborhoods and hang out with the 9news team. >> we really hope you join us for our 34th annual 9cares colorado shares drive. sometimes the weather when it's cooler it really gets people to respond. we know the weather isn't going to be, but we know you'll still respond. we'll collect nonperishable
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from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. at five locations in metro denver and more than 30 sites around the state. you can make cash donations at the drive sites or online. saturday's forecast is really, really nice. so when you drop by, you'll have your ac on, but we will still run over and help you not load your car, -- help you unload your car whatever it might be. there is an interactive map of drive locations near you on our website. please think about those in need because cold weather is coming and it doesn't matter, on a warm day or cold day. >> absolutely. we so appreciate all you folks who donate every year. people are asking for high protein items this year. so think about that, but we'll take anything we can get. we know you need to empty out those pantries. slightly cooler across the metro area. let's check in with our friend belen deleon in the 9news backyard soaking in all this sun. >> it's really nice out here right now, but we're getting
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i've got a great shot right here in our ridgeway webcam where you can see still lots of sunshine beaming down on the san juans that are also covered in snow. it looks so beautiful now in the mountains. meanwhile here on the front range we're just kind of twiddling our thumbs when are we going to see that first snow? it's the most frequently asked question i get even in the grocery store. we're past the average first snowfall date october 19th. we've had the latest date, was in 1934, november 21st, goodness. is it going to be that long until we see snow here? stay tuned. one thing is for sure. we aren't going to see snow today or tomorrow. our extended forecast is really dry. our high today was 63 degrees above our average for this time of year of 56. our temperatures across the state got into the low to mid- 60s across the eastern part of the state. in the high country we did 49
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grand junction 66. right now we have 60 degrees at dia, a little breezy 10 miles per hour. in the backyard we're at 60 degrees. let's check the weather with the rest of the state starting off with current conditions. right now we've got very clear skies across colorado, doesn't matter where you go, 60s and 40s in the mountains and a few 50s out east like in li northern colorado, fort collins, 63 degrees. tonight temperatures drop to 34 degrees, tomorrow sun up at 6:35 a.m., but it's going to be a clear calm night across the state. we'll drop to the 20s in some spots in the mountains. we're cooler than yesterday today because of a cold front that moved through earlier. now we're starting to see those cooler temperatures because tonight we'll drop to the 20s in some spots in the mountains
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get close to freezing as well. your weather headlines, today you probably needed those sunglasses. don't lose them. you'll need them the next several days. i'm calling this the race for days forecast. our temperatures have been above average. they were above average today. they'll keep being above normal. good news is for tomorrow we are looking at just perfect weather to hit the polls and cast your vote. as we've mentioned before, that jet stream, it's that rapidly moving stream of air that's it divides the cold air from the warm air. so here is a look at this jet stream forecast. generally where you have those colors right here, that's where you have that jet stream, that storm track, and it's way above the northern part of the country. we had a cold front that moved through earlier today and that's going to keep moving south. watch what happens to the jet stream through tomorrow. we'll see this ridge form over the western half of the country. when that happens, our
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weather dries out. through wednesday our forecast is going to be really warm while our friends to the south will see a possibility of rain, possibility of flash flooding, rain also out towards the pacific northwest with colder air driving into the new england states. keep that in mind if you do have travel plans in that area. speaking of rain, the rain forecast for the southern part of the country, we'll see a possibility of upwards of 2 inches for parts of oklahoma and even into parts of missouri. we need that rain, but we're just not going to get it. our current drought monitor across the state puts us in abnormally dry conditions with the central part of the state currently experiencing moderate drought conditions. now our futurecast takes us through the rest of the afternoon into this evening when our skies will be clear. tomorrow morning you're waking up getting in line to cast your vote at the polls. it will be bright and sunny and
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evening. if you have travel plans, you'll be good to go on i-70, i- 76, i 25. speaking of, tomorrow morning grab a cup of coffee, bundle up, take those gloves if you have them if you're waiting outside while trying to cast your vote. polls up at 7:00 a.m. temperatures will be at 38 degrees. the sun is up, around noon 62 degrees and around 5 p.m. it's going to be cooler, 59 tomorrow. the polls close at here's your planning forecast, tomorrow a high 65. then on wednesday 74 will be your high. that's almost 20 degrees above our normal high for this time of year. on thursday we start to cool things down, 68 the high. friday 67, veterans day just a great forecast for any ceremonies that have to happen outside and again that forecast for saturday 9cares colorado shares a high of 69 degrees.
