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tv   9 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 19, 2016 7:00am-8:59am MST

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years. and he's meeting with som donald trump begins to shape his white house for the next four years, he's meeting with surprising people to do it. >> city voters give the okay with the experiment of pot fast. >> is the g light working today? no, it's not. the train from nevada and wheat ridge will not be working at all this year. and in minnesota, a thing or two, they know about snow. you can see the roads are clear right now with a few cars headed up to the high country, snow is on the sides of the road, but for now, the roads
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we're following breaking news, denver fire is on the scene of a house fire. here's a picture of that fire from denver fire, you can see a town home engulfed in flames when the firefighters arrived. >> this was just before 4:30 of that town home. it's in the 100 block. the cause of the fire remains under investigation, we don't know the cause of the fire. be prepared of backups in finish the bridge crossing arapahoe road. it will be closed from last night to 5:00 a.m. weekend. they said closing it for one weekend will be easier than seven nights in a row. this is a true sign of winter, trail ridge road is closed. the road connecting estes park closed yesterday. the park says unusually warm weather kept that road open
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healthy is prevention, but sometimes we choose not to go to the doctor because it can be so expensive so today is a a good day to get a checkup. >> our own belen is at the health fair where we're celebrating the checkup month. >> we celebrate the culture, it's welcome to everyone. we're going to men's health that's the reason why dr. noah kaufman, how do you stay healthy, ninja punches, let me get to the forecast, you're better at that than me. the temperatures will not be as cold as yesterday, but it's still cool. you're going to have to hold on to your coat and jacket. this morning we're waking up to temperatures in the teens, our high for today is going to be 43 degrees and it will be a
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check out the current temperatures, it's chilly outside. if you take your dog out for a walk to do its business, it will be chilly. the high country, the temperatures will be warmer in the 50s. we'll have to watch out for the breezy year winds especially around the foothills. doppler 9 it's quiet. we had fresh snow on the ground, doppler 9 was saying yep i'm taking the take you through the rest of your saturday, those temperatures will warm up very slowly, by midday those temperatures will be in the 30s and as i mentioned before, your temperatures this afternoon will in the low 40s for your highs. again, out here at the denver center, so many screenings available here today. >> it's amazing. it's an opportunity to come out
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men, and -- on men, and why these men don't come to these health fares, the reasons are true. >> we have the top three reasons why men don't check on their helmet. men don't do that, so come and get a checkup. >> it's supposed to be a reminder for people to check on their health. thanks blend men. our first snowfall is melting in parts of t it's intensifying and moving to the midwest. we have more details from the information center. >> reporter: good morning, as we head into the weekend millions are watching the weather as a deadly blizzard is mooching across the midwest. there's trouble on the way for holiday travellers. minnesota is feeling the storm's wrath. 300 crashes and 2 deaths were
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dakotas in iowa. people woke up to blowing snow and warnings to stay indoors as much as possible. and winds of 30 miles per hour swept through the area and dropped temperatures into the teens. >> it's pay back for last year. we had below normal snow and not this season. >> old man winter isn't bringing breaks for us in the middle of the country, and there' it. the nation is it finally feeling a cooldown. the two men from alabama who has admitted fooling the cold springs, they're both in their late 20s got work release and probation after pleading guilty to felony arson. investigators say they did not put out a camp fire properly, the coal springs fire burned 28
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deadly house fire in aurora, a house that went up in flames was caused by an electrical problem. one person died and was critically injured, two others were treated in the hospital and released. police have not released the identities of the victims at this time. voters in denver gave pot in bars the okay, the high hopes, they're crushed. the liquor enforcement department of revenue announced a new rule on anywhere with a liquor license cannot allow marijuana consumption. the idea to ban marijuana in restaurants was banned this summer thanks to the industry. places like coffee shops and alcohol students and other establishments could get marijuana use permits. it's illegal to buy and consume
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scheduled to open the lines this year, but they say it's not going to happen. rtd's board chairman told our partners at the denver business journal that they blocked the openers. the fra will not allow testing for the new lines until they're fixed on the a line. the r line to wheat ridge and the r line to aurora, they're thinking the r line may be open by an at a line stations while the software is not working. they got and 90-day waiver to keep the a and b lines working while they work on the problems. $25 million is how much president-elect donald trump to pay students who say they're ripped off by trump university. the payout doesn't mean he did anything wrong.
