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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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being questioned about the shooting. >> reporter: two people were detained. that is what we know from denver police. they have not released their identities at this point. right now denver police have champa straight shutdown from 16th, to 17th . they have been investigating for the past several hours in the parking lot of the renaissance hotel right here on champa. we know that two suspects were taken into custody after this deadly shooting. it started with a fight at about to 15:00 p. -- 2:15 p.m. this afternoon. officers heard about the fight. about shots being fired. two men taken to the hospital. one of the men died. the other receiving treatment. police said they got information that these two suspects were on an rtd bus. we got video from someone here
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denver police were able to get on the bus and get those people off the bus. we understand it was a man and a woman. denver police have asked us to blur their faces when the investigation is ongoing. at this point, we do not know who they are. one person was killed. another man is recovering at the hospital. we know that champa street is still shut down. we will let you know on social media as soon as that opens up. >> thank you. avoid the area if possible. in 71 days, president- elect donald trump will be sworn into office. he celebrated his victory early this morning in new york saying he will be the president for all americans. >> for those that have chosen not to support me in the past -- of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> donald trump is the first person elected president who has never served political
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>> hillary clinton called donald trump last night and congratulated him. she waited until this morning to give her first public statement in conceding the election. both clinton and president obama spoke today making an appeal for unity. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> we are not democrats first. we are not republicans first. we are americans first. >> the results show donald trump exceeded rural america when it comes to poles. people are reacting across the country. some feeling angry. others hopeful for what is to come. we went to greeley and asked voters how they are feeling the
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trump -- in his heart, i believe donald trump does want the best for our country and also mike pence. >> it is time we had somebody that is not a politician in the white house. i was very excited. >> i'm embarrassed of the amount of people that consistently said we have nothing to worry about. she is going to win. which in turn, feel like they needed to vote. >> right now there is a lot of devastation. there is a lot of sadness. >> in that devastation, there is a weird solidarity between a lot of people right now. this is a tragedy. and a lot of people's lives will be affected on a very real and basic level. >> i'm pleased we are getting some change. hopefully that will precipitate some real improvement in our
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trump? . >> i'm disappointed in my peers. >> we are all in this together. >> i think it is important that we band together. >> [ crying ] i'm sorry. i think we all need to come together. >> students across the country including some in colo protest the outcome. at boulder high school, students waived a mexican flag. and in spanish, the words, we are united. building bridges, not walls. and dps says students are encouraged to exercise their right to free speech. >> at -- at this point, few people understand what having donald trump or president will mean internationally. the uncertainty that they jolt through local market in mexico were trump thomas to build a
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the peso plummeted this morning. president vladimir putin sent a personal message of congratulations to trump and so did other leaders around the world. >> i congratulate donald trump on being elected as the next president of the united states. britain and the united states and close partners on trade, security and defense. >> in iraq, the u.s. backed ballot to take mosul back from isis is underway of course. the strategy was questioned by trump on the campaign trail. he says he does not want to reveal his enemies. so what he does is obviously up in the air. >> no what the notional matter what the decision, -- no matter the decision, a denver graduate will fight to take back his home in mosul. he risks his life every day to reach the people in that city through his underground radio station in iraq. it is not his name. he needs in a -- and alias. he graduated in 2014. after he returned home, isis
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forced to leave. he says he will give the people of his city a voice. >> people are taking a big risk. they do not allow the cell phones. people want to escape from the reality. they want to be back to the normalcy. they just want to listen to music. to believe there will be a better future. that >> many of the station listeners call in to try to reach family and friends. or a police say an officer involved shooting could have been a lot worse. one of their officers was shot in the face while trying to catch a murder suspect yesterday. today police showed a picture of the injury. we will show the injury. the apd chief said it was important to show how an inch difference could have changed the officer's outcome. >> the officer was shot
