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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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elector. a member of the electoral college. and he's pledged to hillary clinton, but he's trying to lead an up rising to throw the election to any republican besides donald trump. this is beyond a long shot, but it's technically possible. >> i'm a former united states marine, and you know the core values of honor, courage, and commitment, i don't believe donald trump has that. >> it sounds like you summabled into being an elector. >> oh, yeah, i signed the paperwork and then i was asked to run. >> i understand there's not a law that binds you to casting for hillary clinton, but you don't feel like you violated your word to voters when you said you would elect her? >> no, absolutely i did violate my word, and the votes haven't been casted yet, but i don't think the majority of the
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presidency good is this how -- presidency. >> is this how the system is supposed to work? >> >. absolutely. it's another step in the process. >> i know you want to make a point about the electoral college and the outcome of this year's election, is it possible what you do in the end is ensuring four years from now people like you aren't in the electoral college that can screw with the results? >> i would love who's a graduate student, should have this power. >> with all due myself i can't tell if this is brilliant or disgraceful. >> me too. >> michael says he has commitments from six other renegade democrats in the electoral college, but any serious uprising is highly unlikely. do colorado a favor, tell
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new recreation marijuana ordinance doesn't allow people to light up anywhere at any time. brandon rittiman explains it in 30 seconds. >> reporter: first, denver won't have hash bars. not like the ones in amsterdam. under colorado state law it's illegal to allow people to use pot at a pot shop. in theory you could open a social business spot shot, but -- pot shop, but they must be separate. you might see pot area police station bars, restaurants, maybe even a bookstore for deep reading. if the business is going to allow smoking pot, that needs to be out of site. outdoor smoking at street level can't be visible from sidewalks or streets or any place kids group together. it's unlikely you'll see a
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pot indoors. but vaping and eating edibles could be allowed indoors. businesses need to partner with one of roughly 200 neighborhood organizations in denver to apply for a license and work on hours and more, meaning the rules could be a little different at each social pot place that opens. for next, i'm brandon rittiman. >> you need a reggae version of the next theme music. cody, can you do that? temporary permits for events. it takes effect next year and is a pilot plan until 2020. >. and denver wants more crews out to sweep homeless people and their belongings off the street. there was a second sweep today, anything left behind on the sidewalk goes to a city warehouse where it can be claimed but rarely is. the mayor's office says the
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are a safety and health threat, but homeless advocates say the sweeps violate cowlings fusional rights. >> we -- constitutional rights. >> >. we don't come here to take your sidewalk. we want housing. we want a better system on housing. we just want housing, we want to get off the street. we don't want to block the sidewalk. >> and the city responds they have as many as 200 places for homeless people to stay around the city. there's a group filing a lawsuit to sweeps. a colorado state trooper stepped into traffic one year ago tonight trying to stop a drunk driver. one year after her death we know the drunk driver, a decorated army colonel was responsible for her death. he's in prison. but there's what we'll never know, which is how many lives he savedly we are -- she saved by her actions that night. and we're setting out to learn if the colorado state patrol
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that risk, stepping into the traffic to stop a driver. >> i'd like to report somebody i think is drunk while driving. >> reporter: november 15th t2015. >> he's on the shoulder, almost hit the median wall a couple of times. >> reporter: eric henderson was driving home after drinking all day. >> i don't know if the person is drunk, but there's a large flat bed truck weaving back and forth. >> reporter: concerned drivers were cald henderson off the road. >> i wanted a state trooper in the area to stop him. >> reporter: jamie was helping with another crash, and dispatch connected her with a caller. >> she said she couldn't leave the accident. she was going to try and stop
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side, and that's when i heard her scream. >> reporter: the last thing kevin saw was her flashlight fly into the air. 9 wants to know also saw that. investigators allowed us to watch the video, but not release it because of the graphic nature. in it, we could see the trooper in the road using her know driver to stop. -- drunk driver to stop. do you train troopers to stop drunk drivers with a flashlight? >> it depends on the situation, but possibly yes. >> reporter: state patrol provided 9 wants to know documents showing troopers are trained to use flashlights to direct traffic, but they don't have specifics in the manual about using flashlights to stop drunk drivers. >> stopping a dui driver that's
