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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  November 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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an unexpected encounter at trump tower. it's starting to look like the holiday season but it does not feel like it. 9 news starts now. new tonight a light rail train stopped in its tracks after it hit an suv at colfax and array area. the back driver-side ended up crushed. no one was hurt. the driver was cited with a a western colorado deputy was injured in the line of duty. today the officer had surgery to remove bullet fragments. the shooting happened yesterday in montreux counties. -- montreux county. the pipelined protest in north dakota almost got out of control today. amends the gun attempted to
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the road. this happened near mandan about an hour north of the standing rock reservation. >> reporter: this is the missouri river and part of it feeds into the only source of water for the standing rock sioux reservation. at a nearby construction site for the dakota axis pipeline a protest against it turned chaotic. within minutes of the protest starting near the dakota axis pipeline construction site, chaos. a man in a truck trying to get down the public road. >> go back. >> reporter: attempting to drive through the crowd. while brandishing a gun. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: in the crowd of a few hundred, people from colorado. who had come to north dakota to
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i just saw that man almost run over the disable elder with the walker. and wave his gun. >> they've been trying to intimidate us 524 years. we know who has the weapons and it's them not us. >> reporter: simon moya-smith feels a connection to this area denver is a relocation city. because of his heritage. where they moved native americans into big cities, when they found oil and minerals on my reservation. urban indian relocation program. this is my ancestral land, this is my ireland, this is my italy, this is my africa. this is our land. >> reporter: they are trying to stop a pipeline that skirts part of the boundary of the sioux reservation. the final piece would need to go under part of the missouri river watershed. which is the reservations source of drinking water. they are trying to stop a permit that is pending before the army corps of engineers. >> they're not working out -- looking out for the water or children.
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quietly. e peaceful people and this was a peaceful response and now e going to go back to our e going to pray some more. >> reporter: this was the latest protest against the pipeline. the whole thing could end up in litigation. the tribe has filed against the army corps of engineers in federal court. the morgan county sheriff's office but they did not comment. wildfires in georgia and north carolina are sending so much thick smoke people living there are having to wear masks outside. it wildfire in north carolina across the containment line forcing even more evacuations.
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georgia, north carolina, south carolina and tennessee. the largest is in georgia. it has burned more than 13,000 acres. people there with houses feet from the flames saved what they could. >> i got the marching orders from the wife to come here and get the wedding pictures. that is it only able thing in the house the week couldn't replace. >> the man who organized one of the biggest issues in british history visited trump tower. he helped land the brexit. trump has compared his presidential win to the brexit decision. he says he was there is a tobu where trump was planning his presidential transition. if they met he would be the 1st british politician to meet with the future president since his victory. other world leaders said they call trump to congratulate him. >> reporter: protesters returned to the streets in several cities for the 4th day since election. thousands marched to trump
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hundreds of people have been arrested. one protester was shot in oregon. many communities think the veterans in parades and ceremonies today. but doing just that could be a disservice for those who served. tonight we will show you a part of a series of documentaries produced by our sister station. the stories are robbed demonstrate what our members face. brian took his birthday -- his life. >> it's about being a smart, fast, lethal soldier.
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the moment you drop your guard your done. >> they train you have to go to deployment but not how to come home. >> we have to do more for them. >> brian was 17 when he went in the army. and he signed up he just wanted to go in, so he got his ged and his dad send them in. -- signed him in. he came home with ptsd and dramatic brain injury. i did not realize, i knew he would say he would forget
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at the aquarium a look at him and he said we have to go. those people on the upper level looking down and novels crowds it reminded me of being in iraq with snipers. >> the last thing i said to them, i love you. he had called me and i said brian, he said mom why we not friends on facebook? i said probably because and i said hit me up. and i think that was up -- it and i said i love you. >> this is the paper trail. this is the 1st requirement -- deployment.
