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tv   9 News at 5PM  NBC  November 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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f0 we know you feel it, unseasonably warm weather has settled into the metro area for a second straighted weekend this month. it doesn't feel like fall during the days, but tonight you might want to have a jacket handy. meteorologist danielle grant joins us. another cool night. >> it will be a cool one. we'll be watching the warmer temperatures rolling back in for the rest of the weekend and start of next week.
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measurable precipitation and i'm not seeing a ton in that extended forecast. tonight spectacular. clear skies across the area. should be making for a spectacular sunset. temperatures cooling off into the upper 50s now in denver, greeley. mid-60s in fort collins. and of course the high country with those clear skies meaning cooler temperatures. leadville, in the 40s. the winds have been breezy, especially foothills. nedderland. a weak disturbance will push in tomorrow and picking up our winds more. we've been waiting for a storm system. you can see the one just starting to pass throughout parts of the intermountain west will barely graze the northern part of colorado tomorrow afternoon. for us just gusty winds and more clouds by tomorrow
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degree temperatures will return soon. this weekend breckenridge, keystone and copper mountain were all supposed to be open. they had to delay that because of this warmer weather that makes it feel a little bit more like september in the high country rather than november. reporter matt renoux joins us live from summit county. it's crazy to think that thanksgiving is less than two something to see. unlike anyone has seen here in a long time. making it tough for ski areas to get open and reservations for lodges slow for the holidays. >> we'll call that a dollar, is that okay? >> reporter: at her home, sherry martins is doing something unheard of. >> very unusual, isn't it? >> reporter: a thing people in the mountains don't do in november.
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practically. >> reporter: putting price tags on her stuff and heading outside -- >> we're having a garage sale. >> reporter: for a november 12th garage sale without a worry of snow. >> we've had a lot of traffic. >> reporter: thanks to warm november weather that's so nice -- >> my buddy got a hole in one thursday. >> reporter: people are still swinging on november 12th at 9,000 feet at the raven golf course, which is still open. >> this is our latest we've ev busy today as in the summer. >> over 50 rounds going today. we were busy yesterday and should have a good day again tomorrow. >> reporter: but this unseizeable weather -- >> phone number and e-mail address. >> reporter: isn't helping ski business. >> we usually see snow on the ground by now. >> reporter: normally by now they'd be booked for the holidays. >> we have bookings on thanksgiving and new year's and christmas. >> reporter: which at the very
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to put up christmas lights and fresh paint. >> we were able to do a whole now revamp. >> reporter: while giving lisa -- >> the weather is so gorgeous. >> reporter: extra time for garage sale bargains. >> it's november, garage sale? we're in. >> reporter: thanks to sherry's bright idea. >> they only saw one other sale in the newspapers. >> reporter: to corner the garage sale market with a late, late season sale. >> 'v cornered. >> reporter: they do have the market cornered. sherry told me about an hour ago they made 200 bucks so it pays to have the right timing. loveland and arapaho basin are open. we heard a bunch of people today talk about how they skied this morning and played golf at the raven. copper mountain not open to the public, but they have training camps for ski teams coming from all over the world and the
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for training is a premium. only getting a few hours to train on that stuff, so trying to make the best of it. hearing maybe a little bit of snow coming into the mountains next week, so hopefully we see a shift in this pattern, because it is not right. >> fingers crossed. >> something about the fact that it's not right now. i think everyone is hoping and praying for that snow. we're approaching the holidays and the skiers and farmers need the moisture. all around we moisture as you just said, very important. not just for the farmers, but when you start thinking about filling our reservoirs. the reservoir here, 25% of denver's drinking water, so we want that moisture. hopefully it comes. there have been winters in the past that started out slow and starts snowing in november and doesn't stop. >> we're hoping for that. >> hopefully. i don't think we're going to get slammed. >> all of a sudden it will come. >> thanks, matt. colorado state patrol needs
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a hit-and-run driver in adams county. a man in a black or gray bmw hit a woman on 66th and lowell boulevard last night. she is expected to survive. if you know anything about this crash, you're asked to call chp. a deputy has been injured in an officer-involved shooting. this happened yesterday afternoon in montrose county. the deputy was shot in the hand and had surgery today to bullet fragments. the sheriff's office says the suspect died at the scene. investigators have not released any other details about what led to the shooting. for a second night the tower on denver's city and county building will shine green in honor of our veterans. denver joined the national green light event in appreciation of our nation's veterans. we know what the veterans day
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everybody? >> we're going to see the parade. >> reporter: as far as thank yous go -- >> who is a veteran, do you know? >> it's like, i can't remember. >> i think my sissy knows. >> reporter: you're never too young to figure this out. >> >> thank you, and who are you thanking? >> the army. >> reporter: mckenzie is five and a half. >> the pledge of allegiance stars. >> reporter: she knows who the parade is for. >> my sissy. >> reporter: yes, mackenzie, it's for you, too. your grandpa who served our country made this possible. >> i think it's good for them to learn about this at a young age and start showing
