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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  November 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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>> good afternoon, and thank you for joining us on this day
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donald trump is our 45th president of the united state and celebrate his victory this morning in new york, saying he would be the president for all americans. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past -- and which there were a few people -- i am reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so we can work together and unify our great country. >> it would historic election either way. trump is the first president elected who never served political office and has no military experience. as trump tries to heal the country problem, tests started in several cities. people were on the streets in portland, oregon and los angeles. 500 people protested outside ucla after the results were announced. trump's campaign manager said it came down to listening.
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with people and not at people. >> it is now up to trump to lead a very divided nation. trump overperformed polls in rule america and those who turned out in 2012 did not mobilize for clinton. clinton waited until about 9:30 our time to give her speech. she was gracious, saying we must look towards the future. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power and we don't just respect that. we cherish it. >> shortly after clinton's speech in new york city, president obama addressed the
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election the side that lost will be affected but we're all on one team. >> this is an intramural scrimmage and we're not democrats first or republicans first. we are americans first. we're patriots first. we all want what is best for this country. >> the president went on to say he has instructed his team to make the transition as smooth as possible for pr that's what president bush did for him and said it's the right thing for america. some colorado students are opting to be more divided than united today. sky9 flew over boulder high school ten minutes ago. you can see some kids that walked out of class. we are hearing there are protests elsewhere and are checking those out in denver too. douglas county sheriff's office is responding with franktown fire and south metro
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russellville, about 2 acres. that's something we're following and if we get an update in the show, we'll pass it to you. it's a beautiful day outside but dry. it's dry, sunny, blue skies and we know the lack of rain does not help. looking denver, danielle is in the studio. it will be difficult if you watched election coverage. >> soak it in get off the couch and maybe you're still at work -- grab the laptop and head outside. um-hmm. it's just fantastic. unfortunately, though, with drier conditions we are starting to see wildfires popping up even in november. we don't have a defined fire season in colorado as we can see them spark up any time. bright blue skies sitting over the city. it looks fantastic if you're a fan of the sunshine.
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at this point 24 hours ago. things are warming up, downtown, nearing the 70-degree mark. we're at 70 in wright, 48 eagle, and low 60s in grand junction and cortez. right now no surprise it is bone dry, no rain, no snow in our forecast for the next couple of days, clear skies. around dinner time, upper 50s. looking towards this afternoon, going i have a brief cooldown coming. it's all relatively speaking at this point. will it ever, ever come? >> i'm not sure it will. doesn't feel like it. it's been so long since we have a storm but mother nature may be switching things up. >> sounds good. thank you so much, danielle.
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shooting that left the suspect dead and sent the officer to the hospital. , officer first responded to reports of being shot at. investigators learned the suspect was at a home. when officer responded, there was of a confrontation with the suspect and he started a handgun and started shooting at police. three police officers fired back, two from aurora, one from denver. they did recover a gun at the scene. the officer recovering but was shot in the face. the suspect was shot in the face and nearly died. >> i want to tell you that, um, we came very close to losing a brother at aurora police department. we feel very bless head is going to survive and very bless that we're not planning a
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time. police said that the suspect had a limited criminal history and the suspect putt baby in the car just before the shooting. luckily police tell us the baby was not hurt in any of this. continuing now with our election coverage, a big win for donald trump followed by a reactions from wall street and world markets. things are calming down a bit. you can take a look the world markets were in a tailspin overnight. in japan, the market closed down around 5.5%. european market were down 3%. in mexico, the peso hit an all- time low against the dollar. stocks have opened pretty much flat today. hillary clinton edged out trump to win in colorado, but trump had smaller victories. douglas county was among the
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red. tarhonda thomas talked to voters about trump's win. we're at a cafe in castle rock. people come here to talk about the events of the day and the big event is donald trump's big win. he has dozen of wins across colorad . donald trump did not win colorado as a few percentage points statewide, but trump took 40 counties, including douglas and weld county and douglas county here, he got 54.1% of the vote preliminarily is what we're seeing right now. but in other counties he won big other.. [ indistinct ] it's really those smaller, more
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went for clinton and that's what gave her the edge to win the state. trump supporters celebrating today. we talked to some voters about why they think it happened. >> that was a stamp of approval for the american citizens to say enough's enough and we need to go a different route. >> was very cordial, sort of moved on, but bring it together. she's been saying it for the past two week. she was the "bring us together" candidate. nobody on the television or the ballot booth believed it. hopefully he is. that's what a president is supposed to be. >> reporter: so perhaps the next conversation at the cafe will be how does america deal with it. tarhonda thomas, 9news.