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back in the rack in the same areas, brought up the memories and i had some panic attacks early on. it was embarrassing. waking up screaming and my roommates would hear me. i can't even imagine. >> depression and ptsd. >> so they put know go. they circled know go 1st and then they crossed it out. that tells me they had
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>> i am before you today to share brian story. soldiers never hesitated in their mission to protect and serve and sacrifice for our country. now it's time for the va to prove their commitment to our soldiers. >> secretary mcdonald what are you doing to reduce that way time? >> no separation from the time the individual leaves ti duty and becomes a full-fledged veteran. we want that to be seamless. that is what we are working toward. >> actually think i found some things. 1978. they stay in the study members left with honorable discharge negatively affects them from getting benefits and employment. it says that in here. it's the same thing.
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there was a warning. >> absolutely. >> the government could finance mental health treatment not only in veterans hospitals but a veterans who can't get immediate care in a veterans hospital, let them have the funds to the veterans administration to go to private psychiatrist. >> you shouldn't have to wait weeks, you should get the services the very same day. >> they are not democratic veterans and republican veterans. they are american veterans. americans who volunteered to put their lives on the line for us. parties should never get in the way of benefits we promise veterans. we should get it to them now.
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modernize the archaic appeals process. >> their hundreds of thousands of vets who are locked out of the va because the have honorable discharge. frankly it's horrifying. >> fairness. it's in the interest of fulfilling america's promise to veterans. >> it's just, you can get past this you have to work through it. in their you know you have it. tell me about your charlie
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>> is another veteran is talking with you you open up. because you can relate. military people we like to stick together. >> my service meant something. >> for someone to let me know they the world. >> helping other people gives us hope. >> that is my place to step in. that is my duty. that is what i owe you.
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>> here is where you can make a difference. the fairness for veterans petition wells for bipartisan lawmaker to support the bill for military discharge review boards to consider military health like ptsd. we have the petition up right now. 6000 people have signed. >> all morning our viewers came out to support local communities. were tallying the donations. 8, colorado shares today. we look forward to this every year. we get to see the generosity of our community is a joint to help their neighbors in need. this is the 34th year. some of you have made this a tradition. you can still donate. your money will purchase food for those in need. we have a link posted online at next on my news at 10.
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thank you. how people of all ages honored veterans today. it looks like christmas and feel like summer. we had to ask, how is santa handling the heat? >> a little cool off is coming our way. before temperatures soar. and let you know if we are breaking records. leader in sports, by this
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think about the last time you saw snow. it has been a while. 197 days in denver. a snowless november would put denver in the record books. another sunny day in the 60s. what does saint nick think about this warm weather? sand that was at the outlets at castle rock. of course he is a weather expert and knows that the measure -- metro has not seen measurable snow since april 30. 9 more snowless days would ti >> i just put up with it. and change my shirts every day. >> santa claus. >> i wish santa had shorts. >> keeping it real. santa will be at the outlets in castle rock until christmas eve. there is bound to be snow between now and then. >> we are hoping.
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>> we can't see santa in shorts. >> warm beautiful fall but now, hello? mother nature. bring it on. >> sand is here. we have to see snow. a lot of people have taken their passion for the snow and going to the streets. look at these snowboarders. in steamboat springs. they made their signs saying might personal favorite is powder to the people. those signs might work. late tonight and into tomorrow. but here in the metro area it's a different story. 1934, that is the latest snowfall on record. we just picked up 1 inch that day. but will denver see snowfall in 9 days? that would tie us.
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nothing but sunshine this afternoon. daytime highs in the low 70s. 66 in fort collins in greeley upper 60s. 49 in leadville. low 50s in telluride. tonight at dia clear skies. 48. a good chunk of the country quiet and calm. high pressure has been building in each brings us the drive warmer weather. a storm system is knocking on the door. it is week we are tracking a couple of light snow showers pushing into montana and idaho. this front will press into northern colorado, just graze the northern tier but it might bring a little powder to the higher elevation areas. tonight, 40 degrees with mostly clear skies. the wind is picking up head of the next front. butchers cool in the 30s in northern colorado.