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6,000 victims of a fraudulent university. all participants in the class action litigation will get half of their money back and some all of it. it does not include any fault or liability, but does allow the president-elect donald trump to devote his full attention to the days ahead. he selected former lieutenant michael flynn as national security advisor, thats do not require senate approval and that's for
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republican and did not get along with trump during the presidential race. here's what you can expect tomorrow on meet the press. he's started to pick up speed, he's made his first appointment jeff session force are attorney general, we'll discuss the transition process and his attempts to disentangle his own business from the business of government with his preeves, well chuck scheimer takes over on meet the press, is he the leader of the democrats or is bernie sanders the leader of the democratic party. we'll get his take on what they have to do to win back working class america, and what happened in michigan where working people decided to go with trump instead of clinton. all of that on meet the press. we'll see you sunday. >> it will answer where he is
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>> i would like to know -- >> on channel 20, at 9:00 a.m. >> yes. well, today is a big day for the buffs, they take on the number 22 ranked washington state cougars. >> so, cu fans filled the streets in boulder for the final this season, it's an opportunity to give cu a chance for them to take the center stage and greet everyone before they head to the final they have a chance at getting a spot at the packed game. the rams are coming off a tough 49-46 loss against air force last week and host new mexico at 8:15 on what will be the final game at the stadium. it will make csu bowl eligible for a fourth consecutive
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to the stadium like we will. >> it will be a great day to watch college football today. >> we are expecting warm temperatures, and maybe it will
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there are people in our social cafe this morning, if you want to know how belen comes up with forecast, come to our travel line, call our number, our students from the university of colorado are here to take calls. they'll answer your weather- related questions until 9 this
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maine, and will it be a smooth trip for her they can answer that question for you. give them a call. >> 9 news cares about keeping you healthy and we really do. you can get a health check up there. >> you can get a low cost screening there today. and belen de leon is there at the center, good morning belen, you're with dr. noah. >> good morning. there are 18 this health fair. i am with the ninja doctor, we have the top three reasons why men don't go to the doctor. we'll reveal those three. let's get to the forecast, i know it's chilly, it's beautiful right now, the sun will shine bright lip in the sky. it will feel like the holidays, the view over the city right now, you can see hardly any clouds over the skyline, and the temperatures right now are
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and some mountain valleys, temperatures are in the single digits, highs today will be in the low 30s, upper 40s, it will be a little warmer in the mountains, but the temperatures will be in the 50s, speaking of that us versus cuing tars game, it will be a cool dry forecast around 1,30, 45, the sun will set and temperatures will be at 41 degrees. not a lot happening y. period of dry weather for today and even into part of tomorrow, but through this afternoon, we'll have the sunshining brightly in the sky and that will be working in our favor. you need to grab that cup of coffee, the highs today will be in the upper 30s and low 40s, now, through this evening, winds will be increasing near the foothills, that will cause our clouds to increase through
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waking up to a mountain wave cloud, through the day, it will be breezy at times. through this evening we could have gusts up to 40 miles per hour along the front range mountains and the foothills and near the divide. during the morning the winds relax. the overnight high clouds and tomorrow, in the forecast, it will be 61 degrees. it will be warmer we'll have clouds to start off your day. on monday we'll start to see showers develop in the mountains, with a high of 56 degrees, and monday and tuesday we will have another storm arriving that will increase our chance for rain early tuesday dropping our temperatures into the low 40s, by wednesday, it starts to clear up and the high of 60 degrees and the forecast it will be 52 degrees so it will it be cool and dry for anyone who wants to get outside and do exercise after you gobble down
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weather questions or want to send cool pictures or you want to see what's happening at the health fair i'm with the ninja doctor, is it true men are half as likely to go to the doctor than women? >> it's completely true. >> you don't did to the doctor? >> well, my wife is a doctor, so, i do go to the doctor sometimes. no, it's really hard and there's a lot of reasons. these are the top three reasons. reason number 3 is discomfort. obviously, it's not comfortable, you have to get shots, i have to tell you, i'm scared of needles, i know it's hilarious, and as men it's very, it's hard to say, okay, i don't like to have discomfort, but -- >> we won't tell the rest of
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>> reason number 2 is fear, fear that we're going to find something wrong. the best way to address something that's wrong, we can take care of things, but you have to find out early. >> reason number 1? >> too busy. just too busy and we're all busy but you have to make time. you have to get busy being healthy. making time for your health and coming to the health fares, this is a great opportunity, no appointment this is er >> come visit us, you can't take care of your family if you don't take care of yourself. >> why is he pointing at that one because he knows you're too busy. i'm kidding. the season of giving around the corner why not give this cutie a forever home. >> give this cutie a home, that
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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hey pet line 9 this morning. joan is here and we have
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mix spade female. she's done great. she's met a lot of wonderful is park the leash, she is ready for a forever home. and you have an event. >> it's an event coming up, fun for paws, make a donation and hang a paw on the walls. people commemorate a special pet or person with these, it's a great time to give to the community. >> i think about denver's league for pets. >> on september #th we have colorado gives day, it's great time to give back to the community. it makes a huge difference for us. go to colorado, we would love for to you support us, you can give to the charity you choose. >> hopefully this dog won't be
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family. she is supersweet, she likes to be held. >> she likes to be held and cuddles and she's a spade female, her adoption fee is $775 and that includes the mike crow chip and being spade and her shots. >> she has a little bit of an under bite. we're trying to figure out what is mixed in here, she could be yourth fog price of $75.
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good morning, two ranked teams head to head at folsom
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time. the first happened was 2002, today cu against washington state. a big game, but a csu tonight over new mexico would be the 6th victory of the season and that would make them bowl eligible. that's part of the reason to watch the rams, it will be the last game ever at the stadium. nearly 50 years of football, nobody had better moments at the old stadium than sunny newman. [ chanting ] >> their names belong side by side. >> it always used to frighten me when they announced my name here, and i always felt uncomfortable with that. >> sunny field at use stadium. >> it's halls hard to say good- bye to something. >> he expects saturday to be
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great memories. >> nobody remembers more victories than his first year as head coach. >> i know it was the air force, our stadium 8-5. it was a good baseball game. we had two good pitchers on the mound that day. >> a record crowd came out to watch the rams play utah in 1994. >> touchdown. >> they were the perfect day, we lost the ball right down there in the end hill, and he picks it off and takes it back 103 years for a touchdown. >> the rams beat utah thanks to the tackle. >> our defense rolls up and we got the stop on the last play of the game. >> he can still picture the students on the field as csu came back to beat wyoming in 1994. >> on the way out they tore down the goal post. >> two old pals.
