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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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>> this revolution was televised, perhaps that is why the polls and media had it so -- >> wrong. >> next we promise transparency and it's so clear indeed how wrong we were. >> wrong. >> there is no path by 270. >> owrong. >> the polls would suggest the
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>> wrong. >> tonight. why the trump revolution was underestimated at every turn. maybe the media would benefit from a touch of class. diversity. trump's colorado campaign manager tells us about the campaign promise that isn't going to happen and the one element of trumpism he would like to see die. as some students worry and protest, we'll hear from the 12- year-old who made national headlines supporting him if that is not media enough you, steve stager breaks bread with the man selling cheeseburgers in all 12 colorado counties. >> wrong. >> no, mr. president, we are and it's next. donald trump was underestimated because his voters were underestimated in number and passion. that seems simple but if it truly was simple then more of america would have seen president-elect donald trump coming. polling firms and we in the
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as a gospel failed to understand white america. the part not always represented among the so-called elites. our political science professor carl saunders. >> a secret sauce in many of the polling firms missed out on many of these silent republican voters in some of the states. >> then mirroring that effect in the polls this same group that was missed is t represented in newsrooms. >> it's been termed many different things over the last couple of days but the silent white majority, or the -- untold voter, called many different things. but we have not done a really good job of understanding those people. not just their political motivations but also that they were really, really activated this particular cycle and that is where the models that the
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missed. >> donald trump's own campaign held more of a gut feeling of optimism than hard numbers. trump's colorado campaign director sat down with me today to talk about that, as well as mr. trump's most strident campaign pledges like mass deportations of people here illegally will ever actually happen. >> i think what everybody who got the polling wrong in colorado and really around the country, was that this was a movement, this was not a campaign. it'set country and the people that showed up to vote for donald trump around the country didn't show up on the voter rolls. >> it was not just media polling that didn't see this coming. the rnc's polling, republicans, did not see this coming. >> everybody got this wrong. kyle. i wouldn't expect you guys to get it right. this was a complete surprise. >> are you proud of the way he
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in this country. and yes, i'm proud of the way that he brought average american people back to -- back to running their country. yes, i'm proud of the way he ran this campaign. >> what is the single largest strain within the movement that you do not think is productive? ? >> the feeling that if you're not -- if you're an immigrant in this country you may be not welcome here. i think it's ov really not who donald trump is. that's an element of this campaign that i don't think is helpful. >> it certainly animated a lot of people that voted for him. >> absolutely it did, but also turned off a lot of people that could have voted for him. >> so i remember the first time we talked, we talked about the idea of how in the world the trump administration would deport a population almost the size of fort collins? >> i remember that question.
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>> i don't think it will ever come to that day. i think what donald trump has done is opened a dialogue with the immigrant population in this country and there will be a -- there will be a plan for people to become productive citizens of this country. >> after talking politics for what seems like 24 hours straight our political experts on the left and right answer a simple question. what do they realize now that escaped them last night? >> i like maybe -- i, like many progressives, pollsters and pundits realize today trump victory is not only possible but it happened. the polls got it wrong. the statistical analysts got it wrong. modeling data got it wrong it seems to be what the american people wanted in part. the popular vote seems to have been gotten by hillary clinton.
