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tv   9 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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this is 9news. a shake up on president elect donald trump's transition team and a slight change to a bit of his policy. crews are still cleaning up i-70 in the high country after an accident wow it's early in the morning. i'll read anything on a teleprompter i guess. a local story about a cat show. >> by the way, the video is kind of freaking me out. >> you know what, steve. you were trying so hard on that
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i'm sorry. >> on to the news this morning. we're working to find out more about a deputy involved shooting in montrose. a deputy who was hurt at the scene is expected to have surgery this morning. the sheriff's office tells us the deputy was shot in the hand near the west end of montrose county. the suspect involved was killed. we don't know much about what led up to the shooting. when we learn more, we'll share it with you. colorado state patrol is turning to the public to track down a hit and run driver in troopers say a man hit a woman on west 66th avenue and lowell boulevard in unincorporated adams county. it happened around 9:00 last night. the victim is seriously hurt but expected to survive. the car involved will most likely have damage to the front end, hood, or windshield. if you saw the crash or who who was driving that car, call the state patrol. all right. well 7:01 now. this holiday season you can get
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somebody's life. and we have been doing this in numerous ways. today the way we're giving back is through our 9 cares colorado shares event. >> are you in the spirit? i'm in the spirit. we're all in the spirit. we could use some like, you know, good feelings lately. >> they want us to stretch right now. we're talking about anything and everything we can. >> we have several locations for 9 cares colorado shares. one is in the 9news backyard at that's where belen deleon hopefully is now. all right. she's telling us to move on now. we'll get to her in a minute. veterans day is over. the ceremonies to honor those who fought for our freedom will continue this weekend. >> the city of denver has a veterans day parade and festival happening today. >> local veterans and supporters will start their march at 14th street and west colfax avenue. traffic might get backed up in the area. this year the parade will be
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represent each conflict in military history from the revolutionary war to modern times. >> after words a festival from noon to 3:00 p.m. at civic center park. a race in the morning. denver runs for veterans day. all registration fees go to help colorado veterans. we have the information on the wings over the rockies museum is honoring veterans with a special ceremony. the museum will be creating a runway commemorative bricks during the ceremony. this is happening at the b 52 entrance from 1:00 to 2:00. >> chris christie is out. and mike pence is stepping in for a big responsibility. the soon to be vice president will be in charge of president elect donald trump's transition team. trump's team will help make hiring recommendations and lay down ground work for the administration's first few months. trump promised during the
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buddy hinted during interviews that he would consider keeping key provisions of president obama's health care plan. he was demoted to a vice chair of the transition team. his members include trump's daughter ivanka and his son's eric and donald jr. >> i can see all ready how he's going to be a great president. and i'm glad i could play a small role. >> there's a lot of great women out there. and the same can be said with hispanic, im >> part of trump's administration although members of past transition teams have been. protests continue across the country over the election of america's president. this is portland where it was much calmer compared to what we saw there on thursday. there were reports of vandalism and assault after violence broke out in the city earlier this week. police had to use tear gas to get the crowds under control. in downtown los angeles,
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continue today. more than 1,000 people marched with signs chanting love trump's hate last night. they know they can't reverse the decision but they want people to know their disappointment and they want to highlight his remarks about women, hispanics, and muslims. for as many people as you hear speaking out against trump. you'll find just as many who support the 45th president of the united states. okay. i'm told so 9 cares colorado shares, our belen deleon at one of our locations at spear and logan at the 9news parking lot. can you hear me? >> i can hear you. now you can see me. yeah. there's a lot of moving parts on the morning show this morning. we ask that people please be patient. but we're out here on spear and logan at our location outside of our studios where things are busy. i want to show you what's going on. you're busy eating over here.
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>> good morning everyone. you caught me. i needed my coffee and donut this morning. we're going to be out here for a long time collecting donations and coats and canned food and anything you throw at us. we'll be here and i'll be nice and energized after this. >> i'm sorry to bug you. that's her breakfast by the way. look at all these boxes we have to fill up. we have these huge trailers behind us from king soopers and arc thrift store. on the other side, here are our wonderful volunteers. hey guys, can you say good morning. >> so they're preparing the boxes. and over there, we have the santa claus shop. because we're also collecting toys. and right here, a bucket we all ready had our first donations this morning. $150. he said i'm going to give you this money before i head to new orleans to cheer on the broncos. we hope you guys can take a little bit of time this morning to come out to one of our locations. it's beautiful outside right now. it's a little on the chilly
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of the day. your highs will be in the mid to upper 60s. temperatures this afternoon will rise to about 69 degrees. so nice. outside right now, grab that cup of coffee, the forecast really is very pleasant for it. the temperatures are currently in the 30s. and even in the 20s in spots. and then your afternoon highs are going to be in the upper 60s and even some 70s. all right. so i've got the complete forecast coming up in about 10 minutes. and we'll have more from 9 cares colorado shares. guys you shall even though it's chillyt the viewers coming by and dropping off donations i feel the warm and fuzziness inside of me. it's going to be a good day in colorado. >> a donut will help warm that up too. i'll see if i can find some of those in a little bit. 7:07 now on your saturday morning. let's move to other headlines. it's a controversial 1100- mile pipeline designed to carry oil from north dakota to illinois. but the flash point about the
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pipeline is on land near the standing rock sioux reservation on the border between north dakota and south dakota. protesters have been camped out there for seven months now. and as 9news reporter maya rodriguez tells us the whole situation is in a holding pattern for now. >> reporter: this is the main camp here at standing rock. and it's been here since april. but in many ways, what's happening here now has been a long time coming. those protesting the construction o access pipeline are coming at this from environmental and historical perspectives. they're charging that it will threaten the sole water supply for the standing rock sue reservation and in building the pipeline, the construction destroyed several native american and burial and historic sites and violated the treaty from 1851 that was renegotiated several times since then. >> because of the desecration of graves.
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plowed through. to realize they just purposefully did it. to come in and say we're doing this. you got no choice. >> both of the arguments. this was our land. you breeched the treaty. and you have a trust obligation are not all that strong in terms of their ability to be enforced through litigation. >> and it could be that all of this ends with litigation. the tribe has filed a federal lawsuit against the army core of engineers trying to stop them from gran permit for the final piece of the pipeline. at standing rock, maya rodriguez, 9news. the army core of engineers told 9news the permit for finishing the pipeline is pending review. the company behind the pipeline did not respond to our request for comment. the mystery continues as to who runs the city of denver's instagram account. it's beautiful. but it's not official. and the city says it can can't find the person running the
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city logo. the mystery person replied to our message saying well, what would you be interested in doing? hi mystery person. we'd just like to talk to you. there are people commenting on the city of denver's photo account saying things like who are you. and never surrender. the city doesn't want the thing taken down. they just want the logo taken down. the city is like you're posting great stuff. keep doing what you're doing. >> there are some things on there i know they're not a buildings. but they don't want it to look like it's the official city of denver. they are in the process of trying to find a real instagram name. >> if you're watching thinking maybe i should reach out to steve, i promise he's really nice. reach out. it's a beautiful day to give back to the community like we've been telling you all morning. we're holding 9 cares colorado shares holiday drive. belen deleon is out there. we're going to head out there so we can find some donuts.