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are not any fans, the bands are not around, you can see that they have served the purpose. >> his legacy will live on. >> sunny's name will be carried over to the field at the new on campus stadium, it was a legacy born here at the base of the football field. >> it won't be forgotten, that's for . >> thank you let's soup it up, the friends in toronto last night. we're over at phoenix back on the wednesday, they're down a dozen, but emanuel gets him in this thing. kenneth started all that, but it was all for not in the end
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they put it up in the rafters and nuggets lose 113-111. a finish on the ice, number 1 plays miami of ohio, two goals in this one, they equalize the game, it ends in a 1-1 tie and they won extra points in the the shootout.
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aleppo is desperate for medical aid as hundreds of civilians and children become victims of a brutal battle. >> they found a health pattern in rocky flats. more than half surveyed report having cancer. this was snow, it's a carcinogen, it took three cruise hours to clean it up.
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national bird after looking after this eagle for weeks. the stage is set for the 5a semifinals. we have the playoffs with a special aaron madis version. the key to staying healthy is prevention, sometimes we choose not to go to the doctor because it can be expensive and i chose to have six sweet tarts >> the doctor will be so mad at you. >> hi, i'm not going to tell him that, he doesn't have an ifb. >> it's a good day to get the health in check, you can get low cost screenings, there's a plethora of things you can do here and not afford the medical needs that you have. >> exactly, you know, and here's a good start and because the 9 health fair is a one-stop shop, to get all of the
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free costs, we have this at the indian center, there's one more location, you can find it at 9 health the temperatures for today, they won't be as cold as they were. >> are you a fan of the cold weather? >> i'm not. >> i miss summer. >> it's not good climbing weather, it's cold. >> 40 degrees is not bad. >> the high is at 43 degrees, it's a chilly start out there, we have temperatures in the teens right now and a few 20- degree temperatures. good morning, grab the cup of coffee and enjoy 9 news, your highs will be in the upper 30s and low 40s, and closer temperatures in the 50s, it will be breezy at times in the foothills, tonight those winds will increase even more, as far as any rain or snow goes, it will be dry for the next 24 hours, so the temperatures will slowly warm today, highs are going to be in the low 40s and around lunchtime, those temperatures will be in the
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of the forecast for a few, dr. noah kaufman, we revealed a a while ago, the number 1 reason is why they don't go to the doctor. >> that's exactly like. it's half as likely for a man to go to the doctor than it is for a woman. >> it's important, we're too busy, we'll show you a few tricious way to work the tradition into the daily teen. >> that you're too busy. we'll see you in two minutes. 7:34 on your saturday morning. a health study from metro university residents who live near rocky flats plant, it's located 60 miles from downtown nevada and it produced
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who live within a ten mile radius of the plant when it was active. the results corroborate speculation of the health effects of living within the facility. 880 cases of cancer were reported. half of them were rare diseases, half of the cases are consideredre cancer and another boy had it too. >> the chances of having this rare cancer in one neighborhood when there is a handful of cases in the u.s., it was too coincidental. >> researchers do want to caution that this survey is drawn from a small sample size and more research needs to be done. they're looking into a new phase to look into other illnesses, you can find the health service on
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from the rubble near the syrian city of aleppo following air strikes in the area. video shows rescue workers frantically digging the boy out. the rescue worker drilling and digging through the wreckage of the building buried under the dust and the building materials. the boy survived the village north of aleppo witnessed several air strikes on friday. 6 people were killed by strikes in the northern and western countryside. >> this was the 12th day in a row. there has been volcanic activity on this peak in peru. the volcano a 20,000 foot volcano has been inactive for 18 years, this is rare activity. they're trying to figure
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heart patient and three volunteers last night. the plane crashed into a parking lot shall, and the impact caused multiple explosions. an air quality alert has been issued for those in the northeast as smoke traveled for miles from other particulate matter into the air, it's code orange. a sad day in central california, a pregnant woman was killed in a drive-by shooting, police believe it was gang-related. she was 35 weeks pregnant, she died and her baby was delivered by emergency c-section, her baby is in stable condition this morning. they believe that it was gang- related and the woman was
7:38 am
potential toxin from spilling into the san francisco bay. this after the strange scene in california. a massive blob of foam came out of a building. the foam used to fight fires in airport came out of a hangar at the airport. they worked to soup up the firefighting form this man riding through it. >> it's not dangerous to the environment. >> i would love to play in it, that looks fun. new this morning, donald trump is on twitter demanding the cast of hamilton apologize to mike pence. the vp elect made an appearance in new york. on friday night this he got a lot of boos to the audience when he made his way to the seat at the theatre.
7:39 am
america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents or defend us and our inalienable rights, but we hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> he left before he ni his spokesman. he stood outside the auditorium and heard the full remarks. >> and donald trump said the audience was very rude to mike pence and called it harassment. >> polite political conversation can happen, we had the first town hall version of the let's talk segment. >> let's get to know our
7:40 am
election. >> voters who supported hillary clinton and donald trump and third, parties, they talked hopes and fears for their neighbors, we saw many yearning for an open discussion. >> you can catch more on discussions like this months through fridays, i work on that it was at 6:00 p.m., it was a breath of fresh air to hear the discussions in a that. >> maybe this is a symbol of that. a bald eagle has been released into the wild after being rescued by a state trooper. >> the trooper who helped save him released him yesterday. the trooper found this stunned eagle sitting on a shoulder of a highway last night. it bounced off a windshield that was moving at a very high rate of speed, obviously it was injured. he scooped him up rescued him
7:41 am
rotator cuff surgery a colleague had the honor to release that bird. he needed to recuperate, that bird, he made it possible, the eagle flew straight in the sky. >> that's a nice symbol there. coming up in our forecast, meteorologist belen de leon will explain what we need for the weekend, next week as we expect warmer temperatures,
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are you traveling this thanksgiving weekend, look at the people on the phone right now. you can get a personalized forecast for where you're going r they will help you.