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donald trump. it's how elections work in this country. we'll see what happens the next four years. >> i think the thing that i realized today that i didn't realize yesterday was just how angry voters were about the status quo. because i don't think anybody really anticipated that donald trump was going to end up with the percentages that he did. i think quite frankly in many ways it could be great and he signifies change and something different. he kind of signifies to people blowing up the entire system. that's what they were looking for this time. i think it's time for to us see what is next. >> time for new pot jokes, america. not just colorado anymore, plus washington state. california, nevada and massachusetts all voted last night to legalize recreational cannabis. ryan found a marijuana business is thinking chaching? >> reporter: the largest economies in the world in order are the u.s., china, japan,
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largest economy in the world. a single state. it's economic output in 2015, $2.46 trillion. >> it's obviously a big opportunity for us. >> reporter: that's why cannabis companies like mary's medicinals in denver are hoping to ride the high. they are specializing in extracts. science. >> you're talking about very large and different demographics of people that are now. that's obviously great for our business but it's great just for the industry as a whole. >> reporter: great for the industry and many would argue great for revenue, the california tax board expects $1 billion in recreation marijuana revenue in its first year of sales in 2018. it will take time to set up the system and deal with the federal regulations. >> it's not as simple as shipping and transporting. it's building from the ground up in every state that goes on- line. >> reporter: speak of federal laws during the presidential primary marijuana businesses were a bit concerned about the
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christie who actively campaigned on the idea of scrapping recreational marijuana altogether. but as of last night the country has president-elect trump who had this to say to brandon in july. >> you think colorado should be able to do what it is doing? >> i think it's up to the states, yeah. i'm a states person. i think it should be up to the states. >> this is exactly what companies like mary's want to hear. >> a president like trump is a pro-business guy and has been on record saying this is a states rights issue. it's exactly how we feel as well >> reporter: now even more of pot reaching more consumers than ever without too many more hurdles from the feds. >> next question comes from few of you, wondering what has gone up at the section of 14th and colorado? to the untrained eye looks like someone is drilling for oil in the middle of the city. it looks like it but that's not it. it is actually a denver water project. they are in the process of testing a potential new method
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aquifers. it stretches from greeley south to the springs and from golden east to lyman. the thought is it may be an alternative way to store water instead of reservoirs. as our population grows and climate changes. denver water would pump treated water into the aquifers in wet years and back out during dry times. but scientists don't know a lot about the rock formation under denver so they need to study them more to make sure the process would actually work. that explains the big drilling rig near three other drill sites around the city. is the align working? on -- a-line working? on day one of the donald trump era, make the a-line great, again? sort of. had issues this morning because of crossing communications. rtd has a deal with federal regulators to fix the issues at the crossings in the next 90 days. this morning's issues caused delays between 15 and 50 minutes. a final thought for now on the election. the utter inability of
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americans stand. distrust in polling likely means we're going to retreat farther into the comfort of anecdotes, any story we can tell to reinforce any belief that we want to be true. and that will only reinforce the tribalism that has split america into red team, blue team. red nagged. red neighborhood and blue neighborhood. you may feel misled about what is really happenin you know, like we felt last night. >> i stayed out of school today because our candidate won and i'm celebrating. >> reporter: he's back, colorado's 12-year-old republican leader who got leaders talking the last time he was here. pint's worth of proof america is already coming together. we'll use that to wash down steve's story on man eating his
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we're looking for signs of unity wherever we can find them. cheers to colorado brewers reuniting under one industry group. they split last year with differences of opinion. so they are making colorado craft beer great again. or better together if you prefer as colorado brewers guild. protesters upset with donald trump's victory gathered at city hall in in colorado springs. a number of students walked out of school. and parents wrote to us about bullying and reaction related to the results. westin is not to school but not on the streets either.
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win. he made national headlines for his volunteer role with the trump campaign. and westin was kind enough to fit "next" in his media schedule today. what are your democratic friends your age saying today? >> i've got a whole bunch of democratic friends on instagram and stuff, and i've received a lot of badmouthing. >> i'm just curious how you deal with it. >> i deal with it by just letting it roll off my back. i know they just -- i know they are just jealous it's happening and that i'm -- i've had people in my own party be jealous of me for what i've done. i'm 12 years old and i'm volunteering as a co-chair for the jefferson county trump campaign. i feel they are jealous. >> mad jealous? >> exactly. >> kids today. >> yes. >> there are students your age who don't see a place for them
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>> you have a place. and you have a right in america and mr. trump is not trying to contradict you. he's not trying to take your rights away. he's trying to make america better and make it so that we all are -- not exactly all equal but we all have our fair share. he's trying to keep america safe. and keep america great and make america great again. recommendation, point towards something that is not ours but worth your time. check out the history, acurve in the new-seum. it's front pages from newspapers across the country this morning. you can scroll through the covers. it's interesting to check out the papers that called the race before they went to print and those that had to leave the race as a cliffhanger. however you voted it's a fascinating snapshots of a photo finish that by this morning turned out to be a pretty wide electoral college
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where this sign makes perfect sense. 64 places in our state where a man is hunting for the best cheeseburger, and you found the place where we'll never leave you hanging when a good number of our viewers in search of good news.
