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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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this is 9news. >> to wreck -- [ cheering ] >> americans are waking up to a new future for our country. >> this is a historic night. >> along and unpredictable campaign ends in one long and unpredictable night. >> hours was not a campaign -- our >> he's now president-elect donald trump. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> [ cheering ] >> and as the world reacts, the president-elect--- president- elect hot's -- first message to the country. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> donald trump's win is easy
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in all, he won 278 electoral votes to hillary clinton's 218. he did it with the help of key swing states like florida, ohio and north carolina. hillary clinton won colorado and other key states like virginia and nevada, but it was not enough to put her into the white house. >> a lot of the battleground states truly a battle and a very tight margin of victory there. in a stunning upset voters elect an outsider with no political or military experience, a businessman donald trump and he promised in his victory speech very early this morning that he will be a president for all americans. president obama has offered his congratulations early this morning to donald trump, inviting him to the white house this week. colorado went to hillary clinton but the two main counties to the north and south of denver went red. tarhonda thomas will have more
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, some of it divisive around the globe. coming up we will hear what foreign leaders are having to say about the donald trump victory this morning. >> the presidency wasn't the only thing divided of course and tuesday we will update you on some of the biggest local election results as well. >> but we want to start in new york where just about five hours ago donald trump gave his new day starts with donald trump elected the 45th president of the united states? >> reporter: yeah, corey gary and cheryl, it's a different feeling here in new york city people i was inside the election headquarters for donald trump when the results came out and everybody inside, it was just electric and energizing. they were just screaming and holding up signs and crying. it was just a great experience inside there but i think people across this country really
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and they didn't really think he was going to win. he was trailing in the polls leading up to the election and the plot hard -- they fought hard in the battleground states as you mentioned winning florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, also turning michigan a debt -- traditionally democratic state, turning that red. he picked up a lot of ground and we see that american voters have had their say. now donald trump took the stage accepting his candidacy -- accepting his presidency and also congratulated hillary clinton, saying that she fought a hard race and did a really good job and he said while the campaign is over the work has just begun. just 100 days after he's in office he says during my first 100 days in office, while he was in office he said -- while he's in office he said one thing he would do was sue all
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a wall to ban muslims, so -- and repeal obama care. during last night he didn't say anything about that and stuck to uniting the country and reaching out to the inner-city and growing the economy and providing jobs for people. this could definitely appeal americans and a lot of people want to see change in this country so we will see if he keeps his promises throughout the next four years but things are not 100% final. congress does have to approve him on january 6 expecting hillary clinton to concede, to make the announcement in just a couple of hours. sarah rosario. >> his speech was very toned down last night about healing and coming together. a different tone for certain. >> today had be the hottest day of the week. >> it's looking that way to me. it's chilling out the way and
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up quite quickly. i anticipate 70 to 72 for the daytime high, not spending a lot of time there perhaps just 15 to 30 minutes and then sliding back down. in the late afternoon sky today -- sunsets at 4:40 7 pm. -- sunset at 4:47 p.m. this weekend looks fine to me in the upper 60s for 9cares colorado shares. we will be down to about 35 or 40 degrees at 7 am when we start but it's going to jump back in the 60s and slightly cooler with more clouds rolling in on sunday so a string of mild waking -- our string of mild weekends is going to
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this morning right near mississippi and you can see the rams are busy over the highway, the highway itself just tracking along and it's pretty typical fashion on a wednesday with speeds there on the high side waking up -- normal. -- as we wake up. speeds are normal. ridge get exelon 925 n. and southbound commuters there enjoying the light and easy start and if you're hopping on the train to the plane -- no delays whatsoever on the university of colorado a line a little bit of good news there. no crashes or stalls out there right now but we will let you know as soon as things start to change. [ cheering ] >> it was a moment they had hoped for, but even some donald trump's supporters weren't sure whatever happened. at 1 am the crowd at the gop election party at the denver
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colorado actually went to hillary clinton but trump did win in some key counties like weldon douglas. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is in castle rock this morning. good morning, tarhonda. >> reporter: good morning, douglas county one of the ones you mentioned that was a -- was one that -- a county that went to donald trump, about 54% according to results from last night's election but he did not win going to colorado and a lot of those were smaller and more rural and in one of those, donald trump got more than 85% of the vote in kiowa so you can definitely see where he had a big impact in the counties that did go red. we talked to a lot of supporters last night here in colorado about their feelings about his winning the election including colorado, spin -- congressman represented tom 10 credo.
