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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. >> i think it's time to come to momma. >> there's to reason my ahead of us. if you reach for them together. >> i'm asking you to dream big. with your vote, we are just hours away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. >> high five for every ballot. high five.
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>> way to be a hero. >> captain america greeting voters out there. nearly comes down to your joining us in a minute with what you need to do. live in new york this morning, either hillary clinton or donald trump will celebrate tonight. tracey, new york never seemed so small. all temperature center of attention here in the 20 blocks here. this is election night headquarters for clinton.
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donald trump and his team will be watching those returning come in tonight. we're waiting for clinton to vote. we're told any minute now, we've been waiting for a while. we saw tim kaine earlier. he's going to come here to watch the end of this very long very hard race with clinton later today. now if you take a look at where they wrap things up, it tells you a lot about what they think is important here. hillary clinton e morning arriveed in new york. polls nearly deadlocked. trump went to michigan. they haven't voted republican since 1988. looks like based on pun dents and predictions, polling, he may have to flip a state like
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earn can say out about this being a fair election. what is he doing to make sure this is counted properly? >> the justice department is concerned about that they've got hundreds of people they've set up to go all over the country today. two specific polling places, specific precincts in specific counties where they've had complaints before. complaints about voter intimidation, concerns about that. complaints about election fraud. complaints about p getting access to their ballot when their voter i.d. problems and things like that. they're going to have things on the ground in 28 different state, 67 counties where they think there could be a problem. >> taking a live look now in new york. >> her republican opponent
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plans when he plans to visit the city. he'll be in new york city tonight to watch the results as will hillary clinton. once again, this is a live look that is actually a school which is the voting place for hillary clinton. >> four minutes after 6:00 now, republicans have democrats. more than 2 million votes have been turned in in the state. republican voters have turned in ballots. as always, in colorado, it's a lot up to unaffiliated voters, independents. they've returned 599,000
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winning, just who has turned in ballots so far. whether you're putting your ballot in drop off boxes or voting in person, there's a lot to know to make sure things go smoothly today. we are joined from denver this morning with what you need to know. >> good morning. polling places and voting service centers open at 7:00. sooner you get here the better. you won't have to deal with longer lines and a lot of people have turned in their ballots. he's with the denver elections division. like a red carpet here, special occasion. what do people need to know about the place they drop off their ballot or finding a polling location. >> if they somehow misplace, go to denver and see the information. >> if you don't live in
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colorado -- in denver, just >> the room is accounting room. one of the things we like to make sure people understand is that room is actually on an isolated area gap network. nothing can be introduced into it. no flash drives on the internet. teams that work in there are totally bipartisan. if public looks through window, they're seeing their party affiliation on their vests. >> on the red vests one democrat, one republican, one unaffiliated? >> correct. our ballot handling is that way. ballots out in public are totally bipartisan. >> we want them to fill in the bubble, not just check it. if they make mistakes and check,
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>> if they fill out the bubble and we can't make out their vote, we have a bipartisan team able to examine that and make sure every vote gets counted. >> we're going back to corey now. quickly, corey tweeted me asking, if someone already voted, can they still get a sticker? >> absolutely. they have the virtual ones available on snap chat, twitter, facebook. right click and save. if y located around town, get your hands on the snap chat. next thing you know, a virtual i voted stick her. >> everyone wants to show off the sticker. if you at home have questions, tweet me. wear the sticker proudly. >> absolutely. i'll pass along to my friend that wanted to know. i voted weeks ago. i want a free doughnut.
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if you dropped it off. wanted to make sure they got pit as well. people in three new hampshire towns became the first in the country to recast ballots and have them counted and announced. hillary clinton beat donald trump 4-2. clinton won 17 votes to trump's 14. in millsfield, trump won decisively 16-4. in total, trump won sanders got write in as well as and so do romney. polls close as soon as all registered voters have cast ballots. wondering when it will finally officially be over? we should know who our next president is around bedtime, maybe between 9:00 and 9:17 mountain time tonight when the last three presidential elections were called.
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in the morning our time the 2000 election was not excited until december 12 12th. weather is always a hot topic. election day is mild and warm. >> here in colorado, it's a mild day. dry in the backyard, cool start. sun getting ready to come up in a half hour or so. wind is light here down low and in the foothills as well. current reading across the state. 20s and 30s across the plains. freeze watch in south eastern colorado. obviously we have freezing conditions this morning. cold enough to make snow in mountain areas. in the front range, colder spots down low. colder heavier air likes to sink into the river valleys. we'll climb out of it. light wind, sunshine, dry. all continues today with temperatures moving to mid-60s for our daytime highs.