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>> reporter: 9-year-old valerie flores knows. >> it's for veterans day. >> reporter: what is it and why she's here. >> there are the people who are in the navy, the air force, and they help our country. >> reporter: but sometimes it's hard to figure out who to thank and what they do. that's why grandma kathy brt for now, he's happy to be here. >> just starting to teach her about it. she doesn't know anything about it. she got a flag. that's fantastic. >> there's more coming. >> reporter: there's more. >> reporter: next year or the one after that, she'll know what her flag means and who to
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your service. in response to ongoing tensions after the presidential elections, one church met this morning to pray. st.john's cathedral hill wants people to find common ground. >> we kept shooting arrows across the river, it's just going to end in blood shed and death. if we can gather and tell our stories and hear others' stories without interrupting and arguing and debating, we have a chance. >> services are tomorrow night at 6:00 at the corner of washington and 13th avenue. in regards to that story, nothing sweeter than seeing a
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american flag. >> learning early. >> touching. the sound of the colorado symphony carried for miles into the carribean. we catch up with a man who used music to help haiti heal from a disaster. how his heart work has paid off. we'll show you how coloradians protesting in north dakota alongside hundreds against construction of an oil
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you came out in force today to help us provide necessary illustrates to -- necessities to those in need. we collected donations at five metro locations and 30 others throughout the state. it wasn't just food, coats and toys or even cash. -- cash was their time. >> canned food basically. putting food in boxes. >> reporter: good for you. what type of donations are people bringing out? >> all sorts of donations. bags, boxes, goods, candy,. >> it's the hidden need that people don't see. it could be your neighbors that need food or they're not doing well. >> i've been down and out before myself, not starving,
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people. charity begins in your own community. >> so good to see people coming out and helping like that. if you didn't make it out you can still donate online, where 100% of your donations will go to purchase food. you can find the link inside the story at >> makes you so proud of our community. we so thank you. it was great seeing you. starting next week cu boulder will accept canned food instead of cash for outstanding parking fines. university's parking services teamed up with boulder's food drive. people can donate a minimum of four cans inside of the parking service lobby on campus. collections happen this monday, tuesday, thursday and friday between one and 4:00 p.m. donations won't cover all citations. we'll have more on several years ago we told you about a teenager from colorado who started an orchestra in haiti. it was his way of giving back after the earthquake of 2010.
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tripled in size. as jessica oh explains, it's making a difference. >> reporter: every step of this 5k is dedicated to one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. >> it was a dream to do this. >> reporter: but this 21-year- old's dream isn't to run. it's to play. you're listening to haiti's national anthem. peter knows he's got a lot to learn on what he does know, he wants to share. >> i would like to become a teacher, to teaching the music all over inhaiti. >> there's such a power in music i love sharing with everybody. >> reporter: zack harris wanted that power to be in haiti after the 2010 earthquake and he created the haiti youth
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it. >> reporter: it just kept growing. >> it gives students drive. it gives of them a passion. >> reporter: the orchestra went from 20 students to 80. the impact lasting a lifetime. >> there are several kids in the haiti youth orchestra now that ended up getting job opportunities and going to college that would not have likely otherwise. >> reporter: it's come a long way. the colorado symphony now teaches music in haiti, plus students have dozens of instruments. >> it's great to watch these kids grow up with their music. >> reporter: peter picked up an instrument the first time because of zack. >> the music is a booster. >> reporter: jessica oh, 9news. >> the colorado symphony has been instrumental in helping the haiti youth orchestra. the students got to sit with the band members yesterday and tonight they'll perform with the symphony just before the
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tickets still available. this time of year we'd usually be tracking our first snow. >> usually, but instead, danielle grant says our unseasonably warm weather could put us on track to break an 80-
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hey, there, meteorologist danielle grant in the 9 back yard. we had a terrific afternoon. temperatures into the low 70s. lots of sunshine. but i have a few changes to talk about. a little storm system creeping in tomorrow and another one the tail end of next week. keep your fingers and toes crossed we see snowfall, at least in the high country, because they need it. this is the view at the loveland ski area, where you can see a little snowfall out there. i know they have opened up. i think they have one run going
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in the distance looking awfully bare and it's a similar story in breckenridge where we hope to see snowfall within the next week. mid-60s in fort collins and greeley. 71 at dia. it was a little cooler, but still above average along the eastern plains into the 60s. 49in leadville. low sixies in rifle as well as grand junction. dia we're looking at temperatures now in the upper 50s. mostly clear skies and winds out of the east-southeast at just 8 miles per hour. here comfortable at this 5:00 hour. temperatures at 56 degrees. hd doppler 9 you can see not a lot going on, not only for colorado, but most of the country, too. we have one weak storm that pushed into parts of the intermountain west with light snow flurries.