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ready report or possible drunk driver coming down the interstate when you're outside the vehicle, is that common? no, it's not, but i tell you the extreme dynamic nature of our job, that's not the first time it's ever happened, and probably never be the last. >> reporter: we asked law enforcement experts around the country about the use of flashlights in similar situations, and we found it's common. >> the most dangerous terrain for law enforcement is a freeway. >> reporter: former police chief daniel garcia says you do what can do save lives. >> >. it doesn't make it a wrong tactic. she was trying to save lives, and she did. >> reporter: a criminallologist in california says the flashlight is useful. >> the question is are you looking at this, and are you going to adjust policy because
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discourage this behavior, it's absolutely going to happen again. >> when a trooper dies we look at everything and made no changes. i'm not saying we won't retrain or re-evaluate as time goes on but to make a wholesale change at this point in time, i don't think we have enough. >> reporter: as with all troopers lost in the line of duty they're using this as because it's just a matter of time before they encounter their first drunk driver. >> the peace we want to leave them with when they train them is treat every situation very seriously and be very vigilant and aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: for next, anastasiya bolton. >> we know you don't drive drunk, next humans with better than that, but plenty of good
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move over law. drunk driving aside, that law might save lives. not sure if we're building bridges over politics, but we might be preventing some from being burned. math is like vegetables, sometimes you have to hide it so kids will enjoy it. and have you ever looked at someone and said they must have
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let's just talk, it's turning out to be a thing. hundreds of you asked to be a part of our one on one conversations between democrats and republicans. stand by for a big announcement about that, right after we head down to sheridan who wrote in rob who wrote in rand paul and chris who supported bernie sanders and then hillary cl >> i'm okay with the result. i think america wanted a change and guess what, that's what we got. >> >. well, i'm not at all surprised. i'm a little disappointed, and i think the anger was bigger than the risk of the unknown. >> reporter: i should mention you're small business owners, how does that play into your hopes for the future?
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going to be increases in taxes. i'm not sure how that's possible, but small business owners usually pay the price when there's a change in leadership. >> reporter: what are your hopes for the country? >> good economy. need to get jobs back. this is why i kind of support trump. i hope that my daughter has a future. a good job, a career. >> he has been, um, unkind to and just words then i would appreciate it if he'd be more careful about how he spokes, but i'm afraid -- speaks, but i'm afraid we've been set back, and that girls will be less confident to come forward and speak their minds, and even get into politics. >> reporter: you two agreed to talk to each other, and this is a great time to mention that you're married [ laughter ] >> reporter: how old is your
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about the election? >> well, she's followed it somewhat. we try to keep her involved, but age appropriately involved. she knows more than i wanted her to know, and some of it she's just not old enough to understand if it's explained to her, so it's a hard spot. >> yeah, i think, well, what she knows about the election is through the conversations we have any punches at home. we don't get into arguments about it. i respect what she thinks and her values and opinions on things ranging from the business to politics to foreign affairs, whatever. >> i know that with rob having different political ideas from me that i've learned. i've learned about libertarians and republicans more than i would have, and even learned
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that way. >> reporter: i appreciate you lets us in on your conversation. >> you're more than welcome. >> thanks for inviting us. >> yeah, thank you. >> we're airing an hour-long let's just talk special friday night. voters from across colorado and the political spectrum joining to talk about a trump presidency and election. no need to hit the old tv news weather panic button, but this is a good time of year to test out the system. and you can't stop the beat. not even if you take away her drumsticks. >> my dog is back, my counter. my other dog is back. >> plus, whatever is happening
