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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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under control. it's not coming any farther. >> reporter: most of the residents have lived here for decades always knowing fires are a threat and are glad the fire crews worked so hard to keep as many homes as they could safe. >> thanks, guys! >> reporter: there were three people with minor injuries treated and released. they did not want to go to the hospital. the fire crews are using a blade to till the fields behind us to make sure they go through any hotspots. ey hay bales which are still smoldering. they won't believe until everything is done. >> question know just how dry it is out there by the airport. we know they're dealing with, that hoping for some moisture later this week. it is the tale of two sides of the state today. we've been watching the high fire danger with red flag warnings across southern and central colorado. our high of 80 breaks the
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it also ties the highest temperature ever recorded in november in denver. meanwhile the high country is expecting nearly a foot of snow by tomorrow. now it's cooking time for the folks back in the weather department. meteorologist danielle grant is in the 9news backyard soaking up the sunshine but keeping track of all the areas of our state. >> this is what makes colorado just the best as we are dealing with all kinds of different weather conditions all at the same time. we'll watch for a huge in temperatures. as you mentioned, 80 degrees today. tomorrow we'll be lucky if we're in the 40s. it's been bone dry, 35 days without any source of precipitation and finally that all begins to change tomorrow. red flag warnings will be in effect till about 6:00. the front range foothills included as well as the palmer divide. they've seen extremely windy conditions out there 35 to 45 miles per hour. in centennial around 37 miles
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pass near broomfield, boulder, 20 to 35 mile-per-hour speeds. again the winds really picking up ahead of this next front that will roll in early tomorrow. 80 degrees our highest temperature ever recorded in denver in the month of november. we tied that back in november, 2006, when we also saw an 80- degree day. of course, we broke the record for today, the old one 77 set back in 1941 and today that 80 degrees goes down in the books. we've seen a warm afternoon with downslopinnd temperatures to soar to the mid- to upper 70s. we're slightly cooling things off at this 4:00 hour, but it still feels so comfortable, 50s and 60s in the foothills. you can see on hd doppler 9 a couple light little areas of some snowfall toward crested butte near telluride, light snowfall, but the storm system is still on the way pushing in across the pacific northwest, intermountain west, the band of snowplowing into south eastern
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shortly. you can see all the warnings and advisories on tap across colorado and our neighboring states. winter storm warnings for the northwestern corner with winter weather advisories for parts of the front range and the southwestern san juans. we have this changing weather pattern around here. say so long to sunshine and the above average temperatures and say hello to winter. yes, it's finally going to feel a little bit more like the tale end of fall anyway, byrneish weather in the high country. in the high country. we'll be talking about the snowfall and advisories and warnings in place. i'll let you know how much snowfall i anticipate in the high country, great news for the ski resorts, and, of course, how much will we see here in denver? >> it's just crazy. >> we always talk about colorado's fast changing weather patterns. it only seems appropriate we go from 80 degrees to winter in a matter of 24 hours. >> just like that and then the temps warm right back up where they were just in time for the weekend. >> of course they are.