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mountains tomorrow. i think maybe early morning hours might sneak out light flurries, but that will be about it. if anything, cooler temperatures around here. a few more clouds, and the winds kicking up from time to time, too. tonight we'll see those numbers fall to about 40 in town. sunrise at 641:00 tomorrow morning. cooler in northern colorado. clear skies allowing our temperatures to plummet into the upper i'll stop at 11:00 tonight, still mostly clear skies across the state. but there is that weak disturbance that pushes in. it will bring a good dose of clouds to the northern and central mountains and a couple of isolated flurries early tomorrow morning potentially in larimer county. that front dips through, it brings us the clouds early in the morning. i think after about lunchtime we're back in business with the sunshine and you can see by five, 6:00 p.m.
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soar tomorrow, too. albeit a little bit cooler than today. we're at 67 by tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny skies. by the late afternoon, winds kicking up just a bit. highs reaching the low 70s in wray and lamar. cooler up in the mountains with this next front pushing in. frisco and grand lake staying in the 40s. a little bit cooler, which actually should be a nice change of pace around here. we're watching the temps in the mid-to upper 60s across colorado, much of the same, too. extended forecast showing the 70s on tap on monday. look at tuesday, our record 78 degrees. we are going to come so close to that. by wednesday it's still dry, but then finally that storm system pushes in thursday into friday. right now computer models kind of changing things up a bit. potentially bringing us maybe a couple of showers if we can thursday night into friday.
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temperatures. but like i said, fingers and toes crossed that we just get something. i don't care, rain, snow. >> come on, baby. >> for sure, yeah. >> i feel like we've been talking for weeks we've been so dry. >> we have. >> sunny and nice, but dry. >> it's been a month since we've had precipitation in denver. >> we hope it comes soon. >> thursday, let's do that. thank you, danielle. more communities in the today. in north carolina the party rock fire crossed the line. and another wildfire doubled in size overnight prompting a new wave of evacuation orders. investigators suspect arson, also including in georgia. what barriers coloradians face when seeking mental health care. an expert joins us.
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protestors in north dakota
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the issue of health care has been a frequent topic recently, including finding plans that can meet all the person's needs. the folks at mental health colorado want to hear from
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the struggles they're facing. they've started something called the listening tour. >> what is this listening tour? >> we're holding a conversation with colorado, we started in pueblo in march. we're headed to aurora tuesday the 15th and brighton december 7th. we want to understand what's stopping so many coloradians from getting the mental health care they need. >> that's a question i have. are people just not getting health care because the services don't exist, or is it services? >> both, i'd say. the number one barrier we found is the cost of mental health care. people country afford -- can't afford it. stigma also, and they're having difficulty scheduling appointments. >> the stigma, because we hear a lot of times about families who may have a child having a mental issue but they don't want to look for help. you're saying there are things
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mental help? >> that's right. they can go to ngs and they'll find nine online tools. they're self-assessments, questionnaires people can take. there's screening for parents to take if they're worried about their kids and one for kids to take themselves. >> how serious of a problem is this? >> there are a million abuse disorder each year and half are going without treatment and the consequences can be fatal. >> what barriers are people facing when they seek mental health? >> cost is a factor, sometimes they get denied care, though colorado has a law that says they have to provide care no less than physical care.
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health professional. >> what are you hoping this tour accomplishes? >> we want to get a deeper understanding of what is stopping the coloradians from getting help they need. and we want to cultivate of network of advocates, we call it a brain wave. folks in every part of the state, community, will help us break through the barriers. >> that is a good thing, because we know there are a lot of people with relatives or friends that need this help. we appreciate you doing this. listening tour and thank you this listening tour, the next stop is going to be in aurora this tuesday evening from 5:15 to 7:00. for more information, visit mr.romanoff thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. christine. >> certainly a conversation worth continuing.
