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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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cloudy skies after a record high temperature of 80 degrees today eclipsing the old record of 77. it's tinder dry with humidity values running between 8 and 16% of wind have increased out of the north this afternoon and then shifting out of the south and the southwest winds peaking over some of those higher passes in the 50 and 60 mile- per-hour range this hour. red flag warning remains in effect through 6:00 tonight and then the winds will die down a little bit only to increase again ahead of that storm door of northern colorado. we have a blizzard watch out for portions of the northern plains. winter storm warnings out north of colorado and now a winter storm warning for our northern and central mountains, up to a foot of snow possible with 2 to 5 inches of snow in the winter weather advisory areas. a big change for travelers late tonight and early tomorrow. in denver we have some much needed precipitation on the way, but i think what you'll
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tomorrow, although we expect initially a few light rain showers, not a lot of accumulation, a trace to an inch on grassy surfaces and skies quickly clear tomorrow night. enjoy the warm numbers now, 70s. it is november, but it will feel more like fall. we'll talk about the mountain snow advisories and wonderful news for holiday skiers coming up and decent travel it looks 24 hours travel could be tricky for many areas across the state. >> time to dig deep into those closets and pull out those winter jackets. talk to you later. no rain or snow for weeks on end and strong winds all day today were the perfect conditions for a fire southeast of dia. a house and garage in watkin burned to the ground -- watkins burned to the ground. the chimney was all that was left standing. 9news reporter victoria sanchez is there.
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containing this fire. >> reporter: adele, they did. most of the fire is out except for the hay bales you see behind me. fire crews are breaking those apart watering them down before they leave. these have been smoldering since around noon today. firefighters, about 100 of them from 18 agencies, came out here to battle flames that went through about 50 acres of the dry brush. firefighters aren't sure exactly where it all comparted, but neighbors say they first -- started, but neighbors say they first saw out of a home on east 40th avenue and imboden road. it spread to a neighbor ray agnew's home, destroyed his garage, but his home was saved. >> i just thank the lord it is good. that's what i've been praying for and pray for the neighbors that lost everything. >> it's nothing but a match ready to go up around here. it's so dry. i can't wait till it starts raining or snowing. >> reporter: now there is a
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these were former harvested wheat fields that were harvested before, but it's been so dry that this just went up so quickly. firefighters went through with a blade tilling the ground to be sure to go through any hotspots and they'll be here a while making sure all the flames from the hay bales are out. that should take hopefully not that long. the sun is going down. it's getting cooler and luckily the winds have died down. >> with that weather system moving in it should be good one -- a match out there. one penn was killed and other hospitalized -- person was killed and another hospitalized in an early morning fire in aurora on east hoffman avenue. it started around 6:30. 5 people were in the house when it started. we haven't been told yet the cause. donald trump may be done campaigning, but the president- elect is not done tweeting countering critics and
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is very organized 140 characters at a time. the whole process is going faster than recent presidents. a main mission trump says is to lower taxes. candidates for top jobs visited trump tower today in new york city. chris christie is out and trump's son-in-law jared cushner is gaining power. steve bannon in place. trump tweeted he's the on one who knows who the finalists are. mike pence president joe biden who said he's confident everything will be in good hands. senate republicans reelected mitch mcconnell to senate majority leader who was expected to keep the top gop spot with no senator publicly mounting a challenge. new york senator charles schumer will be the senate minority leader replacing harry reid who is retiring. he's expanding his team adding a few new rules including one for vermont senator bernie
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outreach. immigration status will not impact your education is the message from denver public schools worried about being deported. students have been walking out of class breasting donald trump's election. today dps posted a statement online spelling out its policies. dps points to the u.s. supreme court ruling from 1982 that protects students' education no matter their immigration status or their parents' immigration status. >> this election in no way has thinking about how is it we provide a quality education for kids? so they'll be safe as well as educated in our classrooms. >> dps had its head of legal teams fiend and post resources for concerned den families. we have a link to the -- denver families. we have a link to the resources and the statement on we invited viewers to talk about the election, meet people from the other side and talk out their differences.
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people. we're airing an hour long let's just talk friday night talking about what a trump presidency means to them friday night 6 clock to 7 p.m. we're on 9news -- 6:00 to 7 p.m. we're on 9news and then on crimes in the colorado constitution wording was adopted before president ulysses s. grant proclaimed colorado a state it declares there shall never be slavery or involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime. colorado's legislature unanimously voted to place a measure on the ballot to strike that measure from the constitution. the voter blue book that helped explain ballot measures included arguments against it even though there was no organized opposition. of nearly 2.3 million ballots cast no is leading. it's possible the margin will be so close the state will conduct a recount.