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concern about this nation you have to think about the implications of the supreme court. to me, it was the -- the most important thing. i don't care what he would have said or who he called names. none of that mattered to me because at the end of the day it's going to be the nominees of the supreme court of the united states, and that's the whole ball game. >> reportan we will keep an eye on that but again douglas county is one of dozens in colorado that went to donald trump. >> all right joanna thank you much. shock, sadness, you can see the defeat in the face of hillary clinton supporters across the country and here in colorado. -- headquarters here quickly deflated as it became clear that donald trump was going to win. some people cried and others just shook their heads in disbelief.
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something better. >> hillary clinton did not make enough -- in appearance at the center in new york where the victory party had been planned. we just learned she is expected to address the nation at 7:30 this morning our time. colorado with blue for the third time in a row and we asked governor hickenlooper if we are still a purple state. republicans and unaffiliated and you see in the contract -- congressional affiliates -- we are as purple as purple can be. >> financial markets are down around the world in the gop surprise but world leaders are offering congratulations tonight. andrea sorenson is here with -- andrew sorensen is here with reaction from around the world. >> yes some more congratulatory and some with more criticism. it's being compared to brexit. twitter is being unkind to trump
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wants to continue the quote special relationship with the u.s. over in russia vladimir putin sent a telegram to trump saying he's hopeful trump will make a friendlier partner then president obama. some russian people agree -- than president obama. some russian people agree. >> this is not only a victory for americans who defended their democracy against liberals. no, this is a victory that the american whole world. >> other world leaders a little harsher, the french ambassador may have deleted a tweet calling the situation quote a worldcom -- crumbling before our eyes and just a few minutes ago the president of france addressed the country saying this election makes for uncertain times. are asking -- to make sure those relationships stay there. >> all right, thank you much
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along with the decision over the presidency colorado voters had a lot of ballot measures to consider and vote for. they will shape the future of our state. voters have decided to bring back presidential primaries to colorado as well as making the primaries open to unaffiliated voters. you won't have to declare whether you are democrat or republican anymore. the increase on tobacco taxes failed. that was the most expensive colorado with some $16 million spent by the people that were fighting it. physician-assisted suicide has passed, colorado care state run health care insurance failed. an increase in minimum wage has passed and there will now be more restrictions to present amendment -- to prevent amendments to the constitution, that measure passed. the measure to close to call is that on involuntary servitude. >> boulder is now the second city in the country to say yes to a soda tax. proposition to h past and will
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tax on distributors of sodas and sugary drinks. the money raised would go to program -- to programs promoting healthy lifestyles for kids. still too close to call this morning is cu's region at large in boulder. it could tip the balance of see if -- cu's board of regents, a nine-member panel who set policy vote on the budget and choose the university president . right now it's a 5-4 republican majority. still a lot more ahead including some of the other ballot initiatives. would people soon be able to smoke pot in some denver bars? the future of that a little bit murky this morning. >> and mike coffman will get to
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it's a bit chilly out there right now especially in northeastern colorado up along the platte river and down from line and we have temperatures that have dropped into the teens in a few spots this morning. storm track continues to be pushed to our north of through canada so we will be dry for the next couple of days including today with clear conditions throughout the
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and as i said at the top of the newscast we won't be at this level for a long. we will be there for a few minutes, certainly not an entire hour and then we cool off in the evening. dry across the state, very few if any clouds anywhere and a couple clouds along the kansas border and perhaps west cross colorado. 50s and 60s for the mountains and the high valleys. look for 60s and downtown. i will go 72 with sunshine. not much wind, was it in -- in the 40 degree range tonight with clear conditions, midday tomorrow if you clouds, gust in -- a few clouds gust in. but the rebound comes very quickly right again on saturday afternoon.
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stall off the left shoulder of our commute as you commute from i-70 and continue on to the trip -- the ad 25 merge. out we go to our views this morning, sunrise time officially at 638. across the maps not too much to worry about so we will zoom in on into 6th avenue. starting a golden we are pretty late, still in the 70s and went use -- once you scoot closer to 25, the speed stay high right to the 50s. >> the one thing states agreed
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we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright?
