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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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. this wind and snow in my face isn't doing well. >> call this a breaking in day in gently. snow and ice covering colorado this morning. winter lovers embrace it now. it's not sticking around for long. >> know the weather is going to change back. it's going to be like 70 degrees. >> the sprinkling of snow just mother nature giving us a tease of what's to come. >> don't take this weather tease as a joke. the dusting of snow is leaving
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residential areas seeing snow. >> several lanes of traffic were shut down because of that. i-70 near vasquez, one is in the hospital after that. andrew is driving around the metro checking out the slick spots this morning. how's it looking? >> well it's not the best a partly because it was so warm leading into this snowstorm coming in. a lot of what we're seeing is those really slick tread patterns where it looks like somebody drove over in the snow melted yesterday. it just froze right there. a lot of metro area is coated in ice. right now we're getting onto 225 north off of parker road. it's not too bad.
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time going slower except for that guy overthere. it's looking pretty clear going this direction. we've seen a lot of slow downs in other areas particularly on the north side of down with i-70. i'm sure amelia will tell you in a moment about what's going on up there. for the most part, looks like people are taking their time and giving themselves a little extra time this morning which is good. that's what we like to see. we'll toss it making your way across 225, that entire stretch should cost you 12-15 minutes. overall, not too bad. here's something to think about this morning. we have icy and snow packed shoulders, most lanes are clearing out. sunshine and traffic volume will melt off around 6:50 to 7:30 this morning. here's where it stays the iciest. elevated decks. where the cold air has a chance
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concrete and pavement, it stays the iciest. issues across our roads. clear conditions across our highway 36 drive north of boulder. lots of snow on grassy areas. doing okay speed wise. two accidents i'm tracking this morning are across the drive near brighton boulevard westbound. elevated areas they could to stay the most slick. westbound the car went into the wall. that's the type ofid tap the breaks, spin out just enough. most likely pieced are low and hopefully only minor delays. roads had been warm. initially that melted, and it froze. belin dragging us along. do you think this will stick around? kids just found out they have a two hour delay and hoping it will.
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we need sunshine. here in the backyard, looks pretty. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. let's not fast forward to christmas just yet. it's already headed out that storm system all but done across the state. we have a little bit of snow falling in some parts of the mountains. that's it folks. done with the snow from this storm. left with good amounts, especially high country. look at our snow state from wi six inches up there. great news for ski resorts. while in the city, skies clearing. that means temperatures are dropping. in fact, 20s and teens around town. factor in wind and for some areas, temperatures feel like single digits. give it time. let sun do it work. it will feel nicer but still going to be chilly.
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on the front range, temperatures get to 40s, close to the foothill, temperatures in the 30s. if you're a not of colder weather or snow, i have a nice weekend in store for you. those details coming up. >> thank you belin. 5:35 now. former rivals turning a nasty campaign now on a short list for some of president-elect's donald trump biggest positions. 9 news reporter is followi w reviewing now and who he picks could hurt or help his promise to unify the country. >> that's right. some think trump made a major misstep choosing stephen bannon has a stat -- has strategist. bernie sanders called him a racist. nbc news has learned mitt romney is considered for secretary of
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sources say the two have a meeting set for sunday. this possible pick comes after trump's other picks were criticized. giuliani for business ties to foreign government and nikki haley for lack of foreign policy experience. this man and others say he's considering mike flinn for national security adviser. he's been with trump since the beginning of his candidacy. he was head of the defense intelligence agency before being fired by president obama in 2014. he of washington inside hers -- insiders is now picking some on inside of government for a long time. experts say may be something he needs to do. >> you need people like mitt romney considered for governing aspects even if campaigning was at odds. >> president-elect trump has been tweeting that the transition is going smoothly. several senior intelligence officers say they're preparing