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today, not on me, i might add, but i saw some shorty shorts and said okay. >> still summer apparently. >> if you're still young and it's 80 degrees, you just go for it. >> you got to do what you got to do, right? enjoy it while you can. >> enjoy it while you're young. thank you. >> not weighing in on this one. thanks. one person is dead and fear others hospitalized after a house fire in aurora this morning on east nt firefighters say five people were in the house when it started and they haven't said how they were able to get out. we still do not know a cause for that fire. crews were in castle rock today at a home where explosives were found on halloween. two teen-agers were arrested after authorities found dangerous chemicals they say could be made into a bomb. the owners haven't been able to go back since firefighters red tagged the property 2 1/2 weeks ago now. since it's not clear what the chemicals are, everything needs
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decontaminated and thrown away in a hazardous waste landfill. the process could cost the homeowners up to $10,000. one of the 16-year-olds involved is charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child. we cannot explain the reason for the charge because so little is released from jump court. the other 16 yard -- juvenile court. the other 16-year-old is charged with possession of an explosive or incendiary device and both charges. students have been walking out in protest of donald trump being elected as our next president. most of are concerned about his plans for immigration and deportation. dps posted a statement online explaining their policies. the district has looked up legal and community resources for families calling in worried about the future. >> many people, the school in their neighborhood is a trusted source of information and
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information that they can share and we want to make sure families feel like they can come to us and we can provide support in the ways that we can do best. >> we also reached out to other metro area schools. jeffco and cherry creek schools got back to us. they say some students have expressed concern and staff have been briefed how to support them. to read the full statement from dps and find the list of resources, head over to website, president-elect donald trump's camp said he won't rush filling the rest of the cabinet and staff appointments. the house asked the appointment be rescinded of executive stephen bannon appointed as a senior white house advisor. he led brietbart news which often has offensive headlines considered racist. bannon said this summer he wanted brietbart to be the
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conservative extremist movement with links to white nationalism. the letter was signed by 169 of 188 in the house, but the trump camp said it would stand by his first picks. >> it would be really dumb to just try to make the press happy. senate democrats have new leader says, chuck dick durbin will be the no. 2 democrat as minority whip and washington's patty murray will be assistant leader. schumer says he's expanding the leadership team including a new role for vermont senator bernie sanders which is a nod to the progressive wing of the party. he's now the chair of outreach. schumer told reporters they will work on donald trump with issues where they agree but challenge him where values or progress is under assaulted.
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you need to look it right in the eye and ask why? analyze it and learn from it. one thing we know is that we heard the american people loud and clear. they felt that the government wasn't working for them. they felt that the economy was rigged against them in many places and that the government was too beholden to big money and special interests. >> house minority leader pelosi has formal him announc -- formally announces she's seeking reelection and says shell already has support from 2/3 -- she already has support from 2/3 of the caucus. it's not known if there will be challenges. vice president joe biden and vice president-elect mike pence and their wives had lunch today at the naval observatory. that, of course, is the residence of the vice president. vice president biden told reporters afterwards he's not
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they've already accomplished. he says he's also confident that everything is in good hands. some are worried the outcome of the election could have an impact on the potential u.s. olympic games. los angeles is presenting its case to more than 1,000 delegates in the national olympic come could he for the 2024 summer games. one of the major concerns is how the international olympic committee made up of members from around the world will react to president elect trump's comments during the campaign about mexicans. alex felix addressed the committee today and said los angeles needs the games now more than ever. >> we just finished our presidential election and some of you may question america's commitment to its founding principles. i have one message for you. please don't doubt us. america's diversity is our greatest strengths. >> los angeles and paris are viewed as close front runners in the 2024 bid. . a police officer in minnesota who shot and killed a
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degree manslaughter and two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a form arm. on july 6 officer jeronimo yanez shot and killed 32-year- old philando castille in the car with his girl friend. she filmed it. he said he told the officer he had a handgun as he approached the car, but the evidence shows he never tried to remove or grab yanez will face up to 10 years in prison if convicted on manslaughter. the man convicted of shooting and killing a south -- the man suspected of shooting and killing a southwest airline employees yesterday was identified as a former co- worker. investigators say the attack was likely in retaliation for
