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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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. election day is finally here. millions of voters are deciding who will be the next president of the united states. will it be donald trump or hillary clinton? some in places like alabama and arkansas. they are waiting in really long lines today. >> yes, they are. this is a live look at the denver elections office. we want to show that to you. there's been a steady stream of people at that office with no shortage of people waiting to come out on the election day to do their civic duties. see even some kids coming along very important. >> we know a lot of people will be voting in person today. there will be absolutely no excuse if you do that when it comes to weather. danielle joins us in the studio. bright and sunny election day ahead. even if you want to walk to a 24 hour drop box to hand in the
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parkas is not the case today. plenty of sunshine. temperatures at this noon hour in the low 60s. if you have a lunch break in the next half hour, get outside and soak it in. maybe afterwards, temperatures very comfortable. 60s with blue skies sitting over head. few high level clouds over the denver metro area. no rain or snow to speak of now. temperatures upper 50s about 60 bellington, lamar -- burlington, lamar, 40s high country. warm wednesday on tap. wait until you see temperatures ladies. back to 70s like that. then a little rain, snow. >> haven't heard that word in a while. >> we might have to wait a while for it.
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>> we need it. certainly. >> thank you. we know it's been a slow start to the season with this warm weather. it's usually closed now for winter. it feels like fall hasn't arrived yet. the pass is staying open longer this year. it's so unusual that all businesses in twin lakes have closed up for the winter. traffic town heading over the pass. >> lines formed early this morning everywhere. both candidates have now cast their official ballots. have you? we know many of you take advantage of that last minute voting today in colorado. hillary clinton voted in new york and greeted supporters outside her polling place. >> people are counting on the outcome of this election. what it means for our country. i'll do the best i can if i am fortune enough to win today.
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public school in new york. donald trump cast his ballot. >> more than 500 election monitors sent out today watching polls in 28 states to make sure every vote counts, to make sure your vote counts. new tonight, analysis analysis says there's already a record of people that voted. >> ty cast my ballot this morning with denver voters. they've been mailing those for weeks now. we like to vote on election day. dozens of people at polling places and dozens across the city opened at 7:00 this morning. they could be busy all day. 9 news reporter jessica o is live at the division live downtown how's it looking there?
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wait times around 13 to 15 minutes. identify minutes more than an -- five minutes more than an hour ago. not that bad considering some places in arapahoe for example. wait times were 30 minutes plus this morning. polling centers in denver and across colorado have been open five hours now. we've gone over who has voted. there still is a lot of time and a lot of stuff for you to do if you haven't voted. it certainly isn't over. let's check in now. there's plenty of resources like this app. >> voters need to know they have until 7:00 p.m. to vote and all kinds of ways to get information. they can use the denver votes app, follow us on twitter or facebook. is our website. we have information out there and putting on twitter we have longer waits and directing people to shorter waits. >> register to vote today. thank you so much.
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our 9 wants to know team will take a closer look at issues by using the hashtag. >> that's a good resource to v. jess car, i was out this morning when polls opened. there were about 20 people in mind. they had great reasons why they wanted to be among the first to cast their votes on election day. >> just really excited. >> call hit election excitement. >> in every election i get excited and jittery about showing up to vote. >> the f voteds in denver in person. >> this is an important. election. i needed to get to work on time. i needed to be here early. >> they could have mailed ballots but chose to show up on election day. some thinking about all that's led up to today. >> grand parents and parents before them weren't able to vote. i think mailing in the ballot is fine, but coming out to cast
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voted. >> i wanted to come and have the experience. >> the first time. >> i became a citizen in 2013. i'm very excited. yeah. >> let's not forget showing up in person has one more perk. >> i got two stickers. >> that's good. >> everyone who showed up early this morning got out quickly. i wouldn't say it took anyone more than 10 minutes to check in and fill minutes now. not bad. a lotted of people sent in ballots early. >> there's a lot of people in denver elections headquarters where you were out trying to get in and out quick. one thing to remember, if you're thinking i haven't registered yet, register to vote today and vote too. >> yep. we want to make sure you get the opportunity to vote. when results are in, will candidates concede in peace?
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they had interesting things to say. >> great things about the weather today if you like it warm. danielle's full forecast is
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. danielle grant here in the backyard. hope you're having a terrific tuesday. temperature wise 10 degrees above average with all of this sunshine. right now this is temperature trend for next couple days whether you live here on the front range or western slopes. looking at that the mountain tops. looking good on this election day. 64 downtown denver. similar setup in long mont. boulder 63. 50s walden, idaho springs 58. right now at the airport, 63, plenty of sunshine. winds backed off quite a bit. quiet and calm out there. like to see that in the 9 backyard. temperatures coming there at 58 degrees still extremely pleasant. no coats in november.