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kim and ryan. >> now we're talking. forget about the election tomorrow. we have 17 days till thanksgiving. >> we have lots of things to look forward to after the election. tech enthusiasts hoping drone racing will be the next big sport. >> they're trying to tap into a
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so we've heard the numbers, the estimates that 5 million people came out to the chicago
4:42 pm
the cubs, of course, had not won a series in 108 years and these are some images from digital globe. they're a colorado-based company that works with high resolution satellite imagery and data analytics. on a list of major celebrations the cubs event surpassed the 3.5 million people at rod stewart's 1994 rio concert, also on par with 1995 world news day which, of course, was here in colorado. 5million people came out to was the seventh largest gathering of people in history. >> can you believe it? >> with no problems. that's the best part. it was just happy. >> we love that. that is an awesome distraction, very cool. drones, moving on now, are no longer just a cool new tech toy that sells out during the holidays. racing them has become a sport. next summer eight drone pilots will compete in london to be crowned best in the world in
4:43 pm
the event wilco in side with the -- will coincide with the annual tech week. the drones can hit speeds in excess of 90 miles an hour but are built all the same. all pilots will be doing the flying, not a preprogrammed gps system. >> these drones are going 90 plus miles an hour weaving through buildings racing in places you could never race any other craft. it's got all the speed and thrills and passes and crashes of automotive sport but you're layering in flight and all the technology associated with the drones. >> oh, well, doesn't that sound fancy? the drone racing league says motor sports have struggled to attract younger fans in the united states. of course, they think drone racing will change that. in september espn reached an agreement to broadcast the drone racing league season. we had to know this was coming. >> you want to know my concern, watching this event in the crowd and having these 90 miles
4:44 pm
already, but i'm worried, so everyone else should be worried. >> i don't know. that's crazy of maybe slacker and steve, do you guys do a little drone racing? >> no. i just use my drones to stalk people. >> another one of your pastimes. >> there's probably one flying around the studio right now. i know everybody is mad when we have talk about christmas too early, but it's never too early to talk about this. do you, should you buy your boss a christmas present? ponder. >> and how much do you spend? if you don't, are you worried you're the only one that didn't and it won't look favorable on you, might get fired? >> or if you do, you look like the suck-up. >> yeah. you're kissing butt. >> are you guys going to buy anybody there a present? >> i've been here a long time. i tend to get people here and there. i guess you kind of worry about impressions. what if you get somebody a
4:45 pm
that's a great christmas gift. >> it depends on the boss. i think gift cards are so safe like the starbucks gift card go to. that's easy. >> lame. shows zero thought. no. you'll have to try harder than that. >> how much are you spending, too? >> that's why everybody should be like drew soicher. they like slurpees. they're relatively cheap. you get him a gift card. >> just so you know, we're going to shave off and send it in packages for you guys for the entire staff of 9news. we'll send you a little hair, kim. >> something i've always wanted. >> i'll send you guysmean. how is that? >> you've got beard envy. ryan has it all going on. >> he looks great. i don't know what you guys do to grow your facial hair. >> you guys are awesome. >> i think they're using some
4:46 pm
>> facial steroid cream. >> it's irritating. >> they're juicing up. >> we'll be probably shaving tomorrow. >> looking forward to that gift come december 1st. >> it's coming. >> thanks, guys. it is a popular tactile toy that's impossible to put down they say. >> now there's a way to make your own motion sand using ingredients you can find at home. a what? i don't know. steve spangler has it all
4:47 pm
4:49 pm
steve spangler is here and you know what? everybody would like an escape to the beach especially right now when we're about to get through this election. >> this is a material people have played with before, this motion kind of sand. they call it kinetic. see how it moves.