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for the public to know the kinds of dangers our officers are facing. in particular, for this situation, i think it is important to know just how close and how serious the situation was for this officer. and again, this was not something that was -- he got shot and he is fine and it must not have been serious. again, i feel it was a miracle, if not a still with us. >> obviously, expected to recover. police say this started when a 23-year-old shot and killed 35- year-old antonio norwood. antonio norwood is a convicted felon. police say the man shot him and
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police say the man had his baby in the car when he fired at officers. they returned fire killing him. the child was not hurt and is being taken care of by family. the name of the police officer is not released. he has been with apd for 13 years. this we confess, we are collecting food, clothing and toys for those in need. in newcastle, the community will be trying to set a record for the amount of food they take in. the cub scouts hope to set a world record. >> all over the town of new castle, the cub scouts are pretty busy. >> very busy. talking about this year's annual food drive. >> it started about seven years ago. >> an event that keeps getting bigger. >> each year, it has grown and grown. >> we are trying to set a world record. >> this could be the biggest of them all. >> with john and the scouts trying to set a world record this saturday for the most food collected per capita by a community in 24 hours. >> it will start at 1:00 and
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so we have 24 hours. >> the small town of new castle -- and about 14,000 pounds of food. >> it is amazing what people can do. >> when it comes to success, john knows the ingredients they need. the town's population is about 4600 people. they need three pounds donated per person to reach the 14,000- pound goal. >> anything above that will be a bonus. >> with every lift up a local food bank that is getting a lot of help from its community this year. >> we had about 60 kids come. the girl scouts helped. >> it is happening on the same day as nine carats, colorado shares. he says it is not just about getting newcastle in the record books, but also about helping others. >> it is a great time of year to do this. >> it is certainly putting a lot on his plate. >> he says it is well worth
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food on the plates of others. in newcastle, 9news. >> they help more than 800 families every year. >> you can help as well. this saturday, we will be collecting nonperishable food, clothing, coats and toys from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at five different locations and many other sites across the state. you can make donations at the drive sites or online. there is an interactive map of drive locations near you on our website. please participate. help us help the good folks of colorado. looking at a beautiful forecast to finish out the week. we are tracking some possible mountain snow. also had, patients and families get treated to a
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you know when you send an e-mail to you immediately regret -- accidentally sent a message to the wrong person? you can take it back. google is running out an update for ios users. it features an undue send button. you can use the future on desktop. users will have the option to take back an e-mail within five seconds after it has been sent to fix any errors. i don't ever think of it that fast. the update is the biggest overhaul of the app in nearly four years. patients and families at children's hospital colorado
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cast of sleeping beauty. they did a performance for the patients. it even showed how to execute the dance moves. they said the visit was a wonderful break from the usual routine. >> it brings excitement. something other than just sleeping and being bored. >> she described the performance as a dream come true. how fun. >> that looks like a great day. beautiful today. highs in the 70s and. >> we are tracking a slight cooldown. we will see which day after we
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look up at the sky. clear blue. looking west, mount evans. no snow on mount evans. if there is, just a little. it does not show u >> you find yourself adding extra lotion every day. more conditioner to your hair. >> it is so dry. you look at the calendar. thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. typically, we are going skiing at this point in the season. we do see a chance for moisture here in denver in the form of rain or snow at the end of next week. a storm we are tracking. they tune on that. in the meantime, a beautiful day in colorado. quiet weather for those trying
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74 degrees in denver today. in mid-november. that is crazy. the average, 55. the record, 76. we will be cooler tomorrow with a dry front coming through. if d8 at the airport. wind out of the northeast at nine. calm in the backyard. temperature, lower-60s. the wind will shift a little state. the central mountain resorts would love any amount of snow. the next front coming in will not help areas like loveland or steamboat. your making snow fast and furious. many resorts delaying the opening dates because of the current dry weather pattern. but things changing. low-pressure to the south. high-pressure to the north. and that tilted ridge will keep the storm track to the north.