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a prosecutor says st. anthony police officer jeronimo yanez will make his first court appearance friday charged with second degree manslaughter in the death of philando castile. the prosecutor said is of yanez was not -- officer yanez was not justified using deadly force in the traffic stop in suburban st. paul on july 6th. the faa is trying to figure out ho especially out of airports of current radar systems can't do that. the agency tested three drone tracking systems near dia today. they were different sizes, shapes and abilities, some with wings, some with rotors. some of them flew within the restricted airspace. because they can't be tracked at low altitude, they could be disastrous if they every got
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>> we're trying to find out what kind of system best detects drones under a variety of conditions. >> at least 25 times this year there have been drones uncomfortably close to planes. the drone protection systems have been tested at two other airports. the faa hopes to complete the study by the end of next year. however, there's no way to tell how long it could be before airports can install new systems capable of tracking them. warm temperatures across the state affect openings. >> it's not stopping the u.s. ski team from practicing, though, even if they only have part of a run on which to train. >> bob dylan is getting the
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volunteers are here from the denver bar association taking your questions about family law today. the number to call, 303-698- 0999. lines are open until 5:30. bob dylan may have won a nobel prize in literature, but he will not attend the award ceremony to get his prize. the swedish academy said today dylan after repeated attempts to contact him. dylan said he would accept the $875,000 monetary prize. the academy said it received a letter from dylan saying he had prior commitments and would be unable to travel to stockholm. to receive the money dylan will have to give a lecture within six months of december 10th. cdot says they're ready for any incoming snow.
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equipment and tools they'll use on roads winter. there will be 142 plows and 90 plows used. the chain and traction laws are urged to be known. troopers will have zero tolerance. if your tires do not have enough tread and you're found responsible for a crash or stopping traffic, you'll be fined hundreds of dos. opening a week. it is now scheduled to open november 25th. it originally planned to open friday. beaver creek hopes to open november 23rd. breckenridge and telluride are delaying. copper mountain opens for the season friday. race teams are already training on the snow despite all this warm weather. 9news mountain newsroom matt renoux is at copper.
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>> reporter: mckayla and the rest of the u.s. ski team trains at copper mountain to get in some early season training, but this year it's been tougher than usual all over the country to find snow. so any chance to find some snow and make some turns is pretty valuable. at the top of copper mountain elevation 12,000 feet, mckayla shiffr here. >> reporter: -- and the rest of the u.s. ski team have blown into colorado. >> every november we get to come back home and rain in colorado. >> reporter: for some early season training. >> we've had a great like two weeks training here. >> reporter: about the only spot in north america able to overcome a warm dry november and get enough snow to train on. >> how warm it's been in colorado this year, they've been able to make enough snow.
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upcoming world cup race at lake louise has been canceled due to a lack of snow. >> we just heard today lake louise is canceled. >> reporter: meaning their first real world cup test will be in colorado on beaver creek's birds of prey course. >> no easing into beaver creek. >> reporter: one of the worldest's hardest to race. >> kind of a slap in the face like all right. here we are. let's go. it's a training they can get, even if it's not ideal, better than nothing. >> the swiss, italians, germans. >> we're lacking snow a little bit. >> reporter: for mckayla a great chance to run the course. a lot of time for snow to fall
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on. hopefully some of that snow falls tonight into tomorrow. hard to get your head wrapped around ski racing when it's 60 degrees out. racers say when they were in europe earlier, those ski areas are seeing some of the best snow they've ever had early season. so hopefully these storms at to something because we don't want those europeans beating us at anything. >> that's a good point. thank you. >> 60 degrees up where matt renoux is, you know, and 80 degrees down here, unbelievable. >> it's >> i am. don't you worry. a 75 year record broken today with that 80-degree mark in the metro area. do not get used to that. >> that storm we have been talking about ad nauseum for days that could bring snow is
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our summer-like weather pattern about to come to an end. i'm katie katie -- kathy sabine in the 9news backyard. an all time record high for the month of november and we'll see that number cut in half the next two days. temperatures very warm across the front range and eastern. we should be in the low 50s this time of year. the old record was 77 set back in 1941.
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backyard temperatures still in the mid-60s, a light southwesterly breeze around the area but not here in the downtown area just yet. we're monitoring the storm moving onshore in the pacific northwest approaching colorado and the areas in yellow is where we anticipate the heaviest snow and worse places to travel. the heavier snow will remain over the northern mountains and southeastern wyoming and nebraska, but we'll be under the influence of a powerful storm that will bring up to winter storm warning, posted areas in and around rifle and steamboat spring, aspen and vail with winter weather advisories for a good 1/2 foot of snow for many high mountain valleys and our southern mountain resorts. denver, the front range and eastern plains no advisories posted yet. we'll be continuing to monitor the system as it moves onshore and kind of digs in and lifts northwest tomorrow. the cloud shield ahead of it on the southwest wind will increase as well.