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welcome back a curious kitty got into quite the predicament until firefighters came to rescue. this is in aurora. you can see firefighters helping a cat out of a sewer pipe. the kitten meows. you heard him. and then a little head pokes out. firefighters used what looks like a rag to put it down the hole and slowly started to pull the cat out. it looks like he or she is
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get in the spirit changing someone's life. we're doing 9 cares colorado shares all morning in a hope to bring a thanksgiving meal to someone. maybe keep somebody warm this season too. >> so the action is starting to pick up at our location on spear and logan. belen deleon is joining us there now. good morning. >> good morning. we all ready have a few cars that have come by. they dropped off their donations. and they've given some money for the money bucket. good morning. you can see many people are get their weekend plans started. we hope you will do the same. there's lots of ways to do it. if you bring your nonperrishable food. your gently used clothing, toys, and gas donations, we're here. show us the money, okay. let's get that forecast. outside right now, it's a little chilly. as soon as the sun gets up higher in the sky, it's going to feel really nice. a live view in denver shows a spectacular saturday over the
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neighborhood, the western slope, the eastern plains, tag me in your pictures, i would love to see what it looks like outside your window. temperatures in the 30s and the 20s. in the high country, spots waking up to temperatures in the teens. your highs today will be in the 60s for lower elevations. and in the high country, temperatures will be in the 50s. so great weather for those of you who are maybe taking the skis or snowboard up to loveland or a basin. future cast will for the rest of the day. nothing happening on our future cast. nada. tomorrow morning we have a little disturbance pushing in from the northwest. it's going to bring in a few clouds to the high country. and here on the front range. and a possibility for light flurries in higher elevations. through tonight, the temperatures drop to 38 degrees. under mostly clear skies. and by the way, this weekend, the meteor shower is happening. if you want to stay up into the
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bundle up, it's going to be a cold one. for tomorrow, a high of 68 degrees. after that, temperatures jump into the 70s on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. and then it'll finally feel like fall. but that won't be until the end of next week when our temperatures drop into the 40s. all right. i'm out here with victoria sanchez and lloyd lewis from arc thrift store. how are you feeling this morning? >> we are partners with arc thrift store. in the community. >> they're such a quintessential part of this community. lloyd, what exactly are you asking people to bring today. >> any gently used clothing. particularly winter coats, hats, gloves, sweaters. the winter's about to hit us. and all your donations today in colorado help a lot of great coloradoans. >> the people that come get the clothing items for the winter. it's a beautiful day now.
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cold. >> this is really important. the net proceeds go to help people with intellectual abilities. people with down syndrome and autism and cerebral palsy. and your donations make a tremendous difference in their lives. >> i love shopping at arc thrift store. when you know it goes to a wonderful cause, all the better. thank you for talking to us this morning. we're at spear and logan. we have friends scattered all across the metro area. and right now we're going to toss it over kathy and adelle. and they're at inverness. hi guys. >> good morning. one of these is not like the other. >> yes, i'm not. >> murphy houston is with us. you've been doing this for a very long time too. >> it's something i look forward to. it's my honor to work with two lovely ladies. look at me.
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>> we want the kosi listeners to come out and help with 9 cares colorado shares. we're doing coats for colorado this year. so bring by new, very gently used coats. and here's the main thing. and it's a staple. it's the food. and it's going to be a beautiful day. we haven't seen a whole lot of winter weather. >> no, we have not. and adelle's like i don't see a cloud in the sky. complaining. usually when it's dry, it's windy. it's not even windy. the best weather is at this spot, inverness, it's beautiful here. >> the thing to remember is, you may not be thinking about people who will be needing food. and we are doing things like kathy is showing you here all these boxed items. canned goods, these have such long shelf lives.
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enfamil. and gently used toys as well. we're thinking about the holidays. >> cash works. doesn't cash work here. >> cash is king. so come by and see it. we'll be down here at inverness. we'd love to see you come by. steve and jessica, back to you for now. >> that sunglasses game is very strong. i like the look. it's great this morning. >> 7:1 in morning too. the single largest fundraiser benefiting people with down syndrome. attracting hollywood's hottest celebrities, top professional athletes and peyton manning. we'll talk to the foundation
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welcome back everybody. the annual be beautiful be yourself fashion show is the largest fundraiser for down syndrome in the nation. 1200 guests every year. it's raised more than $12 million to benefit people with down syndrome. certainly some great work happening. and we have great people to introduce you to this morning. this is michelle whiten.
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louis, the fashion show ambassador this year joining us with his mother. good morning guys. thank you so much for being here today. another year for this. another great event. let's talk about some things that are new this year at the fashion show. >> we have a big announcement that we had talked about. and that is jaime fox is coming tonight. >> how exciting is this? you're hearing it on 9news. jaime fox will be at this wonderful event. >> and his sister has down synd ambassadors and we have hillary swank and queen latifah, mario lopez. the 25 models with down syndrome really are the focus of the night. it's a beautiful night at the hyatt regency. and we've got -- we've sold out. and we've got over 1200 people coming. >> that's wonderful. it's such a touching event. by the way, we were talk about developments that you've
7:24 am
science end. >> we've had recent breaks in science. with the doctor on interferon which allows us to recast down syndrome as an immune system disorder. we can come up with a lot of therapies that might be able to protect our kids for some of the diseases they're predisposed to. >> very interesting. it is so interesting. by the way, louis, ambassador, how exciting is this? >> is it >> yes. >> are you a little nervous about being the ambassador? >> yeah. i feel like you'll do just fine. let's talk about how exciting it was for your family. i'm sure it's not the first year you've been involved. but what was it like getting the phone call that they wanted louis to be the ambassador. >> we were honored. so honored that louis will fill
7:25 am
foundation. they provide life saving and life changing medical care for people who are very important in my life, those with down syndrome. it's an honor that louis will be the face of the event. and he's, along with the other 25 models, he's going to represent something that the foundation is working so hard to achieve. and make amazing life saving things for our individuals. >> louis congratulations to you and your entire family. and thank you work you do. especially hearing about the advances. these are the events that fund raise for that kind of thing. thank you so much.
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from colorado's sports leader. here os rod mackey. >> the avs want one of these.