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termination last year. it's not clear if the shooter planned to target other former co-workers after the shooting. the shooter turned the gun on himself. a man convicted in a murder case featured in the netflix series making a murderer will be released from prison by friday evening. a federal judge overturned brendan dassey's conviction in august. the judge said he was tricked judge said the uncle exploited the absence of an adult saying they looked out for his interests. state attorneys argued he should remain in prison while they pursue an appeal. vitamin d may help with respiratory infections. new research from the university of colorado indicates high doses of vitamin d can reduce incidents of respiratory illness in acute
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medical director dr. john torres joins us from nbc in new york this afternoon. is this like the supplement we often hear about giving to older folks 12347. >> that's exactly what we're -- folks? >> that's exactly what we're talking about. they gave them high dose supplements, the equivalent of 3 to 4,000 units a day which is a high amount. 107 of these people over 12 months found with the high dose they were less likely to get these acute respiratory infections to the t to people who got a much, much lower dose, but there's a little caveat. one issue is the people that got the high dose also had more falls and falls especially at that age can cause a lot of health issues and long term health issues. what the researchers are saying is no. 1, we aren't sure the two are connected, but there seems to be some connection and no. 2, we need to know how to dose this because we need to make
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infections especially in long term care facilities are very hard to treat because a lot of times there's viral and there's no antibiotics. so so having the vitamin d that can cut them in half or help get rid of them can go a long way to keeping these people healthy. >> when you talk about these respiratory infections and we know how dangerous they are, so often someone in a long term care facility get pneumonia, the pass away. >> exactly. that's one of the things we want to try and tackle. at that age those infections can spread around in long term care facilities. their immune systems aren't as strong and they center a hard time fighting it off -- have a hard time fighting it off and it's viral, so their body has to try and take care of it. this gives their body more of a
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it. vitamin has been used for a variety of reasons. there's news saying it seems to help with breast cancer survival and cardiac issues and recently they came out saying it looks like people with low levels of vitamin d might not have low levels and we're doing too much testing. we're learning a lot about vitamin d now and how to fine tune how much we need and how to test for it. >> vitamin d really sounds like it's in the supplements, not something you can get nutritionally necessarily? >> it's hard to get it nutritionally except vitamin d fortified in your milk. you can naturally get it in fish and sunshine. denver today at 80 degrees, i'm sure you got plenty of is
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today. there may not be as many people deficient as we thought there were. >> i know you said you're a little jealous it's 80 degrees here now. you shouldn't have left us, dr. john. >> i heard the 80 degrees. i was like wow, that is nice. >> that's what you get, you big network big wig. thank you, dr. john. >> you bet. >> he's a big suit now. it is a project that its designers hope can change the wa scale emergencies and those designers are students at cu denver. as report report maya rodriguez tells us they're -- at 9news reporter maya rodriguez tells us they're working on designing an aircraft. >> designing an aircraft is not easy. >> reporter: which is what these engineering students at cu denver are doing. it's called aerolinks, a tune of larger, lighter unmanned
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colorado's varied terrain. >> the benefit of our larger aircraft will be to be able to withstand mountain conditions. so we're going to be targeting mountain disaster relief. >> reporter: the students are currently designing and building the prototype and working on the software that will run it. the idea is that if they can make it chief enough, about $13,000, -- cheap enough, about $13,000, the concept could catch on with emergency response agencies. >> if you cod one, two, three of these things or a whole fleet and operate at a much lower cost, this could be a better way to assist that natural disaster relief efforts. >> reporter: using cameras and thermal imaging on board, the designers say it could help find avalanche victims or those trapped by flooding or wildfires. >> i think there's a great need and will be an opening market for it. drone technology is starting to open up and i think there's a lot of potential. >> reporter: a potential they
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9news. >> the first test flight is set for april. if you'd like to learn more. we've put a link on credit card companies are offering up deals for the holidays, but you may not get what is promised. >> and it's a collection of a lifetime, all these cookbooks
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we are taking your questions from family law today, the number to call 303- 698-0999. lines are open until 5:30 tonight. market indexes lower on wall street today. a week long surge after the election seems over. the dow the s&p lost three. the nasdaq edged up nearly 19. the price of oil fell after a big rise yesterday. people are starting to shop for the holidays. it's expected americans will spend more than $650 billion on retail this month and next. credit card companies are pushing enticing deals that can benefit consumers, too. you know how that goes. some experts say there's never been a better time to shop for a new credit card.