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pacific we are tracking. that may change things for us. it will be about a week before it gets here. high and dry across the western u.s. a few showers across the southern plains states. with the front tomorrow, you will not notice that other than a 5-10-degree cooldown tomorrow. moisture in the pacific northwest. the best chance of showers hitting the ground is central texas. highs above average. not as warm as today. 10 degrees warmer than where we should be this time of year. clear skies and light wind. a cool night. greeley, 36. temperatures tomorrow will be above average. not quite as warm as vail, 63. good travel day for those of you going to grand lake and idaho springs. temperatures close to 60 degrees. the denver metro tonight, clear and cool with light wind. a low of 40. the sun is up at 38:00 a.m. not as warm as today. the kids could probably wear shorts to school. as long as they take a jacket it will be cool at the bus stop.
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friday. spiking again for the weekend. cooling a bit sunday. warming into the 70s monday and tuesday. ahead of a storm that may bring a couple of snowflakes. maybe rain showers thursday and friday of next week. keep your fingers crossed. let's enjoy this beautiful fall weather in colorado. beautiful stratus clouds a pie. and you know what we call this?
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after overnight futures put a scare in many stocks,
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that is what players are interested in tonight. the broncos lost three out of the last five games. fall into third place in the afc west division. hoping the team and the country are heading in the right direction. >> both choices were not ideal choices. at the end of the day, you have to figure out policies and what is best for america. >> i think the fact does the pathway we were going on was not the right pathway. h >> broncos play the high- scoring new orleans saints sunday. we are live. we are at team headquarters. the coach took them in to address the election with players today. why did he think that was necessary. >> i think one thing we can agree on is that the election was extremely divisive in this country.
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broncos locker room. you cannot have a divided locker room if they are to all come together and edifies the new orleans saints. what the coach did was told the players, i know some of you are disappointed with the results of last night. i know some of you are happy. what they all have to come together if they are to beat the new orleans saints. that is what coaches do. they worry about and they concentrate on wringing these personalities and players from all different backgrounds. there is so much culturally diverse backgrounds in the locker rooms. some grew up rich. some grew up poor. some guys are big. some guys are fast. other guys are soft-spoken and some are loudmouths. they all have to come together and work as a team to beat the saints. that is what the coach doesn't. >> a spectacular fall day in colorado. but the broncos practiced
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you did it again as far as weather. but inside is where they will play in the superdome in new orleans. they have this $25 million fieldhouse. get used to the astroturf and the lights. they might as well use it. >> do not give kathy too much credit. >> thank you, mike. >> the broncos huddle begins at 6:30 on channel 20. emmanuel sanders and rob mackey are close host cohosting the show. >> the broncos huddle. capri, the special guest. >> he will break down the 69- yard run. trying to get more carries. they will break that down. you don't want to miss that. >> we will have some fun too. you are busy today with a
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video of the broncos doing the manikin challenge. it is awesome. you don't want to miss that. >> all coming up at 6:30 on channel 20. the negative game had a more surprising finish in the presidential election. the nuggets were trailing the memphis grizzlies by one point in the final seconds until gary harris stole the ball. but the grizzlies still had a chance. just a fraction of the game remaining. >> change is not always good. strange but true. the new england's -- knowing the patriots had first coach took time out to address his relationship with donald trump. >> we have a huge game this week. it is a great football team. a great organization. that is where it all
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>> coach, were you happy that donald trump read the letter? >> yes. >> your team has been good at keeping outside distractions on the outside. given the nature of this presidential race, did you find it helpful -- to talk about this? >> >> a quick shout out to the fun people that followed us last night as we demonstrated through the use of spring- loaded bobble head dolls -- on who was leading the race. much more work then i anticipated. i did not expect so many changes in the lead throughout the evening.
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college votes and not the popular vote. >> yes that is right. >> every time somebody voted. >> that would be a work out. >> i was talking with my 8- year-old and i said, time for bed. they said, i have to see if trump gets florida. and i need to learn about the electrical vote. >> i said, you mean the electoral votes.
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tonight, shock waves across america and around the world as donald trump defies the polls and the pend its again. the dramatic triumph as the brash billionaire turned reality star is elected the 45th president of the united states. >> i say for us to come together as one united people. >> for hillary clinton, one of the most stunning defeats in american political history. >> last night i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. >> the candidate and her campaign, so confident victory was in their grasp. what happened? we have exclusive details inside trump's planning. plus the immediate impact of his policies


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