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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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happy veterans day. they're often the forgotten people on the front lines. today we pay tribute to america's veterans. a local tradition is honoring those sacrifices for our country. we get a closer look at a special veterans day tribute. >> i've been doing this about 15 years here just over i-25 on union avenue. it's a little north of bellevue. i'm here with chris tucker. he's the guy that started reaction you get from putting these flags up on a bridge? enter i -- bridge? >> i love it. people honking, waving, people going under hitting lights and sirens. every time one of those things happens, it warms your heart. people realize what we're doing up here. we're making a difference. people are thinking about it. >> reporter: you've had people
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how does that happen? >> well we've got a facebook page. people see it and start talking. one of the great stories is taking pictures for years driving underneath me posting on my page. i asked to come join us one time. he's been here ever since. people just grow. once they're up there one time, they're just absolutely love being up here. >> reporter: what's the m you want people at home to get from this and what you're doing? >> god bless america. when i hear horns like that, it really excites me. >> okay. thank you very much. back to you all. >> such a nice tribute. it's a gorgeous day to honor our vets. here's a live look at the loveland ski resort. it's beautiful up there. probably got the snow guns
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right? >> it is. blue bird conditions in the high country and even here on the front range. our temperatures for today, much cooler than 24 hours ago from 10 to 20 degrees cooler on the eastern plains. for most of eastern colorado on this friday. temperatures upside now in the upper and mid-50s. it's finally feeling like fall. our temperatures closer to foothills in some spots in the 40s like netherland. temperatures close to 60 in some spots closer to foothills, temperatures in the 50s. no one is going to look like you funny if walking around with the red cup. today is a day to sip on coffee or something warm. it's cooler in fort collins. it's beautiful now. we have got blue skies over there radar and satellite across the state. it's so dry. that dry forecast is going to take us through tonight. so those high school football
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no problem. we'll have clear conditions. temperatures in the 40s. stay warm out there. the weekend is looking really nice as well. those temperatures in the 60s. >> nice. good football weather for all high school teams in the playoffs. good luck tonight. thank you belin. for the second night in a row, demonstrators gathered in denver to protest president-elect donald trump. sky 9 got in video. you can see protestors marching and police blocking off that part o this is one way protestors showed their disstain for the president-elect. they say he represents bigotry, homophobia and racism. last night was the second straight night of demonstrators in denver. the crowd stretched for blocks and marched for hours overtaking areas of downtown denver. this by far is not the only protest we're seeing.
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supporters have their own trust rations. they feel he's the president to solve the nation's problems. still demonstrators say his policies are divisive. >> i want to show he does not speak for me as an american. >> the working class people who this country rides on had enough. >> trump supporters voicing their own frustrations saying they felt left behind in the previous administration. across the country t largest antitrump demonstrations happening in big cities like new this is in chicago, lake shore drive shut down. demonstrations really stretching from salt lake to portland, la, ohio, beyond. critics are now blaming facebook of all things for outcome of the presidential election. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says that's not only crazy but shows a, quote, profound lack of empathy, end quote. this stems from fake news articles that popped up on news
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public opinion. zuckerberg spoke at a conference thursday saying people underestimate support for president-elect donald trump. according to research, nearly half of americans get their news from facebook. can't trust everything you see on there. some people in oregon are so upset about donald trump's election that they don't even want oregon to be part of the u.s. anymore. two portland residents are trying to get more signatures on the petition to succeed from t initiative. they want oregon to form its own country with other states. as we mentioned yesterday, a similar effort is underway in california. the nsa whistle blower fled to russia during a scandal the relationship with between trump and putin leaves snow
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the yard. snowden told a crowd yesterday in amsterdam he's not worried about putin turning him over to trump. enter this is not about me. this is about us. we should be cautious about putting too much faith or fear in the work of elected officials. at the end of the day, this is just a president. >> snowden fled to russia after leaking classified information from the national security agency in 2013. now in the midst of transitions i president-elect trump is facing a civil trial in two weeks. with so much on his place, he's hoping to push back that civil case. it involves fraud allegations against trump university. mr. trump's attorney says despite the fact his client wanted to testify in person, they need to delay the fraud trial until after trump trump selects the transition team and has inauguration in january. the attorney general says he
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monday. the class action lawsuit was file 2010 on behalf of form her trump university customers. they allege they lost tens of thousands of dollars. trump's lawyer says the president-elect wants to be vindicated in this case and it would be to his disadvantage to not attend the trial in person. we have sad news to pass onto you this afternoon. actor robert von has died. he was best known for playing napool the man from uncle. i passed away this morning at 83 years old. he died of acute leukemia. an officer in grand junction is hurt after getting run over by a suspect's car. police say the office per was pinned and dragged by the vehicle this morning. it happened around midnight near soft 9 t street the suspect was killed. the officer had minor injuries. we're working to find out why this happened. we'll update if we get more
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for unthinkable crime. jacob anderson is accused of setting a woman on fire in lairmer county. police were called and discovered a garage on fire and woman burned sign -- burned inside the house. she was you shall rushed to the hospital we haven't gotten an update on her condition. holidays are fast approaching. some won't meal or clothes on their backs. you can help. our holiday drive is tomorrow. we're collecting non perishable food, clothes, coats, toys from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. we'll be at five locations in metro denver. we'll have more than 30 other sites across the state. if you're wondering, where's the site nearest me, go to our interact hiv map on 9 we've got drive locations, everything you need to know.