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quiet. you can see the front pushing through. by 7:00 a.m. we will wake up to a few clouds in the denver metro. so snowfall in the northern and central mountains possible. that will be areas above 10,000 feet. it will be nice to see at least a little blanket. for us we will see the clouds as well as an increase in the wind. lunchtime tomorrow, then the front pushes through. by 6 pm, of rain showers but i think they will struggle to make it here to the surface. it has been so dry. tonight is not too bad. tomorrow once again will be worn. but cooler. relatively speaking. 67. low 70s in lamar and pueblo. but with the incoming storm from the northwest it will not temperatures down. the mountains 40. 56 in idaho springs.
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quarter. temperatures -- corridor. for the start of next week a record it 78. i think will be shy of that and another system pushes him. this potential he has or 2 it. we could be looking at some decent snowfall in the mountains. maybe a light dusting thursday night into friday but if anything we will feel the chill in the air. >> at somewhere. >> thank you. for veterans day we hold celebrations and honor the men and women who serve our country. but this morning at the veterans day parade we asked some of the most soon yet -- enthusiastic attendees why. >> who is a veteran? >> i can't remember. i think my sister knows. >> they are the people who were in the navy, and the air force,
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>> they sure do. >> veterans are the people who leave their families to go protect everyone's families. and some of them have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> we wish we could say thank you was enough but it is not. but think you. to see all of the young americans thing patriotic, even if they are still learning the extent of what are veterans of
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from colorado's sports leader. >> for the 2nd consecutive saturday the nuggets fell behind detroit. and for the 2nd consecutive saturday they lost to detroit. meal got the pepsi center going pretty crazy with a reverse gap is consistent. hard to come back from plays like this. emmanuel with the fake and lost out of bounds. nuggets ball 106-95. they've lost 4 of the last 5. usc continues to threaten colorado's chance of winning the pack 12south conference. the trojans beat washington and the huskies were the pack 12s best and only shot making the college football playoffs. the buffs need to win to stay
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and they had a big 2nd quarter in arizona. they put 21 on the board including this touchdown pass. j mcintyre, 40 yard score. colorado up 28-10. colorado state looking for the 1st win at air force since 2002. high-scoring start. jested pics off area in and brings this back for the score. rams had the lead fost then a 15 yard score which gave the falcons the lead. 28-24. the scored halftime. 184 yards and 3 touchdowns for tanner gentry in a losing effort for wyoming. he made this terrific one- handed catch to pull them thin 3 of unlv. and then he did it again late second-half. last play regulation, again with one hand tied things up
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wyoming trying to stay unbeaten. it took triple overtime to decide, the rebels kicked the field goal 69-66. one point away from the highest scoring game in division i football history. northern colorado the 18th ranked montana. late in the 4th quarter kyle hit for what turned out to be the game-winning score. 8-25 beating montana for the 1st time since 1976. early kickoff for the broncos. a rare 11:00 a.m. game. denver in new orleans. drew brees may not be the biggest concern. >> welcome to the big easy things probably won't be so easy. the broncos taking on the best offense in the nfl without their best run stopper.
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the number 1 issue the broncos have to contend with. the way their defense has been going, the big thing is stopping the run. that is where the focus has been this week. mark ingram tim hightower, that is where the saints have turned their season around. they started 0-3 and 14 of the last 5. the broncos started 4 and 0 and lost 3 of the last 5. derek wolfe is the best run defender. and aqib talib is the best path cover. it will be tough to lose those 2 guys against the number 1 offense in the league. >> the offense will have to keep up. we need big things from trevor siemian. denver, a 3 point underdog. they lost to the raiders and cannot afford back-to-back loss. >> somehow they have to run the ball. if they can run a little bit, set up the play action and freeze those linebackers, they have a chance tomorrow.
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back to you. rodney billups making his debut as a head coach. the former george washington start returns to du where he is in charge. his brother sean c in attendance. this is the kind of stuff rodney does not want to see. sloppy turnover. jacksonville turned it into points and won the game du hockey was a big win in north dakota. look at this shot.
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we can realize we are all human beings. withdrawal pull for this
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if there's anyone who has a problem with this and needs to vent, there's another flight tomorrow. >> that is a united airlines pilot the had enough of the political fighting. united officials say 2 passengers were fighting so that pilot told everyone on board to keep the opinions to themselves. >> you're going to mexico what could be wrong with that. nothing but sunshine around
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