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don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. 6:20 now on a wednesday morning. he was once considered one of the most vulnerable democrats this election but michael bennet won over darryl glenn. the polls had a wide gap going into election night but bennett winds at 49% to 46%. he says he knows after this election americans need healing . >> so tonight we commit ourselves to the hard work it
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politics and our national discourse. to restore the democratic institutions, the spirit that truly makes this country great, to create policies that respond to the changing needs of the united states and our place in the world. >> republican mike coffman will keep his seat in the house of representatives in the sixth district race between him and morgan carroll. it turned out to be one of the nastiest colorado but not only in colorado but the country, one that drew the attention of top of the send it from both parties -- of the top representatives from both parties. >> they've launched attack after attack against me. let's be honest. they threw everything against me but the kitchen sink. barack obama michelle obama -- it
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>> denver has elected its first ever female district attorney. we spoke with beth mccann who says she broke a glass ceiling. >> i think people are ready for women leadership and i think women are showing that they have the qualifications, the capabilities, the desire and the competence to lead the city. >> we did ask our local winners to join us this morning in studio. they all declined. >> it took lots of polls trump the next president of the
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it's still up in the air whether people in denver will be able to consume marijuana in some bars and restaurants. initiative 300 which would allow for marijuana use in bars for people 21 and over is still too close to call this morning. >> meanwhile a big win for marijuana and several other states legalize marijuana in some form on tuesday.
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now and it seems to be the biggest victory for pot since colorado legalized it in 2012. >> i've been looking at it and more and more voters voted for measures on tuesday. california, massachusetts, and others approved recreational -- use and others approved medical marijuana but some results are still coming in. maine is still close to call and arizona did not pass it so nbc is citing a gallup poll that measured the marijuana trend for about 47 years. that poll says 60% of americans support making pot legal. they say the recent legal -- victories could spark more in other states and put pressure on federal authorities to ease the long-standing role that classifies marijuana as a dangerously addictive drug with no medical benefit. >> it seems to be spreading, that's for sure. thank you much. tuesday night was a big
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polls. there were four the predicted donald trump versus 40 predicting clinton. >> we will talk with our political experts and -- about whether trump's victory can
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this is 9news. >> a live picture of the white house this morning a little over two months from now, this place will have some new residents. outgo the obama's ending move the trump's after donald trump was selected the 45th president of the united states. >> as i've said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement. made up of millions of hard- working men and women their country and want a better brighter future for themselves and for their family. it's a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs who won 10 expect our government to serve the people, and serve the people it will. >> donald trump secured his nomination with victories in
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clinton won here in colorado and some key states like nevada but it wasn't enough to put in the white house. at last check trump has 278 electoral votes to clinton's 218 . president obama has offered his congratulations to mr. trump inviting him to meet at the white house to talk about a smooth transition. >> we have complete coverage and analysis with everything you need to know about the victory. tarhonda thomas is live at one of several counties that we start here in the studio this morning with her 9news political experts republican -- including republican kelly maher . a lot of people are waking up saying what happened last night so let's just start with that.
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although it was not the outcome i wanted i believe that hillary clinton was going to win. i think there was a lot of polling data that showed that might be the case and i was wrong. i am really glad frankly that hillary clinton did not win. i think this is an opportunity for us to all look forward to what each from presidency could be so i think it's going to be a great couple of weeks and a gray transition. >> we have 60 -- of 67 polls a lot of surprise. >> they were wrong, i was wrong, kelly was wrong, most of us were. i just hope i'm wrong about donald trump and he doesn't do the things he says he will do. i don't think we need a wall, we don't need to ban won't -- muslims and we don't need to throw hillary clinton in prison . i hope that we can come back together as a nation and heal the divisions that have been
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>> there are people saying he wouldn't just have a rubber stamp, he can't just do things without other people being involved and there are people like john mccain and paul ryan and lindsey graham who disagreed with him. >> they disagreed with him until they had the house, senate and presidency. now it's a whole different ballgame. nobody was expecting this. nobody thought they were going to sweep everything. they thought maybe trump or maybe the senate but here we are with republican control of all three of the levers of government for the first time since 1928. >> what do you think happened? >> i think that people were very frustrated. we've talked about this idea of the bradley effect which was the idea that there were large swaths of the population that would say that they didn't support the rock obama -- barack obama and then would go in and vote for john mccain. that ended up not being the case but it's quite possible that in this kind of pc culture where people are ashamed for their speech the people were
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-- or just weren't saying anything at all in and women and in the privacy of the voting booth or with their on ballot said you know what, it's time for a real change. i'm really frustrated and frankly what we saw from barack obama's last eight years is that a lot of people were left behind in his version of what the american dream looks like. >> every our country is. what do you think has to be done now over the next 72 days to make the country more united? >> we need to listen to each other. democrats and republicans don't talk enough. we talk all the time about each other's positions. and why we support the candidates we do. social media has a lot of -- a lot to do with the silos of information. i get fed a bunch of democratic stuff all day.
