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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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the 45th president. he won the election by pulling in more than 270 electoral votes needed to win. colorado voters did vote for hillary clinton and several big counties did go read. -- red. weld and douglas counties were among those that went trump's way last night. >> reporter: yes, absolutely and two of the larger counties that did so but by far not the only. looking at a map that tallies it all up it looks like 40 counties went to donald trump. a lot of those were more rural counties but the bigger counties like boulder and denver sticking with hillary clinton and that really pushed ??r5her the top to win colorado but counties like douglas county did go red with donald trump and that did help him get quite a few votes even though he didn't win colorado.
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to colorado and so did his surrogates and that seems to have really paid off with his supporters at the polls yesterday. as a matter of fact once news started breaking that he was winning across the country we talked with supporters about how they felt about that and they had some good reactions saying even though the rest of the country may have been surprised by this his supporters say the kind of felt that way all along. >> [ cheering ] >> i hope we've shown during this race that there are a lot of us, a lot of conservatives and republicans who want the district back. >> reporter: and so donald trump that being part of his message really appealed to these voters who were in colorado, so like we mentioned dozens of colorado counties going with trump even though he
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support here. >> thank you very much tarhonda thomas. he will wake of president -- he will be president officially january 20 when he's sworn in next year. he will be invited to the white house tomorrow for a meeting. protesters lined the streets of various cities last night when it became clear that donald trump was the winner. about 100 protesters held signs and chanted in portland oregon and there were also pretty big protests in seattle and other cds in california -- cities in california. >> the somber atmosphere as people hear the news that donald trump is our next commander-in-chief. mayor hancock was at the democratic headquarters in denver and said democrats knew this race would be a close call. >> people were still optimistic but yet we recognized as we always have when they won that this would be a tight race and this certainly has proven to be
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i'm proud of us in colorado because i think we vote along the ball loose -- the values we believe in. >> when we asked leaders what we thought -- what they thought about colorado's purple status they maintain that is still the case. meteorologist marty coniglio has more for us. you bring a range of sunshine on a sleepy day -- sunshine on a sleepy day. >> yes a late night for a lot of people watching results. for us today it's a cool start and a warm finish and a ray of sunshine is literally going to be the case. not a lot of wind for us this morning. a few guests in the ten depending on our range -- when guests in the ten to 15 mile an hour range. in the foothills we see 30s and 40s around missed -- fred --
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for us mostly around town we will be in the 40s to start off by 9 am send gets a little warmer during the afternoon -- the sunshine gets a little warmer. we will touch at or just above 70 degrees and then we slide back down as the sun goes down right about -- what is it -- 4:50 tonight. >> 534 calm and quiet, not a thing in your way. maybe folks are sleeping in later after last night. we have great speeds across to 25 coming out of aurora. the commute is just about perfect. i-25 near highway 7 north of e-470 is pretty clear. as you can in towards u.s. 36 it will be a pretty drive as you head into alliance.
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morning at 638, bright and sunny so download the 9news at to help you traffic your -- plan your traffic impact throughout the day. thanks, amelia. trump won the electoral vote. even with clinton winning big states like clinton -- like new york and california, pennsylvania was the state that put him over those states the margin of victory was very slight. tracie potts joins us live from new york where trump made his speech just hours ago. it stuns the critics, thrilled supporters but what is also clear this morning is that america is divided. >> reporter: no question about that and president obama's statement this morning said he will make a statement today and bring trump into the white
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begin that transition and the reconciliation. and another person who could go a long way toward bringing people together after this hard fought campaign is hillary clinton. we expect to hear -- hear from her today as well. >> it's my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president of the united states -- president-elect of the united states of amic declared victory. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans, and this is so important to me. >> reporter: sources tell nbc hillary clinton called trump to concede. publicly her campaign held out hope. >> we can wait a little longer, can't we? we are still counting votes and every vote should count. >> reporter: faces told the story at headquarters.