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to attract you to their cards more than ever. so they're offering sign-up bonuses that could be worth as much as $1,000 per credit card. before you sign up you want to make sure you get what you think you are getting. >> enticing, but potentially dangerous, right? there's a lot to consider from rebates and travel points to spending requirements, annual fees. tonight nbc news will take you through the details on nightly news with lester holt after at of her beloved father a graduate student at university of northern colorado is now ready to share his unusually large collection, a collection of cookbooks. dinini faoritos said her father's passion for food and love of people resulted in a collection of roughly 3,000 cookbooks. her first attempt to donate the books just didn't happen and she couldn't let go of them and because they represented so
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years ago her mother started talking about what they could do with the cookbooks sitting in storage. >> they're just sitting and no one is using them and your father would be really mad right now if he were here. he was never a wasteful man. >> about 1,000 cookbooks are now available to be checked out at the farmers pantry. that's a great idea at 931 16th street in do books. you have to stein a log so the store can -- sign a log so the store can look up and see where they've gone. >> i'm sure he's looking down at the whole community. all week long we've talked about side effects and problems with the prescription drug industry. >> boy, have we had a response. next 9news reporter chris vanderveen joins us to answer
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on prescription drugs and for some it is a matter of life and death. >> 9wants to know has been looking into the industry and the hidden costs and feedback has been tremendous. >> we ran our story last night about insulin and the response has been really overwhelming from a number of people simply telling us about all of the costs that they have in terms of insulin. it's not only just insulin, but it's all the other things, the supplies that go along with it too. let's look at all of the drugs on our list once again, 100 drugs, all those drugs that are sort of semi spinning on your screen, those are all drugs that have increased in price by at least 70% or more. hidden in there somewhere is tetracycline that's gone up by 10,000% in the last four years. tonight we're going to talk about something else.
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the role congress has in all of this sort of fiasco. remember it wasn't that long ago that the members of the congressional committee -- we talked about it on 4:00 -- that grilled the members of congress there. you go. there's the hearing held back in september. members of congress really grilled the ceo heather bresch of mylan. interesting to note we added up all of the money contributions of the members of just that committee from pharmaceutical industries, more than $350,000 in the last three election cycles alone. >> wow. >> and $27 million from pharmaceutical companies to members in congress the last four elections. there's a lot of money that exchanges hands. the interesting thing about all this is that everybody is really good pointing fingers. >> yes. >> we've discovered that throughout the entire week. it's the insurance companies
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around. >> in the interim can people do anything now? >> yes, average folks. >> the simple advice we hear over and over again is people simply need to ask questions, ask questions of your physician, ask questions of your pharmacist. ask them is there a generic available? why are you prescribing this particular drug for me? those type of questions we need to arm ourselves because what's happening right now is we've transformed insurance to the point where many of us now have high deductibles wh for a large price tag for some of these drug prices. so we're seeing these price increases directly ourselves and we're having to pay those. insulin is a perfect example because there's lantis on the screen, one of the drugs that has doubled in price and many people pay the list price because they have a high deductible healthcare plan. at the end of the day we've done this so people can tell us more about their stories. we have 100 drugs on our list, but we're already starting to
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another story down the line. we may have as many as 400 drugs. there's a lot of drugs there just increasing in price. >> so often you stand in line at the pharmacy thinking what is taking so long? but they are the best. i recently asked a question because if you buy any asthma medications, they'll say let me see if i can get a better deal or call your doctor's office. it's worth taking the time. >> another thing you can do at pay rate is. a lot of people in this country have co-pays and insurance companies have sort of set them up intentionally so they can get money back that are higher than you'd pay for by cash. i tell people this in healthcare in general. always ask what the cash pay rate is, but in particular at the pharmacy, just ask your
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cash pay rate is? sometime it's less than the co- pay. if you pay cash up front, it doesn't count against your deductible, but at the end of the day you're paying less money. there are options people have. they just need to learn. we all need to learn to become better educated in terms of what our health insurance has on it and then ask questions accordingly. tonight again we'll have a story about the money that's flowing into congress and it is a lot of money and changing? maybe that's one reason. >> chris, thanks as always. we can't wait to see what happens tonight at 10:00. thanks, chris. >> we appreciate it. now we'll talk about weather, too. >> yeah because everybody else is talking about it. we're talking drugs and weather on 9news at 4:00, all the hot topics. we hope you enjoyed the beautiful day, big temperature drop coming tomorrow.