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on your screen. make them busy. they're students, they can use the time. >> it's really interesting too how they're able to map out what the forecast is going to be like where and give you a better idea of your travels. >> the phone is working. >> you have until 9:00, it works. 9 cares about keeping you healthy. you can get a checkup on the 9 health care. >> screenings and our meteorologist belen de leon has been live at the health fair at the indian center with dr. noah. belen? >> you can't have an excuse that you're too busy today we'll help you with that. >> smoothie time. we'll make a superfood smoothie. >> yummy, go get pen and paper.
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weather, we're getting to the forecast, it's not good climbing weather. but, it is nice, it's fall, finally, i mean the view over the city right now, it shows that sunshining brightly, hardly any clouds in the sky, it will be dry all across colorado. here's a look at the teens and a few single digits. it's chilly this morning. it will be in the upper 50s low 40s, it will be warmer in the mountains wh temperatures will be in the 60s, the buffs take on the cougars, go buffs, that forecast is looking cool and dry for the start of the game, 45 degrees around halftime and halftime and when the sun sets it will be close to 41 degrees. you need the jackets as you cheer on our boys in black and gold. here's a look at the futurecast, dry across colorado for the next 24 hours, it should be good traveling
7:46 am
winds increase around the foothills, that will allow a mountain wave tomorrow morning. it be gusty in the foothills and 25. it will be a nice sunrise. it will be breezy near the divide and close to the foothills and tonight gusts are up to 40 miles per hour. tomorrow those winds start to relax. 35 will be your overnight low, hype clouds and the forecast shows a high of 61 degrees, on monday we start down 56, we start to see snow showers develop in the mountains. on tuesday it's colder here, a high of 43 degrees, we have a chance of morning rain and the weather starts to clear up, wednesday 46 and a high of 52 degrees. back up at the denver indian center, okay, we're making a superfood smoothie, walk me through it. >> we will start out with 8
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hemp protein, we have coconut oil, we have some spinach, this spinach, i like to eat this stuff. you can snack on spinach all day. >> so, belen, we have the coconut water, let's do one teaspoon of coconut oil. we got two of the hemp protein, why hemp >> hemp protein is a really good ultimate vegetable protein that has a complete profile of amino acids, spinach is great, it's not too flavorful. we have want a banana for sweetness, and blueberries, those are delicious, poor those puppies in there.
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>> cheers belen. >> we have and little something in your tea too, yeah, you got it. >> have you something in your teeth. >> you got it. superfood, this is nutritious for us, enjoy those cookies, those taste horrible, those cupcakes must taste horrible. >> a little ice in there. >> i think it will hurt. >> that's what works with it, a little ice, that will make it. >> thank you both. try, we may stick with cupcakes though. >> aaron is filling in for the pep rally. >> yeah, we gave taylor the time off so she could cheer on
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good morning, everyone. 14s, still standing in the 5a playoffs now. their quarterfinal playoffs took place last night. it was pomona and columbine, there's jake who decommitted from ohio state and switched to cu, the big man is sitting out this year with a knee injury. rebels scored on their first drive. mikey keeps it and is and the speedy quarterback got to the edge and dove on the pile on, the panthers would answer on their first drive. and he tied the game at 7. they played the game. he was injured in the first half, but they were fine. ryan to billy for the score, the panthers won it 42-21.
7:52 am
quarterback justin ram leave it to clinton birch, they had a 10- 7 lead. regis, it's a taste of star linebacker, then pick up the pass, they are weaving through defenders from one side of the field to the other, no one can catch him 21-10 lead. regions would -- regis would pull regis hands the first and only loss of the season. they'll take on pemona next week. and 3 seed hosted 6 seated grand view. no issue on offense. dillon mccaffrey to look mccaffrey. he did the rest. the eagles were off and running. grand view also put up a burning of points.
7:53 am
subsequentery. a 65-yard touchdown at the 14. the eagles could not stop. mccaffrey to ryan tebow. 66 points, and they're moving on the semis to play the winner of this one. number 7 cher i didn't creek, and dave logan taking on his old school after a big return on the opening kick, this was the first strike first, breaks three to the touchdown, it's later, 10 nothing in the second quarter, check out the trickery here, bruins run a diverse and dimitri sprints in the end zone, he cuts the deficit to 10-6. same quarter, he takes the lead when quarterback connects with stanley. that's the second score that makes it 13-10. he goes on to complete the
7:54 am
final. lewis palmer hosting silver creek, this combination worked for the rafters, dylan norway to colleen harrison. they took it 57 yards later made it 7-0. he had harrison wide open on this one. no one around the wide receiver, 41-yard score, another silver ordway to harrison. 28-27 final score. raptors are moving on. east high school takes on holy family, they're down three scores. michael is up the middle at 21- 7. and holy made it with this whacky play and joel ends up with the pick, six further tigers, they couldn't claw
7:55 am
east won the game 41-21. don't forget we have more from all our games this week, posted online, find it all at
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7:ht getting a better idea of what the presidency looking like he picked several people for his top administration we see problems with the political diversity of his team. denver gave approval for a experiment of pots in bars, the state says maybe not yet. >> we're hoping to have a rtd line open this year connecting them all the way to the airport. why the federal railway
7:58 am
place that knows all about snow, we'll tell you about that crazy weather in the middle portion of the coming up right now. >> there's so much going on, we are covering this and all of your other headlines, we have belen de leon at the health fair, we're not switching over to nine nine. >> we will have an hour of news
7:59 am
8:00 am
starting to shape his white house for the next four years. and he's meeting with some surprising people to do it. city voters gave the okay for an experiment with pot in bars. what donald trump is doing to shape the white house for the next four years and who he is selecting to do it.