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to get that you have to win several playoff series. but first they have to get in. colorado was awol from the post season of five of the last six seasons. that's a long ways off. last night the focus was on beating the jets. the last time colorado played winnipeg, they didn't score. but they didn't this one. first career goal by mikko lehtonen on the power play. the avs win in over time 3-2. it was a big night in boulder for basketball, cu their season against sacramento state. big things are expected from the buffs on the hardwood this year. boil has told everyone not to get too excited too soon. but after this game, it may be hard not to. then again, it's just sac state. new buff, derek white, the transfer from uccs. first points of the season, a three of course. the buffs win in a blow out.
7:29 am
strain in the u.s. world cup qualifier against mexico and the americans lost. a bad night all around for tim howard and the stars and stripes. the broncos made it official. no talib. the young offense will have to find a way to perform in fort collins. >> i've been in there about 20 times. they needto quick. he's not much of a poker face.
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this is 9news. president elect donald trump is showing signs of
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obama care. details on his plans to amend, not repeal the plan. thousands caught in the cross fire have no way of getting medical care in iraq. and a moment of silence after one of the worst terror attacks in france. just before the anniversary. plus a car plows into a dentist's office. luckily, dentists say this happened just before they were and we're heading to the three, four, and five a football playoffs. taylor has highlights from the biggest games coming up a little later. good morning everyone. 7:32 on your saturday morning. we're still watching, waiting to see if denver is even going to get a break from all the sunny weather we've been experiencing lately. it's been a very long time since our snowfall. and we last set a record on
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we've actually gone 30 days so far without rain or snow in denver. we still have about three weeks to go before we break a record. >> i'd like to break a record for the latest snowfall. that sounds great. this holiday season, you can get in the spirit by changing someone's life. help those down on their luck get a meal this thanksgiving or have warm clothes on their back. pique this is in an effort for 9 cares colorado shares. a big day. several locations open. and belen deleon is at our location in our s lot. good morning. you got a crew with you. >> reporter: we do. it's so exciting this morning at our location. i'm with victoria sanchez. next to me is joe. >> i have paul. >> they're with computer wise. check out what they just brought, right behind us, look at this truck full of food. that's how you want to start 9 cares colorado shares. there's so many great things in this truck that will help so many members of the community.
7:34 am
weather. the sun is coming up now. it's feeling a little warmer. the temperatures through this afternoon will get into the 60s under the sunny skies. it's going to be sunny, warmer, the winds will be light. the temperatures outside right now are in the 20s and in the 30s. and your afternoon highs are going to be in the upper 60s and also in the 70s. closer to the foothills, those temperatures will be in the 50s and in the 40s. rasatellite, it's quiet right now across well, for today it is. i'll let you know when the next chance for us to seus to see an moisture across the state coming up in the full forecast. but victoria, don't you feel good? >> computer sites, they have about 50 employees. they donated a lot of this. then the owner of computer sites went to sames club and said fill up three baskets, put it in the back of the flat bed. and they brought it here to the
7:35 am
>> i don't know belen deleon, i would say probably a couple hundred pounds. 500-pounds of food right here. >> that's a lot. i would try to lift it. but my muscles. i don't know if i can carry all of that stuff. we have wonderful volunteers out here this morning helping to unload these things. these cars continue to arrive. it's great to see the viewers out here. >> if you didn't have time to get canned food. we're looking for protein like tuna and peanut butter, we are collecting cash donation, if you're not able to go albertsons, we'll take the cash, it's just as good. come by and see us. we'll be here all day until 4:00 today. come on by. you've been taking pictures. >> follow the #9cares. throughout the morning we'll check in with different crews across the metro area. >> we'll take that cash. you better believe it. victoria, you can hold the bucket this year, i'll let that happen. >> he's giving you bucket duties.
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emerging of public killings and other atrocities committed by isis against residents of mosul. iraqi forces are uncovering evidence of horrific isis brutality in territory recently claimed from the extremists. in a town south of mosul iraqi fighters uncovered a site believed toen a mass grave. some residents said more than 300 bodies were buried in the area. iraqi police said suspected police collaborators were take on the the site to be tortured there's a dire need for medical help in mosul. civilians caught in the cross fire have no way of getting help. isis has tried to recruit doctors. there's little help for residents. east of mosul, residents have been deprived of medical care for two years since isis took reigns of the city. people are waiting on the roadside to flee the camps. in mosul, the offense appears
7:37 am
observed in france's national stadium in memory of the victim's paris terror attacks a year ago. for the france-sweden soccer match. players and spectators joined in the tribute. the stadium was the first of several terrorist targets. a unique veterans display. she displayed 22 pairs of boots lined up in a row in front of her home. it represents the statistic that 22 veterans weight of post-traumatic stress. the number 22 hits home for her, her brother, a then retired army sergeant took his own life six years ago. each pair of boots carries with it a photo of a serviceman or woman who took his or her life. a scary moment caught on tape at a dentist's office in florida. surveillance video shows that man cleaning the office. he leaves seconds before the car plows into the building. luckily this happened when the
7:38 am
operating rooms. normally there's somebody in the chair. >> thankfully no one was in that chair. 7:38 now. the holidays are quickly approaching. i don't know if you have taken a stroll down the target aisle. some people will not have food to eat or warm clothes. >> i like to call it tar-jay. the classic version of target. in case you haven't heard, the american warehouse location in thornton. good morning everybody. >> reporter: good morning. what a beautiful morning, huh? we're out here. we've all ready had some people out here. good stuff. >> fantastic crowd so far. >> i would like to -- i wrote a little poem. i'd like to say don't be a chicken, instead be a sweet pea, and come on down to 9 cares colorado shares and we would love it if you came here to the thornton location i-25
7:39 am
warehouse. we have an incredible team of people. look at all these volunteers. >> aren't poems supposed to rhyme? >> no gary, come on. not all. the next one will be in . i promise. >> we're out here for a serious cause. the food banks are starting to run low. they depend on this thing. every year we come through. >> absolutely. bring your canned goods. your nonperrishable food, we'll make sure they get to people who need them. >> absolutely. we'll be out here until 4:00 this afternoon. we've had quite a few cars out here. we have all these wonderful volunteers that are sitting here waiting for you to bring your stuff down. go to i-25 and 84th avenue. east to grant. come up to american furniture warehouse. big sign. you can't miss it. it's going to be a great day out here. we'll send it back to you guys
7:40 am
until 4:00, american furniture warehouse on the north end of town. >> it was a derivative poem. cutting edge art work by amelia. let her know we appreciated that. 7:40, coming up in our forecast, meteorologist belen deleon breaks down our current situation as we take a live look over the reservoir. will we see any kind of
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7:42 saturday morning. we've been telling you about it all morning. but this is a good time to get out and do something good. do something good. we can all use a little good in the world now.