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the low 70s. weak cold front comes through thursday. all that's going to do is bring few clouds in and bit of wind thursday afternoon dropping us to 60 friday which is still about 4 to 5 degrees above average. >> thank you marty. 610:67:89 checking6:00 -- 6:10 checking in. as you make your way through, left lane crash here. we'll get the cross street on that we make our way through this backups on highway 85 as you come in near the commute, we are starting to see delays. looks like fluids spilled on the road. everyone is using that right shoulder heading to commerce city. take a look outside. current views 270 and vasquez. so far light. drive across 36, north of boulder, looks great. out across town, great speeds downtown to tech center.
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drive. 14 in fact and great pieced across santa fe, southbound as well. >> a lot of green. that's a great way to start election day. >> keep it going. low voter turnout. don't worry, captain america to the rescue. >> we'll talk about how the masses super hero reminds local voters that doing your citizenly duty can be a lot of fun too. can one meal implode your whole diet? >> one meal is not going you. >> when it comes to protecting your diet during the holidays,
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. the music makes me happy. 6:14.
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about the biggest meal of the year, thanksgiving. which are best to put on your plate? we show you what to indulge in and what to leave on the table when you're asking should i eat this or that. >> let's be clear. nobody loves thanksgiving more than i do. not concerned with calories on that day. in case you are or maybe have a guest who is, we'll help you choose this or that. ct your whole diet? >> one meal out of the year is not going to kill you. >> let's start with the biggest item on the table, turkey. should we choose turkey or ham? >> i think both are great. i always encourage patients to choose a free change turkey rather than a conventional turkey. >> put hit into our cart. we're going to choose the rest of the meal. we're onto side dishes. what is thanksgiving without the stuffing.
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whether it's box stuff or homemade. >> you've got potatoes. which would you put on your plate? >> vegetables over bread on my plate. >> really good for shopping at the grocery store. . >> i'm going to put this in the basket for thanksgiving. >> not bad. >> what do i need to get instead? >> how cider. it's better than soda. >> this is like a fruit for me. >> absolutely. >> which would you choose, crescent or dinner roll? >> neither. if i had to choose one of the other, i would choose croissant.
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of course pumpkin pie. this or that? >> choose whatever pleases you. >> whatever pie we want? >> yes. >> go crustless, less carbs, grains, guilt. >> if you fall off the wagon a little bit, it's okay. if you fall off thursday, get back on track friday, or maybe just wait until monday. thanks so much doctor for a this or that. >> crustless pie, i'm sad. >> if i had crustless pie, it would end up in my lap. i'm just saying. >> dr. says don't feel bad ability relaxing eating rules on thanksgiving day. it's the other 364 days of the year that matter when it comes to staying healthy. >> who has one thanksgiving meal though? >> there are many with left overs. >> over and over. >> i like how she said monday
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>> there you go. this or that, both. so you heard it for the last few months colorado is a key battleground state is our state essential to winning the presidential election >> our political experts join us
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dry in colorado and surrounding region.
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illinois, indiana and ohio. up to the northwest, still raining in the pacific northwest that storm system is up and around colorado leaving us high and dry. sunny through the day with highs in the mid-60s. 50s and 60s in the foothills. very little wind anywhere up and down the front range. rest of colorado with dry conditions. few clouds over the northeast corner of the state. fair weather clouds in the mountains a during the day. however, this evening strong wind gusts out of the south, new mexico and texas over the plains. that's bringing warmer air in for tomorrow. today running closes to 9 degrees above average. tomorrow 50s and 60s in mountain areas. 65 here with sunshine.
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warm day of the week. i'll go 72 degrees. we have a midday front thursday. brings in a breeze, few clouds, no rain or snow with it. slightly cooler on friday. the weekend still looking very, very fine. saturday is 9 cares colorado shares. hope everybody comes out to see us. >> i hope so too. going to be gorgeous little cool. >> we start out very busy. southb e470 interchange. left lane is blocked. cars off to the left shoulder of northbound 85 as well. all that traffic from the north and east. filtering down to just one lane. there are a lot of semi trucks coming through this drive as well. folks out of their cars exchanging info. this is a tie up for you. out to the rest of our morning drive going to be sunny. 270 will start to slow down a little as you make the merge towards i-70. volume is starting to pick up
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across the board, not a lot of crashes. e470 not affected.