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it's a sign. and listen, you're not going toify by this but you need to look closely as you pass. it reads - not pedestrian. it's so nederland there. don took this picture. says he drives on his motorcycle and photographing interesting thing. he guess most people pass it and don't realize it's personalized for the town i passed it 10 times and never noticed it before. speaking of signs -- i'm looking for a sign from mother nature of denver's first official snowfall and actually that could happen the end of next week. i'm meteorologist kathy sabin, a beautiful day in colorado.
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making snow fast and furious. mother nature not helping keystone. our high today 2 degrees shy of a record and way above the average of 55 degrees. the jet stream currently north of the area, thanks to a building ridge of high pressure, that means the moisture from the west will miss colorado. avoided colorado. tomorrow weak dry front rolls through. knocks temperatures down 5 to 10 degrees but it's a dry day, all the moisture in southern texaey inches of rain. clear and cool in denver, 39 degrees tonight. tomorrow, sunshine, breezy, not as warm as today but still above average in the mid-60s. a second try front friday, closer to 60s. back to the the 70s monday and tuesday, it's thursday and friday of next week we actually have a chance of seeing, well, more interesting clouds than these and maybe some snow. man in colorado is on a
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in every county seat. steve stager likes cheeseburgers and they chatted today. >> reporter: where on earth did you get this idea? dpi don't know. i tell what you, i was looking for a cheeseburger, i was new to denver. i found a granite marker on spear boulevard that said denver was the origin of the cheeseburger 1935. i just have always loved them. i of nowhere, i ask people where to find a cheeseburger, i go in there and i'm just blown away. >> let's look at the menu. we're in cast castle rock, county seen of douglas county. >> i've had peanut butter and jelly bacon cheeseburger, up in georgetown. blew me away. i'm thinking fort collins, it
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fried egg, bacon cheeseburger all in a big gob and it was good. it was not quite cardiac good but it was good. >> speaking of that -- speaking of that -- let's talk about that. how do you keep healthy through the course? >> i don't keep healthy. i'm in horrible shape and i'll tell you one of the things about -- one of the reasons i started doing this was really to limit myself to just one burgary week. i'm trying -- burger a week. i'm trying to vegetarian and one day of eating whatever you want. meat. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: have you been successful? >> no. >> oh my god how are you going to eat this? >> i don't know. you just got to get down in it. mm. i'm going to eat these cheeseburgers so at least i have something on my headstone. ate a cheeseburger in every
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it's wednesday we we know
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news -- slice of our friday good news tradition today. >> it's always a new day. as long as you have that attitude, you know, i feel like our days -- best days are always ahead of us. just keep the attitude and everything will be fine. >> i am thankful for my son. he was a 24-weaker, so he was born four months early. spent six months in the hospital. that he's alive and home with us and life is blessed to wake up everyday. so to get out on a beautiful day like this and bring my granddaughter out to the zoo, what a pleasure. >> just living in colorado has been a dream of mine. so being here for the last three years has been really you a s&p. -- awesome. the holidays for sure. please don't pick your nose. this is the first time they'll understand christmas and santa. and elf on the shelf. >> we almost missed the opportunity so we're beyond
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son. >> feedback now -- if anecdotes are not reliable and polls are not reliable, what do
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. ? (patterson) nothing unusual so far. everything looks normal. reade, zapata... anything suspicious? (reade) negative, just the support staff coming and going. something's not right. the message said to stand by. i think they want us to wait. all right. we wait. i went to the precinct and broke into the crime lab. i stole the knife that killed jones. i was trying to protect you. tasha, i didn't kill him. why can't you believe me? well, i believe you now. the knife isn't yours. it's freddy's. what? how do you know it's freddy's? i saw him with it when he was staying in your apartment. i have evidence for a murder case
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how to put it back without getting caught. put it back? what are you talking about? that knife convicts freddy, you can't put it back now. (gunshots) (zapata) shots fired inside the west end of the building. (people shouting) fbi! fbi! on the ground, now! get on the ground! fbi! (zapata) ohh! (zapata) yeah. it's burton. i got her. stand up. hands behind your back. on me. (handcuffs snapping) fan out, we need to find the rest of 'em. i got doyle. hey! where are they?


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