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>> we're just excited about having a chance after eight years of failed policies. >> reporter: tears for clinton. they split battleground states, ohio north carolina and florida for trump. nevada, virginia, colorado for clinton. this morning's opening bell uncertain, dhows sinking lower overnight and nasdaq and s&p futures temporarily halted. wall street nervous. >> now it becomes >> reporter: exit polls tell an interesting story, the rural vote, white voters without college degrees underestimated as the vote continues -- continued. we're back live on democracy plaza where reaction is pouring in from all over the world with world leaders many
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israel's prime minister saying now that he is a friend of israel but also some foreign leaders expressing concern and perhaps jitters about what this may mean for the relationship with the united states and for allies in europe. >> tracie potts reporting in new york, thanks. republicans also control the house and senate this morning. they retain several key states that the democrat -- in colorado beating out his contender darryl glenn. in his acceptance speech he reiterated the need for the parties to work together. >> people all over colorado understand that something is fundamentally wrong with our national politics and the governing of our country. they are right and it has to
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here in colorado we reject this function as normal. partisan gridlock is acceptable. the idea of republicans and democrats and in -- and independence can't work together and having traveled every inch of this state over and over, i think i know why. >> governor john lee -- john hickenlooper praised bennet after the when. >> -- after the win. >> is one of the best senators in the country. i think he's going to do a great job. it's an important step forward for the organization. clinton won the state so there's a lot to feel good about but when we look at the national map, the news is not quite so good. >> bennet received 50% and darryl clinton took 45%. clear in many -- and chilly in many areas of the state especially southeastern colorado and the planes. we have a few folks in the teens this morning and we see the variety of temps from the mid-
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in broomfield. freeze warning still going on from colorado springs to pueblo and along the arkansas river having lasted until 8:00 this morning and then once the sun gets up, dry air likes to heat up quickly and it's sure going to do that today as we end up in the 60s in the southeast, 60s and 70s here for northeastern colorado. mountain areas after making a little bit of snow this morning will probably be melting a little bit of snow this afternoon. voted on yesterday, which ones past and which didn't. we will talk about that still ahead. this is the dow jones yesterday with premarket trading
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welcome back. it's 5:42 right now. presidential elections always affect world markets one way or another and overnight we saw the futures here in this country in a pretty big way. andrew has been watching men and we still don't know what's going to happen when the open this morning but overnight it wasn't good. >> see this drop here? it than 800 point drop. if that were during the normal trading day that would be the largest drop we've ever seen in a single day but it looks like 's we are seeing the same thing on the s&p 500. it initially went down more than 5.5% and that's getting close to the 7% territory where the secretary steps in and stops trading and says hold on a riveting, cool your jets but around the world we are seeing drops in japan, having the worst drops in asia, more than 5% down at the end of their day there. okay so a lot of people are paying attention with the
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here and a little better than it was before but the green is actually bad for the peso in relationship. it went to a record low at 12% and now it's kind of back down to around 7% so it's kind of evening out like everything else and in europe we are evening out again around 1% but it was down a lot more earlier today as things out with the surprise of donald trump. >> it seems the markets always react one way or another. in this case, uncertainty i think is a big deal. i heard the experts overnight say also, a lot of countries are simply worried about his economic policies so the reaction has been down. we will see if it's a ship it comes back up. thank you very much, corey?
