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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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day. cold temperatures to start the day and snow in the forecast is giving winter lovers some hope... the exact opposite of last year -- when the area was covered with snow. today's snow could end the longest november without snow in the mile high city... good morning everyone. still a month until the first day of winter but the possibility of snow is in the mix today. meteorologist becky ditchfield is tracking where and when those first
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this is what it looks like right now in
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without snow on record. but there is a possibility of some flakes today. especially in the high country. we sent 9news reporter andrew sorensen up i-70... in search of those first flakes. andrew... how's it looking up there? elect donald trump planning some strict immigration laws -- the mayor of denver has a message to undocumented immigrants: you are safe in our city. trump is threatening to cut federal funding to any city that ignores his immigration law. but mayor michael hancock says it's the federal governments job
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undocuments immigrants - not local government. and says that would not be in the denver spirit anyways... the mayor did say though he would not support a declaration like one made in san francisco. it ordered city workers to not cooperate with immigration agents. an e-m-t is getting attention from police -- not for saving a life, but nearly ending one prosecutors say fort collins e-m-t jason schneider shook his nine- month-old son -- causing head trauma. the 30-year-old had a court appearance wednesday -- where his attorney said the child is recovering. schneider's
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child -- but instead the baby choked on formula. they say that aggravated medical issues the young boy already had. a woman is now in custody after having a tantrum at a waffle house. larimer county deputies say they arrested naomi braginsky for assaulting an employee at the restaurant on east mulberry street in fort collins monday. they say she threw food in the process too. once deputies handcuffed her though -- her tantrum wasn't over. she kicked at them as they tried putting her in the patrol car. no one was seriy the final decision on drilling for gas and oil in one of our national forests will come soon. at issue: drilling in colorado's white river national forest. the bureau of land management looked at 65 oil and gas leases in the forest that have been issued from 1995 to 20-12. they've used those findings in their decision today. federal officials will ojoin colorado governor john hickenlooper to make the announcement around eleven this morning. we'll keep you posted on what
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comes just after boulder county commissioners voted to keep a temporary ban on drilling. the emergency moratorium will now last through january 31st. staff says it gives them time to study the latest draft of oil and gas development regulations. they were originally supposed to consider adopting a new set of regulations today. there are people who are upset about the oil and gas drilling -- and are calling for more clean energy. thousands across the nation are standing together in protest this week -- with more than 50 events across the coun they all want the country to champion renewable energy -- especially since they say donald trump's energy platform would increase carbon pollution. colorado state university students have collected over 43-hundred petition signatures to get the university to transition to 100- percent renewable electricity by 20-30. they'll present their petition this morning. any moisture we get today is much needed -- after this
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made it hard to stop two separate fires. just south of d-i-a in watkins -- hay bales burned for more than six hours after a house fire spread to wheat fields. the home was a total loss and three people are recovering from minor injuries. also in thornton a grass fire spread to one home. it also burned a few smaller buildings and cars. :uckily no one was hurt there. a similar story of the country. a wildfire emergency is now in seven states -- along with air quality alerts. people are evacuating.
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brewery in fort collins is getting ready for christmas -- and turning on their holiday lights. the brewery lights experience kicks off today. and the celebration
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clydesdales! they'll be featured at today's celebration along with several family activities. brewery lights will be open every thrusday through sunday -- from five until ten p-m -- until the end of december. the event is free. a young boy in florida made a great catch - a life saving catch. not a baseball - his baby brother. the good save all caught on video, still ahead. and. no dylan. bob dylan is skipping his own we tell you why,
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after he shot a man during a traffic stop. cell phone video of the shooting was streamed on facebook live when officer jeronimo yanez shot philando castile back in july. he originally pulled him over for a broken tail light. prosecutors say castile told the officer he had a handgun --but he never tried to remove it from his pocket. castile's girlfriend shot the cell phone video. her four-year-old child was in the car when the officer shot castile. the police union in dissapointed with the charges. a spokesman said 'no one can speak for officer yanez as to what he actually encountered.' the officer is scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow. the shooting did spark sometimes violent clashes with police. demonstrators camped outside the minnesota governor's mansion for weeks. a prosecutor says a grand jury will
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police department's possible cover-up of a fatal shooting. jurors will look to see if officers lied to justify the shooting of jaquan mcdonald back in october 20-14. officer jason van dyke shot the 17- year-old 16 times. van dyke has pleaded not guilty to murder. no other officers have been charged in the case. a south carolina man is now in jail after officers say he made a bomb threat against the white house. justin mccoy called police to make the bombs were actually found at the white house. this isn't his first time of making a bomb threat -- a judge has convicted him of it before. he's now being held without bail. three astronauts are set to rocket off to the international space station today. . the trio is in kazakhstan right now. that's where they'll launch today -- and arrive at the space station on saturday afternoon. they new crew is made up of nasa
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cosmonaut from the russian space agency. whitson has broken multiple records in outer space. she says she misses her family a lot when she's up there -- but that isn't the hardest thing. the trio are joining three others who have been on the space station since october. bob dylan won't attend his own nobel prize ceremony -- because he's busy. the swedish academy says after mulitple tries to contact him and awarding him with the nobel prize in literature -- dylan said he has prior commitments and can't travel to stolkholm. but he's still accepting the 870-
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a baby brother will forever be in his big brother's debt after this. a mom in florida left her eleven- month-old on his changing table when the little guy started to roll over... and fall off the table. but quick thinking from his nine- year-old brother joseph. he sprang into action -- catching his brother, eitan, just in time. an intricate one- man project is now a roadside attraction in colorado. the next stop on our colorado gems tour, quite an elaborate castle, coming up. but first let's head over to becky...
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on next - our nightly news progam at six on 9news. to share your thoughts about the election and how we learn to talk with each other again. we're airing an hour long let's just talk special tomorrow night. voters from across colorado and across the political spectrum - talk about what a trump presidency
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man's doing. it is a colorado castle that started with a teenager's vision in 1969 and the money he made mowing lawns. it has grown to be a colorado gem that draws people from all over the world. jim bishop was 15 when he bought the 2 and a half acres in rye colorado. it's about an hour's drive west of pueblo. since 1969 he's devoted his life to building bishop castle; stone by stone by stone. he jokes that he doesn't measure, he just builds. no building codes or blue prints - builds
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the massive dragon is made of recycled hospital trays. people have come from germany, russia, and all over the country to see it for themselves. most say they cannot believe one man did this all. jim bishop is now 72 years old, a cancer survivor, and still as much of a dreamer and we'll give you more of a tour of the castle coming up at 6:15. the show must go
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anthem, next.
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team played host to pittsburgh wednesday night. the capitals won the game -- but
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about this morning. a microphone failed as singer caleb green sang the national anthem. but no worries -- he carried on. and the crowd didn't miss a beat... the caps fans are the real winner of this game. are you pro-snow or no-snow?... well if you like the flakes you could see a little or a lot today, depending on where you live. more on the storm
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from this last year... . oh what a difference a year makes. this was last year at this time. then we have this year at this time, right? what a difference a day makes even. it's colorado after all. we're getting ready for big temperature drop and >> we sent 9 news reporter andrew sorenson to check out the snow falling. they've been waiting so long for it. amelia is waiting to see. >> you can feel this 30 to 40 degrees temperature drop in the backyard. meteorologist becky ditchfield joining us. this afternoon might be the


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