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it was something pretty outside today and look at all these kids enjoying their time at the skatepark, probably some adults there, too out in by platte river, gorgeous day to get it in because it's cooling down tomorrow. >> there are people ready to have a snowball fight, so not skate, right? meteorologist danielle grant is in the backyard now with a look at you're forecast. it's change -- at our forecast. it's changing. the wind, you could feel it. >> ryan and i were downtown today and nearly got knocked over, wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. the winds will be with us as the storm system pushes in. unfortunately we can't get rid of them completely. you'll feel the dropoff in
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in the high country they are finally saying thank goodness, mother nature, it is about time you send a storm our way. breckenridge ski resort crossing their fingers they see at least several inches of snowfall from there one, loveland ski area already open, but the views are spectacular and they'd always love a little help from mother nature. downtown denver was really a spectacular afternoon if you didn't have to deal with the wind. it was just gorgeous out there. in the far off distance the foothills looking good. today was we shattered that old record of 77 set back in 1941, the new one 80 degrees. here we are, mid-november talking about skating, skateboarding, golfing. we should probably be thinking a little more about skiing. it will be here around the corner. 70s up and down the i-25 corridor, cooler in sterling and ray but nice, 43 in leadville and mid-60s in grand junction south to the four corners. for now at the airport mostly cloudy skies, winds backing off
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out of the west at 16 miles per hour and mid-70s. here in the 9news backyard our temperatures are right at about 73, feels pretty good for wednesday afternoon. tomorrow again the coats, jackets, big hats, scarfs, you'll have to bust them all out as this storm system pushes in. right now it's positioned in parts of the intermountain west bringing some snowfall to the higher peaks in montana, wyoming, southeastern idaho and through nevada as well. this will mo eventually, but the storm track staying further north. so we'll see the heaviest amount of snowfall areas north of colorado. winter weather advisories in place for much of wyoming, nebraska, south dakota and for us it really has been across the western slope where we find winter storm warning and winter weather advisories for the san juans. we're already tracking a couple light snow flurries popping up toward telluride, lake city and a few isolated showers in the crested butte area as well.
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across the region. that muchs temperatures won't fall -- means temperatures won't fall too terribly much, mid-30s, winds kicking up after midnight and sunrise tomorrow 6:46. i'm not anticipating a ton of sunshine tomorrow as this storm system moves in. low temperatures hold steady in the mid- to upper 40s in southeastern colorado and out to the west upper 20s, low 30s. the storm system is barely into our backyard. it swings that cold front in through tomorrow. that willabler in the chilly -- that will usher in chilly air keeping the heaviest pockets of snow well to our north. it will be a bit of a mixed bag in the denver metro area, but in the high country you'll probably see several inches of wet weather. areas above 8,000 feet anticipated 5 to 10 inches of snowfall. rabbit ears pass 2 to 5, toward
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this winter weather advisory for the front range foothills areas about 9,000 feet picking up 4 to 8 inches which should be fantastic. in breckenridge they hope to open up, winter park, the rest of tonight quiet, calm. 11 p.m. watching cloudy skies roll in. for the morning drive tomorrow i don't anticipate any problems. the snowfall will be coming in. so if you're driving along i-70 heading west, you'll find some of that, but it's going to take its time before it makes its way into i'd say tomorrow afternoon 3:00, 4:00 you'll see darkening skies and, of course, maybe a little band of snowfall pushing into larimer, well county, perhaps a bit of a -- weld county, perhaps a bit of a mix around i-776. the storm system will be fast -- i-76. the storm system will be fast and come right through. our temperatures will tumble dramatically. a trace to maybe an inch of