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we will have a cloudy windy start to the day. we'll see these high temperatures before lunchtime. temperatures pauling -- falling in the afternoon and right around freezing in the 5:00, 6:00 time in the afternoon. no issues in the morning drive even on the i-70 corridor. snow fills in on i-70 by 3:00 our 4:00 in the afternoon. snow stays north of denver until about 4:00. then we get a little wave that comes throug brief rain or snow shower, a trace of snow on grassy surfaces. any accumulate snow looks to stay north of us between boulder, fort collins, greeley, sterling and fort morgan areas. this is 5:00 tomorrow night the wave cruises through and skies clear by 7:00 or 8:00 and temperatures drop like a rock. tonight 30 in gunnison, 36 greeley, 40 in pueblo. highs tomorrow a whole lot
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30s by the dinner hour tomorrow and 20s overnight, a very cold overnight period coming up 24 hours from now. tonight in denver we do have partly cloudy skies. it's windy and mild, lows close to 40. temperatures will stay right around 40 degrees until lunchtime with rain showers flipping over to snow around lunchtime. we'll get a little wave that comes through, a trace to an inch on grassy surfaces in denver. very 40s friday, a windy raw day. heading into the weekend a warming trend. a few shower s are -- showers are possible. we're looking at another storm the end of next week, thanksgiving into friday, does not look too significant for travel yet. the clouds made for a
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stocks finished missed today as andtechnology and computer stocks picked up ground.
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from colorado's sports sport drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. this just in, the conference special teams player week. simmons hurdled over the new orleans saints long snapper and blocked a kick which led to the first game winning extra point return in nfl history. he's the first broncos rookie to win an afc weekly award since von miller five years ago. >> it was great, man. he couldn't have run it up any better. for me to block it, for him to return it to win the game, that's what it's all about, finding a way to win for the
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mackey and emmanuel sanders are co-hosting the show from team headquarters. >> reporter: we are getting ready for the emmanuel sanders/broncos huddle show. >> i'm getting ready to get out of dodge obviously. i'm not in my suit, so i'm heading to the airport. we've got a great guest that's coming around. >> reporter: we've got jordan taylor and this is a guy who just came off his first touchdown catch in that saints game and an too. he paid the price for that. >> he's coming on the show obviously part of the crew, wide receivers, every time i love when a wide receiver comes on. he's going to talk about that game. >> reporter: broncos huddle 6:30 with emmanuel sanders. if you made a list of all the spectacular and unlikely finishes in broncos left, the most recent one has to be at the top. in fact, we made a list and i bet you remember them all. november 17th, 1985, tied with
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overtime dennis smith blocks bob thomas' field goal attempt, but the play was nullified by a timeout. on the very next snap smith did it again. fellow ring of famer louie wright scooped up the ball and returned it 60 yards for a game winning touchdown. september 17th, 1995, broncos and redskins tied until the final snap when john elway completes a game winning touchdown pass to little known rookie wide receiver broncos win on smith's very first career catch. september 9th, 2007, trailing the buffalo bills by two points with no timeouts and the clock expiring. >> i don't think they can get it off. four, three, two, one, snap. >> broncos placekicker jason elam frantically sprints onto the field and kicks a 42-yard field goal to win the game. september 13th, 2009, broncos
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cincinnati bengals when kyle orton's pass to brandon marshall is deflected into the hands of brandon stokley who cruises 87 yards to the goal line and kills a few extra seconds before stepping into the end zone for the game inning with touchdown. gainest, 2012, the only playoff game -- january 8th, 2012, the only playoff game in our list, tim tebow connects with damarius touchdown spanning 11 -- thomas for an 85-yard touchdown spanning 11 seconds and now november 14th, 2016, following a saints last minute touchdown to tie the score justin simmons leaps over the long snapper to block the extra point and the ball bounces to fellow rookie will parks who races 84 yards to win the game, the wildest, craziest, most thrilling and
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broncos victory ever. if you continue to follow the team long enough, there will be another crazy one in a year or two. >> just hope will wears those white shoes again. >> yes. little white shoes we call them. really quickly, this storm is on the way. >> it is on the way, temperatures half of what we were today. we were 80 today. we'll be about 40 tomorrow, a trace to an inch on the grass of accumulation. that's it. everything is mainly north.
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tonight, officer charged after a fatal shooting caught on camera. a diver killed while his girlfriend pleaded in the passenger seat. the four-year-old in the car. the aftermath streamed live on facebook. new emergency evacwakes as wildfires explode across seven states. smoke blankets big cities sending people rushing to the er. up in the air, high drama inside trump tower as the president elect denies reports of chaos as a surprise name emerges for a powerful post. surprise medical bills. when a hospital takes your insurance, but the doctor who is treating you doesn't. a staggering one out of five patients paying the price in an emergency. attention holiday shoppers. best way to save on gifts might be how you


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