7:43 am
deleon braving the cold temperatures by herself for 9 cares colorado shares, good morning. >> it looks different than it did at 6:00 this morning. when this parking lot was loan. i was out here like a loan wolf, but no more. i have more wolf with me. look at everyone who's here. all the volunteers. we have so many people who dropped off their donations. it's an exciting morning. whether you're coming to 9 cares, or you have some plans, it's going to be a really nice weekend. right now over the mile high, we have bright, blue skies. lots of sunshine. this is the kind of forecast that i call rays for days. the temperatures right now are still a little chilly in some spots in the high country a few folks are waking up to teens. this afternoon, your highs will be in the 60s up and down the i- 25 corridor. in the mountains, temperatures will be in the 50s. radar and satellite is staying quiet across colorado. ain't nothing going on.
7:44 am
northwest over night and through tomorrow morning. that could bring in some very light snow showers. and then through tomorrow morning, you'll notice the winds will increase a tad. the over night lows will drop to 38 degrees. it's going to be chilly. bundle up if you want to stay up to watch the meteor showerha the weekend. they peek just after midnight. i think it's a nice forecast to maybe stay up and see some of those meteors. maybe with some hot hot that sounds like a great date night. tomorrow, a high of 68 degrees. after that temperatures the 70s wednesday, after that is when we start to cool down. it'll feel like fall with temperatures in the 40s. out here in our 9news parking lot. i'm with victoria sanchez, besides the nonperrishable food items we're also asking for toys. the denver santa claus shop is here with us. and they're checking toys for kids this christmas.
7:45 am
to bring the food and the clothes and the coats this year. but right now, the toys are something that we also need. we're seeing tons and tons of food. but go ahead and bring the toys as well. there are a lot of deserving children in the denver area across colorado who would really like the nice toys. >> let's see what our friends in aurora have. we're going to toss it over to ryan, to jeremy, and chris. hi guys. good morning. >> r medical institute on corner of mississippi and potomac. a little slow. >> people come out. we need your donations. we're at the corner of mississippi and potomac. the pima medical institute parking lot. we're taking in canned goods, dry goods, and coats. >> which is really cool. let's talk to folks who have been helping out. what are we collecting here?
7:46 am
food. >> it's nicer out than years prior. is this your first year? >> yes, this is my first year. >> we also have troop 630. >> we have zeke who just turned 11 on halloween, right? >> yep. >> all right. good for you. and now you're out here helping 9 cares. how does that make you feel zeke? >> like a helpful scout. good for you. >> because that is in >> with that red vest, you know exactly what you're talking about, don't you. >> yeah, i have all sorts of patches. i've done many things. and today we're collecting food for the homeless. >> what else are we checking out here? >> we're collecting canned goods, boxed goods, baby food, toiletries. we're collecting all sorts of stuff out here. right on. my man zeke on the scene.
7:47 am
steve, jessica, beautiful day out here. great day to donate. >> i'm giving zeke the cub scout sign right now. i think the two fingers for cub scouts, three fingers for boy scouts, i think. >> we'll pass it on for you steve. but for the loyal, helpful. friendly, courteous, kind, brave, clean. >> thank you so much. great beards by the way you too. >> i'm working on mine. >> hi. >> i was looking at that. i know columbine will have his whole football team at one of those locations. everyone is out giving back. which is awesome. >> you had a busy week. >> on top of that we hat early signing day. a huge congrats to high school student athletes who committed to play sports at the next level. coming up later, makayla will make her college commitment live on our show. but first football highlights coming up next in the prep
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welcome to the 9news prep rally. here's taylor. these two are eating donuts while i do this by the way. good morning everyone. it's win and move on or lose and go home. whatever you do. don't be on the wrong side of an upset. round one of the playoffs starting off last night. highlands ranch back in the post season after forfeiting key games last year that would have put the falcons taking on columbine. mikey would take this hand off and he's off to the races. he goes 80-yards for the rebel touchdown. they cut the lead to 3. in the second half. columbine takes back the lead. now highlands ranch trailing and looking to score. joseph will find kaiden. he makes a great catch and beats the defenders into the end zone. falcons up 17-14.
7:51 am
looking to take back the lead again. and mikey would give the rebels the third touchdown of the night. 21-17 columbine. ranch had the chance to win at the end. last play from the four yard line falls incomplete. columbine wins to advance. number seven cherry creek in the first round. this was the trey wyndham show in the first half. making more plays with he has legs than arms. running for two the first quarter. this time going up the seem in the middle. 14-0 cherry creek. the second half got a little crazy. the mustangs threatening in creek tearty. but they intercept a pass. but not giving up on the play, is tyler shannon. he forces a fumble. to get the mustang's ball back. but they couldn't score on the creek defense. the bruins advance to the quarterfinals with a 14-0 shut out. the number six grand view
7:52 am
7-0 grand view. when legacy lines up for a 51- yard line field goal attempt. it falls short. back deep for the wolves is hayden which means trouble for the lightning. he runs all the way to the end zone for a huge momentum swing touchdown. grand view leads 14-0. later on they're up by 3 scores. legacy on the board when alex lewis connects for the touchdown. but in the end, it was too much grand view. ri combination we're used to seeing. the wolves win big to advance to the quarters. regis jesuit and fair view. the sophomore jukes out a defender. gets the 14-0 lead. regis showed no signs of slowing down.
7:53 am
fair view fights back in the second half to get on the board. but they're not able to catch up. regis wins 48-28. looking for a quick start against mesa ridge in 4a they get it behind sterling, the quarterback. he emerges full speed on the other side. 67-yards down the field, that would set up the mustang's first touchdown of the night and an early lead. so why fix a good thing? just before the lf quarterback keep, he'll zig and zag his way over the guideline. ponderosa roles passed the grizzlies, 40-14 is your final. the longmont trojans heading south to take on lewis palmer. oakly finds hayden in the first. he's not going to let anyone take him down. it's 6-0 trojans. longmont would take the lead in the third. three fumble recoveries against their opponents helped them stay ahead.
7:54 am
28-23. the state volleyball championships tonight. but first state soccer is happening at dick sporting goods park. we'll be at both. the broomfield eagles taking on the angels. first half the angels break the tie. the throw bounces off two heads. broomfield would later even things up. and less than two minutes later. the go ahead goal. broomfield advances for a broomfield will take on the winner of boulder and number three seed fackle ridge. that puts us at 1-1. the saber cats getting confidence. boulder's omar had other plans. he gets one by the keeper in the second. he would strike again soon after to put the game out of reach. they will play for the state title at 4:00 p.m.
7:55 am
interviews from all our games posted online.