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we're anticipating everything to melt on contact pretty much. 42 for our high temperature tomorrow, again kind of a mixed bag around here, up to an inch in the metro area. if you live in northern colorado, you folks have a little better idea and a little better shot at seeing some of that snowfall coming down maybe sticking in the grassy areas a bit, 50s and 60s across eastern colorado and the high country remains in the 30s and 40s in temperatures running about30 degrees cooler than average. we'll warm things up just like that for the weekend, mid-50s saturday, sunday fantastic and a look ahead towards the thanksgiving holiday, not too
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mix and a few light showers on thanksgiving, temperatures settling into the 50s, kind of where they should be for this time of year. >> it looks like a beautiful thanksgiving. so there's that. >> as far as traveling goes, no major storms coming our way. >> that's good. >> hopefully people can get out easily and get back easily as well. >> i think last year on thanksgiving the snow came in late that night. you'll have to look it up. i want to say the road conditions were kind yesterday. >> what did i have for lunch? >> i don't know. i have weird memories. you don't know why i remember that. that's a story for a different day. thank you. the buffs are looking forward to a packed stadium saturday now with their top 10 ranking. >> colorado state university is getting ready to say farewell
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the last time the cu buffs
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harry potter and the chamber of secrets and star wars episode 2 were in theaters 14 years ago in case you're counting. >> as of last night, they are ranked ahead of oklahoma state, auburn, lsu, florida state and nebraska. the next two games determine if cu plays for the pac-12 championship, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. those games will be in boulder against no. 22 washington state and no. 12 utah. those are going to be good me might imagine. just this afternoon the athletic department said 44,000 tickets have been sold for the game against washington state saturday. because of fall break there could be a drop in students, but cu hasn't had an important november game since 2007. over 40,000 tickets have already been sold for that utah game in two weeks, so that's awesome. colorado could now potentially play three ranked teams in a
4:45 pm
state this weekend, utah november 26th and if cu winds either of those games either -- wins either of those games either washington again or the next game on september 2nd. you can also get them on secondary sites like stubhub. >> let's hope for that pac-12 championship against washington. >> they thrive on the big crowd and it's tough when it's thanksgiving break. i ink they'll have folks there. >> they are living up to the hype. >> for folks like my has season tickets and people only came to watch the band for many years, he held onto them because you got to believe. >> that's a true fan. >> we can't leave out colorado state because they've got some big thing coming up. this is a huge milestone. saturday, november 19th, is the last game at hughes stadium. >> sonny lubick field at hughes stadium has hosted 261 colorado state football games in 49
4:46 pm
you see the construction there. they are now getting ready to open a new stadium. there will be a big celebration saturday. it's also senior night. the 5 had been 5 rams play -- the 5-5 rams play co-mountain west to become bowl eligible. the athletic department said season ticket sales are up this year to more than 11,000. there were just over 9,100 last year and 7,000 the year before, the final games a hughes and the first chance to get those 2017 season tickets at the new stadium, break it in. >> they'll be excited. use that hashtag and share your memories. the game is saturday, nationally televised at 8:15. the school is big on social media around the game. arewellhughes. send your good memories their way. >> lots of good time at hughes stadium.