8:01 am
in restaurants, the state says not so fast. is the g line working today, into the train from nevada to wheat ridge won't be working at all this year. and a place where they know a thing or two about cold weather and snow. it's all sunny here no snow on the roads along i-70, a few cars heading to and back from the high country this morning. it's 8:01 on yo fort collins police are investigating a homicide. it happened after 12:30 this morning, police were called out to an assault on the 200 block of west harmony road. they found a man who was dead inside of an abandoned building. >> several people were using the abandoned building as shelter. they're interviewing several people and the coroner will release the victim's name at a later time. we're following breaking news this morning as well.
8:02 am
here's a picture from denver fire, you can see the town hall was home was engulfed in flames. this was in the 100 block of south university. no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation still. well, be prepared for some backups in your arapahoe road this weekend. crews need to finish demolishing the i- bring crossing arapahoe road. cdot says closing the area completely for one week will be easier than closing it for seven nights in a row. 8:02, the key to being healthy is prevention, but sometimes we there are not very good at that. >> right, which is why we always make sure to host several nine health fares for you. our belen de leon is at one of them. it's happening at the denver
8:03 am
>> good morning guys, it started at 7:00 this morning. there are many different screenings, there are 18 fro screenings and five are for children. you have the bacon in the mouth, you don't need to fast to come out here. you have very trained and happy people. look at her smile, this is kaylene, she's drawing blood and she'll do lightest touch. come out for these screenings as well. let's look at the forecast. let's do what you want to do. the temperatures for today aren't going to be as cold as what they were yesterday when the highs were in the 30s, today's we'll do highs in the low 40s, had mostly sunny sky and a little breezy at times. the temperatures are on the chilly side we have teens and 20s around town, it's a cold start to the day. keep that in mind if you take
8:04 am
day, upper 30s and low 40s, keep your jacket handy and your winds will be breezy at times and the winds increase even more tonight. now, doppler 9 is looking quiet so far across the state and that's how it's going to stay for the next 24 hours, the forecast will be really dry, any travel plans you have across the state will be in good shape. as far as your daily manner goes, it will be slow to warm up, our temperatures by midday forecast for tomorrow is looking a little warmer so, i'll walk you up to name a fume we can't stress enough you need to own your helmet, this will be the last opportunity to look at your screenings and check to see how you're doing, this is one of two location that is will be having health fares today. the other is at the innercity
8:05 am
one there are 18 screenings, and seven low cost affordable screenings. you were talking about especially for men, it's difficult for you to own your health because you're too busy with everything going on. we'll make it easy for you to take care of yourself so you can take care of your family. >> hear that steve, no excuses. >> no excuses. the same storm system that 70 in colorado on thursday is intensifying and moving to the midwest. we have more from the information center. >> reporter: good morning as we head into the weekend millions are watching the weather as a deadly blizzard goes across the midwest. there's more trouble on wait for holiday travellers. minnesota is feeling the storm's wrath. more than 300 crashes and two
8:06 am
dakotas in iowa, in sioux falls, south dakota, people woke up to blowing snow and warnings to stay indoors as far as possible. 30 miles per hour swept through the area and dropped temperatures into the teens. >> it was a mild weather last year, we had below normal snow not this season. >> they're not giving a break for this part of the country, the storm is predicted to give a blast of cold air with it, 9 news. voters in denver gave pot in bars the okay, but their high hopes are crushed. the liquor enforcement division announced a new rule, anywhere with a liquor license cannot have marijuana consumption. this came thanks to the liquor
8:07 am
could get marijuana use permits, marijuana dispensaries were not on the list of premises, it's illegal to buy and sell marijuana and alcohol at the same place according to state law. rtd is expected to open the r and g lines this year. they say it's not going to happen. the board chairman said that the federal railroad administration broke the openings, it will not allow testing for the new lines un the a line, the g line was supposed to go to wheat ridge and the r line to aurora, the r line may be open by midjanuary. president elect donald trump will have some of its most prominent supporters holding top positions in the administration. he selected general michael flynn as a national security
8:08 am
require senate approval and congressman mike pompeo is executive director. three of them are conservative raising questions on how he plans to be a president for all of the people. and he's meeting massachusetts governor mitt romney to be secretary of the state. romney who is a moderate republican did not get along with trump during the race. colorado helped of the biggest updates in meteorology for decades. it will be heading to outerspace, the lockheed martin's satellite is carrying an instrument that will monitor storms on the sun. it will see whether these storms can reach our product and disrupt our technologies. the project cost $100 million and took 20 years to develop. a lot of people will be watching that launch.
8:09 am
i9, he was saying this is the big part. if it can get up there, people will be excited and something that weather nerds will be excited about. >> $11 billion, a lot of investments to this, they'll keep their eyes on it. it will be a beautiful day today and especially beautiful to watch college football. >> we're experiencing warmer weekend weather.