7:56 am
7:57 am
welcome back everyone. 7:57. we have one more chance for us to check in with a different 9 cares colorado shares location. >> we're going to go to southwest plaza. and corey rose is somewhere. there she is. cool. hi corey. >> good morning america guys. we are out here at southwest plaza right off wadsworth and bowles. too many empty boxes. we need people to come down here and fill all these boxes. i know you will. usually this is mark's
7:58 am
>> he's on the naughty list and i have santa's bells. that's all that matters. santa, we're so glad you're here every year. and now you're in the mall. and you always come help 9 cares colorado shares. >> i'm here all the time now. you can come in and you're on the nice list. >> but mark, he better start. >> i have a question, you guys, the guys at 9news are growing beards. do you think i'd fit in? >> you got them beat way around. aim telling you. they just have a little fuzzy. kind of not controlled. you got it going on santa. and you brought us some stuff. >> i brought some sweaters and hats and gloves. and stuff to keep you warm. and some cookies and stuff. >> santa always knows. we have to help out everybody. we think of the kids at this time of the year. and families. and santa, we know you'll take care of all the kiddos.
7:59 am
maybe are okay. >> mark should be up watching. so hi mark. >> we have great volunteers. do we not? we're ready to go. come to southwest plaza. >> we have awesome volunteers. i'm going to talk to one in the next hour. come out here. bring nonperrishable food, clothing, toys, totes, we're also collecting cash and checks. come down here and say hi and meet santa. >> i'll hang out here with my thanks kim. i need support with this thing. it's tough enough to grow. >> it's one of our most popular ones. we'll check back in with you in a little bit.
8:00 am
8:01 am
this is 9news.
8:02 am
elect continued last night. but here at home, protesters took the night off. veterans day was yesterday. but you can still celebrate today. >> search that pantry and go to the grocery store. come on colorado, let's help people in need with 9 cares colorado shares. >> let's do it. that'd be nice, wouldn't it? new this morning we're working to find out more about a deputy involved shooting in montrose. a deputy who was hurt at the scene is expected to have surgery this morning the mose han near the west end of montrose county. the suspect involved was killed. we don't know much about what led up to the shooting. but when we learn more, we'll share it with you. colorado state patrol tracking down a hit and run driver in adams county. a man driving a black or gray bmw hit a woman in unincorporated adams county. the victim is seriously hurt
8:03 am
have damage to the front end, hoodings or windshield. if you saw this crash or know who is driving the car, call the state patrol. we've been talking all morning about 9 cares colorado shares. a chance to give back this holiday season. >> belen deleon is joining us in the 9news parking lot w. locations. belen deleon has a crowd with her. >> i think we have the best groups coming through this morning, victoria. >> i feel very tropical, i don't know why though, maybe it's because the colorado parrot hats who just dropped off a bunch of food for us. >> the forecast feels warm and toasty. i think we look silly with these jackets. take it off. take it off. all right. okay. just the jackets. all right. let's take a look at the
8:04 am
sun shining brightly over us now. those temperatures this afternoon will get into the 60s. it feels so nice. bright and sunny. the high for today will be 69 degrees. sunny and warmer than where we were yesterday. the temperatures this morning, i was so bundled up, one, because it was dark. and it was cold. the temperatures were in the 30s and 20s. right now look where the temperatures are at. upper 30s close to 40. the highs to day will be in the upper 60s, low 70s, if you're spending sometime in the high country, a fantastic forecast radar and satellite is quiet across all of colorado right now. just maybe a few high clouds. and that's about it. the forecast for the next 24 hours will stay pretty darn dry. now, we look ahead to the forecast for next week. that's when we'll see big changes. i'll bring you the full forecast in a few. but right now, guys, thank you so much for coming out. [ cheering and applause ] a reminder 9 cares colorado shares started at 7:00 this
8:05 am
outfits. bring your business. we'll be here through 4:00 this afternoon. high fives guys. yep, yep, hey. i want to wear one of those hats. can i have your hat. guys, back to you. >> i'm hoping you steal one of those hats for me. i want to wear that for the rest of the day. >> how cool is that. they woke up this morning and said why not get into the spirit of colorado giving. got dressed in their parrot hat too. veterans day is over. but the ceremonies to honor those who fought for our freedom will continue. >> the city of denver has a veterans day parade and festival. >> local veterans and supporters will start their march. keep in mind, traffic might get backed up in this area. this year the parade will be broken into serials that represent each conflict in military history from revolutionary war to modern
8:06 am
festival between noon and 3:00 p.m. at civic center park. and it's denver's run for veterans day. all registration fees go to help colorado veterans. we have all the information on also tomorrow, the wings over the rockies museum will honor veterans will a special ceremony. the museum will be creating a runway of honor by placing commemorative bricks during the ceremony. it's happening at the b 52 entrance from 1:00 to 2:00. new this morning, this fiery scene near copper mountain. the semiburst into flames last night. you can see smoke and flames pouring from the truck. in order to get around this mess, you'll need to take highway 91 as an alternate route to vail. they are still cleaning this up this morning. no word on when i-70 will reopen. but we'll let you know as soon as possible. well, hey, we've been talking all morning about 9 cares colorado shares. in fact, we just saw belen deleon somewhere.
8:07 am
because they're at southwest plaza. the most happening place. kim christiansen, we love it out there. >> santa's there. >> we like to call it south beach. yes. it's the place to come. and you know what, honestly, the weather feels like it today. and that's good and bad. the weather tricks you. you forget that this is mid november folks. thanksgiving is coming up. and while we're all ready to feast and gorge. think about families that are worried about where the me that's why we're here. we're collecting these goods. we have canned goods here. spaghetti sauce, soup, peanut butter. we love protein, things like that. and all kinds of good things. sweet things here and there. vegetables. we have phenomenal volunteers. this is the place to be. and if i had to lose mark, the best thing i could do was bring in corey rose.
8:08 am
rose. i want you guys to meet woody. you've been doing this for ten years now. >> i have been. we're with king soopers. this is our community. these are the people that we love. and we love to contribute to help 9 cares in this great effort. what a wonderful day to be out here today. >> it's true. i know. we lucked out. you guys are all amazing. thank you so much. we're out here until 4:00 today. we have the bucket. the magical bucket. >> people donate all the through costco without spending $100, good luck, so think about somebody else that would love to have $100 to spend to feed their family. load it up at costco or drop some off for us. >> this is amazing. we've had cars coming through. check this out. how can he fit food in there? maybe i need to go there with a bucket. i don't know. come on out here, say hi, meet the amazing volunteers, and
8:09 am
nonperishable food, clothing, toys, and coats for colorado this year. >> we can do it all. and you know, this is south beach. come out here. it's the best one. >> that's a sweet ride in south beach right there. i don't know if he's there to donate or show off his sweet ride. >> i think he's impressing the ladies. guys, thank you so much. 8:09. it's a beautiful day to give back. and we're holding our 9 cares colorado shares in numerous locations today. we wake up this morning. a little bit of traffic. our meteorologist belen deleon is here at 9news in the parking lot with an update on her forecast as well as how 9 cares
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
hey, it's a beautiful day outside. but before you go and enjoy, we really hope that you come and enjoy it with us at 9 cares colorado shares. a lot of people think beautiful day, i'm going to go to the mountains. do a little bit of giving before you go out there. >> yeah, just because we have great temperatures and wonderful skies outside doesn't really mean that there will be people not needing help too. and one of our locations is at 9news in the parking lot. that'sre sanchez, belen deleon, and a guest joining us. >> good morning. we have a great turn out so far. and we're going to talk to you about another way of giving. this year we're partnering with dependable cleaners and we'll talk about coats for colorado in a few. but right now let's take a look at the forecast. it feels really nice out here right now as the temperatures are in the upper 30s and low 40s. and outside, we just have that sun shining brightly over the mile high. our temperatures right now across the state, check it out. we have a few of them in the high country that are still in the teens.