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. one thing to agree upon, it's important to vote. thanks to a super hero in thornton. >> high five for every ballot. >> captain america to you is visiting voting spots across the metro area. >> it's your duty and can be
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saluting and high-fiving voters as they dropped off the ballot. >> i thought i was going to throw in my ballot and call it a night. it's pretty much made my day. >> he caught my eye. i wouldn't have seen where to pull over if he wasn't outside. >> icing on the cake. >> see. >> you might get a high five from captain america today or a salute. he's going to be busy visiting different voting locations in the denver metro be surprised. >> that's a serious costume, real leather. >> wow. chicago hip hop artist chance the rapper became chance the vote per after performing a get out and vote concert in chicago. he led through traffic to the voting site. he is heavily involved in politics and previously started a cam bane to register voters at his concerts.
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walked along. the stock market is taken on a roller coaster ride. we talked to the finance
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. three debates, countless political ads and months of campaigning across the country coming down to today, election
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tonight hopefully, hillary clinton or donald trump. >> they're empty now. come 7:00, these voting booths could be filled with voters trying to cast ballots. i'm live with everything you need to know to make sure your vote is counted. tock market on the same -- stock market on the same roller coaster everyone else is. what it means for you coming up. good morning everyone. happy election day. we have everything you need to know to submit your ballot in a mi for you. marty is in the 9 news backyard. nice day to head out and vote. >> sure is. a cool start for those getting out early. we're in the 30s around here. a lot of folks around freezing. we'll warm at a rapid pace during the morning. sunny skies across the state. dry, 60s east and west.
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1949 with a trace. you're still in the running to pick the date of our first snow. go to 9 news app and pick it. use twitter hashtag snow on 9. late next week, thursday and friday starting to look like something might be cooking up around here. >>nk 6:32. our view across the commute has been active. taking a live look at i-70, colorado. both sides fairing well. has been busy today north. quick look outside. >> speeds in the 50s and 60s around 7:00 and i-25 also clear. however, across our maps, we are talking about delays. 17 minutes southbound 225
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we peek up north and east, watch for that crash southbound moving toward e470 toward 136. left lane still completely blocked. keep it mind as you make your way through, highway 2 is alternate route. 6:33 now. more than 2 million in colorado have already cast ballots f. you're not one of those, you might have a couple questions about we are live at denver elections this morning with what you need to know. >> good morning cheryl. it's buzzing here now. in 30 minutes the voting center and polling place will hope up. workers are making sure the electronic pads are working, lock boxes are secure. getting everything in order. voting service centers and polling places open across
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go to one of those places if you want to write the ballot in person, do electronic form, if having trouble with your ballot. if you need to register to vote, in colorado you can go to the voter service senter and register on election day and still vote. that's important. don't sit home thinking you can't vote. you can register here in colorado today. they're expecting a crowd. denver trends to election day. they vote late here in denver. polling places close at 7:00. what that means is you need to be in line by 7:00. after 7:00 they cut off the line. they make sure everyone in line has to vote don't get in line after 7:00. don't mail your ballots. you can't say i got it in the mail before 7:00. it's too late to mail. come drop it off.
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a lot of place have places to drive by to drop it in. i tweeted a link i personally think is most navigatable website. type in your address, zip code. it will tell you the places to cast your ballot. it's so important that everyone knows there's a way to get the ballot counted. everyone n t vote even if they haven't registered before today. tweet me if you have more questions. really important everyone makes sure they get out and vote. >> it's not too late. 12 hours to get out there from 7:00 to 7:00 today. thank you. it's finally here, you made it to election day 2016. both hillary clinton and donald trump have made final pitches. it's time for voters to decide. clinton is in new york home after wrapping up monday night in north carolina.
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and president obama and former president clinton. >> our work together will be just beginning. >> donald trump channeled hollywood at his final rally in grand rapids, michigan. it happened at 1:00 in the morning. he told the crowd, quote, today is our independence day. he made a final push in the traditionally blue state that hasn't gone to 1988. >> michigan stands another -- stands at cross roads of history. if we win michigan, we hear this historic election. >> we hear colorado is a key state to win. is it most important state to sway the election one way or another? we are joined this morning. thank you for coming in.
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state needs the help the candidate win. >> it's a difficult path to 270 without florida for trump. i think we'll know relatively early. i'll keep eyes at 7:00 p.m. on north carolina, on ohio, and on florida. >> one state kelly didn't mention is pennsylvania. that's where the clinton campaign threw all in last night. all clintons and obamas. enormous rail the biggest -- enormous rally, probably the biggest in the campaign. it was real jazzed. if trump is to have a path to 270, he needs to win main second congressional district, florida, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin and like kelly said t path is narrow for that guy at this point.