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transition in more than a decade. they say agencies are left in the dark about who will fill his positions because he's keeping that close to the best. >> it gets more interesting. names you bring up, romney, haley, then go back to archives few months ago, what they were saying about him. it's coming back in this interesting situation they might have to work together. >> proof you can make mends at least. >> guess so. thank you. an 18-year-old accused deadly crash was likely drunk when he t-boned a car. two women were killed in the crash near south colorado boulevard last april. he's facing multiple charges including dui. the woman accused of forging signatures to support a former state representative candidate is pleading guilty. marine moss admitted to two counts of forgery canvassing for john kisor. the denver post says she faces
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january 20th. skies clearing. now left with a fresh coat of snow. some got more than ever. castle rock, 2.2. westminster 4 inches. where our official reporting station is here in denver out at dictiona, we got less than two inch -- at dia, less than two inches. cold temperatures for the kids at the bus stop this morning. going to be a cold one. we do have some delay happening. we're getting started with this snow season. if you haven't inpit your information for -- input your information for your business or organization, it's time to do it. e-mail at closings >> thank you. 9 neighborhoods this week, we take you on a tour of north
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the area is fairly new. back then, homes ranged in price from $13,000 to $20,000. by 1962, 10,000 people lived there. at that time the new development was named by life magazine. about 39,000 people call north glenn home. today home prices are the story. partners at denver $279,000, up 9% from last year. stay with us this afternoon for a walking tour of the city. we're talking about the track of the capitol tree. this week, it's coming through colorado. today it's going to make a stop in denver specifically here at 9 news. you can come on by and see it. we're hoping, right amelia, i
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still on the potato truck. >> there it is. so it's coming through colorado today. we'll be at 9 news just as we told you yesterday. it's one of the most giant potatoes. it's on that truck going to spectacularly be displayed. >> goio >> it's 5:40 now. get ready for stampede of buffaloes. >> we'll talk about the cu bus ahead of tomorrow's crucial game with washington state next. >> it's our new meteorologist here. >> our satellite made here in
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. 5:52 now. the stampedings have become the kick off -- stampedes have become the kickoff games for every football game. hundreds of buffalo fans line the mall as the marching band plays. then they can go to the stadium and see. washington state cougars, fans greet the number 10 ranked cu football team with pearl street and move down from there. this is big doings for cu. they have not been ranked like this in a long time. you can see how excited the fans are about it. >> they're trying to make the championship game for pac 12. they're playing washington state, number 20 in the country tonight. then utah next week which is also a good team. it's going to come down to two games. >> they've said winning the conference is the goal for the season.
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it's 5:43 now. colorado's olympic gold medalist is in town this week. she spoke at an event i ic antidepressant yesterday for since institute of life and care. >> she was in an atv accident and paralyzed from the waste down. >> she did rehab at craig hospital in the weeks after the accident. since then, he's become a fierce advocate for disabled and after the luncheon. even with crews cleaning up the tables around us, she was happy to talk about her life. >> it use to be really hard to talk about the accident. i would have nightmares at night. it was awful. now it's almost like if you tell the story over and over, it becomes that, a story. i think it's really, really helped. i'm getting a little more
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and walking with braces that they call kfo. it attaches at my hips, knees feet. i can walk with a walker. that's new and exciting in my life. i believe i will walk again, yeah. it's an interesting thing what i'm about to tell you. it's a great time to be paralyzed. we've got amazing researchers who are doing things that are just incredible with spinal cord injuries. now remember, when we find a cure for spinal cord injuries, we'lso parkinson's. all of that combined, we're going to find a cure. we're going to learn more about the spinal cord. so, i say this. i will walk some day. i will never give up. i will walk. >> no doubt in that. >> she's terrific. >> she said she and her husband tom are going to the cu football game tomorrow.