8:13 am
give it sometime. this afternoon, our highs are going to be in the 50s in the mountains. the western slope, 64. in lower elevations, temperatures in the 60s from fort collins into the metro area. not in the eastern plains. future cast for the rest of the day is supposed to show us where the rain is. the snow, if any of it will fall. but none of it will fall. through the evening, the weather will remain dry. tomorrow morning, we'll have a little disturbance pushing in from the northwest. that's going to increase clouds in e light snow showers in our ouain but that's about it. 38 will be our over night low. it's going to be a cool and breezy night. bundle up if you're going to stay up wait to watch the meteor shower. they peek after midnight. that's going to be a site to see over the weekend. tomorrow is high will be at 68 degrees. it's going to be breezy. the winds will increase in the foothills tonight. after that the temperatures will remain unseasonably warm.
8:14 am
then a bigger cool down arrives on thursday with a high of 47 degrees. back out here at 9 cares colorado shares, when you hear about coats for colorado, you know that's a colorado tradition victoria. >> it's really important. we're here with the president of dependable cleaners. we're partnering with them for coats for colorado. tell me about why this is so important for people to donate today. >> this is our 35th year collecting coats for coats for colorado. this is an unprecedented winter. i didn't hear snow in the forecast. but we know it will come. and when it comes, there's thousands of people that don't have coats and they count on coats for colorado for winter coats. we need people to come donate warm, winter coats, men's, childrens, anything they have. really warm winter coats. >> we're here collecting those today. and all the rest of the locations across colorado right now. and you know what, it is warm. but it's going to get cold.
8:15 am
forecast? i am. and miss kathy sabine at inverness with adele arakawa. hi guys. >> we have the nuance quartet out here. we have entertainment at inverness and the most perfect weather conditions. they have a big event coming up to get you ready for christmas. >> we're all members of sound of the rockies chorus, we're doing a december 9th and 10th at the newman center. we'd love to see you there. >> we'd love to see you here today. >> we couldn't do 9 cares colorado shares without the boy scouts and the cub scouts of america. and this group has come in, you guys raised so much. and you gather so much food. you're an integral part of this every year. what did you bring this year? >> food. >> nonperishable food donations. we're doing coats for colorado.
8:16 am
we'd love to see you there. we are here until 4:00. we do have some cars coming in. and we're here at inverness, guys, for now, back to you. >> i'm giving them the boy scout salute right now. i hope they appreciate that. >> give us the boy scout salute. give us the boy scout salute. >> there you go. >> thank you adelle. >> you got one back. are you happy? >> yeah. 8:16, making yourow can be overwhelming. if you're looking for that perfect centerpiece, especially for your fall table. >> i have friends giving coming up this weekend. i'm going to watch this closely. taking some of the most pinned
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
welcome to fix this. presented by home advisor. the free and easy way to find the best home pros. if you're looking for a few recipes for your. coming thanksgiving feast you all ready know the whole process is very overwhelming. there are so many options. >> especially if you search on pinterest. we decided to do the leg work for you. >> we're taking some of the most pinned recipes and some of
8:20 am
today we're trying out rosemary dinner rolls. when you search for thanksgiving recipes on pinterest, it seems as though your possibilities are endless. how do you choose? well, one way is to check out how many times the recipe has been pinned. these rosemary dinner rolls for example have been pinned more than 100,000 we're about to find out. if this is something you think you want to try, i can tell you, unless you bake a lot, it's not that easy. i would rate this recipe as medium in difficulty. making sure the dough is the right consistency gets tricky but the rest is super easy. plus it takes about 2.5 hours to make. the full link to the recipe is
8:21 am
my first taste tester is a lovely lady who may have answered your calls here at 9news, brooke. >> i'm so excited. mmmhmmm. >> i'll wait until you're done eating. >> oh my goodness. very hmmhmm. i can taste the rosemary right away. so good. >> is it too over powering though? >> no, it's just enough. it doesn't over the whole roll which is good. you get hints of it. and the bread is so soft. i love it. >> okay. so far so good. next i moved on to the rest of the news room. >> attention 9news employees there are free dinner rolls in the news room.
8:22 am
as everyone came around for free food, they took one tried it and filled out a survey. they rated the rolls on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being i'd rather eat card board and 5 being omg this is all i'm eating for thanksgiving. after i tallied the results and came up with an average. the results varied. and the rosemary dinner rolls ended up i'm going to go ahead and call that a win. full disclosure, when i brought these into the news room, i had made them the night before, so they were cold. and a lot of the comments coming in from people were suggesting perhaps warming them up. i would definitely do that. that's what the recipe says to do any way. so if you like rosemary and you feel like giving these a try, go for it. want to check out what everyone said?
8:23 am happy baking. that's it. >> wow. >> it didn't do too bad. are you ready to put it to the test yourselves. >> i'm ready. >> my daughter and my son all ready took one this morning. they're a big fan of the rolls. >> they look great. and you know what you said, a lot of people said they're better warm. if not pop them in the miav if they cool down. i agree with everyone who says olive oil would taste great with this. fun to dip. perfect for dipping. >> it tastes like when you're at a restaurant and they have the dipping olive oil thing. i think this is a win. if you want to try it out, go for it. >> awesome. we spend so much time trying to get your holiday table together. yesterday racquel made these wonderful flowers. >> it's a centerpiece that you can make using tape.
8:24 am
flowers and make them look like an arrangement you would purchase at a flower shop. speak friday we made this pumpkin pie french toast that literally tastes like pumpkin pie and we have all these recipes for you on
8:25 am
8:26 am
from colorado's sports leader, here's rod mackey. good morning. the avs want one of these. a playoff beard. well, they don't want one like this. they'd like one with a little less gray and perhaps grown out a tad more.