8:10 am
8:11 am
we want you to focus on your health as much as you can, prevention isn't the most important part. you can get a check up at our 9
8:12 am
leon is at one of our locations this morning it's the denver indian center. what are you up to belen. >> hello, i'm making new friends. how is your morning? >> good. >> the 9 health fair is not just for men and women, but children as well. this is where one child is filling out your stuff. we have your blood pressure and things are looking good for you. give me a high walk with me real quick. there's so many things going to be it. we'll talk more about the screenings coming up in a few. let's look at the forecast. do you like the cold weather? >> yeah. >> our temperatures for today won't be as cold as yesterday, we'll have highs in the upper 30s and low 40s, but that's a little bit of an improvement in comparison to yesterday when the temperatures got into the low 30s, it's beautiful over the city right now as the sun is shining over brightly the
8:13 am
right now in the teens and in the 20s, your afternoon highs are going to be in the 30s and 40s, for those planning to go the buffs cougars game, it will be cooler and temperatures will be hat 43 and by the end of the game 41 degrees. you need to stay warm out there. it's going to be a cool one if you're sitting in the stands. the good news at be raining. it's going to be dry across colorado. a few icy parts in the mountains, should be good to go across the state. >> winds will increase close to the foothills but it will remain dry through tomorrow morning. let's look at the winds, during the day it will be breezy at times in those wind prone areas and this evening it gets gustier, it gusts up to 40 miles per hour and the winds
8:14 am
be as whacky, 35 will be the overnight low, and the planning forecast shows it will be a little warmer, a high of 61, monday 61 degrees and snow showers and tuesday it gets colder with a chance of morning rain and snow mixing in is a possibility. thursday on turkey day, gobble gobble, the high will be 52 degrees. back at the indian center, ninja doctor hiya. >> i have a balance, this shows you whether you're good and healthy or one side to the other. these nine health fares makes us figure out what your balance point is. we check your liver, kidney triglycerides psa, testosterone, if you're out of balance, look, if you're up
8:15 am
know if you're up there. >> you need to get checked. >> you need to get checked. can't be too busy. you need to be busy being healthy, with 9 health fair you have to keep doing it. >> we know as being a doctor, these are results that your doctor can trust. you come and get these screenings, some are free and low costs, we take the results to the doctor, he can take you and walk you through them. >> that's right, belen, men, you need to t need to get busy being healthy, take care of your family by taking care of yourself. you can bring the results to your doctor, it's an affordable and convenient appointment to come down to the health care. >> we're down in the denver indian center. >> the innercity denver health. >> this is the last chance to own your health before the season is done. >> in the meantime, we're about to eat something that is about to take our balance and make it
8:16 am
crazy. >> lots of sugar we're going to eat. >> cheese, cheese. >> thanks guys. >> by the way, our fix this team, they're trying out all different popular pinterest recipes and to make your holidays easier.
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
this is fix this, the free and easy way to find the best home pros. >> all might long, the fix this team has been testing out to pinterest recipes other recipes. i'm doing the leg work and this is a viewer recipe called stinky casserole. >> it's not stinky. >> i wouldn't yuck a book by its cover, it tastes good and it smells delicious you, we have been eating it before. >> we were talking about the leg work, steve is doing a lot
8:20 am
-- >> yeah [ music ] >> we asked for recipes and you guys delivered. with a few interesting things i might add. this one in particular caught our eye. it comes to us from our viewer laurie underwood. she says, hi, this is our family favorite, if someone doesn't prepare it, thanksgiving isn't complete. it doesn't have a formal name but we call it the preparation of it does smell up your kitchen a bit. all of those croute us from vegetables, all right laurie we'll give it a try. three pounds of brockery
8:21 am
cook all of the vegetables as instructed on the packages heat together the chief cheese and soup, for that vegetable over the vegetables you placed in casserole dishes and then to it with the french fried onions, bake it for 30 minutes at the 330-degree oven until it's bubbly, it will make large or two small laurie says really, it is amazing. >> all right. sounds easy enough. now, it's time for the taste test. first up, our own fix thisser raquelle. >> it is nice, it's nice to have a vegetarian dish that we can eat, and people can eat, and make faces, yeah, i
8:22 am
healthy for thanksgiving, a i o >> morning show adam went in for seconds. >> i will go bite number 2. >> okay. >> yeah. >> would you have that for thanksgiving for sure? >> absolutely. >> midwesterner and steve was next. >> well, that's velveeta. >> it's cream of mushroom soup. >> it's good, very good. i'm a casserole guy, i'm from the midwest, so -- >> and we finished things up with a very skeptical brook. >> i like it. >> yeah. >> i think it new name though. >> people don't want a stinky casserole, but it tastes delicious. >> what would you -- >> despite the name on this one, it was a win, thanks for the awesome recipe laurie, we're posting all of the instructions on
8:23 am
creamy vegetables and everything, this casserole. >> thanks for the great dish. >> i knew that was going to happen. >> you're losing the casserole. >> we'll be you we have been testg ?z+t2?l?reci
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, two ranked teams head to head at folsom field for the first time in a long time. the last time it happened was in washington state. in the the only one a csu over new mexico would be the 6th win in the season and that would make them bowl eligible. that's one reason to watch the rams but it will be the last game at the stadium.
8:27 am
>> their names belong signed by side. >> they always used to fight me when they announced my name here, i always felt uncomfortable with that. >> sunny field at the stadium. >> it's hard to say good-bye to something. >> a lot of sad moments and nostalgia, it's memories, no one run more than sunny remembering 1993, the first year as head coach. >> our first 50 was air force, and our stadium 8-5. a good baseball game. we had two good pitchers on the mound that day. >> a record crowd came out to watch the rams play utah in 1994. >> today was a perfect day and we got the ball right down here
8:28 am
it back 103 yards to the touchdown, and they beat utah thanks to jessie's tackle. >> they roll up and they stopped in the last play of the game. >> he can picture the students on the field as csu came back to beat wiping in 19 the 4. >> on the way out they tour down that gold post. >> two old pals. >> sometimes you don't realize it coming out here now, when there are no bands are not around, you can see that views have served the purpose. >> his legacy will live on, sunny's name will be carried out on the field at the on campus stadium. it was a legacy built at the base of the foothills. >> it was started here and won't be forgotten.