6:35 am
we need to meld those things and hear what each other is saying. we can't be in these infinite feedback loops of bias- confirming, self-effacing happy stuff that we all think is great. we need to listen to each other and figure out where we are coming from so we can actually move forward here. >> i think a lot of that happened last night in the victory speech and a lot will happen today with hillary clinton speaking at 730 our time today. -- 7 30 our time today >> just don't ask us to predict anything. [ laughter ] >> other than a lot of coffee. donald trump is already celebrating his victory on twitter. this is a look at his page this morning where he's already changed -- you can see there on the left-hand side its is president-elect of the united
6:36 am
president elect mike pence as well. they have changed their twitter pages as well this morning. >> donald trump supporters in colorado stuck around to the very end and we were there as they celebrated his presidential win well after midnight . trump didn't carry colorado but he did with several key counties. tarhonda thomas is in castle rock this morning and douglas was one of those counties. good morning. >> reporter: douglas county was one of those counties that donald trump won. he had about 54% of the vote here, so one of the larger counties that donald trump carried but he also carried a lot of smaller rural counties here in colorado. one example of that was donald trump got more than 85% of the vote, so we have a lot of strong support in those rural counties. altogether he had about 40 counties that he carried here in colorado. again they were not the lion -- the large counties like boulder and denver. those went to hillary clinton, pushing her over the edge in colorado but donald trump did win more counties overall even
6:37 am
for the people who supported him they say you know, this is not a surprise or an upset because he made many trips to colorado and appealed to the voters here and really put his children, his buy/sell -- vice president a candidate and surrogates all out while running for office and now that he is president-elect it seems to have paid off. he got so much support here in colorado so we're wondering what our people discussing here in douglas county since this is one of the biggest counties he did take. we will talk about that coming up in our next half-hour and speak to some of the voters in douglas county. cheryl after donald trump's victory there were widespread protests across the west coast. people took to the streets of downtown portland voicing their displeasure with the prospect of a term presidency. people also -- a trough presidency. they also protest in seattle. >> world markets are not taking the surprise very well with selloffs having started and not much better as we head into trading in the u.s. andrew sorensen has been watching all
6:38 am
they did a few hours ago. >> reporter: they are, corey. this is the dow jones from premarket trading so pretty much what orders are going in overnight. this right here is about an 800 point drop. if that were regular trading that would've been the largest drop in the dow jones industrial average ever and it probably would've stopped the market because on the s&p 500, that same drop right about here -- that's about a 5.5% drop around the world we are seeing drops in the uk, japan, asia. the peso is green but it is down 10% and here in europe it is coming flat. so it's getting a little better but overall again, it had that big drop and it bounced but the big yellow line -- i know it's hard to see there, that's where it ended
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going into the market opening around 7:30 a.m. our time. the defeat was written all over the faces of the hillary clinton supporters as the election results came in. as they came in, so did the spirits of democrats across the country. colorado's watch party quickly took a somber tone when it became clear that she was not going to win. denver mayor michael hancock says democrats are trying to focus on the positive. >> we've got you a senator michael bennett reelected. colorado went for hillary clinton, at wanted to do. i'm proud of us because i think we vote on the values we care about. >> other clinton did not make an appearance at her watch party in new york city last night at she is expected to address everyone at 7 30 this morning our time -- 7:30 our time and we will carry that for you. >> more coverage in just a minute but first let's check in on the weather and traffic on this wednesday morning. should be a pretty gorgeous
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>> we have cool conditions now, clear, a bit hazy over downtown. it's quite chilly over northeastern colorado in the 20s and also teens and 20s over parts of the planes this morning. we have a fairly wide variety of temperatures as is also the case on these mornings with no wind, the cold air sinks down to lower spots so you see some of the cooler air around erie, greeley and ault toward fort morgan and sterling while we metro denver but we continue to have a hard freeze warning going in southeastern colorado and that will last about another hour and 15 minutes until 8:00. for us a cool start certainly but we warm up into the upper 60s and low 70s this afternoon. not much wind at all. sun goes down at 4:47 today and we stay in the 50s by the time everybody is writing home from work today. 640 -- 6:40 and there is a