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primaries to unaffiliated voters. the increase on tobacco taxes field. physician-assisted suicide -- past, now the sixth state to pass it. colorado health insurance failed and the increased minimum wage past. more restrictions to prevent amendments to the constitution has passed and possessory interest failed. the ballot race -- measure on involuntary stupid to is still >> proposition to h past and it will put attack on distributors of sugary sodas and drinks. it can raise $3.8 million every year which would go toward programs promoting healthy lifestyles for children. chilly and dry is how we start the day today and in fact much of the nation not really seeing any kind of rain. we do have some thunderstorms
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moving to new york, pennsylvania down into virginia this morning. we continue to be way below average as far as annual precipitation. that's know when you melt it down and rain combined. three inches below average for the denver area and for the next couple of days rain stays down south in texas to the pacific northwest and the great lakes as we continue to see the storm track shifted to our north and storms form to our south that aren't able to move up and colorado. south side of town and take a look at some of our key roads like to 25 and i-25 between here in the springs. great speeds are in place north and southbound here. no construction delays around lincoln avenue so that's something to celebrate and further to the south we have clear conditions between the i-
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drier air heats up quickly and we will be doing that as the day goes on. high pressure over the western u.s. in from the coast it does continue to rain along the pacific northwest and on the gulf coast. we are in between that which
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weather especially this afternoon into -- it's a chilly typical start to your november day. 60s and low 70s for the highs, very little wind. 60s in the foothills statewide. dry across colorado and it will be several days, about a week before we see any kind of moisture move into the state. looks like wednesday into thursday next week we start to see something move into the western slope. wind not much of a factor for over the eastern plains during the day today. 60s and 70s over the east, 40s, 50s and 60s in the mountain areas with not -- more outlast. for us today, a sunshiny day, 72 the daytime high. not much of a wind and drop- down near 40 degrees. tomorrow at lunchtime a friend comes through. clouds yes, rain no. it will cool listen to the 50s and 56 is by the way the high around the average date -- the
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-- around this date. quite mild by the afternoon and we warm things up quite a bitterly into next week and impact tuesday could be pretty close to a record high temperature and then check out thursday and friday. a rain-snow makes and possibly some -- rain snow mix and possibly some snow. >> you said the sell word -- the sell word, i like it -- s word. i like it. sunrise is at 638 but check out the drive along u.s. 36, so beautiful as we start to see the first hint of light coming over -- interview over boulder. it's a gorgeous start. enjoy it while you can this morning as it's a very light drive around town. 60s are the speeds both directions and as you leave the house today it's going to be a
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welcome back. nbc has been covering the election throughout the night. let's take a listen to some of the election coverage this morning on msnbc. >> donald trump is actually a democrat but the important thing to remember here is
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squeezing their knuckles in fear or dread or whatever -- is, something happens on the way to january 20. it's the first full intel briefing that a president-elect gets and that's when you realize the expanse of the job. the awesome responsibility of the job. the dangers out there in the world and that will change donald j. trump. >> i heard you say that before barack obama got the brie americans are hoping will happen with donald trump. >> diming you never know how somebody who gets elected is going to behave. this is the biggest wildcard of all time. he's never held elected office or hired a staff officer dealt with national security or dealt with congress. no idea. >> it's on now. thank you both. >> one challenge to mr. trump,
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>> why do i feel like i am on donnie's show? [ laughter ] >> it's about you, my friend. [ laughter ] >> micco was the star of it. >> there you go. still to come the in -- this morning the rnc will have a news conference around 11:30 but before that -- the chairman joins us here live. >> you will be hearing a lot of that kind of stuff o >> check the top of his twitter page and you'll see he's already changed it to president- elect donald trump and vice president-elect michael pence. he was relatively quiet on twitter last night but early this morning posted such a beautiful and important evening. the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before and he also thanked each state for their vote on his facebook page as
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>> we're all matching and there's a reason for that. today is but he check nine-day where you -- buddy check 9 day. where your pink. both men and women by the way. it took a lot of experts and polls by surprise. donald trump is our next president. should we consider it an upset, though? we talk to our political experts coming up at 630. -- 6:30 a lot of headlights -- but it's dark as people make their way to work on this wednesday morning. >> that's it for 9news 5 am.
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this is 9news. >> to wreck -- [ cheering ] >> americans are waking up to a new future for our country. >> this is a historic night. >> along and unpredictable campaign ends in one long and unpredictable night. >> hours was not a campaign -- our >> he's now president-elect donald trump. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> [ cheering ] >> and as the world reacts, the president-elect--- president- elect hot's -- first message to the country. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> donald trump's win is easy


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