8:29 am
aaron thanks it. let's hoop it up. denver looking for a back to back winds, toronto in town last night. that coming off of the winds over phoenix on wednesday, emanuel gets him in this thing, a high percentage juice, kenneth started hall that. it was all for not in the end as they won it. they put e stay, nuggets lose 113-111. number 1du playing host to miami of ohio, only two goals in this one, ter rip with the equalizer and the game ends in a tie, but du won extra conference points in the
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
aleppo is desperate for medical aid as hundreds of children and adults become victims of a brutal battle. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this crash. >> california wishes this was snow, it isn't, it's a carcinogen, it took cruise hours to clean all of an unusual friendship, it has us wondering if they can get along, why can't we? >> it's true. >> highlights from the state's playoffs, coming up a little later, in a special aaron madies edition, but first this morning, we've been talking all morning about staying healthy, prevention the best way to do it. sometimes people choose not to go to the doctor because it could be too expensive.
8:33 am
checkup. >> we offer free screenings and we offer low cost treatments as wel . belen de leon is at the indian center. good morning belen. >> this started at 7:00 and it will last until noon at the denver indian centers center. let's get you the forecast, the cool spell for the last few days, we'll fall out today and tomorrow and the temperatures this low 40s, it will be breezy at times. keep the jacket close by, it will be warmer, but 40s are pretty cool. the temperatures around town are in the teens and 20s, and the afternoon highs will be in the 30s and upper 40s around town. we'll have to watch for breezy winds at times close to the foothills and your doppler will be quiet across the state. let's take you through the planner and the planner shows
8:34 am
throughout the day by midday we'll have the temperatures around the 30s, back at the denver indian center i'm joined by joan, it's native american heritage month and you represent the denver indian center and you're their princess, what does this month mean to you? >> this month means to me how my people are recognized every represents how we're represented our veteran warriors, those who are at war, and representing my tribe. >> we were happy to be at the denver indian center, she's 15 years and she's representing the denver indian center. by the way, her name means what? >> beauty in navaho. >> we'll have more coming up in
8:35 am
rescuers pulled a little boy rubble near the syrian city of aleppo following reason ports of air strikes in the area. rescue workers were frantically diging a boy out, video shows, and video shows a little boy buried under dust and building materials. he was rescued and was taken away by ambulance. air strikes in the northern and western countryside. president obama is in south america this weekend to attend the asia pacific economic summit. last stop of mr. obama's final tour as president. he's meeting with the presidents of peru and china and other leaders. this is the 12th day in a
8:36 am
the volcano, a 20,000 foot peak has been inactive for the past 18 years. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a plane crash that killed four people in nevada, the piper pa1 was carrying a heart patient and three crew members to the university of utah last night. this is cellphone video after the crash, according to reports the plane crashed in a parking lot. it caused multiple explosions. a woman in maryland is recovering after a bear attack. 63-year-old karen osborne was checking on her daughter's barking door when she got in between a mama bear and cubs, she tried fighting the bear and played dead. she called 911 and did so very calmly which may have helped save her life. >> i've been attacked by a bear -- >> what attacked you.
8:37 am
help me, hurry, he's broken my arms and i can't move and i'm bleeding and i'm going to die. please, hurry. >> the neighborhood isn't far from the state park, so bear sightings are common, they don't come close. she suffered a broken arm and wrist and cuts to her head and she needed 70 stitches, she'll be okay. following protocol they euthanized the bear and the care of themselves. >> it's incredible how calm she was able to stay. a sad story out of central california. a pregnant woman was killed in a drive-by shooting and they believe it was gang-related. this woman was 35 weeks pregnant when she died, her baby was delivered by emergency c-section, then believe the shooting may have been gang-
8:38 am
target. they've lifted a 9 month emergency declaration of the zika virus, they say it's still dangerous, they said it's taking a more long approach in fighting this virus. it can cause birth defects and it spread across latin america, it's been find in miami and 30 birth defects have been linked to zika. they're tryike into the bay, this happened in santa clara california, the massive blob of foam came out of this building yesterday. it accidentally triggered inside of a hangar at san jose's airport. three environmental contractors scooped up to get the foam. officials say that tidal wave
8:39 am
people but dangerous for the environment. they don't know why that system went off in the first place. there's an interesting and unusual friendship brewing on a rubber plantation in tiled. take a look at this. >> a goat and a -- thailand. >> take a look at this. the monkey and the donkey sleep together. he adopted the cub and decided to find him a friend, a mail goat, he adopted that monkey and the two creatures have become fast friends. >> i love stories like that. look at their adventures together. >> this he can hang out. we know who is in charge, i think the monkey. >> he's calling the shots in that friendship i think. >> yes. >> 8:39 coming up in our first forecast, belen de leon our meteorologist breaks down our next possible significant snowfall, but for now, we're looking at sunny skies this
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're talking about the stinky casserole all morning. this is where 9 news is located on a beautiful morning. >> we're somewhere in that beautiful spot there. 9 news keeps up healthy, we have two health fair locations
8:43 am
the fares this morning. >> we have had a fun morning out here. i'm here with dr. kaufman, he's the ninja doctor. and you know we're going to talk about take aways coming up in a few minutes, he has a cool announcement that you'll want to listen to for your kids coming up in a few. let's look at the forecast. outside that sun is shining brightly. hello saturday, and good morning colorado, it's going to be a great day. you know any day that you wake up and you look outside, you know it's a good day and have any clouds over the sky. the temperatures right now are on the chilly side, we have a few 20-degree ridings right now, we have readings in the high country, the afternoon highs will be in the upper 30s and low 40s, it will be warmer in the mountains, and southern colorado we're getting into the 60s, we'll be nicer and warmer and you like that weather in southern colorado. the game kicks off at 1:30, it