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the car. you see the backend, a construction truck was involved in the tailgate is hanging on that -- paying off of the vehicle. the police have not yet arrived. this will be a huge impact to your drive coming in from the mousetrap and look at the delays that are formed right behind this crash. south-bounders on 25, you are stop-and-go from i-70 and that could back us up toward the commute which is loading up near 104th. what's happening on the map as we talk about i-70 not only this eastbound crash at pecos but another at washington and another stall on your approach toward the bright makes it an 225 not in the clear either with northbound to 25 crash right around mississippi with 12 minute delays for my 25. -- for i-25. here are the results of some of the key local ballot measures. presidential primaries are coming back to colorado and the tobacco taxes failed as well as
6:42 am
insurance. physician-assisted suicide is past, minimum wage in colorado will also be going up. the ballot measure still too close to call right now is that one on involuntary servitude. 300 hasn't been decided, too close to call. that would allow for some marijuana use in bars for people over 21 years old. as of 1:00 this morning only about 4000 votes separated 50% of the voters report. bowler is now the second city in the country to say yes to a soda tax following in new york's footsteps. prop to h past -- 2 h past and it would put a tax on sugary treats and sodas. it would raise money that would go towards programs promoting healthy lifestyles for kids. in addition to the big- ticket elections democrats voted on giving more money -- colorado voted on giving money
6:43 am
-- taxes. both the bond issue and mill levy override failed in jefferson county. the adams 12 five scar school district -- five-star school district celebrates a big victory winning its issue and the same is true for saint train schools. there was a double loss in thompson schools and the biggest winner is denver public schools with the easy wins for it it's election generating more than generating more than $600 million in revenue. >> we are extremely grateful to the supporters and i think this will be the creation of a set of terrific opportunities for our kids and for our teachers. >> the presidential election years are typically popular for bond issue and mill levy override elections. the previous record in colorado for school funding questions was
6:44 am
it was an unexpected victory for sure and now donald trump takes the reins for the country. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> now the big question, what is next for america? and our pollster talks
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i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all-american, and that this is so important to me. >> donald trump claimed the presidential victory in the wee hours of the morning, saying democratic opponent hillary clinton had called him to concede the election. rw states promised to unite the country and bind the wounds of division. it's turned really the world on its head because it was so unexpected. nbc's sarah rosario is live in new york city this morning so what is the mood in new york today? >> reporter: yes corian gary, i think a lot of -- corey and gary, i think a lot of people as you mentioned, the election
6:48 am
's was so unexpected. he was trailing in the polls leading up to election day and everyone kind of assumed that hillary clinton had this in the bag, but obviously the american people had another idea, deciding and choosing a -- to sing donald trump as their 45th president of the united states. let's talk about how he was able to make this happen. he won all the key battleground states. he won florida, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina and florida was a big key there. that in order for him to win he had to turn some democratic states, some blue states red and he was able to do that as well. pulling out all the stops in the last days leading up to the election, he was able to do that and more and that's how he was able to garner all of those electoral votes needed to win the presidential campaign. moving forward now, he has big plans for the united states and he said in his acceptance speech yesterday first congratulating hillary clinton
6:49 am
but he said now that the campaign is over it's time for the work to begin, promising to restore the economy, to unite the nation, to lower taxes and do some of the things that many of these americans have been asking for. we will see if he keeps his promises. hillary clinton is expected to make her concession speech within the next hour. live in new york city sarah rosario. cheryl back to you. it's 6:49 trump to win. is it fair to say that this is unlike any other day after election morning you had? >> i don't remember anything where the polling was this wrong in this country. as you know it missed the brexit whole where the british -- poll -- most of those polls were wrong so there have been some big polling misses around the world but we have bind --
6:50 am
we've been the exception with polls that have been mostly accurate. they pointed out that the national vote may be very close. in fact hillary clinton may win the national vote. it's the state polls -- most of them stopped three or four days before the end and that's when things were moving so dramatically. i think when we go back and look at it i will be one of the big flaws in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, wisconsin where things were moving and a lot of people quit pollin >> i wanted your take on that because you've been doing this a long time. it's interesting because the polling on the presidential race seem to be so far off -- seemed to be so far off but it really nailed the local races. as of late last night it was still very close but that's when you can call this morning. >> definitely the closest is really related to the fact that bubble was very slow reporting. they had a very -- pablo was slow reporting.