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along with the decision, there were ballot measures to vote on and those will shape future of our state. they decided to bring back presidential primaries and the increase on tobacco taxes failed. physician-assisted suicide passed. colorado cares state-run health insurance failed and increase in minimum wage passed. there will be more restrictions to prevent amendments of state constitution. that measure passed. too close to call is the measure on involuntary servitude. pollsters flood the 2016 presidential election. we know a lot were calling for clinton to win before the election happened so we asked our experts how did they get it so wrong. but first, it's a nice day out there. danielle will tell us how the rest of the week will shape
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we're taking a live look right now at the university of colorado "a" right now, 15 to 40 minute, due to crossing issues. they are saying please allow extra time. these delays could go on into the afternoon and several areas and crossings are having problems. they're stopping for safety reasons. rtd is sorry for the inconvenience, they said in a tweet. we know the "a" line had issues
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d.i.a. and we're following the delays, 15 to 40 minutes on the university of colorado "a" line because of crossing issues. once we have an update, we'll pass it to you. thanks so much, colleen. the 9 back yard is the place to be. my goodness, we're watching nothing but sunshine, bright blue skies and soaring into the 70s. ad into ten to average. we're watching this warm, dry weather pattern taking hold across the state. in fort collins you can see the bright blue sky and shorts in t- shirt and shorts. this protecten ridge, doing snow dance extrying to get something, it looks dry. precipitation-wise, below average, potentially across a good swath of the state and that's been exactly what we
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start of the month. 41 degrees. 65 idaho springs. steamboat springs, 55 and low 60s fort morgan and sterling and we're slowly warming up with 65. i think we'll get to 72 at the mid-60s in rifle, cortez. right now on hd doppler 9, not a lot to show you, so we'll zoom and show you where we are. we have one storm into portion of texas to bring rain and in the eastern seaboard through new york, d.c. and norfolk, virginia, light rain showers but truly that's about it. tonight, we're looking about 40 degrees, mostly clear and sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:38.
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down to the teens in gunnyson as well as alamosa tonight. i'll show you futurecast but there's not a lot to see. we'll fast forward throughout the rest of the evening, stop the clock at 10:00. mostly clear conditions across the state and exactly how we wake up tomorrow yet again, wall-to-wall sunshine. this will take us through the afternoon. it doesn't show we have a cold front that's going to drop into the state. no, it won't bring rain or snow but will help kick up the wind just a bit out of the north keep our temperatures slightly cooler than today. i mean slight. 67 still on tap tomorrow. we'll knock it down a two ten degrees to 57 on friday. that's more seasonal. we stay dry through the weekend with temperatures in the 60s and should be fantastic. we would love to see you out there. next week, 70s, possibly record- breakers, and the tail end,
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9news at noon returns after
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donald trump is going to be the next president. many wonder how pollsterrings were with so wrong. it brought a blow of credibility to them, bring to
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several months of polls pegged clinton as the leader in the race and as the leader in the main key battleground states, but trump's win buried conventional wisdom. >> i think pollster and expers including us probably didn't anticipate it was as much real kind of visceral anger at the politic, the is gross pay-for-play big government pc culture. there are lot of things people are frustrated about, and this that you are way to say hay, this is different, something out of the box, so let's go for this. >> i don't buy that. the republicans already control the house and senate. that is the vote for the status quo and extending majority. donald trump is another question, right. at the end of the day, there
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missed all over the pace. we need to recalibrate how we talk to voters but each other. we need to share more information and hear from each other. one thing i think every single day liberals are blown away by this and didn't see as it a possibility whatsoever so we need to reckon what happened. it's not like it's a huge mandate by any stretch of the imagination but shows we're extremely died and we have to get back together now. >> our experts talked about a number of hidden trump supporters who maybe didn't tell the truth or discuss who they were voting for, which is their right. researchers found a neurological link to eating disorders. why people who suffer from anorexia and bulimia can ignore
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>> welcome back. a new study has found a neurological reason why people with eating disorders can override their urge to eat. it was led by scientist at the university of colorado using brain scans scans. they examined 26 healthy women and 26 women with an are exya or bulimia. they found alteration in the white matter of their brain, including when we're hungry. the pathways that connect these part of the brain were much weaker in the women with eating disorders so they were able to fend off the signals to peep >> the study supports the idea you can use mind over matter, that you can use your maybe
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bottom-up -- when a brain region overcome the strive to eat. you may say "i'm hungry are i can't help it," somebody else is terrified of beginning weight and has an eating disorder, might have the ability to override that. >> reporter: certain types of people may be more prone to eating disorders. the next step is to look at when this starts play. a traffic alert right now. thornton fire says southbound lanes on i-25 are closed at 136 due to a multivehicle car accident and near 128. they suggest using another route if possible. stay with for updates.
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once again the 9 day forecast, wow, what a changeup. it's gorgeous and cooler on friday for veterans day. 9 cares colorado shares, fantastic, them we soar into the 70s to hopefully, cross your fingers, see snow by next weekend. >> thank you, danielle.
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tom and gisele versus trump. >> the supermodel lashes out over claims they are with the donald now on "extra." ? extra extra ? ? ? ? extra extra ? trump's election day war of words with tom and giselle. >> he said, donald, i support you and i voted for you. trump down today. then -- >> taylor swift, kelly ripa, we're coast to coast with the stars as they head to the polls. if he loses i don't think he goes away quietly. "extra" vault assault as we go back through our hillary/trump library. >> she's an exceptional person. >> what they told us about each other long before their war for the white house. >> did brad and angelina secretly make a deal?


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