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easy or cake quick to give to others in our -- easy and quick to make it easy to give to others. we'll tell you why doctors say immuno therapy treatments could be an alternative to chemo
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beautiful. forecast different from 24 hours ago. temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday around this time. our forecast is going to stay dry. here's what's happening across the country. really radar and satellite is just showing us very dry weather to the west. even to the north of us. our jet stream or that storm track stays well north of the western half of the united states. now our temperatures right now are at 58 degrees at dia and here in the backyard. our temperatures are let's check the weather with the rest of the state starting off with current temperatures in the mountains. 60s on the western slope. 50s for friends in eagle. ledville close to divide. temperatures in the 40s. for lower elevations, kind of spread of temperatures low 50s to upper 50s like what we're experiencing in the metro area. low 50s for our friends in ray. our temperatures out there not going to rise very much anymore. highs in the mid-50s.
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skiing up in the basin or loveland, temperatures going to be near the 50s on the western slope. high of 63 degrees. our future cast taking us through the rest of the day, few clouds closer to the divide. here in the city in the afternoon, close to sunset. other than that, don't worry about rain coming from clouds. our forecast is staying dry. this is a favorable forecast. we like to spend the time outside. you don't want the rain or snow to get in the way. it's time. we need moisture across the state. not going to get it 33 your overnight low. tomorrow 9 cares colorado shares is going to take place. we hope you can make it out. beautiful forecast early in the morning mid-30s. 60s in the afternoon. you have weekend plans. hope you can think of others before you get out and enjoy the weekend and drop off donations. highs in the mid-60s this
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. new methods of cancer have surfaced. one is called immuno therapy. it uses your body's own immune system to fight tumors. cancer cells have adapted to fool the body's immune system. this treatment stops that from happening. it turns off the ability of cancer cells to switch off your
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cancer a disease where you want to get rid of it, to a disease like diabetes where you live with it and have treatment you can live normal lives with it. >> he adds that the treatments do not work on everyone. the results have been promising for some people with melanoma, lung cancer, andiest -- and breast cancer. you? >> how about adding pumpkin flavor to the mix? yes, pumpkin for breakfast.
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. welcome to "fix this ." find the best and easy home pros. so the fix this team is getting you ready for fall
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we're testing out top recipes to make your life easier including this pumpkin french toast. so earlier vita made this live on a facebook feed. it was a hit. >> it has been a hit. >> it's a really simple recipe. you just mix together a few things. all of a sudden you'r?>?tf-l wonderful chef. very much a kit with my son. i'm very popular with him now. i just keepin morning. enter if only this was smell vision. >> it had 400,000 pins on pinterest. that's where we got the recipe from. we decided to try it out. take a look. if you love pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice lattes, chances are you'll love this this pumpkin french toast recipe is trending on pinterest, pinned more than 400,000 times.
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test. you'll need milk, canned pumpkin, eggs, light brown sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. it suggests using texas toast or french bread. we're going to use both. in a bowl add three quarters cup milker, half cup pumpkin, four eggs, two tablespoons light brown sugar, one teaspoon vanilla extract, one teaspoon cinnamon, teaspoon nutmeg and ginger. heat together well. preheat electric griddle to 350 degrees i set mine between 3 and 325. cook it on the stove over medium heat. put butter in the griddle. dip in the bowl and soak on each
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now it's time to taste it. put it on a plate and pour on syrup, sprinkle powder sugar, add whipped cream. this was an easy recipe. i made the mixture the night before so i could dip it in and cook in the morning for kids. if we missed a step, i posted on 9 /fixthis. so the taste test. >> i've had the test taste five time this is morning. i ate a year's worth of french toast. >> it tastes like pumpkin pie. >> it really does. such an easy recipe. a lot of cool stuff coming up this weekend. >> i'm still eating. >> i have these flowers coming up. i'm going to show you how to take store bought flowers. you can make them look like
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sunday 7:55 another taste test. that's rosemary dinner rolls. they've been pinned more than 100,000 times. they have to be glorious. we'll find out the truth.
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. in the u.s. we have holidays for celebrating couples. one has a bigger holiday for singles. singles day in china is not what it sounds like. it's not about romance. it's more about shopping. it's an opportunity for unmarried people to buy items they want for themselves. berlin calls that tuesday, buy what you want. it's grown to the world's largest online shopping event. the company's biggest e-commerce brand say today. if you're wondering, that is triple what americans spent last year on sign her monday. they got us -- cyber monday. they got us beat by a long shot. that's not related to christmas. >> you work hard, got to treat yourself. >> treat yourself, don't cheat yourself. >> i like that. >> we're going to treat you to some nice weather over the weekend. if you don't have plans just yet, here are ideas of what to do. the cook park artist event is
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what? that's my favorite word, free. get ready for these events and others on 9 temperatures in the 60s and 70s next week. by the end of next week, it turns . >> join us. >> thanks for spinning part of your time with us.
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