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colorado have cast votes. do you think there will be a big turnout. do you think democrats and republicans are really motivated up to this 11th hour? >> yeah. it seems the stakes are very high. one of the advantages of having a largely all mail-in ballot is this is the first presidential election we've had in colorado, the election of this structure early on. we saw democrats with generally democrats are good organizers. it will be seen whether or not they're going to make up this that difference today. >> what's great about this cycle for democrats is that they did lead for the first time in colorado's history in the early vote. universal mail ballots became law in 2013 and in play for 2014 election. the gap is closed, but democrats tradition include always have and always will vote late
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beginning does not exclude them from a big surge at the end as well >> i want to clarify, this is against any logic that we've ever had before. there's nothing ability this that we've seen before. -- about this that we've seen before. >> true. >> that's just one of the story lines we'll keep visiting with these guys on we'll have them on later at 7:00 a.m. on channel 20. thank you for getting up >> hang on. it's almost over. the last political ad is on our air at 4:22 p.m. today. >> can i get an amen? >> the final presidential race ad is set for 3:49 this afternoon we know the struggle is real between now and then. we put an ad count down clock on our face facebook page. check it out. so the election has the stock market on a roll per
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ride. dow dropped 2% over the last month then shot back up almost overnight. t news reporter -- 9 news reporter helps us decode what's going on here. >> first off, we're not advocating you vote one way in particular or another. this is kind of what's been going on over the last month. ups and downs over here, slight decline. around here, that's where we got news of hillary clinton's new e-mails the f where the fbi pretty much cleared clinton of wrong doing. that's not necessarily the market voting for clinton. stock markets all over the world are watching every new development in this election. du finance director says what's going on here is businesses don't like uncertainty. they're trying to predepict who's going to wind up in the -- predict who's going to wind up
6:41 am
years. >> they're so different who's going to do what. you can make arguments in both cases it could work. you don't know until things actually happen. that's the uncertainty. >> he says if after the election, the market does pull a slip you shouldn't freak out or try to sell your stocks. before you make moves with your money, you should probably consult with a financial adviser. if you have one, do research. if this is a smurf what to expect -- this is a measure of what to expect after the election, this is a bumpy ride. 9 wants to help you out today. a team is checking on voter intimidation and access problems, putting voters in touch with legal experts if something doesn't go smoothly on election day. >> use the hashtag verify votes to report any troubling spots or issues you may have.
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see at polling places throughout the denver metro area. marty is joining us. -- a nice day for going out and getting that ballot in. >> can't beat it. later this morning, might get chilly. we hold in 30s for a couple hours. by noontime, going to be pleasant after work, clear conditions. calm wind. we'll have temperatures in the 50s. daytime highs today in yesterday with little winds. not only here but in the foothills as well. as far as inclement weather for voters, along the gulf coast. thunderstorms there and cold front moving through missouri, illinois, indiana and ohio. gets to ohio fairly late in the day knocking out a few showers. shouldn't be anything to keep anybody home. >> marty, thank you. >> it's been a while since your high school civics class. do you remember how the
6:43 am
refresher on it. >> late surge from republicans in the early voting process in colorado.
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. it is 6:46. a man in position of trust for young athletes is charged sex assault. 26-year-old andrew vander wall is former volunteer with the youth hockey program in fort collins. he made a confession to fort collins police last week after his roommate came home to find him on a couch with a young boy. he sparked a health scare for nearly 3,000 patients. now rocky allen will have more
6:47 am
to two federal charges after it was learned he had been switching syringes to steal the powerful painkiller. he has hiv, forcing 2900 patients at swedish to get tested. dry around here, cool start, warm finish to the day. we take you through >> dark by 5:00, 5:30. cool in the 50s by this evening. over 25 and arapahoe. lots of road work in the median of our highway. both seeds speeds in the 50s. >> flashing lights along the left shoulder of the drive in the westbound direction.
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it's slowing folks down as they head to boulder. thank you. a lot of numbers flash ago cross your screen this evening. it's all about understanding the electoral college. 9 news reporter explains how it works. >> so you've heard of electoral college, but what is it? simply it's 538 people. they cast the official president. why 538? it's the same as number of people in congress plus three more for washington d.c. when you choose a candidate, you're really voting for lek terrors to support that candidate in the electoral college vote in december. this happened because the founding fathers couldn't agree. some wanted to see the people vote for president, others wanted congress to choose. we got the electoral college. each state gets a number of electors set on their
6:49 am
california has 55 -- biggest state, california has 55. wyoming gets just three. it takes 270 votes to win the thing. if nobody reaches that magic number, next president picked by favorite folks ever, congress. specifically the house of representatives. they pick from the top three candidates from the electoral college. here's the rub. each state gets only one vote. now california isn't more powerful than wyoming, they're the same. if the house can't vice president becomes president. the vp gets picked by the senate if electoral college dead locks. that's the electoral college in a nutshell. >> good morning. we have heard over and over, these are the two least liked candidates in modern history. you would think that would affect turnout. so far has it do you think?