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few degrees. mid-60s here in downtown denver. we'll warm up in the 60s long the eastern plains. cortez mid-60s. we'll keep it mid-50s in hayden, grand lake and frisco too. hd doppler 9 so dry. a huge dome of high pressure has set up shop cross the west. that's keeping conditions extremely dry. rain showers into parts of texas and louisian st. louis. another couple light showers roll through cincinnati. tonight here in town, will be a cool one. still above freezing 37. sunrise at 6:37 tomorrow morning. we stay in the 30s most of eastern colorado. you'll notice spots dropping into the 20s. folks out there will be under a freeze warning. it goes in effect late tonight and continues to tomorrow morning. south of colorado springs
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kim. this afternoon looks good through 8:00. maybe you're at home and will be watching craziness on tv. things should be quiet outside in the weather world by 7:00 tomorrow morning. another good dose of that sunshine 5:00, 6:00. away we go, nothing in the forecast. dry front rolls through thursday night and friday. that will knock down temperatures. lever it or not, still above average. i'll roll out the nine day for you. we still have a bit more heat left in us early thursday. maybe a little snow around here. don't go anywhere. 9 news at noon returns after
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. we have breaking news to report now. denver police are responding to an officer-involved shooting. they have confirm had the with us now. it happened along the 14500
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we'll bring you the latest information when we know more. right now we don't have a lot of information on this. we'll keep you posted throughout the show. let's turn back now to election day when the whole presidential election is said and done, do you think either candidate will be a graceful loser? 9 news post had the to our experts. >> so they weighs in on that and -- weigh in on that and small town election overnight that gave one of the andrew sorenson has more from the election sent her. >> hillary clinton takes that one. is that bearing for the rest of the country? >> i don't know since when. 50% of the votes not bad.
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clinton. 2 to trump, 1 to johnson and write in for mitt romney. if that's any indication of the outcome of the election, we'll see what happens tonight. >> split part with third parties. >> it's interesting that gary johnson got a vote out of diil people are frustrated with both major parties. >> there's been a lot of focus on integrity of the election this year. are we going to see concession speeches tonight? >> i think it's likely if not close. unless there's a major widespread indicator of fraud which is very unlikely. i think that the thing that will happen is somebody will be a winner, somebody will be a
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consolidate. hopefully whoever wins is going to come at it with a humble approach. quite frankly what we're seeing is that people don't like either candidate. whomever it is, if they want to unify americans, they need to be humble. >> on clinton side, if it's close, does she come out concede? >> yeah, i'm sure hillary clinton will do the right thing and concede like any other major presidential candidate has that's lost. i think it's sore loser talk. it's the clearest example of little boy on the playground. i've seen it the entire time. elections are run by counties and secretary of states. most of whom are republican. to think for a second there's a widespread conspiracy to defraud the election by donald trump by
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preposterous. >> real quick, what's one race or issue you're watching here in colorado people at home should pay attention to? >> minimum wage on the ballot in colorado and elsewhere this year. there's a populist sort of threat running through the elector lek -- elector rat. i think raising the minimum wage will be an indicator of those issues. >> i think one is the state te governor and democrat majority in house of representatives. we have a one seat republican ma majority in the senate. that's the only check maintaining for republicans. that's critical for all colorado. >> we'll be watching. back to you all. >> good clarification. we want to clarify something. we understand viewers are confused. you need to vote in your county f. you're voting in person, you
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which you live. if you have a mail-in ballot, denver elections divisions lets other counties do you have off in their boxes. if voting in in your
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they've turned in 771,000 ballots. unaffiliated returned in 657,000 ballots. those numbers will go up as the day goes on.
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breaking story of the officer-involved shooting. denver police are responding now. it's the east 46th avenue. we have a crew on the way. denver police are tweeting out they have a large perimeter set up in that area. >> we have a crew on their way to that area. denver police tweeted out they have that large perimeter set. we really don't know too much of what's going on here at this time. it's in the area of east 46th. they're asking you people to stay out o again sky 9 looking for that scene right now. we're going to have updates. 9 on social media. also 9 news 9 news at 4:00 here on channel 9. little information coming from that scene now. we'll keep you posted on that in the meantime, everybody is looking at weather on election day >> again watching warmer temperatures on top tomorrow at 72 degrees. little front will be pushing in thursday into friday knocking
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60 degrees. that weekend looks fantastic again. nice and dry around here. it's not until the till -- tail end of next week which is far out. there's a chance. you're telling me there's a chance. >> that's all we need to know. >> we look forward to it. >> we hope you have a great day.
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