8:27 am
but first they have to get in. colorado was awol from the post season in five of the last six seasons. but that's a long ways off. last night the focus was on beating the jets. now the last time that colorado plays winnipeg, they didn't score. they did in this one. first career goal by mikko lehtonen. the avs win in over time 3-2. it was a big night in boulder for basketball. cu tipping off their season against sacramento the buffs on the hardwood this year. tad boil has told everyone not to get too excited too soon. but after this game, it may be hard not to. then again, it's just sac state. new buff, derek white the transfer from uccs, first points of the season, a three of course. buffs win in a blow out. the final 90-53. big blow for the rapids last night. colorado goalie tim howard went
8:28 am
strain in the u.s. world cup qualifier against mexico and the americans lost. a bad night for tim howard and the stars and stripes. the broncos made it official no aqib talib and no wolf against the saints which means the young offense will have to find a way to put up points in new orleans. >> guys like buck and trevor never walked in this place. i've been in there about 20 times. they need to get going real quic played -- >> really? make me sleep better tonight, huh? [ laughter ] >> coop's not much of a poker face here. really?
8:29 am
8:30 am
this is 9news. people many mosul have far
8:31 am
troops discover a mass grave. the u.n. says dozens of people have been executed. he took a 20-foot fall after trying to put out a fire. we're heading to the 3, 4, and 5a prep rallies. some apparently breaking prep news coming up. we have a big surprise for you later on. 8:31 now. we're watching and waiting to see if denver will break the city's all time record for latest first snowfall. that record by the way set in november 21st in 1930. we've also gone 30 days so far without rain or snow here in denver. by the way, we still have three weeks before we break that record. >> speaking of breaking records, we'd like to see you break records by donating to 9 cares colorado shares. we're all over the metro area this morning. including out in the 9 parking lot. that's where meteorologist belen deleon is right now. belen deleon, are you getting
8:32 am
g >> we've had so many people coming through. what is your name? brayden. brayden, show us your muscles. that's the reason we have brayden here, he's helping with the big boxes. thank you brayden. lets' take a look at the forecast, it's a beautiful day, we have beautiful skies overhead right now. our highs are expected to get in the 60s this afternoon. just a fantastic weekend to come to one of our 9 cares colorado shares sites. it's been a busy morning out here. diesel group who came by with 30 trucks and dropped off donations. we have a big donation coming right now. >> i'm with ashley robinson from amazon. you're here for a special reason. >> yes, absolutely. we're here to donate $15,000 for coats for colorado. this is our first big donation in colorado. we're excited to be here and part of the community. >> this is going to dependable cleaners to buy the coats, the
8:33 am
cleaners, tell me what this means to you guys. >> it makes up for the entire month of october when we got no coats. we will have enough coats to take care of everyone this year. 30,000 coats will be distributed, brand new in the denver area. we're thrilled. >> hand that big check on over. that's a 15,000-dollar check. >> wow. [ cheering and applause ] >> you need a big bank to cash that check though. guys, back how wonderful. that's the biggest amazon gift card i've ever seen. >> we love that. chris christie is out. mike pence is will soon be in charge of the president elect's transition team. donald trump's team will make hiring recommendations and lay down ground work for the administrations first few months. we're getting a hit of policy trump promised during the
8:34 am
but he hinted during interviews set to be released this weekend that he would consider keeping key provisions of president obama's health care plan. chris christie was demoted to vice chair of the transition team. whose members include donald trump's sons and daughter. and other well known republicans. >> i can see all ready how he's going to be great president. and i'm glad i could play a small role. >> there's a lot of great women out there. and the same can be said hispanic, muslim, he's going to have a diverse cabinet. >> the transition team will not necessarily be part of trump's administration, members of past transition teams have been. protests continue over the election of america's president. there were reports of vandalism and assaults after violence broke out in portland earlier this week. police hat to use tear gas to get crowds under control there.
8:35 am
continue today. more than 1,000 people marched with signs chanting love trumps hate last night. protesters say they can't reverse the decision. but they want people to know about their disappointment and they want to highlight trump's remarks about women, hispanics and muslims. for as many people you hear speaking out against trump you'll find just as many folks in support of the president. new reports are emerging of public killings and other atrocities committed by isis. forces uncovering horrific isis brutality. in a town south of mosul. iraqi fighters uncovered a site believed to be a masked grave. 300 bodies were buried in the area. suspected police collaborators were taken to the site to be tortured or killed. there's a dire need for
8:36 am
getting help. isis tried to recruit doctors. but there's still no help. little help for residents. east of mosul, residents have been deprived of medical care for two years since isis took reigns in the city. people are waiting on the roadside to flee to nearby camps. thousands have gone all ready. others are desperately looking for help. in mosul, the offensive appears to have slowed down. check out a volcano in southern peru erupting, creating explosions ash 4900 feet into the air. ash is a big issue after eruptions. this mountain town was covered in ash. this volcano has been seismically active for 18 years now. peru is home to a dozen active volcanoes. we want to let you know first and foremost the firefighter is okay. a firefighter fell while battling a fire in florida. it was caught on camera. the fire broke out at a warehouse in pompano beach.
8:37 am
when the water pressure is turned up the firefighter loses control of the hose, tips over and falls off the ladder. he fell about 20 feet. he was taken to the mom as a precaution and is expected to be okay. >> so glad he's going to be okay. 8:37 now the holidays are quickly approaching. we have been talking to you about this all morning. you know it's nice that the temperatures are nice outside. it doesn't seem like people are in need of that much help this winter, they are. there are a lot there going hungry. and a lot of people during the winter don't have warm clothes on their backs. >> we're holding 9 cares colorado shares drive today. ryan and jeremy are at the pimo >> that's right mississippi and potomac. don't forget to come out. it's been busy in the last hour or so. >> but we need more people. we need more donations.
8:38 am
i think maybe the election has people thinking about different things. >> transition, get out here. >> time to think about your fellow human being. bring out donations. we have the good folks from range view high school. how does it feel to be out here? >> it feels good to give back to the community and help everybody out. >> and you sir, how does it feel to be out here? >> it's fun getting out here and doing some work with my buddy zeke. >> look how good this young >> he's getting good with his tape gun. >> i think you just earned the taping the box merit badge my friend. >> i don't think there's such thing. >> maybe there should be. >> if you do come bring stuff, bring canned goods, toiletries, baby supplies, all sorts of stuff. >> this guy should get in pr i think. >> you can see the cars here. we need more donations, fill up the boxes and keep everybody fed throughout colorado this year. steve, jessica, a beautiful day
8:39 am
merit badge for calling you out on the taping the box. thank you both. all right. well our meteorologist belen deleon is going to tell us our forecast next. and whether or not we can see any variation of this, sunny skies, warm temperature, it's november. when is that snow coming?