6:50 am
we just hit 2 million. expecting 2,000,008 in colorado. that's going to be an incredible number of votes today for these clerks to manage and get through and try to get counted by i recall evening. >> yeah. we might have lines out there who knows >> so the republicans just recently kind of overshot thement dids as far as overshot democrats as far as early voting is concerned. >> i don't think it great deal. some democrats and republicans will vote for the other party. that was especially true this year. you notice that in polls. you're right. independents, fewer of them are turning out. they have the balance of power. are they leaning democrat or republican? last polls i've seen show them breaking closely leaving the race here, probably the consensus of polls clinton up
6:51 am
independent upon this turnout. >> is from any way to tell if this is going to be late night or wrap up early? >> it could wrap up early. >> i think we'll watch a few ballot issues and maybe one congressional seat. those numbers the, if a lot of people vote today, that will have to be processed. >> sixth congressional probably. >> we didn't announce the senate years ago until morning. there are times it gets within a thousand. you don't want to call until every county is in. >> he's going to be here, hopefully not too late. he'll call the race for 9 news.
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. big weather systems in the state. we continue to have rain in the pacific northwest kicking off showers in those locations. less wind today than yesterday. especially eastern plains that leaves us with clear conditions through the afternoon
6:55 am
mid-60s. lower elevations, scoot up above 6500 feet. we'll be mid 50s to 60 degrees. won't be windy in the foothills. dry across the state. few fair weather clouds across north western colorado light wind during the day. we have to wait until after sunset before we begin to see the wind kicking up out of the south especially over eastern colorado. that's going to bring in warmer air for tomorrow for much west and in the east. 50s to near 60 in mountain areas. 65 degrees high here. not much wind and a lot of sun. we'll keep it clear through the night tonight. mid to upper 30s overnight lows yet again. tomorrow, going to bump it up a bit. i'm anticipating putting us in the 70s. there's a midday front coming thursday. it's enough to bring clouds but
6:56 am
60 degrees range by friday. mild weekend coming up. of course 9 cares colorado shares is on saturday. a great day for folks to get out and about. >> yeah can't wait to see you there. thank you marty. they make their way through over a minor two car crash. we're also busy on highways. 36 westbound direction. looks light here. westbound towards church ranch. there's a crash to backups to federal. they spun the camera. trying to keep up with delays. speeds in the 20s and teens forwards 270. looks like a new problem spot around 25 at u.s. 36. don't forget the left lane is southbound 85 remaining closed on approach to e470. close to 136. backups span for about a mile.
6:57 am
-- amelia, thank you. here's stories now we're following to start our day. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton cast her vote early this morning. this is video of her in new york along side her husband form her president bill clinton. she'll find out tonight if she becomes the first woman president in the united states. >> donald trump is voting today. he flew back to new york city this morning after a marathon three daysf final campaign blitz. we don't know when he'll vote today but know who he'll vote for. republicans have surge add head of the democrats in early voting numbers in colorado as of monday evening. more than 2 million ballots turned in here. republican voters account for 719,000 early ballots. democratic voters returned
6:58 am
people in three new hampshire towns became the first to cast ballots and have them counted and announced. hillary clinton beat donald trump 4-2. clinton won 17 to trump's 14. in total trump won 32-25. >> wondering when it will officially finally be over? if history is indication, we should know who the mountain time when the last three presidential elections were called. >> ads are going to be over sooner than that. the last on our air runs at 3:22 this afternoon. by the way, we put a clock if you're counting down on our facebook page. >> who's not? around here today, mild and dry. warmer tomorrow. going into the weekend, we have relatively warm, dry conditions
6:59 am
friday. nine cares colorado shares saturday. another warm up early next week. we start to look at thursday of next week. late in the day thursday through friday. we might have a front coming in here that may give us little bit of snow. long way off. it would be late in the day thursday and next week. >> we could use that. >> we absolutely can. >> everyone is making snow predictions now. >> marty gave you a h polls for a clue about what to expect today, well we've got an answer for that >> look no further than elementary school students in new york. their collection has correctly predicted who would be the president since 1968, every election. today we want to hear how you teach your kids about the election process. use be on 9 on twitter.
7:00 am
we have a lot more coming up on good morning. election day. >> it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> let's make history together! >> polls now open. voters casting their ballots after the most contentus and controversial presidential campaign in history. 18 grueling months. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> a race full of stunning


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