4:50 pm
playing with it. kind of expensive and worth it because it's the best stuff. i have a variation you can do at home that's pretty cool. watch what happens. here is the recipe. you'll go to the hobby store and just find fine sign. say that 1,000 times. here's your fine sand about, a cup of fine sand. bingo, got it. to that believe it or not the secret is cornstarch. >> isn't it always? >> so here is your i'm going to put in with this batch about a tablespoon. so there's our tablespoon of cornstarch. now i'm going to mix this around so i can kind of get that incorporated into it. you'll see in some batches that we have here in a second that you can vary the amount of cornstarch. that's kind of a cool thing. >> changes it. >> add to that soap. here is about a tablespoon of dish soap. >> you're making what kim is playing with?
4:51 pm
that one. so this gets mixed around. that's kind of a mess. then you've just got to be careful about how much water you add. so that's what makes this kind of an experiment. the secret with the cornstarch is a lot of people made that stuff where you mix cornstarch and water and it becomes a solid and liquid at the same time. when we add just a little bit, kim, look at the pink stuff right next to you. isn't that fun? here it is. too. look at this batch here. if it's a little too watery, just let it sit out for a second, but that's not a bad batch. get your hands in these two. you can see the difference. that's a little more coarse. you can pack it as well. >> this is fine, fine. >> if we pack it up like this, watch this. you can back it down and build those little -- that's what's cool. excuse the reach. now we can pack it and try to sculpt with it.
4:52 pm
there's your motion sand. as soon as you touch it here it, just crumbles and there is your kind of motion sand. the secret of the cornstarch, the seeds of the cornstarch sit together and there's a little water there. so they'll squeeze together like when you put your feet in the sand at the beach and it kind of washes away. so you get that solid liquid at the same time. this here i just added a lot more cornstarch. i really like that one because you can form a snowball. >> not when you take your hands off. >> look at this one. when you squeeze through your hands, this heck becomes like a play -- this almost becomes like a play-doh. we used about a cup of fine sand, a tablespoon of cornstarch, a tablespoon of that dish soap and a little water, just a little bit there. i'll have to let this one dry out. see how this is a little too
4:53 pm
we are going to put all this information on facebook. we'll put it up on it's a nice like diy hack. >> kids everywhere are making this in their living room. >> seriously. when thanksgiving is coming up, the kids are bored and you're trying to cook. make them a bunch of sand. >> i think we'll have to do the walking on water thing. so i better bring in the 100 pounds of cornstarch and the garden hose and this fun. there's nothing like teaching a kid to mess up the house. we put it all there. >> and on facebook as well. >> check it out, everybody, on
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denver b cycle is free on election day. a membership normally is $9, but tomorrow all feels are waived to get to the polls. there are locations all around the metro area. pickups and returns sh >> good stuff, take advantage. if you haven't been inspired to vote, maybe you'll get inspiration from a woman who never had the chance to cast a ballot. >> this cemetery where suffrager susan b. anthony is buried in rochester is extending its hours tomorrow to give people more time to visit her grave. the mayor says it's become an election day rite of passage for many people. visitors have been leaving i voted stickers and other messages at they are gravesite.
4:58 pm
rochester in 1906, 41 years before the women won the right to vote. >> crazy. it wasn't all this long ago that women had the right. so make your vote count this week. hey, that's it for us. 9news at 5:00 is next. thanks for joining us this
4:59 pm
next at 5:00 the polls will be open at this time tomorrow in colorado. a few hour after that we could know who our next president will be. early voter turnout has been big. we have new numbers on which political party is outvoting the other. >> it's been two weeks since a denver woman was arrested for attempted murder while protesting in north dakota. r >> a boulder business could be fined thousands because of how it smells next on 9news. >> this is 9news. we know, we know, many of you cannot wait for the election be -- election to be over. good news. we're just hours from election day. clinton started her last day push in pennsylvania.
5:00 pm
e-mails, no change after the fbi reassessment. donald trump who started his day in florida says she's being protected by a rigged system. trump also had events in north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan today. president obama campaigned for clinton in ann arbor michigan today. clinton will be in pennsylvania tonight where she'll join her husband, the president, first lady and a bunch of rock stars to hold a concert and rally tonight. the candidates have been spending a t so-called swing states, colorado being one of them despite the fact that a lot of colorado voters have already turned in their ballots. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman joins us now. we've seen now kind of a changeover in which party is leading as far as getting those ballots in. >> i've been putting together these graphics every morning on social media. it was rather unusual to see democrats start out in the lead. normally they wait a little bit longer. that's just the tendency in


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