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elect is just getting started, except a man in georgia won't hear any of it. how he's managed to go this
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f0 the pentagon says four americans were killed in an explosion in afghanistan. the taliban claimed responsibility and says a suicide bomber detonated inside the base killing two american contractors. the names of those killed have not yet been released. as for how the bomber got inside the base, a spokesperson for the local government in afghanistan says laborers employed at the base usually line up at the gates around dawn. it is possible the bomber could have been among those entering the base today. the pipeline protests in north dakota almost got out of control today. a man with a gun attempted to drive through where the
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it happened about an hour of standing rock reservation, about 10 hours from denver. 9news was there. >> reporter: this is the missouri river, and part of it feeds into the only source of water for the standing rock sioux reservation. at a nearby construction site for the access pipeline today, a protest against it turned chaotic. within minutes of the protests starting construction site, chaos. a man in a truck trying to get down that public road -- >> go back! >> move back away! >> reporter: attempted to drive through the crowd. while brandishing a gun. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: in the crowd of a few hundred, people from colorado -- >> we will not be moved. >> reporter: -- who had come up to north dakota to protest the pipeline.
5:34 pm
i just saw that man almost run over the disabled elder with the walker and wave his gun at him. >> that's intimidation. they've been trying to intimidate us for 524 years. we know who has the weapons and it's them not us. >> reporter: simon from denver says he feels a special connection to this area because of his heritage. >> denver is a relocation city. this is my ireland, this is my italy, this is is our land we came from the earth. >> reporter: they're trying to stop a pipeline that skirts part of the boundary of the standing rock sioux reservation. the final piece of it that's missing would need to go under part of the missouri river watershed, which is the reservation's source of drinking water. they're trying to stop a permit that's pending before the army corps of engineers. >> they're not looking out for the water, the next generation
5:35 pm
generations ahead. >> reporter: despite the chaotic start to the protest, it ended quietly. >> we're peaceful people, and this was a peaceful response. and now we're going to go back to our camp and pray some more. >> reporter: this was just the latest protest against the pipeline and the whole thing could end up in litigation, which the tribe has filed against the army corps of engineers in federal court. >> 9news reached out to the north dakota state patrol and sheriff's office who were at the scene of the protests today. they would not comment. police in los angeles arrested about 200 people protesting the election last night. protests were mostly peaceful. police say about 3,000 people marched. they began breaking up the crowds at around 2:00 in the morning and arrested people for failure to disperse. protests picked up again today in new york and about 2,000 people marching along 5th
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"60 minutes" landed the first exclusive interview with president-elect donald trump. he spoke about his separate phone conversations with hillary and bill clinton. >> hillary called you. tell us about that phone call. >> so hillary called and it was a lovely call. and it was a tough call for her. i can imagine. tougher for her than it would have been for me and for me it would have been very difficult. she couldn't have been nicer. she donald, well done. and i said i want to thank you very much, you're a great competitor. she's strong and smart. >> did you talk to bill clinton? >> he called the next day. >> what did he say? >> actually called last night. he couldn't have been more gracious. he said it was an amazing run, one of the most amazing he's ever seen. >> he said that?