8:44 am
great football watching weather, temperatures will be in the 40s to start. by the end of the game, the temperatures will be in the low 40s, it will keep us quiet across colorado today, no rain or snow falling for today. it could be icy spots as you head into the mountains, overnight winds will increase in the foothills, that will be cause for our clouds to increase by. i-25, we could wake up to a really nice sunrise. back to the winds dung spots in the high country and the wind blown areas. the gusts could get up to 40 miles per hour, by tomorrow morning, those winds start to show some improvement. 35 will be the low for tonight. and tomorrow it's high of 61 degrees, monday we start to cool things down as a new storm brings snow into the mountains in colorado. and we will feel a cooldown in the city, a chance of rain
8:45 am
snow and it starts to clear up and a high of 46 degrees and the thanksgiving day i'm thankful for that forecast, the high 52 degrees. find me on facebook, twitter, whatever, let me know if you have any information about the forecast, out here at the denver indian centers, ninja doctor, this is the last part of the season, what should people keep in mind for the rest of the season. >> it's important for everybody to be busy, being healthy preventive medicine, it's important to get your levels check, check your kidney thyroid and liver. we can do all that stuff at the 9 health fares. >> it's important to be active belen and i have a special announcement. >> tell us. >> april 29th and 30th we have all of the top anything as coming to denver to the
8:46 am
have a ton of cool vendors there, it will be at the arena. go to our website and you can find out more about it. >> one of your platforms is fighting childhood diseases and obesity and getting kids healthy, we want to get healthy habits early at a young age. it's important to get soda out of the house, to your juice, get rid of candy, sweets are a big problem in our society belen. >> what's the website that they can get to get more information? >> >> it's all one word. >> i'm part of the wolf park [ noise ] >> show me ninja moves. yeah! >> i remember belen jumping on chairs. i think that's the initiation
8:47 am
cat pack, now, that we've joined the wolfpack, i guess we don't need to now. the capitol christmas tree will be lit, but it's on a long journey across the country. >> the 80-foot spruce rolled in on a crash. it was on the outdoor world in stapleton. it was cut down in idaho and it's making its way on the west lawn of it's traveling with a giant potato, something idaho is known for. >> woah, i knew that they were traveling with a potato i didn't know it was that big. >> it would be great with sour cream and butter on that. >> i think it's a fake potato. >> you want to know how belen comes up with the forecast, you want to know how to navigate
8:48 am
15 minutes to do so. look at that three open lines. >> exactly give them a call. here's how they can help you. obviously, you know that you may be traveling for the holidays, maybe you have people coming in for the holidays, they can actually map out when your loved once are traveling and whether or not the area they're in may be experiencing weather that can impact your flight. >> these are meteorology students from the university of colorado and greeley. >> see 8:41 on saturday. aaron is filling in on the pep rally. >> you don't want to miss the state playoffs.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
good morning, everybody, of course four teens standing in the playoffs now. the quarterfinal games took place last night. some of the best matchups we have seen all year. it was pimona and columbine, he decommitted to ohio state last week, they switched to cu, the big man sitting out this year with a knee injury, rebels scored on the first drive. mikey keeps it and is and the speedy quarterback dove to the pile on 7 nothing rebels, the panthers would answer on their first drive. they tied the game at 7, pimona played most of the game without max, he was injured in the first half, but they were just fine. ryan to billy for the score, the panthers won it 42-21.
8:52 am
raptors faced the 10-1 raiders, quarterback justin lays one out. it was a 10-7 league. in the second, victor picks up a pass and he goes 60 yards weaving through defenders from one side of the field to the other. no one could catch him. despite the lead, regis would capitalize on turnovers to pull ahead and hold the season, 34-24, they'll take on pimona next week. sixth seated grand view, no issue on offense, first play of the game, dillon to luke mccaffrey. the eagles were off and running, grand view also put up
8:53 am
catch by gunner subsequentery, wow. 65-yard touchdown at the end of the game, the eagles would not stop, mccaffrey to ryan tebow, 66 points, they wanted 66-35 and are moving on to the semis to play the winner of this one, number 7, gerry creek at number 2 mullen. david take on his old school. they were set up in open position, the strike first, hami and breaks free to the touchdown. it's 10-0 in the second quarter, creek starts coming back and check out the trickery here, bruins run in diverse, and they sprint in the end zone for a long score that cuts the deficit to 10-6, the same quarter, the quarterback connects with stanley, it makes
8:54 am
upset over and it's the 17- fine. they're posting silver creek, this conversation worked for the raptors, they took it from two defenders, 57 yards later. >> made it 7-0. they had harrison wide open on this one. nobody around the wide receiver, 41-yard score, another silver creek touchdown, stop me if yo the final score, raptors moving on. 3a quarterfinal at touch clashing pueblo, second quarter tigers down three scores, michael is up at 21-7. they made it a game with this whacky play. he ends up with the pick, 6 for the tigers.
8:55 am
back, 41-21, don't forget we have more from all of our games
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:57 saturday morning, let's look at your top stories, denver fire is investigating a house fire right now, here's a picture of the you can see the town home was engulfed in flames when the firefighters arrived there. >> this fire was reported at 4:30 in the 100 block of south university nobody was hurt. be prepared for backups near arapahoe road, crews need to finish demolishing the bridge crossing arapahoe road. it was closed last night and will be closed until monday morning.
8:58 am
nights in a row. >> thank you for joining us today and have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow. >> toodle loo. >> oh, nice.
8:59 am
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