6:51 am
he was rejoined -- he joins coffman and we've reelected all of the incumbents here democratic senator come -- and republicans. -- democrats and republicans. >> you are right he opened up quite a gap there toward the end and what do you feel like was the most significant ballot initiative for our state because we have a lot of measures that people were considering. >> there were seven. five past and i think the most important was raised the bar because i beli to seriously affect -- in the future -- whether or not we have more ballot measures particularly related to the constitution. it's going to make it extremely difficult so that truly will change the politics of this state. i think people were upset about the fact that some recent ballot issues weather is marijuana or whatever it might be -- whether it was marijuana or whatever it might be no longer can be passed nearly as
6:52 am
-- people are saying enough already. our constitution is now a lot more set than it was. >> thanks so much for the perspective.
6:53 am
6:54 am
clear and cold this morning, warming up this afternoon. storm track still being pushed in north of the state here, dry for the next several days and i don't see anything moving into
6:55 am
of next week. as far as the western slope goes. we could see something thursday of next week. that leaves us with dry, sunny conditions today, upper 60s, lower elevations 60s in the foothills. very little wind in the front range, maybe a few gusts in the eastern plains but beyond that dry, sunny for everywhere in colorado, 60s and 70s in the east, mid-60s out west and after teens and 20s for the morning we will move back in the 50s and low 60s this afternoon so 70s -- low 70s today, a little warmer than yesterday with a light breeze out of the east and southeast today. tonight look for clear conditions. right around lunch time we will have a few clouds. it does cool off a bit on friday. saturday after a start in the
6:56 am
and upper 30s. it's 70+ once again. over to 70 anyork as you head out over the corridor you can see the south and eastbound drive is significantly backed up. we have word of a possible issue near york and vasquez but so far not seeing that, just the backups there i 25. for the rest of the morning crash that now blocks the far left lane. so trucks as well as the cars involved, fire crews, emergency vehicles all on that left side of the highway and it's slowing down from -- as you progress northbound because we are down to just three lanes getting through. across the map the other big issue across the drive is our eastbound stretch of problems. we have estrich on pecos and a stall towards brighton. further
6:57 am
is keeping us slightly delayed leading up to the exit but even so travel times still stand around 12 minutes. [ music ] >> it is my high honor and distinct privilege >> [ cheering ] >> to introduce to you, the president-elect of the united states of america, trump. >> donald trump is the 45th president of the united states, an upset that stunned his critics, thrilled supporters and angered opponents. he claimed victory just a little after 1:00 this morning our time after receiving a concession call from democrat hillary clinton. he won a total of 278 total electoral votes. >> president obama invited donald trump to the white house tomorrow. a white house spokesperson says the meeting is to talk about the smooth presidential transition. >> [ applause ]
6:58 am
republican national committee team, let me give a special shout out to the operation. we could not have done it without you. >> republican mike coffman will keep his seat in u.s. house of representatives. the race between he and senator morgan carroll -- tend out to be one of the nastiest and -- turned out to be the nastiest and tightest around the country. and michael benn very close having won 49% to 46%. >> and the results of local ballot measures, presidential primaries coming back to colorado. increase on tobacco taxes failed. that's not going to happen. so did colorado care, that failed. state run health insurance exchange got beat. physician- assisted suicide past. minimum wage in colorado also was passed and that will be
6:59 am
>> we're returning back up to this level by early next week after a brief cold front and then late next week, something a little more interesting moving in. looks like a storm system moving into the west. we will have showers and rain and snow on thursday. i can see it but what i am seeing right now is rain changing over to snow friday during the morning especially, so we are going to be seeing some snow hopefully around the area. i would really like to see that. great weather of course for friday, veterans day, mid-50s there and 9 airs colorado shares -- we will all be wearing our jackets in the morning but we will just -- dressed warmly. -- we will dress warmly. >> we will be there, we hope you come out and csn bring nonperishable food items, clothing and cash -- see us and bring nonperishable food items
7:00 am
[ laughter ] >> we won't take it ourselves. we give it to the food banks. [ laughter ] we are all wearing pink in reminder to tell somebody good morning. it's trump. >> usa, usa. >> donald j. trump will be the next president of the united states. an astonishing victory, and a massive repudiation of his washington establishment, and e media. trump speaking to his supporters early this morning. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> hillary clinton calling him to concede, but no speech from her overnight. her supporters devastated. his, overjoyed. america as we know it has changed. the billionaire businessman and


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