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well, a not so gentle reminder of the season coming our way on thursday, but who doesn't have a cute sweater or pair of boots they've been dying to wear? steve? and tomorrow we might break the record. system coming in from the pacific northwest bringing accumulating snow to the
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resorts just in time for the thanksgiving holiday. it's a fast-moving storm system, but travel advisories already up for the high country, and here in denver it looks like a quick inch of snow not accumulating on the ground, but melt simply because the ground surface temperatures are so warm. heavy snow in the high country, five to ten inches at many favorite resorts wednesday night into thursday. tomorrow sunny and warm, increasing high clouds in the afternoon. a dry dag and eastern plains. the gusty winds push us back into the upper 70s. the record tomorrow is 78, and i believe we'll beat that. tomorrow in the city fair skies and 40 degrees. tomorrow beautiful day after a mild start, temperatures coming close to 8 other ahead of a -- 80 ahead of a storm that will drop temperatures to the 40s thursday and friday along with a little rain/snow mix. all clears out just in time for the weekend, but friday will be cold, and saturday looks pretty
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get enough of this beautiful super moon, so here's another shot. he went hollywood, waiting tables on his way from colorado to his dream, and his new dream is teaching kids to play music, and maybe learn a little math along the way. >> reporter: a room full of drumming kids makes focusing on anything tough. >> they want to move and hit stuff. >> i don't have a drum, so i play drums on everything. >> reporter: and she means everything. >> my my doesn'ter. my -- my counter. my other dog's back. >> reporter: but in all the noise curtis hears opportunity. he developed a different way to teach music, one that starts. >> no talking. >> reporter: with a moment. >> i love that. >> reporter: of silence. >> when the kids learn how to quiet down and calm themselves they're playing elevates really quickly. >> reporter: then curtis using
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tempo. >> rhythm is the sound of fundamental mathematics. >> i like the sound and math of it. >> reporter: addition helps them find the beat. >> they're both triangles. >> reporter: and then the gee yam tremendous keeps it -- yeah i don't mean tremendous keeps it steady. >> it's a perfect analogy for rhythm because if th it's not a square. >> it wouldn't be like the same shape, and then it would, then it would like go off track. >> that always clicks, and then the rhythm goes through the roof. >> reporter: maybe it's the right formula. >> as long as they're not playing on the dog right? >> reporter: because numbers and notes make for a perfect harmony. >> it's a real blessing to impact kids in a meaningful and powerful way. >> reporter: steve staeger for
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>> curtis' program is currently in about 60 schools across the western us.
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i don't even care what this is. the moment chris garrett sent us this video we know we were going to show it to you. it's 11 chickens playing her xylophones in her backyard. she got 11 chicks chickens, they became bored, she bought the xylophone, she put dots on it, they think the dots are buggings, and now a-- bugs, and now they make music. and the boxing gloves on the table were their touch, not ours. another writes thank you for
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the trooper. a lot of you waned to hear about the electoral college defector, without a doubt controversial and thought provoking. don't back down. we need to think in order to change. can't stop won't stop.
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? ? tonight, the making of the sexiest man alive. >> bring the sexy. >> bring the sexy. >> the rock honor, but we're revealing why he was chosen. >> i have to change jasmine's diapers every morning, but i would do it in a way that's sexy. then gwen gushing over blake. >> blake shelton? >> yeah. that fellow. >> what she's only telling "e.t." about their love story and how he rescued her from divorce. >> the new all-female ocean's 8 movie. the cast is phenomenal.
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>> and -- ? ? >> we are first with new kids on the block and paula abdul after their big tour announcement. >> we're bringing in joy, love and happiness back to the world. we're bringing the happy back. >> now for november 15, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." dwayne johnson is "the sexiest man alive." it was just announced this morning, but we knew last night before it became official. >> we knew and he knew, but never, ver, say a word until "people" magazine make the announcement and that made for an unusual interview last night. >> how would you feel about being named the sexiest man alive? >> if i were to be named sexiest man alive. that would be an awesome thing. i would still have to get in my


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