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
have you heard about 9 cares colorado shares yet? i don't know if we've been talking about it much all morning. but it's here. it's that time of year when you can give back. give somebody a good holiday season. isn't that nice? >> and you know what, when the weather is nice outside, people think the need may not be great today. but it really still is. the snow is coming. and we need your help. we have numerous 9 cares colorado shares locations available today. one of them right he deleon, good morning guys. >> this is my favorite time of year. you get to meet our viewers. and as tape just mentioning, right now people might not be thinking about those needs. but truthfully, 1 in 7 coloradans worries about where they're going to get that next meal. and half of them are children. >> this is really going to go to people in need. who not only need it because
8:43 am
>> yes, ma'am. let's get to the forecast so people can get out and give. because i'm in the giving mood. i'm going to give you a nice forecast. beautiful outside right now. rays for days. sunshine over the mile high city. and the temperatures right now are feeling so nice under the sunshine. why am i still wearing a jacket? in the high country, a few temperatures are still in the teens and in the 20s. afternoon highs will be in the 60s up and down the i-25 corridor. in the eaer mountains temperatures will be in the 50s. future cast through the rest of the day will keep us dry through tonight, skies are clear, we will have a few clouds increase over night because of a little disturbance pushing in from the northwest. also a very small possibility for light snow showers north of i-70. tonight, 38 will be the over night low, it's going to be chilly. keep that in mind if you're going to stay up to watch the meteor shower, that's happening over the weekend. and it does peek after midnight. now that planning forecast
8:44 am
keep warming tomorrow the high is 68 degrees. 70s monday, tuesday, wednesday, after that the forecast is cooler on thursday, it'll finally feel like fall. 47 will be the high. >> i've been waiting. actually, i haven't. i've been enjoying this weather. >> we've been having a good time out here taking pictures. use the #9cares. i know our friends at american furniture warehouse are very active on gary, marty, and amelia over there. hey guys. >> reporter: we are at american furniture warehouse. you know who just pulled up? the colorado mountain express guys just pulled up. these guys come in every year and they bring us tons and tons and tons of food. and we're so excited about that. [ cheering and applause ] amelia, these guys are awesome. >> they just brought three huge
8:45 am
all of our volunteers will rush over and unload the truck for them. which is great. that's what we're here for. we have plenty of helping hands. we're taking a peek inside. looking at all they have. and these vans are packed full. this is what we want to see. >> absolutely. kevin vaughn is here with us. this is pretty cool stuff. we've had a pretty good crew out here today. >> the weather is nice. it's a perfect time to come down and bring us your nonperrishable food and clothing and cash donations and toys for the rockies and other organizations. we'll give it to people who need it. absolutely. we'll be here until 4:00. marty, you're manning the cash drawer, how's it going. >> folks go, i didn't have a chance to go shopping. you don't have to go shopping. we will take cash, checks, i had a guy put $3 in quarters in here. >> it all works. >> you've been working on your poetry this morning. >> yes i have.
8:46 am
colorado shares. you need to pop up out of bed and make your way down here. i know it's cheesy but you'd be nuts not to make your way through. brush off any other plans that you have, are you coming to 9 cares ? kale yeah you are. these are all good examples of what we're looking for. toiletries especially. bring things like toothbrushes and brushes clothes, and cash. >> and cash, we'll take the cash. thank you for that. i have a poem to send you off here too. roses are red, violets are blue, we're at 9 cares, we want you here too. >> gary has to rhyme. gary wants the rhyming. i was waiting i thought she was going to fit chia in there.
8:47 am
sports. the announcement taylor was talking about.
8:48 am
8:49 am
welcome to the 9news rally. here's taylor. welcome back everyone. she's widely considered one of the top basketball recruits in the entire country. early signing day was this week. makayla waited until today to announce where she'll play college basketball. she joins us with friends, family, coaches, we have the whole crew here. before we get there. let's first talk about the recruiting process for you. this started after your freshman year. what's that been like over the past few years ? overwhelming? exciting?
8:50 am
it's an amazing opportunity. but i think it's been a mix of both. overwhelming and exciting. overwhelming in the sense that there's a lot of people asking questions and a lot of people have opinions. but exciting because i can do what i love at the next level. >> we're down to four choices. ucla, arizona state, tennessee, and louisville. what was it about these four schools in particular that kind of stood out to you above the rest of the options ? >> i mean they're all amazing programs. they all have amazing coaches d but i think because of their dedication to me throughout the years. i think that's why it's down to those four. >> looking ahead for you, i mean obviously there's so much about college to be excited about. you have your whole family here and your coaches here to help you make this announcement. what's it been like having this support around you this past four years. >> personally for me, it was hard. having all this attention. without them i don't think i could have done it. with my coaches, my mom, my
8:51 am
i don't know how i could have done any of it. >> we're so excited for you. you do have both your club coach and your high school coach here. real quick, i want to ask you guys, we get to see makayla obviously, a star in every sense. but for you guys, what is it about her that makes her stand out? what is it that puts her above the competition? >> i think she's a better person than she is a basketball player. that's the part that most people don't get to see. ho and how much she cares about her teammates and everybody else around her. that's the part that really stands out. >> when she first came to us when she was in eighth grade, her motor was extremely high, the example she set for the other girls. being the best player with the highest motor set a great example for the girls and proved she was a great leader. i think when she moves on to
8:52 am
>> we're looking forward to seeing where you end up. we'll have that announcement coming up in a little bit. we'll head out to the backyard where you have a special way to announce where you're headed
8:53 am
8:54 am
news right now. we're going the take a look out here on i-25 where the southbound end of the highway is shut down at colorado boulevard. some sort of medical attention. denver police are tweeting out. but the entire southbound side of i-25 at colorado boulevard shut down this morning. >> yeah, good reminder for you guys as you head out and start your day. today is a big day for us, 9 cares colorado shares happening
8:55 am
what the backyard looks like this morning. if you're bored, you want to make a little donation -- >> that's always a good excuse. >> come by. come say hi to our staff and the wonderful volunteers who are taking their time to make colorado a giving state. all right. so we are back out in the backyard. of course makayla here to make her college announcement. we ha school you're changing. down to final four. are you ready to do this. >> so i'll be choosing. >> [ cheering and applause ] ucla. [ cheering and applause ] >> awesome. and how does it feel to finally get it out there and say this is where i'm going? >> i think it's a relief. it's been such a long process and a long journey.
8:56 am
forward to in -- most looking forward to in college? >> i think just the development of me as a basketball player and as a person. i think ucla will be the best for me in that aspect. >> we have a california girl here. any places she must go? >> words of advice. >> you're asking me to tell her all the cool places to go in california. we'll share texts girl. >> look at the support system you have behind you. how om [ cheering and applause ] how about a round of applause for people who are coming up on a saturday morning, waking up early, they're covered in confetti. don't forget about 9 cares colorado shares. it's this weekend. today. five different sites. am i standing in front of you. i totally am. >> that's okay. all locations open until 4:00 today. bring all your clothes.
8:57 am
today. thank you so much for joining us today. let's help make colorado great this winter and also throughout the rest of the year. >> congratulations. >> high fives. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> i'm going in. yeah. that's what i'm talking about. >> that's it.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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