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wear black and gold. >> she'll do it for her husband tom. >> she's such a role model for so many out there >> you think of her if you're having a bad day. think about her and the way she's handled her adversity. it will change your day. >> let's send over to belin. >> i follow her on instagram. i get a daily dose of inspiration from her. amazing. let's talk about your weather that storm system moved through er of the midwest. dakotas and minnesota still going to get that big time snowfall from this storm system back in colorado. our forecast is clearing up. it is chilly this morning. we've got our temperatures in northern colorado right now that feel like in the single digits. our highs today will be in the low 40s for northern colorado for our friends in estes park. shout out to friends in castle
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out to get you into the 30s this afternoon. >> thanks. 5:47. we've got a delay across northbound 225. live look as the camera peaks between the overpass here leading up to 6. backups forming quickly. the reason is there's a crash in the northbound direction leading up to 6th avenue. slow downs tracking through. 20 minute northbound track as around 32 miles pero, down 70 around peoria and further towards thest with. a car went right into the wall. live updates from your drive with andrew coming up in a bit. . >> think about how much has changed just in your smart phone alone that we have these. ten years ago we didn't. now with goes-r in the evolution of development of satellite and technology, it's leaps and
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colorado based lockheed martin is launching tomorrow. it's supposed to revolutionize the weather forecasting abilities. it can take images 22,000-miles aabove the planet. it will be over a two year period. melbourne became one of the county's biggest power
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. welcome back. this week, swagger international school became a wax museum. living, talking learning environment used to introduce historic figures from history. i had a lot more in common with one student than i ever expected. take a look. >> hi. my name kids can walk around and see the astronauts in one place and the amelias in one place and sally rides in one place and albert ion decide -- albert ion einsteins in one place. >> i told my mom i would become a pilot to fly her around the world. what did your mom think? she said that would be amazing.
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albert einstein's wig awesome. >> he was getting a lot of attention. it was so cute. they had buttons you would walk up to learn about this historic figure press here. they would walk up. the third and fourth graders learned from the fifth graders. unique style of learning. next week, we'll see kids learned. good morning. that son is trying to come up in the sky. it is clear out there. clearer than what it was yesterday morning. our forecast is super chilly this morning. so i'm talking to my boys. got to wear pant this is morning, no shorts. it's a cold one. first spell temperature 25 degrees around lunchtime. we'll have lots of sunshine. still chilly 38 degrees.
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current across the state single digits and teens for spots. factor in the wind. in some areas across the front range, feels like single digits. northern colorado in the 20s now. this afternoon, lows in the 40s. we went from above average temperatures to below average temperatures. should be in the 50s this time of year. 10 degrees below that today. plenty of sunshine. in the high country, temperatures in the 30s. snow ended across the state. few lingering clouds up that's about it. through this evening, skies clear again. that's going to be another chilly one overnight and tomorrow morning as i don't start off sad. 18 overnight low. winds light, clear skies. winds dropping to single digits for some mountain valleys. if getting away from the weekend, keystone opening today, a basin and also loveland opened. the forecast over the weekend is going to be really nice. for tomorrow, it's going to be
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high of 64. monday 62. looks like our next chance of showers arrives tuesday with the next storm on wednesday, high of 58 degrees. good morning belin. 5:54, drive is heating up. going to melt ice and slow speeds. several accidents across the highways and lot of slow downs developing early especially for friday. we kick off with the view of northbound 225 near sixth avenue. i admit not the bester show you the northbound slow down form ago cross 225. speeds now -- forming across 225. 22 minutes heading up to the crash. crash near 70 and peoria. cross the elevated deck, cool air. downtown wreck at 17 and california. check out speeds at 285.
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. isn't he handsome? a talent agency told a mom they weren't looking for a baby with special needs. the mom decided to share online. the photos have gone viral. she posted them online, and a different agency contacted her within an hour and invited asher
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he's not camera shy.
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. our first taste of snow and first test of driving in it. >> crashes across the metro area and in the high country. icy roads left behind for your chilly morning drive. >> this wind and snow m >> others finding the joy welcoming the change after 201 snowless days. . the first snow and ice of the season for the metro area means that you're going to have to relearn how to drive. not a great night as far as driving. we checked out several crashes. a three car crash on i-70 near


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