5:37 pm
>> trump also spoke about plans to repeal obamacare, including what parts of the law he will keep, like coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. the full interview airs tomorrow night. despite all the attention around the election results, a man in southern georgia is not the least bit stressed. because he still doesn't know who won. reporter blaine alexander shows us how he's managed to stay in the dark. >> i started out needing a breather. wa hours. >> reporter: it's been a quiet few days for joe chandler. >> i'm getting cabin fever. >> reporter: no phone or tv. >> frustrating. >> reporter: for three null days, no news. >> at the 24-hour mark, and i realized, i still didn't know. >> reporter: that's right. joe chandler may be the only person in the world who does not know the results of the american presidential election. >> the only cognizant person who is not in a coma or down in a cave and even then they might
5:38 pm
their cell phone. >> reporter: he started election night the same way the rest of us did, glued to the television. after a few hours -- >> i didn't have it in me. i've got to step off this insane merry go round. i'll look in the morning. >> reporter: the next morning turned into the next afternoon. then the next night. and before joe knew it, he was ringing in hour 56 of postelection blissful ignorance. >> hey, there. how are you doing? >> reporter: that's not to say he doesn't tools. >> if i overhear another conversation, can you believe he won, can you believe she won, all it would take is a pronoun. when i approach people, i'll say, listen, before we begin the conversation, i don't know who won and i don't want to, so please don't tell me and people have honored that. >> reporter: well, most people. >> please, la la la la la la. >> i'm wondering, you know, a little --
5:39 pm
joe swears he's not crazy. as he puts it -- >> the ignorance is blissful. >> reporter: maybe the rest of us should get in on his little secret. >> i'd like to make it to 2020. but i'll be lucky to make it till next tuesday. >> we'll see how long he can wait. joe says he's committed to keeping the results a mystery for as long as possible. he's only communicating with others now through his daughter. a spray paint app is professional looking works of art. the inventer used parts from a game console and car engine. it controls the flow of paint and where it's sprayed. cool stuff. anyone can reproduce digital images on any surface. it is an exercise helping people in the middle of a life changing experience. museum in washington state invites people to channel their creative sides while they
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diagnosis. reporter alex rozier has more. >> reporter: he's not an artist, he's a retired attorney. >> do you know what i liken this to? red. >> reporter: these days ray just needed an escape. >> i'm somebody that's trying to have some fun and do something that looks pleasurable to me. >> reporter: his wife knows he's been looking for a place like this. >> i see how it soothes his soul. >> reporter: he needed to release creativity and motivate his mind. >> i was scared to come here. >> reporter: when you hear his situation, you'll understand why. >> because what i'm struggling with, dementia. >> reporter: he's here because the museum runs a program for people just like him, to take a break from a scary medical journey. >> the program has meant a lot
5:41 pm
community. >> reporter: it was created in 2010 while her mom lived with dementia. she hoped to bring a smile. >> all the worries, concerns about dementia go away. and it's so beautiful that they are really celebrating living in the moment, which is what dementia is about. >> reporter: it took two years after his diagnosis to reenter the community he loves. today he rejoined all of us in the most beautiful way he can imagine. >> here's the title. i'm on fire. >> the museum serves more than 500 people a year with this program. you wouldn't think robots could offer much emotional support. but a company in japan may have
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. f0 when you think of robots
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mind. a robot is being tested in a hospital in seattle. it responds to touch, voice, and movement. developers are hoping interactions with the robot will help motivate people and improve their mood. >> it's always warm, soft, fuzzy. everything that makes a person feel good. >> the robot's makers say it helps keep seniors alert during the day so they sleep night. it's also been used successfully with children who have autism. a father who was deployed devised a clever way to make sure his young son got a good night kiss at the end of the night. he left 197 hershey kisses in the jar. every evening, his son would pull a kiss out of the jar. he even brought the jar with him during trips and dad also
5:45 pm
>> before he got to eat it, we'd take a picture of him and i'd e-mail it to steve with a little summary of our day. >> i get to read the e-mail and a picture of shawn. you don't realize how much you miss it until it's gone for a couple of months. >> shawn knew an empty jar meant the sweetest surprise of all, dad was coming home. that happened october 24th. amazing reunion. i love that. a simple, sweet wa think of him every day. >> and creative. >> it is. >> absolutely. >> we thrive off of these stories. >> especially after the week we've had. >> keep us going. >> little crazy. >> sunny out there, nice for our colorado shares today. >> it was fantastic weather. we were all out there at the different sites around town. plenty of sunshine. a far cry from where it was in years past, all bundled up in the freezing cold. that kind of has me wondering
5:46 pm
soon? our latest snowfall on record in denver, november 1934. only got an inch, but i don't know, you guys, will we see snow in nine days? i mean, i'm right on the fence with this one. i'll show you the jet stream now. we had that weak system, that little disturbance you can see crossing eastern colorado tomorrow afternoon, bringing a few more clouds out there. gusty winds, especially in the foothills and maybe a little glimpse the high country. a huge ridge sets up monday, tuesday into wednesday, and then finally there's that storm system, it digs in, it drops in cooler temperatures, and also maybe a little bit of snowfall. certainly for the high country. our fingers are crossed for the plains. 12 days above average for november and tomorrow will be another one, though it's a slight cooloff at 67. 70s across the eastern plains. cooler in the mountains where
5:47 pm
crosses. 70s for the start of next week. finally it looks like if we do see shower activity on the plains, which looks kind of meh, it will be late thursday night, early friday morning. >> hoping for it. >> maybe a dusting? >> yeah. i mean, and we'd be lucky if we get a dusting. >> hoping for at least that. >> school won't be canceled, that kind of thing. >> but there's a chance? >> so you're saying there's a chance. >> nailed it. >> take what we can get. appreciate it. the denver broncos explain how they hope to stop one of the best quarterbacks in the
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
good evening. mike mcintyre knows the feeling, he and the buffs fully understand the situation their opponent is arizona is winless in pac 12 play. it's where colorado has been the last few years. they know how desperate arizona will be for a late season victory. >> they understand it. everybody will come to show up to play. doesn't matter what everybody else says or people tell you in the classroom, you ought to kill them, they've been in the same situation, so hopefully they feed off that memory.