4:47 pm
us now. how are you doing this afternoon? >> nice. >> we're concerned because we found a story about parents and now they -- >> constantly lie. you're just a bunch of liars. that's all you are. >> fibbers? >> i see you're hedging your bets a little bit. as i read through these lies, some of them my parent actually told me and some of them i still believe. >> i you believe. >> if you make a face like that, it's going to freeze like that. >> standing too close to the television makes you have poor eyesight. >> i don't think any of it's true. i just told my kids eating carrots improves their eyesight because i believe it. >> it does. >> it's not true. >> you're not lying. >> is it true, kim? >> i don't know, but i heard
4:48 pm
after midnight typically. >> that's still true. >> that's not true. that's when all stuff happens. >> the much hated words as a kid, we'll see. >> how about this one. i will turn this car around. no you won't. >> yeah, you will. >> you want to get where we're going just as bad as i do. >> i love the give me two minutes which means 20 minutes. >> 20, 30 minutes. concept of time. you're a child. you don't have a watch. >> you're all liars. >> we'll call it fibbers instead. >> doesn't that sound better? >> it does. we're not liars. that's another lie. we can't stop. >> we've all gone down that road. thanks, guys. >> i used to tell my sister how fast can you go up and get
4:49 pm
when she was little, she thought it was fun. i never timed her. of course not.
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that's becoming more popular as we head into the holiday shopping season. cyber thieves are leaving u-s-b drives there's a new hi-tech crime. [ing more popular heading into the holiday shopping -- crime becoming more popular heading into the holiday shopping around coffee shops, anywhere. people who put these devices in their computers can become victims of hacking. >> the danger that people never had to think about before. >> in a recent experiment nearly 300usb thumb drives were left on a college campus. almost half the students who found them put them right into their computers. experts say the best way to
4:53 pm
use thumb drives only from a trusted source or make sure they are purchased at retail and still in a sealed package. >> you wouldn't even think twice about it. it's just like i need it real quick to share this document and oops, all your information is gone.
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this orphaned mountain lion kitten has a new home. her mom was hit. the little cub was rescued. >> colorado parks and wildlife says she will be paired another orphan cub at a rehabilitation center in silt to make sure they do not get accustomed to humans, which would be a bad thing. the cubs are in an enclosure which does not allow them to hear or see their caretakers at this point. deputies say this is just another reminder to watch for wildlife especially at this time of year as they prepare for winter as well because you might -- an orphaned cub breaks your heart. >> the good news is she'll have a friend and they'll take care of her.
4:57 pm
too many humans. some good came from a little bit of bad. so watch out. i hope you enjoyed those warm temperatures today because thing are changing. we'll talk much more about that in the next half hour. >> who knows what we could be talking about tomorrow? >> snow. hopefully in the high country. we need that moisture. >> we could do without some of the wind, but it's sticking around a while. >> that's it for this afternoon.
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a home catches fire and it quickly spread to the farmland
4:59 pm
busy today. >> also ahead warm weather and a lack of snow are keeping the u.s. ski team confined to just one run and it's only part of one. >> and denver schools are reassuring students their education is not threatened, what they're doing to help the students' families, too, next on 9news. >> this is 9news. hard to believe if you look outside right now, but a storm is headed for the metro area, and northern california is moving into california in a few hours. we broke a record today hitting 80 degrees. the last time it was this hot, 1941. tomorrow morning the temperature will drop by about 40 degrees. kathy is in the 9news weather center. we could see some snow, too. >> we need the moisture, ryan. here's a not so gentle reminder of the season. it felt like summer today and
5:00 pm
cloudy skies after a record high temperature of 80 degrees today eclipsing the old record of 77. it's tinder dry with humidity values running between 8 and 16% of wind have increased out of the north this afternoon and then shifting out of the south and the southwest winds peaking over some of those higher passes in the 50 and 60 mile- per-hour range this hour. red flag warning remains in effect through 6:00 tonight and then the winds will die down a little bit only to increase again ahead of that storm door of northern colorado. we have a blizzard watch out for portions of the northern plains. winter storm warnings out north of colorado and now a winter storm warning for our northern and central mountains, up to a foot of snow possible with 2 to 5 inches of snow in the winter weather advisory areas. a big change for travelers late tonight and early tomorrow. in denver we have some much needed precipitation on the way, but i think what you'll


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