5:50 pm
state. csu hasn't won in air force since 2002. it's a game mike bo bo thought of immediately after last week's win over fresno. >> we have a rival game and haven't won there since 2002. we haven't arrived because we shut a team out. we have to get ready to play a really good football team. >> if you missed wyoming's game against unlc, i'm sorry. there's no way i can do it justice with a few highlights, but i'll try. gentry was incredible. look at this grab by the grand have you high school product. one handed catch, 48-yard touchdown late in the first half. wyoming was down 3 at that point. late second half, in fact last play regulation, gentry again with one hand. this tied things up with no time left on the clock. gentry had 184 yards and three
5:51 pm
decide after wyoming interception, 69-66 the final score. one point away from the highing scoring game in division one football history. lose their first conference game. northern colorado beat montana today in greeley. unc won 28-25 beating montana for the first time since 1976. broncos and saints tomorrow in the rod mackey shows us, that likely starts with stopping the saints' future hall of fame quarterback. >> reporter: the broncos can't catch a break. every week it seems denver d goes up against one of the best qb's in the nfl. this week against the saints, they may be facing the best of the bunch in drew brees. >> this has got to be top of the list. he's exceptional. one of the finest players i've ever seen from being a
5:52 pm
that position. this guy has been exceptional for years and years. drew could throw to spots with his eyes closed. he goes out and plays, boom, boom, boom, that's what you teach guys to play quarterback wise. that's what he does. >> that's the way the schedule is set up and we face who we face. it really doesn't matter who they put in front of us. we have to get the win. >> he's one of the couple of guys, he's in full command of the game. he's got his thumb on the back there, he's never out of position or thought process is never off. one of those guys you look up to. >> while trevor siemian will never go up against drew brees, he knows he'll need to do his best to help the offense keep up. >> he'll find a way to score a ton of points. it's our job to hold up our end
5:53 pm
points. >> rod mackey, 9news. colorado's women's soccer team got a bit of help in the first round of the ncaa tournament today. oklahoma state put two goals into their own net. the buffs took care of the rest. danica evans scored a late insurance goal. they'll take on top seeded south carolina on the road next weekend. last second goals for the weeks. the sophomore scored a game winning goal in the nine seconds, giving them the tournament damage. 2-1to clinch an automatic tournament bid. state soccer championships in commerce city today. mason syed scored the clincher on penalty kicks. kent wins, their third consecutive state championship.
5:54 pm
>> congratulations. >> taylor will have everything you need to know from a big state championship week tomorrow morning. >> got your broncos orange on. >> they need a little help. need a win. i think the fan base is on the edge of panic. >> almost. >> we're still there.
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between collections today at the food drive, we did the mannequin challenge. so many wonderful volunteers. it was super fun. it was a little bit difficult. everybody be quiet, don't move. big thanks to everybody who
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>> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the shark genius steam pocket mop system, brought to you by sharkninja. ? we all know life is messy. >> the dirt and the mud. >> there's a juice spill, chocolate milk spill... >> there's always little tracks of dirt coming in. [ baby giggles ] >> announcer: but that's just the dirt you can see! imagine the household bacteria on your floors that you can't see! especially in your kitchen and bathrooms. >> having a son that will pick things up off the floor, put them in his mouth, sometimes even eat off of the floor,
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>> announcer: seven years ago, shark changed floor cleaning forever with the introduction of the revolutionary steam pocket mop that changed the way millions of americans cleaned their finished wood and hard surface floors. for the first time ever, steam was channeled through both sides of the steam pocket. so you could simply turn it over and keep on cleaning. the five-star reviews said it all. people love cleaning with the shark steam mop. in fact, shark steam mops are so amazing, more than 16 million were delivered! but shark never stops innovating and they knew there could be an even better way to clean... even more amazing steam mop... ...with more stain-fighting power, superior cleaning, and easier than ever. and shark did it! introducing the revolutionary new shark genius steam pocket mop system, our smartest way ever to clean your floors. >> it is a game changer for the way you clean all your hard floor surfaces. >> i've never seen anything like


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